Fred walked into his Downtown Office.  Sitting down in his King’s Chair waiting for the Markets to open.  It was only six thirty in the morning, and he wasn’t alone.  His Executive Assistant was there with him posted up at the receptionist desk.  Waiting for him with a smile on her face, as requested.  A smile that was returned daily by a lecherous sneer from him. 


She had been in her new position for about three months already.  Top twenty percent of her class at Wharton.  A certified genius hassled only by a mountain of debt due in no small part to a shopping addiction that offset her intelligence equally.  The six-figure salary wasn’t enough to afford the luxury amenities of her colleagues anyway so being at the office 12 hours a day worked perfectly for now.  Even the menial task of making sure his coffee was perfect wasn’t as much of an insult to a woman of her stature.  He was, after all, the biggest boss and landing that job was a coup.


Fred had been impressed with her resume and work experience.  Legal Degree and more recently M.A. from Wharton.  Fred was even more impressed with Gina herself.  Five foot 6 inches with a twenty-three-inch waist.  What were at least full C cup breasts in a dress just long enough and tight enough to fit her voluptuous, brown body!  She had worn Louboutin’s that were possibly a bit too inappropriate for the culture at the convention when they first met.  Where he was the keynote speaker.  And by the way, she carried herself, he knew she had walked in the Front Door and not a side entrance.  He confidence told everyone that Gina belonged.


Gauging her reaction against Men he knew would have a problem with her very presence even before hearing her speak.  Assessing how she handled them from across the room and reading her body language.  Fred was getting excited to meet her.  The Conservative businessman that he was didn’t show a tell above his belt buckle in the crowded room.  And by the time she had worked around to him?  The erection subsided thanks to innocuous small talk and thoughts of how his wife ignored him the morning before Fred caught his flight.  As usual.  He was almost angry as he turned to respond to her tap on his shoulder.  Anger that dissipated within a glance.


Fred had listened to her pitch to work for him while reading the accomplishments on her Resume.  She was smart.  Charming.  Articulate.  And at the same time to him?  Something else.  Shuffling his feet in a circular motion as Gina spoke Fred had subtly dispersed those standing immediately to his left.  And Gina’s insistence on maintaining Fred’s attention?  Dispatched those on his immediate right.  Until they were alone in a filled room.  Her, facing the others in the room.  And him?  Facing only her.   Though he had barely said a word.


“Look at me.  Eye to eye.”


Grasping her left forearm above the wrist.  Fred leaned into the shorter woman and unlike most men? Never diverted his eyes from hers.  Maybe it was her mouth that he glanced at. Perhaps the totality of her face.  But he wasn’t being moved or controlled by sex she thought.  Or at least showing it. 


“What do you want to do with your life?”


Fred had learned this technique from his Father.  Establish dominance immediately.  Control your surroundings.  Press and apply the pressure.  Ask for the impossible question and wait for the impossible answer.


“The same thing you want to do with yours.”


Fred looked for weakness or emotion in her response at the time.  But her facial expressions wouldn’t betray her.  If Fred saw anything?  It was deep inside of her eyes, and it was empty space.  Inviting twins of his own but, less barren.  Was it passion?  His slacks which began to grow the moment he grasped her arm.  Electric to the touch of her.  His first thought was correct.  He had to possess her.


“How many Resumes did you hand out today?”  Fred asked.


“Five, so far.” 


“Let me hold your folder for you a minute.”


Taking her folder into his hand.  Fred released her arm from his grasp.


“You’re hired. As long as you go collect those Resumes and bring them back to me within five minutes.” 




The surprised look on her face was exactly what Fred wanted to see.  He sensed a tinge of joy in her voice and thought again about his request.  Knowing he didn’t want anyone to change their mind and pounce as he had.  Fred changed his tone immediately.

“Just messing with ya.  Not about being hired!  The Resumes.  I expect to see you in the Main Office in two weeks.”


And with that.  Fred exited the room before he lost the edge. 


Human Resources set Gina up with Relocation Services who arranged a nearby Luxury Apartment amongst other things.  175 plus expenses and a 3-day work week in Office that started at 6 AM.  She would work directly underneath Fred and answer to no one else.  Not even the Department Heads or Vice-Presidents.  Especially not the Members of the Board.  And if they weren’t apart of the Corporate family?  She was to divert.  Build her own team Fred could Trust to only answer to him or her.    


Gina had done her job.  Adjusting up his Corporate strategy flawlessly for three months as if they immediately became business symbiotic.  Together implementing improvements that helped the Company Portfolio climb 1 percent in the last quarter.  While others lost money?  Fred made a little.  Not much compared to when things were great?  But enough to show him he had made the right decision.  Because as much as it was always about the numbers for him.  Fred had plans.


Big plans.  But what was needed someone smart enough overseas to head up the Asian Liaison Office.  A woman was a perfect choice for Asia.  The Operation wasn’t huge, or on the scope with other regions so, there was little chance for failure.  And there was the chance to have Gina as his lover. 


She was shaped like the girls he often hired while away on business trips.  Especially one night in New Orleans right after he was married.  He had paid double to have his way with that one!  This one?  She was going to have shown him how bad she wanted the job.


At twenty-nine years old Gina was a bit older than his usual conquests.  But those women were Professionals of a different sort.  Her resume was completing Undergraduate at 17.  Georgetown Law.  Time spent as a Paralegal followed by a few more as an attorney.  And more recently?  A pivot and Masters from Wharton.  Had her new husband not died suddenly she would be making Babies somewhere instead of rebranding her life and career.    


For her?  The position meant more than others who wanted plain old success and Titles.  She needed a purpose.  A reason.  Having lost so much recently.  Her best friend.  Her Lover.  Her way.   Only to find herself once again immersed in a job and work.  This time much different than the legal arguments and tedious Corporate protection racket.  But still. The same.  Cumming full circle.  It was almost as if she was running on automatic.  Pressing one button or another to free her limbs to continue.  A life that lacked purpose?  Lacks passion.


She once used to cream her panties at the most simple delights of the world.  A mangled paper clip adeptly distorted into a clitoral stimulant.  A man with a trouser snake that made her wonder about his size.  Conversations with women she worked with she knew had sexual attractions and desires towards her.  How easy it used to be.  And she would dominate them all.  By either suppression?  Or submission.  Before Love.  The man who tamed her soul along with her body was gone now so young!  An unreasonable blip of happiness, gone.  And all reasons to remain?  Buried with him.  The attraction to her now Boss Fred the moment that they met had been the only brief feeling of life since.   As slowly, Gina returned to being herself.


His sneer this morning she knew was mixed with necessity and depravity.  And for the first time in years, Gina felt something in her reborn virginal vessel.  A familiar twinge of expectation. 


She no longer masturbated in Bathroom stalls.  Or placed objects from the sex store inside of her daily to help her Brilliant mind focus.  These were objects of a tainted youth subjected.  She had done those Taboo things other girls would only dream and fantasize about.  Given it all up for one man she loved just to watch him quickly wither and die.  And come out of it all, a new Gina.  Stronger than the last but, absent of any joy.  Cumming was no longer a necessity.  Hiding in plain sight, was. 


“You never talk about your personal life.”


Standing in the entrance between the two rooms.  Fred startled Gina with his voice proximity. Usually, she was at the ready with answers to any questions he may have.  But the momentary pause was enough for Fred to know she wasn’t going to answer directly what he already knew by now.  She was a tragic story. 


“It’s because it isn’t what you pay me for.  It’s inappropriate.”


Fred moved to the inside of what was their personal Private sanctum.  Everything that was available to him within the walls of that single floor?  Was open to her as well.  Her station was temporary.  Until the Full-Time Receptionist and Fred’s actual fuck toy, Jessica came in at 11.  A relationship Gina guessed at but, never cared to confirm. 


“Well, I imagine it’s time then.  I want you to come to have dinner with my wife tonight and me.  Around 9.  She wants to meet you and so do I.  No date.  Just you.”


Fred retreated back into his office as quickly as he started speaking.  Leaving Gina to her tasks and her thoughts.  He wasn’t going to try to sleep with her with his wife there so, that was a relief?  And since she wasn’t scheduled to be in the office the next morning?  She didn’t have to wake up early, so there was no excuse.  As if there could ever be one for the CEO’s personal invite.


Arriving at the Manhattan apartment the Connors used as a personal residence while in town.  Gina was immediately directed to a Private elevator on the side of the Building by the Front Desk Clerk.  The elevator had one destination and opened up into a beautiful space!  The glass windows.  Two of them turned to the side to allow the night air in.  And Fred.  On the balcony.  Holding two glasses.


“Come in.”


Gina had endured many courtships in her jaded past.  Mostly crude come-ons and direct suggestions from aggressive.  Mostly older men who guessed her true nature.  And at that time?  It wasn’t hard to tell since in most of those instances?  She had been the passive aggressor.  Being wooed with kindness was not what she was accustomed to or even previously had preferred.  But she knew there would be no wife or third glass to fill instantaneously.  And Gina was relieved at the thought. 


Her attire was a business suit.  Her usual these days with one exception.  Gina had found her last set of sexy lingerie and was wearing it beneath her suit.  Garters and a push-up bra and a singular piece of black thong underwear which she hadn’t worn since the week before her Husband’s diagnosis and surprisingly quick demise.  It wasn’t a conscious choice for her.  But one she wore comfortably.  Placing her purse on the table by the couch.  Gina confidently strode outside to the patio.  Where a table and her Boss waited.


“No wife?”  she asked.


“No witnesses.”


Fred replied while passing her a glass of Champagne along with his usual sneered greeting. 


“I wanted to get to know the real you.  Without pretenses.  So tonight?  I am not your Boss.  I am your friend.”


“Well, that is pretty hard to imagine.  Considering you are still, my Boss.”


Did he think it was going to be easy?  That she would seize the opportunity to cement her position with her body?  Gina was flattered, of course.  And for the first time since she could remember even a bit horny at the coming proposition.  But she understood their dynamic and had promised herself to never be one of “those girls” who slept their way to the top!  Even if she was attracted to him.


“You’re right.  Which is why we are celebrating your promotion to Head of the Asian Division.”


Gina’s face lit up.  She knew what was being planned in that area and had been compiling Data for the job search.  At Fred’s request.  Giving opinions on what would be needed there to succeed.  And had just begun compiling a list of qualified candidates.  She knew how important this was to him and, the Corporation.  But she didn’t think she was under consideration!  She ran out and gave Fred a big hug!  Dropping all professional pretense for the moment and for the first time in two years, allowing herself to be happy! 


Her breasts instantly perked up with the first close human contact in years!  And instinctively she turned her face up and kissed her boss passionately!  Surprising Fred immediately.  After releasing the kiss awkwardly, she stepped back.


“Talk about inappropriate.”


Fred sneered as he pulled back her chair to sit in the night air.




Gina wasn’t accustomed to being uncomfortable.  It had been a long time since a man hadn’t responded to her advances by reciprocating.  But it had been a long time since she had been so direct with one as well.  What she wanted was confused by the setting and circumstance as well as her own reaction which she knew wasn’t solely about a promotion. 


Fred began to talk about when they first met and the sense he had about her.  How he had watched her closely since, to make sure she would be right for the post.  The way he accentuated the word.  Post.  Gina heard every word and answered the way she knew he wanted her to since she was being given more than directives.  This job was more than that.  It was a purpose.   She found her mind wandering into her past.  Delving into the part of her brain that had been shut off due to circumstance.  It was as if fires were being relit inside of her. 


“All three points of action.”


The words whispered came out naturally.  As the nubs of Gina’s nipples pressed her smart blouse and sleek garments that slipped across the body’s most sensitive spots.  The conservative cut still maintained her outward appearance of modesty But inside?  Her clitoris began to throb at the inflections of his voice.  The moistness of his lips.  And of course, the small bulge that began to grow inside of his trousers as their chemistry began to bubble.  It was the slow acting yet powerful chemical formula between them causing the natural reactions she once took for granted.   Horniness.


“In a manner of speaking.  Yes.  We seem to be simpatico on this.” 


“Oh yes, we are.  May I use the ladies room?”


“Of course.  Down the hallway to the left.”


Gina couldn’t take it anymore!  The meal had been delicious, and the conversation was definitely favorable.  She would be leaving in five days and would not be required to come to the Office until then.  Her routine.  The thing she had just became comfortable with.  Was going away as quickly as she had secured it.  Another surprise of life.  And on top of that?  She was alive!  Feeling again as she always had.  Horny at the simple breeze of wind she couldn’t feel through her rough suits of armor.  Having gotten everything that she wanted professionally wasn’t enough to fill the void.  She needed more. 


As she took off her suit in the confines of Fred’s bathroom and replaced the high-heels on her feet.  Gina knew no wasn’t going to be an acceptable answer.  The garters she wore seemed planned, but she didn’t care what Fred thought now.  Gina knew he was never supposed to see them.  But also knew she wanted him to see them now!


As she opened the door leading into the hallway, she was startled herself.  Fred stood leaning on the wall down the hall.  He was unbuttoning his shirt carefully as Gina began walking towards him step after step.  Until they stood face to face.  There was nothing else to talk about.  No more necessary pretenses to hold onto.  Just them.   


“I’ve wanted to see you like this since we first met.”


His hands wandered from her ears.  To her mouth and the left side of her face.  Her neck which he grasped tightly.  Causing her body to arch forward towards him.  A natural state of submission towards him.  As his other hand began to explore her body. 


Her tits.  Nipples one at a time tweaked and squeezed as Gina began to cream her panty line a bit.  She hadn’t dared to touch herself at all when she had the chance.  Fearing she may be in their longer exploring her other long-lost lover.  Herself.  The sensations and enticing opportunity to play with her mound had been conquered by thoughts of this moment.  When he would finally show her what being the boss was all about! 


As Fred’s hand rolled the tiny piece of string across her lips.  His mouth engaged hers in an intense mixture of wills.  His to dominate her.  And hers to be with someone worthy.  His middle finger rhythmically pounding her reborn virgin pussy without direction or need for instruction until her legs became too fragile to stand on!  They were only being propped by the upward momentum of his thrusting hand and the firm grip of his hand on her neck!


Gina could feel the restrictive pull of air as gravity dropped her weight down onto two unsure sticks.  And her desire to give in further.  To submit to a man felt in the moment to have never been greater!  It was the timing and unfamiliarity of what was once familiar.  Hardened nipples and a drenched pussy not fingered in so long!  So long she forgot the circumstance. 


But Fred knew.  He had an investigator look into her past and knew all about her youthful experimentations that lasted well past the stage of curiosity!  Gina was perfect for what he desired.  Another mate but this one?  Under his control.  As he deftly maneuvered a second digit into her warmth, Fred felt himself grow bold that he possessed her now.  And sure that he would thoroughly enjoy his new toy!


Fred took his hand from between Gina’s legs and wrapped it around her waist.  Holding her up and into him by cupping her ass cheek by the dimple.  Gina’s breathing became steady and robust instead of the frantic and erratic breaths of air that had accompanied her orgasmic bliss.  Even as her heart was still racing with excitement!


Pulling her full face around Gina could feel his four fingers tingling and caressing her moist inner fold.  Arching her toes up with each touch before Gina realized her legs being off of the floor!  Swiveling her around till she sat on the edge of the bed.  Gina’s hands reached out for his buckle only to be grabbed and encased in Fred’s own.  Redirecting them to the space in between her own thighs.


“I want to see you touch yourself first.”


Four hands rubbed up and down her slit.  20 fingers she felt one at a time in her mind as her senses worked in overdrive and Gina’s memories followed.  She was with her first lover.  He was letting his girlfriend tease her like it happened back then.  As Fred removed her hand and Gina squeezed at the nub of her clitoris.  Imitating what that woman had done to her that day while her Lover bound her arms behind her back, Gina came the same way she had that day.  And transformed as she was,  Licked her lips for the taste of pussy that followed before her head had been thrust forward onto his cock!  Fred’s cock which was now standing before her tall and strong.  Until Gina fixed her lips to the prize!


