Angelica awoke in a Bathtub full of semi-cool water.  She wasn’t sure how long she had slept that way.  But definitely felt blessed about he God-given floatation devices which possibly had saved her young life.  The events of the past 18 hours had startled and drained her young body to the point of blissful exhaustion.  The nap she had taken could only help her recover part of that, and she was hungry again.

Drying herself off Angelica realized her dilemma.  She had no clothes to leave the hotel in if, she so chose.  The dress she had worn to the encounter had been ripped to shreds and after looking through the closets of Thompson Sr. she remembered how they had met in the 1st place.  The airline lost his luggage!  All she could do was wrap herself inside of the thick, terry cloth robe and wait for someone to come and get her.  Her sore throat ached as the thought crossed her mind, but at least there was TV. 

When Angelica looked towards the door, she noticed an envelope that had been slipped under it with her name on the front in bold letters.  She opened it, finding another key card to a Room on the Top floor and a note that read.

“Go to this suite before 2pm.  You have a massage scheduled you won’t need clothing for.  The table will be ready, and afterward, there are some clothes for you to change into.   Enjoy the afternoon and see you soon.  Sir Sr.”

It was already 1:50!  Mr. Thompson had left her a cum soaked mess at 8:15am!  Angelica slept 3 hours in the tub.  On top of the 8 hours, the night before Mr. Thompson had thoroughly humiliated her.  Rubbing his wet, slimy, but admittedly scrumptious chocolate stick all over her face.  All while having her frig her own pussy so hard?  She sprayed the carpet “like a Dog” he had compared her too!  Calling her “bitch” so much the words ceased to sting, and Angelica had begun to have a sexually symbiotic relationship with the word as the night progressed.  Or at least, her cunny did.

“Like an untrained bitch.  Just spraying all over nice carpet because it pleases her.”

As she rubbed her thumb against her clit and felt her the top of her tits rubbing against his soon to be betrothed brown balls.  All she could do was cum on the carpet!  What girl could resist that!  Afterward, Jr. hadn’t said anything.  His instructions had come during the assault. 

With his thumb stuck up her bum further than anything ever had been.  He told her he couldn’t fuck her this weekend.  It would be “disrespectful” to his wife.  He promised her no pussy this weekend!  And besides…Pops had dibs on her pussy this weekend for fucking!  As she came once more on the carpet Angelica’s mind flashed to Sr. spreading her pink pussy lips and walls as she watched her own expression in the mirror.  Angelica wanted to cum AND pay attention. 

Her tits were swollen with the lack of attention the men had shown them!  Their girth was making her arousal more heightened than usual.  Angelica had come to expect and look forward to mouths, tongues, teeth, and the occasional cock between them.  Her first experiences were boys sucking and licking her overdeveloped breasts sometimes for hours.  That was what the majority of the time spent with them usually!  Her breasts were conditioned for attention.  Angelica was feeling them sensitive to the touch.

Angelica grabbed her purse and headed out the door clutching the keycard in her hand.  The elevator was empty, but she did only stop at the Top floor where there were only two suites opposite one another.  The elevator opened into the Suite, and all she could think about was the room for a weekend was probably more than she made last month!  The Massage table was set in the middle of the suite. 

“Anyone here?” Angelica called out.

“Sure am Sug!  Just take your robe off and lay face down and I will be right in honey.  Just look at the table and lay down accordingly.  Sure you will figure it out.  ”

The woman’s voice sounded so sweet!  The girly part of her perked up at the lightness in it’s touch to Angelica’s earlobes.  It was almost delicate.  And relief from the constant male barking Angelica’s ears endured over the past evening into the early morning.  Not to be confused Angelica hadn’t enjoyed every minute of Sir’s harsh demands reinforced by strong cocksmanship.  But being coddled by a woman was just what she needed before whatever else was going to happen.  Especially since Angelica was content to roll with it.   

Approaching the table, she noticed near the top was a kind of mesh netting that would allow her back relief from her large breasts as she lay on her stomach.  At the bottom lay pouch which she assumed was to center her nipples?  Seemed strange but,  practical to avoid nude nipples through the netting.  Ingenious! 

“This is brilliant!” she spoke into the vast space.  This time getting no response from the Masseuse.  Alicia decided to settle in and relax. 

Her breasts were settled into their sack which allowed them to hang but, offered support as well.  It seemed portable but, the netting was made of a type of metallic substance that felt like a weave of soft chains.  They scratched circles around the young woman’s breasts into her skin.  As her pussy melted slight drips of dew from between her legs.  Just enough to relax her completely.

“Wake up darling.  Someone has been burning the midnight oil.”

