He knew what she needed by now.


The phone rang over and over during the session and John continued to ignore it like the nuisance that it was.  Instead, he focused his energy on barking orders at the woman in front of him as she attempted to complete her physical labors.  It what was almost an empty gym space and the club was officially closing in 5 minutes.  But Lana had been late, again.  Her breasts heaved and her form held, barely with each exertion of energy and she was wearing down.  Thais was to be their last training session and after today, Lana would be on her own.  But first she wanted validation from him.  A nod, a smile, a pat on the back.  But judging from his demeanor, tonight was not going to be that night. 

The last session of the evening and the buzzing of his phone intensified the closer it got to closing time.  Mostly horny women looking to get off Lana thought since John was a physical specimen!  Or probably one of his buddies that used to come around the gym, looking to meet some horny white women.  But John was in a particular mood and not going to answer his phone just during their session.  So Lana was left using her imagination. 

“15.  Good job Lana!  Now let’s stretch and get you out of here.”

The woman blushed slightly thinking about his dark hands spreading her arms and thighs to alleviate the soreness they now felt.  When he said stretch though, that hadn’t been the first thing on her mind.  She could hardly wait to feel his thigh pressed against her extended legs again, pushing forward with his weight and giving her another fresh feel of what she knew had to be a magnificent piece of cock.  He was just teasing her now, knowing their sessions were complete and she still hadn’t gotten what she wanted out of her husband’s money!  But she was determined not to let him toy with her past tonight.    

Her body looked much better than when they began and her sex drive had increased tenfold!  Lana wasn’t sure if it was the increased metabolism or the way he talked and touched her during each session without asking!  Probably both.  What had begun as a partnership between the two of them with a common goal had now become a dictatorship.  It began slowly at first. But Lana noticed how he had become more demanding with each session.  More forceful in his demands of her.  Less tolerant of her personal barriers.  She had complied because his way worked and the curves of her heyday had returned by following his strict, unbending way.  That was more important than any boundaries, right?  

The stretching sessions that began as mostly instructional with little contact were the biggest difference in their winding down interactions.  Her advanement meant contorted and compromising positions with hands on hips or brushing against breasts almost immediately upon stepping onto the mat.  The 1 on 1 sessions were more intimate than she imagined they should be.  But she had begun to look forward to them so much that the tought of the sessions ending had sent her into a funk.She’c cancelled 3 times under the pretense of being too busy until John agreed to accomodate Lana’s late night session request. She wanted to be alone with him, even if she couldn’t admit it. 

She immediately assumed the position, flat on her back with both knees up as John dropped to his knees before her and grasped her left thigh, placing her calf on his shoulder and pulling her body close to him.  She felt his dick bang against her throbbing pussy as he pulled her forward and she shuttered in the moment.  Another advantage to the late night.   The other members wouldn’t see her so compromised by the black stud and mistake their interaction for more than it was.  Especially the ones it was rumored he was already sleeping with.  They could be the worst!  

“Everyone is gone.  I’m locking the door on my way out.  See you at 5?”

The receptionist’s voice had a slight lilt of mischief as she spoke.  Was that meant for Lana?  Seeing the middle-aged woman laying their spent from the intense workout and under the complete control of her Trainer?  Or was it between the two of them since gym hours began at 6 am?  It was almost 11 and she was late to their session after having canceled the last 2 at the last moment.  The nosy receptionist had rescheduled each time, reminding her that her package either needed to be forfeited or completed by today. 

“Good night Boss.”

He never turned to acknowledge the young woman and instead, gave her a thumbs up sign. 

“I didn’t know you ran the gym too?”

Attempting to comfort herself Lana tried to make conversation, knowing they were alone at last! Something they had engaged in less and less since the sessions had progressed that Lana missed.  She had become almost fearful to speak at times, lest he pushes her harder to work and assumed his nice persona had been a ploy to get her to sign up with him.  But there was still something about the way he spoke to her that kept her hooked.  She wanted more time with him.  But she wasn’t going to spend any more money unless she got something more than an accidental nipple brush twice a week!  Lana was no fool. 

“Actually, I own this place.  Other leg.”

Her leotard beneath her shorts had begun to formulate a noticeable wet spot Lana hoped John wouldn’t notice.  But the yoga room was well lit so there was little hope of that.  He pulled her other leg close again, causing a slight vibration to pulse through her body before leaning his weight slightly onto her.  This time, she felt his hardening dick rub against her and stationed what seemed like halfway up her thigh!  Lana froze and looked directly into his eyes as he spoke.

