She wore the dress he asked her to despite having laughed at his request uncomfortably. Red and short with matching heels in a combination she’d never imagined wearing together before out of modesty.  A plunging neckline accentuating her cleavage perfectly balanced the sterling silver necklace dangling and shimmering in the evening light.  Coating the cavern between her breasts with glitter caused the woman to tingle to the touch as she just envisioned her future lover’s tongue devouring them.  Grazing her thigh with her left hand but resisting the temptation to masturbate. He had known what she would be thinking and cautioned her not to.  As if they were already of one mind. 

He even knew what her thoughts would be as she typed the address into the GPS.  Sure, she had memorized the directions!  But her mind had been wandering all day, and she wasn’t about to take a chance on getting lost.  It was so unlike her to act this reckless manner, disregarding consequence.  But he made her feel a certain way about things.  Added perspective and color to the sky and the world that held it, so she thought, why not?

The vision of the wanton woman reflecting she resembled but had never known excited Camille.  Was she really moistening at the thought of letting a strange man fuck her any way he chose?   She was thinking of herself as a sex object and not the complete woman she was inside.  Allowing her brilliance to be usurped by the eroticism of her sexual self.  Camille was finally doing as her girlfriends suggested she try many times, living in the moment. 

With new things come new sensations.  The dampness of anticipation between her thighs or the thoughts that accompanied it.  Never before experienced they made the woman feel as if she were someone else!  Thinking about his hands, large and strong.  Taking liberties that no man, not even her fiancé had taken with her. Not that she would have minded if he had and spared them both this experience of lust by being more into her than he was.  Camille’s awakening had not been as much as unceremoniously brought to life by another man.  She just didn’t know if she should feel guilty about it.  Being turned on as she was. 

Her stride became longer in the heels as she reminisced. The feeling of his fingers caressing her thighs despite her inaudible objection.  How his hand had stopped moving right beneath her pulsating vagina or she would have surely erupted to the touch!  Was that lucky?  She remembered her hand placed on his slacks as she grasped his large cock.  Him pulling her close until her breasts were pushed and pressed hard against his open mouth.  How her blouse had unbuttoned without her ever noticing she was in such a state.  His hands were everywhere now!  Caressing her neck before bringing her face to his and fucking her pussy with his fingers so adeptly she came standing directly in front of him in her conservative workwear!  She felt like a dirty librarian as Camille powerless to stop him from taking her then or now.  So she figured she might as well enjoy it.

He had disappeared as quickly as he said that he would. Leaving Camille alone to return to her unknowing co-workers and loving beau. Wet from the excitement of what transpired in a dark room.  A secret no one had seen.  She begged her fiancé to make love to her that night, but he wouldn’t, or couldn’t.  Either one not mattering to the woman beyond ‘no’.   So Camille had fucked herself to sleep distraught knowing she would keep her secret and her lover knowing her future husband would never satisfy her after that day.

“Good evening and glad you could make it!” Stephen announced.

Stepping out of the darkness of the room and into the light of her brown eyes, Camille could see the smile radiating across his face. The light refracted off of his brown skin and devilish grin.  Carrying a bottle of wine in one hand and two glasses in the other, Camille could feel her warm olive skin glistening as he drew closer, and her body functions began to rebel against her conscience thoughts of calm.  Neither hoping nor knowing if it would be a long night.  Camille was just excited to see him again and this time, with no distractions.

Kneeling before her he set down the bottle of wine directly under the chair. His arms were muscled and capable of crushing her! The thought excited her to no end as she attempted once again decipher her desires from her feelings to no avail.

“This is a dark wine. Not expensive but intense.” He calmly announced to his captive audience of one.

The chair no longer as cold or uninviting as waves of excitement now seemingly mixed with the heat from this beautiful man she never really knew!  Setting down the glass to her left she noticed the red hue of the wine off of the light of the candle.  He poured with his right hand while his left hand perused her lower leg.  His hands in continuous motion they seemingly never rested.  But his voice, calm and slow to the wind.  Once again, he had taken liberties and invaded her darkly guarded space without her having a choice or objection.  She only wanted what was coming to her now.  His finger continued this time.  Sliding up the center of her moistness until momentarily encircling her clitoris. 

