The thought had crossed her mind.

“How well do you think you know Jake?”

Anna could be such a bitch.  Her big tits gave her a sense of entitlement that came from their power to make men, and certain women bend and kneel to her whims.  And she gave no fucks about anyone not named Anna!  Why they were friends in the first place escaped Gemma most times with her especially wanting to tell her exactly “how well” she knew her own Husband!  But then she didn’t want to spoil Anna’s surprise.  But this bitch was just asking for it!

Gemma instead sat across the table smiling the fake smile she knew would make Anna’s day.  The one that revealed just exactly how clueless she was to the fact Jake had ejaculated into Anna’s cleavage just before she arrived to meet Gemma for lunch.  Even if it was a lie,  Gemma’s face hid the disgust she held for Anna’s deception while maintaining her balance deftly.  She would get her chance to smile soon enough!

The remote butterfly Jake had fastened inside of Gemma buzzed her button mercilessly under the mismatched set of undergarments she was wearing beneath the long, 70’s style skirt.  The one with the pockets large enough to conceal her remote control and hold her keys.  She fumbled the keys and especially the one to the lock with the anticipation of teaching Anna a lesson in loyalty.  A lesson she knew the whore couldn’t understand with words.  Anna would have to experience it.

“When she acts bitchy Gemma what will you do?”

Jake’s voice was in her ear like a whisper of wind, and she brushed her hair back behind her left ear, as if he was invisible but right there with her instead of elsewhere preparing for the night’s fun.

“Press the button and don’t.”

“Cum.” He finished.

His dick rocked her insides at the time, accentuating the clear message of what he wanted from her.  And Gemma was listening.

The purring of the tiny machine made Gemma relax as she smiled at her unsuspecting, slutty friend imagining what she was thinking while verbally mocking her with ambivalence!  She wanted to kick her ass.  But Anna’s tits did look irresistible, so she understood a little while imagining her husband’s big, black cock in between them, poking the chatty bitch in the chin which made Gemma laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Gemma couldn’t say it.  But the thought of his cum shooting into her unsuspecting mouth made Gemma very happy!  She knew Jake well enough to he would punish the disloyal bitch!  And it was only a few hours away.

“Just looking forward to my trip and thinking about all the men!”

Anna wanted to hear this!  Ammunition for her weekend rendezvous with Gemma’s husband, while she was out of town supposedly on business, could only bring him closer to her she thought.  Gemma could tell her what she planned to do while away for the weekend.  And Anna could tell Jake and get even closer than they were already!  Having his 11’ buried in her was the best feeling she’d ever experienced, and she wanted more.  But Gemma was in the way!  She wanted to do more than fuck him whenever he had time.  And the best way was to remove her beautiful friend and rival from the picture altogether.  It wasn’t as if they had any kids and she was breaking up a family.  Just a marriage!

“Can you keep a secret?” Gemma whispered while moving in close.

“Of course.”

“I have something planned for later tonight.”

“Really what?”

“Let’s just say it’s a group thing.”

What a slut!  Anna had felt somewhat bad about what she was doing with Jake behind her friend’s back and almost had told her what happened between them once.  Maybe Gemma would have understood since she was married to Jake’s cock as much as Jake and knew its effect on women better than anyone!  But Gemma was looking more like a greedy slut to Anna by the second!  If she were Jake’s wife, she would never fuck anyone but Jake!  Even if that did go against her nature.  Even if he cheated on her like Gemma suspected and Anna knew but said she couldn’t prove.  Jake deserved better!

Gemma’s under the table orgasm wasn’t noticeable and masked by fake laughter and Anna’s general self-involvement.  Gemma had lost another bet with Jake and would be doing penance soon as time allowed.  She could always lie to him about the orgasm?  How could he prove otherwise?  Though most women wouldn’t be aroused at the thought of their man with another woman, it was always Gemma’s most favorite thing!  Watching.

Flipping the switch off and asked Anna the one question that always brought her back to Earth.

“So how are things with your husband?” Gemma asked.

Anna had married well, sure.  But she settled sexually, and her husband spent more time at work than home with Anna and their young daughter these days.  He had a nice sized dick.  But it didn’t compare to Jake’s Meaty Masterpiece dangling between his legs.  And he didn’t use it enough on her!  Even with their infant daughter spending the Summer at his parents, her husband Phil hardly found any time to fuck Anna.  Even shying away from the blowjobs she once loved to give him.  She was mostly alone, and Gemma knew she hated thinking about it.  It was a blow to her massive ego and a very sore point with Anna.  Jealousy was what caused Anna to start fucking Gemma’s husband in the first place.

