Mrs. Johnson fixed her face and applied her lipstick last, as she gathered her manuals and adjusted her panties beneath her knee-length skirt.  She had been fingering herself so fervently as she sucked the young Receiver’s cock down her throat that they had become frayed on one side.  Leaving her left vagina lip encased between thread and fabric.  The taste of his young cum dotted her taste buds as she walked down the hallway towards her car confident she was doing her best to help team morale by giving another player his earned A.  The fourth ‘A’ this semester.  A simple way to keep track of things.

The Football Team was Undefeated!  A source of school and town pride in a District that hadn’t had success in team sports for almost 10 years!  For this Upper-class liberal enclave benefitting from the number of Professional Athletes children that now walked the halls.  Sons of privilege.  Their Fathers were either NBA, NFL, or MLB retiree’s, gifted with an unfair genetic advantage.  Even the Caucasian boys were genetically superior to the other, surrounding area’s students District’s kids physically.  Mrs. Johnson always had a thing for athletic boys!  In College, she frequented the Men’s Dorm hallways sometimes more than her own place!  Never very particular about where or with how many men she encountered.

Freshman year of College Shay was quite the slut and especially for the Black athletes!  They made her cum and used her in ways that sometimes reminded her of home and Daddy’s playthings.  The ones used for sex by both he and Aunty before having doors slammed in her face!  But they always came back for more!

 “The sex or the money or both always brought them back!”  he’d say.

For Shay, it was always the sex!  That and keeping Daddy happy and respected by his Booster friends who were to the man a bunch of lecherous, dirty old rich men.  Sometimes, Shay left their dorm with all her clothes but, almost always without her panties.  Those were usually useless afterward anyway.

Daddy said sex with Black men was ok but, she would never be allowed to marry one.  But he understood the thrill of fucking those studs.  Alluding to the fact he may have even watched mother during Alumni/recruiting weekends on occasion convince the Boys to sign with State.  Her solid Trust fund meant she didn’t have to marry rich of course but that would not be allowed and Shay found the most convenient husband available.  Someone who worshipped but, never questioned her spending a lot of time away from home on Business trying to impress Father.  How little he understood about the Family he had married into!  Like her Mother, Shay was pure cock slut when it came down to it, and needed her freedom!

Shay’s Father well….  He was a philanderer and sexual deviant once she once walked in on Fucking his secretary while eating out Shay’s Aunt, her Mother’s sister in his home office!  Shay remembered screaming as she saw Dad’s cock sliding out of his Secretary’s dripping wet pussy and into her beloved Auntie’s mouth!  Still slick with the help’s juicy cum.  Or maybe it was a purr?  Shay also recalled her Father turning his head towards her while still pumping Auntie’s face until he came between her cum oozing lips as if it got him off, her watching!.  He smiled at her when he noticed Shay’s fingers squeezing her nipples at the sight roo though Shay had blocked that part out of the Memory!

“Like mother.  Like daughter!”

The blonde secretary purred.  Right before Auntie pushed her crotch over the woman’s mouth.  Where the “less” part of her panties left her labia exposed to the frosty air.  Shay suspected Daddy kept it cold to see women’s nipples poking through their sheer summer dresses.  Since the other parts of the home were usually overheated making the transition of rooms tenable to the least sensitive areolas.  But why she even took the time to figure it out before knowing the truth about anything else said more about herself than Shay’s well-hung father! 

“Shut up slut.  You’re a shitty secretary!  Use your tongue for what it was intended, slave!”

The horror this light-skinned black woman would have to endure these two for a living!  Even if the way her legs were shaking and her fingers manipulating her tanned snatch indicated the chore wasn’t so bad?  

“We will talk about this later cupcake.  Now close the door behind you and go do your homework.”

Her Father acted and talked as if nothing unusual was happening.  Even as his cock protruded towards his daughter’s direction.  Dripping saliva and pussy juice onto Grandfather’s antique rug!   So since 15.  Shay was indoctrinated into the Family way and never was ashamed of anything sexual behind closed doors. 

Daddy was a Good father and Shay was, after all, her Daddy’s girl!  They were extremely close and though they never crossed that line.  It wasn’t unusual for them to see one or the other in the act.  There were no secrets they could not tell the other.  And, it wasn’t required to share.

