He reminded her of her Gym Teacher.  Tall, muscled, and brown all over!  Angelica used to give him a hard time about getting dressed for class.  Taking her best shot at him one day while he berated her for it.  In her most courageous voice, she had said.

“If it were about getting undressed.  I would have no problem with it, Mr. Thompson.”

Pushing her 36E breasts up towards her face as she boldly leaned into him.  It was quite a laudable attempt for such an awkward, young non-slutty girl to take!  The former College Basketball star adeptly sidestepped before calling his colleague.  Ms. Joeseph over to join their conversation.  For legal reasons…

The after-school detentions and reps up and down the Football Stadium stairs had a dual effect.  Unlocking a previously undiscovered love of exercise.  And temporarily curing her of her crush on Mr. Thompson!  Ms. Joseph was, after all, overly protective of her “co-worker” which was part of his attraction to Angelica in the 1st place!  She was just young and awkward with her attempts.  She never stood a chance.

Angelica’s last mandated run was cut short because Ms. Joseph disappeared!  Where Angelica found her?  With the teacher’s own smaller breasts attempting to surround what was undoubtedly the biggest dick Angelica had ever seen attached to Mr.  Thompson!

Angelica stood behind the stone wall and watched as the older woman attempted to service the slightly younger, black stud teacher!  Alternating engulfing portions of him into her mouth and between her breasts until finally, Mr. Thompson deposited his spunk into her open mouth before shooting his second shot onto her pinkish breasts and face.  When Mr. Thompson looked up directly into Angelica’s eyes and smiled.  She knew the gig was up!  She ran out as quickly as humanly possible.  Leaving her clothes and bag in the Locker room and running the mile to her back door! 

Angelica remembered the panic of that day as if it were yesterday.  She stripped all of her clothes off.  Sweaty and panicked as much as embarrassed by what she had just seen!  Oh My God!  Her panties were soaked!  She wasn’t sure if it was from the exercise?  Or the thoughts that were running through her head!  All she knew was a sensation shot up her spine as she removed her panties to get into the shower.  Brushing her hand accidentally against her pussy became a revelation when Angelica’s left leg jumped off of the wooden floor in what felt like the famous Orgasm she never experienced with any boy to date.  She steadied her foot but placed her finger between her legs once more. 

The finger on her wet pussy only made the yearning grow stronger.  One finger slipped inside.  Then two.  She hadn’t even locked her Bedroom door as she proceeded to finger fuck her pussy like an angry ex-convict!  Like the guy in the porn, she had watched pound that poor lucky actress into a screaming wet waterfall of an Orgasm!  Thinking about Mr. Thompson cumming on her larger, brown tits made Angelica come harder than she ever had in her short life!  She was lucky her mother wasn’t home yet.

High school was a long time ago now.  A little over a year and Angelica was working as an Apprentice at a Men’s and Women’s Clothing Shop.  She couldn’t afford College anyway and was more interested in getting into Fashion Design.  Maybe even designing lingerie for girls with Big Boobs, like her.  Angelica was at the register when the older man came in and for the 1st time since that day in the school?  Angelica felt a connection.  

Since the day in the High School Gym Locker Room Angelica felt uncomfortable around men.  Though she hid it well. So many thoughts crossed her mind on a daily basis about what she had seen!  The way Mr. Thompson’s dick. More significant than any of the boy’s she had experimented with in school.  Glimmered in the Office lights.  Particularly when wet with Ms. Joseph’s spit and being kissed by her pinkish lips.  Angelica remembered details in Technicolor every time she rubbed one out!  That day had changed her.

She would remember the Gym teacher’s whistle.  The one, the woman, had used to startle her when she first began to climb the stairs before recognizing Angelica was no longer bothered by the task.  Wrapped inside Mr. Thompson’s fist.  Her faculty shirt stretched over her head in an almost demeaning but definitely restrictive fashion.  And though her back was to Angelica.  It was unmistakable the way she had to be fingering herself but, there was a wall that didn’t allow Angelica to see if her bottom was bare or not.  That part always made her wonder. 

 And every evening since? Angelica repeated the same masturbatory ritual.  Running at night until near exhaustion which was easily 5 miles a day now.  And upon opening her Bedroom door?  Fingering her sweet, pink pussy until she almost screamed!  Angelica’s mother was usually out running around since Angelica was 18 and working.  So, it wasn’t much of a problem for Angelica to get comfortably slutty in her self-gratification activities.  

