From the back, the man reminded her of her Science Teacher.  The one that she had tried to seduce precisely 10 years ago, to no avail.  Telling him, he was already compromised by returning her hot, unsolicited texts with his own salacious retorts either way.  He was older but, there was no mistaking those lines and that ass!   Mandy had been more than anxious to let him fuck her, and she always got what she wanted!  Especially the older and supposedly smarter faculty in her Private School.  In pretending to be someone else to entrap him Mandy assumed she would gain the upper hand.  And her offer was a simple trade for the grade with a bonus!  Getting her tight snatch getting pummeled in the process and he would never be able to tell a soul.  She remembered like yesterday. 

“My tight, white, pink snatch.” As she raised her skirt over her hip.  Unveiling her pantyless, tightly shaved hole and moist, shiny lips to the light.  For a passing grade. 

The fact that he passed on the chance to invade and use her younger, more eager body was something she Mandy never had forgiven or forgotten.  It had delayed her gratification as well as her dirty schoolgirl fantasy!  Something that had never happened before or since.  But, the way he had turned the tables on her that day left a lasting impression.  Because he laughed. 

“Have you ever handled a Black cock?”

Turning his back to her offer so coolly, she was embarrassed to even speak!  Mandy recalled her legs arching backward and her ass arching into the air at his unexpected, dirty worded response!  As if he had inserted two fingers inside her to tease!  Her other Instructors would have begged for the opportunity to bang her pussy raw!  Her Math A was a result of her letting Mr. Smith go down on her for hours of After-School credit!  Same with the gym and Mrs. Velez.  But she never offered to fuck any other Male faculty member for grades!  She didn’t have to since she was a naturally brilliant student.  It wasn’t her fault that school bored Mandy to distraction!  It was up to her own imagination to find challenges.

“Sit on my desk, Mandy.” He commanded.  “And open your legs wide, so I can see what you are offering.”

Mr. Warren had walked to the door to lock it and was talking to her as he taped paper over the window.  Blocking the view from the Hallway so no one could see in. 

“Samantha, right?  Those text messages from the dirty whore I met online.  That was who you were pretending to be?” 

Mandy had moved closer to the door and gleefully had one leg astride the desk table.  But upon hearing his revelation of knowing her plan, she began second-guessing her initial intentions.  Mandy knew he would be in his classroom because Mr. Warren always stayed late.  Fixated at his desk until right after the first late Bus only Scholarship students ever took home.  If she timed him right, she could be alone with him in a Deserted High School Classroom.  Finally feeling what she viewed bouncing against his Khakhis all Semester!  She had a foolproof plan.  But she needed the bait.

The naked pictures of her Mom were precisely that.  She was built like Mandy but, more mature.  Mom’s Tits were rounder and her Ass, plumper but Mandy figured, that’s what a Black man would probably like.  It wasn’t hard to get them since her Mother was divorced and kept them on her Computer to send to Men for hookups.  She was a horny woman.  Too horny to be alone. 

“Problem is.  I recognized your Mother’s pictures.  I have some others of her I would like to show you.  Hell, maybe even the world.  If you don’t do as I say.  Now on the desk and those legs wide.  I want to see that hot pussy Mrs. Velez is always raving about!”

Turning around, Mandy’s eyes became affixed on the Most Beautiful Black Cock she had ever laid eyes on!  And her 1st in real life!  Startled by its beauty, Mandy hardly heard her Teacher’s words as he helped her onto his desk.  Reaching out to touch it, Mr. Warren smacked her hand and face hard enough for it to sting as her young areolas swelled her 34C’s with blood. 

“You are a student.  Any sexual touching between us would be inappropriate.” He said.

Taking her Reddish blonde hair in her head and pulling her face back, Mandy found her head tilted back while she lay prone on a desk.  Her hands were quickly zip-tied behind her back.  While Mr. Warren put a grasped her neck and pulled out his phone.  Mandy remembered feeling completely helpless as Mr. Warren pulled out his phone and presses a button on his desktop, opening a file of photos that her own mother was the star of! 

There pictures of the two of them together.  In this classroom in the exact same position, Mandy she was in now!  From the look of the classroom, it was probably Parent/Teacher night.  What Mandy had been purposefully doing badly in his class and Mom wanted to know why.  And from the series of pictures that followed, she apparently found out!  Seems as if Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Mandy recalled how wet she got too!  Ashamed at seeing her own mother, sucking her teacher’s cock before she got the chance made her jealous, angry, and hot at the same time!  By the time the Video began, she was absolutely squirming on the desk! 

That was when Mr. Warren stuffed her pussy rudely with a vibrator!  Mandy began to cum all over the hard surface as her eyes never left the screen.  Watching as her Teacher took turns fucking her mother’s pussy and mouth before cumming on her dress!  That was when it stopped abruptly and resumed with more video of her sucking that beautiful black cock!  Mandy kept cumming to the hum of the vibrator.  Smaller than the dick she was looking at but was unable to guess it’s size!  She had no comparables. 

Mr. Warren had grinned at her plight and let the vibrator slide from between the young girls’ legs at the time.  Sitting in his chair, he spoke to her in a way no person ever had.  And she still remembered to this day.

“Your Mother has already secured your grade in exchange for a stern talking to you.  You almost blow your placement and had I been a mean person, I would flunk you.   I had been trying all semester to get your attention when I got your “messages.”  I knew it had to be you since as you see.  I know your mother very well by now.  Do you have anything to say for yourself, before I let her know what you tried to do?

Still startled by the intense vibrations of the electric dildo.  Mandy found herself usually at a loss for words!

“Here is what is going to happen Mandy.  I am going to keep fucking your Mother because she is lonely and your prick. Dad never knew how to properly treat a slut like her.  And by the time you get back from College.  She will be a different woman and, a better mother.  This I promise you.”

Mr. Warren then proceeded to turn the device back on.  Running it up and down her pink lips and sometimes, letting it linger on her clitoris for effect.  His dick sat between his legs in his chair.  Challenging her mouth as it taunted her desire to taste the cool slit on top and cleanse the salty liquid making it glisten in the light.  But that was as close as it got to her body as Mr. Warren didn’t attempt to have her pleasure him at all.  Leaving her confused and questioning her own desirability.  Even as she experienced the most intense Orgasms of her young life! 

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Her body was reddened from the flushes of feeling she was experiencing, mixed with the embarrassment of begging for dick for the 1st time in her life!  Her eyes rolled back as the educator teased her swelling mound for the next hour silently.  Stopping only to pull a gag ball out of his locked desk drawer.  In which she glimpsed more zip ties.  A blindfold.  A pair of handcuffs.  And a couple of thin, metal rulers that were the perfect size for a spanking she thought!  After the ball gag was in place, the Blindfold applied, and Mandy found herself entirely at his mercy!   Mr. Warren resumed his position, seated between her legs as he blew hot air over her oversensitized clit.  Before returning to his slow torture of her barely 18 pussy with his buzzing accomplice.


The door opened, and Mandy was momentarily left alone.  Spread-eagled, vibrator pushed into her pussy on the desk facing the door, so anyone entering would surely see her predicament.  She squirmed as she listened to the whispers.  Unable to only moan her displeasure through the girth of the rubber gag stuffed into her mouth.  The slurping sounds being made she was sure were coming from a lucky woman!  Imagining her tasting the end of Mr. Warren’s cock only made Mandy hornier and, more jealous.  She was incapable of anything other than dribbling her nectar onto the Metal Desk, warmed by her grinding ass and wet from her own youthful mists.  Who was there?  What did they want from her?

The video of her Mother had left her helpless to do anything but comply since she obviously couldn’t tell her what happened?  Would she take her word over a 9 ½ Cock that made her Mother scream?  Would she want to?  From the way, she had licked up his every drop from his balls as Teacher had commanded her to do?  Her Mother was a tough nut to crack.  Fucking many men and never once giving the impression of being submissive to anything!  But she had seen what Mr. Warren had done to her and now, it all made sense!  Her Mother had changed recently.  Calmed down and when she left the house, obviously was going to see Warren!  What were the odds? 

“Close your legs, Mandy?”

The vibrator was still placed firmly between her legs as he tied her ankles together.  Lifting both legs directly into the air, Mandy felt a finger that had to be attached to a woman, circling her previously untouched ass! 

“Get it ready?” Mr. Warren said. 

As the foreign tongue began to circle the hole, sending a spasm of vibration through the teen’s body that would have sent the Dildo flying from in between her legs, had they not been folded so tightly together! 

“Mandy as I said.  You have never handled a Black cock and unlike your mother.  I don’t think you are ready for such things.”

She heard the woman laugh and her tongue briefly left the student ass as the slurping noises resumed.  All Mandy could imagine was the woman was once again swallowing his cock!  When she was supposed to be making Mandy squirm again instead! 

“Have you ever even tasted pussy?”

Mandy could hear the smile as the unknown woman straddled her learned face, removing the ball gag and smothering her tongue so she couldn’t answer!  The fresh smell and moistness of the Woman’s skin was a freshly showered smell.  And Mandy’s tongue darted in and out of it as quickly as she could in an attempt to please and well as a gasp for breath!  And in that exact moment, Mandy felt the plug pushing her insides out, and a wave of Orgasm take over her!  She couldn’t breathe but, didn’t need too!

With both holes filled.  A warm, wet, squishy Vagina rolling around her face, and images of her Black Teacher’s Hot cock fucking her Mom running around in her head.  Mandy was in an impossible position!  Even if it was a pleasurable one.  Her tongue found its rhythm around the pussy by imagining and remembering what her gym teacher had done to pleasure her!  Before long, her tongue was rewarded as the woman splashed her approval into her mouth and across her naked tits!  She recognized the gym teacher’s voice as she said her name.

“I taught you well Mandy.”

 As she thanked her for returning the favor.  The teacher licking her own juices from the prone student’s neck and breasts.  Something Mandy never permitted her to do because after all, Mandy wasn’t gay!  It felt so good!  Soft and gentle.  Unlike the Boys she allowed to lets lick her buds before sending them home with Blue Balls.  Mandy’s legs bucked in the air, clenching her pussy tight in a feeble attempt to keep the slippery mechanical lover inside of her as her ass sent waves through her body she never knew they were possible for any woman to have!   This really was not what she planned! 

The teacher bent to kiss her mouth as Mr. Warren had moved behind her.  Their mouths and tongues upside down in between one another, as Mr. Warren began to move inside the woman Mandy knew was a devout woman lover!  Although she couldn’t see what was going on, she knew Mrs. Velez was being fucked by the Science teacher by the increased moans.  Deeper breaths in between their erotic kisses.  And the description Mrs. Velez was giving! 

“His dick is too big for you Mandy.”

Her hands pinching the young woman’s nipples as she herself was being driven intensely into by Warren’s rigid stick.

“And he fucked your Mom too.  Did he tell you?” Mrs. Velez whispered wantonly into the cumming girl’s ear. 

“Answer her Mandy?” Warren said sternly.  “Describe to her what you saw before she came in.  I want to hear what you remember from your studies.”

So she did.  Speaking in detail as the Gym teacher reached between her legs.  Beginning a circular motion with her fingers around the student’s clit.  Occasionally thrusting three of her fingers into her tight hole while whispering.

“You are going to need more room than that to take this black cock, Mandy.  How is the Blackmail cumming by the way?”

Mandy screamed as the older woman twisted her tiny nipples harder than anything she had ever known!  The pain causing Mandy to shriek and cum simultaneously! 

“Just like her mother.” Mrs. Velez said slyly. 

Mr. Warren with that, picked up his pace and from the motion of Mrs. Velez own tits traveling from Mandy’s open mouth down to her stomach, Mandy felt another wave of jealousy!  She knew she had lost control of at least one of her favorite teachers and now, would probably have to be Mrs. Velez Bitch for the rest of the term!  But to not get teased and not fucked was beyond unfair!  As Mandy came for the final time to Mrs. Velez dexterous hand manipulations.  She felt the shivers from the woman on top of her as Warren completed the after-school session, filling the gym teacher’s pussy with cream!  As the plug slipped from her swollen, gaping ass, Mandy felt the relief of satisfaction fill her young body.  Finally, it was over. 

Mr. Warren leaned over her ear and spoke to her for the Final time that year. 

“We are going to forget all about today except, this vibrator.  It is yours now.  Take it with you to College and use it, whenever you get the urge to fuck one of your Instructors for a grade.  From now on.  You will do all of your Assignments on time and earn your grade that your Mother continues to pay for.  And if you don’t.  I will make the rest of your Senior year a living Hell.”

