“I consider myself to be a Feminist.”

The words shot out of his mouth with the smooth sincerity of the man himself.  Immaculately well-groomed from the tips of his shoes to the last strand of black hair on the top of his well-coiffed head.  And that body.  Lithe and toned like a machine and attached to a cock that was like, a machine.  Without a brain, he wouldn’t have to think to get women to do as he wanted.  His twisted intellect only making him even more difficult on Michelle.

His lips were pinkish red with a tint of moisture on each one.  Just enough to imagine what they looked like when in between Michelle’s well-toned legs.  A feeling she was quite familiar with by now and quite frankly, longing for at the moment.  The fact he had the audacity even to say those words.  A Feminist.  Itmade Michelle’s blood boil a little hot!  But, the word also made her panties drip a bit which was an odd combination considering what he was doing to her.  Testing her boundaries and acceptable beliefs with each new meeting of their minds and bodies.  Only parts of Michelle felt stronger. 

His fingers were again underneath the fabric of her sheer white dress.  White so that there were no surprises to anyone looking into Michelle’s direction.  She might as well had been naked as every contour and bump of her alabaster skin could clearly be seen under lights.  This assault on her pubes was the 3rd since they had left the Apartment.  A short walk from the nearby Restaurant.  But for the first time, she was beginning to get nervous enough to match the excitement that someone might notice!  The feeling that everyone was watching Michelle’s face turn different shades as he adroitly teased her puffed out cunt lips beneath the thin fabric sent her over the edge! She was just trying to keep herself composed enough to get through the Appetizers!

She believed him suggesting she no longer wear undergarments around him was going to be a Private Matter.  Between the two of them.  But as the light in this well-lit restaurant hit her at certain angles, Michelle was sure everyone else was in on their dirty little secret!  The sensation of belief was enough alone!  Did he have to manipulate her overly sensitive folds too?  He knew she was overly sensitive their from their previous encounters which had steadily broken down her will to resist.  To utilize their agreed upon “safe” word.  Even at points when Michelle was resistant to play along, she had remained silent.  The words “no” never escaping from between her lips.  Don’t maybe but, that was always followed by


Michelle’s orgasm had her synched under his spell and thinking about how she became what she was!  Here she was.  All Hardened nipples and pursed lips about to cum once again in front of strangers!  Her girlfriends would never believe or understand how their girl power leader was spending her spare time as a man’s slutty toy.  How could she explain to them how these were becoming her happiest moments?  How what she had discovered dangling over the foot post of this man’s bed had liberated Michelle in ways she never knew possible?  The revelation was new to Michelle as well.  She hadn’t had a chance to even think that far ahead.  And maybe, she wouldn’t have too.

“Scoot forward slut.” He asked nicely. 

“I want to see if you will squeal like you do when we are alone.  In front of all of these people pretending not to be watching.  I am going to grab your clit so tight and rub it between my fingers until you call me Master or squeal for the other Diners.  Are you ready?”    

She knew better than to answer by now with anything beyond a nod but her thoughts were “You promise.” Which was a complete departure from the young woman Michelle believed that she was?  The emotions once again mixed with the thought of Michelle’s naughty behavior with him.  She scooted forward to do what she was told.  Submitted to him while refusing to say a word because she didn’t want to refer to him as Master.  They had discussed this last barrier as a vestige of who she was before accepting his invitation to Tea and the dripping slut who wanted nothing more than to submit to his twisted desires being at odds.  The solution was silent compliance and, a promise to see where they ended up.  That Michelle thought it would be a momentary fling and never imagined the naked sexpot she had become existed inside of her.  But somehow.  Derek did!

She was the type of girl she looked down upon weak women and men.  With Amazonian good looks and overdeveloped mental ability.  Michelle had indoctrinated all of the girls into her HS Lacrosse team’s Sapphic circle with a combination of sour and sweet treatment.  Even the “straight” ones.  The sweet being the nectar between her thighs dribbling onto their weak, submissive tongues like ceremonial honey.  It was what was going to happen if you wanted to be on the team.   And if Captain Michelle wanted their boyfriends?  Michelle would take them too.  Sometimes on her own.  Others as a threesome with strict rules.  It all depended on how Michelle wanted it to be.   She was the DOM all of her life.  Always in control.  That part of her wasn’t going to give up without a struggle!