She was in a trance as she held her own hands clasped behind her back as if they were bound together.  Lips full and moist.  Working their way from the top to the bottom of his manhood with a rhythmic pulse and artistic grace.  Fred was used to professionals.  Women who would stroke him with the primary purpose of fast money.  Not because they wanted to! 


“Can I rub my pussy boss?”


He wanted to say yes.  Wanted to cum with his 8 inches as deep down Gina’s throat as possible.  Causing her to cough and gag on his seed as soon as possible!  Opening his eyes and seeing her beautiful mouth and occasional tongue lick and drive him as close to the edge as anything.  Begging for his permission.  She easily could have delved into her puffy slick snatch on her own, but she wanted him to understand his control over her was complete.  She was now his responsibility. 


“Turn over.” 


His voice was strong and sure.  But what he was asking for?  Gina wished he would have waited longer to take!  Her ass sat high in the air.  Face, in the middle of a plush pillow, left strategically in the middle of the bed.  Out of her fantasy now.  Gina wondered what he would do with her next.  Hoping it would be enough to satisfy the lustful urges he had unleashed in Gina that had been safely bottled up inside.  Gina couldn’t take disappointment.


If Fred were to put his cock in her now, she would cum?  Sure.  But he would be no different than any other man.  Maybe one with a black girl fetish which would make Gina sick to her stomach.  Before she came thinking of being used in that way.  She could never work for him after that happened.  After she had welcomed his dick into her mouth with such warm, loving kisses and greetings!  It would show he didn’t appreciate her quality at all!  Because all he wanted from her was a raw fuck! 


She needed for him.  For anyone to see her for what she was inside.  She needed to be loved.    


Feeling the cuffs being fastened around her ankles, she quickly attempted to pull her legs closed behind her!  Fred roughly inserted two fingers into her still wet snatch.  Rubbing her G-Spot and coaxing Gina’s moans into the air before quickly removing them and injecting the longest into her ass!  The shock cause Gina to spike and shoot out of her hole her happiness that Fred indeed did know what she needed!  Removing his finger and beginning a slow, steady spanking with what had to be a riding crop!  But Gina couldn’t tell for sure with her face biting the pillow as she enjoyed the exquisite release of her Boss steady paddling! 


“Tell me where you want me.”


“In my pussy, Sir?”


Thwack.  Thwack.  Thwack.


The sound reverberated at least 5 more times before he stopped to put his fingers back inside of her. Straying to squeeze her clitoris before crudely sticking his arms between her prone thighs to wrestle each nipple one at a time.  As she struggled to deal with the sensation of exquisite pain coming off her brown bottom, tanned red. 


“I am going to ask you again and you better not lie to me.  Where do you want me?”


Gina thought for a minute about her Husband.  Gone forever from this place and unable to protect her now.  Her pussy sat throbbing under the touch of another man.  Without his permission or supervision.  He never even knew Fred and could never approve!  It was the end of an Era as her mouth watered and voice began to speak. 


“I want you to put it in my ass.”


Dropping his riding crop, Fred began to move into Gina’s world.  Slowly massaging her snug pussy hole until he felt it.  Could feel her.  Pulling him deeper.  And deeper inside of her body until he was pressed against her welted ass.  Skin to skin causing Gina to tear herself away upon impact.  Only to be pulled back roughly onto him!  Her neglected womb seeping over Fred.  His stroking became as long as they both allowed and his thumb.  Moistened by Gina’s own body.  Stayed stationary in its place.  Waiting for the second shift.  Which wouldn’t be long.


They knew what the other wanted and needed. 


Gina could never go back.  Never relive her youthful days of sex without consequence.  Give in entirely to a man or a couple and live their dream.  She was too good for that now.  And probably, too good for it then. 


And she would never find anyone that loved her like him.  Understood her desire for pain and pleasure so completely that she couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended!  Luke was gone.  She could never hope to find a lover and a Master in one person again.  But she couldn’t change who she was either. 


If she was going to live?  She needed this.  The feeling of blood running through her body.  Rushing to soothe the pain.  Her nipples pushed outward into the air.  Hormones racing through her loins.  Ass throbbing.      


As Fred placed himself on her, he could hear her voice. 


“Four points.”


Her voice began to trail off as the fleshy cone made its entrance.  Her body ached instantly.  Than arched back into his hips for more.  More.  Until her ass was filled and there as nothing between them! 


“I belong to you now?”


Her moans of ecstasy filling the room as the pain of the moment attacked her senses!  Tears of joy and pain falling from her eyes like always.  Wishing he was here but knowing that door was closed as soon as Fred had opened it again. 


“Yes.  Your ass is mine now, so you belong to me.”


Encouraged by the moans of his Asian Director which Fred took as proof he was telling the truth.  Fred began to cum.  What fun could he have with more time with this Ebony Goddess!  Looking at her ass coated with his seed he wondered if this was how his wife felt about Jerrod.  Seeing juices coating his cock.  Her white skin against his dark.  Like his white against Gina now. 


“You need to go soon.”


Fred became cold in an instant. 


“I wish I could fuck you more but, some of us have to work tomorrow.”


Gina kept her head down in the pillow.  Tears across her face from the rude intrusion of her Boss.  She felt low.  Used.  And didn’t know exactly what to say next having been in this position?  But never in THIS position.  She started to lift her battered body up though all she wanted to do was fall forward and go to sleep!  It had been two years since she had even masturbated!  Having used the power of her mind and the extra boost of having lost Luke to focus her mind.  Her pussy had been assaulted.  Ass taken.  And she was still quietly, cumming from the spanking she had endured!  Gina knew she had to leave but, she just didn’t want to yet! 


“But since you belong to me…..”


Gina felt the vibrator being twisted inside of her.  It was small but when turned up?  Very powerful!  Reaching between her legs, Fred grasped her hands and placed them on the device. 


“Hold this.”


Gina could feel the sensations welling up inside of her and before long?  Forgot Fred was even in the room!  She could manipulate the settings and pull it out.  The tip was extremely powerful, so Gina began rubbing it across her clitoris for a while until she came to a crashing orgasm and dropped the device!  Her legs still bound and having forgotten Fred was even there!  Which he was.  Filming.




Her eyes looked up into the camera, but all she could manage was a smile.


“Just a little insurance in case you change your mind and story.  But don’t worry.  No one will ever see this.”


Gina smiled at the thought of how much money the recording could be worth in the future and had to ask.


“Could you whip my ass one more time please, Boss?”


Gina left the apartment an hour later and did as she was told.  Straight home and to the shower.  Toy inserted at precisely 12 am.  Streaming live to her Boss at 12:01.


At that time Fred sat with his attorney in the loft office.  Taking turns buzzing the toy periodically and asking her to utilize the bag of goodies he had provided for her at the door.  As the men drank red wine and watched the performance on the big screencast.


“My new head of the Asian Department.  Smart as shit.  And as delicious as Pink Berry.  Don’t you think we are covered in case of a Lawsuit?”


“This would ruin anyone’s career.  When can I try her?” his Lawyer Bob asked.


“She’s not that whore from Marketing Bob.  She’s a Lady.  I’m not passing this one around.  I’m grooming her.”


“Grooming!  You’re fucking kidding right?”


“Bob.  Are you second guessing me?”  Fred asked quizzically.


“No.  It’s just she’s…..”


“Goodnight Bob.  Thanks for stopping by.”


Fred stood and took the man’s glass and walked him towards the elevator.  Knowing the mistake, he had made Bob immediately began to backtrack.  Fred just listened and nodded until the man was inside the doors. 


“Make sure you kiss that pretty wife of yours for me, Bob.  Will Ya?”


As the doors closed, Fred returned to the study.  Where he saw Gina twisting a paper clip.  He looked at his phone and pulled up a contact marked Bob’s wife.  It had a photo of the blonde woman with a black cock in her mouth.  A souvenir from her last year’s Christmas party sent to him by the owner of the cock and her colleague.  Fred sent the text with the picture attached to the wife with Gina’s address and instructions to help her pack.  He wondered how Bob would feel if he found out about his own wife?  And told her to do as Gina told her or, he would. 

As Jerrod began to pick up his pace.  Slamming his glistening tool in and out of the pink hole encased in alabaster.  He felt nothing except a familiar feeling of dominance that he was accustomed to in most areas of his life.  And he knew it would take a lot more from this particular fan to make him cum.  He needed his imagination.  Increasing his pace and the power of his thrusts was nothing more than his own sadistic way of killing a Saturday night on the road.  And adding to the family legacy.

Pussy was Easy.  For as long as Jerrod could remember women threw themselves at him.  Young.  Old.  Older.  Black.  White.  Hispanic.  Indian.  Asian.  He loved Asians and their tiny pussies as well as any woman he deemed exotic.  Classics like blonde hair and blue eyes too.  All because on the Baseball Diamond Jerrod was the man.  Pussy came easy.  He was a Pitcher.  But everywhere else?  The Pope’s were known as great Batsman.

His father was like him, a connoisseur of the feminine mystique.  Picking up women seemed effortless for Jerrod Sr.  And he lived to impress his young, suggestible son in hopes he would follow in his footsteps one day.  Adopt his philosophies about women and relationships and, build upon them.  Being a stud meant he was setting a positive example for his boy.  And nothing was more important than that.

 Mom was the Sexually liberated Black Queen.  She traveled a lot on “business trips,” but as much as Jerrod knew, Dad made all of the money.  Their relationship was based on mutual trust, and when he was old enough, his parents sat him down and told Jerrod the truth.  Especially since one day, the truth could possibly come out another way.  She was a Dominatrix.  A well-paid one for rich and powerful mostly white men.  Though it may not have been a conventional marriage or upbringing?  It worked out over the years for the three of them.  Especially considering their white bred surroundings.

The “Fan ass” was white as a sheet of paper and reminded him of a College sweetheart.  Even if considering the bulk of their relations as “sweet” was quite a stretch!  They were more like this.  Gag in mouth.  Ass in the air and legs spread wide by various means ranging from being tied to the posts to held by her own hands!  And the way her tits and especially nipples grazed the bed while she leaned forward on her elbows!  Defying gravity just enough thanks to the miracle of youth!  But too large to resist it’s call entirely.  Jerrod’s imagination was working too well now as he felt a spurt of pre-cum bathe the inside of her pussy as he began to pull out of her slowly again.  Better to think about other things. 

Growing up in the Suburbs did have drawbacks.  Grass fields and quiet streets can be dangerous for a lone black teen to move around safely.  The Private Harbor School though was full of already rich kids and, their sexually curious offspring.  And more importantly, provided door-to-door transportation.  Some of the students and teachers were less familiar with the intimacies of Interracial culture than sex but, they tried to bridge the gap amicably.  Since Jerrod was well-off and going to make millions throwing a Baseball he fit in easily with his well to do classmates.  Fucking his way through his Senior year like a normal kid after breaking up with Jessica.  His first official girlfriend.  

Jerrod was a combination of both parents.  The metal stirrups the Fan Ass had agreed to wear locked her thighs a certain width apart.  It was the way that Mother treated most of her sexual subjects who liked to be used or punished for their evil deeds.  Jerrod used them as a promise.  Any woman who wanted a night with the All-Star stood no chance to back out once they were affixed to her body.  She was to be a vessel in which his oversized cock would play until he was tired of them.  There was no such thing as quitting Jerrod.

There was a pre-sexual consent form they had to sign before entering the hotel room.  Agreeing to sexual servitude for the evening from the women so he could have his way.  The one safeguarding indemnity from pregnancy and subsequent responsibility.  As well as the Morning after pill, he provided each woman before she would leave in the morning after “properly” thanking him with her mouth.  All in black and white to protect the Pope Brand.  And that thinking definitely came from his Father.

Jerrod began to assault the Fan’s ass with his thumb.  Lubricating the digit with the woman’s own juices before pushing it slowly and ever deeper into her body until she gushed her pleasure all over his pumping dick!  If the convulsions of her twat massaging his pole didn’t make enough of an impression?  His cock would be next!  He might allow her the chance to beg him to spare her usually tiny hole while reminding his victims of the release they had signed by promising to suck him to completion first.  Which Jerrod loved even more since degradation was a large part of what turned him on!  He MADE women get in touch with their inner whore.  And then he made love to her in the way she now wanted.  Sensual Lovemaking was reserved for his wife only.  She was his only equal in his mind. 

As the woman came, Jerrod could feel her walls convulsing around him in a vain attempt to move his juices into her impaled womb.  He smiled proudly into the mirrored reflection as the woman’s head shook in defiance while her legs attempted to swing their way free from their metal bonds, to no avail!  Had she been free?  She may have closed her legs and tried to push him out of her warmth to recover.  But unable to find the superhuman strength required?  All she could do was squeal in ecstasy while the players next door clapped their applause at another successful “piping.”  Wondering where he got the energy after pitching a complete game shutout!  But Jerrod was in a zone and reminiscing on his College days and the woman she resembled most.

The pretty brunette named Janice.  A social-climbing.  Money hungry white girl from the deep South with large tits and firm and hard, round ass that was a bit small for Jerrod’s taste.   She had come to one of the Baseball team’s parties wearing an attitude and a cutoff rebel flag T-shirt and was pinned by the shortstop Shorty.  His roommate and someone Jerrod didn’t entirely trust as much as he tolerated.  

It was the shortstop’s idea to flaunt the young racist in front of his Roomie.  After seeing all the girls.  White, black, and others come in and out of their dorm room.  Shorty wanted to send Jerrod a message!  He didn’t mind him fornicating with his own kind.  But mixing the way he was taught was against the will of God.  There are some white girls you can’t touch!  Janice was the perfect example of Southern belle.

Her background and the County in Tennessee she hailed from was rumored to lynch race mixers.  And she expressed in passing conversation her disdain for minorities readily.  Even going so far as to express she would NEVER have sex with an n-word!  And as a matter of fact?  Any other white man to her was better than Jerrod!  Even if he was going to be rich.  She made sure Shorty knew in her eyes?  He was nothing compared to him.  And she would be more than willing to let him know IF, he ever tried anything.   

One night Janice waited in the Baseball dorm room for Shorty to get out of a late tutoring session, having been let in by one of the other players.  Jerrod walked out of the shower and into the room.  Removing his towel to wipe his eyes as soon as the door closed behind him and never noticing the young racist sitting in the corner speechless.     

Jerrod had grown as a 19-year-old Freshman from a lanky. 6’1 185 lbs to a 6’3. 210 lb man as a Sophomore who now threw close to 100 mph!  His dick was an almost obscene 10 inches and nearly as thick as a bottle of beer!  Janice sat in the desk chair near the window mesmerized by his body!  The thick, rippling abdominals with an extra set shorty didn’t have.  The way his dick lay limp against his leg like a club soft but, more significant than Shorty at full salute!  She wanted to speak or run out of the room but, her legs didn’t quite work at the moment.  All she could do was stare intently at the biggest cock she had ever seen and wished she was invisible.    


Jerrod jumped back once he realized he wasn’t alone.  Noticing the big-titted visitor sitting there transfixed.  Nipples are poking out through her usual rebel garb with a flushed face accompanying her open mouth.  Jerrod had seen that look before. 

“You fucking groupie ass white girls need to cut this shit out.  Get the fuck out!”

“What?” she barely voiced.

Janice registered the fact not only had she never been alone with Jerrod until now being a Good Southern girl that she was.  But in looking at his body, she began to wonder why!  She was turned on, and men didn’t usually give her this reaction!  The heightened moistness between her legs.  Increased body temperature.  Was she having a hot flash?  She never felt this way when Shorty clumsily thumbed his way across her body!  And she wondered when he would walk in?

