“Thank you for your continued support.  Xavier Alex.”


May?  December?  What does any of it mean?

As Isabelle looked at him walk gracefully in the door like clockwork.  Tailored suit barely containing the bulging arms and thick cock she knew was beneath his tailored slacks?  She knew it would only be a matter of time and opportunity.  She wasn’t one to be denied the things that she wanted.


Deep brown eyes and an alluring gaze usually did the trick with men like him.  Older.  Rich maybe?  But definitely willing to spend money for her time!  She was, after all, created the way that God intended a woman to attract.  The sensual and pouty mouth than needed little to no decoration.  Long, beautiful hair that cascaded past her shoulders.  Slim waist that curved outward at her hips.  And finally, the shapely legs that were softly chiseled and dimpled perfectly beneath the cusp of her bottom.  At 23?  She was in her young woman’s prime.  Men didn’t stand a chance.


Women hated her too.  Except the few who attempted to seduce their way into her panties, that is.  There were one or two of them she had kissed and allowed to pleasure her but, that was more for expediency than pleasure.  The fact that she had acquiesced to the manipulations of their talented tongues and fingers was more due to her own genetics and sexual imagination.  Her mother had Orgasms.  And her mother before her?  She also was known to be Orgasmic by the touch.  Male or Female.  But only Men could satisfy their lust.

Which was what made her want him so much. 


He was much older than Isabelle.  At least twenty years but, he looked better than most of the men who frequented the club!  So naturally when she first saw him?  Her eyes diverted to his crotch to see if there were any other clues to this mystery man.  Because she had learned the hard way.  Most men who work out are usually compensating for another shortcoming!  Her eyes bulged out of her head though when face to face with what she assessed had to be at least 10 inches straining to break through his slack fabric!  Even more so when she raised her eyes to meet his and realizing it was probably due to his attentive gaze stuck on her!  He smiled but, never tried to conceal his hardness as he checked in.


“Hello.  Nice to meet you, Isabelle.”


It was as if he knew what was on her mind when she stood up.  And as she looked down at her hardened nipples and began to bush she recognized what he did.  A mutual attraction of the most sinful sort. 


“You are quite the sight for sore eyes aren’t you?” he continued. 


Turning to enter the locker room area and ending the interaction between them as it should.  Leaving Isabelle stewing in slowly soaking panties thinking about his forward attraction to her?  And he moving to begin the exercise to keep his old frame fit and ready to ride some lucky girl deep into the night. 


Returning home to her apartment shared with her Boyfriend Isabelle couldn’t wait to get into the shower and rub herself out of her misery!  Robert Jones.  1734 Allwood Dr.  Age 45.  6‘2 and at least 225 pounds of manliness wrapped in what had to be a naughty shell.  As her fingers delved deeper and deeper into her wet cavern.  To and fro over her pronounced pink nub and around her wet, pink lips.  All she could see was the unashamed smile of his face looking at her pronounced nipples protruding through her shirt.  As if he was reading her mind!  And as she came into the tub she knew her Boyfriend would never completely have her again.


She left the shower and got dressed.  A pink lace corset that pushed her breasts up, over the top she knew Kevin, her man could never resist.  Lately, he had been disinterested in satisfying her needs.  Causing Isabelle to stray with one of the less evolved members of the Club where she worked the check-in desk.  Only to be disappointed that his level of attention to her in the bedroom didn’t translate from his previous relentless pursuit.  His dick was big.  Above-average as in seven inches or so.  But one would have thought from his bedroom talk it was a foot long!  His pussy eating hadn’t even been Kevin on his worst night!  And instead of gaining a fuck buddy?  Isabelle opted for a shopping excursion and the occasional gift for services rendered.  And a recommitment to making Kevin work.  She never had considered option number three would present itself. 


She sashayed around the table set for Kevin in high heels seductively.  All of the while thinking about Robert.  How she would seduce him and when.  What she would be willing to do to get him.  To keep him.  Never allowing her fingers to touch her swollen bud or throbbing nipples before her man got home.  Lest she finishes herself off before the main course.  She needed a man’s attention!  And Kevin would give her some of what she needs she thought.  As long as she didn’t ruin herself first by going not her closet to find her hidden treasure box of Dildos!  The one she used to keep fights between them longer than she could normally bare!  And then he walked in.


Kevin’s eyes blew up at seeing her!  As beautiful as that first night except dressed exactly how he lusted to see her more often.  His tasty treat.  The tart in heels waiting for Daddy to bring home the Bacon!  His eight inches.  One more than the muscled pussy usurper he never knew about, ready for immediate action!  He was hoping tonight meant things would now get back to normal between them.   The way they were before he fucked things up between them just to gain favor with the Boss’s daughter.  It was after all, for both of them he had slept with her.  And he promised to never do it again.  Even if it wasn’t quite possible to do.


“Good evening Isabelle.  You look lovely tonight.”


The words came from his mouth in a fashion that betrayed his unease.  Their relationship once built upon his dominance of Isabelle?  Had cracked.  And he was ill-prepared to get the control back from her.   


