She didn’t understand the attraction.  Malik was a nothing janitor who pushed a broom in a dusty uniform.  His job description must be “Dump waste baskets into bigger waste baskets!” she thought. Requiring use of barely a synapse from beginning to completion of the task.  No brains in his head and callouses on his hands and feet she imagined.  The fact was that could he never be her equal, an accomplished, educated woman.  Which made the attraction to him more mysterious. 

The PhD. waited somewhat patiently behind her desk.  Rubbing her legs together and romanticizing the imminent return of the object of her affections from making his daily rounds.  Knowing his name wasn’t important to Dr. JoAnne Bee.  A janitor couldn’t meet her status or standard requirement for a potential mate.  Age maybe, but race?  No.  And yet here she was.  Looking dedicated to the cause while entering another line of useless data, waiting for him. Moist panties proof of growing desire to interact with the dark stranger.  A growing obsession that couldn’t be explained because it didn’t make sense! 

Professor Bee compared her position to other women while she waited and created a form of scientific hypothesis based upon her own growing sexual curiosity. The lascivious thoughts had only existed inside of her own mind which was a safe place to explore possibilities.  Their recent transition into the real world was the uncontrollable part.  She was stalking him unwillingly at work, and her attraction was becoming unmanageable. Heightened heart rate.  Moistening skin.  And now, hardened areolas.  The same reactions as the previous day except, heightened.  Her desire to fuck him was escalating each moment since she first saw him in the hallway.  Tonight was the worst to date.

Bee was running an experiment in her head to ascertain what it was about him that made her feel weak or what she was doing.  But all that did was make her recall the vivid dreams full of passionate lovemaking between them both.  Especially the kinky parts.  The unique swirl their bodies created.  If she could find something about him that disgusted her she reasoned, maybe it would cure her of this schoolgirl infatuation?  The horny sickness.

Everything in her life was easier understood in the context of an experiment or a study that she could break down to the most minute detail.  The respected Doctor and published Scientist with no other interests outside of work.  Surely there was a scientific solution to be found to the basest element of nature?  Sex.

The Professor’s body was firm if unused due to an understanding of the human need for exercise and its correlation to longevity.  But sex was never a thing with Dr, JoAnne Bee.  She even avoided the word.  Years had passed since she had let anyone see her naked, deciding to bare herself to her work only.  Perhaps it was turning 40.  Whatever it was, her desire had awakened and was threatening everything she believed herself to be.  Completely disciplined.  

Each thought of denying herself his attention only caused an adverse physical reaction.  As a committed academic who studied human cells, Bee understood how they worked.  But the woman was at a serious disadvantage when it came to feelings and emotions.  With those, she had little to no experience.

Dr. Bee could explain how the body worked in detail.  Detail the mechanisms that made her nipples harden and bottom tingle whenever envisioning the Exotic man riding her in her dreams.  But the emotions she was experiencing were difficult for her to define and manage.  JoAnne was awkward with people and stand-offish at best.  A side effect of superior intellect and disinterest in social development. JoAnne preferred the petri dish to people.

Her hair was long and mostly unkempt due to neglect.  Dark blonde and she wore it tied back with glasses on her classically constructed face.  She was smaller in stature but with a well-toned thigh and ass beneath her lab coat from hours of standing.  Though locked in her lab most days and some nights, there was no place that could hide her beauty.  Except her mind was superior to most, and she belittled most men into submission.  The little sex she had participated in had been terrible.  The men had been intimidated by her and ill-prepared and turned her off from even trying now.  The truth was Bee had no idea what she was capable of with him.  She didn’t have enough experience. Work was all that she knew.   

“Working late again Professor Bee?”

His voice resonated, and she didn’t realize he knew her name until remembering it was on the door.  He had startled her momentarily, but almost immediately her body warmed at his acknowledgment. The effect of his voice cutting through her insides and immediately setting off something she had never felt before.  Passion followed by what she believed was a small orgasm.

“Why are you talking to me?”

