There were always exotic women with sharp curves and strong bodies, coming in and out for no longer than a few hours at a time.  African.  Asian.  Italian.  Irish, Hispanic.  Filipino.  Different shapes sizes, and walks of life down the same path.  Sometimes alone.  And sometimes, together.  All doing a form of “The walk.”   But what does an outsider know about anything that happens inside a home of consenting adults?   


Ron waited as Lorraine walked around the corner of his home towards him from the opposite direction of where he was perched.  He recognized the smile on her bright yellow face from a distance as a nervous one.  But her confident, sexy gait was undeniably confident until her last step.  Which ended directly in front of Ron’s prone lawn chair.  Everything about her portrayed the woman as sure, even if she wasn’t.  But it wouldn’t be long before she believed in herself again.  Because she was there. 


“Are you alone tonight?”  Ron asked smirkingly.


Smiling up at the woman as her breasts blocked the sun from the front of his face he remembered the words of his Uncle lawyer.  “Never ask a question you are not sure of the answer.”  The curves of her tightly-shave cunt already betrayed no shadows between her tight white shorts.  And no fearful intent on her part at all.  Ron read her weight shifting from one foot onto the other as a tell he had seen before.  The sassy Latina hell-bent on taming the Beast within Ron’s shorts, once and for all!  His cock even twitched a bit at the thought of what was anticipated she would try first.  And what Ron would do next. 


“I am more than enough woman.”  Lorraine smiled.


Her pride stuck in the words even if she doubted, they were true.  Knowing her friend was in love with him but knowing herself even better.   This wouldn’t be the 1st time they were together.  Just the first time they would be together alone.  And from their first time together?  Lorraine wasn’t sure what she was saying may actually be the lie.  Because Ron was more than a handful!  Or even two.


Her body ached for him.  She could still feel his warm hardness pulsing inside of her days later.  And had only nervous conversation with his girlfriend Jill since.  Trying to hide how she really felt about their threesome was hard!  And Jill told her she and Ron had been fighting ever since which secretly made Lorraine smile.  Jill said she was leaving to visit her parents for a few days.  To reconsider the entire relationship and whether there was a future for them at all.  While Lorraine listened as a good friend would under the circumstances.  Hoping that Jill wouldn’t catch on to her growing interest in her man!


When Ron called and asked her to stop by the day Jill flew out of town?  All types of thoughts ran across Lorraine’s mind.  One about her own girlfriend who was boring in bed for a girl but, loyal.  She knew nothing about what Lorraine had been up to the previous Thursday night and her evolving thoughts on her own sexuality.  But mostly she thought about Ron and the way his dick felt inside of her body!  She realized she didn’t care if her girlfriend found out and what she wanted was more time with him, alone.  


“What time”?


She could have said no.  Hung up the phone and called Jill immediately and tell her about the invitation and that would be the end of it.  She could fight the temptation to fuck her man AND have Jill back on a regular basis again.  Because she knew if she said anything?  Jill would break it off with him.  But Lorraine didn’t want it to be the end.


 She was hoping they would have invited her back to join both of them.    Their dynamic had been electric!  And she wanted nothing more than to experience Ron again!  His confidence in inviting her over was exciting to her!  Knowing what she knew now about them both.  The right thing was satisfying a thumping emptiness between her legs since last week Lorraine knew Ron could sate.  Jill had just left the door wide open.


Inviting Lorraine into their shared bed was proof of her willingness to evolve and share.  Both Ron and Jill both knew it wasn’t in Jill’s nature to share anything!  Especially Ron.  He knew there had to be more in it for her or it would go on for as long as it could before Jill lost her cool entirely.  Demanding some form of reassurance again of his devotion to her.  The interim was going through their playful motions.


The fruits of the game now stood directly before him.  Close enough for him to reach out and rub his palm against Lorraine’s mound before Ron decided to respond to her boast.


“I’ve heard that before.” He sneered.


Lorraine would have probably would have never imagined a man interacting with her that way last week!  But Ron had opened up a world the young woman had stopped considering long ago.  And she welcomed his forceful yet, gentle touch with an involuntary shiver and not much else.  His palm circulated across her mound in the ways girls usually touched her.  And increased her desire to be not just filled by his cock but more intimately this time!  Ron pulled aside her terry cloth shorts to lick between her legs with the confidence most men only pretend to have.  As the heat and moisture between her legs bunched her shorts even closer together between her thighs.  His perversion matched only by his skill.


Lorraine loved Jill as a friend and occasional lover too.  And the two women were attracted together for what seemed like forever!  She was the girl Lorraine cheated on her Girlfriends with before Ron.  Not seeing her being the main reason she agreed to join the two of them in the 1st place.  With the caveat, she was not there for him.  How things change in a moment.


All Lorraine could think about in the seven days since their Menage Trois was him!  Watching how attentive Ron was to Jill had made her instantly jealous and understanding of why Jill never called her anymore!  But hearing his voice on the other end of the line was what she wanted now!  Lorraine didn’t need a clumsy excuse to stop by uninvited while Jill was out of town.  All she had to do was stop by and see if the connection she felt was really there.  And now as his finger decisively slid into her moist slit.   She knew she had done the right thing!


“Either way.  I’m glad you came.”



She almost did as Ron removed his hand and walked into the home.  Expecting her to follow closely behind.  He waved at the camera in an odd gesture she thought as they stepped inside together.  The long distance to the Bedroom seemingly steps away as Lorraine felt something she hadn’t felt in many years.  Overwhelmed and unable to say the words no. 


Ron lit a joint sitting on the side of the Bed in an ashtray.  Passing it to her as she sat her down on the Bed before exiting the room.  When Ron reappeared he was as naked and immodest as the day he was born.  Swaying from side to side as he moved towards her.  


“You’re assuming an awful lot.”  


Her mouth moved but her body stayed put.  Because she wore no panties or bra all she could do was pretend there was a chance she would walk away by behaving modestly.  But there was only one reason she would be there! and her hard nipples gave her completely away before Ron stood above her silently.  Grasping the blunt in one hand and her face in the other before pulling her chin up.  Her mouth directly in line with his 9 inches of brown steak.  With her eyes were directed upwards, watching him pull the weed into his mouth.  Ron’s head tilted down to kiss her.  Blowing smoke onto her tongue and down her throat as he kissed her passionately.  Releasing her mouth from his with two words.


“Stop playing.”


Lorraine felt her hand moving up between his legs.  Pulling Ron’s cock towards her opening lips knowing she shouldn’t be doing this!    It was pure lust and instinct taking over.  Watching his eyes roll back into the recesses of his head and making her mouth even wetter!  Her tongue encircled than engulfed, his stiffening cock as Lorraine surprised herself with how deep she could push it into her mouth and almost down her throat!  The enthusiasm that was more about how excited she was to see him this time alone.


What would her girlfriend say if she knew where she was and what she was doing?  And what about Jill?  Would she accept an apology and Lorraine’s skilled tongue swirling between her own tan thighs as a proper apology?  Did Lorraine even care?  As the thoughts ran through Lorraine’s head?  Her hands moved downwards towards her own slick box.  Rubbing her clit like her girlfriend usually did.  As if she was there with them!      


Sleeping with men was expected of her as a young, sexy Latina, so she wasn’t a virgin anywhere.  Her strict Catholic guilt made sure of that!  Lorraine was even engaged to a man before who had taught her about sex as a chore.  Those encounters were more about his pleasure than hers.  Those far from earth-shattering experiences only pushed her further away from men and before long Lorraine had rebranded herself a Lesbian. 


Any attraction to men had been a fleeting thought since.  Until watching Ron and Jill together had made her envious in a way she never experienced.  She WANTED him to make love to her the same way he had Jill.  With kisses and strokes long and deep inside of her body!  The sight of his brown skin sliding inside of Jill’s pink hole as it spread and sweated around his cock.  Lorraine knew what she wanted! 


There were no rules she told herself as she devoured the brown monster inch by inch.  Her body temperature heating up at the thought of Ron entering her like he had Jill.  Kissing and caressing her chest and back lovingly as he tested the depths of her well as Lorraine had watched in anticipation.  Wanting to be next but knowing that wasn’t what the two women had agreed upon.  If Jill was in town?  She wouldn’t be here.  Dressed so provocatively for however long he clothes remained. 

“You are very good at this.” 


Ron let her know he approved as he watched her head bobbing back and forth over and around his thick monster.  She was barely able to contain it in her mouth, and half wanted/expected Ron to grab the back of her head and force him down onto her.  Causing her to cough and gag as she usually had in her past with much smaller men.  But he didn’t.  He just watched as she did what she could before stepping back and pulling her tight T-shirt over her head.  Revealing her wonderfully shaped C cups and absurdly hard brown nipples.  The darkest part of her body. 


“I need to taste them titties now.”


His mouth circling her areolas in the most frantic yet, seductive way.  Ron had caressed and rubbed her titties beneath her bobbing head and now, pulled them and her upwards towards her mouth. 


“You know you are a natural, don’t you?”  Ron again expressing his approval of her performance so far.


The warmth of his mouth and lips kissing in between her breasts, so close to her own heartbeat made her shake again beneath him.  As he pushed her down onto the bed and began licking down her body until his head was between her thighs.  Kissing either side and teasing her clit with clumsy rolls of the tongue that seemed perfectly timed to her reactions!  Until Ron dug in.  Devouring her pussy with what had to be divine intent!

 Back and forth.  Up and down.   Figure eights until Lorraine’s body betrayed her, and she could feel the Orgasm welling up inside of her body! 


“I’m cumming.”


Ron rolled her legs up further beneath him as she began to shake and in one slow stroke?  Invaded her convulsing pussy just in time to get the desired reaction! 

“I love a wet dick.”


The strokes were long and slow with an extra push at the end that shook Lorraine a bit further than she ever knew possible!  The pain of being stretched enhanced by the pleasure or her own Orgasm beneath him!  His throbbing bare flesh rubbing against her walls that made her wonder does he do this with every girl?  But not wanting to stop it now!  No man had ever entered her unprotected, and she had sworn that no random man ever would!  But at the moment?  All she wanted was to feel his cum inside of her! 

“I know I cheated?” 


Ron began to pull out of her as her Orgasm subsided a bit.  His cock teasing and massing her insides in a short steady stroke.  Keeping the sensors inside of her body on full blast as his hands seemed to be all over her at once!  Under her ass.  Cupping her as he pulled her in but controlled her every stroke. 

On her tits.  Rubbing them and pinching her nipples one at a time in between hugs and kisses that calmed her fiery soul.  His tongue invading her mouth passionately from time to time as she began to Orgasm as many times as she could manage from his artful mastery of her!  As Ron began to push deeper inside of her.  His full shaft pressing against her shaved baldness finally.  Lorraine began to experience what she was looking for! 


“I want you to cum inside me.”


Lorraine’s voice was barely audible as she felt Ron stiffen and shoot his seed deep inside of her womb.  Leaving her there to recover.

“I will be right back.  Have to go check on something.”


Jill had watched the whole thing on the home security in a room upstairs.  Her mouth was gagged, and her hands tied behind her as she watched her man impregnate her friend.  The machine whirred and whipped inside of her a dildo half the size of Ron.  As she squirmed at the delight of watching her dream come true.  She couldn’t have children, and it gave her happiness to know the plan had worked so well.  Hoping that one day, they could all be together again soon. 

Sitting in the Hotel Bar, she was excited about the day’s prospects finally!  After the endless meetings and conversations, the deal she had been working on was behind her and the possibilities of a night alone in NYC ahead.  Being away from these people was the only thing on Anne’s mind, as her body was ready to experience something new and primal.

Anne’s husband was back in Ohio.  Probably fucking her secretary which didn’t matter to Anne at all.   Beyond the fact he spent Anne’s money on the whore it didn’t matter.  She already knew he was an ungrateful sack of shit!  One incapable of making her feel anything.

But if it weren’t for his infidelities, she would have remained faithful and unhappy forever!  Never known the pleasure and satisfaction of being used properly by a real man or men.  The sexually satisfied woman she was going to be soon was because of him!  Anne was always better at getting even than mad. 

Her Assistant was attractive but in a slutty way. She reminded her of her college dorm mate and the many experimental afternoons they spent together Freshman year.  The things that they did were tame compared to things she had done for Anne as a work slave.  Anne’s pussy and the secretary’s face were inseparable behind closed doors and the first year went by too quickly as Anne recalled.  Good times!  But only a small part of who Anne was. 

She hired Janice for the same reasons any man would have. A reminder of a lover she once had combined with a vision of her red hair between her thighs, tongue caressing her crotch.  But she would have never acted upon her impulses if her husband hadn’t beat her to it.  She was faithful to a fault and prepared to live in a sexless world.  Thank god for his horny, little pecker as her nipples began to swell in anticipation of being rewarded for being so bad.  She could barely not touch herself recalling her commands to Janice. 

“Seduce my husband while I am out of town.”

The words had flown out of Janice’s mouth, and there was no going back.  Her two fingers were furiously fucking the younger woman as she sat in her office chair with Janice ass extended to her in the air from her perch on the floor.

“I’d rather seduce you, Mistress.”

The words came back almost as quickly.  Anne smacked her ass with the flayed strap a few times and yelled for her to stay quiet!  She would do what she was told to do, and Anne inserted a plug into her ass for being disobedient.  Knowing Janice loved the pain as well as the attention.  

Janice for her part was an open book.  She usually dressed professionally in tight-fitting gear.  But she always wore hints about how she would have preferred to be treated.  A choker accessory with a symbolic ring attached.  Bracelets that were either oddly constricting or similar to restraints.  And an odd reaction to being told to do things.   

Keeping Janice around and at Anne’s beck and call enabled Anne to think again as orgasms seemed to open her creativity.  Regaining control of her marriage was one thing.  But rediscovering her desires to dominate and be dominated was something she would have to do outside of her marriage for now.   

Janice new job of keeping her husband busy and unsuspecting while she extended her stays after each business trip was a part of that.  Letting him believe he was in control while she was actually preparing to make him into something else.  Janice job was to introduce him to riskier sex while recording it all for Anne.  They would watch the tapes once a week before sending them to her attorney when Janice would lick and talk her through all the good parts until Anne would stifle her voice with her pink pussy.  But she would always let her up in time to breathe.  Anne’s hand’s massaged her clit thinking about the control she would soon exert over him.  And the lover she was meeting downstairs.  Before she came too soon, it was time to go. 

Anne had to change her thoughts before she soaked her panties and never left the room. Sometimes she hated being in control!  But her husband wasn’t her equal, and the love lasted as long as his wandering eye’s attention span. The truth was her intellect intimidated and emasculated him.  Anne had been careful about her business, and that was reinforced by a very strongly constructed prenuptial agreement which she would have gladly torn up had he shown any backbone over the years!  The thoughts completely turned down Anne as she changed her panties and left for the Bar. 

These trips out of town grew her business, sure.  But the nights alone were the motivation for planning them out.  That and feeding Anne’s inner slut.  What happened by accident once had her hooked on being a toy for men the same way her secretary was a toy for her!  Powerful, hung, men with large. Appetites for women like herself.  She always reserved the second day to recoup but always ended up fucking her way through that one too.  In discovering her own sexuality, Anne uncovered her own submissive danger zone and began to rely upon her journeys to keep her sanity.

“Slut A” was how she described herself on her profile.  Promising a plethora of sexual activities if she could be convinced to do them by the “right guy or group.”  It was good to be the boss, but better to be herself.

Anne’s own red hair was conservatively cut.  But her dress choice for the evening was immodestly tight and perfectly synched to her curves.  It had a zipper in the back and barely contained her voluptuous breasts in the front and her legs that were covered just above mid-thigh.  Shopping for clothes was always the most fun, as she would never keep these things in her family home lest her husband find them and discover her own extracurricular activities.  Each city came with a new reason to shop.  Trying slutty outfits on helped he get into character.   


Her eyes raised above the Martini she sipped, as the man from the internet stood before her even sexier than in his picture!  His beard was rough, but not unkempt and he was as tall as he said he was.  Around six feet even and from what she could tell, in as good shape as in his pictures.  She only hoped the one picture she couldn’t verify in a crowded bar also matched, but she would look into that soon enough.

“Yes, sir.”

Anne stood and greeted Tim with a hug, nearly jumping as his large hands cupped her ass behind her back in the process as he whispered in her ear.

“I can’t wait to spank this ass.”

Anne thought to herself, black men!  They were always so aggressive and forward!  Even the educated ones seemed to fuck her like she owed them something!  Being in charge and having to think for everyone all of the time was boring.  But she never had to worry about that with them, which is why they were her preference in these situations. 

“I see you are as fuckable as in your pictures.  Are you ready to spread those legs for Daddy?”

Anne sat back down and slid next to him in the booth, smiling as she did so.  The memory of his firm body pressed against her and his smell under her still fresh and new!  They had chatted for about an hour online total which mostly consisted of him telling her what he expected from her for his 10 inches.  And once the bargain was struck, there was no turning back! 

“Put on the collar.”

The gold leather matched her dress color which of course, he had instructed her to buy.  Anne had never gone this far with anyone publicly.  And the thought of being watched as this man leashed her publicly made her quiver and moan!  Of course, she hesitated, even though she was now alone in the city.  But his fingers moved under the table and rested in between her thighs, spreading her lips and trailing across her wet mound to allay her fears.  


“Are you getting cold feet?”

Tim’s hand between her legs thrust one large finger into her wet pussy which she was sure the Bartender noticed as he leaned into her and whispered.

“If you are getting cold feet I can just leave you and your wet snatch alone?”

Tim’s fingers fucked her rhythmically as he looked deep into her eyes. 

“Put it on.  Don’t be shy to be who you are with me.”

Anne looked at the Bartender’s disgust and contempt watching them closer from across the room as she reached onto the table and fastened the collar around her neck.  Her nipples were jutting out beneath her dress, and her panties which were bunched up on the side were moist from the finger fucking or the anticipation of what was to come!  Anne knew the city would be different. 