“I don’t fuck racist bitches so, get the fuck out before I call security.  You can sit on the floor in the Hallway and wait for him.”

As Jerrod stared at her speechlessness.  He never attempted to cover himself once!  Shorty bragged about her pretty face and voluptuous white body Jerrod could never have because she “Doesn’t do Brothers.”  And he noticed her eyes never once looked up at his face.  Instead, she sat there staring directly into his dick!  His cock began to stir a bit at the thought of her stuttering mouth wrapped around his black cock and how nice it would be to teach Shorty a lesson.  There is no such thing as an untouchable pussy for Jerrod Pope!  And her state of indecision gave him confidence that perhaps Janice was reconsidering herself! 

Reaching for his cell on the bed, Jerrod decided to see how far he could take it.  Quickly, he took her picture and began to dial.

“You trying to get me in trouble?  Sneaking in here like a fucking groupie so you can claim I raped you or something?”

“No,” Janice replied.

“I don’t know.  You look like a groupie to me.  Titties all hard and shit!  I took your picture to show you can describe my dick because you were staring at it so hard!  And I’m calling campus security sort this out, just in case”.

“In case of what?”

“You the most racist chick I know.  I don’t trust you and me alone for a second isn’t some plot to ruin my life!  I need this shit documented.”

The thought of a report being written about what was happening snapped Janice back to her sensibilities.  He was, after all, the pride of State U!  Black or not.  They would believe him over her any day, and she would have to forever explain what she was doing in his room while he was naked.  A black man.  She could never live home again if it ever got out.  Jerrod was right.  She was a danger to him.  

But as he stepped closer to her?  His voice had become a whisper and his cock?  Was even closer to her wet mouth than she ever imagined she would be to any black man’s penis.  She could feel her arms moving up to touch it involuntarily.  Stroke it as if in a dream!  One in which they were the only ones left alive in the world, and it was her duty to repopulate the earth!  Her reasoning becoming more strange by the moment as her mouth opened and licked the crown head on the brown monster.  Tasting his pre-cum salty-sweet on her tongue.  As his large black hand grasped both her nipples across the Stars and Bars.  Before she knew it?  Her mouth was bobbing hard around the thickest, longest dick she ever invited onto her tongue!  And her cunt was dripping wet! 

Jerrod stood over her for a moment.  Camera in hand asking her what she was doing?  Telling her weakly to STOP as her head became more animated in its task.  Putting the phone down Jerrod pulled the woman’s shirt above her head.  Squeezing her pink areolas in each hand before rubbing his cock across her breasts for emphasis!  The drool came from the corner of Janice’s mouth as she barely caught her breath before Jerrod grabbed her Ponytail and pulled her head back before pressing his tongue into her mouth!  His soft, black man lips melting her inhibitions in a way never yet experienced in her young life! 

“Shorty says you don’t like black guys.  Looks like Shorty was wrong again.”

Kissing her deeper before removing his lips from hers.  Jerrod gave Janice her 1st of many commands to come.

“Take off those cutoffs and panties and beg me for it.”

With that.  Jerrod stood again and pushed his cock back into the depths of her throat.  This time, fucking her mouth with half of his total length.  While watching Janice struggle to remove her lower garments from her body! 

“You want this black dick in you?  Don’t you?”

Janice couldn’t respond except to nod with his stiffness, tickling her throat.  She had deep throated Shorty but felt Jerrod would choke her to death!  And besides?  Her pussy ached in anticipation for him!  Thinking had been replaced by a pure animal lust she had never known herself capable of!  Slurping her lips down to the tip she was able to murmur a barely audible.

“I do.”

With that, Jerrod lifted the woman out of her chair by the hair.  His mouth once more covering hers while her tongue lustfully explored his mouth like a horny Southern housewife begging for the attention her husband never gave her!  Janice was used to controlling men and their advances.  Putting their tiny cocks into her mouth and being rewarded almost immediately with a spurt of white gold on her tongue.  The time she had spent attempting to maneuver her tongue around his engorged rod was longer than any of her Boyfriends had ever lasted!  Janice was vulnerable.  Insecure about her own sexual ability to please a man like Jerrod.  But her body was willing to try!

“Get on Shorty’s bed and spread those white thighs.”

Her sensibilities seared at the suggestion but, her body just filed suit and Janice did as she was told.

“Damn.  You’re wet as fuck!  You want this?”

Embarrassed at the situation and wanting it to be over as quickly as possible.  Janice answered the increasingly demeaning tone of Jerrod accordingly.


“Please what you racist bitch!  Tell me what you want.  I want you to say it out loud!”

“Please.  Fuck me!”


“Please fuck me you black bastard!  Stop making me beg!”

The words hung in the air as Jerrod sat in his chair, holding his dick in his hand.  He and Shorty had a routine.  If one was otherwise engaged?  There was a code to send to stay away from the room.  Picking up the phone, Jerrod text the code to his roomie, triggering the extra time Jerrod would need to break Shorty’s girlfriend. 

“No thanks.  Get dressed and get the fuck out instead.  You don’t deserve this dick.”

Janice slipped her middle finger into her wet snatch as deeply as she could while leaning her mouth forward to try to make up for her mistake.  Her tongue reached out for Jerrod’s manhood when he reached behind her and snatched control of her head and her own free will.

“I said no.  You talk too fucking much, and you think I am here for you.  You need to learn your place.”

Pulling her head back away from his cock, Jerrod pulled Janice onto her white back and began to finger her pussy mercilessly!  Stopping only to smack her tits and face with her own juices before resuming the degrading treatment at his black hands!  Her body ached to be wrapped around him!  Her legs shook, looking for the rest of the invisible lover to cling too!  But his cock just out of reach of her mouth and her face smacked each time she tried to grasp it into her palm!  She wished she hadn’t said it!  Wanted nothing more than to make it right and change Jerrod’s mind about her!  But all she could think of to do was let him have his way, and maybe, he would forgive her.

“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry”.

The words repeated over and over as Jerrod’s Black hands took over her will.

“I will never say anything like that again”!

Jerrod’s thumb entered her well-lubed ass at that moment.  Releasing a wave of pleasure throughout her body that she never thought possible!  She had been ass fucked before and loved it!  But never had anyone taken her like Jerrod! 

“I bet you won’t.”

With that, Jerrod climbed between her well-oiled legs and plunged himself as deep and hard as he could into her!  She felt a momentary pain as her hymen stretched to accommodate Jerrod.  And dug her nails deep into his shoulders as she became accustomed to the pleasure of the pain she felt before cumming again this time, loudly!”


The Southern Belle’s screams of ecstasy could be heard across the hall before Jerrod covered her mouth with his open, bare-hand.  Which she bit, kissed, sucked and kissed until her Orgasms subsided minutes later.  Jerrod stroked the woman’s love canal more rhythmically now.  Beginning a masterpiece assault of maneuvers that had Janice incrementally losing the will to do what she had been taught was right.  Resist.  Stop doing the very thing she was shown to never do in the 1st place!  Janice struggled to count how many times she shuddered beneath the weight of Jerrod’s heavy, black bat.  To focus on something else and embrace the strength of her home teachings and stop immediately.  But it really just felt too good!

No man had ever made Janice feel what she was feeling at that moment.   Janice believed no man ever could either.  As she looked up into what she was beginning to perceive as a beautiful beast of a man’s eyes in Jarrod.  Her walls were constricting and convulsing in waves and patterns Janice had never experienced before. Mainly when she masturbated, which was the only way she had ever orgasmed with a man.

A nice, fat cock in her mouth pulsating under the control of her tongue and throat.  Her fingers.  Between her legs exploring the heart of Dixie between them.  Diddling herself to her heart’s content while her mouth commanded the full power of a man until bang!  He came and soon, so did she.  Janice joy of the Oral delights convinced her she was one type of girl.  The kind of girl who all she needed to be happy was a good ole boy cumming on her sugar tits.  And his credit card!  But as her mind attempted to process the feelings, she was experiencing.  Janice began to question how she could ever not feel this way again.  And again.  And again.  

She imagined Shorty in the window peeking in.  It wouldn’t be the first time he peeked in on Jerrod’s exploits.  Seemingly, it was all he ever talked about when they were alone.   She suspected it turned him on thinking about the two of them together.  But wondered how he would feel actually seeing it!  She would be ashamed to have him walk in but thought.   Would she stop?  Would she?

Janice knew it was lust making her think this way.  That and the man’s chest hovering over her rhythmically pushing past her sensual limits!  Her body was being altered.  Changed with each passing moment.  And she knew from all of the talks of the white women in her hometown she was ruined forever!  She had heard the rumblings of the women in her quiet, Southern town.  The one’s about how some of them preferred sex with black men.  How some had left their families and positions for ones that were more like what she was experiencing each time Jarrod’s dick pressed her a bit deeper than ever before!  She couldn’t be one of “those girls” that everyone knew about.  But she also couldn’t pretend this wasn’t happening!

As Jerrod became more aggressive inside of her body, Janice could feel him growing!  She twisted about as her canal became so tight?  She strained against each ensuing swing of Jarrod’s bat!  Harder.  Faster.  Deeper.  And finally?  His warm juices released inside of her!  Janice mind wandered as she joined him in releasing herself further into a place she wouldn’t quickly leave, if ever.  The tension between the two of them released onto their bodies and for the 1st time ever.  Janice smiled at a black man.    

Jerrod stood and looked into Janice’s eyes as if she knew what was expected. 

“Not a drop of cum better hit this floor.” He halfway joked.

Janice looked at the wet, dripping dick and lunged forward beneath him.  Catching the drops on the sides of her face before placing the slippery, black cock comfortably into her mouth.  The taste of her own pussy and his seed intermingling in a way that made it seem like a gourmet treat!  Sitting in a pool of wet cum beneath her own bare, white ass on her boyfriend’s bed.  Janice felt ashamed at her actions.  But knew what had happened?  Was completely beyond her control.  She had no free will.  And she definitely didn’t hate black men anymore! 

Shorty found out a week later and moved out of their room.  He wanted to hit Jerrod but, knew physically he didn’t stand a chance against him, so he moved out of their shared space.  And Janice he called names she no longer cared about being called.  Even if he did jerk off for a week after thinking about it and spent the week after that?  Trying to get her back to no avail.

Janice decided she needed to repent for her former racist beliefs and came up with the idea of being a sex slave.  And for what she lacked in originality?  She made up for in effort!  But as she grew deeper and deeper into the fantasy.  There became less time for other things.  They mutually decided to go their separate ways and Janice moved on to a Basketball player who she eventually married and left the South with when he was Drafted into the NBA.  They rarely see each other now. 

As Jerrod admired the gift Janice sent him locked around the fans thighs he thought about the Southern Belle!  He almost came thinking about how lucky he truly was to have met her and cum on her tits.  His wife understood his desire to dominate women from time to time.  Even participating, setting most of his conquests up for him.  It was almost time for his 10-year reunion where he would get another crack at his delicious ex to show her what he had learned, and he couldn’t wait!  Cumming on a beautiful set of tits that brought back pleasant memories was all he needed this Saturday night.

What a Life.     


I had a dream last night.

She was sitting on the window sill.  Naked with legs spread wide apart and a grin on her sexually sadistic face with dark hair.  Her body was the way he likes them.  A strong frame that craved to be pushed and prodded, if not held tightly to another.  The woman in this dream was irresistible. 

Her pussy was the prettiest Dom had ever seen.  Pink, wet lips and an almost clairvoyant clit that called to him in his sleep!  And there was a thirst that could only be sated by a flick of her beautiful rosebud on the tongue.  In the dream, Dom left the chair and positioned his dark head directly across from her lap.  Studying the wonderment and beauty of what was the wettest, pinkest pussy ever laid eyes upon as she finagled her pussy too and fro!  Biting her lip a little as Dom’s tongue flipped forward onto the protruding nub.  Careful to caress it in a circular motion once before running the tongue down one side lip and back up the other!  The flavor a dew so sugary sweet that even in his sleep, Dom’s stomach growled.  Her juices dripped down like champagne! 

Awoken by the sun, Dom’s hard cock stretched forward creating a cascade across the light like a sunrise over a dark, bulbous moon.  The shoes she wore in the dream as vivid as the taste and moisture on the lips.  High heels with a ring attached at the back.  And a smile of satisfaction crossed Dom’s mind as he stepped under the water preparing to leave the house.  It was time to play. 

The cool water on his hot skin brought him fully into the now.  But the thoughts of his heavenly encounter stood strong and vivid in her mind.  So vivid that the moments wouldn’t go away.  Nor would the sinful thoughts or residual guilt leaving her so abruptly had started.  Dom’s cock slapped against his thigh heavily as his hands worked around the erection that wouldn’t go away!  For a moment he began to stroke the length himself before remembering why he was getting ready in the first place and stopped.  Thinking he should paddle his own bottom but remembering those days were long ago!

His eyes begin to focus minutes later as the dry and naked my cock still stands tall.  Looking at the bed under the window keeping him stiff as the dream with the desire to taste a pussy as pretty as hers won’t go builds until the plan is set.  Dom decided they were both being deprived and conceded the course of action was clear.  Willing participant or not.   

The jeans are placed over the election and the subsequent phone calls begin to delay the day symbiotically.  Nothing is going to get done until the need is satisfied!  The shirt buttons down and covers his chest, but it is impossible to disguise the shape of his body which I worked hard to create.  There is really no need to go overboard and Dom grabs the laptop and walks the four blocks up the street. 

The Coffee shop with the office is on the top floor.  The noise downstairs provides a perfect atmosphere conducive to work.  Edgy music noise gets through the floorboards in the outer room but is more muffled in the back.  It looks more like a Private Detective’s office than a Realty Business.  But the truth was, it served multiple purposes.

“Morning Iris.  The usual.  And could you bring it to me immediately please?”

Iris walked into the back and grabbed two bags of Tea and placed them in an oversized Cup with honey.  She nodded at the other girl as she followed closely behind Dom up the stairwell.  Iris small frame bounding happily in her thigh length skirt before pushing the door open and being pulled in by her throat!  She knows he hates when she’s too cheerful! 

“You didn’t knock.”

Releasing her throat, she walks towards the table and places the tray down before dropping to her knees facing him. 

“Sorry, sir!”  Her voice mocking what was in her mind, a weak attempt at violence.  Iris expected a slap to the face as well or at least a demeaning twist of her nipples!  Without proper boundaries, Iris would walk over any man and in the past, had!  Dom was going to have to show her more aggression if he wanted her to yield!

Dom’s smile and subsequent walk towards her ended as he similarly, dropped to his knees in front of her.  She expected him to whip out his dick or instruct her to remove her panties so she could be properly spanked.  But instead, he knelt before her and lovingly caressed her rounded breasts and kissed her open mouth!  The sensation of a soft kiss was an unfamiliar sensation but  admittedly, made her heart flutter a bit!  By the time her hands had been cuffed behind her back with her clothes mostly on. Iris was in the throes of what was for her the Pink elephant.  Vanilla Sex Pleasure!

But Dom wasn’t kissing her.  He was acting out his dream in real time.  Changing the aspects that were beyond his control in his sleep to his advantage!  Today’s lesson would be different and yet, the same!  Dom’s middle finger plunging into her straight, but roughly only brought her back to the Country Club and the fags who used their fingers on her so clumsily.  But this didn’t feel that way!

Dom didn’t hate his mother or get fucked over by some bitch in High School that fueled his desires to control women.  That was never it.  It was an ex-girlfriend/fiance and a pledge of mutual abstinence that created him.  In an attempt to make sure their marriage would be based upon more than sex and with the advice of a relationship counselor, they attempted to be “pure”.  Instead, they discovered something else.

