“You would be surprised at what I think about.”

James’s eyebrows rose at the sly tone in Crystal’s voice.  The mere though her thoughts were anything close to his was enough to stir his black snake to awareness.  The same thoughts James confided to her Husband that brought him into the Ministry in the 1st place were always in his mind.

Even if he had learned to lie about it pretty well.  Restraining the feelings of flesh that had run his life before the present good work James was doing for Religion.  The house presided over by Crystal’s husband, James’s spiritual mentor.  The momentary thought of the Pastor’s wife spread eagled before him would soon pass.  Leaving his heavily weighted black cock as his personal Burden to Bear.  Such was his new life.

Crystal smiled over her shoulder outside of James’s studied gaze.  She knew all about his weakness of the flesh because her Husband had mentioned in innocent conversation a few times.  Never in detail.  And never with the intention to embarrass one of his loyal flock!  Crystal sensed a bit of envy and excitement in her Husband’s voice in mentioning James ‘weakness’ for women.  The Pastor tried to be careful about how much he envied and admired James former life!  Especially in front of his pure and polished wife.  She never experienced such things.  

But still. Crystal knew his attraction to James was more and, unrequited.  This man was far from interested in Men and if the Pastor had a secret attraction to him, he kept it from her the best that he could. James was not that man anymore and it was obvious a stud like James had different tastes.  Much more of a man in comparison to her husband!  But still, the Pastor liked to keep him close.

The job of being a Pastor’s wife was part Confidant.  Part homemaker.  Part Breeder and full-time beard.  The Pastor barely bred her and their only Daughter was now 18 and off to College soon.  The marriage was more two girlfriends than husband and wife!  Even if they never talked about their lack of sex.  In between his various trips out of town, The Pastor enjoyed telling other people’s secrets which worked because Crystal secretly loved to hear them, it was a great way of avoiding dealing with the lack of intimacy in their own marriage. The Pastor though didn’t dare go into detail about James though.  And it only made Crystal more curious about him. 

As a couple, they had drifted apart long ago.  Her hard body was simply for aesthetics it seemed. as Crystal easily went months in between her Husband’s conjugal activities.  Time has a way of uncovering hidden truths and the Good Book couldn’t hide The Pastor’s growing feminine tendencies either.  His travel schedule increased over the years while she had found comfort as a companion and leader of the women of the Church.  Diving headfirst into the responsibility of setting a good example and forgetting all about sex. She married him and left College after her Freshman year to start a Family and have Babies!  And hoped their sex life would be better.  At least she had Rebecca.

The Pastor had been amorous and engaged in holding her attention when they courted.  It made up for a lot of ‘shortcomings’ that he had been so sweet to Crystal before their marriage.  Taking the time to caress her body lovingly before church.  He would add to it with a future broken promise of more affection.  Going as far to smack her ass playfully before leaving early to prepare for service.  These days?  A shrill goodbye from across their expansive home.  The Congregation was generous.  But creature comforts did not calm her most Basic needs and desires!  And Crystal was beginning to let her mind wander.

As a young mother, Crystal would never keep late hours at the Church.  Rebecca needed her attention all of the time and her husband insisted his daughter be doted upon.  But Rebecca was older now.  A beautiful and sneakily rebellious free Spirit that barely accepted any parenting beyond the basics.  For the last two years?  All the girl thought about was Boys and Crystal suspected she was well past thinking!   Young Rebecca’s Web Browser reflected how much of a pervert her once innocent Daughter was becoming!

Crystal made a Daily practice of spying her Internet activities.  Which was having an effect on Mom’s  own thoughts as well!  She could never tell the Pastor what she had found out of fear of losing her Daughter’s trust.  He would find a way to restrict Rebecca’s access which would mean, Crystal would have to search the sites herself!  How would she explain her daughter’s affinity for such Hardcore pornography?  Or satisfy her own growing craving to see watch it too!  She couldn’t tell without outing herself. 