Flipping her defenseless bottom over his knee.  Mr. Warren spanked her naked bottom with a metal ruler for the next 5 minutes.  Making her repeat how she would act in class.  How she would behave at home with her Mother.  Or what he would do to humiliate them both, exposing what dirty sluts they were to whoever would listen if, she didn’t comply. 

His instructions to keep the Vibrator as a gift.  To keep her from ever considering getting her grades any other way than studies and hard work.  When she thought about one of her schemes.  When she wanted to seduce another helpless man.  Remember what happened the last time you tried it and fuck yourself to sleep.  Wake up, and study.  

Mrs. Velez made her a pussy eater until the end of the school year.  Which helped her get into her Sorority in College.  Where she graduated in 3 years before attending the same Medical School, she was now interning at.  A 4.2 student. 

The man on the Coffee line turned and looked at his former student, only recognizing her from the lustful look in her eyes.  She was older now.  But some students are less forgettable than others.  She smiled like the former schoolgirl she was as she approached him carefully. 

“Hello, Sir.”

Sir was what she called him from that moment on.  He had helped her focus and became the only teacher a woman as brilliant as herself could ever honestly have. 

“Hello, Mandy.  I was very sorry to hear about your Mother.  But I hear you are a Dr. now?”

Mandy’s face blushed he knew so much about her!  Her mother had passed away in a Car accident a couple of years ago.  But she had been a much better mother, and Mandy never said a word about what happened.  How could she?  Besides, what would be the point? 

“Thank you, Sir.  It is amazing what you can accomplish when you are put on the right path.  I hope you are still Single?  I mean a Teacher.”

“Of course to both!  There are few things I love molding more than minds.”

She pressed her mature body against his reflexively, accidentally brushing his manhood in the process of feigning an innocent hug, so she could whisper in his ear.   

“I am back home to sell the house and will be here for a few days.  Stop by tonight.  There is something there I am sure Mother would want you to have.”

Mandy suggestively placed his hand on her breast for all to see, not wanting to waste the opportunity with a misguided innuendo.  The woman behind them both gasped at the inappropriate display of affection.  But Mandy didn’t care.  She had been outside the store for hours, waiting to see him!  She wasn’t going to let the moment pass with doubt. 

“Well.  You never did take your Final.  I will be there at 6.”

“I was thinking 7”

Twisting her nipple slightly he smiled.

“Six it is.”

She hated seeing him. 

Her ex-boyfriend went away from her bed even before leaving for College.  Later, hooked up and married her former High School Best Friend and Lover, Jane.  Little rich bitch with tits who sucked his dick and probably did much more for her ring.  The bitch who married to the man SHE was supposed to marry and save Avery from the tedium of well to do suburbia.  Life wasn’t always fair. 

Her husband was OK.  Fred was reliable, if not exciting.  A very good provider for their baby daughter.  Easy on the eyes and good, if not great in the sack.  Amenable.  Not a love to live for but, not someone you would die to get away from either.  And she had considered suicide on many occasions.  Just not over her marriage.  If it weren’t for her vibrators?  She would probably be dead already.

Fred was successful in his own right and rich like her Daddy before him.  His cock was only seven inches.  And not the nearly as thick as Jerrod’s 10 she had learned upon.  And definitely not cocoa brown like that same stick of chocolate that danced all over her body in her teens!  It only existed in Avery’s best slumbers and daydreams now.  Almost always followed by her most emotional mornings of masturbation followed by a soft tear.  And anger.

Fred was reliable and the consistent lover who surprised her sometimes by helping her cum.  His secretary always came when he fucked her I his office.  But Avery was much more woman than the typical young, dumb pain slut who got turned on by other’s low sexual appetites and opinions of her.  Especially her Bosses.  Avery was a Woman!  A step above the average creature both in and out of Bed.  Even inside of her fragile existence.  She was well learned in the ways of the ultimate fuck and sexual pleasure.  In no small way due to all of those late Afternoons spent riding Jerrod’s chocolate stick!   Avery still called it that.  Even if it was only in her own, dirty mind.  The Husband was just another man who thought he was something that he was not when they first met.  A stud.  By now, he just knew better.

Avery felt as if she was living someone else’s life.  Jane’s to be exact.  She was after all, better looking than Jane.   She knew for a fact no one could make Jerrod cream like her or would let them even attempt to do the things for him she would.  And not because he was going to be a rich star either!  But because she was his!  Jane ruined all of that when she married her man!  Avery hated her now as much as she used to love hanging out with her after Jerrod broke her heart.

Avery knew her trust fund would be more than enough to live off for her entire life.  She inherited her mother’s sexual curiosities and eventually learned the very same abilities she possessed as well.  Even the secrets they never talked about.  Avery had suspected her parents were swingers like many other Parents of children who attended her outwardly conservative Private High school.  Sex wasn’t a big deal in their circle.  Money was.  Avery figured it was a vicious cycle in which outsiders without funds were rarely welcomed into the community.  Meaning the women were left with the available “Circle of cocks” to choose from.  That was what Jane used to say, at least about the wives.  They were women stuck waiting for date nights and a shot at Avery’s Dad.  He of the well-traveled nine inches.  Avery’s mother didn’t mind sharing it as long as the neighborhood girls were up to serving her as well!  They were the Kong, and Queen of the Adult Community and Avery was their progeny.  Watching and masturbating in the shadows at a young age.  Waiting for her turn to be bigger than both.

Jane was a chip off of the old block, for sure!  Utilizing her tongue, Jane could bring any person.  Man or woman.  To a mind-shattering orgasm in moments!  That was after all, how and why they became friends in the first place.  And their mothers before them.  Over the years Avery pieced it all together like a Daisy Chain.  And learned how to gain power through submission.  She was more than anyone knew she was capable of being.  And soon?  She would teach them all.

Avery had been the school’s most beautiful girl!  Homecoming Queen for a record two years and doting girlfriend to the elite school’ athlete/minority scholarship student.  He may have been poor by their standards.  But soon to be Professional Baseball’s 1st pick!  Jerrod Pope.  She always misspelled his name Pipe and called his dick the same.  Memories of High School were still dancing through her head, as they were.

And why not?  It had been the best time of her life!  She dated the Pitcher and sure-fire first-round Draft pick with the 9 1/2 inch black dick that was the first to break the blonde co-ed’s hymen!  It wasn’t the teasing of her own fingers she had grown accustomed to.  This was Exquisite pain followed by the hours upon hours of sexual exploration shared in her Parent’s pool house!  Her hole still creamed when she thought about him plunging Pipe down her throat as he twisted her innocent clit to submission!  Avery never forgot a moment spent underneath him.  Those memories were something she remembered every day she masturbated which was most mornings.  Sometimes twice.  Avery still wasn’t over Jerrod or Pipe.  And definitely would never forgive Jane!  Even if she sometimes begrudgingly remembered her fondly when she touched herself and, especially when she squeezed her left titty.  Jane used to love to squeeze Avery’s more sensitive titty before she bit down hard on her less sensitive left nipple.  That always made Jane cum.  Knowing she knew Avery so well.

Her parents were fully aware of what was happening, when it was happening because of the ‘open door policy’ in their home or in this case?  The pool house.  They were also big-time boosters of the school’s athletic programs who felt it was an honor Jerrod was fucking their daughter so vigorously!  Instead of hitting the rough streets of his own parent’s more modest neighborhood which they were sure was probably pretty rough.  Based upon how he dressed, of course.  They assumed the truck he drove was some sort of illegal gift since his mother worked a lot and they never bothered to ask about his Father.  Both were surprised in discovering both of Jerrod’s parents made six figures and lived where they did by choice.  Wanting to keep their children grounded. 

It was an easy thing for Avery’s parents to assume not knowing much about them.  Knowing probably wouldn’t have changed anything anyway since they wanted to support Avery no matter what!  Their own unrequited fetishes aside.  The right thing to do was provide a safe space to experiment in and make sure Avery had proper Birth control.  Black cock was all over the Internet.  And white girls having babies was a thing Mom researched, just to be informed.  It was a responsible, parental thing to do.  Along with installing a Nanny Cam in the Bedroom, in case something happened that crossed the line between them.    

Avery’s mother would make sandwiches to bring to the young lovers to keep Jerrod’s energy up and be supportive.  There would be protein-laden meals since he was consistently “in training” and needed the additional spunk since Avery usually left him depleted of his own.  Avery would draw a Daily Bath as a result of all Jerrod’s protein induced meals filling her womb to keep it fresh for him.  And sometimes, Avery’s Mom would walk in unannounced to put things in the Fridge.

As time passed, Mom seemed to always come in when Jerrod was about to cum.  A couple of times she witnessed her only daughter.  Mouth full of slick cum sucking Jerrod.  He was always wet with her Daughter’s juices on his young black cock as she noted he usually thrust it in her mouth after he had rammed her pussy good!  While his juice would begin to slip out of the sides of her mouth and either down her chin or onto the bed.  Jerrod would take his choco stick from her suctioning lips and shoot his residual shots onto her white skin.  Covering her body before Avery would dutifully rub it in before taking his choco stick back into her mouth.  Sucking until it was hard again which usually didn’t take very long.

Avery’s tits would be covered in his Cream and by now were almost identical to her Mother’s 36 C’s!  The Nanny Cam allowed Mom to watch and quietly enter to get a closer look at the perfect time.  Watching as her daughter turned away from Jerrod.  Her sticky face and torso pressed into a pillow as her back contorted and ached in ways Mom had only seen in strip clubs or in videos before.  His brown dick pressing against her own baby’s wet snatch!  Spreading apart as Mom tiptoed away from them both.  An exit that usually lasted far longer than the entrance!  One that finally one day was acknowledged by Jerrod himself. 

Avery was wearing a blindfold.  Her legs and arms cuffed together in the air.  Suspended by a wire on a hook neither of Avery’s parents even knew she has installed.  Avery’s Mom came in quietly but, was greeted by a mirror placed in the kitchen wall allowing Jerrod to see her entire walk!

Dick plunging into her daughter who was blindfolded and helpless to see anything else but her own imagination running wild.  Jerrod placed his finger over his lips while locking eyes with Mom before motioning her to come closer for a better look.  His strokes becoming long exits balanced by strokes of Thunder that caused Avery to shake and moan!   Sounds that became louder to her mother as she quietly came closer. 

“Do you like this Pipe bitch?”


The moans of approval luckily had muffled Avery’s mother’s voice mouthing the same!  Jerrod smiled at the woman and harkened her closer as he continued to talk into the vagina of her moistening daughter.

“I’d hate to have your Mother see you like this.”

Slamming his cock in balls deep.  Avery shrieked and came!  Biting her lips as her mother began to feel the side effects of the erotica she was either viewing or now, participating in. 

“No.  She can’t.  Her and those fucking meals.  She wants your choco stick.”

“She does?”

Jerrod smiled as he pulled 9 inches out of his girlfriend and began massaging her pussy lips with his fingers as Avery protested.

“Don’t tease me, baby!”

Mercilously with the last ½ inch.  Jerrod teased both women as her mother could see Avery’s anticipation building.  Also wanting to see the brown wet tip to complete the up close inquiry as much for herself as her daughter! 

“She’s watching us now.”

“No.  No. she isn’t.”

Avery began to squirm as she spoke.  Partially at the pleasure, Jerrod was inflicting upon her by teasing her wanting slit and clit.  He had licked her pussy so good to convince her to agree to this!  It which was something he rarely would do since it wasn’t necessary!  Avery would do whatever Jerrod wanted because of how he made her feel!  And if she didn’t do whatever he wanted?  Some other lucky slut probably would!  That thought was unbearable.

The Blindfold.  The Rope.  Avery knew her Mom perved on them but, she also thought she might think twice before coming in today!  Her Mom knew better than to walk in on this!  Didn’t she.  Avery had spotted her parent’s poorly hidden cameras long ago and didn’t mind being watched at all.  But she hoped her mother wouldn’t take advantage and try to do more than watch!  Which also somehow, mad Avery drip a bit. 

“She’s standing right here next to me.  Staring at my cock as I’m teasing you.”