Michelle wanted to avoid the sensation building between her thighs from erupting immediately.  But mostly because she wanted to erupt with his hand inside of her warm body!  So her walls would have something to hold onto as she waited for the Appetizers and shook into a deep Orgasmic storm.  He always made her cum so long and hard!  His cock, distended and bulging beneath his slacks.  Prone down his right pant leg furthest away from her so that she had to lean over to catch a glimpse of what the woman at the next table was staring at intently, instead of Michelle like the other patrons.  It was a reminder of things to cum!  And the power of a perfect cock.    

Wishing he would tell her to unleash it into her hand, mouth, even his lap so she could grind on top of him to feel him fill her completely as only he did!  She was willing to do it right here!  Wanting to look into the horny bitch’s eyes as she rode and marked him as Hers!  Let her know that she knew what she wanted intimately but, couldn’t have it.  Michelle knew that if he asked her to fuck him anywhere, anyway, and anytime he asked.  She wouldn’t refuse!  These thoughts were crazy and irrational but, she wanted them to happen anyway! Going too far even didn’t worry or stop Michelle from wanting this reality to happen anyway!  Even if the thought embarrassed her into looking down as she scooted forward to heed his command.  Wondering how far he was planning to take her into his Dominant man act Bullshit! 

A glimpse of her own erect nipples only made her cream as much as she could without shuttering into a complete sexual seizure!  Her thoughts were as short as his finger-strokes into and out of her wet hole.  And once more, her resistance was broken.  Michelle panted her way through his slow knuckle banging and utterly disrespectful dirty talk.  All while looking into the envois woman’s eyes whose date by now was asking for a check.  Michelle halfway hoped he would avoid her pink nub and spare her the indignity of a public Orgasm she couldn’t hide so easily.  While wanting him to touch her there more with each stroke of his hand.  The truth was, she wasn’t hiding anything from anyone. 

The fact she couldn’t stop cumming back for more abuse had set in, as Michelle understood the depths of her own secret desire to be dominated herself.  The fact that she wanted him to treat her this way.  Was enjoying being a whore for the Blue-plate Dinner sect was something she knew her father would never approve of!  He could have colleagues in the room, but as his fingers slipped from between her legs and near her lipstick laden mouth, instinctively she licked them dry then, wet again.  Opening her mouth wide to suck them clean like a mini-dick.  Who was watching didn’t matter at all.

Michelle was only hoping he would use the slippery saliva and nectar dripping from between her pussy lips to finger fuck her newly opened ass.  She missed the companionship of her training tools and as her vagina pulsated and her ass seemingly pulsed in rhythm.  Michelle would immediately Orgasm  again if the tight, dirty hole were similarly penetrated by anything at the moment.  Too bad it was nearly physically impossible to reach from this position, and she knew he wouldn’t!  Instead, his fingers were rhythmically worked up their own song inside of her body.  Teasing her bud as her nipples hardened to the breeze.  He was merciless in prolonging either her agony or Orgasm depending on his mood!  And Michelle found herself increasingly interested in how he felt!   What he wanted.  It seemed as if he was making her the star of a show in which she was powerless to resist his will.  When Michelle scooted up and felt his finger encircle her puckered tiny anus with her own slickness, even momentarily.  Michelle had no other choice than to drop her head and bite into her napkin, in hopes to muffle and control the sound of her own voice! 

“Do you not feel liberated woman?”

Derek was sneering down as he enjoyed his conquests enhanced breathing.  There wasn’t much more to their relationship than moments like this, so far.  Each escapade he savored as much as the last because good things never last long.  Derek could feel Michelle’s hand rub over his hard dick.  Pressing his flesh as it pushed against the tight fabric of his suit pants.  She lost again.  Thinking this is a good thing.  A very good thing.  One extra hour of play. 

The woman across the aisle was leaving but staring with strange envy.  Michelle was delighted to see her longing and winked at her seductively which, her date saw and frowned upon.  She was demure and cute but, you could see the Tigress beneath the woman would eat this angry man alive one day as the ring on her finger suggested they were married.  She was no threat and off into the night.  Where the two of them would be soon. 

“I am going to fuck your ass with this finger and if you cum?”

As Michelle moaned a guttural groan, the entire room turned in her direction!  The thought alone was enough to send her over the edge, and John quickly got up from the table.  Leaving her alone to squeal and moan for the entire room!  Her legs couldn’t follow him if she wanted as they were as weak as cotton.  All she could do was reach for her glass of water and hope she could follow him as quickly as possible! 