“Well, he.”

“I’m sorry I have to get home and get to the airport.  We’ll talk when I get back?”

Gemma wanted to make sure Anna was angry and followed through with her date with Jake.  Pissing her off seemed like an excellent strategy to begin getting her rival worked up good!  Gemma strode happily out the door of the Restaurant which Anna was sure due to her looking forward to being an anonymous slut.  But all Anna cared about was being Jake’s.

By 7,  Anna was entering her friend’s home, no knocking as Jake told her he was in the Master Bath waiting.  Removing her Dress and leaving the garters and push up bra on, Anna began the ascent up the stairs and onto the tiled floored Master Bathroom and marital sanctuary.  She wore the outfit her husband had brought her for their last Anniversary night together which made her heart beat a little faster and her thoughts a lot sluttier than the usual. She thought what he would do if he saw her in it now, going to fuck her Best friend’s black husband who Phil hated!  It was getting her more excited by the moment.

Phil had always liked the other guys Gemma dated.  But they were white and had a lot in common with Phil.  Anna even suspected he wanted Gemma for himself which only made her secretly hate her more.  But after hearing Jake and Gemma go at it on a weekend getaway, his attitude had changed toward her and Phil wanted nothing to do with the new couple.  She was now referred to as Anna’s slut friend and worse by Phil.  But Anna was intrigued.

“Hi, beautiful.”

Jake’s teeth flashed a bright white smile that traveled across the distance of the room and seemingly, brushed against her pussy.  Standing up in the water, she could see about 8 inches of flaccid dick attached to his hip like a 3rd arm!  She loved her husband’s full 7in before, but now, there was a new Sheriff in town and no turning back!  Her body craved her best friend’s husband!

Stepping out of the tub and down the steps, Jake approached the excited woman in slow motion, or so it seemed.  His lips reached out to hers and engulfed them in a kiss for the ages that melted her will and moistened her already soggy box!

“I have a gift for you.”

His fingers fastened a collar around her neck before three fingers were plunged into her vagina, giving Jake control and preparing her for the inevitable long ride to bed.  She had read about bondage before and even tried to introduce her husband, Phil to it.  But he was only into basic sex and had hardly touched her since.  But Jake was the one she wanted now.  Anna couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her!

“Suck my cock.”

Jake had always been a perfect gentleman with her, so this new tone surprised and excited the horny woman immensely!  She dropped to her knees and carefully worked the head of his cock into her mouth.  It was a little wider than her husband’s but too long to fit down her throat completely, which didn’t stop Jake from trying!

“Relax.  Don’t bite.”

Her air was being constricted as her eyes rolled back into her head in anticipation of passing out.  Jake just smiled and pulled the bra down under her tits, unleashing her 34 D’s and pressing Anna’s erect nipples against his thighs!  She hadn’t even noticed she was fingering her pussy before she came on her fingers and Jake released his grip on her hair!  What an orgasm!  She didn’t even know something like that was even possible!

“Enjoying yourself yet?”

Jake looked down at the blonde woman beneath him as his erection stood upwards, saluting its work.

“You are fucking amazing!”

The words just came as she shook on the floor beneath him.  Her eyes fastened upon still wet his balls and ass as she attempted to recover her senses.

“So you liked that?  Because Gemma said, you would like that the first time I fucked her throat.  What a slut you are!” he said.

Anna ignored the insult and instead attempted to catch her breath and tell all of Gemma’s secrets.  But her words came out in halting breaths mixed with muffled sounds.

“She is.  She is probably fucking another guy right now.  Which makes no sense when she has you at home.”

She had that part right!  Picking her up from the floor by her arm. Anna stood still partially clothed before him, looking like a drunken whore recovering in a bathroom stall.  She was still beautiful, and her body was top notch even after the baby.  Anna was justified in her conceit.

“Tell me more.”

Jake turned her around and grabbed her arms, binding them together behind her back at the forearm with a cord of rope while spilling all that she had.  Told him how Gemma didn’t love Jake like she pretended too and wasn’t the devoted wife that she appeared to be.  How Gemma had bragged to her about fucking four guys at a time one night and her plans to rendezvous with four more this weekend.  That part was made up.  But since Anna was on a roll getting buried herself by Jake, she wasn’t about to stop before she completely buried Gemma for good!  Jake for his part just listened.  Pinching her long nipples hard from behind her every time she said something he knew wasn’t right.  Sitting on the edge of the bathtub behind her waiting until he was ready to pry her now defenseless slit apart with his hand before impaling her like a split roast with extraordinary grace!