“Ask for the check.”

Anne motioned to the waitress as Tim continued to fuck her pussy shamelessly as the Latina approached them in the corner of the room.  


“Ask nicely.”

Tim squeezed her clitoris as he told Anne to repeat herself, releasing an orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced!  Anne felt the humiliation of the moment and noticed the smirk come across the server’s lips as she gasped in the shame of her sweet bliss!  Her left nipple was noticeable to anyone within 5 feet of the couple anyway, and it was apparent what was happening to the woman as Tim was hardly shy about taking liberties with her. 

“Check please.”

The woman smirked at Anne’s sluttiness as Tim smiled at her as he began to talk. 

“So what’s your name?”

“Jasmin” she replied.

“Well, Jasmin. Anne here is a guest of the Hotel, and we would deeply appreciate.”

When Tim said deeply, he plunged another finger deep into her twat, bending one to rub her outer wall which elicited a moan from the helpless woman before continuing. 

“If you would just Bill the room and send up a bottle of Dom to room…What room is it dear?”

“1221” Anne moaned.

“1221.  We were going to go clubbing, but as you can see, I don’t think Anne will make it.  And could you bring it up?”

Reaching into his pocket, Tim handed the waitress a folded 50 Dollar Bill. 

“Of course,” Jasmin replied as the two exchanged smiles. 

Anne was too deep into her own voyeurism to notice though as she was fixated on the few people left in the Hotel Bar at this hour who were all watching her get finger fucked by a stranger!  It was too dark, and she was too far gone to recognize any faces.  But she knew she had an audience when her pussy clamped down on his fingers as she came.  Tim clipped his leash onto Anne’s chain and stood up, removing his magical fingers from her tightened hole in the process.

The walk to the elevator was blissfully short as Anne dropped her head and traipsed behind Tim quietly.  Two other men followed them and jumped in the elevator behind the happy couple as Tim pressed the button and immediately turned his attention to Anne. 

“Turn around and bend over.”

Anne turned to face the two men who were both smiling wide grins.  She bent at the waist, exposing her gold panties which were a mess scrunched around her pussy.  Her face was directly at eye level of the two men’s crotches as she felt Tim enter her roughly, pushing her face straight into two strange crotches!  She felt their engorged bulges rubbing against her cheeks as Tim wasted no time splitting her in two in front of them!  She was so ashamed of herself for cumming on his 2nd unannounced entry into her as the men reached out to hold her up by her firm tits. 

“So you like this big dick baby?”


“And you are ready to take us all on?”

Anne reached for the silent men’s cocks, rubbing them up and down her open palms as Tim continued his public pussy punch with his oversized dick.  They were as advertised!  At least 8 inches, one wider than the other!  The elevator opened as Tim withdrew his meat and the men pulled aside, allowing Anne to fall to the floor.  Her panties still around her thighs as she felt a tug on her leash. 

“Come slut.”

Anne crawled on the floor of the thankfully empty hallway with the two men behind her.  Laughing at her dripping snatch and lace panties hanging around her thighs as she moved.  Tim opened the door with her key card as they all walked into the Suite to become better acquainted. 

Tim closed the door and took his cock out again which Anne immediately took into her face. 

Smack . Smack.

Each ass cheek was assaulted by the other two men, making Anne release Tim immediately.

“Ask to lick this meat slut!”  Tim growled at the horny woman.

“Please, sir.  May I suck your big, black cock?” Anne asked nicely.

Tim grinned at the woman as he nodded his approval while behind Anne, the other two men got undressed.  She could barely fit half of him in her mouth until Tim grabbed her head and started forcing himself down her throat roughly.  Her eyes began to bulge as Tim held her firm as one of the other men behind her played with her ass.  Applying some form of lubricant as he pushed his finger deeper and deeper inside of her.  Anne was excited by the unknown.  Not knowing who these other men were beyond Tim telling her beforehand they were trusted friends who loved fucking white women like him.  She felt herself building to an orgasm at the thought of being so powerless to stop anything from happening now! 

Tim grabbed Anne firmly by the neck and lifted her off the floor before turning her around to enter her once more!  Unzipping her dress which stood around her ankles and constricted her ability to move!  This gave the men in front of her access to her tits as they both affixed clamps to her pink nipples, which stood out long and hard from her breasts as Tim once more entered her pussy to Anne’s delight!  Her short haircut left not much to grab, so her ears were pulled back to accommodate each of the other black dicks one at a time until she had lost count of what was going on! 

Tim was now working himself into her ass slowly as one of the other two men finally removed the dress that held her ankles hostage if only to get them wide enough to access her swollen clit.  Anne felt as if she could explode into two separate pieces but she was helpless in between these 3 men!  But it was obvious they had done this before as Tim settled her expertly onto his friend’s 8 inches while pumping her ass deeply.  The pain that she felt now replaced by the joy of being filled and controlled by three strange black men fucking her holes! 

“Now you can remove this from your slut bucket list!”

Tim laughed as he released a stream of semen deep into her anal cavity.  The other two men continued until they also came inside of her.  Something they hadn’t discussed would happen but thanks to the stinging inside of her body from their massive dicks, she was happy had occurred!  The man beneath her made Anne lick her juices as well as Tim’s semen, which had dripped onto him as he pulled on her collar.  Anne knew she found her favorite new hobby when she felt herself cum again as she licked him clean!

“Best one yet.” 

All she understood as the men leered over her fallen, cum stained body on the floor.  They never even made it to the bed as Anne lay exhausted from the activities before Tim led her into the shower to fuck her once more as she cleaned herself up, but this time, he didn’t cum.  She was being worked harder than ever by anyone and enjoying every second of the ride!  The other two made use of the large Jacuzzi tub, filling it with a warm bath before leading her in to clean herself, and them.  Her nipples were amazingly still clamped together tightly and now throbbed in pain due to the lack of other bodily distraction.  Anne was exhausted but willing to see the night through.

“If you are going to join the club, you need to learn how to take care of all a man’s needs.”

The two men took turns commanding her in the water for what seemed like an hour.  Teasing her by fucking her holes whenever she bathed or attended to the other.  But Tim had disappeared from the room, leaving her to their whims. 

Knock. Knock. Knock. 

Jasmin stood, the waitress stood in the bathroom doorway wearing an apron and holding a bottle of Champagne.

“And don’t forget a woman’s needs too.”

Tim kissed her deeply as he came up from behind Jasmine.  Anne felt a twinge of jealousy at their intimacy but didn’t have much time to formulate an opinion on the new addition to her party.  She barely had time to react to the 9 inches being worked into her sore but satisfied pussy from behind by one of her new friends!  Jasmine walked over to the water’s edge, her perfectly manicured pussy with the tattoo that reads “Tim’s” staring Anne directly in her eyes. 

“Eat me, bitch.”

Anna was used to the routine by now.  Spending every other evening at Jake and Gemma’s house in her Maid’s uniform.  The one she wore to clean their fucking house!  The Garters with no stockings, undergarments, and red heels completed the ensemble.  And the shoes.  They were Louboutin’s of course.  Since Gemma didn’t want cheap footwear worn in her home and sluts should know how to wear heels in every situation, without scratching the floor.  There were standards. 

Anna pulled back her blonde mane into a ponytail, which her husband Phillip hated because he said it made her look like a Milk maid!  Ironically close to the unspoken truth since her nipples were also pinched to exhaustion by the clamps, Gemma sometimes attached to them.  They stood straight as an arrow too.  The clamps had been replaced by more permanent bars her Husband had yet to see, due to her dexterity partially, as well as his normal aversion to sex after fucking his secretary at work!

Her tits constantly throbbed too.  Like when she was pregnant but, different.  Between the red lipstick and consistent fucking Anna was now exposed to Anna was having trouble discerning reality from fantasy.  Behind The Parker’s closed doors, she was experiencing a Different World.  The modifications to her body and routine though suggested it wouldn’t stay that way.  

Her own tits spilled over the top of the uniform and the pain from her freshly pierced nipples had ceded days ago, giving way to a heightened sexual sensitivity and improved perspective.   There were new forced responsibilities around her former friend’s/current superior’s home.  And ridiculously degrading chore list that included internet masturbation time and other slutty masturbatory chores in between actual ones, that were usually recorded somewhere.  But Anna was starting to accept and adapt and slowly, had begun to change.  Even if she didn’t notice when it had happened.

The structure and attention to detail servicing Jake and Gemma provided her a balance in life despite the circumstance, and Anna began to enjoy each day more.  Once she got past the angst of wondering about who the different men came from and instead, started to enjoy the anonymous and strictly submissive encounters at the hands of strangers.  Being assured by Gemma that even though she deserved it, Gemma would never put her health in jeopardy by sending her unclean men.  She was always to be the Dirtiest whore in every room she’d said.  And Anna was supposed to live up to that.

The number of men by now surpassed the totality Anna had been intimate with in a lifetime before this year!  The number of black men alone had jumped from just Jake to 14 in the same time frame!  But despite the vigorous schedule, Anna had somehow learned to keep up.  In some ways, Gemma was now her Best friend again!  Instructing her to drink more liquids since she was cumming a lot each day.  And to relax when facing the pounding of an Anaconda and let it do its work!  There was no escaping it!  And even if her body could move, it would usually be to meet the cadence of the cock’s owner!  Anna was adjusting well.

The first month was the toughest, but Anna quickly learned her days off were the key.  She could sleep after her son was off to school, instead of shopping in Malls and spending her husband’s money.  A well-stocked refrigerator may have been a positive for her husband too, but combined with a declining credit card bill let him know something was wrong.  He also realized Anna had stopped begging him for sex.  Since his secretary usually got first dibs on his cock, it took him a month to notice!  But by then, it was too late.  Anna was no longer just his.

Sometimes two different black men would watch her clean the house and give instructions.  Anna usually hadn’t met them before, and definitely wasn’t supposed to start a conversation.  She was simply told to do as she was told and only object if they put the safety of the home in danger.  All results of sexual contact in the Living Areas were to be swallowed.  No guest was to cum in her pussy or on her uniform.  Only in her mouth.  Anna knew she was being trained as a slut.  But also knew how much her husband hated Jake and Gemma and letting him know what happened with Jake alone would end her marriage!  Jake would never knock on their door Thank God!  But if he did, she would have to answer it and probably, hire a lawyer.

The men would often ask lewd questions about her sex life with her Husband which usually led to what they referred to as the “Fuck by Comparison” test.  The black cocks were all bigger than him, and Phillip wasn’t small at all!  And they were also much more creative in the ways they broke Anna in!  It was a good thing Anna had been a gymnast because many of the positions she had been forced into would have cut another woman in half!  Whereas for Anna, it was just an adjustment. 

Gemma liked to watch sometimes and would direct the men, but mostly to Anna’s detriment.  She had a fascination with watching Anna and especially loved threatening the poor girl with the biggest cocks by having them press their dicks against her tiny asshole as a threat!  But Gemma didn’t want Anna to go home to her husband crippled!  She always instructed the men to pound her pussy hard instead.  And Anna was usually lubed by then, having cum from the feeling of their cocks scarily close to impaling her ass.  There was a time and place for everything, and soon enough, Phillip would learn the truth.  

Whenever Anna was blindfolded she had to rely on other senses. Touch.  Feel.  Sound.  She already knew some of the men she had been with were friends of her husband because she recognized their voices!  Another clue they were different was the usage condoms and lack of anything beyond a vanilla fuck!  One even called her by her name as she recognized his voice as the major investor in her husband’s company and at that point, she came!  He tore off the condom and stuck his seed into Anna’s gaping mouth before exiting without another word and leaving her wondering how long this could go on!

Without the nipple clamp, her Mistress would attach to her clitoris before each ‘safe’ encounter, she would never be able to even get moist for these “men.”  She craved to feel their skin against hers, and the condoms only made her hump against them harder and harder in search of relief!  Using her well-developed cunt muscles to squeeze the men dry in hopes a real man would come in next and fuck naked box, only to be disappointed and brought to the edge once more.  Gemma had learned the subservient woman’s body well and made sure Anna would go home with a belly full of swallowed cum and nothing more! 

The first time Anna went home and used her favorite vibrator until her batteries wore down and she was forced to fall asleep!  The second time Gemma set her up with appointments, though, Gemma gave her an envelope full of money and a note to buy a bigger vibrator! How did she know?

Anna had learned from Gemma’s rants about Black Superiority in sexual matters what was being done to her.  She had read about it on the Internet.  About how some women only sleep with Black Men like Gemma.  And she never really understood what that was all about and honestly, was attracted to Jake because she knew he had a big cock!  Not because it was black!

But these weeks had taught her that even if they didn’t ALL have big dicks, the ones she now knew did!  Anna was starting to feel less pressured and more comfortable with the circumstances and surroundings.  She was no longer the unwilling participant.  And she was sorry about what she tried to do to her friend’s marriage.  When Anna woke up, she decided she wanted to change.

“Gemma.  Hi.  Can we meet for lunch today before I come by?”

“Who is this?” Gemma asked surprised at the tone of the call because of course, she knew who she was. 

“Gemma?  Mistress, please.  I am so sorry, and I know this is disrespectful.  Me talking to you.  But I may want out of our arrangement.”

“What?  There is no out!”

“Unless I tell my husband.  Then you have nothing to hold me with.”

Gemma laughed. 

Gemma had considered this day would come, but surprised it was so soon!  She understood Anna now better than the woman herself.  Anna barely bristled when requested to do the dirtiest things with hung strangers just to get to their cocks.  She also knew Anna had enjoyed most of her chores.  Especially too because Anna always had before marrying Jake!  And she definitely knew Anna didn’t give a fuck about her husband! 

Gemma could learn a lot from watching other people have sex.  What they were REALLY like was on display which was why she never missed a minute!  The thought of losing Anna was awful because she would have to destroy Anna’s husband before she wanted to.  So she decided to take another tact.

“Sure Anne.  We can have lunch like the friends we used to be and the usual restaurant.  But on one condition.  You dress appropriately.”

Anna knew what that meant.  No undergarments at all.  A sheer top that would show off her pierced nipples.  Short skirt.  High heels.  In a restaurant, they both frequented the outfit could cause quite a social scandal!  But Anne heard her voice respond in kind almost immediately.

“Yes, Mistress.”

There was always going to be a price for freedom.  As Anna walked into the Restaurant, Gemma’s interest piqued because of how she was dressed.  It wasn’t the outfit, but the added accessory.  A leash attached to the throat affixed to a collar, which she presented to Gemma in her hand before she sat as a sign of submission.  She stood in the vestibule impressed with Anna’s boldness!  Especially for such a social climber to present herself this way publicly!  Gemma knew she had changed.    

“I was wrong Mistress Gemma.  And I am sorry I was dishonest with your husband.  I am willing to do anything you want to make amends.”

Gemma’s response was a sharp dagger into the woman’s eyes which ironically, made Anna wet.  The thought crossed her mind that Gemma would spank her ass good for putting their “relationship” on display and Anna was getting eager to get to the result! 

“Cmon.  You can tell me all about it at home.” 

Gemma tugged at the leash, pulling her friend into the backseat of her car before driving them the 2 miles to Gemma’s home.  There were no words.  Just an awkward silence as they walked through the door and into the Living Room. 

“Take off my clothes.” Gemma barked.

Anna hadn’t been with a woman only once.  When Gemma forced herself upon her that the first time.  Gemma preferred to masturbate while she satisfied others and sometimes, spank her ass while talking to Anna about how much of a slut she had been.  But Anna did think about Gemma’s sweet snatch rubbing across her face almost daily, so her eagerness was hard to hide.  When all of Gemma’s clothes were gone, she immediately dropped to her knees and attempted to taste her folds once more!

“Not so fast.  You said you wanted to talk?” 

Gemma wrapped the leash around her bare hand, restricting the air passageway in the process and sending Anna flailing onto her back.  Her bare vagina beaded between her pink thighs as Gemma unceremoniously stuck an oversized vibrator into the hole and turned it on!  The head of the phallus rotated, causing Anna’s eyes to also roll back in the process as she came! 

“Cumming without asking permission?” Gemma snarled.

Flipping the leash as she spoke and dragging Anna on the floor, Anna found herself bent over the ottoman but this time, her groin pushed the invader deeper inside her depths.  She felt the paddle cross her ass and screamed in agony unlike ever before!  Gemma for her part moved behind the slut and placed her into a choke hold.

“So what do you want to say now slut?”

Anna felt the air leaving her lungs as she attempted to speak and manage the massaging her pussy was enduring from the vibrator.  Her eyes reddened and swelled even as she experienced orgasm after orgasm despite being in mortal danger!  It hurt so good! 

“I don’t care what you do to me anymore Gemma.  And I am not sorry for what I did because I love you both!”

With her last breath, Anna turned her head and mashed her tongue into Gemma’s mouth!  The shocking turn causing Gemma to release the chain and return the affection as with no other woman before!  Gemma was completely turned on!  The same feeling as when her husband first unleashed his beautiful cock inside her passed through her soul as their tongues danced together in a frenzied symphony!  She released the leash on instinct, allowing her slut to fall forward and the vibrator to squeeze it’s way out of her hole, still semi-circulating as Anna caught her breath to speak again.

“I was a miserable, cheating, bitch and even worse, a bad friend.  I deserved to be humiliated and don’t blame you one bit for everything you have put me through.”

“Go on. Anna.”

“But.  I have to admit it hasn’t been all bad.”

Crawling over to Gemma, Anna placed her hands between the woman’s legs, spreading them apart.  She was no longer waiting for instructions and placed her tongue on Anna’s box.  Swirling her tongue to the top before attacking her rosebud with vigor.  She would have never imagined herself WILLINGLY eating pussy before.  And she had no desire to taste another.  But this one was attached to Gemma.  And Gemma had set her free in so many ways Anna could no longer count!  Except for one. 