“It’s easier to run when certain things are kept private.  Do you know what I mean?” 

John knew he wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her and had instructed the receptionist to offer her a good deal on her Membership.  She had red hair and full tits, with an oversized ass that he wanted to whip into shape in many ways!  As his cockhead rubbed up and down her leg, Lana knew what he was doing to her and he enjoyed it!  She was intended her to be a part of his “stables” from the start.  She just needed to show a ertain level of commitment.  Which she barely covered. 

“So this is our last session Lana and usually, when I complete a package as large as yours, there is an assessment.  Do you mind if I give it to you now?”

His fingers caressed her thighs, releasing her tension as he spoke.  They were moving up and down her tight leg muscles, even if his voice remained professionally in character.  Her shorts were also not what she had been wearing to their sessions. There was no cover or protection.  Just her alabaster skin being directly kneeded and her senses tweaked somewhat from his masterful handling of Lana’s wanting muscles.  It was, after all, her last session.  She wanted to remember it more intimately than what their interactions had been to date.  Feel his fingers against her bare skin instead of the false promise of their past interactions.  She wanted him to be bold with her.

“Place your legs down flat.”

Lana complied as John stood up now, directly above her.  His dick looked huge to her from this vantage and she knew she was in for something different.  Usually getting up meant the end of their time together.  But here he stood, lingering over her with an obviously overly large cock casting a shadow over her face! She told herself she was just there to finish their sessions, but her breasts heaved and nipples hardened as she looked up and their gazes met. 

“Extend your arms and sit up.”

Lana pressed her abdomen into the mat, using her stomach muscles to sit directly up as John had taught her to do.  Her wanting mouth was inches away from his throbbing dick inside of his shorts as she sat facing his crotch.  He wasn’t even pretending to not be excited or even modest and smirked while grasping her hands and pulled them upwards.  The manuever stretched her spine, alleviating more pressure but from the area.  But her eyes never noticed or left on his genitals. He than sat down on her thighs and ran his hands on the sides of her arms until her athletic gear rolled under her thick breasts which he led firmly in his hands while caressing her nipples between his fingers. 

“Time to see if the hard work was worth it.”

Lana hadn’t realized what was happening and when she did, she attempted to buck the larger man off of her in a feeble attempt at resistance.  John grabbed her hands by her wrists and pulled upward to observe her ‘lines’.  Lana had never felt so powerless in her life as her trainer looked her in the eyes before kissing her deeply!  Those lips!  They were softer than any she had experienced, male or female as Lana felt her resistance dissipate and her body melt into an intense orgasm!  Did she want this to happen all along?  John released her hands which now caressed his muscular chest and arms before resting on his throbbing cock, which she rubbed from shaft to tip in wonderment!  There was no turning back! 

John stood above her and instructed she remove his shorts by pulling them down, releasing the object of her desires while explaining to her how the exit interview would work for Lana. 

“Sit-ups.  Give me 50.  Each time, I expect to feel your tongue caress my beautiful, black balls.  If you can complete the task, I promise to do things to you your dreams will never equal.  If you fail, I will revoke your membership and give you your money back for our sessions.  If you choose to go home, you can continue your membership but the training staff will not be available to you.  And you need the discipline.”

Grabbing the woman’s head, John thrust her mouth over his shaft and buried his cock in the unsuspecting woman’s mouth with a force in which no man had ever dared touch her with!  Her mouth opened and tried to accommodate the 9’ monster but she could only fit half in her mouth before losing her breath and falling backward!  She was not ready to try such things, never mind succeed in completing tasks!  But her pussy throbbed with such might she found herself rolling around on the floor gagging for both air and relief! 

John had walked away and came back to where Lana was recovering now from her face fuck. Reaching between the woman’s thighs, he placed a pair of scissors on the strip of leotard between the woman’s wet legs and snipped them apart!  Leaving her red-haired cunt shining in the light and exposed to his big cock. 

“Then again?  Why waste time?”

Placing her legs on his shoulders, John plunged his dick into her carefully at first.  Lana’s vagina moistened and stretched to accomodate his manhood until he was able to successfully impale her on top of him.  Standing up powerfully while holding her neck and back in 1 hand, John  slowly pushed his cock inside her, over and over! 

