The hair was big, and the drugs were bigger, and Adele had found herself adrift in the world of sex.  She was living the life and enjoying the excesses of the era with no desire to answer to parents!  Their frequent requests that she commits to something beyond being young and beautiful fell upon deaf ears as long as money afforded her access to influential circles and beautiful, horny people.  At 21, the parents’ influence on their omnipotent redheaded daughter was waning, and soon, she would be out of their sphere of influence completely. 

     Her father was an internationally known attorney who had made a fortune in Corporate Law.  Many of his clients were Drug dealers and white-collar criminals whom he had helped to legitimize their ill-gotten profits by forming various entities to hide their doings.  He was so good at what he did that often when the client was killed or sent to jail; Van Sicklen would be the only one who knew where the money was. 

     Eventually, Van Sicklen found himself standing alone as an extremely cash-rich last man standing.  He couldn’t be prosecuted for his crimes due to the dubious distinction of being both confident and attorney. As the old regimes in South America imploded, Van Sicklen’s wealth grew, and his involvement became more obscured until all that was left was legitimate corporate business and a pile of hidden money.   

      Having worked his way through the Wharton School of Business and Princeton Law by any means necessary and holding various jobs he was not your average blue blood.  That title came from his wife when he took her last name.  Now an upstanding citizen his past and present life obscured by title and position of Attorney he had all but forgotten the bravado that got him where he was.  Until he would read the reports on Adele.

     He loved his daughter and spoiled her thusly.  Providing her enough money to finance any whim she desired!  She liked cocaine like everyone else but preferred to “earn it” by licking the expensive flakes off strange cocks or using some frat boy instead.  Adele graduated from Princeton without a problem is a highly intelligent girl.  But she was a wild spirit like her parents had been and like her mother, had little use for the men in her circle.  They were bores.  Adele preferred black men and rogues who she could pamper and would share her body for hours at a time.  Or real men like her father.  She had no desire to do anything past explore the life of sex and instant gratification until she met the right one. 


     But sexual acts in public and picture evidence reported by the security her father hired to watch over her at all times was beyond disturbing to him.  It was dangerous.  Adele had been frequenting sex clubs on a regular basis since moving to NY and had changed her focus completely from blowing off steam to being the best full blown slut she could be.  She imagined herself as a friend of Emmanuelle types.  Exploring all of the sexual things the world had to offer.  Her father admired her spirit but was a reasonable man.  Believing it was only a matter of time before something terrible would happen, and the family would be left without an heiress and a continued voice in the world of influence. 

     Adele was beyond out of control, having purchased an apartment in Manhattan where men and women would cum and go at all hours of the day and night.  Her parents set out to protect her fortune by limiting her access so that eventually, she had to contact them.  Which is when they told her she would be married or cut off, setting up her marriage to Paul and his subsequent control of her Trust?

     Her father laid things out quite practically for the young couple.  Paul was an attorney at the firm and a rising star. More importantly to Adele’s father, he was easily controlled.  Paul was good looking, but not in the way of Adele who was gorgeous!  Any man who didn’t know her would have jumped at having Adele as a wife!  She made men fall in love with her at a glance and understood her power over them.  She just wasn’t interested in exercising it past the point of getting them to fuck her in the dirtiest ways!  The pursuit and interest of Paul were just about appeasing her parents until they changed their minds and let her go back home.  But two years later and almost one year after the ultimate appeasement, marriage their daughter Raven was born.  It was 1983 and for the first time since the 1950’s in the Van Sicklen home, there were shades of respectability all around. 

     But Adele was unhappy.  Her husband was more interested in staying in the office next to her father than lying next to her and fucking her twat.  Her days were spent with her mother shopping or going on one excursion or another.  Lunch at the club was the only thing interesting she found because of the ethnic busboys and their tight, black slacks.  She knew some of the older women were secretly availing themselves of these boys and Adele was jealous!  She would imagine one or more of them standing her up in the hallway and fucking her ass and twat together!  But her mother seemingly never let her out of her sight!  Adele remembered and missed the smell of sex more than anything.  Wanting to breathe in the aroma deep and long.  Her fingers and therapy would never keep her happy!

