And the world goes round and around. 

The funniest thing is that they were always going to get what they wanted from each other; Lin, the discipline and direction that she had rebelled against her entire life but sorely missed…and for Kruger, a proper successor, and future slut wife.  It was just the circumstance that was in doubt.

Kruger had always intrigued Lin.  The things and secrets that he must know as the son of a long time dean at the University! Information that could supply the young woman the leverage needed to secure a long-term staff position, starting with his. His stoic disposition and tempered leers didn’t hurt his standing with her either. Kruger seemed to always look out for her and unlike most men in her life had never asked for anything in return. Most of her lovers had varying degrees of Asian fetishes and were easily manipulated by a dirty word. Kruger had been unfazed by her frequent innuendo which made her feel in return, kind of powerless around him.


The announcement of his imminent departure had changed their relationship though.  He had become more aggressive with what he wanted. 


To Lin? The past week wasn’t unusual for his hands always wandered her body without warning or formal request. Rubbing her cunt and ass in subtle ways without explanation or apology. Each day his hands would linger and hold her a little longer as if he was exploring her weaknesses and seeing how far she would let him go! But since Lin wanted his job recommendation, she knew better than to file a complaint or dissent. No one had ever treated her this way before, and though confused she enjoyed this form of attention.

She wasn’t that type of girl anyway.  She was the type of girl who agreed to have drinks with him to secure his support. 27k more per year with escalating salaries sounded good along with a direct link to the world of Trustees!  She was hoping to bag a job and maybe ensnare a boyfriend/husband.  The thought of future riches earned on her own had her little cunny moist and ready to close the deal! She liked aggressive men and the ones in Academia had been mostly more buttoned down or interested in being worshiped by their more willing students instead.  They were her equals and as such, not attractive to her. Deciding to leave her panties in her purse was a decision she came to almost subconsciously as she hoped his wandering hands would find her hole at some point!

They met at a Restaurant and Kruger greeted her with an unaccustomed hug and what was becoming more familiar cupping of her buttocks. He felt the lack of undergarment and provided another surprise for the woman, a smile.  Making small talk, he revealed they actually were only 1 year apart in age with Kruger being defined as a child prodigy explaining his exalted position. This also excited Lin for some reason. He asked if she would like to hear a story about his family life and she agreed to be interested while secretly being disappointed at the pedestrian topic. That is until he spoke.


“At 14 years old I came home and found my mother naked on the Great room floor. On her knees with her hands bound behind her back. I knew we weren’t being robbed since my father was home and I could hear him talking in the other room. With what I now know as a ball and gag with a removable center plug keeping her mouth open even without the ball.  I saw a tear in her humiliation as she shook uncontrollably at my involuntary muscle response. I never thought my mother could give me a hard-on until that moment.” 

Kruger’s voice trailed off now and was practically a whisper recalling the excitement of that day long ago. Lin was transfixed at the revelation of his words and excited at the visual it provided her dirty mind more. Her pussy shuddered at the boldness of this man’s reveal, and she wanted him to continue digging into his tale-telling her more about this. Like the stories, she read while masturbating at night about sex with multiple men which always managed to assist Lin to get off!  How did he know her desires so well?  

“The buzzing coming from between her legs was a vibrator, slightly smaller than my own dick today.  An impressive size toy.  She was on her knees with her nipples being tweaked and taunted by two small nipple clamps.  Nothing I would use.  My mother always took regular exercise classes and was in phenomenal shape, but she was something else too.  Does that sound like anyone that you know?” 

Laughing Kruger reaches out, uncomfortably taking liberties with his younger contemporary’s supple wet pussy under the table.  He recognized the aspects of delight her bare uncontained snatch he had discerned as sensitive to touch, and he rubbed astride the outside of her vagina walls.  A grope here.  A rub there.  A pinch of the clit.  He didn’t care that everyone could see them.  And she was paying less attention to it as well as her mind slipped into the sound of Kruger’s voice.

“In walks my father with two older men. One I recognized as the Dean of the Mathematics Department at the University. The other was a prestigious donor, I believe. My father tells me to take a seat as the donor walks directly in front of my mother and pulls the plug from her mouth.  She gasps quickly but is interrupted by the new man’s cock being stuffed through the hole and into her dripping wet mouth as my father grasped a clasp of her hair to direct her forward”‘

Taking a pause to signal the waitress to bring him another drink Lin remained transfixed at this man’s blunt honesty as well as the dexterity of his hands under the table which was running up and down her labia. She almost forgot to panic because the waitress would plainly see what he was doing to her! But she arrived too quickly, and Lin couldn’t do anything other than pretend to not be ashamed. His father is one of the most respected men in Academia, and a pimp? Why would he tell her this story and why did he believe that she would like it? Ignoring the question of why she did. 

“So I am watching as the man grabs my loving mother by the face and starts for all intents and purposes, fucking her mouth. I couldn’t look away. My father comes over to me and tells me that it is time that I learned the truth about their marriage.  He met my mother at work and she, like many of the other wives was actually a form of a sexual slave of the University.  Young girls who attended the school at one time. But were compromised by cheating or scandal of some other sort. Others had no such scandal and enjoyed being a part of their Family ‘structure’ and enjoyed the many benefits of subjugation. He explained to me we are all slaves to one thing or another. The women are allowed to stay and graduate with honors, Doctorates, etc. under the conditions they comply. This system was as old as the University itself.”

At the moment, Lin thought to herself how such a thing could exist for so long?  Her second thought is that it might be best to leave immediately.  But his voice had a stimulating effect upon her body and Kruger’s finger fucking her in a constant rhythm under the table sent her into a furious orgasm, attracting the attention of the adjoining patrons sitting a few feet away. How embarrassing! 

Attempting to compose herself she asked if he could take her someplace more private. He had Mommy issues for sure, she thought, and at the moment she wanted to thank the perverse woman! But like the good student and listener she was, Lin knows she had heard him mention a big cock which she was in need of immediately!  

Lin had learned to suck dick because her mother who she despised and attempted to be opposite of in every way. “Consider it a necessary skill for advancement in your case as you are pathetically dull!” were her exact words.  What a bitch she was! The only thing that made her tolerable was knowing she had fucked her stepfather so hard in her senior year of college he almost divorced the slut. She was the Asian whore and the dullard, not Lin.  She stood up, not allowing Kruger the option of remaining there where he could continue to toy with the woman’s obviously neglected snatch! So Kruger followed suit, standing with her to leave.

“Anyway, that is a fucked up story right?”

Kruger looked at the half Asian American princess and knowing that she would soon be in a similar state. Ass pushing into the air reaching out for invasion by an invisible lover. Face drooling in ecstasy as she told all of her secrets and desires, begging him to fuck her to a wet dripping climax. Watching her pay her debts. 

“Sure. But mostly bullshit, right?  You would be a fucking mess if that REALLY happened!  I know I would be!” pushing his hand from between her legs as she spoke.

“Sure was.  Just some anime I saw and since you are Asian figured you might be into it. Are you?”

“NO!”  While leaning upon him to keep her balance.  “I am usually quite dominant with men,” she responded in a feeble attempt to reclaim some semblance of strength.


“Good. Cause I wouldn’t want a slut like that. Who would?” 

Placing his wine and money on the table while grabbing her arm semi-forcefully.

 “Let’s go to my place.  I want to show you something.”

Kruger’s ‘place’ was much more opulent than she had imagined which briefly made the woman’s nipples harden.  No wonder he was leaving the security of his Father’s title eventually!

“This is compliments of my new employer Mr. Hart. I’ve actually been living here for a year, going back and forth between the University and the Foundation.” 

His explanation slightly tempered her enthusiasm as she looked at the walls decorated with various art themes. She realized they had just started their relationship and a part of her was sorry they would not see each other daily anymore. This past week had been exciting! Something academia rarely provides. But this apartment had to cost in the high six-figure range! No way would he change his mind just to play with her! Looking at him closer she knew even worse, someone else would probably be her next week as Kruger was a good catch for any woman. Suddenly Lin was both horny and jealous!  

Looking around she noticed a pair of leather handcuffs on the couch next to a feather and a strange bar with hooks on each end. The likes of which she had never seen before, and she thought momentarily, are those for her? Her mind ached with curiosity about the objects, but she decided to wait until he mentioned them instead.


“These are my mother’s things. Would you like to try them on?”  

He smiled knowingly in her direction.


Immediately betraying her own desires, Lin rebuffed the first attempt in hopes it would not be his last. The woman’s heart was racing with anticipation as she wondered what he meant by trying the rod! But this was about business, not experimentation with pleasure. Kruger spoke again.

“Okay. Guess it is going to be the hard way then.  I have been trying to tell you something for a few days, but I have to admit, I never believed seducing you would be this easy. If I had time, I would have done this differently. But I don’t so there is a recording I would like to show you. Sit down, whore.”

What he meant was beyond understanding as she had been compliant towards all of his recent advances and besides work associates, they had no one in common. His fingers smelled of her as proof of her willingness to let him fuck her so what more was there? She wanted him to bend her over and ride her deep and hard. Not show a movie!

Still, the wall became a projector bearing a familiar face. Lin’s stepfather in her old home speaking in the same room she used to suck his wretched old cock in.  Lin let him cum on her tits in exchange for extra spring break money there too.  She hadn’t been back since recording the episode and sending a copy to both of her biological parents. Causing quite the shit storm at the time.  

“Hi, Lin you cunt.” The man smiled as he addressed his step-daughter and former lover.

“Just wanted you to know your mother and I are still together despite your little picture prank. Didn’t know you were filming that day but no matter. Your Fellowship funds had come through at the same time too, and you never told me who you fucked to make that happen! We’ll talk about that when we catch up. Trust me, dear, I will see you soon.  Anyway, my accountant discovered the 20k you stole from me when working in my office all those years ago and you are probably going to jail.  Unless you can come to an arrangement with young Mr. Kruger that is. He will fill you in from here.”

Shocked the young woman could hardly believe what she was hearing. She never expected to see either her stepfather Roger or her mother again as she had felt underappreciated by them both. Lin had worked very hard in school and at home to get where she was today without them. And now he was planning on reinserting himself into more than her life! She flashed back to the story about the donor and realized it had to be the old pervert himself.  What else did Kruger know about her?

“Thanks, Roger. Talk with you later and let you know how it turns out.  Kiss the wife.” 

Kruger laughed as he said the last part. It was a video and couldn’t respond to him, so he was an asshole. He cut the feed while simultaneously handing Lin a vodka and Coke. 

“You are going to need this,” he said.


“So…oh yes. The story of my mother. She is a one-time compromised slut not unlike yourself at this moment,” pausing for effect, his hand now more firmly attached to the beautiful woman’s left thigh. “Hopefully, you can have a similar journey to discovery.”  

“Like me?” she started mockingly.



The hand came across her face almost as swiftly as her words. 

 “I did not say you could talk yet.”  

Kruger strutted across the room in the deliberation of his next words to her. Knowing she would bolt if pushed too quickly before giving her enough incentive to sign herself over. He continued.

“Your position is simple. Sign yourself over to me for a year, and you will get your promotion. That has already been arranged so you can be everything you envision yourself being. You believe that you can beat the charges and move forward and you are probably correct. But the allegations will probably ruin you.  Your stepfather will not support you, and your father doesn’t give a fuck. As I was saying…like you, my mother discovered her true calling and position and is as happy as any cunt could ever be. She chose you.”   

Pausing to sip before finishing, the grinning man finished with, “You can take off your clothes right now and get on your knees. Or call a lawyer, and the police will be at your door in the morning. You have 10 seconds to decide.”

Lin looked at her drink, head spinning and turned the glass to the ceiling emptying its contents. Her skirt, blouse, and bra were next, but she missed the timeline and was slapped hard on her bare ass for the transgression. She had planned to give herself to him. Just not this way.

     “There will be no more talk today of your situation. Consider this a negotiation of deeds.  You will do as I say and how I say without a word for the next hour and 20 minutes.  The clock is on the wall behind me.  You must make me cum with your mouth in the allotted time frame, or you will be spanked 10 times.  Do you agree?”

“Kruger, I…”



The woman’s thoughts jumbled from the second blow.  This time slightly harder than the last.


“One hour and 30 minutes now and I hate repeating myself! Or do you prefer licking the female guards down at the County jail?  You can leave at any time. But make no mistake. This is your last chance, whore.”


Yhe young woman did not know how to respond. When he had called her whore she felt a jolt shoot through her body as if processing the term for the first time!  No one had ever called her that before sex out of fear of her reaction. She kind of liked the sound of it. 

Having expected the evening to be more conventional, Lin was resigned to silence. Excited by this turn of events she believed she was taking off her dignity and any chance of determining her own fate along with her clothes. Taking slacks down with her mouth while sparring with impressive ten-inch cock on the other side was also not easy to accomplish. But when she did, inches from her moistening mouth was the object of her desire. She sucked the bulbous head in with a slow, wet kiss.  

“Good cock sucking whore.”


Kruger’s sigh signified his victory over Lin’s will. Pressing his man muscle into her throat. She felt her own desire ebbing inside. She was as good as her stepfather said she had been he thought, as saliva flowed over his cock from her surprisingly eager mouth. He never let his facial expression expand past a grin as he told her what he thought about her.


“Slut. Whore. Ball-sucking slut. How wet is your vagina right now you slut?”

Speaking to her in that way made the spoiled brat angry as she knew he was right. How humiliating to crème her cunny now like she was doing while sucking a blackmailer’s big dick! Who does that? She had never cum in this manner before!  Given a chance, she would jump on Kruger’s enraged boner and fuck him until he begged for her forgiveness! But that wasn’t what was happening. Kruger was right, and at this moment, she was his whore, and that was who she wanted to be.

As the instructions were meted out as she licked away like a happy child with a lollipop.  From now on there would be no talking unless talked to. Upon entering his apartment, all the clothes were to be shed on whether or not people were there with him unless otherwise instructed. She would kiss his balls as a sign of affection and respect for his dominance until he told her to stop. He then taught her to lick them clean and not miss a spot. 

Lin listened but was preoccupied with the task at hand which was not an easy one. She could barely fit half of him in her mouth and knew that without her hands on him, which he also had forbidden her to use, she would never reach the goal in the allotted time frame! Her mouth was getting sore as her pussy throbbed for attention. She nearly took him entirely down her throat once and came up coughing. Wondering what being spanked would feel like daily, the woman decided to give up completely and started crying.  She didn’t like being told what to do. She loved it.  

 “You are not ready yet. Stand up slut.”

Grasping the clasp of her hair, Kruger stood the woman up straight and thrust two fingers roughly inside her hole. Lin shuttered as she felt his fingers perusing her convulsing pussy. Kruger’s digits wandered across her glistening folds and called her a whore for not only letting him do so but for enjoying every second of it as well!. She wanted his dick but wasn’t allowed to speak to request it as he carried her to the desk in the corner and showed her a document. 


“This is a personal services contract. It says you are to work for me in any capacity I see fit for the next year and your debts will be forgiven. Sign it!”

Bending her over his desk long ways and spreading her thighs she hoped and prayed to herself to feel his pulsating cock enter her womb. She wondered if God would answer her lustful prayer to be fucked now but knew she was in the wrong arena. Reaching for the pen and signed as per his request while he forcefully rubbed her clitoris and called her by her new name, slut. She wanted to respond but knew what her Boss would do to her. Or whatever she was supposed to call him. 

Feeling the cuffs being applied to her wrists was the first and only moment of dissension.  She attempted to close her legs but couldn’t.  They were bound apart. Her hips thrashing and humping the unresponsive Oak desk to the beat of her internal orgasm.  She realized she had lost all control of the situation.  Her mind present in the moment knowing that Kruger was right about her being a whore and repeating in her mind one of the many things he said to her. She would have worn panties like a respectable woman does if she were.  She had stolen the money from her stepfather to have sex with strangers in hotels as a girl.  The idea derived from her real father, fucked sluts all of the time when he was supposed to be working late instead of coming home and spending time with her! She hoped he would see his teen angel about to get fucked and feel her pain. She reasoned it was revenge while enjoying each encounter so much they became the obsession. One she thought she had kicked long ago about being a slut like daddy likes.    

Kruger grabbed her hair and pulled her backward onto her feet. Watching as Lin lost her balance and fell onto her back with legs extended.  He laughed.  He had placed a belt around her waist and was now sliding a vibrator inside of her.  The young woman moaned with relief of finally feeling something inside of her, even if it wasn’t the exact object of her desire! Kruger snapped it into place so it couldn’t move, just like in the story! Knowing she could neither remove nor adjust the intruder provided Lin with the most powerful orgasm of her life. Kruger videotaped it on his phone to send to her later. 


“Yes, sir. She complied beautifully.”

Kruger was on the phone in the next room speaking to the other faculty. She could hear the men through the door talking about her being such a compliant whore. Had they seen his video yet? Had they been watching? The Dean of the University and her Department chair’s distinctive voices stood out as they expressed their desire to experience this humbled employee themselves. She also heard them agree that she was the only person qualified to succeed Kruger. As the light dimmed, her toy buzzed between her legs in an unfamiliar dark room. Lying on the floor like a motherless child she thought to herself as she came once more.

How could this have worked out any better?    

     Ever since Shari had met Daniel, her life had become a series of exciting events best compared to almost out of control!  Looking at herself differently than a month ago or, even last week!   The things that used to matter to her such as social status or working to impress her girlfriends didn’t anymore.  Shari transitioned from career girl to company woman seamlessly.  Spending the majority of her time in gyms, or classes mixed with the occasional shopping spree.  Shopping the only subject, she wasn’t accustomed to that interested the woman at all!  The other two always wore her out.