“Keep talking.”

Anna’s face flushed as she told all of the dirty secrets between the girlfriends!  She must have cum ten times from sensual inner massage of her best friend’s husband’s pole.  All while recounting the dirty stories she had told her to him!  The things she made up were from her fantasies to life.  But close enough to the truth that Gemma would not be able to defend the lies either!  The smile on her face cemented and the cum long washed from between her cleavage probably meant it was going to be a long, hard night!  The kind she dreamed about ever since hearing them fuck all those years ago!  When Gemma walked through the open bathroom door, she almost thought she was hallucinating!  A side effect of mind-blowing sex.

“Don’t mind me.  Just forgot some things.”

Anna wanted to stand and run!  At least cover herself!  But her feet were off of the ground now, and her arms were of absolutely no use in dislodging herself from Jake’s seemingly still growing rod, which was pounding another unexplored region inside her at the moment!  Jake was maneuvering her in ways her husband never could!  Causing her to orgasm by hitting her G-spot over and over!  It hurt so good!  But even Anna could see it wasn’t safe!  Anna was helpless to resist and unsure she wanted to, having been nearly drained of all energy by a good black dick.  Even in the face of being caught red-faced with a dripping snatch Anna was too happy to care!

But Gemma walked in calmly for a reason.  Revealing a Nanny Cam pointed directly at them, recording her betrayal on tape!  Gemma walked with the camera in the same direction, bringing it in for a close up of the well-fucked face of a Jezebel.  She didn’t want to look directly at the face or open her eyes even, but the pounding her pussy was enduring left her no choice!  Gemma grabbed her left nipple, squeezing it so hard Anna’s pussy burst into a wet, earth-shattering orgasm, with Gemma recording the whole thing.

“You like my husband’s black dick?  You want to be me, bitch?”

The last stroke caused Anna to squirt her answer all over all 3 of them and Jake to push her onto the floor, where Gemma continued to record the moment.

“Wonder what your husband will say about this?”

Gemma stood next to her bull husband, stroking his cock as she continued to record Gemma’s uncontrollable lust!  She was embarrassed.  Ashamed.  Humiliated.  And still cumming two minutes later as Jake immersed himself in the bath water once more to clean himself off.

“That’s three hon.  I won again.”


Jake sneered at the well-fucked woman while recalling the other two.  Gemma’s college roommate was one.  She fell victim during a weekend visit which now was every 3 months.   Two was Gemma’s cousin and closest confidant.  She was the easiest to seduce as she asked Gemma’s permission 1st, being the one who initially turned Gemma on to black men!  Each time the bet was the same.  Jake got the pussy.  Gemma got to watch which she absolutely loved to do!  But since Anna lived so close?  Gemma wanted to be sure things didn’t get out of hand between them before she agreed.  She knew how alluring big tits could be to men.

“The stories I told you Anna weren’t about me stupid!  But they were for your benefit.  I wanted to see how you would react to them because I knew you would tell.  You have your eyes locked on Jake’s crotch everytime we are together.  You just needed help.”

Grabbing the woman’s hair, Gemma flipped her onto her back before lifting her own skirt above her, revealing her naked honey pot which dripped down onto her friend’s face.  Anna had never been with a woman before and wasn’t sure she wanted to be with one now.  But her face was soon smothered by Anna’s thighs and held in place by her weight.  Her tongue was trying to keep up with Gemma as she slid back and forth over her entire face, humiliating her further.

“I’m married.  I don’t fuck anyone else.  I know everything about how to keep my husband happy.”

Gemma laughed as her pussy unloaded it contents across her glistening face.  Kissing her husband as he leaned in to express their undying love for one another.

“You are so hot wifey.”

She couldn’t see Jake, but wished he would stop watching and come to fuck her now!  When her legs parted, she knew that was exactly what was happening and her pussy began to moisten once more.  Her knees were high and legs spread as if there was an invisible lover between them as her pelvis dry humped the air.

The cock pushed into her and knew immediately it wasn’t Jake.  It was wider and shorter than Jake was and as Gemma stood up, Anna recognized the two men in the room as her own husband’s employees!  Before she could respond, she was back on her knees, with one of the men pushing his long, thin cock into her mouth before she could object!

“You know each other don’t you?”