The Visuals of her daughter’s favorite sites kept her awake at night.  Tossing and turning to things she would never imagine on her own!  Set into her every waking thought!  Crystal’s limited exposure to worldly things worked against her now.  She was married to a husband who hardly touched her.  And most of her time being spent at the Church with James after watching pornography off of her Delicate teen daughter’s Computer.  The routine was beginning to have an effect!   

“Crystal.  Are you ok?”

James had moved behind her so close, Crystal could feel the heat of his breath on her neck!  Wanting to touch the woman and kiss her hard on the lips.  James first instinct was to reach for her head and grab a handful of her hair to strut his Dominance.  His reluctance was more out of respect for their surroundings more than fear or apprehension of dicking her deep!  His former Carnal self would have read her signs and fucked her ass many times by now!  But James turned away from sins of the flesh and with it, white pussy.  One more eager than the next to gobble his 10 inches just to feel him inside of their throbbing pussy walls!  But the change couldn’t stop him from reminiscing!

James once loved tying the objects of his deviant affections hands behind their backs.  Especially after his first, gentle fuck that he knew too well how to administer.  The second time was never that way.  Tying their hands allowed him to better control their reactions to his deep, wide strokes.  And when he eventually got to that point?  James especially enjoyed humiliating the sluts for their willingness to please him.  Calling them by their names and making them admit how much they enjoyed how his cock felt inside their strained but pleasured holes.  Better than their boyfriends or husbands because that is what kept most of them coming back!

James especially enjoyed having them call out their spouses names for help before cumming.  Telling the woman to scream his name in a sentence that went…

“James.  Thank you for making me cum sir.  (Insert name) could never please me like you!”

And they almost always came back for more!  The type of women James fucked for kicks were exactly like the Pastor’s wife!  He could smell her lust whenever they were alone now and his Dick was almost always hard as Granite around her!  She was a Beautiful woman.  A trophy wife.  With a mouth that was being completely wasted by never sucking his black stick.  His resistance was faltering as was his faith.  Why would he be tested this way?

The tension between the trusted Deacon and the sexually unattended to Pastor’s wife was growing with each interaction.  His resolve to resist was weakening.  He usually just thought of his beautiful brown skinned wife to resist but not being able to imagine what she even looked like was a problem with no solution at the moment!  As Crystal turned instinctively, brushing her taut breasts against what felt like a well-developed chest!  Her well-curved ass felt a rush of energy shoot through her pulsing pussy.  Tightening her Tits and moistening the space between her thighs as it contracted between them.  A pulse so strong it moved through her fingertips.  The temptation of the was upon them.

“Excuse me.  I should go home.  Rebecca is waiting for me.”

Her head was tilted downward, so as not to look directly into his eyes, and give herself away.  Crystal had let her mind had wandered and she knew in another minute, her fidelity would follow! 

Recalling a scene from her Daughter’s online browser that seemed to always be on her mind lately.  The woman resembled Crystal in every way.  They could easily be Sisters!  Her tits were forced against the window glass of the Office.  Her Black lover, who didn’t look like James at all beyond what she imagined was a large stick of Black Dynamite.  The actor pushing his black pole into and out of the woman’s self-lubricating pussy and by now, Crystal could recall each elongated stroke!  She had never seen a woman squirt before and reasoned the rough way in which the man handles her doppelganger must have been the reason why!  Twisting her arm behind her back before shooting his white cum into and out of her pussy before the woman knelt on her knees, sucking the rest out of the eye of the storm!  The image of his last spurt landing on her face when she was sure he had nothing left was etched into Crystal’s brain!   She wondered if given the chance, would James do her the same way? 

Crystal imagined the contractions the woman must have been experiencing before she came.  His dark hands, pulling her hips across his Beautiful stick!  Powerful thrusts, pounding her face against the glass the woman she was powerless to resist.  All she could do was wait as he reached around the helpless white woman, squeezing her jutting tits and pink nipples mercilessly!  The contrast of their skin was Beautiful!  His hands left reddened marks on her body as he slapped her ass sometimes before pulling her onto its girth over and over!  It wasn’t quite Bondage.  But it was a level of sexual domination Crystal had never experienced with her Husband!  The only man she had ever been with. 