“You are such a slut.”

The waiter politely whispered in her ear as he roughly grabbed her by the arm and escorted Michelle towards the door.  Another man joined him in her removal.  Groping her ass accidentally but, indiscriminately as they removed her roughly from the Main Dining Hall and towards the door.  In the Lobby, she saw Derek giving his card to the woman who sat across from them at Dinner but, couldn’t see her husband anywhere.  That was until she was outside and noticed him pull up in a Mercedes to the front door looking for her.  It was too late. 

Derek walked outside and grabbed Michelle by the hand.  Intertwining their fingers together like a pair of old lovers as he strode next to her.  A dinner to go bag in his hand had her believing this was all planned, and he never intended on Dining out.  They would eat in as usual.  Talking and getting to know one another even more before he would command her roughly to suck his cock and the fun would begin anew.      

“Of course, sir.” 

Michelle was still hungry, but honestly, Derek had pushed food far away from her focus.  She was relieved this test was over!  And had to admit that her sluttiest self-was looking forward to whatever came next!  She didn’t understand how the power he had gained over her with their “enhanced sexual experiments.”  And though a part of her was angry and jealous at what had just transpired inside.  The way he left her to be gazed upon and humiliated while he chatted up his next conquest in the Lobby right in front of her.  Testing their agreed upon free relationship status right in front of her after what she had done for him made her blood boil hot!  She wanted to kick his ass and call him names, but she was afraid of what she might say.  His next words made it easy. 

“I don’t think this is working out.  You can come to my place to collect your things but, I can’t be with a total slut.”  Derek said coldly.

His words were so nonchalant that she believed he was halfway joking!  He was halfway up the block, headed towards his apartment before Michelle even knew he had left!  What the fuck!  She had given him everything!  Did everything he asked!  And now he was dumping her!  Michelle didn’t even notice her tit was hanging outside of her dress and was only brought back to consciousness by a man exiting the Restaurant propositioning her. 

“How much?” 

By the time he recovered from the knockout blows, Michelle was up the block at Derek’s apartment door!  Her mascara slick from crying but for what reason?  He was essentially, a pervert!  A creep who preyed upon women!  A man without morals or boundaries!  Why did she care? 

She knocked on the door gently and was greeted by a naked John standing before her.  She was shocked at his appearance but, a familiar feeling stirred in her groin as she noticed his tan cock flaccid beside his thigh.  Even soft, it was as big as the largest she had ever fucked before him.  But he was such an arrogant tool!  He stepped aside and allowed her to come in.

“You can get your things.  It has been nice knowing you.  But as you know, we agreed to stop whenever the other felt it was time.  No explanations necessary.”

Michelle wanted to scream!  How could she have been such a fool?  Such a slut!  Thinking about everything that had happened made her so angry she wanted to kill him!  But she didn’t have the strength.  All she could do was drop to her knees and run her tongue across his beautiful cock.  Like she wanted to do all night! 

Her lips encircled and enveloped his head in a sheath of saliva as Derek looked down at her like a lost dog in heat.  His cock grew inside of her mouth as she sucked and licked his balls and attempted to reach his ass with her tongue but, he stood with his legs too close together to allow her contact with anything beyond his balls. 

“Is this supposed to be your apology for embarrassing me tonight?”  he said.

Her mind raced as she tasted his sweet pre-cum on her tongue.  She wanted to let his cock from her mouth and kick his ass like the man down the street moments ago.  But all she could muster was deeper access to her throat.  Gagging and coughing as she attempted to do for him the one thing she never had for anyone else.  Taking a man down her throat was to Michelle, an ultimate act of submission.  More than giving up her anal virginity which was last week’s lesson.  She knew the games were over now as she cried with his cock stuffed down her throat.  Releasing a stream of saliva onto his floor as she let him out to breathe.

“Please.  Don’t break up with me Derek!  I love you.”

Derek grabbed the woman by her ears off of the floor and pulled her into what was normally off-limits.  His office.  The horse was set up as he roughly pushed her tall legs towards the apparatus and bent her over.  Michelle’s eyes faced her ankles as she felt his cock press into her pussy fully with one stroke!  Tears flowed from Michelle’s face as finally, she was being fucked!  Her cream covered his cock, and as he pushed into her ass-bud, Michelle’s tears became real!  It felt soooo much bigger than the plugs she had been training with and as the third stroke completely filled her ass.  Michelle felt a sensation of pain and pleasure she had never experienced in her young life to date!  She passed out for what seemed to be 30 seconds before waking to the sensation of a widening cock splitting her nearly in half. 