Avery remembered cumming at the thought of her own mother!  On her knees, beside her watching, as her little girl gets fucked by a Big, teen black cock!  It was so wrong and cliché!  Just like an internet video where the black stud fucks all the women while Dad watches later and jerks off to it!  Avery came more than she ever had as Jerrod moved his dick deeper inside of her womb that day.  Inch by inch until Avery came so hard she fell into a deep sleep!  Pussy gushing onto the mattress!

It wasn’t usual for Pipe to put her into a deep sleep that sometimes could last for hours.  Many times she would awake.  Neatly covered and tucked away after she had once more nodded off after sex.  Mostly though Avery would be left in whatever position she fell asleep in.  Naked and sore.  Pussy pounded into submission.  Her ass still under a pillow and hole soaking wet from Jerrod.  There was no sign of what time he had left.  Her mother always called her from the house when Jerrod left her that way.  Which was how she became suspicious enough to locate the hidden cams!  It was to spare her daughter the embarrassment of sticky skin and the smell of cum at the Dinner table.

Avery always wondered about that day though.  Wondered if Jerrod was just turning her on as he claimed?    Lying about her Mother being in the room with them because he guessed she loved the attention?  Avery wondered if anything else had happened after she had passed out.  How could she know?

“Would you fuck my mother?”

His answer was to stick his thick brown cock deeper inside her while whispering.

“I already have.”

Avery struggled against him that day to loose herself from his grip!  Angry at his answer or the fact she came as she slid back and forth around his throbbing member at the precise moment he confirmed what she already knew!  It was a half-hearted attempt to dislodge herself from Pipe, while wholeheartedly enjoying its boldness inside of her!

Being pulled in closer, feeling her pussy respond with involuntary releases distress in the form of one powerful orgasm after another made Jerrod cum as well!  He was thinking about her mother.  How he convinced her to suck Avery’s joy juice off of his cock while Avery slept right next to them!   Coating Avery’s womb with his warm protein shake while forcing her body to joins in the most intense feeling of her life!  Jerrod had grabbed her tight to his body that day and whispered.

“When I fuck you, and she watches us?  I’m fucking her mind too.  You are opposite sides of the same slut.”

Avery never forgot that moment as another short spurt of cum erupted inside of her womb, giving her a last, small tingle to enjoy.  What girl forgets the moment she falls completely in love?  How fucked up was that?  But she never asked her Mother, and that had been a mistake.

The thought of another woman, especially her own Mother fucking Jerrod drove her mad with lust and passion!  A small crack in her heart grew because young girls with wet pussies tend to become attached.  Avery became equal parts desperate and lost! Being afraid of losing him to someone else cultivated Avery’s jealousy began and eventually drove Jerrod away faster than would have happened naturally.  Jerrod’s father driving home the point a horned out, young, but the crazy rich white girl was not going to be good for him right now and would soon be pregnant if he wasn’t careful.  Besides.  Girls were “Toys to be played with right now.” Was how he had put it.   He told his son to “Find new toys.”  And like that?  They were over. 

What Avery feared in her worst dreams had come true.  Groupies.  Who would do any and everything for him, including share became his new companions.  Avery’s friends and foes alike.  And years later  Jane had become his wife!  It was a hometown success story for everyone, except Avery.  Who was left alone to lick her relationship wounds?

Two years younger than Avery.  Jane had been a good friend back then.  A sounding board who was not quite her peer to talk to.  As Jerrod began to fuck other girls in the Senior Class.  It was in Jane’s car during one of their detecting excursions when Jane first told her she was bi and had a crush on Avery.    Avery also remembered that night like it was yesterday.

Jane ran her tongue inside of Avery’s pussy that night as if she knew her every feeling!  She had been staring at Avery for as long as she could remember!  Even before she could describe what tingled inside of her every time the older girl was near her.  Jane felt as if she knew her because in wanting her so long?  She almost knew what Avery needed.  Kissed.  Touching.  All of the things a woman needs to feel loved.

That one night and the afternoons leading up to Avery’s Graduation.  Her new “relationship” was instrumental in Jane was able to hold it together and even make it to College.  Avery never considered herself to be a lesbian in any sense of the word.  Even though she could notably soak her panties thinking about the way Jane could make her feel just by using her fingers.  They only stopped when Avery went off to College and didn’t keep in touch.  Slightly breaking Jane’s heart in the process. 

Hindsight?  Avery realized the information Jane obtained about Jerrod and her probably helped her get the ring that was rightfully supposed to be hers!  Jane never wanted to see either of them ever again!  For a while.

Avery once lived to feel Jerrod’s cum blasting deep inside of her.  Liked having dinner with her parents while Jerrod’s seed still sat near her stomach and sometimes, slid down her inner thigh and legs.  Imagining their mixed child growing inside of her body.  Wondering what it would feel like growing inside of her became an obsession.  She always wanted him to cum inside of her!  Even when she looked at her own beautiful daughter sleep.  Avery still imagined what would have happened had she been able to control her jealousy and not let Jane take her place!   The 10-year Reunion was sure to be a mixed bag, she thought.  And so was tonight’s Pre-Event gathering at the Steak House. 

Staying in the Pool House for their visit also brought back memories.  The first Blowjob was over in the corner.  Crouched over and bobbing her head up and down clumsily till finally, Jerrod forcefully grabbed her tits and slid his wet cock between them.  Blasting into the air catching her upper lip before landing on either side of her breasts perfectly!  Jerrod then slid his dick across the sticky goo and placed his dick back into her mouth so she could taste his sweet batter for the for the 1st time!  Licking her lips as she stared at the space. 

First Anal.  Her hands tied above her head as she knelt over the back of the kitchen chair.  His greased dick pushing in slow and painfully causing her pussy to spray its approval all over his thighs!  She had no balance, so the only anchor she could use was her tiny, screaming hole wrapped around Pipe.  Hurt so good but, she was happy he only asked her to do that once.  Especially since Avery never could say no to him! 

Fred knew about their past but, was more of a Baseball fan than anything else and was looking forward to meeting Jerrod.   He knew he used to fuck his wife and seriously, didn’t mind.  He was in love with his wife, and the truth only made Jerrod an even bigger man in Fred’s mind.  Knowing how big of a stud his favorite Pitcher was!  The secret desire to see the two of them together was becoming an obsession and knowing it could happen this weekend had him horny all week. 

Avery looked beyond hot for the occasion!  Her dress wasn’t short but, was form fitting and accentuated her curves perfectly.  Her mother was Italian and her father quite tall.  And her Tits were a cup size larger due to her daughter and were now an overfull D-cup.It was as if the entire family contributed to the woman she was today.  Mother of a 3-year-old and Goddess in the Bedroom without a single procedure needed to be steaming hot in a Dress!  The picture of what every woman wanted to be except, she was unhappy.

Fred had encouraged her borderline slutty dress by pretending to be aloof and disinterested.  But secretly, he had been encouraging her competitive nature with well-placed words in conversation while hiding a raging hard boner around his betrothed Avery all week!  To him, she was smoking hot!  He fucked his secretary but, always fueled by the fantasy of fucking his wife!  Something most men started to view as a chore after 6 years of marriage.  But not Fred.

Avery though kept him on a strict ration of just enough pussy to keep him from whining about it.  She despised a man would beg for her attention.  In College, she had learned the Art of whipping and Dominating them.  Evolution cut short by graduation.  For Avery, it was the necessity of not having them touch her more than she wanted them to.  Fred had watched her break weaker suitors before him.  And the rumors about her were out there.  But Fred was determined to not go down their ill-fated path but had discovered marriage was no guarantee of anything more with Avery than the others.  Maybe what he got back was a little less.

Fred knew she wasn’t getting dolled up for him tonight.  The thought of his wife as a would-be seductress to this year’s Cy Young nominee?  It made him rock hard!  The Invitation to dinner had been arranged with him, and the true nature of the gathering kept secret from.  The fact he didn’t tell Avery the true nature of the “mixer” only fueled his weeks-long perversion.  Fantasizing about his wife getting fucked by his favorite player!   

Fred’s poor secretary had a hard week, he thought.  Seemingly being called her into his space almost every hour to feed his carnal desires.  No matter how depraved the thought.  They had spent their time watching Interracial porn online, instead of calling back clients.   With Fred mirroring what they had seen online with her.  It had been the most debasing office sex all week!  The poor young girl’s mouth must be sore from the hours of fellatio under his Oakwood desk.  And not to mention the toys she had agreed to be subjected to by him all week.  For a bonus, of course.  He felt lucky to be able to have a competent assistant who didn’t mind being compensated for sex as well.  Her bonus check this week though, would be huge!

And the things he said?  They made even her blush almost as much as they made her cum!  Fred was pounding her almost 20-year-old pussy sopping wet with both of their juices all week long!  If it wasn’t his dick?  It was the small vibrator he used on her during fellatio.  Too big and she wouldn’t feel him when he did decide to fuck her!  But Jessica had earned the coming time off!

Fred’s 7 inches felt much bigger inside of her than her “Boyfriend’s” 5 inches.  His title.  Her title for him was Bitch. The one advantage to the “fucking your Boss situation” was sometimes?  Jessica left the office somewhat satisfied by him.  She always felt completely used by him.  Having almost crashed driving home twice this week because of the additional burdens Fred placed upon her.  That, and the thought of soon being unemployed.

This week’s fetish meant Fred became especially excited thinking about black “guys.”  Promising a trip to Antigua or Jamaica was his go to this week.  Usually, while his own muscle had been in her mouth.  Particularly, he said, so she could get fucked by huge black cocks that love slutty white tourists.

“Would you be willing to play the part?” he asked.

Usually causing her slit to seep a bit as her mouth to tighten and expand more intensely around his cock muscle.

“You could pretend to be my wife?”

More stickiness would flow from between her thighs.  Imagining herself being touched at the same time and her face, not snug, pressing against Fred’s groin as it was.  Knowing she may not be able to take a larger, thicker man into her throat that way.

“I could buy you a ring for them to cum on?”

Jessica’s eyes shifted up to meet Fred’s at his word.  The intimacy of the moment causing him to jerk a little in her mouth, as she slid her tongue across the backside of his shaft.  Stopping only to circle his shaft with the wetness before leaving behind just enough saliva on the tip so that it glowed against the glare of his computer screen.  Placing her hand around it to jerk swiftly as it erupted into the air.  Onto his chair and only sparsely on the side of her now lipstick smeared cheek.  Before she did as she was told and leaned forward to lick the rest up.  The part that was dribbling slowly out of his slit down, towards his pulsating, shaven balls.

“Mmmmm.  I’d love all of that.”

Her tongue delving under his balls and reaching down, closer to his hole in order to not miss a drop.  Fred’s ass pushing up, into the air as if there were a lover to enter or avoid. 

“I loved that you shaved your balls, sir.”

Continuing her warm, wet assault upon each until moving back to observe him, sitting in his executive chair.  Head tilted to one side and unable to resist a fly!  Her kisses on his cheeks.  Catching the corners of his lips before retreating into the middle of the room to redress and leave. 

Had she plunged her 3 fingers into her pussy, as she would have a year ago in response to the dirty talk of her boss?  She would have failed, twice.    Something the woman never thought about trying before that she was definitely going to research this weekend while she avoided her Boyfriend’s advances.  Something also not hard for her to do.        

Arriving at the Steak House, there was a sparse crowd of cars outside, and the venue appeared lit, but empty.  There should be at least 60 people inside at this hour Avery thought to herself.  But upon entering the empty vestibule, Avery instantly felt a chill.  Until a familiar voice rang out.


Jane rose from the table running towards her and embraced her tightly!  The last time the women had spoken was 5 years ago.  Jane broke the news about her marriage to Jerrod.  And Avery had instantly hung up on her.  At the time Avery wasn’t even aware the two had spent any time together.  The woman had been sporadic lovers over the years too, and it never came up about Pipe being in the picture.  She once was the only woman Jane had ever touched intimately.  Now?  Jane was the last woman Avery wanted to be close to.    

Jerrod stood up from a table behind them and walked up to shake Fred’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, man.  Thank you for making this happen.” He said as Fred stammered.  Awestruck.

“The lucky man himself!

Fred misspoke, but Jerrod’s grin was unmistakable as he turned towards Avery.  Assessing her like a slab of succulent meat to be deboned or in this case?  Boned.  Assessing her dress and what lies underneath with the distinctive eye of a connoisseur.  Amazed at her slightly larger breasts since childbirth and her overripe lips.  Covered in the hint of a pink gloss lipstick.  Almost slutty.  But Avery could make a sack appear irresistible at times.  A fact the 3 other guests knew only too well.   