The Actress screams were a mixture of Pain and pleasure!  Though Crystal doubted she was acting much.  His face though grinned with each expression of pained sexual lust and anguish from the helplessly pleasured woman’s face!  These scenes were NOT something a Pastor’s wife or Daughter should be thinking about or watching!  And definitely not something she wanted to try!  And as she left the Church building, Crystal resolved to never watch such filth again!  Knowing it almost made her act unfaithfully.  James dick did look pretty big though.    

Driving away, Crystal recalled the large bulge in James slacks brushing against her midsection as she moved past him.  And there was a wetness between her legs which didn’t make for a comfortable drive home!  If her Husband were home, she would probably rape him!  But then again, she would probably have to!  He was away though.  Leaving her and Rebecca to their own devices. 

Pulling into the garage Crystal entered the Kitchen where Rebecca greeted her near the door in a Nightshirt.  It was obvious she wore nothing beneath it, as her rounded breasts and nipples poked into each number.

“Hi, Mom.  You are back early.  Why didn’t you call?  I would have warmed up Dinner for you.”

She was a good daughter Crystal knew loved her very much.  Once an excellent student of the Bible who her Father believed would make a great wife one day.  But then again, he hadn’t seen her web browser!  Crystal smiled and ran the back of her hand across her face, where dried streaks of sweat illuminated in the light cumming through the window.  The rough and sticky strains of sweat seemed barely familiar while over her Daughter’s shoulder, Crystal noticed two boys sneaking out from the Bushes.  They made their way down the Drive, towards the street.   Another secret she should keep from her Pastor husband?  And from their looks, Crystal hoped they weren’t planning on walking far.  They would surely be picked up and have to explain where they were coming from! And if they told the truth.  Two Black boys coming from the Preacher’s home at that hour?  They would surely face the wrath of the local Officers.  Making a scene or calling the police was not an option Crystal considered.  And neither was asking Rebecca for an explanation, but the fear of what she might actually ask Rebecca held her tongue-tied!  Saying nothing and avoiding scandal seemed the smartest thing to do at the moment.  That and make believe one of the Boys hadn’t smiled directly at her before turning to run away.

Crystal could barely sleep that night!  She knew she was being tested by temptation and lust, imagining all types of things whenever her eyes would close.  Wanting to touch herself but knowing it could only lead to a weaker constitution for fidelity.  But the thoughts running through her head couldn’t be removed!  It was a difficult night, to say the least. 

Crystal overslept and by the time she hit the kitchen, Rebecca was long gone for school.  Just a few more weeks left and the 18-year-old would be finished with High School and off to College.  Where no doubt she would experiment with more Boys like the ones in the Bushes.  Crystal felt jealous of her Daughter but also wished they could trade places!   Even if only for a day!  Or a moment.    The phone rang snapping Crystal out of her haze, if not out of her fantasy as James was on the other end of the line. 

“Hope I didn’t wake you but the Pastor called saying he was trying to reach you and you didn’t answer your phone.  Is everything ok?”

Crystal paused momentarily before answering. 

“Yes.  Just slept in this morning.  Why did he feel it necessary to call you?”

Her tone was one of annoyance which only made James slack rise a bit.  He loved the defiant ones.  The ones with spirit sometimes tried to fuck him back.

“I really don’t know Crystal.  But he said his flight was delayed and he won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon and he was worried because you always answer him like a faithful wife.  Reception at the retreat is terrible.  Maybe you should check your messages?”

Crystal reached for her phone.  Noticing the group of messages from her husband.  Confirming exactly what James just told her.  He was going to have to catch a flight in the morning and she should prepare for another night without him.  Frustrated at the texts.  Crystal couldn’t help but curse.


“I’m sorry?”  

James had never imagined anything dirty coming out of her sweet mouth except for his cock.  And that was more of a dream. 

“I’m sorry James.  Please forgive me.  I just miss my Husband’s company and slipped.  Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Your secret is safe with me Crystal.” James continued.  “Besides, who would believe me?”

They both laughed at the thought of a shared secret and the possibility of anyone actually believing the secret, should he ever decide to tell! 

“I am going to get in the shower and come to the Church early.  Will you be there?” she asked.