The words came out of her mouth as sharply as her voice could muster.  Which was unmistakably shaky at the moment.  Face flushed, Dr. Bee looked at the man directly in the face for the first time and awaited his response.  He looked beautiful!  The same full lips she found absolutely irresistible from afar had the woman subconsciously rubbing her thighs together as she stalled.  JoAnne had never considered black men particularly attractive and had only heard bad things about them.  Well, mostly bad.

“I’m sorry.  Working late again…. Bitch?”

He had paused and smiled before snarling the last word.  In moving forward before defiantly stopping in front of her desk, Malik was challenging her authority.  Her eyes fixated upon his overalls, making out the outline of what seemed to be a large and growing erection.  Why was she looking there?  Staring at it until it was close enough to her face, she could touch it with her mouth. But she was frozen in her place and couldn’t reach out.  Or think.

 “I’m sorry.  Just figured you could use some human interaction. Dr.  I will never speak to you again.”

His smile flashing against his brown skin, daring her to say anything.  JoAnne realized immediately her mistake, and the disappointment of his response immediately drew down her mood.  The growing hard-on in the man’s overalls caused her brain patterns to skip a beat and stunted her attempt to formulate a response.  By the time Malik had turned from her the man had exited as quickly as he had appeared.

The Dr. was alone with her thoughts.  Her panties were so moist she almost thought she had peed herself!  Quickly gathering things and leaving for home on wobbly legs, she knew this wasn’t going to help her professional focus.  She was always being distracted by thoughts of taboo sex with a black janitor!  It didn’t make any sense because he was so disrespectful to her!  No one at the school had ever talked to her that way!  As if he didn’t fucking care what she had to say.  As if he was the boss and she was the insignificant one!  She couldn’t reach her car quickly enough.   

She halfway hoped the janitor would follow her and finish the tense altercation by telling her where she could go!  But as she turned the key in the ignition, her thoughts flashed to what if he would have pulled out his dick instead and decided to rape her!  How would she have resisted?  The nipples inside her sweater poked through her formidable bra as she drove out of the lot, almost hitting an oncoming car in the process.  Her focus was off!  Dr, Bee looked for headlights behind her as if afraid to stop until she was home!

Heartbeat elevated.  Breathing?  Fast, but steady.  Breasts aroused.  Panties, soaked.  Pausing to see if anyone else was in the parking lot, the respected Scientist placed two fingers between her legs to test the liquid consistency of her dampness before lingering.  It felt so good!  The janitor’s smile flashed as her finger’s plunged into her wet cunt and she imagined his words.

“Working late again bitch?”

As she came all over her seats, Dr. Bee concluded avoidance was a complete failure.  Her desire for him was still escalating.  Like a moth to a flame. 

The next day passed without incident as Dr. Bee had decided to try to forget all about the anomaly.  No man’s voice alone can cause an orgasm!  Could it?  She could only imagine what would happen if he touched her!  JoAnne decided it was Friday, and a weekend of amending her research for the upcoming presentation was long overdue.  A perfect distraction from attraction which could only complicate her life.  Better to keep her mind busy and never be alone with him again.  Even if that was the opposite of what she craved.

Dr. Bee knew what she needed to do even if she was unaccustomed to denying her hearts desires.  Usually, it was a book or a chunk of dark chocolate.  But even those things reminded her of him.  The attraction had become chemical.  Take a step back from everything and by leaving the office promptly at 7:00 she could in hopes of avoiding confronting Malik though all she wanted to do was tell him sorry and see that smile again!  This time kissing her body.  Her mind had been adrift all day, wondering if anyone in her condo complex had noticed her fingering her pussy in the car last night.  Dr. Bee began shifting in her car seat.  The dew drops forming inside her folds slowly dribbling down her thighs as her ass pressed further into her seat.  Searching for comfortable lover beneath it when none was to be found.   

“I wish it was his cock instead.”

The words coming from her mouth as honestly and clearly, Dr. Bee found herself slightly parting her thighs and thinking of him again.  Her immediate trance abruptly interrupted by a shrill noise.


The traffic light was turning yellow as she sat they’re puzzled at her own behavior!  What was going on?  Her pussy was pulsating in anticipation of Bee’s clinical touch, but the other drivers were enraged at her!  Simple things had become complex, and her senses were failing.  In that exact moment, Bee recalled her laptop, left open on her desk in her haste to leave before the object of her sexual desires saw her.  But now she would have to turn back.  Spinning her Prius around she started back towards her office thinking. Hopefully, the janitor will be long gone.  Hopefully.