Gemma grabbed hold of the bars attached to Anna’s ample tits and began to tap the ends, sending vibrations coursing through her body as she ate her pussy as if it were her own.  Gemma began to drip onto Anna’s chin and Carpet as her body pulsed with desire!  Gemma had broken her friend and that, as much as anything else,  was an Aphrodisiac for her!  She came in a burst, basting Anna’s face in the process and for the first time together, Anna felt her own power return as she spoke what she wanted. 

“I want a Divorce.  But if you show Phillip those tapes, I will end up with nothing.  I want to be able to be your slut all of the time.  Not every other day.  Will you help me, Mistress?”

Gemma sat up and looked at Anna’s eyes, noticing one thing that had always been absent from the woman’s face.  Sincerity.  Gemma knew that sooner or later, not unlike herself at one time, sex would win out!  Anna had never known what Gemma saw in her as a friend, but would soon find out it was what she didn’t know about herself that kept them close.  She was a slut, true.  But deep down, she was also an exhibitionist.  The Ying to Gemma’s Yang as it were.  And once she started, there was only 1 evitable conclusion. 

“Ok,” Gemma said.

“Ok, what?”

“Ok, I will help you.  Ok, I forgive you.  And ok.  I have a plan.  But first…” 

Gemma’s legs opened wide inviting Anna to dive in.  Her pussy was dripping for more attention, but Gemma instead began by circling her wet tongue in and around Anna’s puckered ass!  A flame shot through her entire body as Anna licked her bunghole practically pink!  Her pussy throbbed in appreciation as well as anticipation of receiving similar treatment!  And it wouldn’t have to wait long! 

Anna repositioned her head in an impossible sideways angle, enabling her to slide her tongue up and down sideways into Gemma in a way she had only recently imagined.  Anna dove in between Gemma’s thighs with reckless abandon!  Especially attacking her clitoris and nibbling on her Master’s folds as if it meant everything to taste her!  Gemma pressed her head into the floor in an attempt to establish authority.

“You better make me cum slut!”

The last word halting as she sprayed Anna’s face with her pleasure.  Caught off guard, all Gemma wanted to do was clean the mess and regain her composure, but Anna was busy doing exactly that!  Rubbing her orgasm into her skin like Gemma had seen her do with the cum of many black men!

Gemma shuddered once more, releasing another less potent flow which Anna caught just in time!  Gemma pulled Anna’s leash up across her own body and Anna received the message.  Sliding her big breasts across Her Master’s labia and torso before settling mouth on her tits!  She had never sucked a titty before.  But Anna knew what she liked and attempted to do that for Gemma, as much could imagine.  Only when her lust took control of her did she find herself stuck like a baby on Gemma’s delicious, cum flavored breasts!  As time elapsed, Gemma was able to regain control of herself.  And Anna. 

“Anna!  I always thought you hated girls.”

Gemma sheepishly smiled down at the woman, as Gemma slinked back down between her legs to slide into Gemma’s core once more.  Her voice mumbled something incoherent as she became once more enchanted with Gemma’s rosebud!  She never imagined she would enjoy eating pussy either!  As a matter of fact, until the day in the Bathroom she never thought about it!  In hindsight, beyond being shared by so many men against her ‘free will.’  That had been the brightest revolution!

Anna recalled the men impaling her on both sides and wishing it were Gemma plugging her mouth instead!  Watching in envy as Jake sat between her legs in what was a makeshift throne.  Watching her get fucked intently as Jake licked her for what seemed like hours!  It was clear, none of the men were going to touch her.  She belonged to Jake!  But it was also clear they weren’t strangers to her nude body either, and Anna admired the strength in her nakedness!  She wanted to be proud like her!

Anna had envied Jake having her forbidden fruit to himself!  The taste of her pussy had lingered through the night even as she was “forced fucked” into Orgasm after Orgasm by strange men.  But as much as anything else, she couldn’t wait to do it ALL again!  Especially expound upon her pussy licking experience!

Anna’s expanding boundaries were well past being exposed as the size queen she actually was!  She was resolved to being a sex toy for others.  But Gemma?  She wanted Gemma for herself!  And Gemma could see in Anna’s eyes she was willing to do almost anything to have her.  So she was finally ready.  

Gemma stood and pulled the chain once more towards the basement.  The one place Anna was never allowed to go in the house.  There she would be edged and whipped for the next hour for everything she had done wrong that day, as well as instructed what to do when she got home.

Precisely, how to lay the trap for her hubby.  And how to get a Queen’s Chair of her own.     

Walking into the Bedroom Jennifer knew exactly what to expect.  She had been at the gym for the past 2 hours barely able to contain her energy!  The weights had flown up into the air with each push as Jennifer attempted to Focus on her movements, as opposed to what was probably going on at her house.  

The Glock in her right hand was loaded but, the safety was on.  The sounds of fucking weren’t hard to distinguish from the ones emanating from the TV on the wall.  They were the same.  Her husband, Joseph was using their personal home theater without her!  Everything was visible from the hallway with the door open.  Jen’s finger slipped off the safety for a moment as she recognized the woman on her Wall Unit as her friend Christine!  But cooler heads prevailed as she watched the whore scream in agony as Joseph.  Her greatly endowed Husband and lover, pushed his whole 9 thick inches into her spread ass in one slow, cold stroke!  She never knew either of them was capable.  Him of fucking her close friend.  And her of taking such a huge cock up her tiny ass! 

Christine wasn’t a large woman.  As a matter of fact, she was small by comparison to Jen.  Almost a half-foot shorter and nowhere near as physical.  Many a night, Christine had too much wine and after talking about how fantastic of a lover her husband was, would joke about what she would do to Christine, or any other woman if she ever caught them together.  After the women would gasp at the seriousness of the fit Jen’s words.  She always eases the tension by telling Christine loudly in front of the other women.

“You I’d just make lick my ass you’re such a whore!”

They’d laugh at Christine because they knew she would never cross Jennifer in that way!  And Christine would laugh because she had already fucked all their husbands without them knowing!  Some of them twice.  But Jennifer really did scare and excite her as much as any man.  Something Christine had never experienced before with a woman.

She had been competitive in Judo and even competed in the Nationals, almost making the Olympics!  She was proficient with firearms also as well as the only woman any of them knew who had ever knocked out a man.  While wearing high heels!  Jennifer was in love and lust with her rich, Half-Nigerian husband who was seeming, her only weakness.  She would obviously do anything for him.

 And Christine?  She couldn’t resist the temptation and danger involved in completing the circle of neighborhood men!  The escalating nature of her whorishness required a Grand Finale worthy of the accomplishment.  A dangerous fuck in the home of her most dangerous friend!  Even if she had to promise him to do anything he wanted!      

Her feet paused as Jennifer lowered her shorts and panties onto the floor before proceeding any further.  Of course, she double checked the safety as she slowly rubbed the barrel of the cold metal over her clit a few times.  Just enough to unleash a small, tender wave as she felt her thighs slightly moisten!  The had discussed him cheating for what seemed like the longest time now.  But she never had the courage to confront her feelings about it because she also knew he was usually very discreet. Saving his trysts for road trips and never ever straying close to home!

Watching the screen intently, Jennifer noticed the handcuffs that held Christine’s wrists in place behind her back and moistened in amazement as she watched her Husband’s cock push into and out of her tiny hole!  She screamed at the top of her lungs “Please.” But no other words found their way out of her throat since Joseph would fill her ass once again, rendering her unable to speak.  It was so hot!  Catching her husband pound the little slut!  But she knew she couldn’t let him get away with this in their home!  Jennifer walked into the room with the gun at her side and a grin on her face. 

“What the fuck do we have here?”


Joseph stopped momentarily and looked at his pants-less wife.  Her beautiful, trimmed bush-hardened his cock inside of the tiny woman and she whimpered at his still growing dick, pushing against her forbidden walls!  She had never been so full and the pain was only matched by the pleasure of Joseph’s ever-growing spike!  She hardly noticed the gun until the barrel was pressed against her head and her eyes became filled by an angry wife and friend! 

Joseph grinned momentarily as he looked into his wife’s eyes and saw her fury!  He pulled his dick out slowly, till just the tip was inside of Christine before thrusting into her hard and fast!  Christine howled in pain as the most powerful orgasm of her life overcame her!  The pain and humiliation were unbearable!  And her pussy was squirting all over Joseph’s thighs and down to the sheets! 

“Owwwwwwww” she moaned. 

Barely feeling the pain as Jennifer grabbed a parcel of her hair and yanked her face off of the pillow she was drooling over!  

“You are a fucking mess bitch”. 

Joseph looked into his wife’s eyes and knew what he was going to do.  His heartbeat was pumping so fast that he cock feel the skin on his cock stretching inside Christine’s well-oiled ass!  It hadn’t started that way.  But since he was recording, he could watch the young slut finger herself while kissing the knob of his distended cock tomorrow.  If there was a tomorrow to come.

“What are you going to do with that gun?  Shoot me?” 

Joseph spoke almost daringly.  And at the very least, defiantly.  But he had planned for this.  Hell.  He had planned this!   Except for the gun part which Joseph always knew was a possibility with his hot-tempered wife.  The only thing that seemed to bring her down anymore was a long, vigorous fuck!  Which wasn’t the bad part.  That part was it was the same fuck!

Marriage can kill passion.  And Joseph reasoned that he would rather take a bullet than continue this Vanilla construct of a marriage.  Something had to change.  So he clumsily left clues when he was sure his wife would play along, invited the local strumpet and pseudo friend a chance at what she seemingly always wanted.  Her friend’s husband’s cock!  And waited.  Seducing a sub who barely knows she is was easy.  A simple matter of timing and opportunity. 

“Do you think I care about this slut Jen?”

With that, Joseph crammed the length of his hardened rod deep into the confused woman’s body in one swift, unloving stroke!  Pausing as his balls touched her prone ass while Christine screamed in what could only be described as agony!  He almost came inside her it was so hot!

“I will fuck her until she can’t walk for you.  If you would like?”

Four more swift, deep strokes later Jen felt stunned by her reaction!  Jen could have done something.  Should have done something.  Anything besides just watch as her betrothed battered his sick, slut friend’s ass right in front of her!  Anything other than drip down her thigh at the sight of her man, conquering another woman right in front of her eyes! 

Christine for her part cried in pain.  Biting at the air for comfort in the form of a stick or bone even!  She settled on hoping she wouldn’t bite her own tongue when she realized no oral distraction was coming!  There was a wave of pleasure mixed in between the agony of being stretched so wide over and over!  One she had never experienced before that lifted her pain into the euphoria that perhaps was being amplified by fear!  Holy shit this man was right she thought!  That big brown cock was rendering her legs useless beneath her and her cunt was contracting like a dog in heat!  Christine knew she must look pitiful to them both.  And the threat that she may never leave the room was very real!  But what a way to go!  Jen always knew it could end like this!  The helplessness was only adding fuel to her fire. 

“Doesn’t look like the bitch wants to leave.”

Jen grabbed a swath of her hair as she spoke and used it to pull the woman forward.  She was completely helpless.  Hands cuffed behind her back.  Ass overstuffed with cock as she was.  She felt the gun pressed to her temple once more as Jen spoke.

“Look at me bitch!”

The words scared her momentarily until she felt Joseph slide completely out of her ass!  The air whisked inside her, filling the space left by the enormous dick she had promised to drain inside her tiny hole.  Joseph’s pursuit of her was strange.  Much different than the other men in the neighborhood who had taken her shopping.  Or along with them on short “business trips” to enjoy her talents.  Joseph didn’t offer any of that. 

As a matter of fact.  He was the only husband who had approached her.  Cornered her in the kitchen of another neighbor and kissed her as if she had asked him too!  His hands seemed to be all over her body in the short encounter! Her ass.  Her tits.  And surprisingly, inside of her pussy while whispering her the vilest thing she had ever heard into her ear!

“You will beg me for the dick.  You get wet to the touch like a true slut.” 

Joseph was almost laughing as he said it!  The first encounter only lasted a minute but, she hadn’t stopped thinking about him since.  Within days she was giving him her first public blowjob!  He had bought her a collar and attached a leash to her whenever she knelt before him.  The school around the corner has not very private cubbyholes he would take her into which Christine was sure were not Private.  Many people had seen her bobbing head and the last two times, Joseph made her wear a skirt and held it up, so passersby could see her ass as her head sucked down mouthfuls of semen down her throat before shooting his last burst onto her face.  The photo she had sent Joseph at home.  Proof she hadn’t cleaned it off yet was the last piece of “evidence” Jen had discovered.   But Christine was by then, desperate.  Humiliated.  Broken. 

Jen had been yelling directly into Christine’s face and with her hair in hand, almost lifting her off of the bed!  The moment had passed and she was back in the present.  Her asshole ached and she could barely breathe, due to the number of Orgasms’ she had experienced in a short period of time!  She was defeated and barely able to resist being flipped on her back and straddled by Jen!  Her mouth was full of pussy and her hands were still bound beneath her.  Her only weapon was her tongue.  Which thrust into Jen’s powerful box frantically due to lack of experience and deprivation of air!  She wanted Joseph to fuck her anywhere so bad!  But with a face full of sweet pussy.  And her ears muffled by Jen’s powerful legs.  All she could do was eat her out and hope she lived to tell the story! 

The couple spoke softly.  Almost lovingly for the next five minutes while Christine licked and sucked Jen’s pussy and clit for her life!  When there was silence, Christine felt Joseph’s strong hands beneath her legs.  Pushing them apart.  They were powerless to move from the ass fucking and suffocation.  And Jen’s hole began to gush into and all over the woman’s mouth and face.  Her lips wet with so much juice they slipped and slid between Jen’s folds.  As she rubbed her face all over her mouth.

“You’d better not bite me bitch?”

Christine jumped as she felt the end of the object she knew had to be a vibrator pushed inside of her!  It was on high and immediately had her insides shaking!  It was then Jen lifted off her face and she realized what they had done. 

Her legs were chained together at the ankles.  And somehow, the vibrator was attached to a harness snapped around her waist!  And she was cumming! 

But she didn’t see Joseph until he entered her mouth and commanded her.

“Clean my cock so I can fuck my wife!”

Christine opened her mouth as wide as she could until his balls rubbed against her nose!  He had taught her well as she slurped her saliva off, as each inch reappeared from between her lips.  It was instinct!  The pleasure of the vibrator sending her off over and over.  All Christine could do was whimper like a sad puppy as she watched to couple fuck all around her for the next hour!  It was so humiliating!

Not only had he not fucked her, as promised.  Not only had she eaten pussy for the first time!  And not only had she actually saved a marriage she was hoping to sabotage.  Christine was now a slave to them both! 

“I told that whore not to mess with my man.  Now,

look at you!”

Their final act was to kick Christine off of the bed and onto the floor.  Writhing like the wanton slut she always had been!  Christine watched intently as Jen beat her once again.  Riding the cock Christine wanted so much as Christine was being overwhelmed by a toy!  Her ass still throbbing from the fucking it took earlier.  As Christine lay on the floor admiring the cock she also wanted inside of her, she couldn’t stop cumming or smiling!  And it was all on tape! 

“I love you, baby.  And I want you to be happy.  Happy Anniversary Jennifer!”

Jen grinned down at the defeated woman as she felt her husband’s throbbing cock, pushing her into “that place”.  The one that made her fall in love and overlook their differences.  The one that made her 3 months pregnant.  She felt her husband’s loving seed fill her womb once more and reveled in delight, knowing she would have the slut come lick her dry happily!  Especially since she had spared her life! 

The recording alone was enough to enforce their will on Christine if, ever necessary.  And it would be nice to have a cunt licker at her beck and call she thought.  But they would only need her for a year, tops.  Long enough to keep her husband home and time enough for Jen to fully recover.  By then, Christine would be a new woman!

She wore the Blue Dress that he had delivered to her door, as per his instructions.  It matched the turquoise necklace and blue, high-heeled shoes he had picked out for her as well.  Cindy’s heart was beating like a drum at the proposition of finally meeting him!  The heat of anticipation was building inside of her wonderfully curve ass with the rosebud inside moist to the air!  Cindy could hardly wait for the elevator to stop so she could get to the place where her lover wanted her to wait.  Being inaccessible while exposed to the men she had encountered at the Bar for the last hour.  Especially the ones she fancied. 

Men had been staring through her dress and peeking Cindy’s Undergarments in the iridescent light all evening!  The dirty ones were the worst!  Causing her to squirm in her seat even more because she loved dirty talk!  It was quite the hour!  Knowing the butterfly fastened between her legs was controlled by someone Cindy hadn’t met offline yet!  Someone be in the bar or the room, waiting for her!  All she had ever seen of him was his body which was chiseled.  And his Dick which was Big, black, and beautiful!  She was breaking all of her own rules!  But at least being so far from home, she wouldn’t be discovered.

Men were stalking the beautiful Dark-skinned Latina as predators often do to prey, with no success.  They were successful reminding Cindy of her own hands recently guided by Mark.  Pressed against her tits and fucking her tiny ass as her Internet Lover asked of her every night for the past month! Mark leading her to do things to herself she never imagined!  All while hoping her wonderful Fiance didn’t wake up and catch her selfish, slutty behavior!  Pussy exposed.  Chatting with a stranger while she finger fucked her ass and pussy on command?  Her Fiance would drop her in a second if he knew what she was up to!  His family would be so happy he finally had dropped his “dark” infatuation and would immediately pawn him off to one of the many Blonde haired, Blue eyed girls that were more acceptable to them.

Also, she was taking a chance and Cyndi had never been with a “Black” man.  Only Latinos and white men.  While she was infatuated and compelled by Mark to meet.  Cyndi had heard all of the rumors about “never coming back.”  Though she had empowered him by committing to do what he asked and wearing his gift. Cindy was telling herself she knew what she was still in complete control.  Satisfying a curiosity and closing a loop.  She was lying.

Behind the safety of her encrypted IP address and behind the closed door of her home.  Mark had warned her this would happen.  Taunting her horniest sensibilities.  Praising her wonderfully put together body and expounding upon its effect on men!  Knowing all along all she cared about was her effect on him!  It wasn’t anything she didn’t know or hadn’t heard numerous times herself!  It was the way he said it that made her panties cream and mouth start to water.  Combined with the taboo nature of sharing herself with someone other than her future husband, a meeting was too enticing to pass up!

