Camille kissed her boyfriend and told him that she loved him which in a form was the truth.  She would be working late tonight.  In leaving the apartment in the same manner as any other day, except an hour earlier Chad would have no reason to believe she would be lying to him.  It was a big presentation day.  There was no purpose in questioning what had become the most steadying relationship of his young life.  They were solid, and that was all that he knew. 

Men, for the most part, had always disappointed Camille.  Promising big rewards and providing slim margins.  At least in the business world, she could see the disappointment coming and turn a profit!  What she wanted at the time was what he wanted so for Camille’s plans things were almost perfect.  She was affectionate towards her fiancé as her lover had convinced her it was ok to feel something for them both.  Chad still had the perfect girlfriend and future wife for him in Camille and was a lucky man to live with such a stunningly beautiful and smart woman.  She didn’t bother him to spend time or for attention, as he built his career either which was a plus.  She had accepted him the way that he was.

When they first met, it was a cerebral match the two represented that brought them together.  Right age, right looks. Camille who was smoking hot but reserved and mostly cool to life.  Her rare appearance of sexiness was of the few and far between category, and enough to impress the men in Chad’s circle to whom superficial things mattered most.  The image was the thing. 

At the time, a steady man was acceptable for Camille as sex was a trained afterthought.  The ignition flames from a few licks of Chad’s tongue between her thighs that had ignited the few encounters between them faded than stopped long ago.  The suggested reason was fatigue and a busy work schedule, so it was as if they were already an old, married couple.  The drunken night spent after two pedestrian dates, when every dirty desired deed and wish was granted by the other had been entirely forgotten by him.   

Camille denied herself the growing impulses she felt for licking and sucking cock with Chad instead,  saving that part of herself for others.  Her mother had convinced her that no man wants a whore for a wife and her father had proved it by divorcing her.

Camille always felt guilty for not telling her father sooner about what she knew and saw with her own eyes but instead tried to gain his approval by becoming the opposite woman her whore mother had proven to be.  Stephen was bringing something out of her the young woman believed her mother probably understood well.  Her panties became moist with shame just thinking what she allowed him to do to her!  Camille played with herself recounting chances she had taken with him.  She barely recognized herself those days or even now, squeezing her clitoris so hard she didn’t see the men in the truck beside her watching her intense rubbing and driving technique.

She had slipped her panties off as soon as she got to the side of the vehicle.  Stepping out of them one heel at a time before bending down straight legged to collect the conservative undergarments as one of her male neighbors watched the micro dress she barely wore rise above her toned ass.  The marks she had explained away to unsuspecting Chad as being seated uncomfortably for an extended period of time exposed as they lay across her tanned from lying on Stephen’s veranda bottom.  Leaning into the car, Camille retrieved a clear lotion from the center console and poured it into her hand as she stood outside the vehicle.  Placing her leg inside the open door, Camille leaned forward slightly before rubbing the liquid into the cracks and crevices of her hot bottom in a circular motion.  Her finger paused momentarily before she pressed it up, into her moist vagina briefly and applied that juice as well.  Camille looked over her shoulder and into his eyes before fully entering the vehicle, noticing a tent forming in the previously unseen neighbor’s shorts when she looked directly into his gaze and smiled.  Camille waved at him as she drove away. She may need his help one day when Chad wasn’t around she thought.  One never knows about anything these days. 

She was meeting Chad’s boss about becoming a client, and she was prepared to close.  Her secret lover was opening many new doors, and in purchasing the PR Firm, she worked for, had inserted her as the new CEO.  How he was able to get her old boss to stay on and take her orders, she wondered about but hadn’t got around to asking yet.  Not caring about anything past her journey.