     Two weeks ago, Shari received a notice from her apartment management company informing the woman of receipt of funds.  Her advance rent payment for the next two years in cash recorded.  On the same day, HR called her in at work informing her of her “promotion” to the management consultants division!  Shari had never heard of the department before but was familiar with the name of the department manager as one of the men Daniel had recently introduced her to.  The change meant she would be “on assignment” and reporting to the office she was informed was no longer required.  There would be a quarterly progress meeting in which objectives would be set, and payments doled out.  1/4 salary + any expense claims submitted.  A Corporate Black Card to use for expenses to avoid any fee claims to be requested.  And a firm handshake from her lady boss.  Some of the company’s, high-level employees started here, and Shari knew she would make the most of everything.  Every opportunity to shine Shari wanted to take advantage of.  

     She adjusted to the freedom quickly, even if she did miss the ‘grind’ of the NYC subway’s early morning commute. Shari’s eyes had been opened to the how the question of the way the world worked. There was no way to get them to close again!  She looked at herself in the mirror and acknowledged she was still hot at 26 and determined to get the most out of life while she could!  Standing at  5’5 with the same dangerous curves as her fully Latina mother, her body had settled in now.  Her ass naturally curved up into the air as if inviting men to enter while cradling her slim waist.  Shari’s breasts consisted of matching round, almost C cup breasts that held nipples so sensitive to the elements; they appeared to be perpetually hard!  They were perfect in shape, and dimension most women swore she had work done, but she hadn’t.  Shari was just a dynamic woman whose sex appeal was undeniable and sex drive until recently had been underutilized at work.  Not anymore, she thought as she headed three doors down towards the gym.

     Being half-Irish on her attorney father’s side meant Shari’s eyes were as green as Emeralds.  He had met and impregnated her then unmarried mother when she was his underaged housekeeper.  After he had divorced his college sweetheart, he married Shari’s mother Eva who for her part, never looked back.  If anything, her mother had always warned her about becoming like her Spanish cousins.  All sluts she had described them as while keeping her away from “that side” of the family, not wanting her daughter being influenced by their “whorish, ghetto ways.”  The same ways Eva had learned that resulted in Shari’s very existence and Eva’s affluence!

      Shari for her part though saw through her mother’s bullshit.  Always rebellious and being from a different generation than her mother, Shari didn’t let social or political views get in the way of her sexual needs once she reached college.  At her father’s alma mater, Shari would date and bring home black football or basketball players during extended breaks, calling them her ‘boyfriends.’  She knew her father would accept this behavior with open arms being a big-time University booster, and she loved flaunting these studs in front of her mother! 

     Her father encouraged recruits to fuck his daughter in the home while her mother was forced to hold her tongue behind their thin walls.  She could complain privately about the inappropriateness of it all, but Shari’s father didn’t care!  Most of these players would be professionals and knowing them in the future would boost his profile!  The whole thing for four undergrad years and two more graduate years transformed Shari into the woman now mounting the exercise bike who always arrived ready for action!

     Well into her 20’s, she would bring home 18-year old freshman to fuck around their house driving her mother crazy while boosting her father’s profile to legendary heights.  Throughout six years, Shari had graduated from fuck doll to teacher to friend of the Athletic Department in Academia herself.  Her envious mother just called her slut and puta.  Shari didn’t care because what little girl doesn’t want to please her Daddy who cut the checks while continuing to pay both of their bills!  And she liked sex.    

     Shari felt terrible for her mother because she knew the truth about her and would soon let the older woman know as well.  But that is another story.     

     Shari’s had always thought about those college years as being the best times of her life!  She met her first “boyfriend” on a recruiting weekend and remembered fondly bringing him back to her dorm to give him a taste of college life, meaning her sweet freshman pussy!  Shari rubbed her crotch against the exercise bike she now rode.  Remembering his long, pink tongue fondly as it had explored her wet pussy!  It was implied and sometimes insisted on the female hostess to “Show the High school boys a good time!” so they would want to play for the school in the fall.  Shari had every intention of helping her school and making her Daddy proud by getting a good report from her recruit!  But even Shari knew having his mouth and tongue kiss and caress her dripping wet pussy had been a bonus!  She had never met a guy who didn’t expect her to go down on him first but again; she did have limited experience with boys until then.

       As his tongue moved back and forth, Shari recalled how sure she felt some lucky cheerleader at home must have taught him well!  She remembered his black head moving back and forth in opposition to his tongue as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm that day.  Using the advantage of being a college girl to persuade him to keep his talented tongue working her swollen clit.  Bending her over the edge of her dorm bed, slamming his 7’ dick inside her pulsating young cunt!  It was the proverbial cherry on top of a horny young woman encouraged to cum for her father!  And Jeremiah’s black dick was the first and biggest she’d experienced to date, but not since.

For all of her willingness to explore sex, Shari had been relatively inactive and was not the as promiscuous as her classmates, preferring to keep her pussy to herself.  A knock on the door from the now famous, cute Quarterback to collect the recruit changed that.  Shari quickly became a team bonding experience and as she recalled the threesome Shari’s pumping of her exercise bike at a sharp pace became grinding of her barely covered pussy into the seat!  She was cumming with less intensity than that day as she looked around at the gym to see if anyone noticed her unorthodox riding and reaction to completing the toning part of her workout alarmed any other members.  It was spasmodic by comparison to the average result of riders after their regimens were complete.  But their workouts weren’t filled with Shari’s thoughts either.

       Those experiences introduced and ignited her desire to be the slut her mother warned she was capable of becoming.  At least some of the time.  She remembered feeling ashamed for a day afterward, thinking about what her mother would say!  If she ever found out she had been sucking on the school Quarterback’s big white meat while a black High schooler fucked her virgin ass sore!   The quarterback was calling an audible and stuffing his 9 inches into her tight twat.  Filling her with more dick than she had ever imagined while all she did was pant for more!  She knew her aunts and cousins would do anything to pass the day, but until then, she never understood why!  By the time her father called and told her he was sending her to Jamaica for a 3 Day weekend and not to worry about her Monday classes, she was over it!  Jeremiah had signed the letter of intent and mentioned her by name as a primary reason why.  The University loved her now.

     As she showered in the open area, Shari washed her privates carefully and exclusively.  She soaped her manicured patch to perfection as a blonde woman came aside her and turned on the shower directly next to hers.  The same woman who attempted to chat her up last week which her friend had told her about.  A married woman who trolled the gym for woman for hookups.  Shari looked at her and smiled before sneering at her naked body, letting her know she was about to get what she wanted!     

     Shari ran her hand across the stranger’s body before grasping her hand, pulling the wet woman into the sauna.  Closing the door and kissing her wet lips, their bodies rubbed together slipping off one another as the heat rose between them.  Shari leaned back and grabbed the strange woman’s head, pressing it between her thighs!  She loved being eaten out by sexy girls!  Shari had decided to give the woman a chance to please her because she thought about Jeremiah and his fabulous tongue and needed to feel one now!  The gym was notorious for adventures just like this and Shari had a reputation for being involved. They may not have known one another, but the blonde woman knew what to do as she hoped Shari would have picked her weeks ago! 

     Shari lifted her ass off of the seat and pushed the woman’s tongue into the brown button she had just cleaned for her!  The blonde woman’s tongue savored it as Shari for her part, began to verbally assault the ass licking stranger calling her a cunt licker and her “bitch.”  If her husband knew what she was doing, the woman thought he would call her the same!  The danger of being caught by her Conservative husband only intensified the passive woman’s resolve to satisfy Shari quickly!  She was on a time clock knowing he suspected her real reason for working out.  Artful strokes with her tongue became more focused on the goal at hand of making Shari cum again but for her this time.  The thin, blonde woman stuck her tongue as deep as she could into Shari, doing circles before Shari herself removed it from her tingling ass and placed her wet flower on the grateful stranger’s mouth instead! 

     Getting up Shari sneered at the woman who remained seated with her face covered with sex and sweat, pressing her fingers into her vagina begging Shari to return!  In opening the door wide, a clear view of the spent housewife was available to the two women now in the showers who usually worked out there together.  Shari nodded acknowledging their suspicions before resuming her bath under the warm water.  Washing off the sweat and sex so that she makes her lunch date while gesturing towards them to have their turn which upon leaving, she noticed they had!   The sauna door closed behind them and as she exited the locker room area.

     Shari was looking forward to the yearly tradition of sex with her two college lovers and had gotten carried away!  It was always the same at this gym with the women and was one of the advantages of membership.  Quickies.  Looking at her phone she recognized both of her former lovers; both professionals now had texted her requesting she come by earlier for the yearly reunion.  She listened to the desperate man at the front desk describing the blonde woman she had just left exactly to the receptionist. 

     “I think she’s in the sauna.” She volunteered before continuing on her way. If she would have received them earlier, maybe he would have a chance of collecting his wife.  Now she was sure he would be waiting quite a while.    



     It is a charmed life.


Angelica awoke in a Bathtub full of semi-cool water.  She wasn’t sure how long she had slept that way.  But definitely felt blessed about he God-given floatation devices which possibly had saved her young life.  The events of the past 18 hours had startled and drained her young body to the point of blissful exhaustion.  The nap she had taken could only help her recover part of that, and she was hungry again.

Drying herself off Angelica realized her dilemma.  She had no clothes to leave the hotel in if, she so chose.  The dress she had worn to the encounter had been ripped to shreds and after looking through the closets of Thompson Sr. she remembered how they had met in the 1st place.  The airline lost his luggage!  All she could do was wrap herself inside of the thick, terry cloth robe and wait for someone to come and get her.  Her sore throat ached as the thought crossed her mind, but at least there was TV. 

When Angelica looked towards the door, she noticed an envelope that had been slipped under it with her name on the front in bold letters.  She opened it, finding another key card to a Room on the Top floor and a note that read.

“Go to this suite before 2pm.  You have a massage scheduled you won’t need clothing for.  The table will be ready, and afterward, there are some clothes for you to change into.   Enjoy the afternoon and see you soon.  Sir Sr.”

It was already 1:50!  Mr. Thompson had left her a cum soaked mess at 8:15am!  Angelica slept 3 hours in the tub.  On top of the 8 hours, the night before Mr. Thompson had thoroughly humiliated her.  Rubbing his wet, slimy, but admittedly scrumptious chocolate stick all over her face.  All while having her frig her own pussy so hard?  She sprayed the carpet “like a Dog” he had compared her too!  Calling her “bitch” so much the words ceased to sting, and Angelica had begun to have a sexually symbiotic relationship with the word as the night progressed.  Or at least, her cunny did.

“Like an untrained bitch.  Just spraying all over nice carpet because it pleases her.”

As she rubbed her thumb against her clit and felt her the top of her tits rubbing against his soon to be betrothed brown balls.  All she could do was cum on the carpet!  What girl could resist that!  Afterward, Jr. hadn’t said anything.  His instructions had come during the assault. 

With his thumb stuck up her bum further than anything ever had been.  He told her he couldn’t fuck her this weekend.  It would be “disrespectful” to his wife.  He promised her no pussy this weekend!  And besides…Pops had dibs on her pussy this weekend for fucking!  As she came once more on the carpet Angelica’s mind flashed to Sr. spreading her pink pussy lips and walls as she watched her own expression in the mirror.  Angelica wanted to cum AND pay attention. 

Her tits were swollen with the lack of attention the men had shown them!  Their girth was making her arousal more heightened than usual.  Angelica had come to expect and look forward to mouths, tongues, teeth, and the occasional cock between them.  Her first experiences were boys sucking and licking her overdeveloped breasts sometimes for hours.  That was what the majority of the time spent with them usually!  Her breasts were conditioned for attention.  Angelica was feeling them sensitive to the touch.

Angelica grabbed her purse and headed out the door clutching the keycard in her hand.  The elevator was empty, but she did only stop at the Top floor where there were only two suites opposite one another.  The elevator opened into the Suite, and all she could think about was the room for a weekend was probably more than she made last month!  The Massage table was set in the middle of the suite. 

“Anyone here?” Angelica called out.

“Sure am Sug!  Just take your robe off and lay face down and I will be right in honey.  Just look at the table and lay down accordingly.  Sure you will figure it out.  ”

The woman’s voice sounded so sweet!  The girly part of her perked up at the lightness in it’s touch to Angelica’s earlobes.  It was almost delicate.  And relief from the constant male barking Angelica’s ears endured over the past evening into the early morning.  Not to be confused Angelica hadn’t enjoyed every minute of Sir’s harsh demands reinforced by strong cocksmanship.  But being coddled by a woman was just what she needed before whatever else was going to happen.  Especially since Angelica was content to roll with it.   

Approaching the table, she noticed near the top was a kind of mesh netting that would allow her back relief from her large breasts as she lay on her stomach.  At the bottom lay pouch which she assumed was to center her nipples?  Seemed strange but,  practical to avoid nude nipples through the netting.  Ingenious! 

“This is brilliant!” she spoke into the vast space.  This time getting no response from the Masseuse.  Alicia decided to settle in and relax. 

Her breasts were settled into their sack which allowed them to hang but, offered support as well.  It seemed portable but, the netting was made of a type of metallic substance that felt like a weave of soft chains.  They scratched circles around the young woman’s breasts into her skin.  As her pussy melted slight drips of dew from between her legs.  Just enough to relax her completely.

“Wake up darling.  Someone has been burning the midnight oil.”

The hands on her back were strong but, soft.  Shaping her back by contorting her muscles too and fro.    A small moan came from Angelica’s mouth as her whole body relaxed beneath the woman’s touch! 

“Do you mind if I go a little lower?”


Entirely relaxed by the woman’s touch and soothing voice.  Alicia was ready to play the role of the eager student and experience things usually, she would never.  Opening her legs as an invitation.  As expected and anticipated as the woman’s touch upon her untended garden was.  It didn’t surpass the soothing feeling Angelica felt inside her body!    

“Rich men.  They do love their young things.” 

Angelica couldn’t fully hear what the woman was saying.  When the Maseusse hands cupped her buttocks with oil and worked their way up her back?  She anticipated their silky path back between her pink puffy folds even more.  Legs opening on impulse slightly as the woman’s finger pushed perfectly between them.  Splitting the distance.  Caressing her inner thighs than teasing her tingling bud.  So Angelica opened them a little more.

“I’ve never seen you before.  Have you been working for long?” 

Angelica heard her this time clearly and was mortified by the presumption! 

“What do you mean!” Angelica responded somewhat tartly. 

“Don’t be offended honey.  I know how it is to be young and have the best thing going for me being my body.   I bought a Condo and a Mercedes from ‘giving massages.’  No shame!”

The woman’s hands were on Angelica’s arms now.  Massaging them from shoulder to fingertips as she was now positioned nearly on top of her!  Angelica could feel her breath on her young neck.  Dominating her movements as she pressed her naked tits on top of her!  Angelica froze.  Knowing something was wrong but, open to learning. 

“I’m not a whore.” She said.

The woman pulled back and ran her hands down the length of Angelica’s body.  Stopping at the base of her ass hump. 

“Hands straight ahead.” 

Angelica put her hands forward as the woman walked into her view for the 1st time.  Not wholly, so that Angelica wasn’t able to see the handcuffs before it was too late and look up to see the face of the Bride.  Ms. Joseph sneering up at her! 

“If you are not a whore.  Why did you agree to my husband’s offer to escort his Father this weekend for money?”

The woman’s hair was longer and darker than Angelica remembered.  But there was no mistaking her “about to fuck your world up.” Look she had received the last 10 days of school!  The gym teacher pressed a button on the side of the table that causes the holes in the massage table to start to close!  Angelica found herself trapped by tits being squeezed under the table! 

“What the fuck?”

Ms. Joseph grabbed her left leg and fastened her ankle off of the edge of the table before doing the same with her right leg!   Her attempt to kick the woman made Ms. Joseph laughed.  Clearly, she was the superior woman of the two!  Angelica wouldn’t stand a chance uncuffed!  All she could do was piss off the Bride.

“You signed the personal services contract and agreed to the 1k payment correct?  Consider this the fine print.”

Angelica pressed another button, and the table began to bend beneath her.  Right below Angelica’s pelvic bone.  Dropping her legs, so they hung and barely touched the top of the floor.  She could feel the breeze hit her labia and the wetness of her pussy from her tits being constrained inside their net cage.   It was tough to get enough air in her body for a good scream in this position. 

“Why are you doing this to me!”

Angelica’s voice was mixed with sadness as she felt ashamed at her sudden predicament.  Her 1st thought was she didn’t deserve any of this!  This woman.  These people!  They’re all perverts!  She didn’t ask for any of this. 

“Matt didn’t tell you this morning while you were gobbling his cock like a greedy little cocksucking whore you are?”

The Southern lilt in her voice had charged back in.  This time, with a sweet statement Angelica knew, was partly the truth.  She had eagerly sucked Coach’s cock this morning because she always wanted too!  Circumstance being even sluttier than she had imagined had she still been his student and Angelica had executed her Original plan!  Her nipples hardened at the very thought!  But she knew better than to admit it considering what was happening!

Disrobing in front of Angelica.  She finally laid eyes upon Ms. Joseph’s well-defined body and box for the first time!  Not exactly on her bucket list.  But she had wondered what it looked like as she sucked Coach’s cock.  Her finger speeding in and out of it.  Consider half of her curiosity sated.

 There were marks around the older woman’s hips that looked as if they had come from a lash of some sort.  And a hairless pussy entrance.  Like the ones Angelica saw in the pornos, she watched when Mom didn’t come home from dates.  Always skipping past the girl/girl scenes to get right to the black cock! Angelica sat in a chair directly in front of the younger woman’s mouth before pressing another button which released the younger woman’s tits from their mesh encasement.  They hung free, parallel to the ground and soon to be painfully unsupported! 

“You are going to lick my pussy in exchange for me letting you get away with sucking my future husband’s cock this morning.  Or, I am going to kick your ass and throw you out into the street in the dress you wore here last night.  And because of the personal services contract?  There would be nothing you could do about it.”

Squeezing around Angelica’s nipples and alternating rubbing and pinching them made Angelica moan with pleasure!  As much as the older woman’s sadism scared Angelica shitless.  It played differently to her hardened areola’s.  Which begged to be pinched.  And warm love box.  She momentarily forgot she hadn’t agreed to any of this.  Even as her pussy throbbed beneath her quivering ass at the moment?  All she wanted was for something to relieve the increased throbbing of her clit! 