     Paul tried to make her love him, but it was a lost cause since he didn’t know how!  Soon after the birth of their daughter, he gave up completely.  Becoming cold and unwavering, especially when her father took ill and was unable to run the firm any longer.  When he passed, Paul began to exert his influence in other ways by starting an affair with his secretary that was a poorly kept secret.  A 19-year old girl with huge tits and no typing skills to be found.  It was a message that no one would stop him from taking it all.  He fired his competition and any of Adele’s father’s former confidantes, expanding his office to reflect his tastes.  Especially by adding a secret chamber to his office in which he could express his individuality.

     Adele’s mother, unhappy with not having her husband beside her passed away in her sleep shortly thereafter.  Adele was the sole heir and despite missing her parents, was relieved by the thought of her impending freedom.  Having experienced too much of the world before Paul, he never evolved in her mind past being the tool her father used against her.  But she wanted nothing to do with the business wanted Paul to stay on and run the firm.  He was, after all, her Father’s choice of a successor and the father of their child.  But she was consistent in wanting a divorce and her trust to move back to NY with their daughter.  But Paul wanted something else. 

     Paul set up a meeting with the firm’s lawyer’s about the estate with Adele.  They were both relatively young, he in his mid-thirties now, and she her mid-twenties.   Why should they both be miserable?  He agreed they were not a good fit and was delightfully surprised by her generous divorce proposal despite him knowing she never wanted him.  It was reasonable except for the bulk of the money belonged to her.  And with no one between him and everything, why would he share? 

     “Adele I have a counterproposal.”  

     Adele awoke to the voice of her soon to be ex-husband sitting at the foot of her bed.  The clock on the stand said 8 am.  The morning of the finalization had come, and the two attorneys closest to him were waiting downstairs for them to sign.  Paul had walked into her room undressed except for the towel around his waist and a grin.

     “I want you to consider remaining my wife.  Not moving away so quickly with Raven and trying to make things work.  I know we are better together than apart, and your father would have wanted us to try.” He said half-heartedly. 

     Placing his hand on her thigh for the first time in months, Paul attempted to kiss his wife on the lips, only to be rebuffed.

     “What do you think you are doing?” she asked.      Attempting to hide her body immodestly as he sat before her. 

     “Well then let me put it this way.  I am not divorcing you so easily and want you to consider an alternative.  I know why your father wanted me to marry you.  Do you?”

     In an attempt to stall his advances, Adele shook her head from side to side.  Of course, she knew!  Still groggy from the sweet dream of freedom, this unwelcome surprise flustered her. 

     “Because he knew no one else would have a slut like you.”

     The words slapped her as strongly as an open hand as Adele knew it was the truth.  Not that was ashamed of her sex life!  She just never knew that Paul had been privy to stories of her former escapades. He continued.

     “But I married you anyway.  I sometimes wonder what you were like back then and want to offer you a compromise.  Something we all can live with.”

     She couldn’t see past him behind her as the door to her bedroom closed suddenly, and two men, one black and one Hispanic appeared on either side of her bed!  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head!  They were slightly unshaven in the face, just the way she liked them.  Chiseled from head to toe like the men she had encountered in nightclubs who would fuck her silly and completely naked.  She became wet but was still insistent in her head to leave. 

     “I am giving you an option.  Stay a few months and try something new.”

     He ripped her bed sheet from over her body, revealing her beautiful breasts and closed pussy.  Each man now on either side of her.  Their dicks both significantly larger than average seemingly inches from her while in reality, just within arm’s reach!  She knew she would be free to have all the men she wanted soon.  But what she desired was before her, and she couldn’t resist reflexively reaching out to them both!   

     The men began touching her as if it were allowed and ran their fingers up and down her naked body!  They could have easily removed her gown as there was not much to it.  But instead the black man grasped the top and ripped it off her!  She was attempting to resist, but they exerted force of the men combined with Adele’s sexual depravity worked against her.  Before long the Hispanic man was between her legs licking her button into a frenzy and converting her objections to a series of moans!  Paul’s cue to stand and excuse himself from the room. 

     “Let me know by 10.” 

     Was this a dream?  The black man licked and bit her nipples as if he knew her body’s blueprint well!  The combination of the two tongues, one devouring her hole and assaulting her clit with unimaginable precision and skill!  The other, teasing her flesh and roughly caressing her throat caused her to lose control of herself as she came for the first time since returning from NY 3 years ago!  She never gave a second thought to where or why.  Only concerning herself with now! 