When young Mrs. Johnson lost her Virginity, her parents were in the next room for her 17th Birthday Celebration in Barcelona.  Surprising her with a pair of the ethnic boys she seemed to like the best!  They spoke Spanish but, their ethnicity was impossible to distinguish beyond Beautiful!  Shay Johnson was already an enthusiastic Cocksucker thanks to Boyfriends and one Black Teacher, making the threesome experience even more enjoyable!  As the 1st Boy’s cock severed as a Comfort animal for her wet, warm mouth.  Shay’s Maidenhead was displaced under the Penthouse clear ceiling and the Black Stars of the night!  Her parents were always very attentive to her needs.

In the US, Shay turned 18 and was off to College!  Her parents made sure Shay had her own place.  A close drive to Campus used to entertain College Recruits for their shared Alma Mater during recruiting season.  And just be herself the rest of the time.  They were Legacies and Shay personally delivered 2 All-America’s to the School herself!  Daddy was proud of her and teaching seemed to be a natural choice of Profession as Shay knew how to build a report with young men!  Her parents couldn’t be prouder! 

“Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson, I’d like a word with you”! 

A Mercedes of course.  The man behind the wheel had parked his car between her and her own and obviously had to have been waiting for her. 

“I’m DJ’s dad.  Artis.  It is so nice to meet you!”

She couldn’t tell how big he was exactly in his car.  But considering DJ was a 6’5 chiseled young man with a cock to match, she imagined Dad was similarly built.  Even if he wasn’t her type. 

“Sure.  How can I help you?”

“Well.  I’d like to thank you for working with DJ.  That A was completely unexpected as we both know.  DJ is not A type.” Artis said.

“Well.  I disagree.”  Mrs. Johnson followed with

“He’s been working very hard all year and the results are showing.”

Artis was talking to the young white woman’s soft tits as he responded.

“That is exactly what he said.”

Something about his voice.  The innuendo that wasn’t.  Or maybe it was the flash of remembering DJ holding her ass as he dipped his tanned stick into her honey pot the day before!  Either way.  Mrs. Johnson felt satisfied with her work with the young man and knew his recruiting trip would go well.  Thanks to her.  He was a Borderline prospect but, her Alma Mater did want him and Shay used whatever influence she had to support the University!  Just like her mother once had.

“Well, the proof is in the pudding!”

She smiled as she started to walk around the front of his car.  Shay was 5’6 with Reddish Brown curls and long legs.  Her ass-swaying a little extra as she moved towards her car door.  Her full C-cup tits bouncing in the wind.  Sucking cock always made her feel sexy and powerful!  And the tingle in her taste buds was enough to get her through her scheduled Skype session with hubby in an hour.  Marriage is work.   

“Well if you are not busy tonight.  We ‘d like you to come by the house.  It’s an unofficial PTA thing we do here and this year, you made the list.  The Misses would love to discuss your success with DJ.  Some of the other parents will be there but, it is a mostly social thing.  We won’t keep you long.”

Shay thought to herself a moment that there was no way she was going to a student’s house she was fucking!  Sounded like a complete setup!  I mean, if she was going to fuck DJ she would consider it but, still never go!  She liked what she did and besides, had her eye on the Junior class!  The last thing she needed was some Catch a Predator moment with an angry Mom!    

“Sorry.  I can’t.  We have plans my husband and I.”

Artis put his car in park and got out, walking around to meet her standing at her door.  He was about 6’8 and judging from the bulge beneath his pants, at least 2 inches larger than his son!  He didn’t try to hide his erection at all!  And despite him not being her “type”, how could you miss that! 

“Let me rephrase that.  We expect you around 9.  Principal Barnes will be there too and a few of the other Faculty.  It’s a good time for all and great for your career since there are forces at work in the District even a woman of your Background can’t navigate.  Please don’t make me beg?” 

Shay was still staring at his cock which she figured had to be wider than any she had ever seen and, Shay had seen plenty!  She was displaced momentarily.  Imagining what it would take to accept something that big into your body!  Too bad he wasn’t a student.