“Can I have a hug?”

Avery was apprehensive about touching him.  At all.  But was slightly Avery melting under of his familiar, approving gaze.   The anger of seeing either or both of them together in a public setting was not enough to stop her body’s natural urge to embrace them both in a different way.  Until the realization she had been set up and, her husband Fred was complicit in putting her in the room with her two greatest lovers. Her pussy melted at the thought he didn’t know about Jane.  And likewise pissed her off she had married such a gullible wimp!  Even as she was secretly excited, they had gone through so much trouble to meet her before the Reunion.  She mattered to them. 

“Fuck no.  What the hell are you two up to anyway?” 

The words coming out of her mouth surprised the room and Avery herself!  As much as she wanted to wrap her arms and legs around her former lover.  The feelings of betrayal came flying back to the surface in an instance!  And Jerrod’s grin only fueled her fire. 

“Fred.  Let me buy you a drink at the Bar while the Ladies talk.”

“Sure buddy!” 

Fred answered.  Almost breaking into a 10-step jog where the Bartender awaited since Jerrod had bought out the venue for the night.  Jerrod laughed to himself about how smart and sexy his wife was!  Especially how correct she had been about everything she couldn’t possibly understand about the woman he almost broke years ago.  Could this be easier than even she believed? 

Looking over Fred’s shoulder while listening to the man fawn over him was easy for a man of his stature.  Jerrod was much more interested in watching the two women interact at the Bar.  Reading the body language of both while trying to feign interest in Fred’s conversation.  It wasn’t easy since Avery was looking so sexy!  She had fully grown into her body and though she may have considered herself “fat”.  She wasn’t even close.  She looked like the woman in Milwaukee that had knocked on his door after her Husband had “fell asleep”.  And he wondered if she still made the same noises she used to when Jerrod would dig deep inside of her.  Pushing her limits and making her fall in love with him.  Jerrod wondered if she still did.  Wondered if the whole thing wasn’t a big mistake.     

Angelica awoke in a Bathtub full of semi-cool water.  She wasn’t sure how long she had slept that way.  But definitely felt blessed about he God-given floatation devices which possibly had saved her young life.  The events of the past 18 hours had startled and drained her young body to the point of blissful exhaustion.  The nap she had taken could only help her recover part of that, and she was hungry again.

Drying herself off Angelica realized her dilemma.  She had no clothes to leave the hotel in if, she so chose.  The dress she had worn to the encounter had been ripped to shreds and after looking through the closets of Thompson Sr. she remembered how they had met in the 1st place.  The airline lost his luggage!  All she could do was wrap herself inside of the thick, terry cloth robe and wait for someone to come and get her.  Her sore throat ached as the thought crossed her mind, but at least there was TV. 

When Angelica looked towards the door, she noticed an envelope that had been slipped under it with her name on the front in bold letters.  She opened it, finding another key card to a Room on the Top floor and a note that read.

“Go to this suite before 2pm.  You have a massage scheduled you won’t need clothing for.  The table will be ready, and afterward, there are some clothes for you to change into.   Enjoy the afternoon and see you soon.  Sir Sr.”

It was already 1:50!  Mr. Thompson had left her a cum soaked mess at 8:15am!  Angelica slept 3 hours in the tub.  On top of the 8 hours, the night before Mr. Thompson had thoroughly humiliated her.  Rubbing his wet, slimy, but admittedly scrumptious chocolate stick all over her face.  All while having her frig her own pussy so hard?  She sprayed the carpet “like a Dog” he had compared her too!  Calling her “bitch” so much the words ceased to sting, and Angelica had begun to have a sexually symbiotic relationship with the word as the night progressed.  Or at least, her cunny did.

“Like an untrained bitch.  Just spraying all over nice carpet because it pleases her.”

As she rubbed her thumb against her clit and felt her the top of her tits rubbing against his soon to be betrothed brown balls.  All she could do was cum on the carpet!  What girl could resist that!  Afterward, Jr. hadn’t said anything.  His instructions had come during the assault. 

With his thumb stuck up her bum further than anything ever had been.  He told her he couldn’t fuck her this weekend.  It would be “disrespectful” to his wife.  He promised her no pussy this weekend!  And besides…Pops had dibs on her pussy this weekend for fucking!  As she came once more on the carpet Angelica’s mind flashed to Sr. spreading her pink pussy lips and walls as she watched her own expression in the mirror.  Angelica wanted to cum AND pay attention. 

Her tits were swollen with the lack of attention the men had shown them!  Their girth was making her arousal more heightened than usual.  Angelica had come to expect and look forward to mouths, tongues, teeth, and the occasional cock between them.  Her first experiences were boys sucking and licking her overdeveloped breasts sometimes for hours.  That was what the majority of the time spent with them usually!  Her breasts were conditioned for attention.  Angelica was feeling them sensitive to the touch.

Angelica grabbed her purse and headed out the door clutching the keycard in her hand.  The elevator was empty, but she did only stop at the Top floor where there were only two suites opposite one another.  The elevator opened into the Suite, and all she could think about was the room for a weekend was probably more than she made last month!  The Massage table was set in the middle of the suite. 

“Anyone here?” Angelica called out.

“Sure am Sug!  Just take your robe off and lay face down and I will be right in honey.  Just look at the table and lay down accordingly.  Sure you will figure it out.  ”

The woman’s voice sounded so sweet!  The girly part of her perked up at the lightness in it’s touch to Angelica’s earlobes.  It was almost delicate.  And relief from the constant male barking Angelica’s ears endured over the past evening into the early morning.  Not to be confused Angelica hadn’t enjoyed every minute of Sir’s harsh demands reinforced by strong cocksmanship.  But being coddled by a woman was just what she needed before whatever else was going to happen.  Especially since Angelica was content to roll with it.   

Approaching the table, she noticed near the top was a kind of mesh netting that would allow her back relief from her large breasts as she lay on her stomach.  At the bottom lay pouch which she assumed was to center her nipples?  Seemed strange but,  practical to avoid nude nipples through the netting.  Ingenious! 

“This is brilliant!” she spoke into the vast space.  This time getting no response from the Masseuse.  Alicia decided to settle in and relax. 

Her breasts were settled into their sack which allowed them to hang but, offered support as well.  It seemed portable but, the netting was made of a type of metallic substance that felt like a weave of soft chains.  They scratched circles around the young woman’s breasts into her skin.  As her pussy melted slight drips of dew from between her legs.  Just enough to relax her completely.

“Wake up darling.  Someone has been burning the midnight oil.”

The hands on her back were strong but, soft.  Shaping her back by contorting her muscles too and fro.    A small moan came from Angelica’s mouth as her whole body relaxed beneath the woman’s touch! 

“Do you mind if I go a little lower?”


Entirely relaxed by the woman’s touch and soothing voice.  Alicia was ready to play the role of the eager student and experience things usually, she would never.  Opening her legs as an invitation.  As expected and anticipated as the woman’s touch upon her untended garden was.  It didn’t surpass the soothing feeling Angelica felt inside her body!    

“Rich men.  They do love their young things.” 

Angelica couldn’t fully hear what the woman was saying.  When the Maseusse hands cupped her buttocks with oil and worked their way up her back?  She anticipated their silky path back between her pink puffy folds even more.  Legs opening on impulse slightly as the woman’s finger pushed perfectly between them.  Splitting the distance.  Caressing her inner thighs than teasing her tingling bud.  So Angelica opened them a little more.

“I’ve never seen you before.  Have you been working for long?” 

Angelica heard her this time clearly and was mortified by the presumption! 

“What do you mean!” Angelica responded somewhat tartly. 

“Don’t be offended honey.  I know how it is to be young and have the best thing going for me being my body.   I bought a Condo and a Mercedes from ‘giving massages.’  No shame!”

The woman’s hands were on Angelica’s arms now.  Massaging them from shoulder to fingertips as she was now positioned nearly on top of her!  Angelica could feel her breath on her young neck.  Dominating her movements as she pressed her naked tits on top of her!  Angelica froze.  Knowing something was wrong but, open to learning. 

“I’m not a whore.” She said.

The woman pulled back and ran her hands down the length of Angelica’s body.  Stopping at the base of her ass hump. 

“Hands straight ahead.” 

Angelica put her hands forward as the woman walked into her view for the 1st time.  Not wholly, so that Angelica wasn’t able to see the handcuffs before it was too late and look up to see the face of the Bride.  Ms. Joseph sneering up at her! 

“If you are not a whore.  Why did you agree to my husband’s offer to escort his Father this weekend for money?”

The woman’s hair was longer and darker than Angelica remembered.  But there was no mistaking her “about to fuck your world up.” Look she had received the last 10 days of school!  The gym teacher pressed a button on the side of the table that causes the holes in the massage table to start to close!  Angelica found herself trapped by tits being squeezed under the table! 

“What the fuck?”

Ms. Joseph grabbed her left leg and fastened her ankle off of the edge of the table before doing the same with her right leg!   Her attempt to kick the woman made Ms. Joseph laughed.  Clearly, she was the superior woman of the two!  Angelica wouldn’t stand a chance uncuffed!  All she could do was piss off the Bride.

“You signed the personal services contract and agreed to the 1k payment correct?  Consider this the fine print.”

Angelica pressed another button, and the table began to bend beneath her.  Right below Angelica’s pelvic bone.  Dropping her legs, so they hung and barely touched the top of the floor.  She could feel the breeze hit her labia and the wetness of her pussy from her tits being constrained inside their net cage.   It was tough to get enough air in her body for a good scream in this position. 

“Why are you doing this to me!”

Angelica’s voice was mixed with sadness as she felt ashamed at her sudden predicament.  Her 1st thought was she didn’t deserve any of this!  This woman.  These people!  They’re all perverts!  She didn’t ask for any of this. 

“Matt didn’t tell you this morning while you were gobbling his cock like a greedy little cocksucking whore you are?”

The Southern lilt in her voice had charged back in.  This time, with a sweet statement Angelica knew, was partly the truth.  She had eagerly sucked Coach’s cock this morning because she always wanted too!  Circumstance being even sluttier than she had imagined had she still been his student and Angelica had executed her Original plan!  Her nipples hardened at the very thought!  But she knew better than to admit it considering what was happening!

Disrobing in front of Angelica.  She finally laid eyes upon Ms. Joseph’s well-defined body and box for the first time!  Not exactly on her bucket list.  But she had wondered what it looked like as she sucked Coach’s cock.  Her finger speeding in and out of it.  Consider half of her curiosity sated.

 There were marks around the older woman’s hips that looked as if they had come from a lash of some sort.  And a hairless pussy entrance.  Like the ones Angelica saw in the pornos, she watched when Mom didn’t come home from dates.  Always skipping past the girl/girl scenes to get right to the black cock! Angelica sat in a chair directly in front of the younger woman’s mouth before pressing another button which released the younger woman’s tits from their mesh encasement.  They hung free, parallel to the ground and soon to be painfully unsupported! 

“You are going to lick my pussy in exchange for me letting you get away with sucking my future husband’s cock this morning.  Or, I am going to kick your ass and throw you out into the street in the dress you wore here last night.  And because of the personal services contract?  There would be nothing you could do about it.”

Squeezing around Angelica’s nipples and alternating rubbing and pinching them made Angelica moan with pleasure!  As much as the older woman’s sadism scared Angelica shitless.  It played differently to her hardened areola’s.  Which begged to be pinched.  And warm love box.  She momentarily forgot she hadn’t agreed to any of this.  Even as her pussy throbbed beneath her quivering ass at the moment?  All she wanted was for something to relieve the increased throbbing of her clit! 

Angelica didn’t understand it though.  Girls were never anything she had been interested in.  And she had no older woman fantasies.  She never practiced kissing with any girlfriends or found them interesting in any way.  She touched them all of the time to take measurements and never felt anything. 

Angelica felt a sharp pain as her nipples were tied to either side of a string Ms. Joseph tugged at to test her reaction.   Ms. Joseph lay beneath them on the floor.  Beginning with the left nipple.  Then the right.  Before she started to suck the globes, she wanted to touch so many times in the High School shower!  Tugging the rope intermittently until the teacher grabbed her panting mouth and kissed her upside down more passionately than any man ever had! 

“That was for me.  As is this.”