Panties on.  Panties off.  Sometimes half and half and sometimes when Angelica felt especially sexy?  She would just sit on her bed with her leg up because she hadn’t worn any panties all day.  Afterward?  A quick shower and drifting off to sleep.  The boys she used to occasionally fuck? Angelica showed no interest in them anymore.  None of them were as hung as Mr. Thompson.  The goal.  Sex with someone else rarely crossed her mind anymore as she was a very adept crotch watcher/guesser when it came to dick size.  A side benefit of her job.  The ability to understand lines.  A job she was already making a name for herself in without the mess of sex with others.  Things were working out just fine.    

The man at the counter though was old!  Too old for her she thought!  The late thirties?  Maybe forties?  Well built.  His arms looked like perfectly sculpted limbs, and his legs made her mouth water!  Her mouth was stuck wide open as he approached her.  Standing behind the counter planted in place.  Unable to move as he approached the young employee alone as they were alone due to an unusual circumstance.  She was about to go home.  

“I understand you can get me set up in a suit in an hour?” 

His voice was steady but, confident.  Angelica wanted to respond “Not today,” but her voice wasn’t there!  He was handsome but, not so much so she should be creaming down her leg!  

“Are you ok?” he spoke again.  

This time close enough to smell her breath over the counter and peer directly down her high blouse breast encasement.  In wanting to be respected.  Angelica had become entirely chaste in her Dress and appearance to somewhat offset her youth.  But her body worked against her, and his boldness sent a flame to her breast points as he quickly moved back from her personal space.  Smiling as Sir slightly grazed her fingertips to keep them connected.  Was he seducing her?  

“And aren’t you a Beautiful thing.  Relax darling.  I don’t bite.”  He continued.  

As if he would really tell her she thought!  Loosening her tongue to him the 1st time she Professionally responded. 

“And what type of event?” 

“A Wedding.  My son.  He’s getting married in three days, and my luggage got lost in Transit.  So… I need a new suit and shoes.” 

“Not a problem.  Just need to take your measurements.” 

Normally.  Angelica would ask him to wait the half hour until someone else came in.  But Angelica instead locked the door and proceeded to lower the blind on the front door.  Already formulating a plan to get him down to his shorts.  

“Do you mind removing your Cargo Shorts?  Our tailors prefer as precise a number as possible.  And I am not as experienced as the other seamstress.”  

“Is precision that important to you Ms……” 

“Angelica.  Angelica Watson.  Apprentice.  Arms wide.”

Her hands traced the tape measure across his muscular back.  Seems like someone works out!  The words partially escaping her lips as her breasts began to push into the elder man’s back somewhat.  

“Well, Angelica Apprentice.  You will get better at it with the right teacher.” 

Angelica felt her nipples begin to swell into the air.  Longing to be pressed against the stranger’s flesh once again before resisting.  His voice was stern and steady which only turned the young girl on even more.  His stature.  The way he held himself reminded her of someone?  She wanted to touch him. 

His underwear was athletic gear and held a firm ass up like a flag.  Bending down, Angelica pretended to be clumsily and forcefully grabbed the strange man’s leg.  Pressing her breasts against his thigh on her way down “accidentally.”  The man stood firm.  

His cock outline was large and thick beneath his athletic shorts and staring the young temptress directly in the eye as she looked up from her knees.  It looked to be 9 inches and thicker than Mr. Thompson’s but inside of his shorts.  How could she be sure?  

Reaching up to grab it Angelica had forgotten completely where she was.  Never even looking up to see the man attached to the object of her desires reaction as she wiped her tiny hand against it.  Her mouth opening.  Hands pulling the thick knob through its hole into her opened her mouth like a woman being possessed by dick lust!  But she should have looked up.  

“Angelica.  Smile.  I am not comfortable and have not consented to your sexual advances, and you are being recorded.” 

Looking up.  Angelica could clearly see the phone in the man’s hand which he had now turned to face her so that she could see herself about to kiss his throbbing black dick laying in her hand.  Even she didn’t know what to do.  How she ended up after over a year of celibacy.  On her knees at her job.  Mouth open.  About to go to town on the 1st Black Man she ever had been alone within her short life.  Angelica was hoping to see the tape herself! 

Leaning forward.  Angelica gently sucked the man’s cock past her lips before releasing it and swirling her tongue around it for the cinematic license. 

“Fuck it.  If I go viral.  At least it won’t be fake.”  