Angelica didn’t understand it though.  Girls were never anything she had been interested in.  And she had no older woman fantasies.  She never practiced kissing with any girlfriends or found them interesting in any way.  She touched them all of the time to take measurements and never felt anything. 

Angelica felt a sharp pain as her nipples were tied to either side of a string Ms. Joseph tugged at to test her reaction.   Ms. Joseph lay beneath them on the floor.  Beginning with the left nipple.  Then the right.  Before she started to suck the globes, she wanted to touch so many times in the High School shower!  Tugging the rope intermittently until the teacher grabbed her panting mouth and kissed her upside down more passionately than any man ever had! 

“That was for me.  As is this.”

Standing up.  Ms. Joseph grasped her Cat o’Nine-Tails.  Flashing it in front of young Angelica’s face as the woman struggled to stand.  Her tits were loose and if she could manage the handcuffs and overpower Ms. Joseph?  All hope lost as the older woman easily pushed the weakened young whore back into place.  This time.  The circles around her breasts constricted just enough to hold her down. 

“Angelica.  Where do you think you are going?”

Thwack.  Thwack.  Thwack. Thwack.  Thwack.

Her legs beneath her went numb with pain after each stroke.  Her nipples raged to nearly twice their size as the ripples of pain made their way through her body!  After the 5th stroke.  Ms. Joseph stuck two fingers into Angelica’s twat.  Causing her to scream unexpectedly into a mighty Orgasm!  

“Wow.  My husband always said you never really understand a girl until you spank her.  He was right!”

Moving in front of the girl, Ms. Joseph grabbed her hair and smothered young Angelica’s face in her wet pussy.  Dripping in envy having seen her once again teach her student a life lesson.  Grateful Angelica.  Ass sore from the spanking she never knew she needed so much.  Clumsily tried her best to satisfy the older woman!  Putting for enough effort to convince Ms. Joseph to release the girl without a word.

And further, instruct her on the Art of proper cunnilingus on the Suite bed.  Where she could enjoy her Bridal gift from her husband and Father in law.  A partial fair exchange for arranging her sister to entertain the Groomsmen after the rehearsal dinner last week.  Something her sister wanted to do anyway!     

As Ms. Joseph came over the young woman’s mouth for the 3rd time.  Having only had to spank her once with her hand.  And after establishing that from now on if they crossed paths in public.  She could call Ms. Joseph Suge.  All the girls who ate her pussy good like the fast learning Angelica called her Suge, she said. 

“And this way.  Other women like me will know what you are.”

With that.  Suge went down on Angelica’s unsuspecting box better than any boy ever!  Swirling her tongue inside of Angelica’s body in ways she never knew possible!  Leaving her in a contorted twisted mess in what seemed like only minutes.  Legs up.  Squeezing both of her nipples in her hands. 

“You taste like rum..”  Giovanna purred.  “And I needed a shot.”

Walking back over to the bed.  Giovanna kissed the young woman passionately and thanked her on behalf of her husband as well. 

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.  You were such a good learner!” Giovanna began. 

She explained the nature of the two’s relationship.  How they both came from prosperous families with similar ideas towards sex and marriage.  The only differences between the two broods being the race.  It took them a lot of time and planning to get to the wedding stage.  With both families being opposed to one thing or another. 

“So we made arrangements for family members to meet in ways in which they would get along and, it kind of became our thing.”

She explained how what began as family gatherings attended as boyfriend-girlfriend became over the years a chance to hook up friends and family members.  She made it sound as if it just happened naturally.  They became matchmakers/swingers and found sexual roles that allowed the couple to flourish while exploring themselves and, other people.  As long as they weren’t students. 

“You were to be the exception.  We planned on making you our toy right around graduation.  And then you got spooked, and we figured it was for the best.  Strange how you were attracted to my Future father in law.  You came back to us.  Didn’t you?”

Stroking Angelica’s hair as she stared into the wall.  Spent from fucking the 3 of them silly on this sacred weekend!  It was so kinky! 

“There is a Dress Shop in the Lobby.  Go pick an evening dress to escort Mr. Thompson to the Wedding tomorrow.  His wife just died and believe it or not.  You were good for him this weekend.  People know you as a respectable young woman and trust me.  No one will ever say anything different out loud.  Understand?”

“Yes, Suge.”

“Good.  And don’t worry.  You are not the 1st woman they shared.” 

Smiling and thinking about all of the good sex she had experienced.  She figured, why not?  She would do anything any of the three of them asked.  Having lost all sense of time, plan, or responsibility.  She finally felt like a woman.  Free of responsibility of trying to become something or someone she wasn’t sure she wanted to be.  And, it only took being blackmailed and a few good lashes to make things clear!    

Four years later, Angelica walked into the hotel and opened the shop door with her key.  She felt the welt from the lash as it rubbed against the exquisite fabric of her dress.  And the sensation was sending shivers into her groin with each step.  As Manager of the Dress shop, Angelica had to be responsible and get into work.  The raise in pay, along with a generous Boss benefactor allowed her to enjoy more of the finer things life had to offer.  So the silk dress covered her supple body perfectly but gave off a soft silhouette of the sexiest garters and bustiers Angelica had designed herself.  It was very nipple accessible. 

Today, she was training a new employee.  Beth.  A girl Angelica graduated with.  A popular blonde girl with ample curves who went off to study Fashion in NYC.  Her 5’10, 140 lbs being her most significant deterrent to finding work in the Big City fashion industry where healthy asses are discouraged even in the Offices!  After a year of working as a stripper to keep her dreams alive?  Beth had been humbled back home and was looking for work.  A situation Angelica was more than happy to take advantage of.  She smiled as she remembered what she said to her.

“So much experience!”

Snickering under her breath as she knew the internships at numerous Fashion Companies were not going to be as useful as her redacted from resume experiences as a dancer/prostitute in New Jersey.  Pulling tricks to live in Manhattan.  The money spent that night on Beth was about to bear fruit from a flowered tree.  And Angelica wanted Beth to taste every drop!

As she sat in her chair preparing for Beth’s arrival.  She couldn’t help but watch the video of Beth and the two men staying in the Family suite upstairs.  As Beth sucked the white man’s cock.  The black man pounded her white pussy hard from behind!  The drugs on the nightstand and Beth’s howling pleadings for the man to “cum on her face” were the parts Angelica liked best!  It took everything she had not to pull her loose dress up and finger herself!  But would be here any minute and, she didn’t want to spoil the training!   This was the 1st time the family included her in recruiting someone.  And after years of blissful servitude.  She was ready to prove her “value.”  

He reminded her of her Gym Teacher.  Tall, muscled, and brown all over!  Angelica used to give him a hard time about getting dressed for class.  Taking her best shot at him one day while he berated her for it.  In her most courageous voice, she had said.

“If it were about getting undressed.  I would have no problem with it, Mr. Thompson.”

Pushing her 36E breasts up towards her face as she boldly leaned into him.  It was quite a laudable attempt for such an awkward, young non-slutty girl to take!  The former College Basketball star adeptly sidestepped before calling his colleague.  Ms. Joeseph over to join their conversation.  For legal reasons…

The after-school detentions and reps up and down the Football Stadium stairs had a dual effect.  Unlocking a previously undiscovered love of exercise.  And temporarily curing her of her crush on Mr. Thompson!  Ms. Joseph was, after all, overly protective of her “co-worker” which was part of his attraction to Angelica in the 1st place!  She was just young and awkward with her attempts.  She never stood a chance.

Angelica’s last mandated run was cut short because Ms. Joseph disappeared!  Where Angelica found her?  With the teacher’s own smaller breasts attempting to surround what was undoubtedly the biggest dick Angelica had ever seen attached to Mr.  Thompson!

Angelica stood behind the stone wall and watched as the older woman attempted to service the slightly younger, black stud teacher!  Alternating engulfing portions of him into her mouth and between her breasts until finally, Mr. Thompson deposited his spunk into her open mouth before shooting his second shot onto her pinkish breasts and face.  When Mr. Thompson looked up directly into Angelica’s eyes and smiled.  She knew the gig was up!  She ran out as quickly as humanly possible.  Leaving her clothes and bag in the Locker room and running the mile to her back door! 

Angelica remembered the panic of that day as if it were yesterday.  She stripped all of her clothes off.  Sweaty and panicked as much as embarrassed by what she had just seen!  Oh My God!  Her panties were soaked!  She wasn’t sure if it was from the exercise?  Or the thoughts that were running through her head!  All she knew was a sensation shot up her spine as she removed her panties to get into the shower.  Brushing her hand accidentally against her pussy became a revelation when Angelica’s left leg jumped off of the wooden floor in what felt like the famous Orgasm she never experienced with any boy to date.  She steadied her foot but placed her finger between her legs once more. 

The finger on her wet pussy only made the yearning grow stronger.  One finger slipped inside.  Then two.  She hadn’t even locked her Bedroom door as she proceeded to finger fuck her pussy like an angry ex-convict!  Like the guy in the porn, she had watched pound that poor lucky actress into a screaming wet waterfall of an Orgasm!  Thinking about Mr. Thompson cumming on her larger, brown tits made Angelica come harder than she ever had in her short life!  She was lucky her mother wasn’t home yet.

High school was a long time ago now.  A little over a year and Angelica was working as an Apprentice at a Men’s and Women’s Clothing Shop.  She couldn’t afford College anyway and was more interested in getting into Fashion Design.  Maybe even designing lingerie for girls with Big Boobs, like her.  Angelica was at the register when the older man came in and for the 1st time since that day in the school?  Angelica felt a connection.  

Since the day in the High School Gym Locker Room Angelica felt uncomfortable around men.  Though she hid it well. So many thoughts crossed her mind on a daily basis about what she had seen!  The way Mr. Thompson’s dick. More significant than any of the boy’s she had experimented with in school.  Glimmered in the Office lights.  Particularly when wet with Ms. Joseph’s spit and being kissed by her pinkish lips.  Angelica remembered details in Technicolor every time she rubbed one out!  That day had changed her.

She would remember the Gym teacher’s whistle.  The one, the woman, had used to startle her when she first began to climb the stairs before recognizing Angelica was no longer bothered by the task.  Wrapped inside Mr. Thompson’s fist.  Her faculty shirt stretched over her head in an almost demeaning but definitely restrictive fashion.  And though her back was to Angelica.  It was unmistakable the way she had to be fingering herself but, there was a wall that didn’t allow Angelica to see if her bottom was bare or not.  That part always made her wonder. 

 And every evening since? Angelica repeated the same masturbatory ritual.  Running at night until near exhaustion which was easily 5 miles a day now.  And upon opening her Bedroom door?  Fingering her sweet, pink pussy until she almost screamed!  Angelica’s mother was usually out running around since Angelica was 18 and working.  So, it wasn’t much of a problem for Angelica to get comfortably slutty in her self-gratification activities.  

Panties on.  Panties off.  Sometimes half and half and sometimes when Angelica felt especially sexy?  She would just sit on her bed with her leg up because she hadn’t worn any panties all day.  Afterward?  A quick shower and drifting off to sleep.  The boys she used to occasionally fuck? Angelica showed no interest in them anymore.  None of them were as hung as Mr. Thompson.  The goal.  Sex with someone else rarely crossed her mind anymore as she was a very adept crotch watcher/guesser when it came to dick size.  A side benefit of her job.  The ability to understand lines.  A job she was already making a name for herself in without the mess of sex with others.  Things were working out just fine.    

The man at the counter though was old!  Too old for her she thought!  The late thirties?  Maybe forties?  Well built.  His arms looked like perfectly sculpted limbs, and his legs made her mouth water!  Her mouth was stuck wide open as he approached her.  Standing behind the counter planted in place.  Unable to move as he approached the young employee alone as they were alone due to an unusual circumstance.  She was about to go home.  

“I understand you can get me set up in a suit in an hour?” 

His voice was steady but, confident.  Angelica wanted to respond “Not today,” but her voice wasn’t there!  He was handsome but, not so much so she should be creaming down her leg!  

“Are you ok?” he spoke again.  

This time close enough to smell her breath over the counter and peer directly down her high blouse breast encasement.  In wanting to be respected.  Angelica had become entirely chaste in her Dress and appearance to somewhat offset her youth.  But her body worked against her, and his boldness sent a flame to her breast points as he quickly moved back from her personal space.  Smiling as Sir slightly grazed her fingertips to keep them connected.  Was he seducing her?  

“And aren’t you a Beautiful thing.  Relax darling.  I don’t bite.”  He continued.  

As if he would really tell her she thought!  Loosening her tongue to him the 1st time she Professionally responded. 

“And what type of event?” 

“A Wedding.  My son.  He’s getting married in three days, and my luggage got lost in Transit.  So… I need a new suit and shoes.” 

“Not a problem.  Just need to take your measurements.” 

Normally.  Angelica would ask him to wait the half hour until someone else came in.  But Angelica instead locked the door and proceeded to lower the blind on the front door.  Already formulating a plan to get him down to his shorts.  

“Do you mind removing your Cargo Shorts?  Our tailors prefer as precise a number as possible.  And I am not as experienced as the other seamstress.”  

“Is precision that important to you Ms……” 

“Angelica.  Angelica Watson.  Apprentice.  Arms wide.”

Her hands traced the tape measure across his muscular back.  Seems like someone works out!  The words partially escaping her lips as her breasts began to push into the elder man’s back somewhat.  

“Well, Angelica Apprentice.  You will get better at it with the right teacher.” 

Angelica felt her nipples begin to swell into the air.  Longing to be pressed against the stranger’s flesh once again before resisting.  His voice was stern and steady which only turned the young girl on even more.  His stature.  The way he held himself reminded her of someone?  She wanted to touch him. 

His underwear was athletic gear and held a firm ass up like a flag.  Bending down, Angelica pretended to be clumsily and forcefully grabbed the strange man’s leg.  Pressing her breasts against his thigh on her way down “accidentally.”  The man stood firm.  

His cock outline was large and thick beneath his athletic shorts and staring the young temptress directly in the eye as she looked up from her knees.  It looked to be 9 inches and thicker than Mr. Thompson’s but inside of his shorts.  How could she be sure?  

Reaching up to grab it Angelica had forgotten completely where she was.  Never even looking up to see the man attached to the object of her desires reaction as she wiped her tiny hand against it.  Her mouth opening.  Hands pulling the thick knob through its hole into her opened her mouth like a woman being possessed by dick lust!  But she should have looked up.  

“Angelica.  Smile.  I am not comfortable and have not consented to your sexual advances, and you are being recorded.” 

Looking up.  Angelica could clearly see the phone in the man’s hand which he had now turned to face her so that she could see herself about to kiss his throbbing black dick laying in her hand.  Even she didn’t know what to do.  How she ended up after over a year of celibacy.  On her knees at her job.  Mouth open.  About to go to town on the 1st Black Man she ever had been alone within her short life.  Angelica was hoping to see the tape herself! 

Leaning forward.  Angelica gently sucked the man’s cock past her lips before releasing it and swirling her tongue around it for the cinematic license. 

“Fuck it.  If I go viral.  At least it won’t be fake.”  

Placing the warm, long, brown dick further into her wet mouth.  The man put his hand onto the back of her head and pressed it down deeper into her throat than she ever thought possible!  Her mouth filled with saliva that her nose spit out.  Angelica struggled to catch her breath!  For a moment?  She thought these could be her last gasps!  Her mouth was hanging on his dick for dear life as her Brown eyes rolled back some inside of her skull!  The might of her Orgasm, as the strange man pulled her off his cock, was incredible!

Angelica sprawled on the floor fully dressed.  Panties soaked from the powerful orgasm and the thought of her doing something so sexually risky on every level!  A strange man standing there.  Recording her be more concerned with rubbing her crotch than gasping for air!  As he put his Bermuda shorts back on laughing, Angelica thought it wasn’t the first time he had done something like that to a girl!  Humiliated her and laughed!  Angelica found the strength to get to her feet as the man began to pass her by and move towards the door.  

“You.  Young lady.  Can not be trusted alone with a man.  Please let me out.  The door is locked, and I need you to open it.” 

What had just happened?  Why would he or for that matter?  Any man walk away from a blowjob?  He was apparently up for it, so age wasn’t the issue.  And wore no wedding ring on his finger!  Angelica’s pussy wrenched as she saw him staring at her disapprovingly on the floor like a desperate teen slut!  Which was precisely how she felt in the moment and worse!  How humiliating! 

Gathering her weight beneath herself.  Angelica found the strength to stand and walk towards the door.  Her head was down.  Ashamed to think about the consequences of her actions!  Supposed he came back and told her bosses what happened?  They would fire her immediately!  Still, she couldn’t find the proper words to ‘fix’ what had just happened and move on.  As if nothing happened.  In unlocking the door and stepping aside, the man gave her two cards.  

“These are my measurements.”  

Grinning like a Cat that had just fucked the canary.  

“And this is the spare key to my suite.  Deliver my suit at 9pm and don’t be late a minute.  Or I will show your employer this tape slut.”

His last words cut like a knife.  Even if it was true.  She didn’t like being called that word one bit!  Her nipples hardened like her resolve to speak up for herself, but she knew it was useless.  The same thing that had attracted her to him was still there.  Sitting between them like an unspoken truth they immediately understood.  Amplified by the older man’s firm grasp of her right nipple over her shirt. 

“My son told me the area was full of pussy.  Especially young, slutty white girls like yourself. 

“I’m Puerto Rican and Irish.” 

Her interjection had the strange man close the door once more and grasp the other nipple in his free hand even harder!  So hard, in fact, Angelica began to cum again!  Trying to not show herself entirely as she stood looking directly into the man’s face at close range for the 1st time.  He looked and seemed so familiar!  But her eyes closed as her body succumbed to the sensations of pain mixed with the feeling of being completely at his whim!  He could tear off her practical slacks.  Rip off her panties and drive himself into her on the spot and all she would be able to muster would be a ….