Standing up.  Ms. Joseph grasped her Cat o’Nine-Tails.  Flashing it in front of young Angelica’s face as the woman struggled to stand.  Her tits were loose and if she could manage the handcuffs and overpower Ms. Joseph?  All hope lost as the older woman easily pushed the weakened young whore back into place.  This time.  The circles around her breasts constricted just enough to hold her down. 

“Angelica.  Where do you think you are going?”

Thwack.  Thwack.  Thwack. Thwack.  Thwack.

Her legs beneath her went numb with pain after each stroke.  Her nipples raged to nearly twice their size as the ripples of pain made their way through her body!  After the 5th stroke.  Ms. Joseph stuck two fingers into Angelica’s twat.  Causing her to scream unexpectedly into a mighty Orgasm!  

“Wow.  My husband always said you never really understand a girl until you spank her.  He was right!”

Moving in front of the girl, Ms. Joseph grabbed her hair and smothered young Angelica’s face in her wet pussy.  Dripping in envy having seen her once again teach her student a life lesson.  Grateful Angelica.  Ass sore from the spanking she never knew she needed so much.  Clumsily tried her best to satisfy the older woman!  Putting for enough effort to convince Ms. Joseph to release the girl without a word.

And further, instruct her on the Art of proper cunnilingus on the Suite bed.  Where she could enjoy her Bridal gift from her husband and Father in law.  A partial fair exchange for arranging her sister to entertain the Groomsmen after the rehearsal dinner last week.  Something her sister wanted to do anyway!     

As Ms. Joseph came over the young woman’s mouth for the 3rd time.  Having only had to spank her once with her hand.  And after establishing that from now on if they crossed paths in public.  She could call Ms. Joseph Suge.  All the girls who ate her pussy good like the fast learning Angelica called her Suge, she said. 

“And this way.  Other women like me will know what you are.”

With that.  Suge went down on Angelica’s unsuspecting box better than any boy ever!  Swirling her tongue inside of Angelica’s body in ways she never knew possible!  Leaving her in a contorted twisted mess in what seemed like only minutes.  Legs up.  Squeezing both of her nipples in her hands. 

“You taste like rum..”  Giovanna purred.  “And I needed a shot.”

Walking back over to the bed.  Giovanna kissed the young woman passionately and thanked her on behalf of her husband as well. 

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.  You were such a good learner!” Giovanna began. 

She explained the nature of the two’s relationship.  How they both came from prosperous families with similar ideas towards sex and marriage.  The only differences between the two broods being the race.  It took them a lot of time and planning to get to the wedding stage.  With both families being opposed to one thing or another. 

“So we made arrangements for family members to meet in ways in which they would get along and, it kind of became our thing.”

She explained how what began as family gatherings attended as boyfriend-girlfriend became over the years a chance to hook up friends and family members.  She made it sound as if it just happened naturally.  They became matchmakers/swingers and found sexual roles that allowed the couple to flourish while exploring themselves and, other people.  As long as they weren’t students. 

“You were to be the exception.  We planned on making you our toy right around graduation.  And then you got spooked, and we figured it was for the best.  Strange how you were attracted to my Future father in law.  You came back to us.  Didn’t you?”

Stroking Angelica’s hair as she stared into the wall.  Spent from fucking the 3 of them silly on this sacred weekend!  It was so kinky! 

“There is a Dress Shop in the Lobby.  Go pick an evening dress to escort Mr. Thompson to the Wedding tomorrow.  His wife just died and believe it or not.  You were good for him this weekend.  People know you as a respectable young woman and trust me.  No one will ever say anything different out loud.  Understand?”

“Yes, Suge.”

“Good.  And don’t worry.  You are not the 1st woman they shared.” 

Smiling and thinking about all of the good sex she had experienced.  She figured, why not?  She would do anything any of the three of them asked.  Having lost all sense of time, plan, or responsibility.  She finally felt like a woman.  Free of responsibility of trying to become something or someone she wasn’t sure she wanted to be.  And, it only took being blackmailed and a few good lashes to make things clear!    

Four years later, Angelica walked into the hotel and opened the shop door with her key.  She felt the welt from the lash as it rubbed against the exquisite fabric of her dress.  And the sensation was sending shivers into her groin with each step.  As Manager of the Dress shop, Angelica had to be responsible and get into work.  The raise in pay, along with a generous Boss benefactor allowed her to enjoy more of the finer things life had to offer.  So the silk dress covered her supple body perfectly but gave off a soft silhouette of the sexiest garters and bustiers Angelica had designed herself.  It was very nipple accessible. 

Today, she was training a new employee.  Beth.  A girl Angelica graduated with.  A popular blonde girl with ample curves who went off to study Fashion in NYC.  Her 5’10, 140 lbs being her most significant deterrent to finding work in the Big City fashion industry where healthy asses are discouraged even in the Offices!  After a year of working as a stripper to keep her dreams alive?  Beth had been humbled back home and was looking for work.  A situation Angelica was more than happy to take advantage of.  She smiled as she remembered what she said to her.

“So much experience!”

Snickering under her breath as she knew the internships at numerous Fashion Companies were not going to be as useful as her redacted from resume experiences as a dancer/prostitute in New Jersey.  Pulling tricks to live in Manhattan.  The money spent that night on Beth was about to bear fruit from a flowered tree.  And Angelica wanted Beth to taste every drop!

As she sat in her chair preparing for Beth’s arrival.  She couldn’t help but watch the video of Beth and the two men staying in the Family suite upstairs.  As Beth sucked the white man’s cock.  The black man pounded her white pussy hard from behind!  The drugs on the nightstand and Beth’s howling pleadings for the man to “cum on her face” were the parts Angelica liked best!  It took everything she had not to pull her loose dress up and finger herself!  But would be here any minute and, she didn’t want to spoil the training!   This was the 1st time the family included her in recruiting someone.  And after years of blissful servitude.  She was ready to prove her “value.”  

He reminded her of her Gym Teacher.  Tall, muscled, and brown all over!  Angelica used to give him a hard time about getting dressed for class.  Taking her best shot at him one day while he berated her for it.  In her most courageous voice, she had said.

“If it were about getting undressed.  I would have no problem with it, Mr. Thompson.”

Pushing her 36E breasts up towards her face as she boldly leaned into him.  It was quite a laudable attempt for such an awkward, young non-slutty girl to take!  The former College Basketball star adeptly sidestepped before calling his colleague.  Ms. Joeseph over to join their conversation.  For legal reasons…

The after-school detentions and reps up and down the Football Stadium stairs had a dual effect.  Unlocking a previously undiscovered love of exercise.  And temporarily curing her of her crush on Mr. Thompson!  Ms. Joseph was, after all, overly protective of her “co-worker” which was part of his attraction to Angelica in the 1st place!  She was just young and awkward with her attempts.  She never stood a chance.

Angelica’s last mandated run was cut short because Ms. Joseph disappeared!  Where Angelica found her?  With the teacher’s own smaller breasts attempting to surround what was undoubtedly the biggest dick Angelica had ever seen attached to Mr.  Thompson!

Angelica stood behind the stone wall and watched as the older woman attempted to service the slightly younger, black stud teacher!  Alternating engulfing portions of him into her mouth and between her breasts until finally, Mr. Thompson deposited his spunk into her open mouth before shooting his second shot onto her pinkish breasts and face.  When Mr. Thompson looked up directly into Angelica’s eyes and smiled.  She knew the gig was up!  She ran out as quickly as humanly possible.  Leaving her clothes and bag in the Locker room and running the mile to her back door! 

Angelica remembered the panic of that day as if it were yesterday.  She stripped all of her clothes off.  Sweaty and panicked as much as embarrassed by what she had just seen!  Oh My God!  Her panties were soaked!  She wasn’t sure if it was from the exercise?  Or the thoughts that were running through her head!  All she knew was a sensation shot up her spine as she removed her panties to get into the shower.  Brushing her hand accidentally against her pussy became a revelation when Angelica’s left leg jumped off of the wooden floor in what felt like the famous Orgasm she never experienced with any boy to date.  She steadied her foot but placed her finger between her legs once more. 

The finger on her wet pussy only made the yearning grow stronger.  One finger slipped inside.  Then two.  She hadn’t even locked her Bedroom door as she proceeded to finger fuck her pussy like an angry ex-convict!  Like the guy in the porn, she had watched pound that poor lucky actress into a screaming wet waterfall of an Orgasm!  Thinking about Mr. Thompson cumming on her larger, brown tits made Angelica come harder than she ever had in her short life!  She was lucky her mother wasn’t home yet.

High school was a long time ago now.  A little over a year and Angelica was working as an Apprentice at a Men’s and Women’s Clothing Shop.  She couldn’t afford College anyway and was more interested in getting into Fashion Design.  Maybe even designing lingerie for girls with Big Boobs, like her.  Angelica was at the register when the older man came in and for the 1st time since that day in the school?  Angelica felt a connection.  

Since the day in the High School Gym Locker Room Angelica felt uncomfortable around men.  Though she hid it well. So many thoughts crossed her mind on a daily basis about what she had seen!  The way Mr. Thompson’s dick. More significant than any of the boy’s she had experimented with in school.  Glimmered in the Office lights.  Particularly when wet with Ms. Joseph’s spit and being kissed by her pinkish lips.  Angelica remembered details in Technicolor every time she rubbed one out!  That day had changed her.

She would remember the Gym teacher’s whistle.  The one, the woman, had used to startle her when she first began to climb the stairs before recognizing Angelica was no longer bothered by the task.  Wrapped inside Mr. Thompson’s fist.  Her faculty shirt stretched over her head in an almost demeaning but definitely restrictive fashion.  And though her back was to Angelica.  It was unmistakable the way she had to be fingering herself but, there was a wall that didn’t allow Angelica to see if her bottom was bare or not.  That part always made her wonder. 

 And every evening since? Angelica repeated the same masturbatory ritual.  Running at night until near exhaustion which was easily 5 miles a day now.  And upon opening her Bedroom door?  Fingering her sweet, pink pussy until she almost screamed!  Angelica’s mother was usually out running around since Angelica was 18 and working.  So, it wasn’t much of a problem for Angelica to get comfortably slutty in her self-gratification activities.  

Panties on.  Panties off.  Sometimes half and half and sometimes when Angelica felt especially sexy?  She would just sit on her bed with her leg up because she hadn’t worn any panties all day.  Afterward?  A quick shower and drifting off to sleep.  The boys she used to occasionally fuck? Angelica showed no interest in them anymore.  None of them were as hung as Mr. Thompson.  The goal.  Sex with someone else rarely crossed her mind anymore as she was a very adept crotch watcher/guesser when it came to dick size.  A side benefit of her job.  The ability to understand lines.  A job she was already making a name for herself in without the mess of sex with others.  Things were working out just fine.    

The man at the counter though was old!  Too old for her she thought!  The late thirties?  Maybe forties?  Well built.  His arms looked like perfectly sculpted limbs, and his legs made her mouth water!  Her mouth was stuck wide open as he approached her.  Standing behind the counter planted in place.  Unable to move as he approached the young employee alone as they were alone due to an unusual circumstance.  She was about to go home.  

“I understand you can get me set up in a suit in an hour?” 

His voice was steady but, confident.  Angelica wanted to respond “Not today,” but her voice wasn’t there!  He was handsome but, not so much so she should be creaming down her leg!  

“Are you ok?” he spoke again.  

This time close enough to smell her breath over the counter and peer directly down her high blouse breast encasement.  In wanting to be respected.  Angelica had become entirely chaste in her Dress and appearance to somewhat offset her youth.  But her body worked against her, and his boldness sent a flame to her breast points as he quickly moved back from her personal space.  Smiling as Sir slightly grazed her fingertips to keep them connected.  Was he seducing her?  

“And aren’t you a Beautiful thing.  Relax darling.  I don’t bite.”  He continued.  

As if he would really tell her she thought!  Loosening her tongue to him the 1st time she Professionally responded. 

“And what type of event?” 

“A Wedding.  My son.  He’s getting married in three days, and my luggage got lost in Transit.  So… I need a new suit and shoes.” 

“Not a problem.  Just need to take your measurements.” 

Normally.  Angelica would ask him to wait the half hour until someone else came in.  But Angelica instead locked the door and proceeded to lower the blind on the front door.  Already formulating a plan to get him down to his shorts.  

“Do you mind removing your Cargo Shorts?  Our tailors prefer as precise a number as possible.  And I am not as experienced as the other seamstress.”  

“Is precision that important to you Ms……” 

“Angelica.  Angelica Watson.  Apprentice.  Arms wide.”