“Sit.  I have prepared a meal for you.” She responded.


And indeed she had.  There were green beans and steak and potatoes, prepared the way that Kevin preferred them even if it was a complete waste of Isabelle’s culinary skills  Separated on a plate in sections the way he once instructed her when she still listened to his commands.  But there was noting subservient in her voice as she walked into the kitchen and waited for him to eat.


“I want to talk about us so please.  Dig in.”


Kevin listened to the accent that turned him on so much and grabbing his fork, quickly cleaned his plate.  Wiping his face on the napkin that sat beneath his knife and as he set his utensils down to allow Isabelle to provide the second course.  Walking over and placing her leg on the Kitchen table.  Her shaved snatch directly in front of his face.


“Dessert.” She demanded as she grabbed the back of his head the way he had grabbed her on many occasions before. 


His tongue delved between each side of her triangular trap.  Licking the dew off of each side more gently than he even knew he was capable of before twisting and delving his tongue as deep into the hole as he could!  Swerving between the sides of her pussy as if it was still his sole property.  Something he gave up when caught cheating at work by Isabelle.  Finances and embarrassment being the only two reasons they still cohabitated at all.  Kevin had given up all hope of ever experiencing his lusty partners best ever again!  So he ate her as desperate men often do.  Swallowing her cum as she once gleefully had done this before.  In hopes of a reconciliation.  But Isabelle had changed.


Her mind was on Robert.  The ten or eleven brown inches he must be working with and the Mercedes she had seen him leave in.  As she avoided a second meeting by watching the cameras inside the building.  Afraid she would give away some secret or even worse.  Herself.  She had fantasized about having a “Daddy”.  And it had been the basis of her sexual life with Kevin but, he never quite did “it”.  If she were being honest with herself?  Catching him had been a relief!  Cause she knew he could never keep her happy! 


As Kevin fingered her pussy on the table Isabelle looked directly into his eyes.  The same way Robert had engaged her earlier but, colder. 

“Fuck me stud.”

She turned and placed her ass high into the air and allowed her torso to rest on her shoulders against the carpet.  Her arms pulled back and fingers grasped each ass cheek.  Allowing an ample view into her body for Kevin in the final act of contrition.


“Your pussy misses you.”


Her tits rubbed the carpet on the floor as she felt him enter her and she softly whispered.


“Yes.  Take me.”


Knowing it wouldn’t be long now.  Robert thrust his cock into her as far as he could.  Before recovering and attempting to be patient.  Inching into her slippery wetness.  But unable to hold onto his joy for long as he came within the first 50 seconds all over her exposed ass.  Something Isabelle knew would happen.   Her grin hidden by the carpet her face was dug into.  She knew exactly what to say.


“That’s it?”


Her taunting of him rang into his head knowing that more was to be expected of him if he was to keep her in place. 


“I’m sorry dear.  It’s been a long day and….”


“It’s okay.” She said.


Getting up and walking towards her rode which she quickly used to cover herself.  Smiling as she faced away from him. 


“I know you have a lot on your mind.  Like me.  Maybe we should consider an open relationship though.”


The words came as a smack across his face. 


 “No.  No.  I would rather break up than have an open relationship.” He said.


“Well.  You fucked God knows how many other women and You don’t have time to satisfy me like you used to.  And I still love you, sort of.  I just think it’s better than just giving up baby.”


Turning and walking towards him Isabelle.  His cum still sticky on her ass and insides knew how to play the role of Dirty girlfriend from years of practice!  First, there was Joe,  Her first Boss, and Manager who started out taking her Virginity in his Office at 16 and ended up buying her first new car to keep her quiet. 


Then there was Raymond.  The Professor at her College who introduced her to his Faculty friends which helped her get more recommendations than anyone ever needed to get into Business School.   And now Kevin.  The rich kid with the right connections who could have any girl he wanted.  If only he hadn’t cheated!  But as Isabelle rubbed his soft cock hard.  Preparing to take him into her mouth and agree to whatever she wanted him to do she knew it was never going to be forever with Kevin.  She needed more.  More than someone she could control with his big dick pulsing inside of her!  And this was how she was going to get it! 


A few weeks later as she sat in the club waiting for it to close and going through her emails.  Robert came walking out of the Locker room.  His casual jeans and T-shirt looked good on him, like everything else.  And she couldn’t wait to get up close and personal to find out for herself! 


“Are you ready for your ride?” he asked.


“I was born ready.” She responded. 


She asked him for a ride since her car was in the shop and had to be kept overnight, unfortunately.  An unexpected circumstance that left her an unfortunate damsel in distress with no way to get to the Library after work to study for the Final she had taken that morning.  A month of convincing Kevin that he need not hide from his carnal responsibilities to his coworkers’ and the occasional night out with no questions asked would probably move them closer together.  Isabelle’s insides did a dance of joy as she sat beside the older man into his warmed, leather seat. 


“Strap up.  It’s going to be quite a ride.”