“I am in my car now.  Are you getting in right away?” James asked.

That was a strange question.  Crystal wondered why he would ask that and hesitated to respond to the personal question long enough for James to continue.

“I was going to get Coffee and want to make sure its fresh and hot for you so, I am trying to gauge your ETA.”

Of course!  James was always bringing in treats for their long days going over the books and preparing the Church’s agenda.  He was always thoughtful in that way.  The family home was very close to the Church and, over time he had become very good at gauging her arrival based upon the most basic information.   His request was completely innocent. 

“I am getting in the shower in 10 minutes and will meet you at the Church in 40.  Caramel Macchiato please.” Smiling at the phone in a way she never could in person. 

“Whatever you’d like.”

20 minutes later, Crystal was drying herself off and opened the door to her Bathroom with her robe tied around her waist.  Her hair was wet and covering parts of her face, which didn’t allow for her to see James, sitting in the edge of her bed as she exited.

“The lady asked for Caramel.”

She nearly jumped out of her robe! 

“What are you doing here, in my house?  In my bedroom?” 

“Calm down.  I was just driving by and realized.  By the time you get to the church.  Your Expresso will be cold and the cream melted.  So I decided to bring it by first and keep going.  The front door was open.”

Even if this was true, there was no good reason for James to be in her Bedroom!  She was a married woman and, the Pastor’s wife!  James must have known how inappropriate this was and still, here he was!  His white teeth smiling as if nothing at all was wrong with her covered naked body being an inch from his grasp!  Even with the extended coffee cup in hand, Crystal was confronted with the very real possibility of being alone with James.  Should she scream?

“Here.  Before it gets cold.”

His calm was both unnerving and comforting simultaneously.  Crystal reached out to grasp the cup which allowed one of her breasts to become exposed in the process.  In pulling the soft robe over the tip of her areola, she felt the tingle of arousal.  She was excited and seemingly, in danger.  As James made no effort to turn away or remove himself from the room after she took the cup from his hand. 

“Drink up Crystal.  We have a long morning ahead of us.”

With that, James smiled and turned brushed past her into the Bathroom.  He acted as if it was his own home!  Crystal sipped the delicious Expresso anyway.  Still, a bit confused from the warm shower after a night of broken sleep.  She could hear him using the Bathroom behind her and the echo that was deeper than what she usually heard from her husband.  It would have been the perfect time to get dressed quickly.  Or look for a weapon.  Or even call the Police!  But instead, she sipped the Coffee patiently and waited in her robe for him to finish. 

“Crystal.  There is a problem with your fancy toilet.  Could you help me?” James yelled.

“I don’t think I can James and I think you should leave immediately and meet me at the Church?”  she replied. 

“Ok.  But I still need your help.” He said.

Crystal knew she shouldn’t.  Knew everything about this interaction was completely wrong.  But her feet moved forward into the Bathroom towards where James’ voice had emanated from.  A room she had designed herself with a walk-in tub, big enough for two but rarely ever used for one.  And a shower large enough to fit 4 people comfortably.  She tightened the knot on her robe as she walked in a last-ditch attempt to protect her body until she reached James.  Sitting on the edge of the tub in nothing but his briefs. 

“And you need mine.”

James walked towards her, reaching into her robe and taking her bare flesh into his hands while planting a firm kiss on her lips!  Crystal shook her head back and forth, finding his open mouth on her own repeatedly as he did so.  And silently succumbing to his will. 

“I am tired of pretending to be good.” He whispered.  “So I know you are exhausted from actually being good!” 

The know on her robe was pulled off and James lifted her off of the ground.  Her naked pussy rubbing against the second cock ever Crystal felt a heat unlike any she had ever experienced!  It could have been the moment or all of the rules she was breaking!  But she couldn’t resist the feeling of lust that overtook her!  James handled her like a Man.  He decided what he wanted and was there to take it for the both of them!  There was no way of stopping him, even if she wanted to which, she didn’t! 