“This is how I get your attention isn’t it Lana?” 

Her hands distended above her head in an attempt to gain balance but she never imagined he was strong enough to control her so easily!  John’s hands engulfed and controlled her entire body that was just two months ago completely undesirable to men in her mind!  Her husband would have come 10 minutes ago at least and her cunny was sore already from being pushed to its limit.  But when she settled behind her on the floor doggy style, caressing her pink nipples while whispering things into her ears she forgot all about the pain, instead focusing on the waves of pleasure her body was experiencing instead. 

“Are you going to cum inside of me?”

She kept asking him over and over.  Each time building her desire to feel him shoot his semen across her swollen walls and alleviate her sweet suffering at her Trainer’s hands. 

“Are you going to cum inside of me?”

John told her to do things like “Rub your clit”.  “Or pinch your nipples” and each time she had followed his orders.  The same as if he told her to do more squats or suck it up during their sessions.  She wanted to please him and in doing so, she learned more about what he was to her now.  Someone, she couldn’t say no to no matter what he asked of her. 

He no longer was pushing inside of her.  She was pushing back onto him and feeling more wanton with his every caress.  Her husband may be wondering what is taking so long and come by the gym and she didn’t care!  What if he put the girls in the car and came looking and they saw her?  The thoughts rolled through her mind, but her body was incapable of stopping! 

“Your assessment is almost over.”

Slipping his finger around her ass John slightly probed its sensitivity.  What normally felt disgusting to her sent her mind spiraling in an attempt to not orgasm in such a way!  But the attempt was useless. 

“Yes.  I am going to cum inside you.” 

With that, John pulled her back onto his dick, filling her insides and causing Lana to cum with such intensity she squirted! 

“Oh.  My.”

John’s hand stifled her last words and whispered in her ear once more.

“No.  King.  You can call me your King.”

Standing up now, John circled around to her mouth before motioning her forward. 

“But you will learn how to suck this dick properly.” Before placing his wet, semi-flaccid pole into her opened mouth again. 

“I am going to open the door for you before I take a shower.  Send me an email tonight and payment for your next 10 sessions by 5 am.  Talk to your husband about it when you get home if you have too.  The woman’s locker room is locked.  Go home Lana.” 

His muscular black ass turned and walked towards the door and he was halfway to the entrance before he spoke again.

“C’mon bitch.  Get a move on!” 

“She gathered what was left of her outfit but couldn’t find her shorts fast enough for John’s demands.  Her leotard covered her breasts, but her poor, overworked Cunny was exposed and dripping John’s still warm cum down her leg.  Hopefully, her husband and the girls would be sleep by now and she wouldn’t have to explain anything.  Confused but satisfied, Lana hadn’t been fucked by her husband in so long, she knew if she got on some clothes, she would be safe.  She opted for the back door and shower in the basement. 

“Lana, is that you?”

Her husband Greg had come downstairs and opened the bathroom door just as Lana stepped out.

“The gym showers were closed so I have all this sweat on me.  I wanted to shower before bed and didn’t want to wake you up.  You ok honey?”

 Noticing how sexy she looked in the shower Greg, felt the urge to fuck his wife for the first time in almost a year!  Her powerful thighs were the same one’s from the college cheer team he used to spend hours in between when they first fell in love!  She was the woman he had married on steroids!

“Looks like the sessions are working hun!”

  Greg admired his wife as if it were the first time he was seeing her!  His dick springing to attention as she wiped away her King’s cum and prepared for bed.  Reaching out to touch her, she recoiled immediately from his touch.

“Don’t you have to work in the morning?” she deflected.

“Yes but, it’s been so long since.”

“Well, Greg.”  Cutting him off mid-sentence for emphasis.

“I have worked very hard for this body and my last session was tonight so I am not in the mood right now.  I was feeling sexy.  But knowing I can’t continue has me really bummed out!” 

Dropping her towel, she brushed past her husband as she went for the basketball jersey sitting in the chair next to him.  Pulling it over her head but knowing her tight ass was still visible as she walked by. 

“Well, maybe if I could check your progress?”

“I only have till 5 am to keep my special rate!”

Lana bounced like a schoolgirl and pleaded with her husband in a way that had long lost it’s effectiveness.  She would lift her skirt and invite him to lick her red bush until it was wet enough to stop any fire!  She sat at her laptop and opened the gym website along with her legs. 

“Credit card.”


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