“Tits like this?  I believe you.  The hotel Concierge will call later to verify the payment.  I want you to pick out my suit and shoes.  And do a good job because when you deliver it later.  You will be graded.” 

“I can’t.  I have a Boyfriend.” 

Letting go of her titties sent a wave of relief and disappointment through Angelica.  She knew what he had recorded and had a few moments, in between Orgasms to ascertain if the tape got out?  She would be finished. The boyfriend lie was all she could think of.  There wasn’t another opportunity to learn from the ground up without paying significant tuition which, she didn’t have.  And even though her loins ached to have all that meat inside of her young pussy, it was, after all, a small town.  What if someone saw her?  

“How is your Boyfriend going to feel about seeing you suck a strange black cock at work?  You really didn’t think this through.  Did you?” 

The smile on his face.  So fucking familiar!  What was it? 

“Listen.  Bring my suit up to my room at 9 and stay with me for a few hours afterward and I will make this tape disappear.  But I have a few conditions….”

Nine o’clock came and went as Angelica sat in the chair in the strange man’s suite as he requested.  Her hair was in a ponytail.  She wore pink lipstick and a Dress she “borrowed” from the shop.  That was what she was most worried about.  The 450 dollar frock she couldn’t afford to replace that was currently soaking up her sweet pussy syrup as she wore no panties at his request?  Hot from the anticipation of what was going to happen next.  She wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the door opened and in walked the man from earlier with a big grin on his face.  

“You made it!” 

Angelica had agreed because, she fucked up!   But the more she thought about it after reading his information?  The strange man was old enough to be her Grandfather!  But the thought of her sitting in his lap like her own Grandfather only set her back further.  As she imagined herself bouncing on his Big cock and once again, fingered herself to her own pleasure as she was accustomed to.  She took a bath as he ‘requested’ and, was wearing no undergarments beneath the Dress he told her to steal to wear for him.  Well, not exactly.  Before closing the shop door to leave though.  He did say she would look delicious in it!  

The strange man walked directly up to Angelica and gave her the sweetest kiss on the cheek!  Just like her boyfriend’s used to when they wanted to get a fuck or suck.  But what made it sweet was unlike them, the stranger knew she would do anything he asked of her and didn’t have to.  This was all a game.  

“Do you drink?” 

The answer was no, but the nod was yes since she was very nervous about being alone with him and no one else.  It wasn’t as exciting as the morning but, she knew what he was packing!  And through all of the mixed feelings and thoughts the truth was, she wanted that cock!  Putting the scotch on the table in front of her.  The man smiled and asked her 2 questions. 

“Lift up your dress so I can see what you are wearing?” he said calmly. 

Immediately Angelica stood and grabbed the hem of her frock and lifted it above her waist.  Her pussy was almost shaved.  Except for a landing strip, as per his earlier instructions.  Walking towards her the man snatched the dress and roughly pulled the hem past her shoulders.  Covering her face but uncovering her naked glory!  His hand cupped her pussy, causing her to open her legs.  Sir immediately stuffed it with 3 fingers!  Angelica was so wet.  Thinking about what could possibly happen between them they slid right in!  

After pulling them out.  Sir licked the nectar off his fingers which though she couldn’t see with her face covered?  She heard as clear as anything!

“You aren’t here because you were forced.  Are you?” 


“Call me Sir.  Respect your elders!” 

“No, sir.” 

“Your pussy is tight.  I know young, white sluts like yourself usually fuck anything that moves.  But your cunt is tight as a drum.” 

“I told you.  I am only half white.” She responded. 

“That much is obvious with you talking back so much.  I don’t think this is going to work out.”

Walking towards the desk.  He pulled out a 100 dollar Bill and hands it to her.  

“Your tip for delivering and your time. Goodnight.” 

“But…What about the tape?” 

“Gone the moment I left the store.  I only take on the willing, and there was a woman I met that I believe will be a better use of my time while I am in town.  Best of luck and leave the keycard….” 

The next few moments were a blur.  The man removed his trousers and placed his belongings on the opposite side of the Bed.  Away from the door.  Angelica quickly downed the drink.  Not knowing or caring what it was and stared at the 100 dollars on the table.  Was he turning her away again? 

“Do you think I am a prostitute.” 

The smile on his face was concealed by his back being turned to her as he removed his briefs.  His ass was nothing like what she imagined a man of his years would look like!  It was proud and strong and sent another wave through her.  He was utterly unashamed to show her once more what she couldn’t have!  His actions behind her shielded but, so were hers as she approached him in a rage. 

“Fuck you.” 

Her attempt to strike while his back was turned thwarted by his ability to turn and stop the blow!  Her arm in his hand his face turned dark. 

“Bitch.  Who do you think you are?”

At 6’3.  The man towered over her 5’4 frame and as he lifted her off the ground while simultaneously sitting on the bed and dropping her stomach directly onto his knees which temporarily knocked the wind out of the young girl’s body.  Her dress lifted as she felt his large hands land firmly across both of her buttocks!  

Thwap. Thwap.  Thwap.

“You are Latina after all.”  

Prodding her along by pulling her ponytail, Angelica found herself on her knees being forced down onto the man’s Beautiful Black dick once again!  This time, unwillingly so she believed.  Until the tip of his cock on her tongue sent a sensation through her young body that caused Angelica to push its whole length into her still sore throat.  Angelica came a second time that day from sucking this magical cock!  This time though her breathing was steady and sure.  And after a minute.  Her head was free to move up and down his popsicle like an old Pro. 

“That’s better.  All you needed was some act right.” 

 As he peered down on her bobbing head.  He grasped it once more.  Impaling her tonsils and stuffing her throat like the bird she was to him.  Angelica’s eyes rolled back into her head once more as she felt the familiar feeling of overwhelming orgasmic bliss shoot through her body.  She hardly noticed the man ripping her dress from her body before he removed his throbbing meat from her drooling mouth!  Slapping it between the crevasse between her breasts.  Which were harder than ever!  The man fucked her breastbone as she coughed and wheezed.  Unable to breathe a full breath due to the oxygen-depriving throat fuck that just ended and the incredibly intense spasms that were shooting what felt like thick streams of her own Lady cum down her legs!   But he wasn’t done. 

He used what was left of her dress to quickly bind her left leg to her right arm somehow before running his tongue up and down the length of her overly delicate shell.  Pushing his index finger into her ass after one wet revolution around it that could hardly be considered a warning!  Oh my God, she thought!  The sensations were incredible!  The way he caressed her cunt with his tongue while probing her ass with his fingers had the young woman writhing in ecstasy!

Being unable to lower her leg and hide her modesty helped Angelica justify her actions since she was no longer in control.  So, when the older man pierced her overly wet fortress.  Spreading her walls and sending her into the longest and strongest orgasm she had since the day of the Locker Room incident!

When she regained consciousness about 50 seconds later.  Her hips were moving instinctively in the rhythm of the man’s deep fuck stick motion.  She jumped as she felt him pulse inside her and struggled desperately to break free!  Being no longer able to resist all she could do was think fast.  Knowing she had to say what she wanted in the right way or else…

“Daddy, please.  Sir.  I know you are about to cum in me but please.  Cum on my mouth!” 

Angelica’s whole body was a delicate bundle of nerves.  Every touch of his hands, tongue, or cock was making her jump.  As the older man placed his wet dick into her mouth once more, she pushed her head down to its base!  Leaving the 1 inch, she needed him to push her head down only before slowly pulling up and feeling the splash of his seed into her mouth!   Just in time she thought!  Though she wouldn’t mind him cumming down her throat or anywhere!  

As the man withdrew his big, brown dick from between her pink lipstick.  He unleashed another massive spurt onto her tits and dress which she now knew was ruined!  But Angelica was beyond caring about such trivial things!  As she licked the rest of his sweet cum from the head of his cock fingering herself.  Cum dripping towards her neatly trimmed pussy and thoroughly exhausted.  All she could think about was….. 

The next morning she didn’t remember falling asleep but, Angelica found herself alone in the man’s room with a mouth that tasted of mouthwash.  She must have willed herself into the bathroom at some point, she reasoned as there was a knock on the suite door.  Thinking it was him.  She bounced up and opened the door without looking and found herself face to face with the past.

“Mr. Thompson?”  

He walked in smiling and closed the door behind him.  Walking towards Angelica’s barely covered body.  

“ Hi, Angelica.  It’s nice to see most of you!” 

Pulling the sheet from in front of her.  A feeble attempt at modesty.  Angelica struggled to rationalize this turn of events.   

“Dad and I were downstairs having Breakfast, and he told me about his freaky escapade last night with a young, trainable slut named Angelica, and I’m thinking?  What are the chances!  Said he had video too.  Imagine my surprise when I saw you!” 

“Your Dad.  You are getting married?” 

“Yes, tomorrow.  To Ms. Joseph.  But you Angelica.  You were the one who got away.” 

Angelica knew one thing for sure.  If Ms. Joseph knew she was alone with Mr. Thompson?  She would probably kill her!  And…no wonder the Old Man seemed so familiar!   She had hardly recovered from the night before when Mr.  Thompson continued.  

“You won’t be the 1st woman we shared Angelica.  But since I know you.  I won’t mince words.  When I leave, I want you to get in the shower and wash our cum off of you like a good girl.  Understand?” 

“Yes, but.” 

“Then.  Then take a Bath.  Order some room service.  Call your Mom.  Job.  Whoever.  Get a massage.  And enjoy your day with Dad.  He is a very wealthy man who raised me all alone after mother died.  She was the only woman he ever fully respected and that was mostly because of me.  A boy.” 

As he spoke, He had moved closer to her.  Tweaking and pulling at her quarter sized areolas and nipples while unzipping his pants.  Once removed, his cock to spring forward and the object of so many dirty desires was right before her eyes.  It was 8 inches, a bit shorter than Dad’s but, thick!  He motioned her forward and instinctively she knew what to do.  Finally, she would get what she wanted!  As Angelica’s mouth closed over the head and looked into his eyes as he continued to speak as if nothing was happening?  She finally felt at peace for the first time since that day. 

“Don’t forget to play with your pussy.  I love when white girls suck my cock while they play with their pussies!” he said. 

“I am half Latina?” she responded. 

When Mr. Thompson grabbed her head and nearly choked her on his cock, it wasn’t totally unexpected.  As he came on her tits before leaving the room?  She felt reasonably confident her weekend would be great with Mr. Thompson Sr!  She agreed to accept the offer to stay the weekend as Mr. Thompson’s Sr.’s plus 1.  But this?  This was just the Beginning.

“But I am a good girl!”

The voice not so assuredly announced in hushed tones into the strange man’s chest.  Burying her reddened face and shameful expression of uncontrollable lust along with the sound of her muffled ecstasy.  Shari’s mind raced as her new lover pumped his way inside her.  Deliberately holding back each time as if to prolong her embarrassment of predicament.  Each stroke accompanied by a word of encouragement for her tightening hole.

“Tell me how much you want me inside of you…” he whispered while biting her ear for emphasis.

Shari did not know if she was capable of responding verbally to the man who controlled every inch of her being.  But her body did.  Her hair.  Tightly wound around one hand limited how she could do position herself and simultaneously creating an image of him fucking her face in the same way.  She hoped that would be next! But Shari knew that she was powerless to resist his wishes either way.  He was, after all, doing this to her in this not quite an empty Bar and Shari knew that wasn’t her choice.  Was it?

Controlling the depth of his strokes inside of her was creating an orgasmic tsunami Shari did not know that she was capable of!  The woman cursed him inside of her head as his cock edged and milked her body flawlessly as her ass slid around the wooden floor.  The predicament allowed her to speak only a one-word answer to the question.


There were no other sounds in the place that was truer than Shari’s moans of delight.  The unending wanting of her lover to be finished exposing her had passed, leaving an uncaring whore in its place! Experiencing her crème flowing in between her thighs in the manner of a faucet was something Shari had read about, but never experienced before that moment!  A reflection of hidden thoughts and desires and their effect on her present day activities.  Shari had lusty wants and dirty desires that needed to be held in check for her own benefit she thought.  The last clear thought that she would remember from the evening.

The need to hide from being discovered slowly slipped away as Shari only wanted him to push his cock deeper into her and relieve the pressure being built up inside by his edging her with his perfectly big dick!  Shari’s thoughts blended becoming action.  And all the woman could discern from the surroundings was her conscious mind was slipping further away into bliss!  Replaced by the compliant whore she needed to be to endure her lover’s precision pounding.  He was at least 8 inches.

Shari didn’t come out frequently to play games.  The excitement and adrenaline she craved for most of her existence usually were placated by her favorite toys, which were smaller than Daniel, and an open window.

She loved getting herself off for sure!  But craved being watched by others while she pleasured herself, as it had always heightened her senses and made her cum quickly.  So to be here, sitting next to a limp dick her friends had set her up with, was just a ruse to get what she really wanted.  And the proof that they didn’t know what she wanted at all!

“This is what a hard ‘no’ sounds like.” She had said.

Her blind date was in sales, so she believed the phrase to be appropriate to end their meeting prematurely.  She gave him as much of a chance as any other man, but he wasn’t her type!  Barely a man she thought while removing the drink down her throat the now unhappily departed man had brought her.  Another night she might have entertained him.  Sucked his small cock in his car and called it a favor for a friend.  But tonight she was looking for something special.

Shari could feel most eyes on her as they entered the bar.  It was darker and seedier than her station, so a woman of her quality stuck out like a sore thumb.  She was outfitted in a sexy black dress with high heels in hopes of meeting what her friend suggested was a Prince.  She knew her friend’s taste in men, so her dress was strictly chosen for Plan B, which included a walk on the wilder side of life and a new outlook on the night.

Her blind date had been too everything.  Too anxious.  Too excited by her overt sexuality while never touching even her arm!  Shari hadn’t come out to not be touched!  What she wanted was a sexual release, not a wordy relationship!

So Shari, in her high heels and short dress.  Wearing a pair of barely there panties that covered the natural outline of her dampening folds and were visible at certain angles past the slit in her dress was alone in the bar.  Left to fend for herself.  Her breasts were accentuated by the push-up bra providing support, while not entirely covering her nipples.  Her areolas were being pinched at the top of the tit cage against the thin fabric of her dress that she enjoyed the feeling of immensely!  It was the closest thing to being naked as the air brushed against her skin.  And now she was alone in a Bar full of strangers, far from home.

Breaking the rules of socially acceptable sexual behavior for her was exciting.  She had thought about attempting a night out like this long and hard on many occasions.  Usually while rubbing her clit to eventual collapse and sleep.  Her thoughts would wander into ‘depraved’ scenarios each time until her thoughts and self-inflicted orgasms escalated into action.  Through imagining different lovers with a similar result would cause her fingers to linger outside her thighs as long as she could before burying themselves inside of her bare, wet, cunt. The thoughts of not being able to resist also grew.

What started with Shari being ashamed that she couldn’t help herself from thinking about such things all of the time, ended with an unknown date with this Internet clown!  Thrilled at the thoughts that alone get her off with barely a touch could become a reality with a man!  That is how Shari started.  But now leaving her disappointed and wondering exactly how long it could be before she would get to act upon her urges.

Her mound would throb, and breasts harden when looking at men and measuring the creases in their slacks elsewhere.  Their knowing leers usually had her wondering if they understood what she imagined about them, or were just regular horny men.  Either way, if they knew how easy it could be to ravish and control her with their dicks, they would do more than smile in her direction!  Each day, knowing it would take less as her defenses wore themselves down.  Sex is all that she thought about these days.  Being ridden and used like the fuckdoll, she always felt she would be happiest being anywhere but work!  And this time in context.  Not like her College memory and the night, she pretended to be drugged so the frat boys could have their way with her while she maintained her “innocence.”  Shari loved being their helpless toy and craved to feel that way again!

The man stood at the end of the bar waiting for her to come closer as she swatted away other suitors with great dexterity.  The sense of urgency built inside of her breasts as she admired his size and strength and wondered if his cock would match!  He could easily take her by force at any time, but would he?  Shari’s thoughts of pleasuring this stranger built up with each step forward, sapping her confidence until stood astride him practically naked while speaking her attraction, using carefully chosen words.

“Excuse me.”

All she could imagine while pressing next to him was taking him home and fucking his brains out! Placing one hand on his waist while pushing her hard nipples against his arm Shari decided to forgo any form of subtlety and opt for the direct approach.  Her hands lithely brushed his back in a feigned attempt to pretend to gain some form of balance, all while brushing his firm behind. Shari’s hand lingering a moment too long, but catching his attention immediately.

The stranger reflexively grabbed her forearm and tugged slightly down, causing her knees to buckle slightly under the pressure.  The pain shot through her arm, sending a jolt and a flash through her body instantly which brought Shari back to the present from her fantasy walk.  He was more dangerous than she thought and more!  Catching a glimpse of the dark face while his well-manicured hair and lowered gaze disguised any semblance of form as pain shot up her arm before he let her go.

“Sorry about that.”

He spoke deliberately before pausing to grab her by her waist and pull her close to him.  Her body now crushed against his in an excitingly comfortable, but scary way.  Her breasts pushed forward and released themselves from their semi-caged state underneath her dress.  The sight of her dark pink, seemingly brown nipples available to both of their eyes still restrained by the thinnest layer of fabric was not as startling to Shari as their mutual reaction.

Daniel lifted her upright while his free hand pushed her breast back into their respective cages politely.  It was if they had been lovers forever as he encircled Shari’s right nipple before holding it tightly between his fingers and kissing her firmly on the mouth in front of everyone before letting her go.

“That should make up for it.” he sneered.

Transfixed, Shari rooted to the point as the strange man named Daniel ordered her a drink.  Comforted by this beautiful stranger whose eyes were boring into her soul.  She felt as if she dare not leave his side without permission which kept her riveted to the spot.  The stranger was now talking and thinking for them both and she had no desire to disagree!

In his mind, Daniel knew instinctively what she wanted from him and was in no mood to be evasive or coy.  Seeing her deliberately vulnerable along with the way she responded to his fingers, which he used to gently massage her clit, Daniel knew all he needed to know.  He finally grabbed her forcefully and said the only thing she could remember.