It started as a joke.  Handcuff me to keep my hands off of you sort of stuff.  But escalated quickly into mutual masturbation which they reasoned technically, wasn’t sex and ended with a sex party in New Jersey with his ex the guest of honor.  His Fiance bound to a metal apparatus that while appearing extremely uncomfortable, left her most vital holes exposed to be examined stretched by strangers!  Dom lost her to the lifestyle but, found himself in the process.  Something he always considered was an acceptable loss.

Iris piercings and strategically placed tattoos didn’t do her body justice.  She couldn’t hide how beautiful she was even though she sometimes tried hard to escape it.  The privileged upbringing she was ashamed of rubbed up against the sexual and non-sexual lifestyle she preferred.  Iris was attempting to run away from who she was.  And because of that, they were perfect together.

By placing his hand on her throat, bending her backward almost flat on her back while her legs were still tucked beneath her, Iris true desire to be treated roughly by Dom was fulfilled as well as her moist vulva exposed.  She only wished someone would walk in and see her, the boss, the way she preferred to be.  Used.  

“You must want me to spank your ass for you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Pulling her panties to her knees, Iris as she slightly resistance brought the dream girl to mind once more.  Dom imagined every teasing twist of his dream and saw Iris in the same, depraved light as the wet woman of his dreams.  One hand rubbed Iris pussy, spanking her wet folds while she sat/lay/ was strewn across the floor looking completely ridiculous in her lust!  She was a fake as a boss and happiest like this.  The only thing goth or edgy about her was her love of pain!  This, the shop, the concessions was all about keeping her Dom.  Humiliation was just the price of being a pain slut!

“You have 5 seconds to get to the stairs or you will regret being a bitch to me this morning.  One….”

Pushing her onto her back, Dom stood to place himself between Iris and the door ensuring the possibility of a successful task never being completed.  Dom unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head as she struggled to her feet.


His hands reached her juicy clit at that moment, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger just hard enough to drop Iris to her knees.  Defeated, she shook with a violent orgasm at the force of his fingers and will.  She was a submissive pain slut for sure!  But she was too strong to admit it, having been raised as a strong, proud woman.  Maybe even a feminist.  The fact her body betrayed her true self so easily was something she always hated.  And the fact Iris always sought it out only made her more ashamed of her choices.

His whip was around her neck before she knew it.  Dragging her feet into his “office “as she gasped for air.  Her legs kicked even as she came from the rough treatment at her tenant/Master’s hand!  Her small frame flung through the air slightly as he closed the door behind him!  Her attempt at modesty as she hit the floor to cover her exposed pussy, as usual, began her masturbatory session! 

“I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I hate when you ignore me and I am so sorry.”

Iris fingered her hole furiously as she spoke, both aroused and ashamed at what she was doing, again!  Her Grandmother had left her the building as well as others.  That she pretended to be a normal, ordinary girl in order to be treated this way was too much of turn on for her body to ever resist!  As long as no one found out the truth it wouldn’t matter.  Iris was ashamed to think of how Dom would use her body next and it excited her.  But she was convinced this was just a phase.  Only Dom knew she would one day evolve and accept who she truly was.  But for now, her shame meant she couldn’t stop cumming thinking about him! 

“You are a Fucking mess.  If your family could see you now..”

Iris got turned on being threatened.  It took the pressure off in some ways and added to the fantasy.  That she wasn’t being treated like this because she wanted to be.  But because she had just met the wrong guy!  She never asked herself why she had told him so much.   

As she opened her mouth, her tongue encircled the head of his cock just the way he likes.  Sucking the sensitive nub in a warm, wet, loving way while savoring the pre-cum like nectar from a God!  Dom knew she wanted to gobble it down like a good whore.  But he was teaching her the discipline she needed to not become another boring Ex-trying too hard to please him. Licking his salty cum from his cock knowing he wouldn’t cum while wishing all the time he would!  Dom knew everything about her from their numerous edging sessions.    Things her mother told her she should never do she had with him!  She was still in uniform partially as her hands in cuffs behind her back longed to reach one of her holes to no avail.  That was when he pulled her slightly to her feet by the hair. 

“I had a dream last night.”


The paddle struck her backside and she immediately started to drool from the force of her orgasm! 

“Some slut came to me in my dreams and decided to tease me.”


Iris’ eyes rolled back into her head as Dom placed his thumb roughly into her overflowing box. 

“Were you trying to tease me this morning with your sass?”


The paddles effect sent the young woman into oblivion as her small, pert breasts swelled inside of her bra.  Dom removed one tit from it’s casing to rub the precum off of the head of his cock before presenting it to an almost spent Iris for licking. 

“You may take it all.”

The words like a weight lifted from Iris’ shoulders as she began to devour the long, thick cock the way she always did.  It had taken a lot of hours of long discipline to get Iris where she was today.  A woman with a modicum of control of her lusts instead of one whose lusts controlled her!  She wanted him to fill her inside with it anywhere!  But she knew he wouldn’t just yet.  He had been a diligent taskmaster in teaching her his peculiar form of celibacy and discipline.

Iris had always savored the opportunity to show what she had always believed was her greatest talent.  And Dom’s refusal to fill her willing mouth with his hot liquid was a personal goal she wanted to achieve.  Their first time together had been a humbling experience for her, as she attempted to suck him off to no avail.  But she could tell by the way he throbbed inside her cheeks she could at least affect him now.  They were baby steps that encouraged Iris one day she would taste him without also tasting herself!  All she wanted to experience was each experience with him becoming more intense.  She had given in.  She was his.

Dom allowed her to lick him for a few minutes before instructing Iris to tell the girl downstairs she would be a while.  She knew what that meant and as soon as the phone hung up, the Music downstairs became a bit louder.  Again he pulled her to her feet.  But this time to remove her skirt and panties. 

“Bend over.”

Iris complied and almost as soon as she did felt the small vibrator being pushed inside of her ass and turned on!  She knew better than to make any noise lest Dom do something to her that would definitely make her scream!  All she could hope for now was a gag to help her control herself! 

“You have been very quiet since you first mouthed off.  You weren’t trying to get me to do something dirty like this to you were you?”

Of course, the answer was yes!  But she knew to admit it meant what little false barriers remained between the two of them would be completely broken. 

“No, sir.  I was just in a bad mood.”


She could feel her plump ass get sore with the last blow and despite another orgasm, Iris really didn’t wish to endure another! 

“You lie.  And for that, there is a special purgatory for you.  Something I know you will absolutely hate me for.”

Iris ass buzzed from the toy dildo stuck in her tiny hole as her nipples shook with excitement.  Iris felt the cuffs being attached at her ankles as the spreader bar was attached to them!  Dom placed his head on the nub of her pussy and began to lick it. 

“I am going to lick you like the girl in my dreams last night.  As if I were your boyfriend and not your Master!”

With that and Iris placed on top of the desk, Dom began to tease her clit.  He had never eaten her before and she wasn’t sure he ever would which made it all the more pleasurable for Iris.  Until the second hour passed and the exhaustion of being mercilessly teased and caressed began to drive her wild!  It figured he was the best at this too.  Even telling Iris stories about his conquests as he massaged her to completion. 

“Not all women want to be choked first.”

That was all he said for the next hour. 

Dom imagined the girl from his dream before him.  Unable to leave him at the crack of dawn or the hint of disturbed sleep.  Iris pussy was still intact, as he had exclusively used her mouth and ass for weeks.  She had never complained either.  Her writhing under the caress of his gentle tongue was also an unknown.  Noticing the tattoo of his name stylishly done and engraved next to her pussy, Dom became impressed with the Calligraphy.  And as he squeezed her nipples tightly,  she was still able to cream like the 1st night he had been drawn to her.   

He was teaching her about things she would have never learned on her own.  About desire, patience, pain, love, and sex.  Obedience.  And Loyalty.  He wanted her to stick around, even if he would never admit it.  He had fucked her ass and mouth for months and she didn’t complain.  She came anyway.  

As his cock pushed into her pussy for the 1st time in months, Iris’ eyes opened wide, remembering what it felt like to have him fuck her that night!  Why she offered this space to him in the first place and didn’t complain about the other women.  Why she came just thinking about smart things to say to him this morning.  He made her forget about everything in a moment!. 

Pushing into her womb deeper Iris had surpassed her known limits.  Her pussy convulsed in an intermittent manner that would allow no tangible pattern!  He was between her body and the bar now and there was no place to go except up and down his slick pole while her pussy looked for fluids to dispense!  The last dry orgasm met with Dom’s wet dick kiss as he came deep inside!  

The next night I had a dream….. 

She hated seeing him. 

Her ex-boyfriend went away from her bed even before leaving for College.  Later, hooked up and married her former High School Best Friend and Lover, Jane.  Little rich bitch with tits who sucked his dick and probably did much more for her ring.  The bitch who married to the man SHE was supposed to marry and save Avery from the tedium of well to do suburbia.  Life wasn’t always fair. 

Her husband was OK.  Fred was reliable, if not exciting.  A very good provider for their baby daughter.  Easy on the eyes and good, if not great in the sack.  Amenable.  Not a love to live for but, not someone you would die to get away from either.  And she had considered suicide on many occasions.  Just not over her marriage.  If it weren’t for her vibrators?  She would probably be dead already.

Fred was successful in his own right and rich like her Daddy before him.  His cock was only seven inches.  And not the nearly as thick as Jerrod’s 10 she had learned upon.  And definitely not cocoa brown like that same stick of chocolate that danced all over her body in her teens!  It only existed in Avery’s best slumbers and daydreams now.  Almost always followed by her most emotional mornings of masturbation followed by a soft tear.  And anger.

Fred was reliable and the consistent lover who surprised her sometimes by helping her cum.  His secretary always came when he fucked her I his office.  But Avery was much more woman than the typical young, dumb pain slut who got turned on by other’s low sexual appetites and opinions of her.  Especially her Bosses.  Avery was a Woman!  A step above the average creature both in and out of Bed.  Even inside of her fragile existence.  She was well learned in the ways of the ultimate fuck and sexual pleasure.  In no small way due to all of those late Afternoons spent riding Jerrod’s chocolate stick!   Avery still called it that.  Even if it was only in her own, dirty mind.  The Husband was just another man who thought he was something that he was not when they first met.  A stud.  By now, he just knew better.

Avery felt as if she was living someone else’s life.  Jane’s to be exact.  She was after all, better looking than Jane.   She knew for a fact no one could make Jerrod cream like her or would let them even attempt to do the things for him she would.  And not because he was going to be a rich star either!  But because she was his!  Jane ruined all of that when she married her man!  Avery hated her now as much as she used to love hanging out with her after Jerrod broke her heart.

Avery knew her trust fund would be more than enough to live off for her entire life.  She inherited her mother’s sexual curiosities and eventually learned the very same abilities she possessed as well.  Even the secrets they never talked about.  Avery had suspected her parents were swingers like many other Parents of children who attended her outwardly conservative Private High school.  Sex wasn’t a big deal in their circle.  Money was.  Avery figured it was a vicious cycle in which outsiders without funds were rarely welcomed into the community.  Meaning the women were left with the available “Circle of cocks” to choose from.  That was what Jane used to say, at least about the wives.  They were women stuck waiting for date nights and a shot at Avery’s Dad.  He of the well-traveled nine inches.  Avery’s mother didn’t mind sharing it as long as the neighborhood girls were up to serving her as well!  They were the Kong, and Queen of the Adult Community and Avery was their progeny.  Watching and masturbating in the shadows at a young age.  Waiting for her turn to be bigger than both.

Jane was a chip off of the old block, for sure!  Utilizing her tongue, Jane could bring any person.  Man or woman.  To a mind-shattering orgasm in moments!  That was after all, how and why they became friends in the first place.  And their mothers before them.  Over the years Avery pieced it all together like a Daisy Chain.  And learned how to gain power through submission.  She was more than anyone knew she was capable of being.  And soon?  She would teach them all.

Avery had been the school’s most beautiful girl!  Homecoming Queen for a record two years and doting girlfriend to the elite school’ athlete/minority scholarship student.  He may have been poor by their standards.  But soon to be Professional Baseball’s 1st pick!  Jerrod Pope.  She always misspelled his name Pipe and called his dick the same.  Memories of High School were still dancing through her head, as they were.

And why not?  It had been the best time of her life!  She dated the Pitcher and sure-fire first-round Draft pick with the 9 1/2 inch black dick that was the first to break the blonde co-ed’s hymen!  It wasn’t the teasing of her own fingers she had grown accustomed to.  This was Exquisite pain followed by the hours upon hours of sexual exploration shared in her Parent’s pool house!  Her hole still creamed when she thought about him plunging Pipe down her throat as he twisted her innocent clit to submission!  Avery never forgot a moment spent underneath him.  Those memories were something she remembered every day she masturbated which was most mornings.  Sometimes twice.  Avery still wasn’t over Jerrod or Pipe.  And definitely would never forgive Jane!  Even if she sometimes begrudgingly remembered her fondly when she touched herself and, especially when she squeezed her left titty.  Jane used to love to squeeze Avery’s more sensitive titty before she bit down hard on her less sensitive left nipple.  That always made Jane cum.  Knowing she knew Avery so well.

Her parents were fully aware of what was happening, when it was happening because of the ‘open door policy’ in their home or in this case?  The pool house.  They were also big-time boosters of the school’s athletic programs who felt it was an honor Jerrod was fucking their daughter so vigorously!  Instead of hitting the rough streets of his own parent’s more modest neighborhood which they were sure was probably pretty rough.  Based upon how he dressed, of course.  They assumed the truck he drove was some sort of illegal gift since his mother worked a lot and they never bothered to ask about his Father.  Both were surprised in discovering both of Jerrod’s parents made six figures and lived where they did by choice.  Wanting to keep their children grounded. 

It was an easy thing for Avery’s parents to assume not knowing much about them.  Knowing probably wouldn’t have changed anything anyway since they wanted to support Avery no matter what!  Their own unrequited fetishes aside.  The right thing to do was provide a safe space to experiment in and make sure Avery had proper Birth control.  Black cock was all over the Internet.  And white girls having babies was a thing Mom researched, just to be informed.  It was a responsible, parental thing to do.  Along with installing a Nanny Cam in the Bedroom, in case something happened that crossed the line between them.    

Avery’s mother would make sandwiches to bring to the young lovers to keep Jerrod’s energy up and be supportive.  There would be protein-laden meals since he was consistently “in training” and needed the additional spunk since Avery usually left him depleted of his own.  Avery would draw a Daily Bath as a result of all Jerrod’s protein induced meals filling her womb to keep it fresh for him.  And sometimes, Avery’s Mom would walk in unannounced to put things in the Fridge.

As time passed, Mom seemed to always come in when Jerrod was about to cum.  A couple of times she witnessed her only daughter.  Mouth full of slick cum sucking Jerrod.  He was always wet with her Daughter’s juices on his young black cock as she noted he usually thrust it in her mouth after he had rammed her pussy good!  While his juice would begin to slip out of the sides of her mouth and either down her chin or onto the bed.  Jerrod would take his choco stick from her suctioning lips and shoot his residual shots onto her white skin.  Covering her body before Avery would dutifully rub it in before taking his choco stick back into her mouth.  Sucking until it was hard again which usually didn’t take very long.

Avery’s tits would be covered in his Cream and by now were almost identical to her Mother’s 36 C’s!  The Nanny Cam allowed Mom to watch and quietly enter to get a closer look at the perfect time.  Watching as her daughter turned away from Jerrod.  Her sticky face and torso pressed into a pillow as her back contorted and ached in ways Mom had only seen in strip clubs or in videos before.  His brown dick pressing against her own baby’s wet snatch!  Spreading apart as Mom tiptoed away from them both.  An exit that usually lasted far longer than the entrance!  One that finally one day was acknowledged by Jerrod himself. 