Her hands traced the tape measure across his muscular back.  Seems like someone works out!  The words partially escaping her lips as her breasts began to push into the elder man’s back somewhat.  

“Well, Angelica Apprentice.  You will get better at it with the right teacher.” 

Angelica felt her nipples begin to swell into the air.  Longing to be pressed against the stranger’s flesh once again before resisting.  His voice was stern and steady which only turned the young girl on even more.  His stature.  The way he held himself reminded her of someone?  She wanted to touch him. 

His underwear was athletic gear and held a firm ass up like a flag.  Bending down, Angelica pretended to be clumsily and forcefully grabbed the strange man’s leg.  Pressing her breasts against his thigh on her way down “accidentally.”  The man stood firm.  

His cock outline was large and thick beneath his athletic shorts and staring the young temptress directly in the eye as she looked up from her knees.  It looked to be 9 inches and thicker than Mr. Thompson’s but inside of his shorts.  How could she be sure?  

Reaching up to grab it Angelica had forgotten completely where she was.  Never even looking up to see the man attached to the object of her desires reaction as she wiped her tiny hand against it.  Her mouth opening.  Hands pulling the thick knob through its hole into her opened her mouth like a woman being possessed by dick lust!  But she should have looked up.  

“Angelica.  Smile.  I am not comfortable and have not consented to your sexual advances, and you are being recorded.” 

Looking up.  Angelica could clearly see the phone in the man’s hand which he had now turned to face her so that she could see herself about to kiss his throbbing black dick laying in her hand.  Even she didn’t know what to do.  How she ended up after over a year of celibacy.  On her knees at her job.  Mouth open.  About to go to town on the 1st Black Man she ever had been alone within her short life.  Angelica was hoping to see the tape herself! 

Leaning forward.  Angelica gently sucked the man’s cock past her lips before releasing it and swirling her tongue around it for the cinematic license. 

“Fuck it.  If I go viral.  At least it won’t be fake.”  

Placing the warm, long, brown dick further into her wet mouth.  The man put his hand onto the back of her head and pressed it down deeper into her throat than she ever thought possible!  Her mouth filled with saliva that her nose spit out.  Angelica struggled to catch her breath!  For a moment?  She thought these could be her last gasps!  Her mouth was hanging on his dick for dear life as her Brown eyes rolled back some inside of her skull!  The might of her Orgasm, as the strange man pulled her off his cock, was incredible!

Angelica sprawled on the floor fully dressed.  Panties soaked from the powerful orgasm and the thought of her doing something so sexually risky on every level!  A strange man standing there.  Recording her be more concerned with rubbing her crotch than gasping for air!  As he put his Bermuda shorts back on laughing, Angelica thought it wasn’t the first time he had done something like that to a girl!  Humiliated her and laughed!  Angelica found the strength to get to her feet as the man began to pass her by and move towards the door.  

“You.  Young lady.  Can not be trusted alone with a man.  Please let me out.  The door is locked, and I need you to open it.” 

What had just happened?  Why would he or for that matter?  Any man walk away from a blowjob?  He was apparently up for it, so age wasn’t the issue.  And wore no wedding ring on his finger!  Angelica’s pussy wrenched as she saw him staring at her disapprovingly on the floor like a desperate teen slut!  Which was precisely how she felt in the moment and worse!  How humiliating! 

Gathering her weight beneath herself.  Angelica found the strength to stand and walk towards the door.  Her head was down.  Ashamed to think about the consequences of her actions!  Supposed he came back and told her bosses what happened?  They would fire her immediately!  Still, she couldn’t find the proper words to ‘fix’ what had just happened and move on.  As if nothing happened.  In unlocking the door and stepping aside, the man gave her two cards.  

“These are my measurements.”  

Grinning like a Cat that had just fucked the canary.  

“And this is the spare key to my suite.  Deliver my suit at 9pm and don’t be late a minute.  Or I will show your employer this tape slut.”

His last words cut like a knife.  Even if it was true.  She didn’t like being called that word one bit!  Her nipples hardened like her resolve to speak up for herself, but she knew it was useless.  The same thing that had attracted her to him was still there.  Sitting between them like an unspoken truth they immediately understood.  Amplified by the older man’s firm grasp of her right nipple over her shirt. 

“My son told me the area was full of pussy.  Especially young, slutty white girls like yourself. 

“I’m Puerto Rican and Irish.” 

Her interjection had the strange man close the door once more and grasp the other nipple in his free hand even harder!  So hard, in fact, Angelica began to cum again!  Trying to not show herself entirely as she stood looking directly into the man’s face at close range for the 1st time.  He looked and seemed so familiar!  But her eyes closed as her body succumbed to the sensations of pain mixed with the feeling of being completely at his whim!  He could tear off her practical slacks.  Rip off her panties and drive himself into her on the spot and all she would be able to muster would be a ….


“Tits like this?  I believe you.  The hotel Concierge will call later to verify the payment.  I want you to pick out my suit and shoes.  And do a good job because when you deliver it later.  You will be graded.” 

“I can’t.  I have a Boyfriend.” 

Letting go of her titties sent a wave of relief and disappointment through Angelica.  She knew what he had recorded and had a few moments, in between Orgasms to ascertain if the tape got out?  She would be finished. The boyfriend lie was all she could think of.  There wasn’t another opportunity to learn from the ground up without paying significant tuition which, she didn’t have.  And even though her loins ached to have all that meat inside of her young pussy, it was, after all, a small town.  What if someone saw her?  

“How is your Boyfriend going to feel about seeing you suck a strange black cock at work?  You really didn’t think this through.  Did you?” 

The smile on his face.  So fucking familiar!  What was it? 

“Listen.  Bring my suit up to my room at 9 and stay with me for a few hours afterward and I will make this tape disappear.  But I have a few conditions….”

Nine o’clock came and went as Angelica sat in the chair in the strange man’s suite as he requested.  Her hair was in a ponytail.  She wore pink lipstick and a Dress she “borrowed” from the shop.  That was what she was most worried about.  The 450 dollar frock she couldn’t afford to replace that was currently soaking up her sweet pussy syrup as she wore no panties at his request?  Hot from the anticipation of what was going to happen next.  She wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the door opened and in walked the man from earlier with a big grin on his face.  

“You made it!” 

Angelica had agreed because, she fucked up!   But the more she thought about it after reading his information?  The strange man was old enough to be her Grandfather!  But the thought of her sitting in his lap like her own Grandfather only set her back further.  As she imagined herself bouncing on his Big cock and once again, fingered herself to her own pleasure as she was accustomed to.  She took a bath as he ‘requested’ and, was wearing no undergarments beneath the Dress he told her to steal to wear for him.  Well, not exactly.  Before closing the shop door to leave though.  He did say she would look delicious in it!  

The strange man walked directly up to Angelica and gave her the sweetest kiss on the cheek!  Just like her boyfriend’s used to when they wanted to get a fuck or suck.  But what made it sweet was unlike them, the stranger knew she would do anything he asked of her and didn’t have to.  This was all a game.  

“Do you drink?” 

The answer was no, but the nod was yes since she was very nervous about being alone with him and no one else.  It wasn’t as exciting as the morning but, she knew what he was packing!  And through all of the mixed feelings and thoughts the truth was, she wanted that cock!  Putting the scotch on the table in front of her.  The man smiled and asked her 2 questions. 

“Lift up your dress so I can see what you are wearing?” he said calmly. 

Immediately Angelica stood and grabbed the hem of her frock and lifted it above her waist.  Her pussy was almost shaved.  Except for a landing strip, as per his earlier instructions.  Walking towards her the man snatched the dress and roughly pulled the hem past her shoulders.  Covering her face but uncovering her naked glory!  His hand cupped her pussy, causing her to open her legs.  Sir immediately stuffed it with 3 fingers!  Angelica was so wet.  Thinking about what could possibly happen between them they slid right in!  

After pulling them out.  Sir licked the nectar off his fingers which though she couldn’t see with her face covered?  She heard as clear as anything!

“You aren’t here because you were forced.  Are you?” 


“Call me Sir.  Respect your elders!” 

“No, sir.” 

“Your pussy is tight.  I know young, white sluts like yourself usually fuck anything that moves.  But your cunt is tight as a drum.” 

“I told you.  I am only half white.” She responded. 

“That much is obvious with you talking back so much.  I don’t think this is going to work out.”

Walking towards the desk.  He pulled out a 100 dollar Bill and hands it to her.  

“Your tip for delivering and your time. Goodnight.” 

“But…What about the tape?” 

“Gone the moment I left the store.  I only take on the willing, and there was a woman I met that I believe will be a better use of my time while I am in town.  Best of luck and leave the keycard….” 

The next few moments were a blur.  The man removed his trousers and placed his belongings on the opposite side of the Bed.  Away from the door.  Angelica quickly downed the drink.  Not knowing or caring what it was and stared at the 100 dollars on the table.  Was he turning her away again? 

“Do you think I am a prostitute.” 

The smile on his face was concealed by his back being turned to her as he removed his briefs.  His ass was nothing like what she imagined a man of his years would look like!  It was proud and strong and sent another wave through her.  He was utterly unashamed to show her once more what she couldn’t have!  His actions behind her shielded but, so were hers as she approached him in a rage. 

“Fuck you.” 

Her attempt to strike while his back was turned thwarted by his ability to turn and stop the blow!  Her arm in his hand his face turned dark. 

“Bitch.  Who do you think you are?”

At 6’3.  The man towered over her 5’4 frame and as he lifted her off the ground while simultaneously sitting on the bed and dropping her stomach directly onto his knees which temporarily knocked the wind out of the young girl’s body.  Her dress lifted as she felt his large hands land firmly across both of her buttocks!  

Thwap. Thwap.  Thwap.

“You are Latina after all.”  

Prodding her along by pulling her ponytail, Angelica found herself on her knees being forced down onto the man’s Beautiful Black dick once again!  This time, unwillingly so she believed.  Until the tip of his cock on her tongue sent a sensation through her young body that caused Angelica to push its whole length into her still sore throat.  Angelica came a second time that day from sucking this magical cock!  This time though her breathing was steady and sure.  And after a minute.  Her head was free to move up and down his popsicle like an old Pro. 

“That’s better.  All you needed was some act right.” 

 As he peered down on her bobbing head.  He grasped it once more.  Impaling her tonsils and stuffing her throat like the bird she was to him.  Angelica’s eyes rolled back into her head once more as she felt the familiar feeling of overwhelming orgasmic bliss shoot through her body.  She hardly noticed the man ripping her dress from her body before he removed his throbbing meat from her drooling mouth!  Slapping it between the crevasse between her breasts.  Which were harder than ever!  The man fucked her breastbone as she coughed and wheezed.  Unable to breathe a full breath due to the oxygen-depriving throat fuck that just ended and the incredibly intense spasms that were shooting what felt like thick streams of her own Lady cum down her legs!   But he wasn’t done. 

He used what was left of her dress to quickly bind her left leg to her right arm somehow before running his tongue up and down the length of her overly delicate shell.  Pushing his index finger into her ass after one wet revolution around it that could hardly be considered a warning!  Oh my God, she thought!  The sensations were incredible!  The way he caressed her cunt with his tongue while probing her ass with his fingers had the young woman writhing in ecstasy!

Being unable to lower her leg and hide her modesty helped Angelica justify her actions since she was no longer in control.  So, when the older man pierced her overly wet fortress.  Spreading her walls and sending her into the longest and strongest orgasm she had since the day of the Locker Room incident!

When she regained consciousness about 50 seconds later.  Her hips were moving instinctively in the rhythm of the man’s deep fuck stick motion.  She jumped as she felt him pulse inside her and struggled desperately to break free!  Being no longer able to resist all she could do was think fast.  Knowing she had to say what she wanted in the right way or else…

“Daddy, please.  Sir.  I know you are about to cum in me but please.  Cum on my mouth!” 

Angelica’s whole body was a delicate bundle of nerves.  Every touch of his hands, tongue, or cock was making her jump.  As the older man placed his wet dick into her mouth once more, she pushed her head down to its base!  Leaving the 1 inch, she needed him to push her head down only before slowly pulling up and feeling the splash of his seed into her mouth!   Just in time she thought!  Though she wouldn’t mind him cumming down her throat or anywhere!  