     The men switched positions with the black man lining up his pole with her shivering hole from behind.  His thrust into her slow as the Hispanic man stood astride the bed, inviting her to lick the pre-cum off of his flexing brown dick.  Her tongue reaching its destination at the same time the strange man behind her plunged into her well-oiled slit! 

     Being fucked and used like the whore she was before motherhood was all she had wanted since returning to the Philadelphia suburbs!  She was rocking back and forth as her pussy stretched to its former familiar dimensions under the weight of the hefty black cock!  The Hispanic man’s dick in her mouth oozed his appreciation into her waiting mouth as she screamed at the assault of her sore to the stroke pussy!  But he wouldn’t cum.  Adele thought to herself there was no way she was not leaving but as far as parting gifts, this one was perfect.  The Hispanic man leaned down, looking her in her eyes as his friend punched her pussy mercilessly.  Making her ashamed to be such a whore while happy to be such a lucky whore! 

     “Shut up slut and listen.” He whispered in her ear.

      “Your father sent us because he knew you were in trouble.  He wants you to fulfill your potential and be more than just the slut you are.  Understand?  Say yes.  Loudly.”

     “Yes,” she yelled.  Partially to follow his instructions.  Mostly because she missed being fucked and treated so harshly by these type of men. 

     “Your husband has certain proclivities towards violence against women.  When your father found out about his past, it was too late.  He wants you to forgive him but to go along with everything, or Paul will have you killed.  But then we would have to kill Paul, and he is necessary for the future.”

     Her father had always known her better than most.  Knew that a child would make her a different person and to his credit, she was.  Raven was all she considered since her birth, and although she planned to end her marriage, she hadn’t planned on doing things the same way that she had before.  Reckless was no longer a part of the plan.  She noticed the Brown man had begun to grow hard again as he watched her getting devoured by his friend’s cock who began to growl at her.

     “Give me your mouth bitch.” He black man snarled while climbing towards it.

     He stood on her bed as she complied.  Licking her own sweet juices from his balls while the Hispanic man crawled behind her and entered her shrinking pussy hole, opening it once more.  The black man started to cum in her mouth but pulled out, spraying her face for what seemed like an eternity!  Her hands spread his semen over her face and onto her 34C tits as she loved the feeling of the fast drying, sticky substance.  His face now next to hers he whispered into her ear now.

     “Your father was more than an attorney and we work for you now.  Your husband thinks it was an accident or chance that he found us.  But there are no accidents.  No matter what you will experience in the next year understand you are still protected.  Stay married to him for now.  Your real Trust is in a bank in NY.  100 million cash.  And Paul cannot find out about it.  We are being recorded.  Understand?” 


     She screamed.  Partially in appreciation for her Latin Lover’s expert lovemaking.  A series of well-placed strokes soothing her out of shape pussy!  She knew they were telling the truth as her father was great at burying secrets.  She knew about his past dealings in South America and more importantly, that Paul didn’t!  It strangely made sense to her that he would attempt to steal from her everything her father had built since Paul was that type of man.  Controlling, unyielding and unscrupulous.  But he was also unimaginative and could have never come up with these studs on his own! 

     “Adios Mio!”

     With that the man came inside of her and smacked her ass one last time.  The men stood almost on cue and left the room.  Leaving Adele and he palpitating pussy to recover by herself! 

     At 2 pm, there was a knock on the door followed by a young woman in a maid’s outfit and a tray.  It was Paul’s secretary whose 38 D breasts were connected by the nipples with a sterling silver chain!  She had slept past the meeting!  In an attempt to jump out of bed, she realized her legs were attached at the ankle by a spreader bar that she only knew from her days in NY nightclubs.  A tool men and women used on their slaves to guarantee compliance!  She was stuck with her legs wide open while this husband fucker came towards her, smiling. 

     “Master Paul instructed me to bring you this.  He wants me to lick you clean and prepare you for the guests later.  But first I have to make sure you don’t starve!”

     Adele attempted to get up but was pushed back onto the bed when the woman bumped her chest against Adele’s own!  She was never really into women and wanted no parts of this one, in particular, knowing who she was.

     “Resisting won’t help!” The younger woman laughed at her futile attempt to move.

     Pulling her legs into the air using the bar the 19-year old woman dug her tongue into Adele’s snatch immediately, causing it to hum with pleasure. 

     “And if you are good.  You will get an hour with your baby daughter.  Tomorrow.” 


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