Cindy had deprived herself since committing to her Fiance Justin almost 2 years ago, after a very active sex life as a Co-ed.  If it wasn’t great, it was active!  The familiarity of just Justin had been wearing on her mindset and she spent most days depressed before she met Mark online.  Maybe it was fear of commitment?  Maybe it was the desire to remove another item off of her bucket list before marriage?  Neither mattered as she had already committed to the interaction.  She was already there. 

The fact this expensive Hotel was known for its aggressive Bar clientele was unknown to Cindy, but not Mark!  He even sent some of his Associates on a mission to fuck with her.  A woman looking like Cindy would have been accosted in a Church and they enjoyed doing him favors since usually, he reciprocated by sharing his women in the past with them.  Cindy would be no different, they hoped!   Especially after seeing her!   

Her skin tingled as the Bar ventilation brushed against her uncovered legs and seemingly, through her Dress.  She was sitting where he told her too and Mark knew the Bar space well.  Her skirt was sheer when the light hit it at certain angles and her panties were completely visible where she sat.  Under the light at the end of the Bar.  The tiniest of bras which barely covered half of her nipples encased her D cups.  While the matching yellow panties which similarly covered only parts of her lower half and showed a slight bump, where the toy rested.

Mark told her to not cover herself as he would be watching her.  And with the number of Black men in the place in Business suits, the possibility of discerning him from the crowd was impossible.  He promised to spank her ass raw if she disobeyed and somehow, believed it would be his right to do so!  She was acting like a lying, cheating whore!  Not the good girlfriend and wife she had been for her Fiance all of these months!  A man whose name she somehow couldn’t remember!     

Cindy had never done anything like this before.  Never imagined meeting a stranger had only interacted with online.  Never even wanted to!  There was something about this man that made her pussy get all warm and wet!  It wasn’t just his profile.  Filled with pictures of him having sex with other women in various positions.   Any normal, horny girl would be turned on by that!  It wasn’t being dissatisfied sexually since she never had been completely satisfied sexually by anyone!  Her mother told her to accept it.  He Grandmother told her that was how relationships work!  At least Justin, yeah that is his name, would lick her to Orgasm at least once a month.  She settled ahead of the curve.

But with Mark, it was more.  Much more.  Her attraction to him was immediate if not Primal!  He was brash and forward and talked down to her in a way that was insulting yet, comfortable.  Mark had captured her dreams and tapped into desires Cindy didn’t know were inside of her!  All she wanted to do was meet with him.  Be with him!  Even if it was only once.  Cindy needed to know if she was in Love or lust so she could put it all behind her.  Never stopping to think her very presence already answered her own greatest question! 

“Phone call Cindy.”

The Bartender handed her a Cordless phone from behind the Bar.  His smile as telling as his voice that he knew the caller personally.  As if familiar with the routine.

“How do you know I’m Cindy?” She asked him.  Not knowing why she did.

“The caller described you well.” He snickered. 

“Cindy, are you downstairs?” It was Mark’s dark voice.

“You are calling me here, aren’t you?” she answered smartly.  There was a pause before he spoke again. 

“I am on the 11th floor.  Room 1120.  It is a corner room.  The Bartender has closed your tab and handing you a Scotch to bring with you since you have started without me.”

Turning to the bar, she noticed a Dark libation placed near her.  She hated Scotch and was only a novice at drinking the Red wines she had been sipping on for the past hour.  Ordering what Mark had suggested. 

“What did you expect me to do?”  she nervously and slightly angrily replied.

Cindy was nervous.  Nervous about the whole situation and for the 1st time since she had begun rubbing her pussy lips online for his amusement.  To now questioning her own motives and reasons for being in a far away from home Hotel Bar about to engage in God knows what!  It was only when the device went off again she relaxed.

“You could always go back to your car and drive the hour back home to your life.  This is your last chance because once you open that door…you belong to me!  I don’t have time for girls or games.  I suggest you get your dripping wet pussy to me immediately.  Because if you aren’t here in 5 minutes, I am emailing your Fiance our chats.”

Cindy’s pussy melted more at the thought of being blackmailed and threatened than anything else!  The thought of being exposed for the things she had done with Mark online!  Was it cheating since technically, they never met?  Would he take her back after seeing her stuff her ass with a vibrator and cum on his work chair like she never had with him?  In a way, it shocked her back to her senses.

“Coming now.” She said demurely.

“I bet you are.  4 minutes.”

Was he serious?  She picked up the glass and spilled some of it on her fingers in the process but had no time to clean it off.  The men in the room watched as she walked out hurriedly.  Disappointed they wouldn’t get their shot at using their best lines.  But the other women seemed relieved knowing their chances had improved. 

By the time she reached the door, 8 minutes had passed.  Cindy knocked on the door for what seemed like two more before it opened and Mark stood before her.  He wasn’t smiling and he didn’t grab her in his arms and pull her into the room as she imagined.  But his face did match his Beautiful body, making her wish he had! 

He was wearing slacks that she gathered to be made of expensive linen and were somewhat see-through so that his dick print was visible in front!  His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, the way her Uncles usually wore theirs.  But his brown skin was darker and somehow, more appealing to her current sensibilities.  Mark had turned and walked into the room.  His strong ass driving his legs forward after taking the drink from her hand and sniffing the dried alcohol on her fingers in a peculiar way.  She was clearly mesmerized more by his presence in person than online as she found her legs riveted to the spot! 

Bzzzzz .

“Come in Cindy.  I won’t bite.  Yet”

The controller in his hand sent an electric pulse through her.  Waking her from her temporary slumber. 

The room was a Suite and Mark sat in a Lounge chair across from the Love Seat he instructed her to sit in.  There was a camera atop a Tripod pointing directly at the Seat and Cindy, as soon as she sat down. 

“Is that on?”  she asked.

“Why?  You like cameras don’t you?”

Mark’s last words to her were still on her mind as she sat down gently.  He had threatened to ruin her impending marriage a moment ago though she knew he didn’t have her Fiance’s email and couldn’t possibly complete the task!  Fuck!  He wasn’t even sure Cindy was her real name!  Why would she allow him to record her now?  How cocky was he? 

“Is it on?” she asked.

“Of course, it is.  Now lift up your skirt and show me your panties.”

Cindy hesitated.


The tenor in his voice was stern as Cindy’s fingers reached for her skirt hem.  She pulled them up and instinctively opened her legs. 

“Very good.  Take off your top.  I want to see those Beautiful Brown titties in the full light.”

“But I am wearing a Dress?” Barely able to speak the words as she was so flustered.  Her heartbeat racing and her pussy dripping.  Her face slightly pained by hardened nipples boring into a barely their bra!  She was confused and aroused and only wanted to do what he asked!  But Cindy didn’t want to do the wrong thing!

That was when he pounced!  Before she could respond, Mark had stuck his hands into the top of her dress and ripped it in half!  What was she going to wear home!  While she was startled, two fingers were plunged deep into her vagina which her spread apart inside of her!  It was so intense!  Cindy arched her hips forward and up towards the sky as he invaded her hole with his digits.  Removing the device as well as his hand simultaneously! 

Her dress and sensibilities in tatters.  Cindy hardly could respond when her panties were being ripped and tugged off of her bottom!  It was almost as if she was being raped but, she was enjoying being tossed around by him!  Probably because it was him and somehow she knew despite her lack of familiarity with her man or surroundings, she was beyond safe.  She was where she wanted to be! 

Before she realized what had happened, she was naked except for her Bra.  Her round ass exposed to the camera over his Powerful knees!  Mark’s hand swatted her bare bottom bringing out a slight scream from her throat.

“Bite your tongue.” He said.

Spanking her again for emphasis.  This time she whimpered less but, still too loudly for Mark! 

“You were late and you spilled my drink.”

Smack.  Smack. Smack.

This time the whimpers were less like a plea and more like a moan.  He was right.  She hadn’t made it to the room in the allotted time and she did not give a fuck about his Drink!  Cindy had been preoccupied with her own sexual indecency!  Her granite like nipples and trying to control her dripping snatch and wandering eyes.  So many beautiful men of all races.  All with their semi if not hard cocks pointing in her direction!  She could have had anyone in the room at any moment she wanted to and she knew it!  Then and now!  As Mark’s large, warm hand smashed over her exposed ass cheeks in a lovingly harsh manner!  What a relief feeling his digits invade her dripping hole again roughly!  Spread once more inside her but in a different way!  His fingers rubbing the inside mound from within a few times before relieving her momentarily with their absence.  Only to be shocked back to like by the squeezing of her delicate clit between his thumb and forefinger!  Before she knew what was happening he repeated the action twice more, releasing a squirt across the Suite’s glass table and onto the Carpeted floor!  Something Cindy didn’t even know she was capable of! 

“Oh….Oh….OH MY…..”

Cindy didn’t know what was happening to her, but she knew it felt so good! 

“You may be getting married.  But you will always be mine.”


“At my beck and call to do whatever I want from you.”


The vibrations from his hands swept her body with cool vibrations and sensations that offset the pain Cindy only imagined these waves were the infamous Multiple Orgasms she had heard so much about!  Barely able to move and barely capable of opening her eyes.  Cyndy felt what she imagined what broken women must experience at her current predicament.  Disappointment yet, relief!  She finally knew what kind of woman she was. 

She didn’t care if she had to leave the Hotel naked because it was worth it!  She came so hard the naked woman reposed in the bed was no longer the same woman who entered the room!  She was transformed!  What seemed to her to be a new enlightenment though, Mark had been planning for weeks! 

What Cyndi didn’t know was Mark knew exactly who she was as well as what she needed.  He worked with Mark at the same Firm!  Completely different departments since Mark was legal and Justin, her Fiance, was Management.  The son of the Owner of one of his clients from a Family of notorious men.  Workaholics.  A Family known for their cheating wives as much as their Business success!  Todd was young and cocky and Mark honestly never liked him!  He wanted to have something over him.  Even if he couldn’t let Todd know right away! 

Cyndi was the fortunate victim.  If she were less attractive or different, he probably would have treated her differently.  Seduced her differently.  But when he first saw the picture his Investigators came up with he knew immediately, she was special.  It was in her eyes.  Breaking Mark’s heart could do the trick and make him want to litigate more.  Angry is good for business!  But one look into her eyes he knew, she was special.  Loyal.  She needed a personal touch.  Looking deep enough into her eyes, he saw himself. 

If only someone had spanked his bottom when he was a kid!  He wouldn’t be the depraved maniac he had grown into, comfortably!  His nights wouldn’t be spent with Associates wives who expected Mark to treat them the way their Husband’s were incapable of!  Give them the type of sex those Men saved for Prostitutes and Secretaries!  Applaud the women for the long-sloppy blowjobs.  

Humiliatingly insane positions and unrepentant usage of their entire bodies.  Even sharing them with his friends.  His life was one Domination after the other with no satisfaction forthcoming.

Cyndi was different.  Unlike the others, Mark wanted her for himself.  And almost immediately he knew, she wanted him too.  It was as if they were immediately connected.  This routine was usually much different.  Ending with his Object’s spouse passed around and recorded with his many Associates and as such, compromised and controlled through passive blackmail.  It was easier to get things done with a strong woman behind her man, pulling his strings.  The arrangement worked for everyone.  Especially Master Mark. 

After a sweet, wet, grateful Blowjob Mark found himself between Cyndi’s legs, slowly pumping her mound with part of his 10 ½ inches of dick.  Talking to her each time he went a little deeper.  Showing off what an expert Cocksman he really was!  She squirted twice more that evening before they finally hit the Bed.  He even allowed he to clean up and sleep next to him.  Kissing her to experience a level of intimacy he rarely allowed.  It was going to be difficult to watch her get Married in 2 months.  

She hated seeing him. 

Her ex-boyfriend went away from her bed even before leaving for College.  Later, hooked up and married her former High School Best Friend and Lover, Jane.  Little rich bitch with tits who sucked his dick and probably did much more for her ring.  The bitch who married to the man SHE was supposed to marry and save Avery from the tedium of well to do suburbia.  Life wasn’t always fair. 

Her husband was OK.  Fred was reliable, if not exciting.  A very good provider for their baby daughter.  Easy on the eyes and good, if not great in the sack.  Amenable.  Not a love to live for but, not someone you would die to get away from either.  And she had considered suicide on many occasions.  Just not over her marriage.  If it weren’t for her vibrators?  She would probably be dead already.

Fred was successful in his own right and rich like her Daddy before him.  His cock was only seven inches.  And not the nearly as thick as Jerrod’s 10 she had learned upon.  And definitely not cocoa brown like that same stick of chocolate that danced all over her body in her teens!  It only existed in Avery’s best slumbers and daydreams now.  Almost always followed by her most emotional mornings of masturbation followed by a soft tear.  And anger.

Fred was reliable and the consistent lover who surprised her sometimes by helping her cum.  His secretary always came when he fucked her I his office.  But Avery was much more woman than the typical young, dumb pain slut who got turned on by other’s low sexual appetites and opinions of her.  Especially her Bosses.  Avery was a Woman!  A step above the average creature both in and out of Bed.  Even inside of her fragile existence.  She was well learned in the ways of the ultimate fuck and sexual pleasure.  In no small way due to all of those late Afternoons spent riding Jerrod’s chocolate stick!   Avery still called it that.  Even if it was only in her own, dirty mind.  The Husband was just another man who thought he was something that he was not when they first met.  A stud.  By now, he just knew better.

Avery felt as if she was living someone else’s life.  Jane’s to be exact.  She was after all, better looking than Jane.   She knew for a fact no one could make Jerrod cream like her or would let them even attempt to do the things for him she would.  And not because he was going to be a rich star either!  But because she was his!  Jane ruined all of that when she married her man!  Avery hated her now as much as she used to love hanging out with her after Jerrod broke her heart.

Avery knew her trust fund would be more than enough to live off for her entire life.  She inherited her mother’s sexual curiosities and eventually learned the very same abilities she possessed as well.  Even the secrets they never talked about.  Avery had suspected her parents were swingers like many other Parents of children who attended her outwardly conservative Private High school.  Sex wasn’t a big deal in their circle.  Money was.  Avery figured it was a vicious cycle in which outsiders without funds were rarely welcomed into the community.  Meaning the women were left with the available “Circle of cocks” to choose from.  That was what Jane used to say, at least about the wives.  They were women stuck waiting for date nights and a shot at Avery’s Dad.  He of the well-traveled nine inches.  Avery’s mother didn’t mind sharing it as long as the neighborhood girls were up to serving her as well!  They were the Kong, and Queen of the Adult Community and Avery was their progeny.  Watching and masturbating in the shadows at a young age.  Waiting for her turn to be bigger than both.

Jane was a chip off of the old block, for sure!  Utilizing her tongue, Jane could bring any person.  Man or woman.  To a mind-shattering orgasm in moments!  That was after all, how and why they became friends in the first place.  And their mothers before them.  Over the years Avery pieced it all together like a Daisy Chain.  And learned how to gain power through submission.  She was more than anyone knew she was capable of being.  And soon?  She would teach them all.

Avery had been the school’s most beautiful girl!  Homecoming Queen for a record two years and doting girlfriend to the elite school’ athlete/minority scholarship student.  He may have been poor by their standards.  But soon to be Professional Baseball’s 1st pick!  Jerrod Pope.  She always misspelled his name Pipe and called his dick the same.  Memories of High School were still dancing through her head, as they were.

And why not?  It had been the best time of her life!  She dated the Pitcher and sure-fire first-round Draft pick with the 9 1/2 inch black dick that was the first to break the blonde co-ed’s hymen!  It wasn’t the teasing of her own fingers she had grown accustomed to.  This was Exquisite pain followed by the hours upon hours of sexual exploration shared in her Parent’s pool house!  Her hole still creamed when she thought about him plunging Pipe down her throat as he twisted her innocent clit to submission!  Avery never forgot a moment spent underneath him.  Those memories were something she remembered every day she masturbated which was most mornings.  Sometimes twice.  Avery still wasn’t over Jerrod or Pipe.  And definitely would never forgive Jane!  Even if she sometimes begrudgingly remembered her fondly when she touched herself and, especially when she squeezed her left titty.  Jane used to love to squeeze Avery’s more sensitive titty before she bit down hard on her less sensitive left nipple.  That always made Jane cum.  Knowing she knew Avery so well.

Her parents were fully aware of what was happening, when it was happening because of the ‘open door policy’ in their home or in this case?  The pool house.  They were also big-time boosters of the school’s athletic programs who felt it was an honor Jerrod was fucking their daughter so vigorously!  Instead of hitting the rough streets of his own parent’s more modest neighborhood which they were sure was probably pretty rough.  Based upon how he dressed, of course.  They assumed the truck he drove was some sort of illegal gift since his mother worked a lot and they never bothered to ask about his Father.  Both were surprised in discovering both of Jerrod’s parents made six figures and lived where they did by choice.  Wanting to keep their children grounded. 

It was an easy thing for Avery’s parents to assume not knowing much about them.  Knowing probably wouldn’t have changed anything anyway since they wanted to support Avery no matter what!  Their own unrequited fetishes aside.  The right thing to do was provide a safe space to experiment in and make sure Avery had proper Birth control.  Black cock was all over the Internet.  And white girls having babies was a thing Mom researched, just to be informed.  It was a responsible, parental thing to do.  Along with installing a Nanny Cam in the Bedroom, in case something happened that crossed the line between them.    

Avery’s mother would make sandwiches to bring to the young lovers to keep Jerrod’s energy up and be supportive.  There would be protein-laden meals since he was consistently “in training” and needed the additional spunk since Avery usually left him depleted of his own.  Avery would draw a Daily Bath as a result of all Jerrod’s protein induced meals filling her womb to keep it fresh for him.  And sometimes, Avery’s Mom would walk in unannounced to put things in the Fridge.