As the man withdrew his big, brown dick from between her pink lipstick.  He unleashed another massive spurt onto her tits and dress which she now knew was ruined!  But Angelica was beyond caring about such trivial things!  As she licked the rest of his sweet cum from the head of his cock fingering herself.  Cum dripping towards her neatly trimmed pussy and thoroughly exhausted.  All she could think about was….. 

The next morning she didn’t remember falling asleep but, Angelica found herself alone in the man’s room with a mouth that tasted of mouthwash.  She must have willed herself into the bathroom at some point, she reasoned as there was a knock on the suite door.  Thinking it was him.  She bounced up and opened the door without looking and found herself face to face with the past.

“Mr. Thompson?”  

He walked in smiling and closed the door behind him.  Walking towards Angelica’s barely covered body.  

“ Hi, Angelica.  It’s nice to see most of you!” 

Pulling the sheet from in front of her.  A feeble attempt at modesty.  Angelica struggled to rationalize this turn of events.   

“Dad and I were downstairs having Breakfast, and he told me about his freaky escapade last night with a young, trainable slut named Angelica, and I’m thinking?  What are the chances!  Said he had video too.  Imagine my surprise when I saw you!” 

“Your Dad.  You are getting married?” 

“Yes, tomorrow.  To Ms. Joseph.  But you Angelica.  You were the one who got away.” 

Angelica knew one thing for sure.  If Ms. Joseph knew she was alone with Mr. Thompson?  She would probably kill her!  And…no wonder the Old Man seemed so familiar!   She had hardly recovered from the night before when Mr.  Thompson continued.  

“You won’t be the 1st woman we shared Angelica.  But since I know you.  I won’t mince words.  When I leave, I want you to get in the shower and wash our cum off of you like a good girl.  Understand?” 

“Yes, but.” 

“Then.  Then take a Bath.  Order some room service.  Call your Mom.  Job.  Whoever.  Get a massage.  And enjoy your day with Dad.  He is a very wealthy man who raised me all alone after mother died.  She was the only woman he ever fully respected and that was mostly because of me.  A boy.” 

As he spoke, He had moved closer to her.  Tweaking and pulling at her quarter sized areolas and nipples while unzipping his pants.  Once removed, his cock to spring forward and the object of so many dirty desires was right before her eyes.  It was 8 inches, a bit shorter than Dad’s but, thick!  He motioned her forward and instinctively she knew what to do.  Finally, she would get what she wanted!  As Angelica’s mouth closed over the head and looked into his eyes as he continued to speak as if nothing was happening?  She finally felt at peace for the first time since that day. 

“Don’t forget to play with your pussy.  I love when white girls suck my cock while they play with their pussies!” he said. 

“I am half Latina?” she responded. 

When Mr. Thompson grabbed her head and nearly choked her on his cock, it wasn’t totally unexpected.  As he came on her tits before leaving the room?  She felt reasonably confident her weekend would be great with Mr. Thompson Sr!  She agreed to accept the offer to stay the weekend as Mr. Thompson’s Sr.’s plus 1.  But this?  This was just the Beginning.

Sara woke sore as usual.  The inside of her vagina was convulsing as if the tickler was inside her and her she could feel her nipples being manipulated by the pointed tip of her lover’s tongue.  This was exactly why she always avoided him in the 1st place!

“Do you want me to stop?”

His voice was muffled by her soft nipples between his lips and the occasional nip as he took one between his teeth in an attempt to tease her into something she didn’t want.  But did.  It was waking up in a battle that would determine if she would ever make it out of his bedroom.  Down the flight of stairs and safely into an Uber home.  And so far, she was losing. 

“Have you thought about what you are going to say to your boyfriend?”

“The same thing you will tell your wife probably?”

Alex smiled and imagined Sara telling him every detail of what transpired between them last night.  Complete with the extra sensual blowjob she had given him as well as the way she screamed when he teased Sara with his cock mercilessly!  The way she had agreed to let him cuff her ankles to each bed post while he had licked and fucked her pussy to sleep as they had planned.  And how she fell asleep in his arms, despite plans to be home by 12!  Alex wife was used to such tales and even liked to hear them while she licked his long black cock!  But Alex knew that wouldn’t work for Sara!  Her spouse was a horny man.  Not a dick whipped lover. 

“I have a better idea”

The sensuous kiss was tempered by the feeling of his fully blown cock, blasting into her pussy full force before being pulled back to the outer rim of her wet morning cunt.  One more thrust was all that was needed to start Sara’s natural springs to flow and temporarily derail her departure!  By the time Alex wife silently walked in and began licking them both from the edge of the bed, Sara knew she wouldn’t get home for at least another hour or two!  She was always a ‘feelings’ girl who went with what felt good over what she should do.  So it was no surprise she ended up in this situation after all.  Legs spread and her own juices spread over the bedroom floor! 

“Janine will come with you to explain.”

Sara had been friends with Alex for at least a year online.  But this had been the first time the two had ever met, and of course, she had gotten carried away.    Sara wondered if her relationship could bear the weight of her infidelity since she honestly hadn’t intended what had happened to happen.  Her relationship was based on love and mutual trust which she had just betrayed, more than sex!  What else could it be built upon considering how she made their living as a successful but somewhat overworked Cam model.  She came all of the time for a living!  But lying to her boyfriend about where and what she was doing last night was not a part of that at all.   

“Don’t worry honey.  My hubby is a brilliant man, and you are a sweet prize.  Things will work out.”

Janine was stunning!  A beautiful dark-haired Italian woman with a body made for sin!  Her D cups and round ass were fuller than Sara.  Who was taller and held a slender build.  She was actually the type of woman Sara usually hated.  The type her boyfriend salivated over on the Internet instead of watching her!  Big tits and a useful mouth which Sara was also aware of.  Under any other circumstance, there would be no way she would even attempt to bring a strange woman who looked like her home!  But under the circumstance as strange as it all seemed.  It made sense.

“Were you there all night?”  Sara asked.

Wondering how any woman would be so amenable to her husband’s lover under any circumstance!  Sara was not like that at all? 

“No.  I just got in and jumped in.  I had my own hookup last night.”

“Really?” Sara asked.

“Yes.  Really.  Alex told me he was meeting you, so I made my own plans.  Why?  Does that seem strange to you?”


Sara paused a moment before continuing.  Considering she needed her to verify the crazy story they were about to tell about lost wallets, a stolen phone, and a Good Samaritan before continuing. 

“I would never share my man willingly.  Especially one like Alex!”

The older woman smiled at Sara as she continued to drive towards Sara’s home.  She had watched her show online with Alex, and she was just the type of woman they enjoyed together many times.  Bisexual just because she was orgasmic to the touch. 

“Well, sweetie.  I hate to break it to you but, all men cheat.  So you share whether you want to or not!” 

Sara felt her temperature rise a bit as she imagined her Robbie with Janine.  His cock wasn’t as big as Alex and would possibly be smothered by her ample tits, that Sara didn’t have.  But she was sure there would be immediate interest as soon as he laid eyes on this woman in her 30’s!  And strangely, Sara felt jealous despite all she had experienced with Janine’s husband! 

“That’s different, and you know it!”

“Is it?”

Janine smiled as she patted the younger woman on the thigh as she spoke.  Her second pat on the leg was more of a caress that ended with her forcing the younger woman’s skirt up and legs open!  Her clitoris resting on the nub of her finger as Janine somehow gripped the nub tightly. 

“Young bitches always thinking you know everything.”

Janine pulled the car over to the side of the road and began to mount her.  She looked into Sara’s eyes knowing what was next.  She was a fan as well and also wanted time alone with her!  Pressing her boobs into Sara’s face, Janine ground her pussy and weight into Sara’s unsuspecting leg as she watched her moan in delight!  No matter how angry Janine’s words had made her.  She was still a wet slut to the touch!  And now she knew it wasn’t exclusive to men! 

“Hubby and I are mostly monogamous.  But we both have our sweet tooths.”

Sara writhed under the weight of her manicured fingers and it seemed as if the woman controlled her whole body with two fingers!  Sara’s mouth wrapped around the woman’s oversized nipples as both her hands grasped either side of her oversized breasts!  She could feel how strong she was as Janine seemed to carry no fat on her body beyond her globes.  She was being dominated by her much in the same way she had been the night before by her husband!  Both times, she felt helpless to resist her own desires to cum, which she did as quickly as during any broadcast!  But unlike the broadcast, after she came Janine stopped fingering her snatch!  The viewers never did. 

“Maybe you should just leave the panties in the car and clean yourself up.  They are a dead giveaway now.” She smirked as she spoke. 

Janine laughed and rolled back behind the wheel and sped to the address Sara had given.  Barely listening to the GPS as she sped onto her block.  Sara for her part, looked at her intently wondering where she had learned that!  She had always been with guys!  And her boyfriend was actually only her 3rd in her 20 years!  The sensations and eroticism of Janine’s hard kisses lingered on the tip of her tongue like licorice!  Red licorice!  She wanted to ask her to turn the car around. 

“Can we go back to your house?”

The words came out of her mouth reflexively.  Sara usually felt this way when she masturbated.  Fuck!  Truth was Sara Masturbated because no person could make her feel this way!  Sure, the boys helped her cum!  But they couldn’t do so for hours at a time like her collection of Dildo’s and Vibrators!  Sara was always looking for another Orgasm and her instincts told her they were behind her.  Not in front of her at home!  Her body was on fire and knew where the biggest available hose was!  Sara was in no mood to argue. 

“Sorry.  Can’t sweetie.  You need to check-in, and we can’t ruin your relationship.  No.  We won’t be responsible!  Buckle up!”

As much as Sara hated Janine right now, she knew that she was right!  Her mother had told her to be responsible when she moved in with Robbie.  She was at a delicate age when hormones can explode, and adult choices can lead a girl to make mistakes.  And she would know having been married 3 times and currently living with two younger men in her family home.  Sara sat back and decided to lose the panties as suggested and prepared to suck Robbie off to help verify her story.  Or make him care less. 

Robbie was sitting on the front step when the pulled up in the Late Model Corvette, and his eyes opened wide as Sara stepped out of the passenger side of the car.  He didn’t look angry at all.  More petrified at the sight of the two woman’s arrival!  Frozen to the spot as they approached and Sara spoke. 

“I had the worst night Robbie!”

Janine smiled and winked at him over her shoulder as the young couple embraced on the front step.

“Where were you?”

Sara retold the story nearly flawlessly!  She had never lied to Robbie before about anything, ever.  Not how she felt about him when she was just a schoolgirl crushing on him.  Not about her feelings for her ex which was now, ancient history.  And especially not about her job as an Internet performer.  The last being what allowed them to live together so young while Robbie completed his studies.  But then again, there had never been a reason.  She ended it with.

“I have been up all night.  I need a shower.  I’ll call you Janine!”

With that, Sara ran into the house and jumped into the shower, hoping Robbie hadn’t smelled the sex on her!  Her pussy was still fluffed up from the car ride home!  And feeling naughty, she wanted to get in front of the camera to pay some bills!  If Robbie took lies so quickly she wondered why wasn’t she doing it more often?  As she soaped her clit and felt her small, swollen nipples, her job took on a different perspective.  It was now her 3rd favorite activity.  Behind being fucked by Alex and dominated by his wife, Janine!    

“And that is what happened!”

Janine reaffirmed the story with Robbie as Sara ran into the house and towards the bathroom.  A tale accepted grudgingly knowing Janine had him under her thumb! Janine grabbed the young man’s crotch and pressed her Double D’s across his extended cock through his shorts and felt the short spurt as it convulsed against their heft.  A feeling Robbie was also familiar with.

 To disclose what he knew about the tale to be untrue would mean telling on himself!  Knowing he had spent most of the night with Janine at a local Motel doing exactly what she liked in exchange for the best tit-fuck Robbie never could have with Sara’s smaller B-cups.  Sara also paid the rent.  Which allowed Robbie to amass his toys.  There was no advantage to pressing the issue since he had been eating his Boss Janine out for the past year!  It took six months to get his dick between her tits, and though Sara’s ass was perfect, Robbie had a thing for MILF’s with big tits!

It all worked because Alex had a thing for sluts with unlimited sex drives!  And a wife who promised to let him have his hearts desires!  Janine was an older, more experienced seductress and cocksucker who had the beautiful breasts Robbie always wanted!  So love be damned, Robbie had no good choices! 