Placing the warm, long, brown dick further into her wet mouth.  The man put his hand onto the back of her head and pressed it down deeper into her throat than she ever thought possible!  Her mouth filled with saliva that her nose spit out.  Angelica struggled to catch her breath!  For a moment?  She thought these could be her last gasps!  Her mouth was hanging on his dick for dear life as her Brown eyes rolled back some inside of her skull!  The might of her Orgasm, as the strange man pulled her off his cock, was incredible!

Angelica sprawled on the floor fully dressed.  Panties soaked from the powerful orgasm and the thought of her doing something so sexually risky on every level!  A strange man standing there.  Recording her be more concerned with rubbing her crotch than gasping for air!  As he put his Bermuda shorts back on laughing, Angelica thought it wasn’t the first time he had done something like that to a girl!  Humiliated her and laughed!  Angelica found the strength to get to her feet as the man began to pass her by and move towards the door.  

“You.  Young lady.  Can not be trusted alone with a man.  Please let me out.  The door is locked, and I need you to open it.” 

What had just happened?  Why would he or for that matter?  Any man walk away from a blowjob?  He was apparently up for it, so age wasn’t the issue.  And wore no wedding ring on his finger!  Angelica’s pussy wrenched as she saw him staring at her disapprovingly on the floor like a desperate teen slut!  Which was precisely how she felt in the moment and worse!  How humiliating! 

Gathering her weight beneath herself.  Angelica found the strength to stand and walk towards the door.  Her head was down.  Ashamed to think about the consequences of her actions!  Supposed he came back and told her bosses what happened?  They would fire her immediately!  Still, she couldn’t find the proper words to ‘fix’ what had just happened and move on.  As if nothing happened.  In unlocking the door and stepping aside, the man gave her two cards.  

“These are my measurements.”  

Grinning like a Cat that had just fucked the canary.  

“And this is the spare key to my suite.  Deliver my suit at 9pm and don’t be late a minute.  Or I will show your employer this tape slut.”

His last words cut like a knife.  Even if it was true.  She didn’t like being called that word one bit!  Her nipples hardened like her resolve to speak up for herself, but she knew it was useless.  The same thing that had attracted her to him was still there.  Sitting between them like an unspoken truth they immediately understood.  Amplified by the older man’s firm grasp of her right nipple over her shirt. 

“My son told me the area was full of pussy.  Especially young, slutty white girls like yourself. 

“I’m Puerto Rican and Irish.” 

Her interjection had the strange man close the door once more and grasp the other nipple in his free hand even harder!  So hard, in fact, Angelica began to cum again!  Trying to not show herself entirely as she stood looking directly into the man’s face at close range for the 1st time.  He looked and seemed so familiar!  But her eyes closed as her body succumbed to the sensations of pain mixed with the feeling of being completely at his whim!  He could tear off her practical slacks.  Rip off her panties and drive himself into her on the spot and all she would be able to muster would be a ….


“Tits like this?  I believe you.  The hotel Concierge will call later to verify the payment.  I want you to pick out my suit and shoes.  And do a good job because when you deliver it later.  You will be graded.” 

“I can’t.  I have a Boyfriend.” 

Letting go of her titties sent a wave of relief and disappointment through Angelica.  She knew what he had recorded and had a few moments, in between Orgasms to ascertain if the tape got out?  She would be finished. The boyfriend lie was all she could think of.  There wasn’t another opportunity to learn from the ground up without paying significant tuition which, she didn’t have.  And even though her loins ached to have all that meat inside of her young pussy, it was, after all, a small town.  What if someone saw her?  

“How is your Boyfriend going to feel about seeing you suck a strange black cock at work?  You really didn’t think this through.  Did you?” 

The smile on his face.  So fucking familiar!  What was it? 

“Listen.  Bring my suit up to my room at 9 and stay with me for a few hours afterward and I will make this tape disappear.  But I have a few conditions….”

Nine o’clock came and went as Angelica sat in the chair in the strange man’s suite as he requested.  Her hair was in a ponytail.  She wore pink lipstick and a Dress she “borrowed” from the shop.  That was what she was most worried about.  The 450 dollar frock she couldn’t afford to replace that was currently soaking up her sweet pussy syrup as she wore no panties at his request?  Hot from the anticipation of what was going to happen next.  She wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the door opened and in walked the man from earlier with a big grin on his face.  

“You made it!” 

Angelica had agreed because, she fucked up!   But the more she thought about it after reading his information?  The strange man was old enough to be her Grandfather!  But the thought of her sitting in his lap like her own Grandfather only set her back further.  As she imagined herself bouncing on his Big cock and once again, fingered herself to her own pleasure as she was accustomed to.  She took a bath as he ‘requested’ and, was wearing no undergarments beneath the Dress he told her to steal to wear for him.  Well, not exactly.  Before closing the shop door to leave though.  He did say she would look delicious in it!  

