I had a dream last night.

She was sitting on the window sill.  Naked with legs spread wide apart and a grin on her sexually sadistic face with dark hair.  Her body was the way he likes them.  A strong frame that craved to be pushed and prodded, if not held tightly to another.  The woman in this dream was irresistible. 

Her pussy was the prettiest Dom had ever seen.  Pink, wet lips and an almost clairvoyant clit that called to him in his sleep!  And there was a thirst that could only be sated by a flick of her beautiful rosebud on the tongue.  In the dream, Dom left the chair and positioned his dark head directly across from her lap.  Studying the wonderment and beauty of what was the wettest, pinkest pussy ever laid eyes upon as she finagled her pussy too and fro!  Biting her lip a little as Dom’s tongue flipped forward onto the protruding nub.  Careful to caress it in a circular motion once before running the tongue down one side lip and back up the other!  The flavor a dew so sugary sweet that even in his sleep, Dom’s stomach growled.  Her juices dripped down like champagne! 

Awoken by the sun, Dom’s hard cock stretched forward creating a cascade across the light like a sunrise over a dark, bulbous moon.  The shoes she wore in the dream as vivid as the taste and moisture on the lips.  High heels with a ring attached at the back.  And a smile of satisfaction crossed Dom’s mind as he stepped under the water preparing to leave the house.  It was time to play. 

The cool water on his hot skin brought him fully into the now.  But the thoughts of his heavenly encounter stood strong and vivid in her mind.  So vivid that the moments wouldn’t go away.  Nor would the sinful thoughts or residual guilt leaving her so abruptly had started.  Dom’s cock slapped against his thigh heavily as his hands worked around the erection that wouldn’t go away!  For a moment he began to stroke the length himself before remembering why he was getting ready in the first place and stopped.  Thinking he should paddle his own bottom but remembering those days were long ago!

His eyes begin to focus minutes later as the dry and naked my cock still stands tall.  Looking at the bed under the window keeping him stiff as the dream with the desire to taste a pussy as pretty as hers won’t go builds until the plan is set.  Dom decided they were both being deprived and conceded the course of action was clear.  Willing participant or not.   

The jeans are placed over the election and the subsequent phone calls begin to delay the day symbiotically.  Nothing is going to get done until the need is satisfied!  The shirt buttons down and covers his chest, but it is impossible to disguise the shape of his body which I worked hard to create.  There is really no need to go overboard and Dom grabs the laptop and walks the four blocks up the street. 

The Coffee shop with the office is on the top floor.  The noise downstairs provides a perfect atmosphere conducive to work.  Edgy music noise gets through the floorboards in the outer room but is more muffled in the back.  It looks more like a Private Detective’s office than a Realty Business.  But the truth was, it served multiple purposes.

“Morning Iris.  The usual.  And could you bring it to me immediately please?”

Iris walked into the back and grabbed two bags of Tea and placed them in an oversized Cup with honey.  She nodded at the other girl as she followed closely behind Dom up the stairwell.  Iris small frame bounding happily in her thigh length skirt before pushing the door open and being pulled in by her throat!  She knows he hates when she’s too cheerful! 

“You didn’t knock.”

Releasing her throat, she walks towards the table and places the tray down before dropping to her knees facing him. 

“Sorry, sir!”  Her voice mocking what was in her mind, a weak attempt at violence.  Iris expected a slap to the face as well or at least a demeaning twist of her nipples!  Without proper boundaries, Iris would walk over any man and in the past, had!  Dom was going to have to show her more aggression if he wanted her to yield!

Dom’s smile and subsequent walk towards her ended as he similarly, dropped to his knees in front of her.  She expected him to whip out his dick or instruct her to remove her panties so she could be properly spanked.  But instead, he knelt before her and lovingly caressed her rounded breasts and kissed her open mouth!  The sensation of a soft kiss was an unfamiliar sensation but  admittedly, made her heart flutter a bit!  By the time her hands had been cuffed behind her back with her clothes mostly on. Iris was in the throes of what was for her the Pink elephant.  Vanilla Sex Pleasure!

But Dom wasn’t kissing her.  He was acting out his dream in real time.  Changing the aspects that were beyond his control in his sleep to his advantage!  Today’s lesson would be different and yet, the same!  Dom’s middle finger plunging into her straight, but roughly only brought her back to the Country Club and the fags who used their fingers on her so clumsily.  But this didn’t feel that way!