“I know what you want.”  With a smile and a wink.

Grasping her hand Daniel took her away from the other Men and women who had been watching them interact together before she could utter a verbal rebuttal.  Settling into a corner that was partially dimmed, Daniel placed two fingers between her legs before stiffly ripping her panties aside.  Hoping for another glimpse at her unencumbered treats, his other hand forced her tits not only above her bra but outside of her dress!  A full view only blocked by his thick body.  The thought of public exposure sending a tingling sensation throughout her body!

All the while he handled her so roughly the woman blushed with excitement, even as her heart pounded with fear of being discovered in this communal setting. She need not worry about such things as all eyes in the establishment had never left!  They watched it all as Daniel was inside of her as quickly as she wanted him to be in her fantasy!  Even if she was unsure of the setting. Daniel had turned her inhibitions against her so skillfully, working her womanhood like a true cocksmith!  She felt him finally pressed against her flesh Shari realized how defenseless she was and in a thought, screamed in the agony and ecstasy of the moment the most powerful orgasm of her young life!  Her inner walls trembled uncontrollably and the rest of the Bar’s patrons watched the stranger remove his fleshy rod and spew his sperm upon Shari’s partially open mouth and lips before dribbling down her chest!  She felt ashamed at her display while simultaneously cumming looking at the men beginning to encircle her.

She would lay there unable to move for what seemed like an eternity while other patrons moved ever closer, discussing what to do with such a spent slut.  The reference making her pussy twitch as she knew what they were saying was true!  Her head nodded in their direction, Five men in total including her dispatched date waved their cocks in her direction as she noticed how big he was! Had he mentioned that earlier, none of this would have probably happened!  Dumb luck.

Fingers and hands touched and prodded her available body until Shari was once again impaled by a strange cock, but this time from her knees.  And another.  And another.  Her mouth quickly filled with the sweet taste of her dirtiest dreams.  While her body still shook in a feeble attempt to recover from her encounter with Daniel, who was now, nowhere to be seen.  Any attempt to follow him now would be impossible now. So Shari did the only thing she could do.

Apologize to her initial date in the best way she knew how since didn’t want her friends to hear about their date.

And smile.

Mrs. Johnson fixed her face and applied her lipstick last, as she gathered her manuals and adjusted her panties beneath her knee-length skirt.  She had been fingering herself so fervently as she sucked the young Receiver’s cock down her throat that they had become frayed on one side.  Leaving her left vagina lip encased between thread and fabric.  The taste of his young cum dotted her taste buds as she walked down the hallway towards her car confident she was doing her best to help team morale by giving another player his earned A.  The fourth ‘A’ this semester.  A simple way to keep track of things.

The Football Team was Undefeated!  A source of school and town pride in a District that hadn’t had success in team sports for almost 10 years!  For this Upper-class liberal enclave benefitting from the number of Professional Athletes children that now walked the halls.  Sons of privilege.  Their Fathers were either NBA, NFL, or MLB retiree’s, gifted with an unfair genetic advantage.  Even the Caucasian boys were genetically superior to the other, surrounding area’s students District’s kids physically.  Mrs. Johnson always had a thing for athletic boys!  In College, she frequented the Men’s Dorm hallways sometimes more than her own place!  Never very particular about where or with how many men she encountered.

Freshman year of College Shay was quite the slut and especially for the Black athletes!  They made her cum and used her in ways that sometimes reminded her of home and Daddy’s playthings.  The ones used for sex by both he and Aunty before having doors slammed in her face!  But they always came back for more!

 “The sex or the money or both always brought them back!”  he’d say.

For Shay, it was always the sex!  That and keeping Daddy happy and respected by his Booster friends who were to the man a bunch of lecherous, dirty old rich men.  Sometimes, Shay left their dorm with all her clothes but, almost always without her panties.  Those were usually useless afterward anyway.

Daddy said sex with Black men was ok but, she would never be allowed to marry one.  But he understood the thrill of fucking those studs.  Alluding to the fact he may have even watched mother during Alumni/recruiting weekends on occasion convince the Boys to sign with State.  Her solid Trust fund meant she didn’t have to marry rich of course but that would not be allowed and Shay found the most convenient husband available.  Someone who worshipped but, never questioned her spending a lot of time away from home on Business trying to impress Father.  How little he understood about the Family he had married into!  Like her Mother, Shay was pure cock slut when it came down to it, and needed her freedom!

Shay’s Father well….  He was a philanderer and sexual deviant once she once walked in on Fucking his secretary while eating out Shay’s Aunt, her Mother’s sister in his home office!  Shay remembered screaming as she saw Dad’s cock sliding out of his Secretary’s dripping wet pussy and into her beloved Auntie’s mouth!  Still slick with the help’s juicy cum.  Or maybe it was a purr?  Shay also recalled her Father turning his head towards her while still pumping Auntie’s face until he came between her cum oozing lips as if it got him off, her watching!.  He smiled at her when he noticed Shay’s fingers squeezing her nipples at the sight roo though Shay had blocked that part out of the Memory!

“Like mother.  Like daughter!”

The blonde secretary purred.  Right before Auntie pushed her crotch over the woman’s mouth.  Where the “less” part of her panties left her labia exposed to the frosty air.  Shay suspected Daddy kept it cold to see women’s nipples poking through their sheer summer dresses.  Since the other parts of the home were usually overheated making the transition of rooms tenable to the least sensitive areolas.  But why she even took the time to figure it out before knowing the truth about anything else said more about herself than Shay’s well-hung father! 

“Shut up slut.  You’re a shitty secretary!  Use your tongue for what it was intended, slave!”

The horror this light-skinned black woman would have to endure these two for a living!  Even if the way her legs were shaking and her fingers manipulating her tanned snatch indicated the chore wasn’t so bad?  

“We will talk about this later cupcake.  Now close the door behind you and go do your homework.”

Her Father acted and talked as if nothing unusual was happening.  Even as his cock protruded towards his daughter’s direction.  Dripping saliva and pussy juice onto Grandfather’s antique rug!   So since 15.  Shay was indoctrinated into the Family way and never was ashamed of anything sexual behind closed doors. 

Daddy was a Good father and Shay was, after all, her Daddy’s girl!  They were extremely close and though they never crossed that line.  It wasn’t unusual for them to see one or the other in the act.  There were no secrets they could not tell the other.  And, it wasn’t required to share.

When young Mrs. Johnson lost her Virginity, her parents were in the next room for her 17th Birthday Celebration in Barcelona.  Surprising her with a pair of the ethnic boys she seemed to like the best!  They spoke Spanish but, their ethnicity was impossible to distinguish beyond Beautiful!  Shay Johnson was already an enthusiastic Cocksucker thanks to Boyfriends and one Black Teacher, making the threesome experience even more enjoyable!  As the 1st Boy’s cock severed as a Comfort animal for her wet, warm mouth.  Shay’s Maidenhead was displaced under the Penthouse clear ceiling and the Black Stars of the night!  Her parents were always very attentive to her needs.

In the US, Shay turned 18 and was off to College!  Her parents made sure Shay had her own place.  A close drive to Campus used to entertain College Recruits for their shared Alma Mater during recruiting season.  And just be herself the rest of the time.  They were Legacies and Shay personally delivered 2 All-America’s to the School herself!  Daddy was proud of her and teaching seemed to be a natural choice of Profession as Shay knew how to build a report with young men!  Her parents couldn’t be prouder! 

“Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson, I’d like a word with you”! 

A Mercedes of course.  The man behind the wheel had parked his car between her and her own and obviously had to have been waiting for her. 

“I’m DJ’s dad.  Artis.  It is so nice to meet you!”

She couldn’t tell how big he was exactly in his car.  But considering DJ was a 6’5 chiseled young man with a cock to match, she imagined Dad was similarly built.  Even if he wasn’t her type. 

“Sure.  How can I help you?”

“Well.  I’d like to thank you for working with DJ.  That A was completely unexpected as we both know.  DJ is not A type.” Artis said.

“Well.  I disagree.”  Mrs. Johnson followed with

“He’s been working very hard all year and the results are showing.”

Artis was talking to the young white woman’s soft tits as he responded.

“That is exactly what he said.”

Something about his voice.  The innuendo that wasn’t.  Or maybe it was the flash of remembering DJ holding her ass as he dipped his tanned stick into her honey pot the day before!  Either way.  Mrs. Johnson felt satisfied with her work with the young man and knew his recruiting trip would go well.  Thanks to her.  He was a Borderline prospect but, her Alma Mater did want him and Shay used whatever influence she had to support the University!  Just like her mother once had.

“Well, the proof is in the pudding!”

She smiled as she started to walk around the front of his car.  Shay was 5’6 with Reddish Brown curls and long legs.  Her ass-swaying a little extra as she moved towards her car door.  Her full C-cup tits bouncing in the wind.  Sucking cock always made her feel sexy and powerful!  And the tingle in her taste buds was enough to get her through her scheduled Skype session with hubby in an hour.  Marriage is work.   

“Well if you are not busy tonight.  We ‘d like you to come by the house.  It’s an unofficial PTA thing we do here and this year, you made the list.  The Misses would love to discuss your success with DJ.  Some of the other parents will be there but, it is a mostly social thing.  We won’t keep you long.”

Shay thought to herself a moment that there was no way she was going to a student’s house she was fucking!  Sounded like a complete setup!  I mean, if she was going to fuck DJ she would consider it but, still never go!  She liked what she did and besides, had her eye on the Junior class!  The last thing she needed was some Catch a Predator moment with an angry Mom!    

“Sorry.  I can’t.  We have plans my husband and I.”

Artis put his car in park and got out, walking around to meet her standing at her door.  He was about 6’8 and judging from the bulge beneath his pants, at least 2 inches larger than his son!  He didn’t try to hide his erection at all!  And despite him not being her “type”, how could you miss that! 

“Let me rephrase that.  We expect you around 9.  Principal Barnes will be there too and a few of the other Faculty.  It’s a good time for all and great for your career since there are forces at work in the District even a woman of your Background can’t navigate.  Please don’t make me beg?” 

Shay was still staring at his cock which she figured had to be wider than any she had ever seen and, Shay had seen plenty!  She was displaced momentarily.  Imagining what it would take to accept something that big into your body!  Too bad he wasn’t a student.

“You gave out 3 other A’s this semester to players?  Their parents will be there too and want to thank you.    And honestly, there are going to be some changes in the School Board this year.  Only those invited will know what is going on and, you want to know.  Besides.  With those teaching techniques of yours, you should never say no to me again!”

Shay’s silence spoke volumes even if her eyes were fixated to the hammer attached to Artis himself! 

“Budget cuts always are fatal for Public schools.  Many of us though like our school the way it is and instead of sending our kids to Private ones, are talking about Donations to support the District in its time of need.  A Teacher/student sex scandal would destroy that goodwill.  Amongst other things and cause a scandal that could expose the Teacher’s life and family.  Who wants that?”

The bulge in his pants jerked noticeably as Shay’s eyes followed the path of the monster across the open window shelf.  She reflexively jumped and almost reached out to grab it but at the last moment, kept her hands down and hoped Artis hadn’t noticed.  But Artis free hand reached between her seat, rubbing her Ass while smiling down at her. 

“See you at 8.”  

Shay smiled at him, doing the only thing she could think of in the moment as she watched Artis walk away.  Be still.  Was all this just Bullshit?  Was DJ setting her up all along?   Did Dad just want to fuck her and when she arrived it would be just the two of them?  What would she do?  What if he wanted Anal?  His voice is kind of sadistic!  Shay squirmed at the endless possibilities and found herself grasping her crotch hard.  Like she always did when she was horniest!  She was looking at a no-win scenario and possible jail time.  But it was all she could do to not plunge her fingers back into her throbbing crotch and push as hard and as deep into her tunnel as humanly possible!  Shay knew that she had no choice other than to play along.  And driving home was not going to be easy.    

Turning on her computer and opening her legs wide for her Hubby.  Who was half awake as well as across the globe to fully enjoy her lust meant little to Shay.  She skipped the seduction part of their conversation and went directly into fucking her wet, pink pussy with a short, powerful vibrator until she passed out from exhaustion or emotion as much as sexual satisfaction!  Because she wasn’t satisfied?  How could she be? 

Her dreams were littered with numerous men.  Mostly black but, all well hung.  Which her husband was not.  Shay chose him but in the moment of sleep accompanied by the memories of other lovers who fucked her like a dirty, dirty slut.  She couldn’t remember why?  Why wouldn’t she at least TRY to find a man she could be faithful too?  Or at least honest with about who she is!    A 26-year-old teacher who got into the Profession to mostly watch young boy’s crotches and let her Principal fuck her in the ass once a month as a part of her Mentorship!  And more importantly, if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else!  Maybe even the janitor!  Shay remembered when slept with her Best friend and her husband.  Cumming on her friend’s face while she licked Shay’s pussy clean of her own Husband’s cum!   The same friend who she used to treat almost exactly the way her Dad treated his Secretaries?  Was she like her Father.  Or just like him?

“If there weren’t cameras in this lot Mrs.  Johnson.  I would be yelling in your face so loudly, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything for the next two days.  Are you such a whore you would have sucked my dick where the cameras would catch everything?  Maybe I should just bring the video to the Police and let them handle it?” 

In her dream, Shay started to cry immediately at the thought!  But always after her hands and mouth dove towards Artis larger than life showpiece!  Of course, she would if given the chance to put his manhood into her warm, wet throat!  Her darkest dreams had her choking near to death on a huge cock like Artis and she always awoke to soaked panties afterward!  Shay had always used sex to get her out of just about everything and her reaction in her dreams was just Shay being true to her nature!

Though Shay was truly confused by the prospect of not being in control of her choices when she woke.  She also realized for the 1st time in her life, she was excited by it!  She had finally been caught in the Web she had woven for herself over years of being a selfish whore.  Knowing Artis loved every second of taking her control! Just like when she walked in on her Dad, Shay didn’t know what was to come next.  All whores eventually, get caught.

An hour had passed since her conjugal Skype session ended and she knew her Hubby was in a deep sleep from the amount of cum she witnessed during the session.  He seemed to get extra excited whenever she just got into it and his devotion to her sexual sensibilities made him perfectly ready to be cucked one day soon.  Even if she didn’t know that was her own plan.  Shay decided to make the best of the situation and prepare for a Party. 

Shay ran a bath and cleaned herself meticulously.  She had been dripping a lot since Friday’s were usually sex packed during the Daytime since she usually planned her Blowjobs for Fridays.  She especially savored the thoughts of the prude HS girls missing out on these horny HS studs because she had drained them hours earlier!  Those little bitches didn’t deserve it anyway!   Doing her Kegel exercises in the tub as was her practice, Shay wondered if they would matter anymore if Artis decided to have his way with her hole!  But she kept it out of her mind as she dried and got dressed. 

She didn’t want to wear panties but, decided to anyway.  What if this is a legitimate gathering?  Maybe Artis and DJ kept it to themselves and were just fucking with her?  She needed to be careful and decided on a modest dress with a button that showed sociable but, not a graphic amount of cleavage.  Her heels were modest as well.  But underneath there were Garters and a sexy, sheer lingerie ensemble that matched the color of her purple dress.  Just in case. 

When she arrived, Shay noticed there were only 7 cars total and two she recognized were of fellow faculty members.  Teachers who had started at the District around the same time as her.  One Black and the other Latino since diversity hiring was a part of the District’s core value.  She noticed the stickers on their cars from Big time sports Universities like herself.  And she also noticed the Superintendent’s Tesla which was parked in the Drive.  There were about 20 to 30 people in the Living Room, milling around and she figured most of them were within walking distance in the neighborhood and in the moment, she relaxed.  There was no way this was a setup with this many people! 

Artis’ wife and DJ’s mom opened the door and greeted her warmly introducing herself as Artis wife  Anita.  All while removing Shay’s coat and offering a drink which, Shay attempted to refuse. 

“Don’t worry honey.  We are taking your keys and have 2 Drivers on call tonight to ferry the guests.  Relax!  We know how to treat our Educators in the Hills.” As she smiled into Shay’s cleavage before adding.

“Even lovelier in person aren’t you?”

Grabbing her hand, Anita walked Shay around the room.  Introducing her to most of the people in attendance as “another of our Educators!”   She seemed to know a lot about Shay which, caught the younger woman by surprise.  She was smaller than Shay by about 2 inches.  She even weighed less which was something Shay had been interested in if, the meeting turned bad!  Shay was confident she could take her until Anita let it slip she was once an Olympic competitor in Jiu-jitsu herself but, she came in 4th, right outside of a Medal. 

“Ironically.  The woman who defeated me for the Bronze looks a little like you Shay.”

Anita smiled at Shay and in the moment, she knew Anita knew her and DJ!  Call it intuition among the women.  As the color fled from her face Anita grabbed her hand tighter, toying with the young teacher in what was an awkward gesture, to begin with by holding a grown woman’s hand.  Shay had been relaxed by the four drinks but now realized her mistake.  Too drunk to flee.

Thinking with her pussy instead of her head in hoping Artis would have found some way to save, blackmail and force her to suck his monster cock at some time during the night was why she came!  Instead, she was left awkwardly holding the hand of an expertly trained Mother of a student she had technically, been fucking and sucking for personal gratification!  The relief came with the Superintendent clinking his glass for a short speech to the seemingly worked up crowd.

“I’d like to thank the relatively new Faculty members for joining us tonight for our Bi-Annual Parent/Teachers mixer.”  Followed by a wink and polite applause, before he continued.

“Mrs. Shay Johnson is our newest Invitee.  She is a Physics and Biology teacher at Hills and one of our Most Popular Young Teachers!  Especially I hear with some of the students!”

Laughter and giggles commenced as Shay stood blushing in the middle of the room!  Was he talking about her having sex with students?  What the fuck were they all laughing at!  Shay’s instinct to flee became a freeze as the older man continued…

“You all have such dirty minds!  No wonder why we can’t have these events Officially sanctioned!” 