Avery was wearing a blindfold.  Her legs and arms cuffed together in the air.  Suspended by a wire on a hook neither of Avery’s parents even knew she has installed.  Avery’s Mom came in quietly but, was greeted by a mirror placed in the kitchen wall allowing Jerrod to see her entire walk!

Dick plunging into her daughter who was blindfolded and helpless to see anything else but her own imagination running wild.  Jerrod placed his finger over his lips while locking eyes with Mom before motioning her to come closer for a better look.  His strokes becoming long exits balanced by strokes of Thunder that caused Avery to shake and moan!   Sounds that became louder to her mother as she quietly came closer. 

“Do you like this Pipe bitch?”


The moans of approval luckily had muffled Avery’s mother’s voice mouthing the same!  Jerrod smiled at the woman and harkened her closer as he continued to talk into the vagina of her moistening daughter.

“I’d hate to have your Mother see you like this.”

Slamming his cock in balls deep.  Avery shrieked and came!  Biting her lips as her mother began to feel the side effects of the erotica she was either viewing or now, participating in. 

“No.  She can’t.  Her and those fucking meals.  She wants your choco stick.”

“She does?”

Jerrod smiled as he pulled 9 inches out of his girlfriend and began massaging her pussy lips with his fingers as Avery protested.

“Don’t tease me, baby!”

Mercilously with the last ½ inch.  Jerrod teased both women as her mother could see Avery’s anticipation building.  Also wanting to see the brown wet tip to complete the up close inquiry as much for herself as her daughter! 

“She’s watching us now.”

“No.  No. she isn’t.”

Avery began to squirm as she spoke.  Partially at the pleasure, Jerrod was inflicting upon her by teasing her wanting slit and clit.  He had licked her pussy so good to convince her to agree to this!  It which was something he rarely would do since it wasn’t necessary!  Avery would do whatever Jerrod wanted because of how he made her feel!  And if she didn’t do whatever he wanted?  Some other lucky slut probably would!  That thought was unbearable.

The Blindfold.  The Rope.  Avery knew her Mom perved on them but, she also thought she might think twice before coming in today!  Her Mom knew better than to walk in on this!  Didn’t she.  Avery had spotted her parent’s poorly hidden cameras long ago and didn’t mind being watched at all.  But she hoped her mother wouldn’t take advantage and try to do more than watch!  Which also somehow, mad Avery drip a bit. 

“She’s standing right here next to me.  Staring at my cock as I’m teasing you.”

Avery remembered cumming at the thought of her own mother!  On her knees, beside her watching, as her little girl gets fucked by a Big, teen black cock!  It was so wrong and cliché!  Just like an internet video where the black stud fucks all the women while Dad watches later and jerks off to it!  Avery came more than she ever had as Jerrod moved his dick deeper inside of her womb that day.  Inch by inch until Avery came so hard she fell into a deep sleep!  Pussy gushing onto the mattress!

It wasn’t usual for Pipe to put her into a deep sleep that sometimes could last for hours.  Many times she would awake.  Neatly covered and tucked away after she had once more nodded off after sex.  Mostly though Avery would be left in whatever position she fell asleep in.  Naked and sore.  Pussy pounded into submission.  Her ass still under a pillow and hole soaking wet from Jerrod.  There was no sign of what time he had left.  Her mother always called her from the house when Jerrod left her that way.  Which was how she became suspicious enough to locate the hidden cams!  It was to spare her daughter the embarrassment of sticky skin and the smell of cum at the Dinner table.

Avery always wondered about that day though.  Wondered if Jerrod was just turning her on as he claimed?    Lying about her Mother being in the room with them because he guessed she loved the attention?  Avery wondered if anything else had happened after she had passed out.  How could she know?

“Would you fuck my mother?”

His answer was to stick his thick brown cock deeper inside her while whispering.

“I already have.”

Avery struggled against him that day to loose herself from his grip!  Angry at his answer or the fact she came as she slid back and forth around his throbbing member at the precise moment he confirmed what she already knew!  It was a half-hearted attempt to dislodge herself from Pipe, while wholeheartedly enjoying its boldness inside of her!

Being pulled in closer, feeling her pussy respond with involuntary releases distress in the form of one powerful orgasm after another made Jerrod cum as well!  He was thinking about her mother.  How he convinced her to suck Avery’s joy juice off of his cock while Avery slept right next to them!   Coating Avery’s womb with his warm protein shake while forcing her body to joins in the most intense feeling of her life!  Jerrod had grabbed her tight to his body that day and whispered.

“When I fuck you, and she watches us?  I’m fucking her mind too.  You are opposite sides of the same slut.”

Avery never forgot that moment as another short spurt of cum erupted inside of her womb, giving her a last, small tingle to enjoy.  What girl forgets the moment she falls completely in love?  How fucked up was that?  But she never asked her Mother, and that had been a mistake.

The thought of another woman, especially her own Mother fucking Jerrod drove her mad with lust and passion!  A small crack in her heart grew because young girls with wet pussies tend to become attached.  Avery became equal parts desperate and lost! Being afraid of losing him to someone else cultivated Avery’s jealousy began and eventually drove Jerrod away faster than would have happened naturally.  Jerrod’s father driving home the point a horned out, young, but the crazy rich white girl was not going to be good for him right now and would soon be pregnant if he wasn’t careful.  Besides.  Girls were “Toys to be played with right now.” Was how he had put it.   He told his son to “Find new toys.”  And like that?  They were over. 

What Avery feared in her worst dreams had come true.  Groupies.  Who would do any and everything for him, including share became his new companions.  Avery’s friends and foes alike.  And years later  Jane had become his wife!  It was a hometown success story for everyone, except Avery.  Who was left alone to lick her relationship wounds?

Two years younger than Avery.  Jane had been a good friend back then.  A sounding board who was not quite her peer to talk to.  As Jerrod began to fuck other girls in the Senior Class.  It was in Jane’s car during one of their detecting excursions when Jane first told her she was bi and had a crush on Avery.    Avery also remembered that night like it was yesterday.

Jane ran her tongue inside of Avery’s pussy that night as if she knew her every feeling!  She had been staring at Avery for as long as she could remember!  Even before she could describe what tingled inside of her every time the older girl was near her.  Jane felt as if she knew her because in wanting her so long?  She almost knew what Avery needed.  Kissed.  Touching.  All of the things a woman needs to feel loved.

That one night and the afternoons leading up to Avery’s Graduation.  Her new “relationship” was instrumental in Jane was able to hold it together and even make it to College.  Avery never considered herself to be a lesbian in any sense of the word.  Even though she could notably soak her panties thinking about the way Jane could make her feel just by using her fingers.  They only stopped when Avery went off to College and didn’t keep in touch.  Slightly breaking Jane’s heart in the process. 

Hindsight?  Avery realized the information Jane obtained about Jerrod and her probably helped her get the ring that was rightfully supposed to be hers!  Jane never wanted to see either of them ever again!  For a while.

Avery once lived to feel Jerrod’s cum blasting deep inside of her.  Liked having dinner with her parents while Jerrod’s seed still sat near her stomach and sometimes, slid down her inner thigh and legs.  Imagining their mixed child growing inside of her body.  Wondering what it would feel like growing inside of her became an obsession.  She always wanted him to cum inside of her!  Even when she looked at her own beautiful daughter sleep.  Avery still imagined what would have happened had she been able to control her jealousy and not let Jane take her place!   The 10-year Reunion was sure to be a mixed bag, she thought.  And so was tonight’s Pre-Event gathering at the Steak House. 

Staying in the Pool House for their visit also brought back memories.  The first Blowjob was over in the corner.  Crouched over and bobbing her head up and down clumsily till finally, Jerrod forcefully grabbed her tits and slid his wet cock between them.  Blasting into the air catching her upper lip before landing on either side of her breasts perfectly!  Jerrod then slid his dick across the sticky goo and placed his dick back into her mouth so she could taste his sweet batter for the for the 1st time!  Licking her lips as she stared at the space. 

First Anal.  Her hands tied above her head as she knelt over the back of the kitchen chair.  His greased dick pushing in slow and painfully causing her pussy to spray its approval all over his thighs!  She had no balance, so the only anchor she could use was her tiny, screaming hole wrapped around Pipe.  Hurt so good but, she was happy he only asked her to do that once.  Especially since Avery never could say no to him! 

Fred knew about their past but, was more of a Baseball fan than anything else and was looking forward to meeting Jerrod.   He knew he used to fuck his wife and seriously, didn’t mind.  He was in love with his wife, and the truth only made Jerrod an even bigger man in Fred’s mind.  Knowing how big of a stud his favorite Pitcher was!  The secret desire to see the two of them together was becoming an obsession and knowing it could happen this weekend had him horny all week. 

Avery looked beyond hot for the occasion!  Her dress wasn’t short but, was form fitting and accentuated her curves perfectly.  Her mother was Italian and her father quite tall.  And her Tits were a cup size larger due to her daughter and were now an overfull D-cup.It was as if the entire family contributed to the woman she was today.  Mother of a 3-year-old and Goddess in the Bedroom without a single procedure needed to be steaming hot in a Dress!  The picture of what every woman wanted to be except, she was unhappy.

Fred had encouraged her borderline slutty dress by pretending to be aloof and disinterested.  But secretly, he had been encouraging her competitive nature with well-placed words in conversation while hiding a raging hard boner around his betrothed Avery all week!  To him, she was smoking hot!  He fucked his secretary but, always fueled by the fantasy of fucking his wife!  Something most men started to view as a chore after 6 years of marriage.  But not Fred.

Avery though kept him on a strict ration of just enough pussy to keep him from whining about it.  She despised a man would beg for her attention.  In College, she had learned the Art of whipping and Dominating them.  Evolution cut short by graduation.  For Avery, it was the necessity of not having them touch her more than she wanted them to.  Fred had watched her break weaker suitors before him.  And the rumors about her were out there.  But Fred was determined to not go down their ill-fated path but had discovered marriage was no guarantee of anything more with Avery than the others.  Maybe what he got back was a little less.

Fred knew she wasn’t getting dolled up for him tonight.  The thought of his wife as a would-be seductress to this year’s Cy Young nominee?  It made him rock hard!  The Invitation to dinner had been arranged with him, and the true nature of the gathering kept secret from.  The fact he didn’t tell Avery the true nature of the “mixer” only fueled his weeks-long perversion.  Fantasizing about his wife getting fucked by his favorite player!   

Fred’s poor secretary had a hard week, he thought.  Seemingly being called her into his space almost every hour to feed his carnal desires.  No matter how depraved the thought.  They had spent their time watching Interracial porn online, instead of calling back clients.   With Fred mirroring what they had seen online with her.  It had been the most debasing office sex all week!  The poor young girl’s mouth must be sore from the hours of fellatio under his Oakwood desk.  And not to mention the toys she had agreed to be subjected to by him all week.  For a bonus, of course.  He felt lucky to be able to have a competent assistant who didn’t mind being compensated for sex as well.  Her bonus check this week though, would be huge!

And the things he said?  They made even her blush almost as much as they made her cum!  Fred was pounding her almost 20-year-old pussy sopping wet with both of their juices all week long!  If it wasn’t his dick?  It was the small vibrator he used on her during fellatio.  Too big and she wouldn’t feel him when he did decide to fuck her!  But Jessica had earned the coming time off!

Fred’s 7 inches felt much bigger inside of her than her “Boyfriend’s” 5 inches.  His title.  Her title for him was Bitch. The one advantage to the “fucking your Boss situation” was sometimes?  Jessica left the office somewhat satisfied by him.  She always felt completely used by him.  Having almost crashed driving home twice this week because of the additional burdens Fred placed upon her.  That, and the thought of soon being unemployed.

This week’s fetish meant Fred became especially excited thinking about black “guys.”  Promising a trip to Antigua or Jamaica was his go to this week.  Usually, while his own muscle had been in her mouth.  Particularly, he said, so she could get fucked by huge black cocks that love slutty white tourists.

“Would you be willing to play the part?” he asked.

Usually causing her slit to seep a bit as her mouth to tighten and expand more intensely around his cock muscle.

“You could pretend to be my wife?”

More stickiness would flow from between her thighs.  Imagining herself being touched at the same time and her face, not snug, pressing against Fred’s groin as it was.  Knowing she may not be able to take a larger, thicker man into her throat that way.

“I could buy you a ring for them to cum on?”

Jessica’s eyes shifted up to meet Fred’s at his word.  The intimacy of the moment causing him to jerk a little in her mouth, as she slid her tongue across the backside of his shaft.  Stopping only to circle his shaft with the wetness before leaving behind just enough saliva on the tip so that it glowed against the glare of his computer screen.  Placing her hand around it to jerk swiftly as it erupted into the air.  Onto his chair and only sparsely on the side of her now lipstick smeared cheek.  Before she did as she was told and leaned forward to lick the rest up.  The part that was dribbling slowly out of his slit down, towards his pulsating, shaven balls.

“Mmmmm.  I’d love all of that.”

Her tongue delving under his balls and reaching down, closer to his hole in order to not miss a drop.  Fred’s ass pushing up, into the air as if there were a lover to enter or avoid. 

“I loved that you shaved your balls, sir.”

Continuing her warm, wet assault upon each until moving back to observe him, sitting in his executive chair.  Head tilted to one side and unable to resist a fly!  Her kisses on his cheeks.  Catching the corners of his lips before retreating into the middle of the room to redress and leave. 

Had she plunged her 3 fingers into her pussy, as she would have a year ago in response to the dirty talk of her boss?  She would have failed, twice.    Something the woman never thought about trying before that she was definitely going to research this weekend while she avoided her Boyfriend’s advances.  Something also not hard for her to do.        

Arriving at the Steak House, there was a sparse crowd of cars outside, and the venue appeared lit, but empty.  There should be at least 60 people inside at this hour Avery thought to herself.  But upon entering the empty vestibule, Avery instantly felt a chill.  Until a familiar voice rang out.


Jane rose from the table running towards her and embraced her tightly!  The last time the women had spoken was 5 years ago.  Jane broke the news about her marriage to Jerrod.  And Avery had instantly hung up on her.  At the time Avery wasn’t even aware the two had spent any time together.  The woman had been sporadic lovers over the years too, and it never came up about Pipe being in the picture.  She once was the only woman Jane had ever touched intimately.  Now?  Jane was the last woman Avery wanted to be close to.    

Jerrod stood up from a table behind them and walked up to shake Fred’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, man.  Thank you for making this happen.” He said as Fred stammered.  Awestruck.

“The lucky man himself!

Fred misspoke, but Jerrod’s grin was unmistakable as he turned towards Avery.  Assessing her like a slab of succulent meat to be deboned or in this case?  Boned.  Assessing her dress and what lies underneath with the distinctive eye of a connoisseur.  Amazed at her slightly larger breasts since childbirth and her overripe lips.  Covered in the hint of a pink gloss lipstick.  Almost slutty.  But Avery could make a sack appear irresistible at times.  A fact the 3 other guests knew only too well.   

“Can I have a hug?”

Avery was apprehensive about touching him.  At all.  But was slightly Avery melting under of his familiar, approving gaze.   The anger of seeing either or both of them together in a public setting was not enough to stop her body’s natural urge to embrace them both in a different way.  Until the realization she had been set up and, her husband Fred was complicit in putting her in the room with her two greatest lovers. Her pussy melted at the thought he didn’t know about Jane.  And likewise pissed her off she had married such a gullible wimp!  Even as she was secretly excited, they had gone through so much trouble to meet her before the Reunion.  She mattered to them. 

“Fuck no.  What the hell are you two up to anyway?” 