Isabelle settled the safety strap between her ample breasts.  Sitting back silently until they hit the open road.  Three minutes passing in between before she responded.


“I know.” She said


As she leaned over and pulled on his slacks until the large tip became visible to her eyes.  Isabelle leaned over and kissed the tip.  Encircling it within her tongue before feeling Robert’s hand fondled and squeeze her hard nipple between his finger until she released the growing monster from her mouth.  Panting in lust and pain as the shiny head called out for her to return to it even as it’s Master spoke. 


“Despite you making it to grad school I see no one has ever taught you patience.  But you are going to learn today.”  Robert crowed.


Pushing her back into her own chair he continued.

“Roll up that skirt.” He commanded which, she instinctively did. 


“Now rub that pussy till we get to my home and don’t put even a tip of your finger inside.  Or I am going to pull over and yank you out of the car to fuck you on the side of the road like the slut girlfriend you are for everyone to see.”




His fingers rubbed than twisted her nipple once more as Isabelle felt a small Orgasm push outside of her body. 


“Are you playing games with me like some boy you can control with your sex?”


Pushing her head down once more Isabelle felt a bit of control return to her.  The comfort of having the biggest cock she had ever seen in person swelling between her lips!  Only to be pulled up once more.


“Don’t make me repeat myself.”


Robert was almost laughing as he spoke to her and Isabelle for her part, didn’t know how to react!  She had dealt with guys who thought their cocks could walk on water but, never actually experienced one!  What she would normally say and do seemed to fit but for the 1st time?  She was speechless!  Until Robert pulled the car over into a Park which she now knows is near his home.  The sign said closed at 10 pm but he drove right past the guard and he waved him through.  They were barely off the road when the car stopped and Robert got out.  Walking towards her side of the car before opening her door and pulling her from her heated seat!


His kiss was strong and passionate if short.  And his hands were steady and sure as she had imagined they would be.  His mouth.  Soft lips and strong voice were the last things she remembered before his touch became firmer and more steady on her ass especially. 


“I am going to fuck you now.  So if you want me to stop,  You are going to have to stop acting like such a little whore and say the safe word.”


His hands were beneath her dress and on her panties, which were now so stretched?  They were completely useless to anyone.  Spinning her around Isabelle could feel the head of his warm, throbbing cock entering her sugary walls.  Pushing them back.  Wider than Kevin’s ever did!  It never registered for her to use a safeword they had never discussed as Robert delved deeper and deeper inside of her body!  Unbuttoning her dress just enough to pull it down past her shoulders and over her tits which began bouncing in the night light!  Spread on the hood of a German car as she came over and over like nothing she had ever experienced for what seemed like an eternity! 


“This is Daddy’s pussy now.  Say it to me.”

“Daddy’s pussy.” 


And with that?  Robert shot a load into her body that seemed as if it was gallons of cum!  Pulling out and asking her politely to ‘lick him clean” which of course, she did!  Something she never had done for any man and had thought to be beyond the pale actually felt good to do! 


Robert waved at the guard who stood about 10 feet away, watching her get fucked like a 50 dollar whore in heat, and waved before helping Isabelle back into the car.  He continued to drive until stopping in front of her home and pulling out 500 dollars and placing it in her hand.


“I’m not a whore!” Isabelle said angrily.


“I know,” Robert replied assuredly.  “But your dress is ruined and I want you to go shopping for a Dress for Dinner tomorrow.  That is.  If you aren’t busy?”


Isabelle smiled and looked at her clothing.  Tattered and disheveled as she was and knowing Kevin was probably waiting inside to see what happened to her.  This was not what they had agreed upon!  Open and discreet!  But this was definitely not that!

“Please.  Can we go to your place?  I can’t go in like this!”

Robert looked at her and frowned.  Running his fingers across her hair and face in a way that anyone passing by would know they were lovers!  All it would take would be one look out the window and she knew?  All bets were off! 


But at the same time.  His ebony skin was so alluring to her.  And his touch?  Felt as natural as the breeze that hit her skin.  When his fingers lingered over her nipple to squeeze it tightly all the slut inside of her could do was gush and moan a little before leaning in to kiss him again! 


“No.  We can’t,” he said as their lips separated.

“You can come home with me tomorrow night.  If you choose.”


Leaning back against his door to observe Isabelle.  What a beauty!  Her light brown skin and expressive eyes were the perfect complement to her plump lips and wet mouth that you had to experience to truly enjoy!


“Tonight?  You are going to walk inside your apartment and tell your boyfriend whatever you choose about me.  And if you want tomorrow?  We can discuss what happened today and, what is going to happen.  But if you want to see me more?  I won’t hide how I feel about you to anyone.  Understand?”


Getting out of his door.  Robert walked gracefully to the other side to open the door for Isabelle.  As he reached out his hand he could see the window purse behind him.  Isabelle.  Dress in taters.  Heels in hand fell into his embrace for a Final hug and kiss before being handed her bag of “books” and walking up the driveway towards the door which, began to open as she got close.  Robert watched until she stepped inside.  Satisfied he would see her soon.


Part I