As time passed, Mom seemed to always come in when Jerrod was about to cum.  A couple of times she witnessed her only daughter.  Mouth full of slick cum sucking Jerrod.  He was always wet with her Daughter’s juices on his young black cock as she noted he usually thrust it in her mouth after he had rammed her pussy good!  While his juice would begin to slip out of the sides of her mouth and either down her chin or onto the bed.  Jerrod would take his choco stick from her suctioning lips and shoot his residual shots onto her white skin.  Covering her body before Avery would dutifully rub it in before taking his choco stick back into her mouth.  Sucking until it was hard again which usually didn’t take very long.

Avery’s tits would be covered in his Cream and by now were almost identical to her Mother’s 36 C’s!  The Nanny Cam allowed Mom to watch and quietly enter to get a closer look at the perfect time.  Watching as her daughter turned away from Jerrod.  Her sticky face and torso pressed into a pillow as her back contorted and ached in ways Mom had only seen in strip clubs or in videos before.  His brown dick pressing against her own baby’s wet snatch!  Spreading apart as Mom tiptoed away from them both.  An exit that usually lasted far longer than the entrance!  One that finally one day was acknowledged by Jerrod himself. 

Avery was wearing a blindfold.  Her legs and arms cuffed together in the air.  Suspended by a wire on a hook neither of Avery’s parents even knew she has installed.  Avery’s Mom came in quietly but, was greeted by a mirror placed in the kitchen wall allowing Jerrod to see her entire walk!

Dick plunging into her daughter who was blindfolded and helpless to see anything else but her own imagination running wild.  Jerrod placed his finger over his lips while locking eyes with Mom before motioning her to come closer for a better look.  His strokes becoming long exits balanced by strokes of Thunder that caused Avery to shake and moan!   Sounds that became louder to her mother as she quietly came closer. 

“Do you like this Pipe bitch?”


The moans of approval luckily had muffled Avery’s mother’s voice mouthing the same!  Jerrod smiled at the woman and harkened her closer as he continued to talk into the vagina of her moistening daughter.

“I’d hate to have your Mother see you like this.”

Slamming his cock in balls deep.  Avery shrieked and came!  Biting her lips as her mother began to feel the side effects of the erotica she was either viewing or now, participating in. 

“No.  She can’t.  Her and those fucking meals.  She wants your choco stick.”

“She does?”

Jerrod smiled as he pulled 9 inches out of his girlfriend and began massaging her pussy lips with his fingers as Avery protested.

“Don’t tease me, baby!”

Mercilously with the last ½ inch.  Jerrod teased both women as her mother could see Avery’s anticipation building.  Also wanting to see the brown wet tip to complete the up close inquiry as much for herself as her daughter! 

“She’s watching us now.”

“No.  No. she isn’t.”

Avery began to squirm as she spoke.  Partially at the pleasure, Jerrod was inflicting upon her by teasing her wanting slit and clit.  He had licked her pussy so good to convince her to agree to this!  It which was something he rarely would do since it wasn’t necessary!  Avery would do whatever Jerrod wanted because of how he made her feel!  And if she didn’t do whatever he wanted?  Some other lucky slut probably would!  That thought was unbearable.

The Blindfold.  The Rope.  Avery knew her Mom perved on them but, she also thought she might think twice before coming in today!  Her Mom knew better than to walk in on this!  Didn’t she.  Avery had spotted her parent’s poorly hidden cameras long ago and didn’t mind being watched at all.  But she hoped her mother wouldn’t take advantage and try to do more than watch!  Which also somehow, mad Avery drip a bit. 

“She’s standing right here next to me.  Staring at my cock as I’m teasing you.”

Avery remembered cumming at the thought of her own mother!  On her knees, beside her watching, as her little girl gets fucked by a Big, teen black cock!  It was so wrong and cliché!  Just like an internet video where the black stud fucks all the women while Dad watches later and jerks off to it!  Avery came more than she ever had as Jerrod moved his dick deeper inside of her womb that day.  Inch by inch until Avery came so hard she fell into a deep sleep!  Pussy gushing onto the mattress!

It wasn’t usual for Pipe to put her into a deep sleep that sometimes could last for hours.  Many times she would awake.  Neatly covered and tucked away after she had once more nodded off after sex.  Mostly though Avery would be left in whatever position she fell asleep in.  Naked and sore.  Pussy pounded into submission.  Her ass still under a pillow and hole soaking wet from Jerrod.  There was no sign of what time he had left.  Her mother always called her from the house when Jerrod left her that way.  Which was how she became suspicious enough to locate the hidden cams!  It was to spare her daughter the embarrassment of sticky skin and the smell of cum at the Dinner table.

Avery always wondered about that day though.  Wondered if Jerrod was just turning her on as he claimed?    Lying about her Mother being in the room with them because he guessed she loved the attention?  Avery wondered if anything else had happened after she had passed out.  How could she know?

“Would you fuck my mother?”

His answer was to stick his thick brown cock deeper inside her while whispering.

“I already have.”

Avery struggled against him that day to loose herself from his grip!  Angry at his answer or the fact she came as she slid back and forth around his throbbing member at the precise moment he confirmed what she already knew!  It was a half-hearted attempt to dislodge herself from Pipe, while wholeheartedly enjoying its boldness inside of her!

Being pulled in closer, feeling her pussy respond with involuntary releases distress in the form of one powerful orgasm after another made Jerrod cum as well!  He was thinking about her mother.  How he convinced her to suck Avery’s joy juice off of his cock while Avery slept right next to them!   Coating Avery’s womb with his warm protein shake while forcing her body to joins in the most intense feeling of her life!  Jerrod had grabbed her tight to his body that day and whispered.

“When I fuck you, and she watches us?  I’m fucking her mind too.  You are opposite sides of the same slut.”

Avery never forgot that moment as another short spurt of cum erupted inside of her womb, giving her a last, small tingle to enjoy.  What girl forgets the moment she falls completely in love?  How fucked up was that?  But she never asked her Mother, and that had been a mistake.

The thought of another woman, especially her own Mother fucking Jerrod drove her mad with lust and passion!  A small crack in her heart grew because young girls with wet pussies tend to become attached.  Avery became equal parts desperate and lost! Being afraid of losing him to someone else cultivated Avery’s jealousy began and eventually drove Jerrod away faster than would have happened naturally.  Jerrod’s father driving home the point a horned out, young, but the crazy rich white girl was not going to be good for him right now and would soon be pregnant if he wasn’t careful.  Besides.  Girls were “Toys to be played with right now.” Was how he had put it.   He told his son to “Find new toys.”  And like that?  They were over. 

What Avery feared in her worst dreams had come true.  Groupies.  Who would do any and everything for him, including share became his new companions.  Avery’s friends and foes alike.  And years later  Jane had become his wife!  It was a hometown success story for everyone, except Avery.  Who was left alone to lick her relationship wounds?

Two years younger than Avery.  Jane had been a good friend back then.  A sounding board who was not quite her peer to talk to.  As Jerrod began to fuck other girls in the Senior Class.  It was in Jane’s car during one of their detecting excursions when Jane first told her she was bi and had a crush on Avery.    Avery also remembered that night like it was yesterday.

Jane ran her tongue inside of Avery’s pussy that night as if she knew her every feeling!  She had been staring at Avery for as long as she could remember!  Even before she could describe what tingled inside of her every time the older girl was near her.  Jane felt as if she knew her because in wanting her so long?  She almost knew what Avery needed.  Kissed.  Touching.  All of the things a woman needs to feel loved.

That one night and the afternoons leading up to Avery’s Graduation.  Her new “relationship” was instrumental in Jane was able to hold it together and even make it to College.  Avery never considered herself to be a lesbian in any sense of the word.  Even though she could notably soak her panties thinking about the way Jane could make her feel just by using her fingers.  They only stopped when Avery went off to College and didn’t keep in touch.  Slightly breaking Jane’s heart in the process. 

Hindsight?  Avery realized the information Jane obtained about Jerrod and her probably helped her get the ring that was rightfully supposed to be hers!  Jane never wanted to see either of them ever again!  For a while.

Avery once lived to feel Jerrod’s cum blasting deep inside of her.  Liked having dinner with her parents while Jerrod’s seed still sat near her stomach and sometimes, slid down her inner thigh and legs.  Imagining their mixed child growing inside of her body.  Wondering what it would feel like growing inside of her became an obsession.  She always wanted him to cum inside of her!  Even when she looked at her own beautiful daughter sleep.  Avery still imagined what would have happened had she been able to control her jealousy and not let Jane take her place!   The 10-year Reunion was sure to be a mixed bag, she thought.  And so was tonight’s Pre-Event gathering at the Steak House. 

Staying in the Pool House for their visit also brought back memories.  The first Blowjob was over in the corner.  Crouched over and bobbing her head up and down clumsily till finally, Jerrod forcefully grabbed her tits and slid his wet cock between them.  Blasting into the air catching her upper lip before landing on either side of her breasts perfectly!  Jerrod then slid his dick across the sticky goo and placed his dick back into her mouth so she could taste his sweet batter for the for the 1st time!  Licking her lips as she stared at the space. 

First Anal.  Her hands tied above her head as she knelt over the back of the kitchen chair.  His greased dick pushing in slow and painfully causing her pussy to spray its approval all over his thighs!  She had no balance, so the only anchor she could use was her tiny, screaming hole wrapped around Pipe.  Hurt so good but, she was happy he only asked her to do that once.  Especially since Avery never could say no to him! 

Fred knew about their past but, was more of a Baseball fan than anything else and was looking forward to meeting Jerrod.   He knew he used to fuck his wife and seriously, didn’t mind.  He was in love with his wife, and the truth only made Jerrod an even bigger man in Fred’s mind.  Knowing how big of a stud his favorite Pitcher was!  The secret desire to see the two of them together was becoming an obsession and knowing it could happen this weekend had him horny all week. 

Avery looked beyond hot for the occasion!  Her dress wasn’t short but, was form fitting and accentuated her curves perfectly.  Her mother was Italian and her father quite tall.  And her Tits were a cup size larger due to her daughter and were now an overfull D-cup.It was as if the entire family contributed to the woman she was today.  Mother of a 3-year-old and Goddess in the Bedroom without a single procedure needed to be steaming hot in a Dress!  The picture of what every woman wanted to be except, she was unhappy.

Fred had encouraged her borderline slutty dress by pretending to be aloof and disinterested.  But secretly, he had been encouraging her competitive nature with well-placed words in conversation while hiding a raging hard boner around his betrothed Avery all week!  To him, she was smoking hot!  He fucked his secretary but, always fueled by the fantasy of fucking his wife!  Something most men started to view as a chore after 6 years of marriage.  But not Fred.

Avery though kept him on a strict ration of just enough pussy to keep him from whining about it.  She despised a man would beg for her attention.  In College, she had learned the Art of whipping and Dominating them.  Evolution cut short by graduation.  For Avery, it was the necessity of not having them touch her more than she wanted them to.  Fred had watched her break weaker suitors before him.  And the rumors about her were out there.  But Fred was determined to not go down their ill-fated path but had discovered marriage was no guarantee of anything more with Avery than the others.  Maybe what he got back was a little less.

Fred knew she wasn’t getting dolled up for him tonight.  The thought of his wife as a would-be seductress to this year’s Cy Young nominee?  It made him rock hard!  The Invitation to dinner had been arranged with him, and the true nature of the gathering kept secret from.  The fact he didn’t tell Avery the true nature of the “mixer” only fueled his weeks-long perversion.  Fantasizing about his wife getting fucked by his favorite player!   

Fred’s poor secretary had a hard week, he thought.  Seemingly being called her into his space almost every hour to feed his carnal desires.  No matter how depraved the thought.  They had spent their time watching Interracial porn online, instead of calling back clients.   With Fred mirroring what they had seen online with her.  It had been the most debasing office sex all week!  The poor young girl’s mouth must be sore from the hours of fellatio under his Oakwood desk.  And not to mention the toys she had agreed to be subjected to by him all week.  For a bonus, of course.  He felt lucky to be able to have a competent assistant who didn’t mind being compensated for sex as well.  Her bonus check this week though, would be huge!

And the things he said?  They made even her blush almost as much as they made her cum!  Fred was pounding her almost 20-year-old pussy sopping wet with both of their juices all week long!  If it wasn’t his dick?  It was the small vibrator he used on her during fellatio.  Too big and she wouldn’t feel him when he did decide to fuck her!  But Jessica had earned the coming time off!

Fred’s 7 inches felt much bigger inside of her than her “Boyfriend’s” 5 inches.  His title.  Her title for him was Bitch. The one advantage to the “fucking your Boss situation” was sometimes?  Jessica left the office somewhat satisfied by him.  She always felt completely used by him.  Having almost crashed driving home twice this week because of the additional burdens Fred placed upon her.  That, and the thought of soon being unemployed.

This week’s fetish meant Fred became especially excited thinking about black “guys.”  Promising a trip to Antigua or Jamaica was his go to this week.  Usually, while his own muscle had been in her mouth.  Particularly, he said, so she could get fucked by huge black cocks that love slutty white tourists.

“Would you be willing to play the part?” he asked.

Usually causing her slit to seep a bit as her mouth to tighten and expand more intensely around his cock muscle.

“You could pretend to be my wife?”

More stickiness would flow from between her thighs.  Imagining herself being touched at the same time and her face, not snug, pressing against Fred’s groin as it was.  Knowing she may not be able to take a larger, thicker man into her throat that way.

“I could buy you a ring for them to cum on?”

Jessica’s eyes shifted up to meet Fred’s at his word.  The intimacy of the moment causing him to jerk a little in her mouth, as she slid her tongue across the backside of his shaft.  Stopping only to circle his shaft with the wetness before leaving behind just enough saliva on the tip so that it glowed against the glare of his computer screen.  Placing her hand around it to jerk swiftly as it erupted into the air.  Onto his chair and only sparsely on the side of her now lipstick smeared cheek.  Before she did as she was told and leaned forward to lick the rest up.  The part that was dribbling slowly out of his slit down, towards his pulsating, shaven balls.

“Mmmmm.  I’d love all of that.”

Her tongue delving under his balls and reaching down, closer to his hole in order to not miss a drop.  Fred’s ass pushing up, into the air as if there were a lover to enter or avoid. 

“I loved that you shaved your balls, sir.”

Continuing her warm, wet assault upon each until moving back to observe him, sitting in his executive chair.  Head tilted to one side and unable to resist a fly!  Her kisses on his cheeks.  Catching the corners of his lips before retreating into the middle of the room to redress and leave. 

Had she plunged her 3 fingers into her pussy, as she would have a year ago in response to the dirty talk of her boss?  She would have failed, twice.    Something the woman never thought about trying before that she was definitely going to research this weekend while she avoided her Boyfriend’s advances.  Something also not hard for her to do.        

Arriving at the Steak House, there was a sparse crowd of cars outside, and the venue appeared lit, but empty.  There should be at least 60 people inside at this hour Avery thought to herself.  But upon entering the empty vestibule, Avery instantly felt a chill.  Until a familiar voice rang out.


Jane rose from the table running towards her and embraced her tightly!  The last time the women had spoken was 5 years ago.  Jane broke the news about her marriage to Jerrod.  And Avery had instantly hung up on her.  At the time Avery wasn’t even aware the two had spent any time together.  The woman had been sporadic lovers over the years too, and it never came up about Pipe being in the picture.  She once was the only woman Jane had ever touched intimately.  Now?  Jane was the last woman Avery wanted to be close to.    

Jerrod stood up from a table behind them and walked up to shake Fred’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, man.  Thank you for making this happen.” He said as Fred stammered.  Awestruck.

“The lucky man himself!

Fred misspoke, but Jerrod’s grin was unmistakable as he turned towards Avery.  Assessing her like a slab of succulent meat to be deboned or in this case?  Boned.  Assessing her dress and what lies underneath with the distinctive eye of a connoisseur.  Amazed at her slightly larger breasts since childbirth and her overripe lips.  Covered in the hint of a pink gloss lipstick.  Almost slutty.  But Avery could make a sack appear irresistible at times.  A fact the 3 other guests knew only too well.   

“Can I have a hug?”

Avery was apprehensive about touching him.  At all.  But was slightly Avery melting under of his familiar, approving gaze.   The anger of seeing either or both of them together in a public setting was not enough to stop her body’s natural urge to embrace them both in a different way.  Until the realization she had been set up and, her husband Fred was complicit in putting her in the room with her two greatest lovers. Her pussy melted at the thought he didn’t know about Jane.  And likewise pissed her off she had married such a gullible wimp!  Even as she was secretly excited, they had gone through so much trouble to meet her before the Reunion.  She mattered to them. 

“Fuck no.  What the hell are you two up to anyway?” 

The words coming out of her mouth surprised the room and Avery herself!  As much as she wanted to wrap her arms and legs around her former lover.  The feelings of betrayal came flying back to the surface in an instance!  And Jerrod’s grin only fueled her fire. 

“Fred.  Let me buy you a drink at the Bar while the Ladies talk.”

“Sure buddy!” 

Fred answered.  Almost breaking into a 10-step jog where the Bartender awaited since Jerrod had bought out the venue for the night.  Jerrod laughed to himself about how smart and sexy his wife was!  Especially how correct she had been about everything she couldn’t possibly understand about the woman he almost broke years ago.  Could this be easier than even she believed? 

Looking over Fred’s shoulder while listening to the man fawn over him was easy for a man of his stature.  Jerrod was much more interested in watching the two women interact at the Bar.  Reading the body language of both while trying to feign interest in Fred’s conversation.  It wasn’t easy since Avery was looking so sexy!  She had fully grown into her body and though she may have considered herself “fat”.  She wasn’t even close.  She looked like the woman in Milwaukee that had knocked on his door after her Husband had “fell asleep”.  And he wondered if she still made the same noises she used to when Jerrod would dig deep inside of her.  Pushing her limits and making her fall in love with him.  Jerrod wondered if she still did.  Wondered if the whole thing wasn’t a big mistake.     