“You gave out 3 other A’s this semester to players?  Their parents will be there too and want to thank you.    And honestly, there are going to be some changes in the School Board this year.  Only those invited will know what is going on and, you want to know.  Besides.  With those teaching techniques of yours, you should never say no to me again!”

Shay’s silence spoke volumes even if her eyes were fixated to the hammer attached to Artis himself! 

“Budget cuts always are fatal for Public schools.  Many of us though like our school the way it is and instead of sending our kids to Private ones, are talking about Donations to support the District in its time of need.  A Teacher/student sex scandal would destroy that goodwill.  Amongst other things and cause a scandal that could expose the Teacher’s life and family.  Who wants that?”

The bulge in his pants jerked noticeably as Shay’s eyes followed the path of the monster across the open window shelf.  She reflexively jumped and almost reached out to grab it but at the last moment, kept her hands down and hoped Artis hadn’t noticed.  But Artis free hand reached between her seat, rubbing her Ass while smiling down at her. 

“See you at 8.”  

Shay smiled at him, doing the only thing she could think of in the moment as she watched Artis walk away.  Be still.  Was all this just Bullshit?  Was DJ setting her up all along?   Did Dad just want to fuck her and when she arrived it would be just the two of them?  What would she do?  What if he wanted Anal?  His voice is kind of sadistic!  Shay squirmed at the endless possibilities and found herself grasping her crotch hard.  Like she always did when she was horniest!  She was looking at a no-win scenario and possible jail time.  But it was all she could do to not plunge her fingers back into her throbbing crotch and push as hard and as deep into her tunnel as humanly possible!  Shay knew that she had no choice other than to play along.  And driving home was not going to be easy.    

Turning on her computer and opening her legs wide for her Hubby.  Who was half awake as well as across the globe to fully enjoy her lust meant little to Shay.  She skipped the seduction part of their conversation and went directly into fucking her wet, pink pussy with a short, powerful vibrator until she passed out from exhaustion or emotion as much as sexual satisfaction!  Because she wasn’t satisfied?  How could she be? 

Her dreams were littered with numerous men.  Mostly black but, all well hung.  Which her husband was not.  Shay chose him but in the moment of sleep accompanied by the memories of other lovers who fucked her like a dirty, dirty slut.  She couldn’t remember why?  Why wouldn’t she at least TRY to find a man she could be faithful too?  Or at least honest with about who she is!    A 26-year-old teacher who got into the Profession to mostly watch young boy’s crotches and let her Principal fuck her in the ass once a month as a part of her Mentorship!  And more importantly, if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else!  Maybe even the janitor!  Shay remembered when slept with her Best friend and her husband.  Cumming on her friend’s face while she licked Shay’s pussy clean of her own Husband’s cum!   The same friend who she used to treat almost exactly the way her Dad treated his Secretaries?  Was she like her Father.  Or just like him?

“If there weren’t cameras in this lot Mrs.  Johnson.  I would be yelling in your face so loudly, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything for the next two days.  Are you such a whore you would have sucked my dick where the cameras would catch everything?  Maybe I should just bring the video to the Police and let them handle it?” 

In her dream, Shay started to cry immediately at the thought!  But always after her hands and mouth dove towards Artis larger than life showpiece!  Of course, she would if given the chance to put his manhood into her warm, wet throat!  Her darkest dreams had her choking near to death on a huge cock like Artis and she always awoke to soaked panties afterward!  Shay had always used sex to get her out of just about everything and her reaction in her dreams was just Shay being true to her nature!

Though Shay was truly confused by the prospect of not being in control of her choices when she woke.  She also realized for the 1st time in her life, she was excited by it!  She had finally been caught in the Web she had woven for herself over years of being a selfish whore.  Knowing Artis loved every second of taking her control! Just like when she walked in on her Dad, Shay didn’t know what was to come next.  All whores eventually, get caught.

An hour had passed since her conjugal Skype session ended and she knew her Hubby was in a deep sleep from the amount of cum she witnessed during the session.  He seemed to get extra excited whenever she just got into it and his devotion to her sexual sensibilities made him perfectly ready to be cucked one day soon.  Even if she didn’t know that was her own plan.  Shay decided to make the best of the situation and prepare for a Party. 