The strange man walked directly up to Angelica and gave her the sweetest kiss on the cheek!  Just like her boyfriend’s used to when they wanted to get a fuck or suck.  But what made it sweet was unlike them, the stranger knew she would do anything he asked of her and didn’t have to.  This was all a game.  

“Do you drink?” 

The answer was no, but the nod was yes since she was very nervous about being alone with him and no one else.  It wasn’t as exciting as the morning but, she knew what he was packing!  And through all of the mixed feelings and thoughts the truth was, she wanted that cock!  Putting the scotch on the table in front of her.  The man smiled and asked her 2 questions. 

“Lift up your dress so I can see what you are wearing?” he said calmly. 

Immediately Angelica stood and grabbed the hem of her frock and lifted it above her waist.  Her pussy was almost shaved.  Except for a landing strip, as per his earlier instructions.  Walking towards her the man snatched the dress and roughly pulled the hem past her shoulders.  Covering her face but uncovering her naked glory!  His hand cupped her pussy, causing her to open her legs.  Sir immediately stuffed it with 3 fingers!  Angelica was so wet.  Thinking about what could possibly happen between them they slid right in!  

After pulling them out.  Sir licked the nectar off his fingers which though she couldn’t see with her face covered?  She heard as clear as anything!

“You aren’t here because you were forced.  Are you?” 


“Call me Sir.  Respect your elders!” 

“No, sir.” 

“Your pussy is tight.  I know young, white sluts like yourself usually fuck anything that moves.  But your cunt is tight as a drum.” 

“I told you.  I am only half white.” She responded. 

“That much is obvious with you talking back so much.  I don’t think this is going to work out.”

Walking towards the desk.  He pulled out a 100 dollar Bill and hands it to her.  

“Your tip for delivering and your time. Goodnight.” 

“But…What about the tape?” 

“Gone the moment I left the store.  I only take on the willing, and there was a woman I met that I believe will be a better use of my time while I am in town.  Best of luck and leave the keycard….” 

The next few moments were a blur.  The man removed his trousers and placed his belongings on the opposite side of the Bed.  Away from the door.  Angelica quickly downed the drink.  Not knowing or caring what it was and stared at the 100 dollars on the table.  Was he turning her away again? 

“Do you think I am a prostitute.” 

The smile on his face was concealed by his back being turned to her as he removed his briefs.  His ass was nothing like what she imagined a man of his years would look like!  It was proud and strong and sent another wave through her.  He was utterly unashamed to show her once more what she couldn’t have!  His actions behind her shielded but, so were hers as she approached him in a rage. 

“Fuck you.” 

Her attempt to strike while his back was turned thwarted by his ability to turn and stop the blow!  Her arm in his hand his face turned dark. 

“Bitch.  Who do you think you are?”

At 6’3.  The man towered over her 5’4 frame and as he lifted her off the ground while simultaneously sitting on the bed and dropping her stomach directly onto his knees which temporarily knocked the wind out of the young girl’s body.  Her dress lifted as she felt his large hands land firmly across both of her buttocks!  

Thwap. Thwap.  Thwap.

“You are Latina after all.”  

Prodding her along by pulling her ponytail, Angelica found herself on her knees being forced down onto the man’s Beautiful Black dick once again!  This time, unwillingly so she believed.  Until the tip of his cock on her tongue sent a sensation through her young body that caused Angelica to push its whole length into her still sore throat.  Angelica came a second time that day from sucking this magical cock!  This time though her breathing was steady and sure.  And after a minute.  Her head was free to move up and down his popsicle like an old Pro. 

“That’s better.  All you needed was some act right.” 

 As he peered down on her bobbing head.  He grasped it once more.  Impaling her tonsils and stuffing her throat like the bird she was to him.  Angelica’s eyes rolled back into her head once more as she felt the familiar feeling of overwhelming orgasmic bliss shoot through her body.  She hardly noticed the man ripping her dress from her body before he removed his throbbing meat from her drooling mouth!  Slapping it between the crevasse between her breasts.  Which were harder than ever!  The man fucked her breastbone as she coughed and wheezed.  Unable to breathe a full breath due to the oxygen-depriving throat fuck that just ended and the incredibly intense spasms that were shooting what felt like thick streams of her own Lady cum down her legs!   But he wasn’t done. 