The meeting was being held in a private suite at 11am at the Marriot usually reserved for Cocktail events or pre-Bachelor parties.  Stephen had made all of the arrangements.  She didn’t head to the office and was expected to check into a separate suite in the hotel for an 8 am the massage.  Camille would have preferred to prepare for her presentation which she had just completed, not just expecting to be given the business!  She wanted to earn it the right way despite Stephen promising that she would be given that chance.  But only if she did things his way, without questions.  The last part being entirely against her nature as gossip was an integral part of who she was.

She had arrived at the room and done as he said.  Disrobed entirely and waited for the masseuse to enter.  She wore the plush white robe over her body and thought about the presentation being set up downstairs by her former boss, Andrew.  He had always been such a prick as a boss, and now, he was the one taking her shit!  She wondered what her lover had over him and wanted to know how he had completed the takeover so adroitly, but the knock on the door interrupted the useless questions.

“We are here for your massage.” 

The tall, married couple walked into the suite with the male laying out the massage table and a separate, smaller table which he began to place various items on.  His wife proceeded to introduce themselves to the woman as she was surprised to see them together.  She had never seen a pair of masseuses and was instantly uncomfortable with the arrangement. 

“I’m Jane.  And this is my husband Jim and this note, I believe this for you Camille.”

She handed Camille the letter and proceeded towards the bathroom closing the door as Camille hardly noticed women.  Her husband, Jim, however, Camille did notice continued to prepare.  Even smiling at her softly.  What a hunk!  She almost thought Jane was going to introduce him as Tarzan!  He was tall, around 6’4 with huge hands and from what she could see from his immodest slacks, a dick that matched his proportions!  Camille was unaware there would be two of them which made her more unsure about the situation despite knowing it was too late to make another decision.  Having a strange, large, aroused man who could take her by force anytime he chose in such close quarters might not be for the best.  All she had been thinking about was Stephen’s hard dick and the dirty deeds he wanted her to complete for him.  Knowing Tarzan’s fit wife who could kick her ass was just behind the door poised to catch them wasn’t ideal.  She had almost forgotten the note Jane had handed her as the possible scenarios ran through her mind were this visit under different circumstances!  She opened the envelope deciding to get a grasp of the situation before asking them to leave so she could do things her way. 


     I wanted you wholly relaxed and prepared for the day, so I asked my personal masseuse Jane to help.  I don’t want you burdened with concerns about your meeting this morning and command you to turn yourself over to Jane and Jim completely as you have done for me.  They are there for your pleasure.  I don’t have to explain it is all a part of our arrangement.  Enjoy.


Jane opened the bathroom door as Camille finished reading her last sentence, holding a pair of handcuffs bound together with a foot long chain.  She wore a bikini now which accentuated her toned/muscular physique.  He black hair was a contrast to her husband’s blonde locks and now loosened to her shoulders.  She turned towards her husband and nodded, and his shirt was lifted above his head, revealing his similar physique to hers.  She turned to Camille and spoke. 

“I need you to lie on the table face down, and please extend your arms.”

Camille had hoped that her lover Stephen would stop by for a quickie but hadn’t expected anything like this!  She looked at Jane directly before dropping her head, symbolically acknowledging the woman’s dominance as she moved onto the table.  Her hands were then bound loosely by the cuffs, and Camille immediately felt Jim’s oiled hands across her back as his fingers magically erased her tensions.

 For 10 minutes, the man touched her in ways Camille had never before experienced!  His hands were adept at finding all of her tense muscles, making her whole body weak to the touch!  She had almost forgotten the cuffs underneath her head or the other woman in the room as her eyes closed and fell into a massage induced sleep.  Wondering if she would awaken in time for the presentation until she was jolted awake by Jane’s hand caressing her inner thighs as a lesbian panic set in on Camille. 

“Open them.”

Camille had never been with a woman or given it much thought before now.  Sure, girls hit on her, but she had seen her mother sucking her friend’s pussy once in the kitchen and knew it was a big part of her mother being a whore.  The thought crossed her mind as she widened her legs and the woman inserted her fingers into her moistened vagina gently, as she would.