“Take it all slut.   If you want to be my slave and not call my name?  You know what you have to do now.”

Pulling his cock out Michelle quickly fell to one side of the horse to do what must be done!  Her legs were uncontrollable but, her mind and body were willing to submit to anything to keep her new boyfriend happy.  Michelle quickly struggled to her knees to swallow his cock into her throat just in time to collect his entire load.  She coughed but knew better than to remove him and seriously felt death by choking today would be a better option than life without a visit to him tomorrow before collapsing on the floor. 

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Michelle.  Is there anything u would like to say to me before leaving?”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“That all depends.  What did you think about Josephine?  The woman from the restaurant?”

Michelle could feel her pussy pulsate at the thought of the competition of another woman so close to what she wanted only for herself!  These feelings were foreign to her and yet, as the cum streaked down from her lips and grew sticky upon her breasts.  She realized there was no way that bitch could compete with her or strange as it seemed.  What they had together.  She was never going to give him up.

“The married slut?  I’d like a crack at her.” She said sadistically.

With that, Derek picked Michelle up bringing her into the bathroom for a shower together.  Washing her hair and holes until they were squeaky clean.  Leading her by the hand into the Bedroom where he kissed her deeply. 

“I want you to lick my dick, balls, and especially my ass until I tell you to stop.  Then, I want you to ride this dick until you fall asleep and as you do, I will tell you what I would normally do to a married slut like her.”

Michelle laid in the Bed she previously had never been allowed on before today.  Usually, he fucked her on the carpet or the floor.  On his wooden horse or the Alley downstairs between the buildings.  Always with some form of clothing on!  A skirt.  A top.  Stockings or leg-warmers.  In case anyone who happened upon them would know she was just another slut in heat.  He often ordered food and never let her answer the door fully dressed to meet the Delivery guys.  Who for their part, knew his Apartment well and never hesitated to ask him if they could touch her!   But he would never let them fuck her or even asked for her to share herself with another man.  Before tonight Michelle felt that was too far.  Now?  She had no idea what “too far” meant! 

“Than.  I am going to tell you what I would normally do if a married slut showed up at my place.  Because I know you like stories.” 

Michelle paused and looked into his eyes.  Wanted to see what HE wanted her to say. 

“Skip the dick suck and climb on bitch.  Show me what you got.”

His dick inched inside of her womb as Michelle gyrated around his bulbous head.  For the first time, it was what SHE wanted, and her body had longed for the chance to be in charge of his strokes.  She moved back in forth like a grateful convict.    Appreciative of the freedom of choice in how her pussy was being massaged inside of her womb!  It was as natural as breathing itself as she put herself down upon him and felt the flush inside of her body as it spent it’s last over his hardened pole.  Her ass still stung a little and Michelle was completely spent, but she knew she was home.  As she collapsed onto Derek’s tanned skin, she thought?  What could she say?  How could she express what she was feeling after everything they had done?  Michelle decided she had to try.    

“I love you already you perverted freak.” She sighed.

“But I can’t call you Master or play these games because you know who my family is.  But I will do whatever you want me to do anyway.  I have no control or power over you.  So even if you plan on fucking her while I watch.  I will.”  

“And that my dear.  Is how I got your Father.”  

Michelle paused and smiled at her daughter.  Noticing how agape her mouth was along with how hard her Breasts had become.  Was she thinking about her Father in a sexual way?  It was only natural as still, she found him to be the Sexiest Man Alive!  Their Daughter wasn’t blind and wanted to know why her mother took so much shit from him.  Hearing it as a choice couldn’t have been easy but at 17.  She needed to hear the truth.    

Remembering and regaling the tales to her daughter Michelle understood her Feminist feelings better than anyone.  She was her once!  Confused and not understanding of the dichotomy between Power and sex completely.  How to be who she was and, what she wanted to be simultaneously.  Her daughter was like her at her age.  A beautiful slut in training!  Bi-sexual and super smart like her Brother was athletic and bold, like his Father.  And as she had seen in the shower recently, built like Derek too!.  She envied them both their future endeavors.  But had to catch a flight in an hour with her Husband which was to be both Business and pleasure.

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place than it was in the 80’s.    

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