More laughter.

“Now if everyone has signed their waivers would like to head down we can get this Party started!” 

And with that, the room began to empty into the yet unexplored by Shay lower levels of the home.  Shay, however, felt her hand being tugged in a separate direction. 

“Come with me, Shay.  We need to discuss the waiver.” Anita said.

Sensing this would probably be the best time to leave.  Shay attempted to pull her hand away from Anita’s grip but, to no avail. 

The Superintendent turned and faced the women.  Noticing the slight tussle from his teacher he decided to Shay’s relief, to come towards him.  This would be her chance.  He smiled as he approached and began to pull out his phone.  Stopping in front of her as he turned up the volume of the Video playing. 

It was Shay’s car.  Parked outside of the home they were now in but it was obviously shot by security cameras.  She remembered that Friday night.  DJ said his Parents were on vacation and she had broken her rules to give him a ride home.  The problem was what happened once she stopped the car in front of the Dark home. 

The Superintendent slid behind Shay and rubbed her dress covered ass in a circular motion, causing her to jump.  She was so fixated on the film of her leaning over the trunk of her BMW.  Her pink dress hiked over her head as DJ pumped her pussy full of young cum!  She didn’t notice him circling behind her and aside Anita. She was too shocked to be watching herself be exposed and worse, she never knew it before now!  The dew dripped between her uncomfortable thighs as the Superintendent fondled her ass.  Feigning surprise at finding panties between her garters! 

“I wouldn’t take you for a woman that ever wore panties.”  He whispered as if Anita wasn’t close enough to hear and chuckle at. 

The part in the video when she turns around to suck the last drop of his sweet, young cum while savoring the taste of her own honeypot that covered his almost 9-inch cock was accompanied by a strange twist of fate.  Anita faced the woman as the Superintendent dropped the phone to watch Anita force her tongue into Shay’s mouth!  Shay wasn’t sure how good to feel about it, considering the circumstances.  She had let a woman eat her before, of course, but, Shay had always been the aggressor and always. The beneficiary!  Shay, she stood firmly planted while Anita released her hand.

“Your case has been mediated by the Board and the parents of the aggrieved students are all here tonight.”

The Superintendent was stern yet, businesslike as he barely looked at Shay now.  His hair thin but. his otherwise average looking body seemed strong and was connected to as a healthy, hardened cock beneath his trousers he never attempted to hide!  It was like Shay had entered one of her many sex driven fantasies except, the danger was real!   The Superintendent reminded Shay of her father in the way she could sense he didn’t want to fuck her but,  was turned on at the prospect of what she would do next!  And judging from Shay’s nipples, so was she! 

“We are a very tight-knit community with as you know, a very unique demographic.  The best teachers in the Country are applying to our District and, for good reason.  It is a gateway to success in Education.  We only hire the best.”

The Superintendent paused briefly before Shay spoke.

“Thank you.  I”

“From now on do not interrupt me.  If you understand then please nod.  I am trying to offer you a way out of the Lawsuits these families are planning to file against you.  They are consenting age but, you are still their teacher.  The Laws are very clear in these cases.  Do you understand me bitch?”

Turning to face her as he said the last word.  Shay nodded her consent before he began to speak again.

“Because we hired you.  We know you are NOT a dumb bitch.  But, you have been known to be reckless and we can’t have asterisks walking the halls of our Community so we have decided to reign you in.  Your choice is sign this waiver consenting to be the Party Slave and all will be forgotten.  You will service the Men and women in attendance and not say a word as to why to any of them beyond you are a Horny slut and made to be used by all.”

Shay decided to bolt!  She made it one step before being corralled by Anita and held in an Arm-lock!  She didn’t have to exert much pressure for one of Shay’s titties to fall out of her dress and expose a super hardened nipple!  As the Superintendent touched it, Shay jumped and almost came!  The pleasure of being defenseless was so intense! 

“Shay, you really don’t have much of a choice!  We have you on tape and the Internet loves teacher fucking student tapes!  You will be arrested because the Sheriff is downstairs!  And, though I know you come from an affluent family.  I am pretty sure Judge Raines will make sure you do time since he was promised your Asshole 1st!  Don’t make this difficult!”

He handed her a binder before placing his mouth on the exposed nipple and reaching under Shay’s dress to thrust two fingers inside her convulsing wet hole.  Her shivering body flexed against his fingers as Anita manipulated her arm, forcing her to bend her knees onto them widened digits involuntarily until pressure was no longer needed!  Shay came in the Living room as it emptied out and was so caught up in her own pleasure, didn’t give a second thought a few people were still in the room.  But they never flinched at the sight of her grinding down onto her Superior’s hand.  Shay managed to sign the waiver in the binder before allowing it to drop onto the floor in slutty ecstasy!   What choice did she have?

Smiling at the young woman as they ascended the stairs to the Bedroom, Anita fitted a chain and two nipple clamps Shay’s protruding points.  Anita promised to make sure Shay wasn’t damaged by any guests or Parents and assured her she would only be used by some of the Partygoers.  As long as Shay licked her pussy and ass like a good little white slut should.  Obeyed her commands and those she allowed to have control over her tonight.  And didn’t try to escape the consequences of her actions by claiming she couldn’t do what was asked of her.  She told Shay it would be good for a slut like her to learn some discipline since she was getting older after all!  And her first lesson was going to be a good old-fashioned paddling and pussy eating tutorial.  With her and the rest of the Mothers of the Boys, she had violated. 

As the night went on, Shay made amends with all of the Families as well as paying off the Sheriff with her mouth and the Judge, who deposited a load deep into her Ass as he yelled: “All fines satisfied!”  Her mouth and pussy were sore for days as the Party was well organized.   

First, she ate the Mother’s pussies and each had a dirty, verbal message about being an Old slut with the punchline being sprayed on her face!  Only 1 was extremely rough with Shay.  Sitting on her face for so long each time Shay felt she would pass out!  Only to be awakened by the woman’s finger being thrust up Shay’s own cum soaked Asshole!  When the woman ended with the sweetest kiss and most gentle words about how good Shay was with her mouth Shay returned the gesture in earnest!  Shay was a quick study and the truth was by the time Anita had stopped paddling her ass earlier in the evening, Shay was loving the taste of the woman and wanted more!  Eating pussy wasn’t just easy, it was natural to her!  Her nipples throbbed from the two tight clamps but, her body felt great! 

When the men came in to spend time with her Shay knew this was no normal gathering.  The smallest cock was 1st.  But each subsequent man was a bit larger and some fucked her longer than the last!  They all wore condoms which was a relief.  until some of the men removed them to spill their seed wherever they wanted!  Her face and tits were the most popular choices!  She was a sweaty, soaking mess by the 3rd hour and not being given much time if any to recover from Cock to cock!   And the fucking seemed to go on forever!  That was until the gangbang culminated in Shay being nearly split in half by Artis 12-inch Monster which was not covered by rubber and after a few unconfortable strokes felt so good!  It was quite a relief when he came inside of her in such volume it almost served as an Ointment to her throbbing walls!  And she got a ten-minute break to clean her face but, not her hole which was rich in Artis thick cum and strangely made Shay feel comforted.  She loved feeling cum inside of her.

The other 2 Teachers were soon brought upstairs to close the evening and told to get into a Daisy chain with each one cleaning out the cum-soaked pussy of the next!  Later she learned the women had been similarly invited and duped into being sex slaves though one was lying.  She had volunteered.  Anyway,  Shay came 1st and her reward was to be fucked by the remaining horny guests since she was obviously still horny!  By the time the last man had cum on her face the home was empty and Shay was exhausted!  She passed out on the Bedroom floor. 

Shay woke the next afternoon in a cast iron bed in a room she wasn’t familiar with from the previous evening.  Her laptop was next to her somehow and, she smelled of sex!  There was a sound of running water and Shay walked towards it where there was a woman in a Maid’s outfit running a Bath.  She was older but, seemed familiar to Shay somehow?   The woman’s frame was a little fuller though but very shapely for an Older woman. Shay couldn’t see her face but immediately recognized her voice. 

“Like mother.  Like Daughter.”

It was her Father’s former secretary!  They were in the Basement and she explained to Shay she was locked in the Basement till DJ left the house in about an hour.  He didn’t know anything about the Swinging PTA parties or the room they were now in was built strictly for Mom and Dad’s personal guests.  Soundproof.  Well-equipped.  And private enough for her to exact her revenge on Shay.  

“Clean yourself up and get ready for your 1st meal of the day, You have 10 minutes,”  she said.  

“I know your family was never big on names so you can just call me Mistress.  Same as my sister Anita.  You have much to learn before you Skype that hubby of yours.”

 And I can’t wait to become reacquainted with your Aunty she thought as Shay dug her tongue into her hairy folds of pussy flesh telling her.

“You are going to love it here.”

While Shay thought to herself.  I already do.    

Sometimes Rose hated everything about herself.

    The reality was she had lost all control of the choices in her life now and never saw it coming.  Plans discarded and replaced by an iron cuff around her left ankle attached to a barely long enough chain, a constant reminder.   As Rose sat on the single bed.  Bound and twirling her vagina too and fro with her remaining fingernails, wondering how it would all stop she wasn’t concerned. Her index finger moved along the apex of her vagina, gently encircling the sensitive nub while barely touching the reddened flesh, keeping her amused.  Rose comforted and teased her flower exactly the way Sampson had and like then; she came fiercely upon her fingers!  The blueprint her body remembered surrendered perfectly to her lusts.  So Rose hated the fact she didn’t care. 


     Running her finger along her waxy hole, down to the bottom of her lips where she patiently collected the wet extracts dribbling down before inserting her index finger to the knuckle.  Rose jumped at the surprise of entry despite her inwardly pulling cunt and having complete control over the action.  All of her subconscious thoughts were playing themselves out as controlled motor movements were impossible!  She was reduced to a ball of reflexive action, waiting to be tapped on the shoulder or pushed to one side or another for service. 

     The door opened, and Sampson walked in the room as he would every morning for the next ten days.  His bare ass and muscular frame leaving no room for the illusion of modesty between them.  Sampson’s cock was always the first thing she noticed and in keeping her ‘head down’ and not looking directly into his eyes, her on gazes in direct line with ‘it.’  The sight that made her wet now.  Samson’s mesmerizing piece of meat that had massaged her insides repeatedly made it so she could not turn away from its majesty.  It was her friend and foe both simultaneously, but she wanted it inside her either way!  Lost and confused as she was.

     Rose was calculating the damage done inside of her once tight, precious pussy and trying to decide if it mattered either way.  The beautiful specimen that caused her to wet her bedspread repeatedly just by her thinking of recent fuck sessions was before her eyes again.  She didn’t want to think about things beyond how Sampson would take her and when.  And what could she do to make it happen faster!  

     Her husband was never going to feel the same inside of her again.  A husband who also hadn’t checked on her since he left town so many days ago.  The cell phone was the only object of hers allowed, in case the boutique needed her and he hadn’t checked in at all, and technically they were still Newlyweds, so he should have!  How was he supposed to know she wasn’t in danger?

     With Rose practically virgin asshole still aching from the activities of her Pre-Graduation ceremony, the two lovers found the perfect scenario to bond.  Rose was quickly ingratiated to her Taskmaster Samson for “fucking her whore mouth” only in their first two days together.  But she was equally frustrated with him consistently “edging” her before cuffing her feet and hands together, leaving her for hours at a time.  And he made sure she thanked him for both verbally.  Her Mistress Candy would never leave her alone, always inserting a vibrator with a remote before leaving which she would use to also drive Rose crazy for hours.  In that way, the two were completely different.

      He also didn’t make her call him Master preferring Samson, but the woman knew her place.  She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as instructed to do when Samson entered her room to be ready.  After being with so many women over the past few months with strict restrictions given to her by Candy about marital sex, to have a huge dick to play with was a treat!

       Her cunt walls shivered when she looked down at his massive balls, too terrified to look into his eyes again.  A lesson she learned on the first day with Samson after Rose throat acquiesced to his length and girth and pride got the best of her momentarily.  It was a talent she would have never discovered she possessed in any other way than sex slavery but still, Rose felt pride in the whorish accomplishment.  Sampson promptly grasped by the hair and nearly choked her by thrusting his cock deep into her breathing canal. 

      “Did you just look at me?” he snarled.  Fucking her throat like an empty hole until she dropped to the floor defeated, unable to kneel. 

     “You are still a novice bitch.”

     Despite the fact she loved the rough treatment, she reasoned not knowing Sampson well enough next time he may not stop.  So from that moment on she resolved to obey without question, she had begun to accept his abuse as silently as her voice would allow.  Receiving the man’s engorged black penis into her mouth down to the shaft, Rose felt herself cum as she tasted his chocolate pre-ejaculate lingering on her lips. She knew he was about to cum and was bracing to take it all when Sampson abruptly pulled out.  Watching as her tongue thrashed forward, waiting for him to cum in her mouth the way Rose wanted!

     She had taken a bath earlier and was checked off by Samson as clean.   Even during baths, her hands were cuffed behind her back while Samson would wash her body, taking extra time to squeeze her clit or abuse her in other ways.  The soothing water would caress her ivory skin and knead Rose spanked and tortured muscles.  That was usually at night, and after being whipped or paddled or both, she would be allowed to sleep, which she was doing less of with her passions keeping her awake most of the time.

     Rose own slutty masturbation thinking about how Sampson pumped her pussy sore was the only sex today, making it the slowest since the first one.  Her ass was completely healed now thanks to Samson’s spankings that included anal massage, and begging to be plugged as well.  She wanted to please him.  Samson smiled as her tongue continued to waver behind the rounded cage between her teeth and began to kneel.    


     Reaching down Samson unlocked the link encapsulating her ankle.  For the first time in days, she was free.  Standing Rose up now he also loosed her hands, allowing them freedom of motion. Not being in control for so long meant Rose’s arms didn’t know how to react to the feeling of independence.  She continued to rub her throbbing cunny instead of reaching for her gag, which Sampson also released. 

     Was this it?  Was she free to go?  She looked at Sampson’s hard cock and wondered why he hadn’t cum first before releasing her bonds.  She wanted to speak but was afraid of what would happen if she did, even as her pussy throbbed for attention.  Reflexively, she reached for his dick only to be the recipient of the very thing she feared? 

     Sampson’s dark hand grasped her neck and held her head up to his own.  She hadn’t looked at his face for any significant point of time to realize how attractive he was!  His lips were red and thicker than her husbands were.  And his eyes.  They were dark pools in which she swears she saw her reflection!  Rose felt her heart skip a beat a moment as the man’s face pressed against hers!  She hadn’t been kissed in weeks and never this passionately!  Rose felt her legs weaken and her passions inflame as she felt her Master’s tongue intermingle with her own as Rose thoughts went blank. 

     Sampson gently lay her on the bed and kneeling between her legs, expertly kissed and teased her inner thighs.  His lips felt like small pillows as his tongue began to probe her pussy lips carefully at first, then with more urgency once discovering her weak spots and exploiting and manipulating them deftly.  Her eyes rolled back as she envisioned herself, one of the women she had served same as Sampson did for her now, pushing her buttons!  Her hands ran across the skin and scalp of her lover.  His brown skin mixing within her thighs making her tingle all over!  There were many thoughts and images crossing her mind, but none involved a scenario in which Rose left.  She rubbed her nipples and felt the euphoria of his long tongue entering and exiting in a circular motion as her orgasms began and Sampson, her Master placed his cock directly inside her waiting slit. 

     “Please fuck me, Samson.  I want that black dick to own me.” The words came from her mouth though Rose had no idea who said them!

     Sampson drove his cock into her slowly, teasing with just enough of it to stop her talking.  He praised the woman’s lithe frame and marveled at the serendipity of her reddened nipples as they gravitated towards his fingertips.  The way they pointed outward, begging to be gripped and thrashed but grateful for his expert caresses instead.  Samson noticed how her body twitched each time he slowly drifted into slit now.  A broken stallion still jumps he thought, pressing his cock into her inch by inch. Even deeper as the woman’s body gratification for it grew each time.   

     “You belong to me now Rose.  You are my gift, and I am your new husband.”

     “Yes.  I am yours, Master.”

      Rose felt her pussy opened once more to accommodate Samson’s wish to have her body, just like her throat had acquiesced days before.  The shivers she felt continued to course through her skin as Samson rode her like a gentle, but firm lover.  Her body held tight to this man who had held her captive for days, even if not completely against her wanting to be there!  Rose didn’t recognize the woman she had become, but she did know that there was no going back!  As she returned the unfamiliar, gentle kisses that lingered more than any others Rose ever experienced she knew, there was no “back” to go to.  Her body relaxed and accepted Samson’s full length and as they erupted together, nothing else seemed to matter. 

       Samson continued to stroke and slowly teased Rose, methodically pushing her back so as not to allow her to engulf his rod with her begging snatch while continuing to arouse her gentle sensitivities.  He was behind her now partially, stroking her on an angle that massaged Rose in a way no man ever had before.  Her body responded slowly as his liquid warmth continued to fill and massage her still pulsating vagina, moved by his still mostly hard cock.      

     “Tell me how much you have loved me turning you out Rose.”

     That was the first time she had heard her name in weeks.  She looked him in the eyes before grinding her pelvis down onto his rod as she began to speak.

     “I’d hope you weren’t done with me yet.”  

The woman had been compromised and now was entrusted with long-term responsibilities.  The overcoat and glasses were appropriate though she hadn’t expected to feel so exposed underneath with her otherwise immodest attire.  There was nothing to it except two rings that cupped each breast!   The same thoughts as always crossed her mind at this time.  Who could she tell she was being taken advantage of that would not only believe her but could help?  She was a beautiful, newly married woman and knew rich men that could but they wanted to fuck her.  She considered if it would help or only make things worse?  Her nipples hardening despite the panic as she continued to drive.