She wore Red High heels and a tight, conservative skirt.  Her eyes were green and a bit glazed from the lack of sleep and the hit from the Vape before she got there.  Not high.  Just enough to make it through the first hour when she would decide whether or not the Evening was a complete waste of time or, to have a second drink.  All depended on him.

His wife would be there, but she was with her Husband anyway.  A man she loved but, no longer lusted for.  It wasn’t either of their faults that sex had become Vanilla and mundane.  That was what marriage was about, her mother had told her years ago.  But that didn’t mean she had accepted entirely her fate of a sexless life!

They had made a connection and even though they both resisted it.  Contact was inevitable.  From the first handshake, she had been drawn to him and sensed the same with him!  Her nipples tingled like the first time, and her voice hardly could utter the required “Hello.” Before their hands broke apart.  And like that, she was hooked! 

Brushing against him that evening to leave almost sent her into a mini-orgasm.  But she knew that was a lie she had to tell herself as she slipped off her panties minutes later and felt the dampness that engulfed the silk set.  To admit her affection.  To admit she desired to be touched by those same fingers that were seemingly the same as all the rest?  Would be to admit she wanted someone other than her Husband!  She was too good to admit that.  But still, here she was.  Hoping for more. 

The neighbors got together every couple of months, and Rob was smiling and mixing alone when June entered behind her husband.  The years had eroded part of his chivalrous nature, but tonight, it worked to her benefit as she could scan the room over his shoulder.  Placing both her prey and rival in an instant.  She instinctively knew what to do and instead of the usual handshake, opted to hug this month’s host to set a precedent.  The men, all of whom had wanked off to the thought of her naked body pressed against theirs many times, couldn’t help but perk up at the prospect of her ample bosom and seemingly soft ass pressed against their mostly out of shape bodies!  And Rob was the 3rd closest! 

He seemed engaged with another Housewife and seemingly, never noticed her unsteady approach.  But within a moment, his arms were open as his hands brushed lightly against her breasts on their way to her back, barely above her waist!  Smoothly done she thought.  As his top two fingers squeezed the top of her ass strongly but, subtly as he whispered in her ear.

“As sensual as the last time.”

Before releasing her and greeting her by name, for all to see!  The only one who noticed there might have been something between them was the woman who witnessed the exchange.  But she was somewhat scandalous herself and enjoyed the moment. 

June continued to the last two men and women at the party.  Extending a hand to the first but unable to do the same with the last!  He had witnessed the other men and didn’t want to be shortchanged!  But Rob was still on her mind.  His hands had found her two most sensual places that were long since forgotten in a sexless marriage!  And it was confirmed.  He felt it too. 

The Evening passed with the usual banter about politics and the world in general.  June’s husband once again gravitated to Bill.  The man he spent the most time with on Earth.  Their affection for one another bordering on sexual as she noticed their body language for what seemed like the 1st time.  Maybe she noticed because she was thinking about her own chemistry with Rob?  He who was attached at the hip to his own wife.  June had been attempting to size her up all evening but was out of practice and as a result, couldn’t get a read on her.  What was she thinking anyway?  She was married! 

She walked down the Hallway towards the Bathroom to get a grip on her emotions as much as anything else!  Her dark sandy hair was a bit out of place, and her competitive fire was out of control!  A quick trip would help her gather her emotions and hopefully, give her the strength to call it a night.  She didn’t care what her Husband did, and as usual, he would probably linger at the Party.  But June needed to go!  If only to calm these sensations she was experiencing! 

The vodka in her hand went down smoothly as she fixed her makeup and started to open the door to the Bathroom.  She was momentarily startled at the sight of the couple pushing their way in!  It was Rob and his faithful wife!  Half a disappointment she thought as both seemed a bit tipsy.

“Excuse us.”

His wife continued forward towards the loo as Rob stepped in behind her and closed the door! 

“Excuse me.  I was just leaving.” June said.

In reaching for the doorknob, her breasts pushed against Rob’s own chest which felt so good!  Rob used the chance to pull her closer, with his arm around her waist and smell her perfume? 

“Flowerbomb.” Rob paused.

“One of my favorites.”

June didn’t know how to respond.  Here she was in an intimate embrace with the one man she has been fantasizing about the Last 5 weeks.  And his wife was watching them!  Her face reddened with either embarrassment or excitement.  She couldn’t tell which as her Ass twitched beneath his firm grip!  His skin was dark.  Mediterranean almost and the bulge in his pants was immense!  Much bigger than anything she’d had in years!  June’s impulses froze as his hand cupped her ass and one finger explored the crack between her underused cheeks!  She almost melted!  

“Rob loves perfume on a woman.”

Amanda was standing directly behind her now as her husband fondled June’s ass. 

“Rob loves many things about women.”

Kissing her neck, Rob let his one hand wandered towards the front of her skirt.  As the other explored the rest of her body!  Amanda never touched her.  But June could feel her hot breath close and when looking back to see how she was allowing this to happen, noticed her panties were down around her ankles and her hand was rubbing circles around her clit!  June didn’t know what to think!  She wasn’t attracted to women at all!  But the site of Amanda watching as her Husband Rob took liberties with her body made her legs weak!  Luckily, Rob still had a firm grasp on her bottom and held her weight in his hands!  This continued for another minute until Rob spoke over her shoulder. 

“Get dressed hun.  We’re leaving.”  He said.

Immediately Amanda pulled up her panties and smiled at her husband. 

“Don’t smile.  You know what you did was wrong!”

What the fuck!  Rob was the inappropriate one!  Or was he?  They were both?  June’s confusion continued as Rob moved her against the sink and grabbed her left wrist.  Amanda circled behind him silently.  Watching as he used his control to rub her hand against his big dick! 

“We are leaving soon.  But I think you and Amanda made a connection in here.  Maybe you guys should become friends.  We are always looking for new friends.”

With that, Rob pressed his face and mouth against June’s!  They shared a deep, long kiss that she had never even shared with her Husband of 15 years!  His lips were warm and soft!  And his tongue was commanding!  In breaking the kiss, Rob looked into the love-starved woman’s eyes and knew.  She was his! 

“You should stop by the house sometime.  I think you two would get along.” He whispered. 

Amanda opened the door and grasped her Husband’s hand.  They were gone as soon as they had come!  I mean they had cum?  Or just June!  It had been so long since June had even felt the sensation of arousal, she couldn’t tell if she had or hadn’t!  All she knew was she didn’t understand anything about what had just happened! 

After cleaning herself up a bit which wasn’t easy in her sensitive state.  June exited the Bathroom.  Walking past her other neighbor who had been talking to Rob in the large room when she first entered and into the small gathering of 10.  She could hear the couple saying their goodbyes and noticed her husband, attached to Bill as usual!  She gave him the nod.  Letting him know she was leaving to take the short walk 3 houses down and into her bed, alone.  Saying goodbye to the neighbors as she went for the door on unsteady legs. 


Amanda’s voice rang out across the room. 

“We will walk you home since we are tired from all the activity!”

The crowd laughed as if they knew something which, they didn’t.  Amanda was so pretty and sweet!  They just wanted her favor already!  But they didn’t know her.  No one there did!  That was their advantage. 

June almost bolted, but for some reason, she was stuck in place.  She wanted Rob for herself but, would have never acted upon it!  At least that was what she told herself.  But there was more to the couple that piqued her curiosity.  And it only made sense she wait since they lived two doors down from her. 

Rob smiled at his wife, and they walked towards her hand in hand.  His eyes never left her as if they were truly in love!  It was hard to miss.  June knew she should probably avoid them both but, she couldn’t.  She wouldn’t deny herself a chance to feel Rob’s hands across her body again!  Tantalizing her senses as they were and igniting fires inside her she had forgotten even existed!  She wanted to know more! 

The door closed behind them, and the 3 hit the sidewalk towards home silently.  Amanda stepped back.  Allowing Rob and June to walk side by side while he explained as much as he was going to in the street.  They were one house away from June’s when Rob broke the silence.

“I liked you from the first time I laid eyes on you.” He said.

June turned around and asked Amanda.

“Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

Amanda’s head faced down as Rob continued to speak.

“She won’t answer you unless I tell her to.  That is the basis of our marriage.”

“What do you mean?”

The distance between the homes seemed woefully short as they reached her driveway. 

“Come to think of it.  We aren’t so tired, and we have never seen your home.  Would you like to invite us in for a Nightcap?”

Pausing to consider her husband probably wouldn’t be home for another two hours.  June decided to sate her intellectual curiosity and said yes.  Ignoring her throbbing parts pleas for immediate gratification by her own loving touch.   She wanted to rub her wet clit to sleep!  But she didn’t want to seem intimidated by the bohemian customs of her neighbors!  And since she wasn’t moving anytime soon.  She figured best to get over it now! 

What June took her marriage vows very seriously.  And despite her suspicions about her Husband’s proclivities towards men.  She had no proof and didn’t want any!  She had convinced herself that she was his.  Even if he wasn’t interested.  And the lack of sex had helped her rise in her Legal practice.  She had almost forgotten what attraction was like until Rob!  But there was something about him that was different!  She knew it from the start.  But now, she was learning what. 

“Do you mind if we make ourselves at home?” Rob asked. 

Not knowing what that meant.  June considered saying NO!  But again.  She was off balance yet, excited to learn.

“Of course not,” June replied.

With that.  Amanda removed her panties from beneath her dress and placed them in her purse while simultaneously pulling out what appeared to be a sex toy!  She pushed a button which started a slow vibration, then sat directly against the door on the floor with her legs spread in a way that showed great flexibility.  No one could enter unless they pushed her over! 

Rob walked directly to June and circled around her as she stood, watching in amazement at the silent wife’s grinding against the floor! 

“She knows her place June.”

The words entered her ears and heightened her senses. 

“I love my wife.  As all men should.  But she can’t handle all of my urges.”

His hands circled her waist now as if measuring her responses to his touch.  June stood transfixed.  Almost unaware of his explorations until one hand reached beneath her skirt and 3 fingers plunged deeply into her wet pussy!  June moaned and looked at Amanda directly in the eyes for something.  Anything that would show objection to her husband touching her in front of him while her pussy dripped down her legs in waves she never knew she was capable of!  That was when it happened! 

Rob ripped her panties off and would have lifted her off her feet!  But his hand against her back stopped her from falling onto her face!  Her skirt was up and his Dick inside of her faster than she knew possible!  The pain!  It was much bigger than anything she’d ever experienced, and Rob was as rough inside of her as he had been gentle before!  Fucking her from behind as they watched Amanda writhe on the floor in front of them!  Rob whispered into her ear once more.

“35.  You don’t have the body of a 35-year-old woman.  Your pussy is as tight as 18.”

June was appalled at his language but at the same time.  Wanted to hear more!  No man ever talked to her that way!  Especially not her queer hubby!  Did she just think that?  Rob lifted her off her feet as her heels dangled in the air.  But he wasn’t pushing into her.  June was sliding up and down his cock like a Rodeo rider and didn’t even know it!  Cumming all over the front of his expensive suit and barely able to look Amanda, his wife in the eyes as she watched them both! 

“Amanda.  Tell her now.” 

Amanda began to speak and explain that though they were married.  Rob fucked any woman he wanted with her blessing.  She said she had been a young slut.  Cunt even. Destined to be nothing.  Do nothing with her life when Rob saved her.  Showed her the way of discipline and focus.  And she was never as happy as when he was pleased!

“As you can feel.  My husband has quite a large cock, and in case you can’t tell, he can and will fuck you for a long time.  Much longer than most woman can take.  That was how he got me!  I challenged him in a Bar one night.  He said he could make me come 10 times before he came once!  I said if he did, I would be his slave for a week!  After the week was over, I was a different woman!”

“Enough talk.”

Rob barked as he dropped June down from his cock, and onto the floor!  Walking over to his wife, his cock dripping with June’s juices.  Amanda opened her mouth to take as much as she could of it over her tongue!  June watched the spectacle, unable to move forward or retreat as her pussy hole still gaped from the blissful assault!   How many times had she orgasmed?  Was she still cumming watching her neighbor get faced fucked roughly on her floor!  Something June had thought would never appeal to her now, she wished it was being done to her!   

“She is not just my wife June.  Amanda is my property.  But as you can see by her gagging.  She still can’t suck my dick properly, and she definitely can’t handle my needs alone!” 

Pushing Amanda back onto the floor, Rob reached between her legs and seemingly, turned it up while pushing her onto her side.  Reaching into her purse are removing a pair of handcuffs to place behind her back!  His cock dripped Amanda’s saliva as all June could do was watch.  Paralyzed by the sight and the hard fucking she had endured at the end of his member.  She wanted it back!   And she wouldn’t have to wait long! 

Rob rose and considered June’s hungry eyes, knowing what she wanted!  Getting on his knees to meet her at eye level, Rob kissed her deeply like before, and June melted!  Moving behind her, Rob lifted her skirt and mounted her as he stood behind and over her.  Each push going deeper and deeper into her soul! 

“I am going to ask you a series of yes or no questions and the moment you lie to me is the moment I stop.  Do you understand?”

“The neighbor’s say you need this more than anything.  Are they right?”


” June answered.

“They also say you are a first-class bitch.  Are they correct.”

The word that usually made June lash out in anger now made her cum intensely beneath him!  The pause made him double his entry into her harder and deeper. 

“Answer me, Bitch!”

“Yes.  Yes, I am!”

Reaching down, Rob caressed her jutting nipple so hard she wanted to scream!  But she couldn’t as June felt another wave of orgasm pass through her!

“I said Yes or No!  Do you want me to stop fucking you on your Living Room floor now!”

“No.”  He answered so quick June surprised herself.  

She couldn’t see Rob’s smirk but, he knew she had given up.  Given in to his power as his rod swoll to greater lengths inside her!  He loved when they broke!  And he couldn’t wait to cum inside of her.  Rob knew it wouldn’t be long now!

“Is your Husband Gay?”

June paused before answering, and Rob knew he had her where he wanted.  If she said no.  He would leave her where she lies.  Make her beg to see him again since he knew she was never going to be the same. 

And if she said yes?  He would have defeated her.  Made her admit the one thing she never could admit to herself after 15 years of Marriage.  Her marriage was a lie. 


Rob came deep inside of her at the admission what seemed like at least a quart of cum but due to her lack of sex, how could she tell!  Pulling out he walked over to his wife Amanda, who dutifully licked and sucked him dry! 

Amanda was pulled towards June as she lay on the floor, ass still in the air. 

“Don’t worry.  Amanda will clean up this mess.  Won’t you dear?”

With that, the younger woman delved her tongue deep between her neighbor’s folds.  Expertly cleaning her crème filled hole and licking their collective juices off of the floor until there was nothing left!  At some point, her hands were freed as June felt them on her ass, steadying June as she experienced shock after shock until she fell asleep on the floor.

June was awakened by the sound of the door opening and her husband walking in 2 hours later.  As expected.  She was on the couch and wondered if it was all a dream!  But her sore pussy let her know it wasn’t though there was no sign of the neighbors left.  The house was cleaner than she had left it and there was a note pressed in her palm written by a woman, was her guess.  

Meet me at the Mall tomorrow to go shopping.  It was great talking with you.


Mandy didn’t understand why this was happening!  Hadn’t she done everything he asked?  Sending him pictures of her when he asked her to?  She even had allowed him to share her with his friend, even though she didn’t like the idea at first.  And now he was calling her, telling her they were through and he was going back to his bitch of a wife!  How did this happen?

The tears flowing down the side of her face hadn’t stopped since she had hung up the phone and squeezing her clit between her thumb and forefinger wasn’t doing the trick.  She was cumming all over the floor, sure.  Imagining Keith’s hand was between her legs, and his cock was in her mouth like she always did when he wasn’t around.  Waiting for his return.  But the joy her body felt didn’t stop the tears from flowing because she knew, he wasn’t coming to see her ever again.  The phone wasn’t going to ring, and Keith wouldn’t tell her what to wear or how to touch herself.  She was all alone now.   All because of his bitch wife. 

Mandy knew where he lived with his wife, but she had never gone to his home.  They met in her office as he was filing for divorce and their “relationship” had blossomed from there.  She never had a man like him.  Big and horny all of the time for her.  She was powerless to say no to him, even now.

Most of their rendezvous were in public places like a Department store dressing room or a secluded area of a park.  They both shared a spirit for adventure and exhibitionism, and with a cock like his, she was hardly ever able to say ‘no’ to any of his requests!  She was a simple, healthy, normal 24-year-old paralegal when they had first met, and not nearly the sexual creature she was today.  She never wore panties, granted.  And she always loved the feeling of the wind brushing against her bare pussy, even as a young girl.  But she was not mischievous sexually beyond that.  From their 1st meeting, his piercing eyes and the impressive figure had cast a spell on her, and before she knew it, Mandy was gagging on his dick and letting him use her body in every slutty way imaginable privately and publicly.  And now it was over? 

Mandy had hardly noticed that she was walking towards Keith’s home he shared with his wife as she was not in her right mind.  Her heart raced as she knocked on his door, knowing he couldn’t possibly answer since he was at work.  The thing she promised him she would never do, tell his wife about them, was exactly what was going to happen!  Since Mandy was not in control of her emotions, she had no idea what she was going to say to the bitch when the door opened and Athena, Keith’s wife stood in front of her.  The fat troll. 

“Can I help you?”

 A woman answered the door, annoyed at the veracity of Mandy’s knocking. She was about 5’10 with blonde hair and impressive features.  Her breasts were about 34C and barely covered by her nightgown, which was sheer.  Hardly the frump, her husband, had described!  She was beautiful!  She towered over the ebony seductress and looked down upon her as if she knew why she had come.  They always did cum after all!  In one form or another.