Janine glanced around the neighborhood briefly before pulling his shorts to the side and working the tip of his dick into her mouth!  Anyone could have seen them as she briefly worked his young cock in the middle of the afternoon. The home was best defined as an extended Cottage with 4 rooms total and neighbors extremely close-by.  But Janine lived across town and didn’t care who saw her gobbling his 7 inches on the step!  In fact, she hoped someone did before he coated her mouth with his white nectar!  It took less than a minute for it to happen too. 

“In case you decide to give her a hard time.”  Laughing in her head at the unintentional pun. 

“Sara planned on blowing you, so I figured.  Why not make it interesting?  You decide whether to make her beg.  I get the feeling she’s not the type to take a soft penis on her boyfriend well.”

Sara tucked the wet dick pack in his jeans and jumped at the jolt of energy it had provided!  She knew Alex would fuck her good while she told this story!  Maybe even go back in time and paddle her ass!  And if he did, Sara would be next! 

“So where was she?  Really?”

The Corvette backed out of the Driveway and Janine yelled her response. 

“The same place I expect you to be at 7 tomorrow night.”


Camille kissed her boyfriend and told him that she loved him which in a form was the truth.  She would be working late tonight.  In leaving the apartment in the same manner as any other day, except an hour earlier Chad would have no reason to believe she would be lying to him.  It was a big presentation day.  There was no purpose in questioning what had become the most steadying relationship of his young life.  They were solid, and that was all that he knew. 

Men, for the most part, had always disappointed Camille.  Promising big rewards and providing slim margins.  At least in the business world, she could see the disappointment coming and turn a profit!  What she wanted at the time was what he wanted so for Camille’s plans things were almost perfect.  She was affectionate towards her fiancé as her lover had convinced her it was ok to feel something for them both.  Chad still had the perfect girlfriend and future wife for him in Camille and was a lucky man to live with such a stunningly beautiful and smart woman.  She didn’t bother him to spend time or for attention, as he built his career either which was a plus.  She had accepted him the way that he was.

When they first met, it was a cerebral match the two represented that brought them together.  Right age, right looks. Camille who was smoking hot but reserved and mostly cool to life.  Her rare appearance of sexiness was of the few and far between category, and enough to impress the men in Chad’s circle to whom superficial things mattered most.  The image was the thing. 

At the time, a steady man was acceptable for Camille as sex was a trained afterthought.  The ignition flames from a few licks of Chad’s tongue between her thighs that had ignited the few encounters between them faded than stopped long ago.  The suggested reason was fatigue and a busy work schedule, so it was as if they were already an old, married couple.  The drunken night spent after two pedestrian dates, when every dirty desired deed and wish was granted by the other had been entirely forgotten by him.   

Camille denied herself the growing impulses she felt for licking and sucking cock with Chad instead,  saving that part of herself for others.  Her mother had convinced her that no man wants a whore for a wife and her father had proved it by divorcing her.

Camille always felt guilty for not telling her father sooner about what she knew and saw with her own eyes but instead tried to gain his approval by becoming the opposite woman her whore mother had proven to be.  Stephen was bringing something out of her the young woman believed her mother probably understood well.  Her panties became moist with shame just thinking what she allowed him to do to her!  Camille played with herself recounting chances she had taken with him.  She barely recognized herself those days or even now, squeezing her clitoris so hard she didn’t see the men in the truck beside her watching her intense rubbing and driving technique.

She had slipped her panties off as soon as she got to the side of the vehicle.  Stepping out of them one heel at a time before bending down straight legged to collect the conservative undergarments as one of her male neighbors watched the micro dress she barely wore rise above her toned ass.  The marks she had explained away to unsuspecting Chad as being seated uncomfortably for an extended period of time exposed as they lay across her tanned from lying on Stephen’s veranda bottom.  Leaning into the car, Camille retrieved a clear lotion from the center console and poured it into her hand as she stood outside the vehicle.  Placing her leg inside the open door, Camille leaned forward slightly before rubbing the liquid into the cracks and crevices of her hot bottom in a circular motion.  Her finger paused momentarily before she pressed it up, into her moist vagina briefly and applied that juice as well.  Camille looked over her shoulder and into his eyes before fully entering the vehicle, noticing a tent forming in the previously unseen neighbor’s shorts when she looked directly into his gaze and smiled.  Camille waved at him as she drove away. She may need his help one day when Chad wasn’t around she thought.  One never knows about anything these days. 

She was meeting Chad’s boss about becoming a client, and she was prepared to close.  Her secret lover was opening many new doors, and in purchasing the PR Firm, she worked for, had inserted her as the new CEO.  How he was able to get her old boss to stay on and take her orders, she wondered about but hadn’t got around to asking yet.  Not caring about anything past her journey.

The meeting was being held in a private suite at 11am at the Marriot usually reserved for Cocktail events or pre-Bachelor parties.  Stephen had made all of the arrangements.  She didn’t head to the office and was expected to check into a separate suite in the hotel for an 8 am the massage.  Camille would have preferred to prepare for her presentation which she had just completed, not just expecting to be given the business!  She wanted to earn it the right way despite Stephen promising that she would be given that chance.  But only if she did things his way, without questions.  The last part being entirely against her nature as gossip was an integral part of who she was.

She had arrived at the room and done as he said.  Disrobed entirely and waited for the masseuse to enter.  She wore the plush white robe over her body and thought about the presentation being set up downstairs by her former boss, Andrew.  He had always been such a prick as a boss, and now, he was the one taking her shit!  She wondered what her lover had over him and wanted to know how he had completed the takeover so adroitly, but the knock on the door interrupted the useless questions.

“We are here for your massage.” 

The tall, married couple walked into the suite with the male laying out the massage table and a separate, smaller table which he began to place various items on.  His wife proceeded to introduce themselves to the woman as she was surprised to see them together.  She had never seen a pair of masseuses and was instantly uncomfortable with the arrangement. 

“I’m Jane.  And this is my husband Jim and this note, I believe this for you Camille.”

She handed Camille the letter and proceeded towards the bathroom closing the door as Camille hardly noticed women.  Her husband, Jim, however, Camille did notice continued to prepare.  Even smiling at her softly.  What a hunk!  She almost thought Jane was going to introduce him as Tarzan!  He was tall, around 6’4 with huge hands and from what she could see from his immodest slacks, a dick that matched his proportions!  Camille was unaware there would be two of them which made her more unsure about the situation despite knowing it was too late to make another decision.  Having a strange, large, aroused man who could take her by force anytime he chose in such close quarters might not be for the best.  All she had been thinking about was Stephen’s hard dick and the dirty deeds he wanted her to complete for him.  Knowing Tarzan’s fit wife who could kick her ass was just behind the door poised to catch them wasn’t ideal.  She had almost forgotten the note Jane had handed her as the possible scenarios ran through her mind were this visit under different circumstances!  She opened the envelope deciding to get a grasp of the situation before asking them to leave so she could do things her way. 


     I wanted you wholly relaxed and prepared for the day, so I asked my personal masseuse Jane to help.  I don’t want you burdened with concerns about your meeting this morning and command you to turn yourself over to Jane and Jim completely as you have done for me.  They are there for your pleasure.  I don’t have to explain it is all a part of our arrangement.  Enjoy.


Jane opened the bathroom door as Camille finished reading her last sentence, holding a pair of handcuffs bound together with a foot long chain.  She wore a bikini now which accentuated her toned/muscular physique.  He black hair was a contrast to her husband’s blonde locks and now loosened to her shoulders.  She turned towards her husband and nodded, and his shirt was lifted above his head, revealing his similar physique to hers.  She turned to Camille and spoke. 

“I need you to lie on the table face down, and please extend your arms.”

Camille had hoped that her lover Stephen would stop by for a quickie but hadn’t expected anything like this!  She looked at Jane directly before dropping her head, symbolically acknowledging the woman’s dominance as she moved onto the table.  Her hands were then bound loosely by the cuffs, and Camille immediately felt Jim’s oiled hands across her back as his fingers magically erased her tensions.

 For 10 minutes, the man touched her in ways Camille had never before experienced!  His hands were adept at finding all of her tense muscles, making her whole body weak to the touch!  She had almost forgotten the cuffs underneath her head or the other woman in the room as her eyes closed and fell into a massage induced sleep.  Wondering if she would awaken in time for the presentation until she was jolted awake by Jane’s hand caressing her inner thighs as a lesbian panic set in on Camille. 

“Open them.”

Camille had never been with a woman or given it much thought before now.  Sure, girls hit on her, but she had seen her mother sucking her friend’s pussy once in the kitchen and knew it was a big part of her mother being a whore.  The thought crossed her mind as she widened her legs and the woman inserted her fingers into her moistened vagina gently, as she would.

She felt the table drop inward and was temporarily startled as her legs touched the ground!  She was bent over now and attempted to stand before Jim, standing above her head grabbed her handcuffs in the middle, stopping her immediately. 

Her eyes were staring directly at the naked Adonis colossal dick!  It had to be 11 inches and was almost as wide!  He grinned at her, pressing a button on the side of the table, folding the top of the table, so there was nothing for Camille to lean on.  His wife had her legs in between Camille’s, and she knew better to attempt to close them even as the woman manipulated her towards orgasm.  She was completely under their control! 

Jim released her hands, allowing her to bring them down before grabbing her hair and pushing her mouth onto his dripping cock.  She gladly ran her lips across his precum, savoring the taste while her head was pushed further onto this enormous rod!  She wanted Stephen’s dick, but Jim’s was delicious on her tongue right now!  She wondered how it would feel inside her, tearing her walls apart as Jane adeptly moved her fingers across her inner walls, simultaneously circling the palm of her hand across her mound!  Camille could feel the intense orgasm building inside of her and was ready to burst when Jim lifted her mouth off of him.  The combination of her saliva and his precum clung to the side of her face as she gasped for breaths of air but wanting to scream for more!  She had forgotten about everything except her own happiness and need to get off which was how her lover had planned things to go. 

“Bring her to me hubby.”

Camille was stood up by Jim grasping the chain between the clasped cuffs,  He held them above her head, so she was forced to walk on her toes to avoid being dragged into the bedroom.  She wanted to run to the king-sized bed instead of Camille feeling the cuffs cut into her flesh as she was pulled along, heightening her arousal by being so easy and defenseless.  Jane slapped the woman once she arrived on the bed by her husband’s hand as if reading her whorish thoughts.  Camille came a little as she felt the blow from the healthy amazon woman, but didn’t understand what she had done wrong.   

“So you think you can just suck my husband’s cock without asking permission you slut.  Just because whores like you think you deserve a real man’s dick?”

She whispered into Camille’s ear while her husband stood behind her.  Rubbing his horse dick around Camille’s slick vagina in a circular motion which only served to arouse her again. 

   “But you don’t. Not yet.” Jane snarled.

Jim walked forward and placed the head of his cock directly in front of both Camille and Jane.  Camille instinctively opened and move towards it only to have her hair yanked back roughly by Jen. 

“Horny sluts like you need to learn to be patient.  Ask properly.”

With that, Jane proceeded to deep throat her husband’s massive hard-on adeptly, swallowing the whole thing in one attempt!  Camille watched in awe as the woman released the member and kissed Camille on her soft, gasping lips.  Their tongues and tastes intermingled as Camille felt the lingering bitters of her own pussy on the woman’s tongue. 

Jane looked at her as if she knew what Camille was thinking and placed her husband’s cock back into Camille’s waiting mouth.  She rubbed her own body against Camille, sliding down until her head and tongue rested between Camille’s waiting, wet slit.  Camille had never imagined a woman could make her feel so good!  Her body shook and convulsed as images of her hungry mother, hands on their neighbor’s nipple squeezing as Jen now held hers in her hands now were awash in her mind!  And while sucking the Camille hungrily to orgasm after orgasm! 

Jim was holding her head in both hands now and began to cum in her mouth as Camille nearly choked yet continued to swallow despite her own cries of pleasure!   Jane stopped licking Camille long enough to release his cock from the struggling woman’s mouth and aim the rest of his load onto Camille’s waiting, naturally tanned breasts.  Jane licked the C cups clean before placing her mouth over Camille’s, allowing the woman to savor the flavors before pushing Camille onto her back to recuperate!  Jim stood and released the cuffs.  Kissing her wrists after the couple collectively dressed and began to exit, leaving the table on the floor. 

“About the presentation which by the way was moved back to 1 pm.  Stephen wants me to come back alone this to make sure you are awake and help you prepare. And don’t worry dear, I have a keycard.”