 Any interaction with police would have compromised her too.  Having learned from experience the first week that seeking the help of authorities would only result in being sent on to her dirty destination with a police escort.  The officer had been invited into the home and eventually, into the room and allowed the gratuity of her mouth once they were done with her. She had only made the women at her house angry and increased her own humiliation as the officer now waved to her daily.  Knowing he had used her and now knew her secret.  There was no easy way out.

Rose had taken to her new responsibilities by now well though.  The stockings she wore underneath the overcoat felt quite sexy she believed, and her ass stuck to the leather seat while steadily surveying the road as she drove along.  Rose would turn up the heated cushion and drink from her water bottle while rubbing her bare pussy against it.  Just like the casual but respectable slut, Rose imagined she was becoming.  The thought not bothering her in the least.

Reaching the semi-circular drive, Rose parked in the side space that was hidden from sight. She pulled the mask down over her face as she was instructed before exiting the car and retrieving her rolling luggage from the trunk space. The mask obstructed her vision, but Rose was familiar enough with her surroundings by now to get around.  The fact that no one ever saw her face was a relief because she was an otherwise respectable newlywed. The mask grasped tightly to her skin but could be lifted up over her head while leaving her mouth and ponytail exposed for practical reasons.  

She proceeded towards the side door entrance which was unlocked as usual. Stepping onto the spiral side stairs which led directly into the playroom.  Quietly, she placed the bag in the corner of the room out of the way. Then retrieved two small ropes, a five-inch curved vibrator and, of course, her tasseled whip which was placed astride the bed. The women would be arriving soon, and she knew to be ready for them, or her Mistress would hear about it.  Rose did not want that she believed.    

The Hostess, the Mayor’s wife was always first and always gentle with Rose. She called her Mistress Mayor as instructed, but the interactions with the older woman were mostly tender.  Mistress Mayor would kiss Rose on the mouth unlike her “Mistress” Candy, who now only allowed tongues and modestly sized toys to enter into Rose’s pussy.  And as it was her Mistress Candy’s word was to be obeyed without question to avoid the consequences of disobedience.

That restrictions also included access to Rose’s bud by her newlywed husband’s small dick.  Twice a month only she said and definitely not for the purpose of impregnation!  Rose pretended to love the taste of his semen now as Candy commanded and by swallowing it lustfully had gained a strange control over her husband she never imagined possible!  Having never controlled a man by any other means than fear she was now getting an education, in the ways of seduction.  She would allow her husband to lick her cunny as much as he asked since it wasn’t his penis.  So Rose learned how to control him thanks to the tail end of her Mistress lash!  Something she would have never thought possible when she wasn’t thinking.

Still, the near thirty-year-old woman badly wanted a child with him to secure a better future divorce settlement.  It was the only part of her trap for him that had not yet been set.  And the only part that Rose knew could be a long time coming.

These women’s chamber meetings were always the same, lasting between 3 and 4 hours with the women taking turns dominating her. Rose had been lent to the group for “secretarial purposes.” The “meeting” or socializing took part in another region of the Estate. But one at a time, the Manservant would bring the women up to her to visit. Escorting the previous woman out while she usually was left in one compromising position or another. Sometimes, the woman would instruct him to restrain her before exiting with her arms being roped to her legs. Or they would watch together as the servant would slap her with his big, black hands until her ass or tits were sufficiently reddened, and she was adequately humbled by the experience. Something that would have never happened eight months ago Rose had to admit secretly was always a highlight of her visit. She knew she was responsible for how she was being treated and why. And she had begun to need this domination and penance.

Each session would usually be 30 minutes but if fewer members showed up than the individual times with each woman would be extended.  There was a shower she could clean up in if the woman commanded her to as well.  Rose had been coming here for six months now three times a month under cover of Executive Training and had received a raise as well to allay her husband’s suspicions.  And she always left by 6 pm.  Everything was routine except the sex! 

Rose hadn’t viewed herself as Lesbian or Bi-sexual at first.  She regarded herself as having no choice.  How she got into this situation is one thing.  But now with the passing time, Rose also knew she was willingly complicit in her own ordeal.  Her pussy throbbed and ached more every day as these meetings came closer, and she wondered what she would do with herself if the sessions ever ended more and more!  She would think about her hands being bound and face being pushed into various ladies’ wet, warm pussies!  Her tongue savoring the dew drops as the wandered down a stronger woman’s thighs and onto her prone tongue! The thought of this all ending actually caused a form of panic within her since Rose had realized that perhaps her goals had been misguided from the start? Were her previous hopes and aspirations actually unhealthy ones?  Rose had learned thanks to her Mistress Candy that there were other things in life besides settling. There was the excitement!

The women were all different sexually, but the Mayor’s wife was the only woman who was gentle with her. The generous lady of the Manor treated Rose like an old lover.   Caressing her body in a way no man ever had and kissing her in places that Rose would never have considered.  Always ending by grinding their pussies together until Rose would capitulate like a conquered woman and beg her to stop!  Always kissing her before exiting the room.  Always telling her to shower and get ready to serve.  Beyond the directions, Rose wondered to herself what such a loving woman could have in common with her Mistress besides both of them being dark complected.    

The women were all prominent and married for all Rose knew.  Some of their Husbands even knew what went on at these “Chamber” meetings.  Others had no clue!  Rose didn’t know the group’s name, but they were chartered, and respectable Charitable organization for all anyone else knew.  Responsible for various good deeds and deemed legitimate women.  But the outside world didn’t understand what this group was all about like she did!  If she ever wanted control over her life again, she would satisfy their desires and obey without hesitation.

When the first woman that day bound her hands the pole in the middle of the room and picked up the tasseled whip to flog her for being a whore all she could say was “Thank You.”  And when the same woman would make her bend at her knees while still bound so that Rose could lick her ass while she came on Rose’s chin, she also had to comply.  That was how she resolved her actions in her mind as being acceptable for a long time.  She noticed how much she wanted to but couldn’t admit it out of fear this was who she was.

     She would be beaten and instructed to fellate their pussies with equal veracity by the next four women!  Her anonymity was irrelevant as they most assuredly knew that she was compromised and not a paid whore.  She was accepting her abuse by choice and enjoyed when they pushed her to do with as they pleased.  Rose had learned them as well.  Becoming accustomed to the sounds of their voices, she knew what they wanted instinctively from her. The order would change, but the woman would rarely use up their allotted time now. She didn’t want them to become bored with her, but Rose knew their pussies so well that she enjoyed getting them off with her slit sucking mouth, looking forward to seeing them 3 times a month!  The routine was a source of relief for her to not have to control everything.  To be out of control.  

   Rose sat patiently on her knees, having showered as instructed by her last lover with her hands separated in a placated position before her.  Having only experience orgasm once today, under the watchful weight of Mistress Mayor and her wonderfully soft labia when the door flung open and all of the women filed in at once she was startled and excited!  The manservant grabbed her ponytail and tossed her towards the bed!  Meanwhile, the women continued to file in one at a time, placing their chairs into a full circle which she was situated in the center of roughly by their goon.  

Her hands were bound together, and as always, she didn’t resist.  Seeing them altogether her heartbeat quickened and her mound pounded between her legs at the thought of them all having their way with her until Mistress Mayor spoke. 

“You have been a good servant to us all slave and have made it to graduation.  This will be your last Sunday with this group as a slave!  Candy is allowing me to set you free from this particular chore, so we wanted to say goodbye!”

The feelings of relief and disappointment flashed through the woman as she realized the end of her journey had come.  Her Mistress had told her she would be free one-day if…. she did what was asked of her.  Rose had done that and more but was confused by the words “this group.” 

“You do realize these Latina women you have been eating out during all of these meetings have one thing in common?  Speak slave!”  she barked in the woman’s direction. 

“You are all Spanish?”

She hadn’t recognized the importance of the statement.  Rose felt her mask being ripped from her head as her identity was now on display for all to see.  These wealthy women all had been in the boutique she managed at one time or another in the past, and she had moved them along.  Even accusing two of them of shoplifting!

“We don’t all have heavy accents!”

The Mistress now showing her teeth towards the woman she had so lovingly comforted and held throughout the months-long ordeal,  Rose recoiled.  Noting the circumstances of her enslavement to them was procured through similar circumstance she was no longer comfortable being bound in front of them!  Struggling momentarily before being told to stay still. 

Her back had been facing the door and she did not notice the various men who had filed into the room.  They stood 3 side by side with their naked blackness and enlarged penises ranging from 9 to 12 inches!  The older woman continued to speak. 

“When Candy told me about you we knew you were perfect.  You are betrothed, now husband’s fortune, as well as his Day to Day activities, is controlled by one of us already.  Which you would have known were you not such a racist slut!”

Smacking the woman for emphasis the Mayor’s wife stood directly over the stunned woman’s face before dropping her full weight directly down onto it!  Rose hadn’t believed she could be surprised any longer.  Having gained control over these women’s urges with her tongue and compliance over time she had become confident in her own way.  But she was wrong! Slurping at the older woman’s folds unable to speak her case and unfamiliar with her Mistress Mayor’s smothering pink holes idiosyncrasies left her confused and profusely wet!  The fact that Rose was not that woman anymore didn’t matter as Mistress Mayor ground her pussy hard onto her entire face.  Spilling it’s lubricants from her forehead to her chin and verbally assaulting the woman as she did!

At that moment Rose realized how much she had grown to love licking her black master’s pussy until she was satisfied.  How much she longed to make her happy.  She would not be able to speak her case as long as her tongue was engaged in drinking in the other woman’s sweet aroma so she did the best that she could with her tongue.  Settling the woman upon it even as Rose’s own orgasmic humiliation had her dripping upon the Hardwood floor.  The other women all commented that Rose must have been enjoying herself while flicking their fingers across her clitoris and laughing.  It made her orgasms more intense and there was no way or place to hide the fact she loved the treatment and attention she was receiving!

     She felt the hands parting her legs and she opened them wide like her Mistress Candy had conditioned her to do.  In anticipation of one of the women smacking, fingering, or maybe licking it for her past transgressions against them.  When the strange cock filled Rose’s now tightly clasped wet womb she was unable to yell so she thrust her tongue deep into her lover!  The Mayor’s wife 2nd orgasm now speeding down the throat as Rose shook inside of her own body from the pain and pleasure of her pussy being stretched far, wide, and good!  It was good to feel dick again!  Especially one so much larger than her husbands!    

When the Mayor’s wife stood up allowing Rose to see the black intruder as well as the camera recording the moment she smiled nervously.  Another man lifted her shoulders off the floor as the man inside of her began to rise from his knees, keeping himself inside of her!  She felt herself being pulled by gravity and her hungry pussy downward onto him by the gravitational switch.  Stretching her insides with his massive cock delved into her further than any man before!  The other man standing behind her pressed his huge cock towards her tiny hole until her panic became plausible and her legs, now wrapped around this chocolate man who was plugging her underused pussy became tense. 

“Relax whore.”  One of the seated women said to her.  “It is going inside of you either way.”

Which was exactly when it did, Rose screamed as she felt both cocks inside of her, rubbing together separated only by her!   Her arms were still bound as she was bounced between the two black men like a rag doll glued between their legs.  Her ass was split wide from this unforgiving black cock.  It was twice the size of the toys her Mistress Candy used on her.  She knew she would barely be able to stand later but didn’t care for the moment as she was experiencing the greatest orgasm of her lifetime!  

“Mistress I’m sorry.” She said deviously enjoying her ride.

“I changed.  I was a miserable fucking whore.  Oh….” Her voice trailed off as the man slammed her hard and deep. 

“But I love eating your Latina pussy and I love big black dick”.

She repeated the phrase over and over into the camera.  Hoping her Mistress would see the tape and understand how much she loved her now!  She was a different woman than the bitch who mistreated them all!  Over and over as the black men pressed her ass and vagina to the limit Rose thought of how the tape must look.  Hoped her Mistress Candy would use it against her and use her for her own satisfaction!.  She didn’t want it to stop.  The long spankings and lashings.  The pounding her pussy was taking now.  The training.  None of it!         

Looking towards the camera, she egged the two studs on verbally until the man in her ass came with full force!  His semen slightly easing her pain.  One of the women immediately dropped to her knees, licking the sweet crème from between her cheeks and sending Rose into another mind-bending release!  Another used a handy wipe followed by her mouth to suck the remaining cum from the man’s rapidly softening cock, reversing the trend before jumping on top of him herself!  And the first black man ever inside of her pink pussy was coming inside of her!  That was the last thing she remembered before passing out. 

She awoke to her cell phone ringing.  Her husband asked her was she on her way home as he had to fly out of town on last-minute business.  She lied and said yes, but he told her not to rush as he was leaving immediately and would be back in two weeks.  She had cum dripping out her cunt and some dried around her mouth.  She didn’t hear where he was going but felt as if her sore ass may need that long to recover!  She said she loved him and hung up the phone.  

After hanging up the room door opened.  The Manservant handed her a glass of water and a Morning After Pill.  After swallowing the pill and emptying the glass he handed her a note that read.


     Congratulations!  You are Halfway through!

You enjoyed your graduation ceremony so much I didn’t get to say goodbye.  What a slut!  Candy has loaned you to me to complete your training.  You will stay here the next two days while until your anus recovers since we are not monsters!   Sampson will provide everything you need including applying a creme to it for you that will help you heal.  You will not talk to him, just obey.  Your husband will be gone for two weeks and so will I.  Don’t worry about your outside life, it will be waiting for you when you are finished here.  It has all been arranged and accounted for.      


As Sampson lowered his pants she realized her predicament was the same as it ever was.

She wore the dress he asked her to despite having laughed at his request uncomfortably. Red and short with matching heels in a combination she’d never imagined wearing together before out of modesty.  A plunging neckline accentuating her cleavage perfectly balanced the sterling silver necklace dangling and shimmering in the evening light.  Coating the cavern between her breasts with glitter caused the woman to tingle to the touch as she just envisioned her future lover’s tongue devouring them.  Grazing her thigh with her left hand but resisting the temptation to masturbate. He had known what she would be thinking and cautioned her not to.  As if they were already of one mind. 

He even knew what her thoughts would be as she typed the address into the GPS.  Sure, she had memorized the directions!  But her mind had been wandering all day, and she wasn’t about to take a chance on getting lost.  It was so unlike her to act this reckless manner, disregarding consequence.  But he made her feel a certain way about things.  Added perspective and color to the sky and the world that held it, so she thought, why not?

The vision of the wanton woman reflecting she resembled but had never known excited Camille.  Was she really moistening at the thought of letting a strange man fuck her any way he chose?   She was thinking of herself as a sex object and not the complete woman she was inside.  Allowing her brilliance to be usurped by the eroticism of her sexual self.  Camille was finally doing as her girlfriends suggested she try many times, living in the moment. 

With new things come new sensations.  The dampness of anticipation between her thighs or the thoughts that accompanied it.  Never before experienced they made the woman feel as if she were someone else!  Thinking about his hands, large and strong.  Taking liberties that no man, not even her fiancé had taken with her. Not that she would have minded if he had and spared them both this experience of lust by being more into her than he was.  Camille’s awakening had not been as much as unceremoniously brought to life by another man.  She just didn’t know if she should feel guilty about it.  Being turned on as she was. 

Her stride became longer in the heels as she reminisced. The feeling of his fingers caressing her thighs despite her inaudible objection.  How his hand had stopped moving right beneath her pulsating vagina or she would have surely erupted to the touch!  Was that lucky?  She remembered her hand placed on his slacks as she grasped his large cock.  Him pulling her close until her breasts were pushed and pressed hard against his open mouth.  How her blouse had unbuttoned without her ever noticing she was in such a state.  His hands were everywhere now!  Caressing her neck before bringing her face to his and fucking her pussy with his fingers so adeptly she came standing directly in front of him in her conservative workwear!  She felt like a dirty librarian as Camille powerless to stop him from taking her then or now.  So she figured she might as well enjoy it.

He had disappeared as quickly as he said that he would. Leaving Camille alone to return to her unknowing co-workers and loving beau. Wet from the excitement of what transpired in a dark room.  A secret no one had seen.  She begged her fiancé to make love to her that night, but he wouldn’t, or couldn’t.  Either one not mattering to the woman beyond ‘no’.   So Camille had fucked herself to sleep distraught knowing she would keep her secret and her lover knowing her future husband would never satisfy her after that day.

“Good evening and glad you could make it!” Stephen announced.

Stepping out of the darkness of the room and into the light of her brown eyes, Camille could see the smile radiating across his face. The light refracted off of his brown skin and devilish grin.  Carrying a bottle of wine in one hand and two glasses in the other, Camille could feel her warm olive skin glistening as he drew closer, and her body functions began to rebel against her conscience thoughts of calm.  Neither hoping nor knowing if it would be a long night.  Camille was just excited to see him again and this time, with no distractions.

Kneeling before her he set down the bottle of wine directly under the chair. His arms were muscled and capable of crushing her! The thought excited her to no end as she attempted once again decipher her desires from her feelings to no avail.

“This is a dark wine. Not expensive but intense.” He calmly announced to his captive audience of one.

The chair no longer as cold or uninviting as waves of excitement now seemingly mixed with the heat from this beautiful man she never really knew!  Setting down the glass to her left she noticed the red hue of the wine off of the light of the candle.  He poured with his right hand while his left hand perused her lower leg.  His hands in continuous motion they seemingly never rested.  But his voice, calm and slow to the wind.  Once again, he had taken liberties and invaded her darkly guarded space without her having a choice or objection.  She only wanted what was coming to her now.  His finger continued this time.  Sliding up the center of her moistness until momentarily encircling her clitoris. 

“Drink,” Stephen suggested as his hand latched onto her thigh, pulling Camille’s entire frame forward.

Camille reached for the glass which he playfully pulled away from her.  Wanting and receiving the desired reaction.  Stephen smiled before providing the libation and eliciting a shy grin from the horny woman as he hands her the glass.  Her legs placed over his shoulders she leans back into position as Stephen parts her pussy with his dexterous tongue. Camille feels the time slow as she sips her wine wondering where he has been all of her life! 