The words coming out of her mouth surprised the room and Avery herself!  As much as she wanted to wrap her arms and legs around her former lover.  The feelings of betrayal came flying back to the surface in an instance!  And Jerrod’s grin only fueled her fire. 

“Fred.  Let me buy you a drink at the Bar while the Ladies talk.”

“Sure buddy!” 

Fred answered.  Almost breaking into a 10-step jog where the Bartender awaited since Jerrod had bought out the venue for the night.  Jerrod laughed to himself about how smart and sexy his wife was!  Especially how correct she had been about everything she couldn’t possibly understand about the woman he almost broke years ago.  Could this be easier than even she believed? 

Looking over Fred’s shoulder while listening to the man fawn over him was easy for a man of his stature.  Jerrod was much more interested in watching the two women interact at the Bar.  Reading the body language of both while trying to feign interest in Fred’s conversation.  It wasn’t easy since Avery was looking so sexy!  She had fully grown into her body and though she may have considered herself “fat”.  She wasn’t even close.  She looked like the woman in Milwaukee that had knocked on his door after her Husband had “fell asleep”.  And he wondered if she still made the same noises she used to when Jerrod would dig deep inside of her.  Pushing her limits and making her fall in love with him.  Jerrod wondered if she still did.  Wondered if the whole thing wasn’t a big mistake.     

Brushing her hair backward with her left hand as she sauntered down to store aisle, Randi couldn’t stop thinking about what she Witnessed across the hallway earlier in the morning.  Her panties were soaking through because of it!  And every time a man had talked to her during the day, it had only gotten worse!  Randi never considered herself that “type” of girl!  But as her steps grew even wider due to discomfort, she was definitely having second thoughts.

The day had passed in its otherwise normal, uninteresting way with people coming and going through the Office.  And she had only made one social error.  Allowing her eyes to linger into the crotch of the Delivery guy Sal.  She saw him every day.  But today, the “package” seeming slightly bigger and heavier around the balls area than usual.  Was he single now?  Randi actually thought about grabbing him into the next room and seeing for herself!  Instead, she signed the package and blushed as he winked at her before leaving.  Perhaps another day?

Her neighbor’s naked cock was ruining her focus!  The vision of the man she hardly ever laid eyes upon and never thought of consciously was making her panties squishy as she sat uncomfortably in her moist chair!  He was a pig!  An unrepentant womanizer and a stereotype of the unfaithful and oversexed black male!  At 5 am, ushering out the same two white women, she had seen arguing the night before in the very same hallway together!  The contented satisfaction on their faces cementing what she already knew about them and him.  He was a man whore.  With no respect for anything or anyone else’s feelings, and so were they!  As the women stood in the Hallway blocking Ted from Randi’s full view instantly, she felt disgusted to live so close to such a beast! 

The fact he had stood naked in the doorway as he kissed and pawed at each woman intermittently for what seemed like minutes turned her stomach!  Randi watched through the keyhole from her side of the door, appalled at the lack of respect these women were showing for themselves!  She didn’t like Ted much.  He was arrogant and pretended to be polite.  But Randi knew better.  Beyond the cordial Hi’s and byes, she barely knew her neighbor at all!  And she preferred to keep it that way while she quietly waited for another unit in the complex to become available.  A request she made a week after he moved in, discreetly of course.  4 months later there was no word, and she had almost forgotten she had even made the application until this morning.  He had been the perfect neighbor.

They had talked in another tenant’s apartment once during a party.  Making superficial chatter about nothing.  If he didn’t live directly across from her, she wouldn’t have said anything to him, but since he did, Randi was curious.  But when Ted said something about just graduating from Engineering school and just moving to the area for work, Randi remembered thinking “At least he has a job.” while simultaneously tuning him out.  Bullshit!

Tall.  Muscular.  Probably a college athlete who lucked into a scholarship he didn’t deserve, and boring as hell!  A black nerd.  Really?  Not like she was interested, but the Vodka in her at the time thought what kind of fun could that be?  Until that morning, Randi thought Ted was harmless and her virtue safe locked behind her own door.  But all day today, her panties said otherwise.

Not all black men have huge dicks like the guys on the Internet and in the movies!  Her cousin Gemma had slept with a few black men and even married one.  But she always told Randi she wasn’t missing anything special.  In fact, Gemma specifically had told her that Black Men were not for Randi and she would be happier with a regular, average white guy.  She always wondered about the sneer on her cousin’s face when she had said it, though since  Randi wasn’t sure, Gemma genuinely cared for her like a Cousin should.  And with good reason.

And as she recalled the way her neighbor’s cock stood at attention even as the women were leaving hand in hand, she realized the two Cousins disagreed about everything!  Especially sex.  Randi never really enjoyed it or found time to explore it.  While Gemma had practically done everything and in the process, literally became the Black Sheep of the family.  Marrying black and not caring if they kept in touch with her or not!  Randi had chosen not since it was the path of least resistance.  But for some reason, she thought about calling Gemma for advice all day. 


“Hello.  Who is this?”

“It’s you cousin Randi.  How are you?”


There was a cold silence on the line making Randi more uncomfortable than her cold, day soaked panties!  She placed her weight on either foot as she slowly slid her panties off.  Opening her legs wide in the process and feeling the wind caress her ripe pussy folds!  Gemma had always been tough on her and even borderline inappropriate.  But right now, she needed her advice.  Even if it was going to hurt.

 She recalled the moment when they were both teens, and Gemma called her a frigid cunt and smacked her across the face for telling on her sneaking out the window during a family visit.  Gemma had met some guy from Randi’s High School and fucked him in his car the first night!  A black guy at that!  And Randi for her part had sneakily ratted her out, being a good girl. It was a long time ago when the cousins were forced to spend most of the rest of the week together so Randi could ‘watch’ her.  And watch she did. 

“Why are you calling me Randi?  We haven’t spoken in years.  I thought you would be in a convent or something by now?”

Gemma’s laugh made Randi twitch a little, but the discomfort was mostly in between her legs.  Her sexiest pair of panties rested around her ankles, where Randi left them as she kneeled forward to relax with her ass in the air as if inviting an invisible lover to come to enter.  Gemma’s voice reminded her of what happened the following night all those years ago.  When Julius and Joseph climbed into her window with Gemma’s help.

They were the two most popular boys in school.  One white.  One black.  And both star athletes know for their bright personalities as well as their sexual conquests!  With Gemma’s help, they were through the window and pounced on Randi in an instant!  She remembered being terrified and aroused as the ball gag went into her mouth and Gemma pulling her blonde hair back so the three deviants could overpower her quietly.  She remembered the sensation of being choked too.  But since her Bedroom was on the other side of her Parent’s very large house, no one outside the room heard a thing after they had tied her up.  Her pussy was melting at the thought of being fucked by either of the two studs!  Especially Joseph, who was in her and most other girls eyes in school, perfect!

Looking at Julius though terrified Randi as he opened his eyes wide as he held her throat in one hand. Only when he laughed and said “Don’t worry.  This dick isn’t for you.” did she relax.

As the boys disrobed, Randi’s eyes were flush with their big dicks while Gemma left the room to explore the house, making sure everyone was otherwise occupied or asleep.  While she was gone, the two boys were more focused on each other, complimenting each other’s cocks as well as admiring each other’s bodies.  Years later, it came out they were at least bi, and the rumor was they still were the best of friends.    

“I guess after what you did to me I should never speak to you.”

Randi’s voice was low but strong as she felt her index finger touch the bottom of her wet snatch.  She placed the tip in slightly to moisten before encircling her anus threateningly.  Remembering Julius touch from long ago.

“And what exactly did I do to you, Randi?”

“You know.”

“No.  I don’t.  Say it.”Gemma was getting off on bullying her frigid cousin and remembered every detail of that night.  She always did.  Especially the look of longing on her cousin’s face as she watched the boys fuck and suck her mouth and pussy for the next 3 hours!  Gemma was a wild child and unafraid to take what she wanted!  She also was extremely sexually aware and knew immediately how much Julius and Joseph wanted to compare cocks, and the fact she was from out of town was a good way for them to keep a secret!  Neither cared much or even thought about Randi, the nerd!  Who would she tell?  Her lab partner? Who would believe her saying anything about anyone?Neverthelessthe town’s two favorite sons!  Randi had been masterfully trapped? Forced into a pervert’s dream.

And Gemma was the pervert.  But it wasn’t all her fault.  She had been watching her parents fuck strangers, as well as their neighbors for as long as she could remember!  She was quite the voyeur as long as she could remember!  Her teen body provided the tools to explore what she knew she wanted to draw out of others.  And in her frigid cousin, Gemma sensed a kindred spirit buried deep inside of her .  Her goody two-shoes act was actually in Gemma’s mind, a cry for help!  The fact Randi was such an uptight, prissy bitch only made her plan more delectable!

“You can’t talk about it because you can’t admit how turned on you were?”

Randi stuck her middle finger deep into her snatch and felt it tighten and convulse around her hand before she could reply to Gemma’s voice!  A moan escaped her mouth as she came felt her cum drip onto the floor in the same way it had that night!  She was leaned over the chair with her tits across the seat.  In the same awkward position, she had been tied up all those years ago, without the rope.  Randi hadn’t realized how possessed she was in the moment as her nipples shook with pleasure to the touch!  And Gemma was still on the other end listening.

“You bitch.” Randi managed to say to unsuccessfully mask her arousal.

“As I recall cousin I didn’t let those boys rape you.  All I did was make sure you couldn’t rat on me like an uptight cunt by taking a picture of what you really liked!  I never exposed your fetish to be dominated or even told anyone about anything that happened.  How wet your cunt was when I fingered you as I made you eat those boys juices out of me.  How you begged me to let them fuck you too.  But that wasn’t for you.  You were a good girl slut Barbie toy.  Not a Princess or the Queen you pretended to be!  So slut.  Why are you calling me again?”

Despite everything that had occurred that night and over the subsequent years of mostly silence, a part of Randi knew that her cousin was telling the truth!  That night of memories was the only thing she ever thought about when she masturbated.  Which was the only way she ever got off since the ‘men’ she dated were less than inspiring in bed.  Randi had a rocking body but, in her attempt to be taken seriously as an Attorney it stayed mostly hidden from public view.  But that wasn’t the only reason.

Randi was also always careful after that night to only have sex one way.  In the missionary position with the lights completely off!  She didn’t want anyone to know how she was inside.  There was no room to become successful and sexually proficient because she knew she was just like Gemma. Even when she told herself differently.

Randi had no tattoos or piercings beyond her ears to speak of.  She wasn’t flirtatious or even friendly to people!  And the few sexual experiences she did have were usually brief.  Remembering Gemma being split from both sides by two well-shaped hunks had been the highlight of her sexual career and whether she admitted it or not, had a profound effect on her sexuality!  She always knew what she wanted!  But was always afraid to pursue it.

“It’s about Julius,” Randi said.

Gemma smiled as she remembered the first long, black cock she’d ever had attached to Julius.  The Defensive End who was 230lbs of chiseled man with a 9-inch cock to match!  There were no black boys where Gemma lived.  So the chance to fuck him was met not one young Gemma was about to let pass!  The threesome the next night was just the cherry on top!  Joseph was white, but the same size as Julius and in order to humiliate her cousin further, she had fucked them both in her cousin’s bed!  She knew her cousin had a crush on Joseph and fucked him for spite.  Sure as she knew after the night in Julius backseat, she knew she would marry a black man.

“Girl if you wanted to fuck him you should have fucked him back then!  He lived in your town!  Just like the cowardly slut.  I am married and do not keep in touch with ex-lovers! Try Facebook!  So what?”

“No.  That’s not it.”

Randi began to tell the story of her neighbor and what she had seen.  How she hadn’t paid attention before but now, was jealous of all of the women she had seen coming back and forth.  Mostly white, like her.  And never for more than a week at a time.  As she rubbed her pussy and recounted more detail about the comings and goings at the Apartment than she thought she knew, realizing her disdain had been infatuation from the start!  His strong, tight ass which he couldn’t disguise in his khakis.  His hair.  Looking wild and kinky to the touch.  And his lips.  Especially his lips!  Which she longed to have eating her out right now!

“Whoa, cuz!  Slow your row a bit!”

Gemma empathized with her cousin for the first time ever!  She even felt sorry for torturing her that night slightly more than a decade ago now even if she had gotten off on it!  Maybe she should have convinced her to join them willingly instead of corrupting the two strangers into her twisted plot?  Maybe, it would have been more fun since Gemma really loved to feel a woman’s mouth on her clit!  But she was a year younger than Gemma at the time and despite her cunning, didn’t want the boys to be at risk.  Randi was immature and quite the uptight little cunt at the time after all.

“First of all,” Gemma continued.  “He sounds like a player and though you have always been a prissy bitch.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

The words and sounds of concern seemed genuine coming from Gemma.  But they only made her body ache more to be pressed against her neighbor!  She didn’t know if she could take such a man inside of her.  But she wanted to find out.

“Second of all.  He lives across the hall!  If it doesn’t work out are you willing to watch him continue to bring bitches home?  Think about it.”

As Randi considered the scenario she could feel the blood swell upwards to her nipples.  Her mind rushed to seeing the women walking away hand in hand and she wondered what that must feel like.  A woman’s touch.

“I don’t know.  I never thought about it.”

“Well, you should.  Dick is a powerful thing and you are very inexperienced.  If he turns you out, you may be unable to say no.  Is that something you would be down for?”

Gemma’s ease with her slang was only turning Randi on more as she grasped her nipples hard in her hands.  Her headset was attached to the phone, limiting her ability to adjust her position from ass up/face down into the chair and she imagined she was watching Ted and his playthings frolic together in her old bedroom in front of her!  Gemma was not deterring her at all!

Knock knock.

No one ever came over unannounced and Randi didn’t have many friends anyway.  She figured it must be a delivery and pulled down her shirt and up her skirt, letting the panties fall to the floor in plain sight of the door.

“Hold on Gemma.  Someone is at my door.”

“Ok.  But I have to leave soon so make it quick.” Gemma answered.

“Who is it?”

“Ted.  Your neighbor!”

Looking through the peephole ,she noticed Ted standing with a bottle of some type of Alcohol Box in a bow.  She opened the door and smiled at him a full-toothed smile.  Something she never did.

“What’s wrong.”

Gemma listened on the phone excited to be witness to her cousin’s dilemma.  The very man they were talking about was there!  What was he up to?

“Listen neighbor.”

Does he not know my name?

“I am sorry about this yesterday.”

“Sorry?” Randi replied.  “About what?”

“About the girls arguing in the hall.  They told me they saw you after I straightened them out and there was no reason for you to be subjected to their petty argument over nothing.  Also, I want you to know, it will never happen again.”

Handing her a bottle of Dom which Randi reached out to accept uneasily.

“A token of apology.  Enjoy your evening.”

Ted turned towards his door when Randi blurted out to him.

“What were they arguing about?”

Without turning back to face her ,Ted replied “Me.”

“But……  Didn’t they both leave this morning?”

Ted turned to face Randi again and this time, look her in the eyes then, down her body.  He could tell she was naked under her clothes and could sense from her curious tone what he suspected was true.  She was watching through the keyhole this morning and had caught a glimpse of his cock!  11 inches of cthe hocolate stick that seemingly, never rested!  The last part she didn’t know.  But his track record was such he knew one of two things would happen.  She would be afraid of it and avoid him completely or…..

“No.” he answered.  Baiting the proverbial hook.

“Why would you lie?  I saw them leave this morning!!”

“You did?”

Ted moved forward towards her and grasped her hair bun in the back, pulling her face closer to his. His free hand grasped her waist, causing her to shudder momentarily and almost drop her cell! With both hands occupied, there was no way to resist his bold advance and her body froze in the moment as he traced his lips across her ear.

“And what else did you see neighbor?”