Athena held no false pretense.  Her husband loved to fuck other women, and she knew it.  But they had an “understanding.”  The marriage was solid, and she knew all about this Mandy person.  Knew he had told her he was getting divorced so that he could have her.  It was ok.  They had similar and differing tastes sexually and allowed each other a certain amount of leeway with others.  A man as good in bed as her husband needed to be kept happy.  And she didn’t do the slutty things in public.  Too much risk.  But they were definitely partners in crime.  She had pointed Mandy out to him in her office and gave him the divorce idea in the first place!  She knew what her husband needed.    

“I am looking for Keith.  Are you his wife?” Mandy asked. 

Her clothes were thrown on and in her heightened state, were not many.  Sweats and a tank top. She had not thought this through.  Her own 34C breasts were still hard from the masturbating she couldn’t stop doing, even on the car ride over to fight her rival.  She expected an out of shape frump.  Not a Greek Goddess with a body that looked like it had been trained for combat!  She WAS going to tell his wife everything, whoop her ass, and wait for Keith to come to her home later where she would make her case for his cock once more.  Mandy knew she was the best woman for him and wasn’t going to be discarded so easily.  If that were ever his plan

“Come in.  He should be home soon.  I am his wife, Athena.” She said while opening the door wide enough to allow the young woman entrance. 

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” Mandy replied.

For the 1st time today her instincts began to work for her.  She had hesitated.  This woman was not scared or shocked by her presence which meant she was probably armed or worse, crazy.  Mandy knew Keith was not due off of work for at least another 4 hours and wondered why the woman would say different and never even questioned her relationship to him.  She knew something wasn’t right.  But it was too late.

“No Mandy, I insist,” Athena replied.  “Unless you want me to shoot you on my doorstep and explain your crazy threat to kill me over my husband.”

Pulling out the small caliber pistol from behind her back, Athena smiled wistfully at the most recent young bitch who had been riding her husband.  She had followed him to the bar with a camera to videotape her fuck in the alley for him.  And what a show it was!  Mandy’s pierced nipples shining against the spotlight as her husband and his BF took her from both sides.  One holding her suspended by her waist.  The other with 1 hand across her torso, as he force-fed Mandy his big black dick.   All of Keith’s friends had big dicks, and she knew them all personally as well as intimately.  Even if Keith was clueless to that much. 

 She had been watching the tape when she heard the knock on the door.  Pleasantly surprised to see the young whore Mandy on her doorstep, she knew what she wanted to do as her own pussy throbbed at her good fortune.  Christmas had come early!  She wanted to see Mandy and her dark head between her thighs for two weeks, so she told her husband to break it off until Mandy could be convinced to be hers too.  Knowing all along it would bring the woman to her doorstep since she had been pulling strings to their attachment all along!  A proper introduction was soon at hand as she picked up the 25. Caliber pistol she had purchased for such an occasion placed the handcuffs on the table and answered the door.  Keith would not be home anytime soon, so this was a chance for her to question the young woman alone.  And make sure Keith was honoring the sanctity of their marriage.  For lack of a better term. 

Stepping through the door, Mandy heard the door slam behind her and the locks being set.  Athena was enjoying the power trip and instructed Mandy to move towards the table where the handcuffs sat waiting for her.  The younger woman pleaded for leniency but to no avail.  Athena’s pussy was already pulsating, and for her, that meant no turning back! 

“Did you really think you were coming to MY HOUSE to start some shit?  Sit down bitch!”  Athena tossed the handcuffs towards Mandy and instructed her sternly.    

“Put them on.”

“Bitch are you cray…”  Whack! 

An open hand smashed across the heartbroken young woman’s face without warning, halting her speech mid-sentence.  Crazy.  No.

“Now!  Next time it’s the butt of my gun, and I am calling the cops.  You can explain to them how you ended up in my living room.  Our neighbor is on duty right now.  I can call his cell, strip you naked and turn you over.  He loves black girls too.  The whole night shift will get a crack before dawn.  You are far away from home Missy.”

She smiled at the thought of her considering this. She would make light work of Mandy in or out of handcuffs, and she hoped she would get the chance to prove it to her.  It would only make the conquest more sweet.  She continued.

“If you work hard enough with your mouth, you may not be arrested by the tiny dicks.  These police are well known for forgiving tickets with the help of a flexible tongue like yours.  At least from what I have seen.  But I am sure your attire would call for something more.  Are you willing to take that chance? Now put em on!” she screamed. 

Mandy had never worn handcuffs before since she had always been so willing to please her boyfriends, they had never been necessary.  Her mind was ablaze as she locked them tighter than they should be and the thought about what this crazy bitch would do next!  Mandy was still moist from seeing Athena standing in the doorway, totally comfortable with her sexiness while standing before her.  She had never been with a woman and didn’t plan too either.  But she also knew she was trapped.  She wished she had thought it through instead of coming here. 

Athena smiled as she placed the gun on top of a shelf the smaller woman would not be able to reach.  Mandy stared at her, wondering why Keith ever would need her in the 1st place!  She was an Amazon!  Her body was one toned canvas accentuated by a plump bottom not usually found on white women, or so Mandy believed!  And Keith had married her, so she knew, she had to be good in bed.  What a fool she had been to believe him!  All married men lie.

 “Don’t worry dear.  I won’t hurt you as long as the conversation goes my way.  And that means I talk, you listen.  Before you answer any of my questions, though.  We need to figure out how you will address me.  You I will just call slut.  Or whore.  Or both.”  Pausing for emphasis.

“Look, Athena is it?” Mandy said.

“I realize you have no reason to forgive me, but I am sooo sorry for fucking your husband.”

“Are you now?”


“Well, that is the first lie.  Never met a woman who claimed that!” 

 Athena said while walking towards the smaller woman and ripping her tank top down, causing the woman’s hands to lurch forward in modesty and fall off of the couch she had been sitting on onto the floor!  Her hands were cuffed in front as Athena straddled her from behind in a hold reminiscent of a wrestler as she straddled Mandy between her legs and reached around to squeeze Mandy’s hard nipple in her left hand. 

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be horny right now would you?”

Pulling the woman’s sweatpants beneath her knees limiting Mandy’s ability to move.  Athena plunged her right middle finger between the woman’s thighs, feeling no resistance beyond Mandy’s wetness.  As scared as she was, she was every bit the slut from the video, which she now resumed. 

Mandy’s eyes opened wide at the sight of her secret affairs playing on her ex-boyfriend’s wife’s TV as the screen filled with the views of her dirty deed. 

“You interrupted my favorite part.”

Athena spoke as Cliff came onscreen and grabbed the young woman’s head.  Pulling her mouth off of his saliva soaked cock and coating her face, tits, and a portion of her dress with his semen.  Mandy had forgotten Athena’s fingers inside of her and captured by what was happening onscreen came her all over Athena’s hand violently! 

“Looks like someone enjoys amateur porn!”

Athena laughed as she pushed the woman forward with her foot onto her hot, tingling nipples releasing her hand from inside of her.  Mandy was spent and hardly noticed the cuffs being placed on her ankles attached to a bar.  She couldn’t run away if the wanted too.

Athena pulled her to her feet by her hair and released her hands from the cuffs, only to pull them back behind her and refasten the cuffs. 

“The name is Mistress Athena.  And its time you learned how to please me.  And if you do a good job, I will forgive you for trying to fuck my husband away from me.  If you don’t…”

Athena sat back down on the couch and spread her legs, revealing a well maintained, pink pussy.

“Eat.  While I tell you how things will go from now on.”

Mandy had never been so close to a woman’s pussy and began to tentatively lick up and down Athena’s slit like she would like to be licked herself until she found a rhythm.   Athena gave her an hour to get her off twice, or else.  She came 3 times but of course, said it was only once!   Athena thought then how much she loved breaking in new girls as Mandy feverishly worked the dominant woman’s clit with her tired, but now willing tongue.   

Hours later.   Beep.

Checking his phone the image came through from his wife as he opened the door.  His wife being pleasured by his girlfriend!  Walking into the living room after and taking his clothes off at the door, Keith walked over to where his wife laid.  Her legs spread wide to accommodate the head bobbing in between them. Keith bent over and kissed her deeply, causing Mandy to lift her eyes to watch.

Snap!  The whip flashed against her skin and backside and she quickly resumed her task, Keith’s most desired cock inches from her face!  Athena had not told her she could watch!  She felt a twinge of jealousy at the intimacy between them until finally, the married couple stopped and Keith moved behind her.  The head of his cock relieving all tension as he fucked her harder than he ever had!

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all?


The thought had crossed her mind.

“How well do you think you know Jake?”

Anna could be such a bitch.  Her big tits gave her a sense of entitlement that came from their power to make men, and certain women bend and kneel to her whims.  And she gave no fucks about anyone not named Anna!  Why they were friends in the first place escaped Gemma most times with her especially wanting to tell her exactly “how well” she knew her own Husband!  But then she didn’t want to spoil Anna’s surprise.  But this bitch was just asking for it!

Gemma instead sat across the table smiling the fake smile she knew would make Anna’s day.  The one that revealed just exactly how clueless she was to the fact Jake had ejaculated into Anna’s cleavage just before she arrived to meet Gemma for lunch.  Even if it was a lie,  Gemma’s face hid the disgust she held for Anna’s deception while maintaining her balance deftly.  She would get her chance to smile soon enough!

The remote butterfly Jake had fastened inside of Gemma buzzed her button mercilessly under the mismatched set of undergarments she was wearing beneath the long, 70’s style skirt.  The one with the pockets large enough to conceal her remote control and hold her keys.  She fumbled the keys and especially the one to the lock with the anticipation of teaching Anna a lesson in loyalty.  A lesson she knew the whore couldn’t understand with words.  Anna would have to experience it.

“When she acts bitchy Gemma what will you do?”

Jake’s voice was in her ear like a whisper of wind, and she brushed her hair back behind her left ear, as if he was invisible but right there with her instead of elsewhere preparing for the night’s fun.

“Press the button and don’t.”

“Cum.” He finished.

His dick rocked her insides at the time, accentuating the clear message of what he wanted from her.  And Gemma was listening.

The purring of the tiny machine made Gemma relax as she smiled at her unsuspecting, slutty friend imagining what she was thinking while verbally mocking her with ambivalence!  She wanted to kick her ass.  But Anna’s tits did look irresistible, so she understood a little while imagining her husband’s big, black cock in between them, poking the chatty bitch in the chin which made Gemma laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Gemma couldn’t say it.  But the thought of his cum shooting into her unsuspecting mouth made Gemma very happy!  She knew Jake well enough to he would punish the disloyal bitch!  And it was only a few hours away.

“Just looking forward to my trip and thinking about all the men!”

Anna wanted to hear this!  Ammunition for her weekend rendezvous with Gemma’s husband, while she was out of town supposedly on business, could only bring him closer to her she thought.  Gemma could tell her what she planned to do while away for the weekend.  And Anna could tell Jake and get even closer than they were already!  Having his 11’ buried in her was the best feeling she’d ever experienced, and she wanted more.  But Gemma was in the way!  She wanted to do more than fuck him whenever he had time.  And the best way was to remove her beautiful friend and rival from the picture altogether.  It wasn’t as if they had any kids and she was breaking up a family.  Just a marriage!

“Can you keep a secret?” Gemma whispered while moving in close.

“Of course.”

“I have something planned for later tonight.”

“Really what?”

“Let’s just say it’s a group thing.”

What a slut!  Anna had felt somewhat bad about what she was doing with Jake behind her friend’s back and almost had told her what happened between them once.  Maybe Gemma would have understood since she was married to Jake’s cock as much as Jake and knew its effect on women better than anyone!  But Gemma was looking more like a greedy slut to Anna by the second!  If she were Jake’s wife, she would never fuck anyone but Jake!  Even if that did go against her nature.  Even if he cheated on her like Gemma suspected and Anna knew but said she couldn’t prove.  Jake deserved better!

Gemma’s under the table orgasm wasn’t noticeable and masked by fake laughter and Anna’s general self-involvement.  Gemma had lost another bet with Jake and would be doing penance soon as time allowed.  She could always lie to him about the orgasm?  How could he prove otherwise?  Though most women wouldn’t be aroused at the thought of their man with another woman, it was always Gemma’s most favorite thing!  Watching.

Flipping the switch off and asked Anna the one question that always brought her back to Earth.

“So how are things with your husband?” Gemma asked.

Anna had married well, sure.  But she settled sexually, and her husband spent more time at work than home with Anna and their young daughter these days.  He had a nice sized dick.  But it didn’t compare to Jake’s Meaty Masterpiece dangling between his legs.  And he didn’t use it enough on her!  Even with their infant daughter spending the Summer at his parents, her husband Phil hardly found any time to fuck Anna.  Even shying away from the blowjobs she once loved to give him.  She was mostly alone, and Gemma knew she hated thinking about it.  It was a blow to her massive ego and a very sore point with Anna.  Jealousy was what caused Anna to start fucking Gemma’s husband in the first place.

“Well, he.”

“I’m sorry I have to get home and get to the airport.  We’ll talk when I get back?”

Gemma wanted to make sure Anna was angry and followed through with her date with Jake.  Pissing her off seemed like an excellent strategy to begin getting her rival worked up good!  Gemma strode happily out the door of the Restaurant which Anna was sure due to her looking forward to being an anonymous slut.  But all Anna cared about was being Jake’s.

By 7,  Anna was entering her friend’s home, no knocking as Jake told her he was in the Master Bath waiting.  Removing her Dress and leaving the garters and push up bra on, Anna began the ascent up the stairs and onto the tiled floored Master Bathroom and marital sanctuary.  She wore the outfit her husband had brought her for their last Anniversary night together which made her heart beat a little faster and her thoughts a lot sluttier than the usual. She thought what he would do if he saw her in it now, going to fuck her Best friend’s black husband who Phil hated!  It was getting her more excited by the moment.

Phil had always liked the other guys Gemma dated.  But they were white and had a lot in common with Phil.  Anna even suspected he wanted Gemma for himself which only made her secretly hate her more.  But after hearing Jake and Gemma go at it on a weekend getaway, his attitude had changed toward her and Phil wanted nothing to do with the new couple.  She was now referred to as Anna’s slut friend and worse by Phil.  But Anna was intrigued.

“Hi, beautiful.”

Jake’s teeth flashed a bright white smile that traveled across the distance of the room and seemingly, brushed against her pussy.  Standing up in the water, she could see about 8 inches of flaccid dick attached to his hip like a 3rd arm!  She loved her husband’s full 7in before, but now, there was a new Sheriff in town and no turning back!  Her body craved her best friend’s husband!

Stepping out of the tub and down the steps, Jake approached the excited woman in slow motion, or so it seemed.  His lips reached out to hers and engulfed them in a kiss for the ages that melted her will and moistened her already soggy box!

“I have a gift for you.”

His fingers fastened a collar around her neck before three fingers were plunged into her vagina, giving Jake control and preparing her for the inevitable long ride to bed.  She had read about bondage before and even tried to introduce her husband, Phil to it.  But he was only into basic sex and had hardly touched her since.  But Jake was the one she wanted now.  Anna couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her!

“Suck my cock.”

Jake had always been a perfect gentleman with her, so this new tone surprised and excited the horny woman immensely!  She dropped to her knees and carefully worked the head of his cock into her mouth.  It was a little wider than her husband’s but too long to fit down her throat completely, which didn’t stop Jake from trying!

“Relax.  Don’t bite.”

Her air was being constricted as her eyes rolled back into her head in anticipation of passing out.  Jake just smiled and pulled the bra down under her tits, unleashing her 34 D’s and pressing Anna’s erect nipples against his thighs!  She hadn’t even noticed she was fingering her pussy before she came on her fingers and Jake released his grip on her hair!  What an orgasm!  She didn’t even know something like that was even possible!

“Enjoying yourself yet?”

Jake looked down at the blonde woman beneath him as his erection stood upwards, saluting its work.

“You are fucking amazing!”

The words just came as she shook on the floor beneath him.  Her eyes fastened upon still wet his balls and ass as she attempted to recover her senses.

“So you liked that?  Because Gemma said, you would like that the first time I fucked her throat.  What a slut you are!” he said.

Anna ignored the insult and instead attempted to catch her breath and tell all of Gemma’s secrets.  But her words came out in halting breaths mixed with muffled sounds.

“She is.  She is probably fucking another guy right now.  Which makes no sense when she has you at home.”

She had that part right!  Picking her up from the floor by her arm. Anna stood still partially clothed before him, looking like a drunken whore recovering in a bathroom stall.  She was still beautiful, and her body was top notch even after the baby.  Anna was justified in her conceit.

“Tell me more.”

Jake turned her around and grabbed her arms, binding them together behind her back at the forearm with a cord of rope while spilling all that she had.  Told him how Gemma didn’t love Jake like she pretended too and wasn’t the devoted wife that she appeared to be.  How Gemma had bragged to her about fucking four guys at a time one night and her plans to rendezvous with four more this weekend.  That part was made up.  But since Anna was on a roll getting buried herself by Jake, she wasn’t about to stop before she completely buried Gemma for good!  Jake for his part just listened.  Pinching her long nipples hard from behind her every time she said something he knew wasn’t right.  Sitting on the edge of the bathtub behind her waiting until he was ready to pry her now defenseless slit apart with his hand before impaling her like a split roast with extraordinary grace!

“Keep talking.”

Anna’s face flushed as she told all of the dirty secrets between the girlfriends!  She must have cum ten times from sensual inner massage of her best friend’s husband’s pole.  All while recounting the dirty stories she had told her to him!  The things she made up were from her fantasies to life.  But close enough to the truth that Gemma would not be able to defend the lies either!  The smile on her face cemented and the cum long washed from between her cleavage probably meant it was going to be a long, hard night!  The kind she dreamed about ever since hearing them fuck all those years ago!  When Gemma walked through the open bathroom door, she almost thought she was hallucinating!  A side effect of mind-blowing sex.

“Don’t mind me.  Just forgot some things.”