Dom didn’t hate his mother or get fucked over by some bitch in High School that fueled his desires to control women.  That was never it.  It was an ex-girlfriend/fiance and a pledge of mutual abstinence that created him.  In an attempt to make sure their marriage would be based upon more than sex and with the advice of a relationship counselor, they attempted to be “pure”.  Instead, they discovered something else.

It started as a joke.  Handcuff me to keep my hands off of you sort of stuff.  But escalated quickly into mutual masturbation which they reasoned technically, wasn’t sex and ended with a sex party in New Jersey with his ex the guest of honor.  His Fiance bound to a metal apparatus that while appearing extremely uncomfortable, left her most vital holes exposed to be examined stretched by strangers!  Dom lost her to the lifestyle but, found himself in the process.  Something he always considered was an acceptable loss.

Iris piercings and strategically placed tattoos didn’t do her body justice.  She couldn’t hide how beautiful she was even though she sometimes tried hard to escape it.  The privileged upbringing she was ashamed of rubbed up against the sexual and non-sexual lifestyle she preferred.  Iris was attempting to run away from who she was.  And because of that, they were perfect together.

By placing his hand on her throat, bending her backward almost flat on her back while her legs were still tucked beneath her, Iris true desire to be treated roughly by Dom was fulfilled as well as her moist vulva exposed.  She only wished someone would walk in and see her, the boss, the way she preferred to be.  Used.  

“You must want me to spank your ass for you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Pulling her panties to her knees, Iris as she slightly resistance brought the dream girl to mind once more.  Dom imagined every teasing twist of his dream and saw Iris in the same, depraved light as the wet woman of his dreams.  One hand rubbed Iris pussy, spanking her wet folds while she sat/lay/ was strewn across the floor looking completely ridiculous in her lust!  She was a fake as a boss and happiest like this.  The only thing goth or edgy about her was her love of pain!  This, the shop, the concessions was all about keeping her Dom.  Humiliation was just the price of being a pain slut!

“You have 5 seconds to get to the stairs or you will regret being a bitch to me this morning.  One….”

Pushing her onto her back, Dom stood to place himself between Iris and the door ensuring the possibility of a successful task never being completed.  Dom unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head as she struggled to her feet.


His hands reached her juicy clit at that moment, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger just hard enough to drop Iris to her knees.  Defeated, she shook with a violent orgasm at the force of his fingers and will.  She was a submissive pain slut for sure!  But she was too strong to admit it, having been raised as a strong, proud woman.  Maybe even a feminist.  The fact her body betrayed her true self so easily was something she always hated.  And the fact Iris always sought it out only made her more ashamed of her choices.

His whip was around her neck before she knew it.  Dragging her feet into his “office “as she gasped for air.  Her legs kicked even as she came from the rough treatment at her tenant/Master’s hand!  Her small frame flung through the air slightly as he closed the door behind him!  Her attempt at modesty as she hit the floor to cover her exposed pussy, as usual, began her masturbatory session! 

“I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I hate when you ignore me and I am so sorry.”

Iris fingered her hole furiously as she spoke, both aroused and ashamed at what she was doing, again!  Her Grandmother had left her the building as well as others.  That she pretended to be a normal, ordinary girl in order to be treated this way was too much of turn on for her body to ever resist!  As long as no one found out the truth it wouldn’t matter.  Iris was ashamed to think of how Dom would use her body next and it excited her.  But she was convinced this was just a phase.  Only Dom knew she would one day evolve and accept who she truly was.  But for now, her shame meant she couldn’t stop cumming thinking about him! 

“You are a Fucking mess.  If your family could see you now..”

Iris got turned on being threatened.  It took the pressure off in some ways and added to the fantasy.  That she wasn’t being treated like this because she wanted to be.  But because she had just met the wrong guy!  She never asked herself why she had told him so much.   

As she opened her mouth, her tongue encircled the head of his cock just the way he likes.  Sucking the sensitive nub in a warm, wet, loving way while savoring the pre-cum like nectar from a God!  Dom knew she wanted to gobble it down like a good whore.  But he was teaching her the discipline she needed to not become another boring Ex-trying too hard to please him. Licking his salty cum from his cock knowing he wouldn’t cum while wishing all the time he would!  Dom knew everything about her from their numerous edging sessions.    Things her mother told her she should never do she had with him!  She was still in uniform partially as her hands in cuffs behind her back longed to reach one of her holes to no avail.  That was when he pulled her slightly to her feet by the hair. 

“I had a dream last night.”


The paddle struck her backside and she immediately started to drool from the force of her orgasm! 