Shay ran a bath and cleaned herself meticulously.  She had been dripping a lot since Friday’s were usually sex packed during the Daytime since she usually planned her Blowjobs for Fridays.  She especially savored the thoughts of the prude HS girls missing out on these horny HS studs because she had drained them hours earlier!  Those little bitches didn’t deserve it anyway!   Doing her Kegel exercises in the tub as was her practice, Shay wondered if they would matter anymore if Artis decided to have his way with her hole!  But she kept it out of her mind as she dried and got dressed. 

She didn’t want to wear panties but, decided to anyway.  What if this is a legitimate gathering?  Maybe Artis and DJ kept it to themselves and were just fucking with her?  She needed to be careful and decided on a modest dress with a button that showed sociable but, not a graphic amount of cleavage.  Her heels were modest as well.  But underneath there were Garters and a sexy, sheer lingerie ensemble that matched the color of her purple dress.  Just in case. 

When she arrived, Shay noticed there were only 7 cars total and two she recognized were of fellow faculty members.  Teachers who had started at the District around the same time as her.  One Black and the other Latino since diversity hiring was a part of the District’s core value.  She noticed the stickers on their cars from Big time sports Universities like herself.  And she also noticed the Superintendent’s Tesla which was parked in the Drive.  There were about 20 to 30 people in the Living Room, milling around and she figured most of them were within walking distance in the neighborhood and in the moment, she relaxed.  There was no way this was a setup with this many people! 

Artis’ wife and DJ’s mom opened the door and greeted her warmly introducing herself as Artis wife  Anita.  All while removing Shay’s coat and offering a drink which, Shay attempted to refuse. 

“Don’t worry honey.  We are taking your keys and have 2 Drivers on call tonight to ferry the guests.  Relax!  We know how to treat our Educators in the Hills.” As she smiled into Shay’s cleavage before adding.

“Even lovelier in person aren’t you?”

Grabbing her hand, Anita walked Shay around the room.  Introducing her to most of the people in attendance as “another of our Educators!”   She seemed to know a lot about Shay which, caught the younger woman by surprise.  She was smaller than Shay by about 2 inches.  She even weighed less which was something Shay had been interested in if, the meeting turned bad!  Shay was confident she could take her until Anita let it slip she was once an Olympic competitor in Jiu-jitsu herself but, she came in 4th, right outside of a Medal. 

“Ironically.  The woman who defeated me for the Bronze looks a little like you Shay.”

Anita smiled at Shay and in the moment, she knew Anita knew her and DJ!  Call it intuition among the women.  As the color fled from her face Anita grabbed her hand tighter, toying with the young teacher in what was an awkward gesture, to begin with by holding a grown woman’s hand.  Shay had been relaxed by the four drinks but now realized her mistake.  Too drunk to flee.

Thinking with her pussy instead of her head in hoping Artis would have found some way to save, blackmail and force her to suck his monster cock at some time during the night was why she came!  Instead, she was left awkwardly holding the hand of an expertly trained Mother of a student she had technically, been fucking and sucking for personal gratification!  The relief came with the Superintendent clinking his glass for a short speech to the seemingly worked up crowd.

“I’d like to thank the relatively new Faculty members for joining us tonight for our Bi-Annual Parent/Teachers mixer.”  Followed by a wink and polite applause, before he continued.

“Mrs. Shay Johnson is our newest Invitee.  She is a Physics and Biology teacher at Hills and one of our Most Popular Young Teachers!  Especially I hear with some of the students!”

Laughter and giggles commenced as Shay stood blushing in the middle of the room!  Was he talking about her having sex with students?  What the fuck were they all laughing at!  Shay’s instinct to flee became a freeze as the older man continued…

“You all have such dirty minds!  No wonder why we can’t have these events Officially sanctioned!” 

More laughter.

“Now if everyone has signed their waivers would like to head down we can get this Party started!” 

And with that, the room began to empty into the yet unexplored by Shay lower levels of the home.  Shay, however, felt her hand being tugged in a separate direction. 

“Come with me, Shay.  We need to discuss the waiver.” Anita said.

Sensing this would probably be the best time to leave.  Shay attempted to pull her hand away from Anita’s grip but, to no avail. 

The Superintendent turned and faced the women.  Noticing the slight tussle from his teacher he decided to Shay’s relief, to come towards him.  This would be her chance.  He smiled as he approached and began to pull out his phone.  Stopping in front of her as he turned up the volume of the Video playing. 