Pushing his way inside of her Apartment, Randi felt his lips press hard against her own until his tongue sunk into her throat!  He rubbed his growing cock against her leg as his fingers reached under her skirt, feeling her damp pussy, thrust into her tight hole two fingers to the knuckle!

“You are very tight.  Almost virginal.  Tell me you want to see it up close.  All you have to do is ask!”

The phone fell out of her hand and onto the carpeted floor as Randi felt her knees buckle beneath her hips and her entire weight smash onto his large, black hand inside of her!  Her lips matched his intensity as they engaged in a kiss once more!  Her body flushed with orgasm as the thought of her letting this Black Man have his way with her was too much to imagine, nevertheless, try!  But she had found its way to his belt and almost unwittingly, unleashed his cock barely a foot away from her partially open door!

“You never fucked a black guy before.  I can tell.  Your pussy is too tight.”

Randi found herself in the same position as before.  Face into the chair but this time, her skirt was hiked up around her waist.  Ted was not giving her the chance to change her mind at all as she felt the bulb begin to part her vagina into two opposite planes!  Working its way slowly into her in a methodical way that was both gentle and rough simultaneously!  Each inch carefully pushed into her after a teasing rhythm that lubricated her walls, Randi felt all sense of the current reality slipping away!  His teasing had been longer than any of the 4 sexual encounters she had combined since those men were usually intimidated by the body she kept so well hidden as well as quick cummers naturally!  Ted was neither as he took 10 minutes to fill her tight cavern completely before beginning a long, slow fuck!

“Damn girl.  You almost made me cum!  Where have you been hiding this body?”

“I’m fat.”

“No.  You are perfect!”

Slamming his dick length into her Randi felt what was to be the most intense orgasm of her life continue for at least 3 minutes!  As her entire body became flushed red, it was all Ted could do to hold onto her hips and continue to stroke her into oblivion!  He watched as his cock grew wetter and wetter and his arms bristled in the attempt to keep her properly impaled on his stick until Randi regained control of herself and pushed back into his hips, meeting his strokes perfectly.

“Damn this pussy good.”

Randi heard the words and pushed back into him harder at an almost frenzied pace!  It hurt so good when Ted began spanking her ass on each down stroke!  Her little orgasms coursing through her veins and fingers!. A simple fuck was transforming her  into a sexual being and when Randi felt Ted’s thumb push into her ass Multiple orgasms took over!  Her arms became weak as Randi’s face pressed into the seat cushion.  Pushing deeper while draining her of ever sexual block!  All she wanted now was the one feeling Randi never had.

“Cum inside of me.”

Ted’s cock unleashed a torrent of jism that dotted her walls and fled straight for her ovaries.  Randi didn’t fuck enough to be on birth control and she knew as her womb filled what she was doing was dangerous!  But Ted’s dick was so far in her as she felt touched reached her womanhood ans softly, slip away.

She didn’t care.  This had been so far, the best moment of her life!  One Randi in her current state,  never wanted to end!  Pulling his half flaccid meat from her body was easy, as it slipped right out.  Sucking it into her mouth was an act of contrition.  The first man she had ever allowed into her mouth as she licked away like a puppy does a meaty bone!  It seemed natural as  Ted’s eyes fixated on the borderline racist woman’s joy.  Smiling at his handiwork in successfully converting her into a believer!  Ted had seen that look before in other women.  She could and would do anything for him now.  And Gemma, still listening to it all on the other end of the phone, knew it too.

As the months went by Ted and Randi became more than lovers. They were parents!  Other women still came by his apartment at different times.  Randi even came to enjoy threesomes with other women as well as 1 on 1.   Randi understood she couldn’t handle Ted’s sex drive and big black cock by herself and didn’t make an issue of having to share.  And when she did, it was usually because she knew it would make him fuck her good!  She would fuck other men with his permission but make no mistake, there was no another man for her!

Their son was born and they continued to maintain Ted’s apartment across the Hallway and became quite popular in certain circles!  They spent most of their time in her Apartment being parents.  And used his place mostly for trysts and exploring Randi’s desire to be tied up, dominated and watched.  Even though most of her family disavowed her for the relationship, she still had Gemma and most of her Trust fund, which she collected before she ever became the property of Ted.

But that is another story. 

It was going to be a 3-hour drive, and Judy was going, to be honest with her daughter about everything! Judy knew her daughter was sexually active having helped her get birth control.  And having spied her web history knew the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree!  Little Constance’s body had blossomed, and like most good mothers, Judy knew what was best for her to do.  Get it out of her system already!  The long drive meant for bonding Judy had reserved for storytelling.  A tame version of the truth.  She started with “It was supposed to be a girls night out.”

It was 19 years ago, and Judy remembered thinking she would be back in her Basement bedroom rubbing her clit alone soon.  She recalled frustration and hardened nipples thinking about waiting for the kids she nannied to wake up for another day of screaming after not getting laid!  The honey drips a reminder her body knew what she needed, and Ben’s growing impatience only added to her slutty her frustrations!  Her attempt to make herself irreplaceable was not going well.

Ben sometimes liked to tease women he’d been with about fucking them.  He was masterful at finding out what they wanted and exploiting his prey’s sexuality to control them. Some had a weakness for sucking cock and fell in love with his oversized meat.  Being 10 inches when fully hard, and just thick enough to almost hurt was what other women found to be Ben’s best attribute!  But he also would eat pussy as well as most women, having learned the Art from his ex-girlfriends Sylvie and Ashley who were married now.  Something about Ben made everyone want him.

Sex wasn’t how they had started out, but by that night Judy was in the center of the web!  And Ben had a habit of dumping women who didn’t follow through.  In that way, he was a complete asshole!  But as Judy’s clit rubbed against her moist, silky panties, she knew she could never accept that!  The feeling begged her not to leave before the thorough pounding planning this double date had promised!  But as it was going, this wasn’t an ideal Friday night, and her friend was a no-show.  Leaving her alone with two men who were unfortunately, one too many!

 It had only been a couple of weeks since Judy had lost her virginity to a guy her age from the club.  Someone Ben had suggested from the who had just lost his girlfriend.  It was fun as Judy she fucked and sucked him whenever and wherever she could,  But the ex soon became jealous,  wooing him back with a promise of more frequent blowjobs!  Which was ok with her since the experience had run its course.  She was ready for something new!

Judy was 19 and soon would be back home, under her mother’s watchful eye soon enough.  And Utah is nothing like NY!  There were no opportunities to have sex without being caught, outed and labeled a whore or worse!  Impure.  You are expected to tell on yourself!   Which was one of her favorite fantasies to masturbate herself to sleep with.  Imagining admitting her lustful secrets like a good little whore and promising not to do it again!  Repression caused by the irony of living in a polygamous state gone straight!

Being in NY had been an adventure!  She traveled to tourist sites on weekends with friends and family and spent her first two weeks soaking in the atmosphere.  The people who never said hello unless they had lewd intentions jumped out at her.  Even in her conservative midwestern outfits, there was no hiding her voluptuous assets.  Judy especially noticed how their looks made her crave more attention like it!  It wasn’t long before she began testing her non-existent barriers and gave into temptation.  And Ben had been her guide.

Her tits ached for action as her date stood patiently across the bedroom knowing his big, black cock was captured under his jeans!  She had been leaning on it all week so by now, knew it’s every twist and bend!  It was bigger than the guy who took her virginity a month earlier.  And much more satisfying.  The truth was it didn’t last as Judy quickly discovered her sexual needs were more “evolved,” and her mentor became her target.

Ben was a much more experienced lover, and the women in the gym gushed about him.  How much of a “gentleman” which some knew was a public farce intended to lure them to feed his voracious sexual appetites.  The different stories that all ended the same way.  A broken barrier wall and inability to resist his calls to action.  The dangerous excitement these women craved became their addiction.  But Ben knew Judy was only around for a short time making their relationship dynamic unique.

She was curious and shared his dirty secrets.  As a religious woman and Virgin, there was no harm in her questioning him about sex?  Once those two things were established AND Ben made it clear he had no interest in deflowering her, there was an ease in their interactions.  Plus, Judy knew the woman he slept with and believed when he told her he didn’t need her too.  They understood one another.

For his part, Ben never told secrets.  He was a strict believer in keeping his private life private and as a bachelor didn’t believe in drama.  One way he maintained his lifestyle was silence.  Sometimes at the end of his cock!  But Judy was different.  Curious, but definitely in NY to explore her sexuality, even if she couldn’t admit it to herself!  Ben recognized things in her she hadn’t yet discovered about herself.  Why wouldn’t he become her friend?

Ben had tested her curiosity, and to his delight, every time Judy needed more details!  He’d smile and tell her more.  But that was usually after talking about 50 other things neither was interested in more than each other.  It was always the end.  When Ben would provide so much detail, it gave Judy ideals about how she should be massaging her own pussy at night!  Always while trying to remember what he said he had done to another girl.  What he was probably doing to one as she slept and kept her virtue a little before screaming her orgasm into the pillow and falling asleep with a sated smile.  Judy trusted Ben. But that was a month ago, and the relationship was different now.  Judy was the one who found herself wanting him all of the time and competing for his attention in her last days since she was leaving soon.  She didn’t want to waste the opportunity before she recommitted herself.  The flesh is weak.

“Too bad.  She doesn’t know what she’s missing!”

The words came out of context but brought a smile to the increasingly disappointed 3rd wheel.  Ben’s friend had been cool, and she knew he found her attractive.  After a couple of shots of Tequilla, the sentence spoken with a certain envy.  Under different circumstances, she thought as Ben spoke.

“Wayne.  Before you go home could you go to the store and bring me back a mixer?”

Wayne was even a good sport about that.  He just smiled his big smile and winked at her which surprisingly surged through her body like a pulse!  Did she want him to leave?  The man smiled and left the room, but Judy hardly noticed with Ben’s lips fastened onto her nipples just as quickly.  Licking and sucking in between long, wet kisses and firm grasps of her breasts and pinches of her desperately needing attention areolas!  She came as his fingers pushed inside of her as he asked the unbelievable question.

“So you want to fuck us both?”

The tequila heated Judy’s groin as his fingers touched her swollen bud as she tried to pretend she wasn’t cumming on Ben’s twisting fingers as he looked into her eyes.  Was he in her head now orchestrating her dirty thoughts?

“You’re joking right?”

Ben removed what was left of the top and unzipped the skirt from the back as it fell to the floor.  His hands seemed to be everywhere she liked them to be at the same time!  On her ass.  On her wet kitten since she wasn’t a full-grown pussy as of yet.  Ben licked her legs open before standing between them while slowly pressing his cock into her pre-lubricated walls!  Her heels were on, and she was sitting between Ben’s legs as he sat on the edge of the bed when Wayne opened the bedroom door.

“Ask Wayne if you can make up for your friend with your mouth.”

Ben had never talked to her this way or even intimated he was slightly interested in sharing her but Judy knew she was the happiest bouncing into his lap where she was.  Wayne removed his shorts and out sprang another beautiful big dick!   Judy’s eyes popped as she realized her friend was never coming and Ben had been planning this sexual improvisation from the beginning!

Turning herself as she ground down on his engorged rod.  Their eyes meet as Judy kisses Ben deeply before whispering into his ear.

“You’re the best. Thank you.”

He knew what she meant.  Her pussy clamped down around him shivering around him.  Her wet hole tightened and massaged his muscle, and her skin was flush from head to toe.  He was happy she was enjoying their time together, however short it had been.  It would be over before they both wanted it to be.

Turning around Judy focused on the new task at hand.  She clasped her nipples in either hand before pressing them together as an invitation to Wayne to come closer, which he barely hesitated to do!  Rubbing his extended cock over the young woman’s face and periodically allowing her to taste it!   She was still riding Ben while licking the head of his tasty friend!

Momentarily she wondered what her parents would say if they saw her.  Pussy full of big, black cock while a second man willingly fucked her tits and mouth!  Would her mother be ashamed of her for cumming so soon as well as hearing her ask for more whenever her mouth became unoccupied by the ebony dick between her lips as it traveled the cavern between her white tits! Judy’s used the back of her tongue in hopes of making him cum as her hands grasped his legs and ass against her body and sometimes, down her throat!  She couldn’t believe she was able to swallow him so easily.  But Ben had been fucking her mouth so much, it was easier to take Wayne in!

Judy sat on Ben a moment noticing he felt even bigger than usual inside her!  It was a good thing as he was about to cum deep inside her and she was afraid of getting pregnant.  But as Ben grasped her nipples hard between his fingers alternating his angle between each thrust, there was no stopping it!

She wanted to experience it all!

“My pussy.”

It was true.  Even as Judy sucked and licked on Wayne, her body began to convulse and contract because of him! Feeling herself within herself as she came over and over as Ken twisted his hips to counter her attempts to avoid her most sensitive spots to no avail!  It took everything she had to maintain focus upon Wayne’s hard cock when he came without warning into the back of her throat! Judy removed the tool from between her lips, running her hands up and down to spread the remainder on her overheated tits and nipples with the intention to cool them down.

“Wow.  Apology accepted, and I gotta bounce.”

Picking up his shorts Wayne left as Judy ground hard against Ben’s lap.  She would have laughed at his hasty exit, were it not for the smashing her cavern was enduring at the hands of her lover.  Judy stood and lifted her feet off of the ground, so he was pounding her face down into the wooden floor!  She needed to make him cum which always seemed to take forever!  Something she would learn to miss as she recalled in future years.   Ben whispered things then too.  Dirty things.  Words she has never forgotten and about what she really wanted out of life!  To be in his bed and his toy as long as she could.  It By the time he came inside her she wanted him to cum deep inside of her and never remove it.  She was willing to do whatever it took as long as they could always be together!  And he promised her he would make sure they could.

Judy’s 40-year-old body was still in good shape as she drove into the Hotel parking lot.  Her breasts began to perk up as she recognized the Hotel.  Her daughter now knew the truth and was being afforded a chance to experience it herself!  She would even just watch if she wanted too.  Judy liked being watched and had no shame about who she was and her ongoing relationship with Ben and his circle of friends.

“So Daddy knows?”

Judy smiled as her daughter smiled back at her.  Their arms wrapped together as they have their final word before entering the hotel and the night began.

“Ben introduced us.  Who do you think arranges the suites?  But that’s another story for another time.  Do I look ok sweetie?”

She thought for a moment it was a silly question knowing her makeup would be ruined within the hour.

“I consider myself to be a Feminist.”

The words shot out of his mouth with the smooth sincerity of the man himself.  Immaculately well-groomed from the tips of his shoes to the last strand of black hair on the top of his well-coiffed head.  And that body.  Lithe and toned like a machine and attached to a cock that was like, a machine.  Without a brain, he wouldn’t have to think to get women to do as he wanted.  His twisted intellect only making him even more difficult on Michelle.

His lips were pinkish red with a tint of moisture on each one.  Just enough to imagine what they looked like when in between Michelle’s well-toned legs.  A feeling she was quite familiar with by now and quite frankly, longing for at the moment.  The fact he had the audacity even to say those words.  A Feminist.  Itmade Michelle’s blood boil a little hot!  But, the word also made her panties drip a bit which was an odd combination considering what he was doing to her.  Testing her boundaries and acceptable beliefs with each new meeting of their minds and bodies.  Only parts of Michelle felt stronger. 

His fingers were again underneath the fabric of her sheer white dress.  White so that there were no surprises to anyone looking into Michelle’s direction.  She might as well had been naked as every contour and bump of her alabaster skin could clearly be seen under lights.  This assault on her pubes was the 3rd since they had left the Apartment.  A short walk from the nearby Restaurant.  But for the first time, she was beginning to get nervous enough to match the excitement that someone might notice!  The feeling that everyone was watching Michelle’s face turn different shades as he adroitly teased her puffed out cunt lips beneath the thin fabric sent her over the edge! She was just trying to keep herself composed enough to get through the Appetizers!