Jake laughed as he watched the two size up the holes between her legs in anticipation of filling Anna like never before! It was just like in the stories, but this was really happening!  The men were telling stories about how much an asshole her husband Phil was while sharing her breasts stuck between them equally.

A lick here.  A bite there.  A few choice words mixed in.  They always knew Anna thought she was too good for them to even look at.  And didn’t hold her bitchiness towards them against her either.  The fingers of one, or the other, or maybe both violating her personal space the whole time to her silent delight.  She was too good to keep just for himself and a woman built like her should never walk around looking like she needed to get fucked either.  That she looked like she needed a good boning all of the time!  Today was different!  Today she was like every other lucky girl!  Anna knew they were being intentionally disrespectful.  But her body kept telling her they were right.


“Enjoy Gemma.  We will be watching the tape in the living room later while deciding whether to send it to your husband’s parents!  I remember you telling me how much they hate you anyway!”

They all laughed as Gemma felt her ass being lubed up by the Mailroom clerk!  She was being tossed around by the two until the clerk settled into her tight hole while his buddy, the Shipping manager filled her cunt with his long cock.  She hardly protested as her face, once flushed with embarrassment and shame was now filled with lust!

“Yes.  Fuck me.  Fuck me!”

Gemma smiled and put her husband’s cock down her throat next to them, never gagging once as she brought him to the edge of oblivion over and over before aiming his jizz at Anna’s unprotected face!

“Who’s the slut now Anna?”

The men both came inside of her, never considering pulling out as Anna attempted to recall if she had taken her pill on time!

“Thanks, Mrs. Anderson.”

The men spoke simultaneously as she writhed on the floor, unable to comprehend how she could have been so stupid!  She was cramping on her insides, but unable to release her hands from their restraints.  Her pussy and ass were leaking cum since all three men had dropped full loads either in or on her.  A body that was still shaking and being recorded!  Anna didn’t know what to feel since she was sure the tape was proof of rape.  But she couldn’t recall asking them to stop once!  That was when it all hit.

Anger.  Betrayal.  Happiness?  All she knew was she was grateful that before Jake left to show his friends out, he dropped her into the bathtub.  Allowing the water to wash some of the sticky cum out of her.

“I am so glad you arranged to spend the weekend with my husband because I really like watching him fuck other women.  I get the Best of both worlds.  I get to watch and know because I give him white sluts like you, he will never leave me.”

The smack across Anna’s face was undeniable as she felt her skin heat up as the blood rushed to the flesh beneath.  Gemma was playing with her hair too and twirling it in a way that teased her into believing she meant to cut it short.  It was a mind fuck.

“I knew my cousin Jan wanted him.  She told me.  That didn’t mean she didn’t have to pay the price of fucking all the guys.  But I respect her.”

She paused and smiled at Anna.

“My roommate Jen?  That was a surprise since she has never been very sexual to my knowledge.  But she really has no time to find men so; I forgive her too.”

She paused and smiled again.  Gently caressing Anna’s face and lingering her hands over those magnificent natural breasts even childbirth hadn’t ruined.  She knew the boys were going to love her!

“But you?  I never thought you would ever betray me and fuck my husband.  So now, you belong to me.  Or I will make sure Phil divorces you and gets everything you slutty homewrecker!

Anna heard her speaking but only understood the last sentence.  She hoped her friend wouldn’t drown her, helpless as she was with her hands tied behind her back.

“I’m sorry.”

The second smack came from her lips and was almost sent back immediately by Gemma’s rage.  She allowed her husband a long leash, knowing he could be with almost anyone he chose.  He was not just a big dick to her.  He was a good man who deserved better than this slut who lost herself so quickly with other strangers.  Anna had failed.

Anna would have taken him from a weaker woman.  Sneaking around behind Gemma’s back showed no class or respect which it was obvious Anna had never been taught.  Gemma saw Anna’s face when she was being dominated and knew the woman’s marriage was over already.  She would never be able to stop, even if left alone by Gemma.  She was an experimental slut now.  There was no going back. The blackmail angle just gave her an excuse.

“I am going to give you one chance to earn the contents of this tape…”

30 minutes later Anna walked down the stairs in her high heels, and nothing else beyond the collar and chain fastened around her neck.  The men from before were gone.  But five more sat on the couch, watching as Gemma led Anna downstairs to meet them.  The stories Gemma had told Anna were true!   Gemma watched the men encircle her new pet in the middle of the room, and Anna knew exactly who the next story was going to be about really!

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