It was Shay’s car.  Parked outside of the home they were now in but it was obviously shot by security cameras.  She remembered that Friday night.  DJ said his Parents were on vacation and she had broken her rules to give him a ride home.  The problem was what happened once she stopped the car in front of the Dark home. 

The Superintendent slid behind Shay and rubbed her dress covered ass in a circular motion, causing her to jump.  She was so fixated on the film of her leaning over the trunk of her BMW.  Her pink dress hiked over her head as DJ pumped her pussy full of young cum!  She didn’t notice him circling behind her and aside Anita. She was too shocked to be watching herself be exposed and worse, she never knew it before now!  The dew dripped between her uncomfortable thighs as the Superintendent fondled her ass.  Feigning surprise at finding panties between her garters! 

“I wouldn’t take you for a woman that ever wore panties.”  He whispered as if Anita wasn’t close enough to hear and chuckle at. 

The part in the video when she turns around to suck the last drop of his sweet, young cum while savoring the taste of her own honeypot that covered his almost 9-inch cock was accompanied by a strange twist of fate.  Anita faced the woman as the Superintendent dropped the phone to watch Anita force her tongue into Shay’s mouth!  Shay wasn’t sure how good to feel about it, considering the circumstances.  She had let a woman eat her before, of course, but, Shay had always been the aggressor and always. The beneficiary!  Shay, she stood firmly planted while Anita released her hand.

“Your case has been mediated by the Board and the parents of the aggrieved students are all here tonight.”

The Superintendent was stern yet, businesslike as he barely looked at Shay now.  His hair thin but. his otherwise average looking body seemed strong and was connected to as a healthy, hardened cock beneath his trousers he never attempted to hide!  It was like Shay had entered one of her many sex driven fantasies except, the danger was real!   The Superintendent reminded Shay of her father in the way she could sense he didn’t want to fuck her but,  was turned on at the prospect of what she would do next!  And judging from Shay’s nipples, so was she! 

“We are a very tight-knit community with as you know, a very unique demographic.  The best teachers in the Country are applying to our District and, for good reason.  It is a gateway to success in Education.  We only hire the best.”

The Superintendent paused briefly before Shay spoke.

“Thank you.  I”

“From now on do not interrupt me.  If you understand then please nod.  I am trying to offer you a way out of the Lawsuits these families are planning to file against you.  They are consenting age but, you are still their teacher.  The Laws are very clear in these cases.  Do you understand me bitch?”

Turning to face her as he said the last word.  Shay nodded her consent before he began to speak again.

“Because we hired you.  We know you are NOT a dumb bitch.  But, you have been known to be reckless and we can’t have asterisks walking the halls of our Community so we have decided to reign you in.  Your choice is sign this waiver consenting to be the Party Slave and all will be forgotten.  You will service the Men and women in attendance and not say a word as to why to any of them beyond you are a Horny slut and made to be used by all.”

Shay decided to bolt!  She made it one step before being corralled by Anita and held in an Arm-lock!  She didn’t have to exert much pressure for one of Shay’s titties to fall out of her dress and expose a super hardened nipple!  As the Superintendent touched it, Shay jumped and almost came!  The pleasure of being defenseless was so intense! 

“Shay, you really don’t have much of a choice!  We have you on tape and the Internet loves teacher fucking student tapes!  You will be arrested because the Sheriff is downstairs!  And, though I know you come from an affluent family.  I am pretty sure Judge Raines will make sure you do time since he was promised your Asshole 1st!  Don’t make this difficult!”

He handed her a binder before placing his mouth on the exposed nipple and reaching under Shay’s dress to thrust two fingers inside her convulsing wet hole.  Her shivering body flexed against his fingers as Anita manipulated her arm, forcing her to bend her knees onto them widened digits involuntarily until pressure was no longer needed!  Shay came in the Living room as it emptied out and was so caught up in her own pleasure, didn’t give a second thought a few people were still in the room.  But they never flinched at the sight of her grinding down onto her Superior’s hand.  Shay managed to sign the waiver in the binder before allowing it to drop onto the floor in slutty ecstasy!   What choice did she have?