Anna wanted to stand and run!  At least cover herself!  But her feet were off of the ground now, and her arms were of absolutely no use in dislodging herself from Jake’s seemingly still growing rod, which was pounding another unexplored region inside her at the moment!  Jake was maneuvering her in ways her husband never could!  Causing her to orgasm by hitting her G-spot over and over!  It hurt so good!  But even Anna could see it wasn’t safe!  Anna was helpless to resist and unsure she wanted to, having been nearly drained of all energy by a good black dick.  Even in the face of being caught red-faced with a dripping snatch Anna was too happy to care!

But Gemma walked in calmly for a reason.  Revealing a Nanny Cam pointed directly at them, recording her betrayal on tape!  Gemma walked with the camera in the same direction, bringing it in for a close up of the well-fucked face of a Jezebel.  She didn’t want to look directly at the face or open her eyes even, but the pounding her pussy was enduring left her no choice!  Gemma grabbed her left nipple, squeezing it so hard Anna’s pussy burst into a wet, earth-shattering orgasm, with Gemma recording the whole thing.

“You like my husband’s black dick?  You want to be me, bitch?”

The last stroke caused Anna to squirt her answer all over all 3 of them and Jake to push her onto the floor, where Gemma continued to record the moment.

“Wonder what your husband will say about this?”

Gemma stood next to her bull husband, stroking his cock as she continued to record Gemma’s uncontrollable lust!  She was embarrassed.  Ashamed.  Humiliated.  And still cumming two minutes later as Jake immersed himself in the bath water once more to clean himself off.

“That’s three hon.  I won again.”


Jake sneered at the well-fucked woman while recalling the other two.  Gemma’s college roommate was one.  She fell victim during a weekend visit which now was every 3 months.   Two was Gemma’s cousin and closest confidant.  She was the easiest to seduce as she asked Gemma’s permission 1st, being the one who initially turned Gemma on to black men!  Each time the bet was the same.  Jake got the pussy.  Gemma got to watch which she absolutely loved to do!  But since Anna lived so close?  Gemma wanted to be sure things didn’t get out of hand between them before she agreed.  She knew how alluring big tits could be to men.

“The stories I told you Anna weren’t about me stupid!  But they were for your benefit.  I wanted to see how you would react to them because I knew you would tell.  You have your eyes locked on Jake’s crotch everytime we are together.  You just needed help.”

Grabbing the woman’s hair, Gemma flipped her onto her back before lifting her own skirt above her, revealing her naked honey pot which dripped down onto her friend’s face.  Anna had never been with a woman before and wasn’t sure she wanted to be with one now.  But her face was soon smothered by Anna’s thighs and held in place by her weight.  Her tongue was trying to keep up with Gemma as she slid back and forth over her entire face, humiliating her further.

“I’m married.  I don’t fuck anyone else.  I know everything about how to keep my husband happy.”

Gemma laughed as her pussy unloaded it contents across her glistening face.  Kissing her husband as he leaned in to express their undying love for one another.

“You are so hot wifey.”

She couldn’t see Jake, but wished he would stop watching and come to fuck her now!  When her legs parted, she knew that was exactly what was happening and her pussy began to moisten once more.  Her knees were high and legs spread as if there was an invisible lover between them as her pelvis dry humped the air.

The cock pushed into her and knew immediately it wasn’t Jake.  It was wider and shorter than Jake was and as Gemma stood up, Anna recognized the two men in the room as her own husband’s employees!  Before she could respond, she was back on her knees, with one of the men pushing his long, thin cock into her mouth before she could object!

“You know each other don’t you?”

Jake laughed as he watched the two size up the holes between her legs in anticipation of filling Anna like never before! It was just like in the stories, but this was really happening!  The men were telling stories about how much an asshole her husband Phil was while sharing her breasts stuck between them equally.

A lick here.  A bite there.  A few choice words mixed in.  They always knew Anna thought she was too good for them to even look at.  And didn’t hold her bitchiness towards them against her either.  The fingers of one, or the other, or maybe both violating her personal space the whole time to her silent delight.  She was too good to keep just for himself and a woman built like her should never walk around looking like she needed to get fucked either.  That she looked like she needed a good boning all of the time!  Today was different!  Today she was like every other lucky girl!  Anna knew they were being intentionally disrespectful.  But her body kept telling her they were right.


“Enjoy Gemma.  We will be watching the tape in the living room later while deciding whether to send it to your husband’s parents!  I remember you telling me how much they hate you anyway!”

They all laughed as Gemma felt her ass being lubed up by the Mailroom clerk!  She was being tossed around by the two until the clerk settled into her tight hole while his buddy, the Shipping manager filled her cunt with his long cock.  She hardly protested as her face, once flushed with embarrassment and shame was now filled with lust!

“Yes.  Fuck me.  Fuck me!”

Gemma smiled and put her husband’s cock down her throat next to them, never gagging once as she brought him to the edge of oblivion over and over before aiming his jizz at Anna’s unprotected face!

“Who’s the slut now Anna?”

The men both came inside of her, never considering pulling out as Anna attempted to recall if she had taken her pill on time!

“Thanks, Mrs. Anderson.”

The men spoke simultaneously as she writhed on the floor, unable to comprehend how she could have been so stupid!  She was cramping on her insides, but unable to release her hands from their restraints.  Her pussy and ass were leaking cum since all three men had dropped full loads either in or on her.  A body that was still shaking and being recorded!  Anna didn’t know what to feel since she was sure the tape was proof of rape.  But she couldn’t recall asking them to stop once!  That was when it all hit.

Anger.  Betrayal.  Happiness?  All she knew was she was grateful that before Jake left to show his friends out, he dropped her into the bathtub.  Allowing the water to wash some of the sticky cum out of her.

“I am so glad you arranged to spend the weekend with my husband because I really like watching him fuck other women.  I get the Best of both worlds.  I get to watch and know because I give him white sluts like you, he will never leave me.”

The smack across Anna’s face was undeniable as she felt her skin heat up as the blood rushed to the flesh beneath.  Gemma was playing with her hair too and twirling it in a way that teased her into believing she meant to cut it short.  It was a mind fuck.

“I knew my cousin Jan wanted him.  She told me.  That didn’t mean she didn’t have to pay the price of fucking all the guys.  But I respect her.”

She paused and smiled at Anna.

“My roommate Jen?  That was a surprise since she has never been very sexual to my knowledge.  But she really has no time to find men so; I forgive her too.”

She paused and smiled again.  Gently caressing Anna’s face and lingering her hands over those magnificent natural breasts even childbirth hadn’t ruined.  She knew the boys were going to love her!

“But you?  I never thought you would ever betray me and fuck my husband.  So now, you belong to me.  Or I will make sure Phil divorces you and gets everything you slutty homewrecker!

Anna heard her speaking but only understood the last sentence.  She hoped her friend wouldn’t drown her, helpless as she was with her hands tied behind her back.

“I’m sorry.”

The second smack came from her lips and was almost sent back immediately by Gemma’s rage.  She allowed her husband a long leash, knowing he could be with almost anyone he chose.  He was not just a big dick to her.  He was a good man who deserved better than this slut who lost herself so quickly with other strangers.  Anna had failed.

Anna would have taken him from a weaker woman.  Sneaking around behind Gemma’s back showed no class or respect which it was obvious Anna had never been taught.  Gemma saw Anna’s face when she was being dominated and knew the woman’s marriage was over already.  She would never be able to stop, even if left alone by Gemma.  She was an experimental slut now.  There was no going back. The blackmail angle just gave her an excuse.

“I am going to give you one chance to earn the contents of this tape…”

30 minutes later Anna walked down the stairs in her high heels, and nothing else beyond the collar and chain fastened around her neck.  The men from before were gone.  But five more sat on the couch, watching as Gemma led Anna downstairs to meet them.  The stories Gemma had told Anna were true!   Gemma watched the men encircle her new pet in the middle of the room, and Anna knew exactly who the next story was going to be about really!

Sara woke sore as usual.  The inside of her vagina was convulsing as if the tickler was inside her and her she could feel her nipples being manipulated by the pointed tip of her lover’s tongue.  This was exactly why she always avoided him in the 1st place!

“Do you want me to stop?”

His voice was muffled by her soft nipples between his lips and the occasional nip as he took one between his teeth in an attempt to tease her into something she didn’t want.  But did.  It was waking up in a battle that would determine if she would ever make it out of his bedroom.  Down the flight of stairs and safely into an Uber home.  And so far, she was losing. 

“Have you thought about what you are going to say to your boyfriend?”

“The same thing you will tell your wife probably?”

Alex smiled and imagined Sara telling him every detail of what transpired between them last night.  Complete with the extra sensual blowjob she had given him as well as the way she screamed when he teased Sara with his cock mercilessly!  The way she had agreed to let him cuff her ankles to each bed post while he had licked and fucked her pussy to sleep as they had planned.  And how she fell asleep in his arms, despite plans to be home by 12!  Alex wife was used to such tales and even liked to hear them while she licked his long black cock!  But Alex knew that wouldn’t work for Sara!  Her spouse was a horny man.  Not a dick whipped lover. 

“I have a better idea”

The sensuous kiss was tempered by the feeling of his fully blown cock, blasting into her pussy full force before being pulled back to the outer rim of her wet morning cunt.  One more thrust was all that was needed to start Sara’s natural springs to flow and temporarily derail her departure!  By the time Alex wife silently walked in and began licking them both from the edge of the bed, Sara knew she wouldn’t get home for at least another hour or two!  She was always a ‘feelings’ girl who went with what felt good over what she should do.  So it was no surprise she ended up in this situation after all.  Legs spread and her own juices spread over the bedroom floor! 

“Janine will come with you to explain.”

Sara had been friends with Alex for at least a year online.  But this had been the first time the two had ever met, and of course, she had gotten carried away.    Sara wondered if her relationship could bear the weight of her infidelity since she honestly hadn’t intended what had happened to happen.  Her relationship was based on love and mutual trust which she had just betrayed, more than sex!  What else could it be built upon considering how she made their living as a successful but somewhat overworked Cam model.  She came all of the time for a living!  But lying to her boyfriend about where and what she was doing last night was not a part of that at all.   

“Don’t worry honey.  My hubby is a brilliant man, and you are a sweet prize.  Things will work out.”

Janine was stunning!  A beautiful dark-haired Italian woman with a body made for sin!  Her D cups and round ass were fuller than Sara.  Who was taller and held a slender build.  She was actually the type of woman Sara usually hated.  The type her boyfriend salivated over on the Internet instead of watching her!  Big tits and a useful mouth which Sara was also aware of.  Under any other circumstance, there would be no way she would even attempt to bring a strange woman who looked like her home!  But under the circumstance as strange as it all seemed.  It made sense.

“Were you there all night?”  Sara asked.

Wondering how any woman would be so amenable to her husband’s lover under any circumstance!  Sara was not like that at all? 

“No.  I just got in and jumped in.  I had my own hookup last night.”

“Really?” Sara asked.

“Yes.  Really.  Alex told me he was meeting you, so I made my own plans.  Why?  Does that seem strange to you?”


Sara paused a moment before continuing.  Considering she needed her to verify the crazy story they were about to tell about lost wallets, a stolen phone, and a Good Samaritan before continuing. 

“I would never share my man willingly.  Especially one like Alex!”

The older woman smiled at Sara as she continued to drive towards Sara’s home.  She had watched her show online with Alex, and she was just the type of woman they enjoyed together many times.  Bisexual just because she was orgasmic to the touch. 

“Well, sweetie.  I hate to break it to you but, all men cheat.  So you share whether you want to or not!” 

Sara felt her temperature rise a bit as she imagined her Robbie with Janine.  His cock wasn’t as big as Alex and would possibly be smothered by her ample tits, that Sara didn’t have.  But she was sure there would be immediate interest as soon as he laid eyes on this woman in her 30’s!  And strangely, Sara felt jealous despite all she had experienced with Janine’s husband! 

“That’s different, and you know it!”

“Is it?”

Janine smiled as she patted the younger woman on the thigh as she spoke.  Her second pat on the leg was more of a caress that ended with her forcing the younger woman’s skirt up and legs open!  Her clitoris resting on the nub of her finger as Janine somehow gripped the nub tightly. 

“Young bitches always thinking you know everything.”

Janine pulled the car over to the side of the road and began to mount her.  She looked into Sara’s eyes knowing what was next.  She was a fan as well and also wanted time alone with her!  Pressing her boobs into Sara’s face, Janine ground her pussy and weight into Sara’s unsuspecting leg as she watched her moan in delight!  No matter how angry Janine’s words had made her.  She was still a wet slut to the touch!  And now she knew it wasn’t exclusive to men! 

“Hubby and I are mostly monogamous.  But we both have our sweet tooths.”

Sara writhed under the weight of her manicured fingers and it seemed as if the woman controlled her whole body with two fingers!  Sara’s mouth wrapped around the woman’s oversized nipples as both her hands grasped either side of her oversized breasts!  She could feel how strong she was as Janine seemed to carry no fat on her body beyond her globes.  She was being dominated by her much in the same way she had been the night before by her husband!  Both times, she felt helpless to resist her own desires to cum, which she did as quickly as during any broadcast!  But unlike the broadcast, after she came Janine stopped fingering her snatch!  The viewers never did. 

“Maybe you should just leave the panties in the car and clean yourself up.  They are a dead giveaway now.” She smirked as she spoke. 

Janine laughed and rolled back behind the wheel and sped to the address Sara had given.  Barely listening to the GPS as she sped onto her block.  Sara for her part, looked at her intently wondering where she had learned that!  She had always been with guys!  And her boyfriend was actually only her 3rd in her 20 years!  The sensations and eroticism of Janine’s hard kisses lingered on the tip of her tongue like licorice!  Red licorice!  She wanted to ask her to turn the car around. 

“Can we go back to your house?”

The words came out of her mouth reflexively.  Sara usually felt this way when she masturbated.  Fuck!  Truth was Sara Masturbated because no person could make her feel this way!  Sure, the boys helped her cum!  But they couldn’t do so for hours at a time like her collection of Dildo’s and Vibrators!  Sara was always looking for another Orgasm and her instincts told her they were behind her.  Not in front of her at home!  Her body was on fire and knew where the biggest available hose was!  Sara was in no mood to argue. 

“Sorry.  Can’t sweetie.  You need to check-in, and we can’t ruin your relationship.  No.  We won’t be responsible!  Buckle up!”

As much as Sara hated Janine right now, she knew that she was right!  Her mother had told her to be responsible when she moved in with Robbie.  She was at a delicate age when hormones can explode, and adult choices can lead a girl to make mistakes.  And she would know having been married 3 times and currently living with two younger men in her family home.  Sara sat back and decided to lose the panties as suggested and prepared to suck Robbie off to help verify her story.  Or make him care less. 

Robbie was sitting on the front step when the pulled up in the Late Model Corvette, and his eyes opened wide as Sara stepped out of the passenger side of the car.  He didn’t look angry at all.  More petrified at the sight of the two woman’s arrival!  Frozen to the spot as they approached and Sara spoke. 

“I had the worst night Robbie!”

Janine smiled and winked at him over her shoulder as the young couple embraced on the front step.

“Where were you?”

Sara retold the story nearly flawlessly!  She had never lied to Robbie before about anything, ever.  Not how she felt about him when she was just a schoolgirl crushing on him.  Not about her feelings for her ex which was now, ancient history.  And especially not about her job as an Internet performer.  The last being what allowed them to live together so young while Robbie completed his studies.  But then again, there had never been a reason.  She ended it with.

“I have been up all night.  I need a shower.  I’ll call you Janine!”

With that, Sara ran into the house and jumped into the shower, hoping Robbie hadn’t smelled the sex on her!  Her pussy was still fluffed up from the car ride home!  And feeling naughty, she wanted to get in front of the camera to pay some bills!  If Robbie took lies so quickly she wondered why wasn’t she doing it more often?  As she soaped her clit and felt her small, swollen nipples, her job took on a different perspective.  It was now her 3rd favorite activity.  Behind being fucked by Alex and dominated by his wife, Janine!    

“And that is what happened!”

Janine reaffirmed the story with Robbie as Sara ran into the house and towards the bathroom.  A tale accepted grudgingly knowing Janine had him under her thumb! Janine grabbed the young man’s crotch and pressed her Double D’s across his extended cock through his shorts and felt the short spurt as it convulsed against their heft.  A feeling Robbie was also familiar with.

 To disclose what he knew about the tale to be untrue would mean telling on himself!  Knowing he had spent most of the night with Janine at a local Motel doing exactly what she liked in exchange for the best tit-fuck Robbie never could have with Sara’s smaller B-cups.  Sara also paid the rent.  Which allowed Robbie to amass his toys.  There was no advantage to pressing the issue since he had been eating his Boss Janine out for the past year!  It took six months to get his dick between her tits, and though Sara’s ass was perfect, Robbie had a thing for MILF’s with big tits!

It all worked because Alex had a thing for sluts with unlimited sex drives!  And a wife who promised to let him have his hearts desires!  Janine was an older, more experienced seductress and cocksucker who had the beautiful breasts Robbie always wanted!  So love be damned, Robbie had no good choices! 

Janine glanced around the neighborhood briefly before pulling his shorts to the side and working the tip of his dick into her mouth!  Anyone could have seen them as she briefly worked his young cock in the middle of the afternoon. The home was best defined as an extended Cottage with 4 rooms total and neighbors extremely close-by.  But Janine lived across town and didn’t care who saw her gobbling his 7 inches on the step!  In fact, she hoped someone did before he coated her mouth with his white nectar!  It took less than a minute for it to happen too. 

“In case you decide to give her a hard time.”  Laughing in her head at the unintentional pun. 

“Sara planned on blowing you, so I figured.  Why not make it interesting?  You decide whether to make her beg.  I get the feeling she’s not the type to take a soft penis on her boyfriend well.”

Sara tucked the wet dick pack in his jeans and jumped at the jolt of energy it had provided!  She knew Alex would fuck her good while she told this story!  Maybe even go back in time and paddle her ass!  And if he did, Sara would be next! 

“So where was she?  Really?”

The Corvette backed out of the Driveway and Janine yelled her response. 

“The same place I expect you to be at 7 tomorrow night.”