James sat her down on the white tile and lifted her right leg above her shoulder.  Her rosebud was completely exposed and the warm air from the Bathroom vents made her a bit hot.  But James tongue touched the bottom of her hole and moved its way up to her clit.  Encircling it in a gentle way that sent shivers into her womb and pussy juice streaming out of her hole.  She had never been eaten before since the Pastor considered the act “dirty” and in the moment, she understood what that really meant! 

James continued to examine her pussy with both sides of his tongue until Crystal had cum at least a dozen times!  For a woman who could honestly only recall one Orgasm in her life.  The multiple experiences had her senses reeling!  She no longer considered the circumstance or consequence.  Only what James would do to her next! 

She still hadn’t seen his naked cock.  He had taken the time to please her, but so far, asked for nothing in return!  James stood from between her soaked thighs.  Her juice dripping from his soft beard and grabbed her by the hair, forcing his snatch soaked tongue down her throat! 

“I have wanted to kiss you for so long Crystal.”

James spoke before once more, pushing her mouth open with his!  Her first taste of pussy was her own! 

“Grab my dick.”

He whispered in a commanding voice but, didn’t have to speak twice!  Crystal awkwardly fumbled for his monster cock and ran her hand up and down it awkwardly.  She didn’t know what to do next.  But was sure James would tell her! 

“I want you to kiss my cock before I fuck you silly.  Take off my Briefs Crystal.”

Reaching out with both hands, Crystal felt her face rub against the hard, black dick as she pushed off his drawers.  Upon reaching the top afterward, she opened her mouth wide and licked the knob in the same way she saw the woman do on her daughter’s porn!  Tasting the slick, clear ooze and pushing it in between her tongue and cheeks!  She felt a sensation of control never experienced, as James’ head moved backward at the moist feeling of her mouth!  She was no longer an unwilling accomplice.  She was a participant! 


Her voice echoed as she tasted the pre-cum that oozed forward through the Black Dynamite stick on her lips.  Crystal had never sucked cock before.  But what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm!  It wasn’t long before James was ready to cum.  Marveling at the blonde haired, blue eyed woman’s efforts to get more of his long cock down her throat each time!   He knew he couldn’t last if she mastered the technique so soon so, he pulled out of her mouth and guided her into the shower. 

“Follow me.”

Turning the water on, James caressed the Pastor’s wife with care and caution before turning her around to face the stream of water.  His fingers plunged into her pussy first, ass second before he lined his dick up with her pink hole. 

“This is going to change you..” he said as he slid the tip of his cock in partially.

Crystal’s hands pressed against the shower walls as she moaned with the pleasure of the Foreign cock inside of her.  His second stroke place James halfway inside of her, about as deep as the Pastor had ever been inside of her!  Her vagina moved outward though in a way her Husband’s cock could never make it do.  And the 3rd stroke sent her eyes rolling back through her head! 

“Oh, My Lord.  Thank you!” she screamed!

  As James pushed her forward so her eyes faced the floor.  His thumb pressed into her tiny asshole at the same time, causing the sexually inexperienced Pastor’s wife to shoot a stream of cum all over James cock and thighs! 


James followed that by shooting a thick stream of baby batter into her stomach at the same time!  Causing Crystal’s knees to give way and James cock to slip out! 

“Suck the rest out.” He commanded.

And she did.  Without hesitation!  She wasn’t thinking about her husband now.  Though she did think about her Daughter and how grateful she was to her for putting these thoughts into her mind!   Planting the seeds for her happiness and giving her the strength to at her age, truly learn about the Joys of Sex!  And when she awoke hours later.  Still lying on the shower floor.  James nowhere to be seen but, Rebecca standing over her with a sly smile.  Crystal, she knew she had to do.  Fess up to her Daughter about everything she knew and what had happened today.  And end her marriage.

When the Pastor arrived home the next day, Crystal fucked him for one last time.  She had to.  She hadn’t used birth control for years and knew she couldn’t explain what was going to happen next.  They agreed to split with Pastor keeping the house and buying Crystal a new one for her and Rebecca in another state.  James after all knew all about the Pastor’s “business trips”.  And they were just as salacious as the Pastor’s wife and Daughter having children by the same married black Deacon. 

But that.  Is another story.  

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