“Drink,” Stephen suggested as his hand latched onto her thigh, pulling Camille’s entire frame forward.

Camille reached for the glass which he playfully pulled away from her.  Wanting and receiving the desired reaction.  Stephen smiled before providing the libation and eliciting a shy grin from the horny woman as he hands her the glass.  Her legs placed over his shoulders she leans back into position as Stephen parts her pussy with his dexterous tongue. Camille feels the time slow as she sips her wine wondering where he has been all of her life! 

His tongue was magic!  Licking her sticky sweet fold with purpose and skill!  Such pleasure she never knew existed unleashed in an orgasmic torrent!  His lips were kissing their way up towards her face and locking upon her lips. The flavors of Red and Camille intermingles she kissed him deeply.  Clutching and grabbing his body in the way he had her that night. Strongly and sure. At that moment, she was no longer lost.

“Before I could ever ask you to be with me” Standing and pausing for effect now. “It would only be right I give you good reason!”

His manhood now directly in front of her face Camille found herself entranced in a moment that was seeming to last forever! Clit throbbing to the point of explosion as she thought about her man. Her future Husband and indifferent lover never made her feel this way!  She thought and felt intensely while her soon to be lover’s words sang out to her like music.

Reaching down and grabbing the second glass off the floor this man stood above her. Hovering and inspecting as he circled around her slowly.  Looking for the right vantage point to reach into her carefully constructed outfit.  He had told her before his feelings on people behaving in the manner which they would like to be treated. So as his hands coupled each of her breasts the intrusion sent a jolt through her body.  The woman’s will to resist him lost completely as her wetness built once more into the gentle relief that being with Stephen allowed her. Knowing how much he desired her while realizing she never truly had been satisfied by any man before yesterday.  It was almost as humbling as being reduced to a shivering satisfied cheating slut she now felt she was becoming.

Camille now held her empty glass in her extended hand unsure of what to do next.   He caught it on her last finger before it fell to the ground and poured her another.

“Drink.” Camille did so this time without pause.

The hands returned to her breasts forcefully. Both nipples hardened and pained as she felt Stephen’s tongue once more devouring the dew drops with artful licking and biting. Skillfully removing the dress in a manner she could have not expected but was relieved when done. Not knowing what was happening to her or how Camille found herself entering into a separate zone of consciousness. Indifferent to everything as her new lover continued to tease her clit to the point of insanity and exhaustion!

Lifting her legs by the thighs from her comfortable chair she realized she may have underestimated his strength!  She was not accustomed to skillfully being maneuvered onto a lover’s cock like Stephen was doing!  With each step moving his engorged cock deeper inside of her.  Her vagina walls were contracting and grasping at him desperately despite t being stretched to their limits!  Stephen stroked his lover carefully and skillfully, allowing her to become accustomed to him.  He was a patient lover.  Detailing as her body shook uncontrollably with each stroke of his shaft. He would have his way with her another time he thought.  Candace was hooked on his sex now.  She wouldn’t deny him anything he knew as he smiled and looked into Camille’s well-fucked face and eyes.  There would be no turning back. 

As he lifted his 9 inches of dick out of her, Camille was experiencing a daisy chain of orgasms!  It was the first time felt a part of something or someone ever.  She delighted in the euphoria of the never experienced moment. Wishing only that she could show Stephen how much he changed her world!  How much she loved being here with him! 

Placing her mouth around Stephen’s dick before he could suggest it was not what she normally would have done with what’s his name.  She couldn’t remember her fiance’s name!  But she was well past thinking when she “allowed” him to fuck her face with a fury that had not shown in his prior lovemaking.  She actually found herself enjoying being used for sex instead of money and felt herself change the moment he pulled out, cumming all over her makeup.  Camille felt one last mind shattering orgasm as he shot his last load between her sore to the touch tits, seemingly cooling them down.

Camille wondered how she was going to break off the engagement at such a late date.  Or even if she should since her Fiancé would probably never notice anything different!   Stephen had told her things that they would do and she hadn’t believed him.  He also said she could have the best of both worlds as long as he could call her by definition, cheating slut.  Which she knew she now was for him and would not give up without showing him what he would lose. 


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