She believed him suggesting she no longer wear undergarments around him was going to be a Private Matter.  Between the two of them.  But as the light in this well-lit restaurant hit her at certain angles, Michelle was sure everyone else was in on their dirty little secret!  The sensation of belief was enough alone!  Did he have to manipulate her overly sensitive folds too?  He knew she was overly sensitive their from their previous encounters which had steadily broken down her will to resist.  To utilize their agreed upon “safe” word.  Even at points when Michelle was resistant to play along, she had remained silent.  The words “no” never escaping from between her lips.  Don’t maybe but, that was always followed by


Michelle’s orgasm had her synched under his spell and thinking about how she became what she was!  Here she was.  All Hardened nipples and pursed lips about to cum once again in front of strangers!  Her girlfriends would never believe or understand how their girl power leader was spending her spare time as a man’s slutty toy.  How could she explain to them how these were becoming her happiest moments?  How what she had discovered dangling over the foot post of this man’s bed had liberated Michelle in ways she never knew possible?  The revelation was new to Michelle as well.  She hadn’t had a chance to even think that far ahead.  And maybe, she wouldn’t have too.

“Scoot forward slut.” He asked nicely. 

“I want to see if you will squeal like you do when we are alone.  In front of all of these people pretending not to be watching.  I am going to grab your clit so tight and rub it between my fingers until you call me Master or squeal for the other Diners.  Are you ready?”    

She knew better than to answer by now with anything beyond a nod but her thoughts were “You promise.” Which was a complete departure from the young woman Michelle believed that she was?  The emotions once again mixed with the thought of Michelle’s naughty behavior with him.  She scooted forward to do what she was told.  Submitted to him while refusing to say a word because she didn’t want to refer to him as Master.  They had discussed this last barrier as a vestige of who she was before accepting his invitation to Tea and the dripping slut who wanted nothing more than to submit to his twisted desires being at odds.  The solution was silent compliance and, a promise to see where they ended up.  That Michelle thought it would be a momentary fling and never imagined the naked sexpot she had become existed inside of her.  But somehow.  Derek did!

She was the type of girl she looked down upon weak women and men.  With Amazonian good looks and overdeveloped mental ability.  Michelle had indoctrinated all of the girls into her HS Lacrosse team’s Sapphic circle with a combination of sour and sweet treatment.  Even the “straight” ones.  The sweet being the nectar between her thighs dribbling onto their weak, submissive tongues like ceremonial honey.  It was what was going to happen if you wanted to be on the team.   And if Captain Michelle wanted their boyfriends?  Michelle would take them too.  Sometimes on her own.  Others as a threesome with strict rules.  It all depended on how Michelle wanted it to be.   She was the DOM all of her life.  Always in control.  That part of her wasn’t going to give up without a struggle!

Michelle wanted to avoid the sensation building between her thighs from erupting immediately.  But mostly because she wanted to erupt with his hand inside of her warm body!  So her walls would have something to hold onto as she waited for the Appetizers and shook into a deep Orgasmic storm.  He always made her cum so long and hard!  His cock, distended and bulging beneath his slacks.  Prone down his right pant leg furthest away from her so that she had to lean over to catch a glimpse of what the woman at the next table was staring at intently, instead of Michelle like the other patrons.  It was a reminder of things to cum!  And the power of a perfect cock.    

Wishing he would tell her to unleash it into her hand, mouth, even his lap so she could grind on top of him to feel him fill her completely as only he did!  She was willing to do it right here!  Wanting to look into the horny bitch’s eyes as she rode and marked him as Hers!  Let her know that she knew what she wanted intimately but, couldn’t have it.  Michelle knew that if he asked her to fuck him anywhere, anyway, and anytime he asked.  She wouldn’t refuse!  These thoughts were crazy and irrational but, she wanted them to happen anyway! Going too far even didn’t worry or stop Michelle from wanting this reality to happen anyway!  Even if the thought embarrassed her into looking down as she scooted forward to heed his command.  Wondering how far he was planning to take her into his Dominant man act Bullshit! 

A glimpse of her own erect nipples only made her cream as much as she could without shuttering into a complete sexual seizure!  Her thoughts were as short as his finger-strokes into and out of her wet hole.  And once more, her resistance was broken.  Michelle panted her way through his slow knuckle banging and utterly disrespectful dirty talk.  All while looking into the envois woman’s eyes whose date by now was asking for a check.  Michelle halfway hoped he would avoid her pink nub and spare her the indignity of a public Orgasm she couldn’t hide so easily.  While wanting him to touch her there more with each stroke of his hand.  The truth was, she wasn’t hiding anything from anyone. 

The fact she couldn’t stop cumming back for more abuse had set in, as Michelle understood the depths of her own secret desire to be dominated herself.  The fact that she wanted him to treat her this way.  Was enjoying being a whore for the Blue-plate Dinner sect was something she knew her father would never approve of!  He could have colleagues in the room, but as his fingers slipped from between her legs and near her lipstick laden mouth, instinctively she licked them dry then, wet again.  Opening her mouth wide to suck them clean like a mini-dick.  Who was watching didn’t matter at all.

Michelle was only hoping he would use the slippery saliva and nectar dripping from between her pussy lips to finger fuck her newly opened ass.  She missed the companionship of her training tools and as her vagina pulsated and her ass seemingly pulsed in rhythm.  Michelle would immediately Orgasm  again if the tight, dirty hole were similarly penetrated by anything at the moment.  Too bad it was nearly physically impossible to reach from this position, and she knew he wouldn’t!  Instead, his fingers were rhythmically worked up their own song inside of her body.  Teasing her bud as her nipples hardened to the breeze.  He was merciless in prolonging either her agony or Orgasm depending on his mood!  And Michelle found herself increasingly interested in how he felt!   What he wanted.  It seemed as if he was making her the star of a show in which she was powerless to resist his will.  When Michelle scooted up and felt his finger encircle her puckered tiny anus with her own slickness, even momentarily.  Michelle had no other choice than to drop her head and bite into her napkin, in hopes to muffle and control the sound of her own voice! 

“Do you not feel liberated woman?”

Derek was sneering down as he enjoyed his conquests enhanced breathing.  There wasn’t much more to their relationship than moments like this, so far.  Each escapade he savored as much as the last because good things never last long.  Derek could feel Michelle’s hand rub over his hard dick.  Pressing his flesh as it pushed against the tight fabric of his suit pants.  She lost again.  Thinking this is a good thing.  A very good thing.  One extra hour of play. 

The woman across the aisle was leaving but staring with strange envy.  Michelle was delighted to see her longing and winked at her seductively which, her date saw and frowned upon.  She was demure and cute but, you could see the Tigress beneath the woman would eat this angry man alive one day as the ring on her finger suggested they were married.  She was no threat and off into the night.  Where the two of them would be soon. 

“I am going to fuck your ass with this finger and if you cum?”

As Michelle moaned a guttural groan, the entire room turned in her direction!  The thought alone was enough to send her over the edge, and John quickly got up from the table.  Leaving her alone to squeal and moan for the entire room!  Her legs couldn’t follow him if she wanted as they were as weak as cotton.  All she could do was reach for her glass of water and hope she could follow him as quickly as possible! 

“You are such a slut.”

The waiter politely whispered in her ear as he roughly grabbed her by the arm and escorted Michelle towards the door.  Another man joined him in her removal.  Groping her ass accidentally but, indiscriminately as they removed her roughly from the Main Dining Hall and towards the door.  In the Lobby, she saw Derek giving his card to the woman who sat across from them at Dinner but, couldn’t see her husband anywhere.  That was until she was outside and noticed him pull up in a Mercedes to the front door looking for her.  It was too late. 

Derek walked outside and grabbed Michelle by the hand.  Intertwining their fingers together like a pair of old lovers as he strode next to her.  A dinner to go bag in his hand had her believing this was all planned, and he never intended on Dining out.  They would eat in as usual.  Talking and getting to know one another even more before he would command her roughly to suck his cock and the fun would begin anew.      

“Of course, sir.” 

Michelle was still hungry, but honestly, Derek had pushed food far away from her focus.  She was relieved this test was over!  And had to admit that her sluttiest self-was looking forward to whatever came next!  She didn’t understand how the power he had gained over her with their “enhanced sexual experiments.”  And though a part of her was angry and jealous at what had just transpired inside.  The way he left her to be gazed upon and humiliated while he chatted up his next conquest in the Lobby right in front of her.  Testing their agreed upon free relationship status right in front of her after what she had done for him made her blood boil hot!  She wanted to kick his ass and call him names, but she was afraid of what she might say.  His next words made it easy. 

“I don’t think this is working out.  You can come to my place to collect your things but, I can’t be with a total slut.”  Derek said coldly.

His words were so nonchalant that she believed he was halfway joking!  He was halfway up the block, headed towards his apartment before Michelle even knew he had left!  What the fuck!  She had given him everything!  Did everything he asked!  And now he was dumping her!  Michelle didn’t even notice her tit was hanging outside of her dress and was only brought back to consciousness by a man exiting the Restaurant propositioning her. 

“How much?” 

By the time he recovered from the knockout blows, Michelle was up the block at Derek’s apartment door!  Her mascara slick from crying but for what reason?  He was essentially, a pervert!  A creep who preyed upon women!  A man without morals or boundaries!  Why did she care? 

She knocked on the door gently and was greeted by a naked John standing before her.  She was shocked at his appearance but, a familiar feeling stirred in her groin as she noticed his tan cock flaccid beside his thigh.  Even soft, it was as big as the largest she had ever fucked before him.  But he was such an arrogant tool!  He stepped aside and allowed her to come in.

“You can get your things.  It has been nice knowing you.  But as you know, we agreed to stop whenever the other felt it was time.  No explanations necessary.”

Michelle wanted to scream!  How could she have been such a fool?  Such a slut!  Thinking about everything that had happened made her so angry she wanted to kill him!  But she didn’t have the strength.  All she could do was drop to her knees and run her tongue across his beautiful cock.  Like she wanted to do all night! 

Her lips encircled and enveloped his head in a sheath of saliva as Derek looked down at her like a lost dog in heat.  His cock grew inside of her mouth as she sucked and licked his balls and attempted to reach his ass with her tongue but, he stood with his legs too close together to allow her contact with anything beyond his balls. 

“Is this supposed to be your apology for embarrassing me tonight?”  he said.

Her mind raced as she tasted his sweet pre-cum on her tongue.  She wanted to let his cock from her mouth and kick his ass like the man down the street moments ago.  But all she could muster was deeper access to her throat.  Gagging and coughing as she attempted to do for him the one thing she never had for anyone else.  Taking a man down her throat was to Michelle, an ultimate act of submission.  More than giving up her anal virginity which was last week’s lesson.  She knew the games were over now as she cried with his cock stuffed down her throat.  Releasing a stream of saliva onto his floor as she let him out to breathe.

“Please.  Don’t break up with me Derek!  I love you.”

Derek grabbed the woman by her ears off of the floor and pulled her into what was normally off-limits.  His office.  The horse was set up as he roughly pushed her tall legs towards the apparatus and bent her over.  Michelle’s eyes faced her ankles as she felt his cock press into her pussy fully with one stroke!  Tears flowed from Michelle’s face as finally, she was being fucked!  Her cream covered his cock, and as he pushed into her ass-bud, Michelle’s tears became real!  It felt soooo much bigger than the plugs she had been training with and as the third stroke completely filled her ass.  Michelle felt a sensation of pain and pleasure she had never experienced in her young life to date!  She passed out for what seemed to be 30 seconds before waking to the sensation of a widening cock splitting her nearly in half. 

“Take it all slut.   If you want to be my slave and not call my name?  You know what you have to do now.”

Pulling his cock out Michelle quickly fell to one side of the horse to do what must be done!  Her legs were uncontrollable but, her mind and body were willing to submit to anything to keep her new boyfriend happy.  Michelle quickly struggled to her knees to swallow his cock into her throat just in time to collect his entire load.  She coughed but knew better than to remove him and seriously felt death by choking today would be a better option than life without a visit to him tomorrow before collapsing on the floor. 

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Michelle.  Is there anything u would like to say to me before leaving?”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“That all depends.  What did you think about Josephine?  The woman from the restaurant?”

Michelle could feel her pussy pulsate at the thought of the competition of another woman so close to what she wanted only for herself!  These feelings were foreign to her and yet, as the cum streaked down from her lips and grew sticky upon her breasts.  She realized there was no way that bitch could compete with her or strange as it seemed.  What they had together.  She was never going to give him up.

“The married slut?  I’d like a crack at her.” She said sadistically.

With that, Derek picked Michelle up bringing her into the bathroom for a shower together.  Washing her hair and holes until they were squeaky clean.  Leading her by the hand into the Bedroom where he kissed her deeply. 

“I want you to lick my dick, balls, and especially my ass until I tell you to stop.  Then, I want you to ride this dick until you fall asleep and as you do, I will tell you what I would normally do to a married slut like her.”

Michelle laid in the Bed she previously had never been allowed on before today.  Usually, he fucked her on the carpet or the floor.  On his wooden horse or the Alley downstairs between the buildings.  Always with some form of clothing on!  A skirt.  A top.  Stockings or leg-warmers.  In case anyone who happened upon them would know she was just another slut in heat.  He often ordered food and never let her answer the door fully dressed to meet the Delivery guys.  Who for their part, knew his Apartment well and never hesitated to ask him if they could touch her!   But he would never let them fuck her or even asked for her to share herself with another man.  Before tonight Michelle felt that was too far.  Now?  She had no idea what “too far” meant! 

“Than.  I am going to tell you what I would normally do if a married slut showed up at my place.  Because I know you like stories.” 

Michelle paused and looked into his eyes.  Wanted to see what HE wanted her to say. 

“Skip the dick suck and climb on bitch.  Show me what you got.”

His dick inched inside of her womb as Michelle gyrated around his bulbous head.  For the first time, it was what SHE wanted, and her body had longed for the chance to be in charge of his strokes.  She moved back in forth like a grateful convict.    Appreciative of the freedom of choice in how her pussy was being massaged inside of her womb!  It was as natural as breathing itself as she put herself down upon him and felt the flush inside of her body as it spent it’s last over his hardened pole.  Her ass still stung a little and Michelle was completely spent, but she knew she was home.  As she collapsed onto Derek’s tanned skin, she thought?  What could she say?  How could she express what she was feeling after everything they had done?  Michelle decided she had to try.    

“I love you already you perverted freak.” She sighed.

“But I can’t call you Master or play these games because you know who my family is.  But I will do whatever you want me to do anyway.  I have no control or power over you.  So even if you plan on fucking her while I watch.  I will.”  

“And that my dear.  Is how I got your Father.”  

Michelle paused and smiled at her daughter.  Noticing how agape her mouth was along with how hard her Breasts had become.  Was she thinking about her Father in a sexual way?  It was only natural as still, she found him to be the Sexiest Man Alive!  Their Daughter wasn’t blind and wanted to know why her mother took so much shit from him.  Hearing it as a choice couldn’t have been easy but at 17.  She needed to hear the truth.    

Remembering and regaling the tales to her daughter Michelle understood her Feminist feelings better than anyone.  She was her once!  Confused and not understanding of the dichotomy between Power and sex completely.  How to be who she was and, what she wanted to be simultaneously.  Her daughter was like her at her age.  A beautiful slut in training!  Bi-sexual and super smart like her Brother was athletic and bold, like his Father.  And as she had seen in the shower recently, built like Derek too!.  She envied them both their future endeavors.  But had to catch a flight in an hour with her Husband which was to be both Business and pleasure.

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place than it was in the 80’s.