Her legs touched the floor as she walked carefully down the hallway and into her private office.  Opening the window on her computer screen, Bee decided best stay put.  Leaving now meant impossibly heavy traffic.  She also noticed the garbage had been dumped with no bag inserted to replace the old one.  Guess that was her penance for being a “bitch”.  What a pussy he was she thought which surprised her!  Some Mandingo Warrior who was paying her back by leaving her no place to dump her Coffee!  Her Coffee.  Settling in behind her desk, Bee comfortably opened her computer and clicked on the open tab when the throbbing between her legs instinctively resumed again.  

Dr. Bee did not hesitate this time.  There were no drivers or associates between her test subject.  Sensing her heightened body temperature and knowing the empty lab was as private as it got on the Campus, Dr. Bee felt the unusual twinge of a smile!  Something she wasn’t accustomed to doing much wholeheartedly.  Her hands dove between her legs and pushed them inside of her big, white panties before moving her seat closer to the desk.  The danger of publicly masturbating in her private office was something she had never considered doing before now.  But the desire to cum again had overtaken her senses meaning for Dr. Bee, there was no turning back. 

Bee stood up briefly in order to pull her skirt up around her waist.  Her bare ass felt the leather sticking to it, and the sensation stopped her thought processes momentarily.  For the 1st time, she could remember, JoAnne Bee was doing something spontaneous!  She placed her left foot onto the edge of her chair and closed her eyes while continuing to caress herself up and down, feeling her juices pooling beneath her!  Her inexperience showing as her hands held no particular pattern of movement.  She was lost in the excitement and thrilled to be finally across the point of no return! 

Click, click, click.

What do we have here?”

Dr. Bee was startled to see the Janitor Malik in her office doorway, holding a plastic bag in one hand, his cell phone in the other pointed directly at her!  The thought of him taking pictures and subsequent shame only made her shudder and focus more.  She didn’t even know who she was!  Being caught pink handed couldn’t stop her from plunging her two fingers deep and climaxing in front of this nameless man!  Her panties wrapped around one ankle as she inhaled and exhaled in no particular pattern.  The Doctor simply concluded her orgasm before pulling her fingers outside of her body dripping wet snatch and onto the desk! 

“I’m sorry.  What are you?”

“I knew there was something special about you.”

There was that smile.  Sinister and sexy at the same time.  The same smile that had provoked her anger yesterday was back.  The difference is the photographic evidence. 

“Keep your legs open.  Bitch.”

His voice curled her skin and seemingly peeled back all levels of resistance within her.  She watched as the man placed the bag and phone on the floor and began to unzip his overalls.  Did he plan on fucking her? 

“You can’t have sex with me.”

Her voice was as weak as her intention to resist, and they both knew it.  The woman’s eyes remained fixated upon his waist as she watched him step out of his overalls.  He was completely naked underneath them, and his cock looked enormous!  Bee’s vagina pulsated in a welcoming gesture even if Malik couldn’t see it. 9 inches from what she could see with a nice sized girth to match. That made her wonder how it would get inside her tight body!

He was about 5’10 and close to 200 lbs with no fat to be seen on his frame.  He heard her speak, but Malik continued towards her undeterred anyway.  Pushing her hands off of her swollen pussy and replacing them with his abnormally long tongue! It rolled around her insides, probing her in a way that had the woman climbing out of the chair!  Or at least trying too while his firm, dark hands held Bee firmly in place until she came and he kissed her deeply.  Their tongues intermingling the peppermint candy in his mouth with her own sweet nectar!  Fuck the Experiment!

Bee’s thoughts wandered to what he would make her do next?  She wasn’t exactly a professional when it came to sex!  Malik’s Dick only seemed bigger up close.  But when his hands reached her nipples, squeezing them so hard tears came onto her face, she knew she had to try!  

“What do you want?” Bee asked.

“Wrong question bitch.  Keep your legs open for starters.”