His tongue was magic!  Licking her sticky sweet fold with purpose and skill!  Such pleasure she never knew existed unleashed in an orgasmic torrent!  His lips were kissing their way up towards her face and locking upon her lips. The flavors of Red and Camille intermingles she kissed him deeply.  Clutching and grabbing his body in the way he had her that night. Strongly and sure. At that moment, she was no longer lost.

“Before I could ever ask you to be with me” Standing and pausing for effect now. “It would only be right I give you good reason!”

His manhood now directly in front of her face Camille found herself entranced in a moment that was seeming to last forever! Clit throbbing to the point of explosion as she thought about her man. Her future Husband and indifferent lover never made her feel this way!  She thought and felt intensely while her soon to be lover’s words sang out to her like music.

Reaching down and grabbing the second glass off the floor this man stood above her. Hovering and inspecting as he circled around her slowly.  Looking for the right vantage point to reach into her carefully constructed outfit.  He had told her before his feelings on people behaving in the manner which they would like to be treated. So as his hands coupled each of her breasts the intrusion sent a jolt through her body.  The woman’s will to resist him lost completely as her wetness built once more into the gentle relief that being with Stephen allowed her. Knowing how much he desired her while realizing she never truly had been satisfied by any man before yesterday.  It was almost as humbling as being reduced to a shivering satisfied cheating slut she now felt she was becoming.

Camille now held her empty glass in her extended hand unsure of what to do next.   He caught it on her last finger before it fell to the ground and poured her another.

“Drink.” Camille did so this time without pause.

The hands returned to her breasts forcefully. Both nipples hardened and pained as she felt Stephen’s tongue once more devouring the dew drops with artful licking and biting. Skillfully removing the dress in a manner she could have not expected but was relieved when done. Not knowing what was happening to her or how Camille found herself entering into a separate zone of consciousness. Indifferent to everything as her new lover continued to tease her clit to the point of insanity and exhaustion!

Lifting her legs by the thighs from her comfortable chair she realized she may have underestimated his strength!  She was not accustomed to skillfully being maneuvered onto a lover’s cock like Stephen was doing!  With each step moving his engorged cock deeper inside of her.  Her vagina walls were contracting and grasping at him desperately despite t being stretched to their limits!  Stephen stroked his lover carefully and skillfully, allowing her to become accustomed to him.  He was a patient lover.  Detailing as her body shook uncontrollably with each stroke of his shaft. He would have his way with her another time he thought.  Candace was hooked on his sex now.  She wouldn’t deny him anything he knew as he smiled and looked into Camille’s well-fucked face and eyes.  There would be no turning back. 

As he lifted his 9 inches of dick out of her, Camille was experiencing a daisy chain of orgasms!  It was the first time felt a part of something or someone ever.  She delighted in the euphoria of the never experienced moment. Wishing only that she could show Stephen how much he changed her world!  How much she loved being here with him! 

Placing her mouth around Stephen’s dick before he could suggest it was not what she normally would have done with what’s his name.  She couldn’t remember her fiance’s name!  But she was well past thinking when she “allowed” him to fuck her face with a fury that had not shown in his prior lovemaking.  She actually found herself enjoying being used for sex instead of money and felt herself change the moment he pulled out, cumming all over her makeup.  Camille felt one last mind shattering orgasm as he shot his last load between her sore to the touch tits, seemingly cooling them down.

Camille wondered how she was going to break off the engagement at such a late date.  Or even if she should since her Fiancé would probably never notice anything different!   Stephen had told her things that they would do and she hadn’t believed him.  He also said she could have the best of both worlds as long as he could call her by definition, cheating slut.  Which she knew she now was for him and would not give up without showing him what he would lose. 


Gina wondered how she always ended up in these situations. Her rosebud puffed beneath her barely there panties which were definitely see through. They weren’t visible through her skirt, of course. But her pin like nipples poking through her pinstripe suit had most of the men and women in the room uncomfortable to look in her direction without feeling some sort of way. It was apparent to anyone watching the young woman needed to take care of something personal as she stood before them on wobbly stilts holding up all of their days. But they didn’t know what pressure was.

She wanted to shed her clothes, throw her legs apart on the Conference table and stuff Alice face full of wet, brown pussy! First, she saw herself sliding her slit over her pretty little nose and mouth before forcing the little slut to tongue her hole! Maybe she should cut the wire that held the experimental dildo/tickler in place that was the source of the off topic thought. But then again, that would stop the sensation of a pinky finger pressing against her clit too. She wanted to think it through, and by her count, she only had 30 more seconds to pretend before dismissing the meeting and taking a seat. She decided to stick it out.

The design she had dreamed up while thinking of ways to make her long drive home more interesting was working like a charm! But testing it out today might not have been such a good ideal being the morning of the Legal Services weekly meeting Gina was leading. It required her to move more than usual and as a result, stimulated her horniness as well! It was all she could do to not purr instructions as she attempted to be vocally assertive since the design worked so well! But her business was Law. Gina needed to continue to shine in her new environment. Falling back into old habits wasn’t a good idea.

As a new Associate in this firm, Gina’s position was coveted. It always led to bigger things, and for a new Associate to be given the coveted position, many wondered which partner she was fucking! But her no-nonsense style quickly established her dominance over the group of vultures and the feeling out period was over as was her Celibacy pact with herself as of tonight. She was planning to end it with a bang.

Gina had almost slipped up and masturbated the night before. But in her dreams, she had touched herself, so vigorously her lustful, deviant thoughts jumped back into the world with a vengeance! She awoke alone in her Condo and began playing Macgyver with electrical cords and inanimate objects all night before the sun came up and in fastening the tools together tried her invention on before heading off to work with the rising sun. Sitting behind her desk, grinding her ass into it in a circular motion until she came in a furious yet subtle way while to everyone else appears to be making them look bad by showing up early, again. But no one bothered to look between her legs for the truth! Ironic for a Firm that prides itself on truth!

The plan was her reward for being strong. Strong enough to break away from Luke and his wonderful white cock and his deviously imaginative way with her body! Being with him the past year had made her old life better. But was a detriment to her new position and though they never argued or came to an official close, it was understood her accepting the situation was the end of them. Gina never imagined herself as the falling in love type. But then again, she never believed a man like Luke existed either! His thick long, thick dick had stamped her Vagina permanently. Had he asked or even told her not to take the position, she would have listened. But he never did. Best to just move on.

The plan was to meet another guy. One Gina chatted with on a local dating site with an edge. The same one she used to frequent as a curious teen wanting to be the woman she was today. Sexy, strong and Independent. The woman Luke she thought, had fallen in love with! How wrong she was.

Gina had always been healthy and loved being dominated. It reinforced her self-worth knowing the power she held over her own kink. But Gina had surrendered that to Luke. Showing him she was willing to do anything to please her man! Endure any sexually stimulating torture he could devise as his creativity in humiliating and pleasing her desires matched her own creativity in the Masturbatory Arts! She never expected her perfect partner was a swirl! And honestly, she wasn’t entirely comfortable with it unless his teeth were biting down on her tender nipples or her pussy sore from being pushed and prodded by whatever he desired to amuse himself and her wanting holes with! It was hard not to fall for him. Any good slut would!

Gina knew how it looked. Like she had given herself up for sex! But he always treated her tenderly and with respect which was something she hadn’t encountered in other men she’d spent time with. He confused her. And never formally asked or demanded her to submit to him. It was implied she believed and all other lovers fell by the wayside accordingly.

The man online was a ‘Luke’ type. An exotic looking white boy with a decent sized cock and a predisposition for black sluts. The last part she didn’t think was Luke, but she knew she wanted someone to manhandle her like him! It was dangerous to meet strangers this way but, Luke left had her no choice! She needed some attention.

Naughty girls who rubbed their pussies and were pierced at the nipples or at the very least wore nipple clamps beneath their bras and butterflies to go to the grocery store were his described type. She laughed thinking that’s almost every man! But his online directness drew her in. They clicked immediately as she used one of the images of her and Luke to seal the deal. Her legs were tied firmly to a bar in it with a dildo hanging out of her glistening cunt as she licked the underside of his cock. Her face wasn’t visible from the angle of the picture. But her body looked great in it! She captioned the photo “Open for Business.”

The plan was to meet in public and if they clicked, go somewhere more private for fun. Being celibate hadn’t been easy and the first week as Gina found herself regularly cleaning up leaks in the bathroom and sometimes, pushing a finger or two in because hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day! But somewhere between week 2 and 3, Gina had found peace. Peace with the closer job that eliminated her fun train rides home with Luke. Peace with the fact they stopped talking altogether three weeks ago for no reason. And peace with the thought of another cock inside her one day that wasn’t him. Maybe tonight? Her pussy slowly melted as she drove to the Restaurant which was near Luke’s place, considering driving by to see if his car was there When it wasn’t Gina she was really ready for her date!

Gina was trying to cope with knowing she was upset! Where the fuck was he! The thoughts of the little bitches from work sucking his cock right now were driving her crazy! Trying to get him down their throats like her would be impossible! But those whores probably were trying anyway! Lori probably. Or maybe Sue since she was always rubbing against him whenever she could! She circled the street twice before deciding the best revenge was to just move on. The heat coming off her pussy proof she had lost her senses thinking about Luke with someone else! Her anger was making her hotter.

“Fuck him!” she thought.

Parking her car in the parking lot of the Restaurant. Gina reached into the glove box to retrieve a pair of wire clippers. Snipping her panty cable beneath her released her bud’s slow, satisfying torment and replaced it with her furious hand! She wanted to stop because anyone walking by could see her! But she couldn’t! All she imagined was her man with one and both of those whores looking to get pregnant and marry an attorney and Luke falling for it! It was so soon! His big cock roughly fucking one of the Princesses hoping to feel his hot cum the way she had! Only to be disappointed when he pulled out and stuffed their dirty mouths with their own cum soaked pussy juices. Running their tongues then wrapping their lips around it before he shot his thick load their throats. Depositing the rest on their tits! Getting angrier because the thought turned her on! And even more pissed that it wasn’t her!

Gina locked eyes with a couple leaving the bar as they sat in their car watching her masturbate. At first, they laughed. Then they kissed as the man started fingering his date before she dropped her head in his lap, leaving Gina and the strange man to stare at one another. She licked her lips, and it looked like he came as she noticed the struggle between the two begin. Her to remove her face from his lap, him to keep her right there! Gina smiled and pulled down her skirt and walked directly astride their car on her way to the door of the Restaurant.

“Don’t waste it.” She smirked.

Sauntering towards the door of the Restaurant without her panties as her date requested, but also braless so he could see she had not worn the nipple clamps, which was also what he asked for. Her dark brown nipples and breast pressed against the tight shirt in defiance. And a trickle of her on cum ran down the inside of her thigh after her 1st full orgasm in a month! Better she gets it out of the way since anyone touching her was bound to make her cum after so long! She didn’t want it to be a stranger and someone she barely knew from the Internet.

“Where are the nipple clamps.”

The voice behind her was familiar and made her heart skip a beat. It was Luke’s! But how did he know about the nipple clamps?

“What the fuck are you doing here? I am meeting my date in a minute.”

“And here I am. I have reserved a private Dining room for us. It’s my Restaurant technically. Come.”

Luke was full of surprises, and she wasn’t so sure about his choice of words. Was he instructing her it was ok? She wasn’t even sure she shouldn’t turn around and walk away! Far away. But she knew she couldn’t resist the opportunity to find out how far he went to arrange this. Especially since he never seemed to care.

Luke never talked much about himself, but she knew he was rich. Gina assumed it was because he was a Lawyer and a pretty damn good one! But until recently, she never outwardly cared! The secrets were better for the fantasy!

What she loved about him most was when he tied her up or down and played with her body for hours at a time! Her favorite being when he awkwardly had tied her legs flat and bent her over at the waist before proceeded to lick her cunt for hours before flipping her into his lap and fucking her ass before cumming in it! She really missed him!

Gina never resisted and never complained. She knew his sex was the best for her! But she regretted they were always a secret because her feelings had evolved past the lash of his belt of the tip of his cock. Another reason she had left the Firm. Not being able to interact with him during the day was more torture than the remote butterfly’s or butt plugs he controlled inside her body from across the office. And definitely not conducive to advancement. She left because secretly, she wanted more of him if that made sense.

“Since when do you own a Restaurant Luke?”

The question was meant to buy time and build a barrier up. She had just come outside though and the sight of Luke really just made her want more!

“Since when do you care? And part-owner. Since I was called out of the country and didn’t get a chance to call you before I left I can understand your appearance here tonight. Maybe even forgive you. But it was a family thing, and I thought about you every day. Our relationship. Especially how cold you are towards me in public.”

“Me? You are the one too ashamed to date a black girl!”

“And what would make you think that?”

He was standing directly in front of her as the thoughts started going through her mind. Gina realized she had been the one who always shot down his attempts to be more open about their ‘relationship’! Insisting it would cause ‘problems’ while using him for his cock all the while! Years of masturbation had turned her cold to his feelings. So much so she didn’t recognize what she was about to mess up! Gina had been entirely subservient to him in some ways. She loved licking his balls and ass as much as he loved licking hers! And there was nothing intimate about each other they didn’t know! Except for everything.

“Posting our private pics on the internet made me realize how much I need you in my life. But it also pissed me off that you would be looking so soon. So I used my brother’s pictures to message you and draw you out. And at least you didn’t come see me the 1st night! But I want you to be completely honest with me.”

Locking the doors to the private hall meant they were alone. Gina had fantasized about this for weeks, not knowing where or when it would ever happen again! But she was also pissed! Angry he hadn’t just called her to talk. Sure she could be a bitch! But she was his bitch! He should know better.

“Have you fucked anyone else?”

Gina’s pussy got tight at the question! Her walls were stronger and had begun to move back to its natural state, but still craved him inside of her! If she answered yes, it would be a lie but at least would have paid him back for being such a selfish prick! If she said no. He would be forever confident he owned her now, which he had from their first night together! She wanted him to ask her properly!

“Let me out. I’m going home.”

Moving past him she grabbed the doors and attempted to exit to no avail. And Luke was behind her and placed one hand on her breasts, the other around her waist as he lifted her towards the table for two.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?”

Gina feigned as much resistance as she could as her blouse was ripped off and his fingers upon her clit quicker than she could react! His cock was already out as; apparently, Luke had decided to fuck her as soon as she went for the door!

“I asked you a question. Did you leave your panties home because I asked you too or were you planning on fucking your date tonight?” he snarled.

“I planned on sucking your brother’s cock tonight at least. But I wasn’t sure about everything else you suggested.”

His fingers ran up and down her body as she lay across the table for two, stuck in place as her limbs were tied together by rope or tape. She was defenseless against him because Luke knew her slut body well having caressed every inch of it personally. When to bite down on her nipples or plunge a finger directly into her based upon her reactions. She would tell him everything he wanted to know as long as he paid attention to her needs! Everything except the first thing he asked.

Gina was in heaven! She almost wanted someone else to come in and see her naked brown body being manipulated so perfectly by Luke! Her dripping wet cunt water pooling beneath her into the porcelain plate beneath her ass! She wanted the doors to fly open so everyone could find her secret! But instead, all she got was a mouthful of cock as she hung her head down and Luke fucked her throat as she lay there being examined by him.

“You suck dick so well Gina I missed your thick lips around my cock.”

Knowing that sentence always made her cum Gina bucked beneath him as he legs began to flail uncontrollably! She wanted Luke to continue. Keep fucking her face until he creamed down her throat so she could leave! Having received her satisfaction, Gina wanted to keep control. Her mouth wetter with each stroke as she manipulated her throat to milk him dry. Only to be disappointed as he stopped.

“You never answered my question.”

Luke grabbed her hair and flipped her over. Gina’s nipples were so hard she jumped as they touched the table top!

“Why should I tell you anything? You don’t own me?”


The slap of his bare hand was unexpected if not unfamiliar. The small orgasm though was as she had never cum from his bare hand alone spanking her! He was too soft with her. Something she now recognized could be love? But there was no mistaking the anger or force of the blow.

“Have you fucked anyone else?”

Luke’s voice grew tense as she realized the urgency.

“I’m a slut. You can’t get the truth from me while your dick is teasing me! You have to tame a slut like me. Don’t you know that little boy?”

“You are a slut.”

“I am. Fuck me and find out how much!”

Pushing inside of her tight walls, Luke realized the tension inside of her immediately. If she was fucking anyone, his cock had to be half his size as it took a little longer to get himself all of the ways in! Gina started whispering in his ear.

“Would you be mad if there was another man’s cum inside of me? Am I a slut? Or your slut because you make me so wet!”

Luke came inside of her pussy with a force she’d never experienced! She wondered how long it had been since Luke came and was thankful she didn’t have to swallow all of that cum because it seemed to last forever! Luke’s body lay on top of her as he did something they rarely ever did. Kissed deeply and passionately for what seemed like hours but in reality, was only 10 minutes! Neither saying a word.

“I love you, Luke. I am a freak and kind of slutty. I make inventions for my pussy! I have had a fucked up, deviant sexual past but have always been discreet. And I wake up every day wanting to suck your cock and make you happy. And no. I didn’t fuck anyone else and probably wouldn’t have tonight either.”

Luke smiled at her and lifted the back leg his cock rested on, that was now hardening. Sliding the tip into her sensitive pussy, Luke said.

“I believe everything you said except the last part. But hey, nobody’s perfect!”

Stuffing her full again, Gina felt her eyes roll backward into her head as he spoke.

“In public, you are my Lady. And I would love to call you Fiance and soon, wife.”

His cock ran up and down her insides and was amazingly hard and long! His dirty mind combined with what was for his cock, the perfect pussy had him ready to shoot again already! But he resisted knowing Gina had already taken so much leverage from him so quickly! He needed to get it back.

”But it is going to take some time to get over the betrayal of you looking for another.”

Gina smiled though she couldn’t see his face and placed his arm in her hand. Guiding his hand to her throat as she replied.

“Whatever you say, Sir.”