She felt the table drop inward and was temporarily startled as her legs touched the ground!  She was bent over now and attempted to stand before Jim, standing above her head grabbed her handcuffs in the middle, stopping her immediately. 

Her eyes were staring directly at the naked Adonis colossal dick!  It had to be 11 inches and was almost as wide!  He grinned at her, pressing a button on the side of the table, folding the top of the table, so there was nothing for Camille to lean on.  His wife had her legs in between Camille’s, and she knew better to attempt to close them even as the woman manipulated her towards orgasm.  She was completely under their control! 

Jim released her hands, allowing her to bring them down before grabbing her hair and pushing her mouth onto his dripping cock.  She gladly ran her lips across his precum, savoring the taste while her head was pushed further onto this enormous rod!  She wanted Stephen’s dick, but Jim’s was delicious on her tongue right now!  She wondered how it would feel inside her, tearing her walls apart as Jane adeptly moved her fingers across her inner walls, simultaneously circling the palm of her hand across her mound!  Camille could feel the intense orgasm building inside of her and was ready to burst when Jim lifted her mouth off of him.  The combination of her saliva and his precum clung to the side of her face as she gasped for breaths of air but wanting to scream for more!  She had forgotten about everything except her own happiness and need to get off which was how her lover had planned things to go. 

“Bring her to me hubby.”

Camille was stood up by Jim grasping the chain between the clasped cuffs,  He held them above her head, so she was forced to walk on her toes to avoid being dragged into the bedroom.  She wanted to run to the king-sized bed instead of Camille feeling the cuffs cut into her flesh as she was pulled along, heightening her arousal by being so easy and defenseless.  Jane slapped the woman once she arrived on the bed by her husband’s hand as if reading her whorish thoughts.  Camille came a little as she felt the blow from the healthy amazon woman, but didn’t understand what she had done wrong.   

“So you think you can just suck my husband’s cock without asking permission you slut.  Just because whores like you think you deserve a real man’s dick?”

She whispered into Camille’s ear while her husband stood behind her.  Rubbing his horse dick around Camille’s slick vagina in a circular motion which only served to arouse her again. 

   “But you don’t. Not yet.” Jane snarled.

Jim walked forward and placed the head of his cock directly in front of both Camille and Jane.  Camille instinctively opened and move towards it only to have her hair yanked back roughly by Jen. 

“Horny sluts like you need to learn to be patient.  Ask properly.”

With that, Jane proceeded to deep throat her husband’s massive hard-on adeptly, swallowing the whole thing in one attempt!  Camille watched in awe as the woman released the member and kissed Camille on her soft, gasping lips.  Their tongues and tastes intermingled as Camille felt the lingering bitters of her own pussy on the woman’s tongue. 

Jane looked at her as if she knew what Camille was thinking and placed her husband’s cock back into Camille’s waiting mouth.  She rubbed her own body against Camille, sliding down until her head and tongue rested between Camille’s waiting, wet slit.  Camille had never imagined a woman could make her feel so good!  Her body shook and convulsed as images of her hungry mother, hands on their neighbor’s nipple squeezing as Jen now held hers in her hands now were awash in her mind!  And while sucking the Camille hungrily to orgasm after orgasm! 

Jim was holding her head in both hands now and began to cum in her mouth as Camille nearly choked yet continued to swallow despite her own cries of pleasure!   Jane stopped licking Camille long enough to release his cock from the struggling woman’s mouth and aim the rest of his load onto Camille’s waiting, naturally tanned breasts.  Jane licked the C cups clean before placing her mouth over Camille’s, allowing the woman to savor the flavors before pushing Camille onto her back to recuperate!  Jim stood and released the cuffs.  Kissing her wrists after the couple collectively dressed and began to exit, leaving the table on the floor. 

“About the presentation which by the way was moved back to 1 pm.  Stephen wants me to come back alone this to make sure you are awake and help you prepare. And don’t worry dear, I have a keycard.”   

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