Tremaine rolled her chair from behind the desk, ripping her blouse buttons apart, never considering unbuttoning them so she could make a discreet exit later.  At that moment she wondered if giving in would be enough.

“Malik can and will do anything Malik wants to you Bitch!”

Kissing her again for emphasis, Bee felt her resistance completely destroyed as the man fondled her underused body!  At least, she knew his name now!  As afraid as she was, there was no other choice but to acquiesce.   He had photographic evidence and wasn’t allowing her to speak long enough to formulate an argument.  And even if she could or wanted to, what would she say?  It was hopeless.

“Repeat it to me bitch.”

“Malik can and will do anything Malik wants.”

Returning to his place between her thighs, Malik resumed eating her sensitive bud and fucking her womb with his tongue until she had orgasmed so many times she lost count of them after the first hour!  He was a gentle and sensitive lover with his mouth but controlled her ability to escape from his oral onslaught.  He held her wrists to her sides, except for the few times he commanded she use her hands to squeeze her taut nipples or twist her rub her own clit while his tongue stimulated her long unexplored hole.  She couldn’t believe he hadn’t fucked her yet!  The rest of her thoughts being incoherent until finally, Malik rose and commanded her to stroke his cock.  But only after she lubed it with her abundant juices to get acquainted. 

“You want this cock inside you baby?”

The smile on his face, one of complete victory.  He loved to break a new bitch in and this one was as tight as a 40-year-old virgin!  He knew she would squeal and become completely hooked on his sugar stick from the first time he saw her, even before she knew.


She continued to stroke his now full length nearly 10-inch dick Bee felt the strange sensation to taste him.  Leaning forward before feeling Malik’s strong, masculine hands on her throat. 

“You have to ask permission first bitch.”

The frequency of her hand job increased upon hearing the term again.  Malik knew what he had on his hands for sure now!  Looking down, he realized he hadn’t even fucked her yet and already, she was on her knees.  Begging him to give her pussy a rest by using her slut mouth to pleasure him instead!  She wasn’t going to get off that easy! 

Squeezing her nipple with his free hand harder than the last time the Dr. felt herself completely lost in the moment!  She couldn’t speak!  All she could do was shake her head in his hand and wait for his response. 

“That’s better.”

Pulling her close he began to kiss her again with his soft lips!  His hands caressed her and blended into her body until she forgot they were on her office floor. His cock hurt a little, but it was worth it when she felt her womb stretch as his pole massaged her walls.  He eased his way inside of her a little at a time until her eyes widened and Bee finally felt him touch her cervix as he kissed the white woman long and deep!  He may have looked like an old thug, but there was no denying Malik was a gracious lover!

Increasing his pace, the sound of his voice resonating deep inside of her head as the images from her dreams took life.  He was pounding her now.  Breaking down all will to resistance as her body became limp around his cock.

Malik began to move her into positions Bee had never imagined existed!  Each massaged her womb in a different direction.  Manipulating her under-used senses into a subtle form of submission.  Last week, sex never crossed Bee’s mind!  Today, she didn’t want to imagine life without this!  Malik lifted himself to his knees and held her on his rod on an angle.  Her back inside of his arms as he drove his semen into her deep!  JoAnne was alive.

Laying on the floor, Dr. Bee wondered about all of the things she wanted to try with him!  Her cunny was sore to the touch but, she didn’t mind it at all!  She moved into her swivel chair and began curiously squeezing her taut nipples until she wanted to cry!  Marveling at her dripping cunt’s reaction.  She wondered why she knew so little about her own body and desires and how Malik did? 

Her words wandered as she began to ask her new lover questions.  Where was he from?  Did he have a girlfriend?  Wife?  Could we do it again?  His answer?

“We will see.”

He grabbed her phone and synched his number into hers before tossing it onto some papers on the desk.  Putting his overalls on, Malik threw the plastic garbage bag at the still partially clothed Professor.  He smiled that smile at her again.  It hadn’t changed, making her wonder if he knew he had her from the beginning!  Her curiosity piqued as he headed for the doorway and out of her site.


Her phone went off with the picture he had taken of her and a caption.

“You can never be truly a Master until you have been a slave.”

A hypothesis?


Followed by an address.  

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