“Some slut came to me in my dreams and decided to tease me.”


Iris’ eyes rolled back into her head as Dom placed his thumb roughly into her overflowing box. 

“Were you trying to tease me this morning with your sass?”


The paddles effect sent the young woman into oblivion as her small, pert breasts swelled inside of her bra.  Dom removed one tit from it’s casing to rub the precum off of the head of his cock before presenting it to an almost spent Iris for licking. 

“You may take it all.”

The words like a weight lifted from Iris’ shoulders as she began to devour the long, thick cock the way she always did.  It had taken a lot of hours of long discipline to get Iris where she was today.  A woman with a modicum of control of her lusts instead of one whose lusts controlled her!  She wanted him to fill her inside with it anywhere!  But she knew he wouldn’t just yet.  He had been a diligent taskmaster in teaching her his peculiar form of celibacy and discipline.

Iris had always savored the opportunity to show what she had always believed was her greatest talent.  And Dom’s refusal to fill her willing mouth with his hot liquid was a personal goal she wanted to achieve.  Their first time together had been a humbling experience for her, as she attempted to suck him off to no avail.  But she could tell by the way he throbbed inside her cheeks she could at least affect him now.  They were baby steps that encouraged Iris one day she would taste him without also tasting herself!  All she wanted to experience was each experience with him becoming more intense.  She had given in.  She was his.

Dom allowed her to lick him for a few minutes before instructing Iris to tell the girl downstairs she would be a while.  She knew what that meant and as soon as the phone hung up, the Music downstairs became a bit louder.  Again he pulled her to her feet.  But this time to remove her skirt and panties. 

“Bend over.”

Iris complied and almost as soon as she did felt the small vibrator being pushed inside of her ass and turned on!  She knew better than to make any noise lest Dom do something to her that would definitely make her scream!  All she could hope for now was a gag to help her control herself! 

“You have been very quiet since you first mouthed off.  You weren’t trying to get me to do something dirty like this to you were you?”

Of course, the answer was yes!  But she knew to admit it meant what little false barriers remained between the two of them would be completely broken. 

“No, sir.  I was just in a bad mood.”


She could feel her plump ass get sore with the last blow and despite another orgasm, Iris really didn’t wish to endure another! 

“You lie.  And for that, there is a special purgatory for you.  Something I know you will absolutely hate me for.”

Iris ass buzzed from the toy dildo stuck in her tiny hole as her nipples shook with excitement.  Iris felt the cuffs being attached at her ankles as the spreader bar was attached to them!  Dom placed his head on the nub of her pussy and began to lick it. 

“I am going to lick you like the girl in my dreams last night.  As if I were your boyfriend and not your Master!”

With that and Iris placed on top of the desk, Dom began to tease her clit.  He had never eaten her before and she wasn’t sure he ever would which made it all the more pleasurable for Iris.  Until the second hour passed and the exhaustion of being mercilessly teased and caressed began to drive her wild!  It figured he was the best at this too.  Even telling Iris stories about his conquests as he massaged her to completion. 

“Not all women want to be choked first.”

That was all he said for the next hour. 

Dom imagined the girl from his dream before him.  Unable to leave him at the crack of dawn or the hint of disturbed sleep.  Iris pussy was still intact, as he had exclusively used her mouth and ass for weeks.  She had never complained either.  Her writhing under the caress of his gentle tongue was also an unknown.  Noticing the tattoo of his name stylishly done and engraved next to her pussy, Dom became impressed with the Calligraphy.  And as he squeezed her nipples tightly,  she was still able to cream like the 1st night he had been drawn to her.   

He was teaching her about things she would have never learned on her own.  About desire, patience, pain, love, and sex.  Obedience.  And Loyalty.  He wanted her to stick around, even if he would never admit it.  He had fucked her ass and mouth for months and she didn’t complain.  She came anyway.  

As his cock pushed into her pussy for the 1st time in months, Iris’ eyes opened wide, remembering what it felt like to have him fuck her that night!  Why she offered this space to him in the first place and didn’t complain about the other women.  Why she came just thinking about smart things to say to him this morning.  He made her forget about everything in a moment!. 

Pushing into her womb deeper Iris had surpassed her known limits.  Her pussy convulsed in an intermittent manner that would allow no tangible pattern!  He was between her body and the bar now and there was no place to go except up and down his slick pole while her pussy looked for fluids to dispense!  The last dry orgasm met with Dom’s wet dick kiss as he came deep inside!  

The next night I had a dream….. 

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