Smiling at the young woman as they ascended the stairs to the Bedroom, Anita fitted a chain and two nipple clamps Shay’s protruding points.  Anita promised to make sure Shay wasn’t damaged by any guests or Parents and assured her she would only be used by some of the Partygoers.  As long as Shay licked her pussy and ass like a good little white slut should.  Obeyed her commands and those she allowed to have control over her tonight.  And didn’t try to escape the consequences of her actions by claiming she couldn’t do what was asked of her.  She told Shay it would be good for a slut like her to learn some discipline since she was getting older after all!  And her first lesson was going to be a good old-fashioned paddling and pussy eating tutorial.  With her and the rest of the Mothers of the Boys, she had violated. 

As the night went on, Shay made amends with all of the Families as well as paying off the Sheriff with her mouth and the Judge, who deposited a load deep into her Ass as he yelled: “All fines satisfied!”  Her mouth and pussy were sore for days as the Party was well organized.   

First, she ate the Mother’s pussies and each had a dirty, verbal message about being an Old slut with the punchline being sprayed on her face!  Only 1 was extremely rough with Shay.  Sitting on her face for so long each time Shay felt she would pass out!  Only to be awakened by the woman’s finger being thrust up Shay’s own cum soaked Asshole!  When the woman ended with the sweetest kiss and most gentle words about how good Shay was with her mouth Shay returned the gesture in earnest!  Shay was a quick study and the truth was by the time Anita had stopped paddling her ass earlier in the evening, Shay was loving the taste of the woman and wanted more!  Eating pussy wasn’t just easy, it was natural to her!  Her nipples throbbed from the two tight clamps but, her body felt great! 

When the men came in to spend time with her Shay knew this was no normal gathering.  The smallest cock was 1st.  But each subsequent man was a bit larger and some fucked her longer than the last!  They all wore condoms which was a relief.  until some of the men removed them to spill their seed wherever they wanted!  Her face and tits were the most popular choices!  She was a sweaty, soaking mess by the 3rd hour and not being given much time if any to recover from Cock to cock!   And the fucking seemed to go on forever!  That was until the gangbang culminated in Shay being nearly split in half by Artis 12-inch Monster which was not covered by rubber and after a few unconfortable strokes felt so good!  It was quite a relief when he came inside of her in such volume it almost served as an Ointment to her throbbing walls!  And she got a ten-minute break to clean her face but, not her hole which was rich in Artis thick cum and strangely made Shay feel comforted.  She loved feeling cum inside of her.

The other 2 Teachers were soon brought upstairs to close the evening and told to get into a Daisy chain with each one cleaning out the cum-soaked pussy of the next!  Later she learned the women had been similarly invited and duped into being sex slaves though one was lying.  She had volunteered.  Anyway,  Shay came 1st and her reward was to be fucked by the remaining horny guests since she was obviously still horny!  By the time the last man had cum on her face the home was empty and Shay was exhausted!  She passed out on the Bedroom floor. 

Shay woke the next afternoon in a cast iron bed in a room she wasn’t familiar with from the previous evening.  Her laptop was next to her somehow and, she smelled of sex!  There was a sound of running water and Shay walked towards it where there was a woman in a Maid’s outfit running a Bath.  She was older but, seemed familiar to Shay somehow?   The woman’s frame was a little fuller though but very shapely for an Older woman. Shay couldn’t see her face but immediately recognized her voice. 

“Like mother.  Like Daughter.”

It was her Father’s former secretary!  They were in the Basement and she explained to Shay she was locked in the Basement till DJ left the house in about an hour.  He didn’t know anything about the Swinging PTA parties or the room they were now in was built strictly for Mom and Dad’s personal guests.  Soundproof.  Well-equipped.  And private enough for her to exact her revenge on Shay.  

“Clean yourself up and get ready for your 1st meal of the day, You have 10 minutes,”  she said.  

“I know your family was never big on names so you can just call me Mistress.  Same as my sister Anita.  You have much to learn before you Skype that hubby of yours.”

 And I can’t wait to become reacquainted with your Aunty she thought as Shay dug her tongue into her hairy folds of pussy flesh telling her.

“You are going to love it here.”

While Shay thought to herself.  I already do.    

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