He used what was left of her dress to quickly bind her left leg to her right arm somehow before running his tongue up and down the length of her overly delicate shell.  Pushing his index finger into her ass after one wet revolution around it that could hardly be considered a warning!  Oh my God, she thought!  The sensations were incredible!  The way he caressed her cunt with his tongue while probing her ass with his fingers had the young woman writhing in ecstasy!

Being unable to lower her leg and hide her modesty helped Angelica justify her actions since she was no longer in control.  So, when the older man pierced her overly wet fortress.  Spreading her walls and sending her into the longest and strongest orgasm she had since the day of the Locker Room incident!

When she regained consciousness about 50 seconds later.  Her hips were moving instinctively in the rhythm of the man’s deep fuck stick motion.  She jumped as she felt him pulse inside her and struggled desperately to break free!  Being no longer able to resist all she could do was think fast.  Knowing she had to say what she wanted in the right way or else…

“Daddy, please.  Sir.  I know you are about to cum in me but please.  Cum on my mouth!” 

Angelica’s whole body was a delicate bundle of nerves.  Every touch of his hands, tongue, or cock was making her jump.  As the older man placed his wet dick into her mouth once more, she pushed her head down to its base!  Leaving the 1 inch, she needed him to push her head down only before slowly pulling up and feeling the splash of his seed into her mouth!   Just in time she thought!  Though she wouldn’t mind him cumming down her throat or anywhere!  

As the man withdrew his big, brown dick from between her pink lipstick.  He unleashed another massive spurt onto her tits and dress which she now knew was ruined!  But Angelica was beyond caring about such trivial things!  As she licked the rest of his sweet cum from the head of his cock fingering herself.  Cum dripping towards her neatly trimmed pussy and thoroughly exhausted.  All she could think about was….. 

The next morning she didn’t remember falling asleep but, Angelica found herself alone in the man’s room with a mouth that tasted of mouthwash.  She must have willed herself into the bathroom at some point, she reasoned as there was a knock on the suite door.  Thinking it was him.  She bounced up and opened the door without looking and found herself face to face with the past.

“Mr. Thompson?”  

He walked in smiling and closed the door behind him.  Walking towards Angelica’s barely covered body.  

“ Hi, Angelica.  It’s nice to see most of you!” 

Pulling the sheet from in front of her.  A feeble attempt at modesty.  Angelica struggled to rationalize this turn of events.   

“Dad and I were downstairs having Breakfast, and he told me about his freaky escapade last night with a young, trainable slut named Angelica, and I’m thinking?  What are the chances!  Said he had video too.  Imagine my surprise when I saw you!” 

“Your Dad.  You are getting married?” 

“Yes, tomorrow.  To Ms. Joseph.  But you Angelica.  You were the one who got away.” 

Angelica knew one thing for sure.  If Ms. Joseph knew she was alone with Mr. Thompson?  She would probably kill her!  And…no wonder the Old Man seemed so familiar!   She had hardly recovered from the night before when Mr.  Thompson continued.  

“You won’t be the 1st woman we shared Angelica.  But since I know you.  I won’t mince words.  When I leave, I want you to get in the shower and wash our cum off of you like a good girl.  Understand?” 

“Yes, but.” 

“Then.  Then take a Bath.  Order some room service.  Call your Mom.  Job.  Whoever.  Get a massage.  And enjoy your day with Dad.  He is a very wealthy man who raised me all alone after mother died.  She was the only woman he ever fully respected and that was mostly because of me.  A boy.” 

As he spoke, He had moved closer to her.  Tweaking and pulling at her quarter sized areolas and nipples while unzipping his pants.  Once removed, his cock to spring forward and the object of so many dirty desires was right before her eyes.  It was 8 inches, a bit shorter than Dad’s but, thick!  He motioned her forward and instinctively she knew what to do.  Finally, she would get what she wanted!  As Angelica’s mouth closed over the head and looked into his eyes as he continued to speak as if nothing was happening?  She finally felt at peace for the first time since that day. 

“Don’t forget to play with your pussy.  I love when white girls suck my cock while they play with their pussies!” he said. 

“I am half Latina?” she responded. 

When Mr. Thompson grabbed her head and nearly choked her on his cock, it wasn’t totally unexpected.  As he came on her tits before leaving the room?  She felt reasonably confident her weekend would be great with Mr. Thompson Sr!  She agreed to accept the offer to stay the weekend as Mr. Thompson’s Sr.’s plus 1.  But this?  This was just the Beginning.

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