The hands on her back were strong but, soft.  Shaping her back by contorting her muscles too and fro.    A small moan came from Angelica’s mouth as her whole body relaxed beneath the woman’s touch! 

“Do you mind if I go a little lower?”


Entirely relaxed by the woman’s touch and soothing voice.  Alicia was ready to play the role of the eager student and experience things usually, she would never.  Opening her legs as an invitation.  As expected and anticipated as the woman’s touch upon her untended garden was.  It didn’t surpass the soothing feeling Angelica felt inside her body!    

“Rich men.  They do love their young things.” 

Angelica couldn’t fully hear what the woman was saying.  When the Maseusse hands cupped her buttocks with oil and worked their way up her back?  She anticipated their silky path back between her pink puffy folds even more.  Legs opening on impulse slightly as the woman’s finger pushed perfectly between them.  Splitting the distance.  Caressing her inner thighs than teasing her tingling bud.  So Angelica opened them a little more.

“I’ve never seen you before.  Have you been working for long?” 

Angelica heard her this time clearly and was mortified by the presumption! 

“What do you mean!” Angelica responded somewhat tartly. 

“Don’t be offended honey.  I know how it is to be young and have the best thing going for me being my body.   I bought a Condo and a Mercedes from ‘giving massages.’  No shame!”

The woman’s hands were on Angelica’s arms now.  Massaging them from shoulder to fingertips as she was now positioned nearly on top of her!  Angelica could feel her breath on her young neck.  Dominating her movements as she pressed her naked tits on top of her!  Angelica froze.  Knowing something was wrong but, open to learning. 

“I’m not a whore.” She said.

The woman pulled back and ran her hands down the length of Angelica’s body.  Stopping at the base of her ass hump. 

“Hands straight ahead.” 

Angelica put her hands forward as the woman walked into her view for the 1st time.  Not wholly, so that Angelica wasn’t able to see the handcuffs before it was too late and look up to see the face of the Bride.  Ms. Joseph sneering up at her! 

“If you are not a whore.  Why did you agree to my husband’s offer to escort his Father this weekend for money?”

The woman’s hair was longer and darker than Angelica remembered.  But there was no mistaking her “about to fuck your world up.” Look she had received the last 10 days of school!  The gym teacher pressed a button on the side of the table that causes the holes in the massage table to start to close!  Angelica found herself trapped by tits being squeezed under the table! 

“What the fuck?”

Ms. Joseph grabbed her left leg and fastened her ankle off of the edge of the table before doing the same with her right leg!   Her attempt to kick the woman made Ms. Joseph laughed.  Clearly, she was the superior woman of the two!  Angelica wouldn’t stand a chance uncuffed!  All she could do was piss off the Bride.

“You signed the personal services contract and agreed to the 1k payment correct?  Consider this the fine print.”

Angelica pressed another button, and the table began to bend beneath her.  Right below Angelica’s pelvic bone.  Dropping her legs, so they hung and barely touched the top of the floor.  She could feel the breeze hit her labia and the wetness of her pussy from her tits being constrained inside their net cage.   It was tough to get enough air in her body for a good scream in this position. 

“Why are you doing this to me!”

Angelica’s voice was mixed with sadness as she felt ashamed at her sudden predicament.  Her 1st thought was she didn’t deserve any of this!  This woman.  These people!  They’re all perverts!  She didn’t ask for any of this. 

“Matt didn’t tell you this morning while you were gobbling his cock like a greedy little cocksucking whore you are?”

The Southern lilt in her voice had charged back in.  This time, with a sweet statement Angelica knew, was partly the truth.  She had eagerly sucked Coach’s cock this morning because she always wanted too!  Circumstance being even sluttier than she had imagined had she still been his student and Angelica had executed her Original plan!  Her nipples hardened at the very thought!  But she knew better than to admit it considering what was happening!

Disrobing in front of Angelica.  She finally laid eyes upon Ms. Joseph’s well-defined body and box for the first time!  Not exactly on her bucket list.  But she had wondered what it looked like as she sucked Coach’s cock.  Her finger speeding in and out of it.  Consider half of her curiosity sated.

 There were marks around the older woman’s hips that looked as if they had come from a lash of some sort.  And a hairless pussy entrance.  Like the ones Angelica saw in the pornos, she watched when Mom didn’t come home from dates.  Always skipping past the girl/girl scenes to get right to the black cock! Angelica sat in a chair directly in front of the younger woman’s mouth before pressing another button which released the younger woman’s tits from their mesh encasement.  They hung free, parallel to the ground and soon to be painfully unsupported! 

“You are going to lick my pussy in exchange for me letting you get away with sucking my future husband’s cock this morning.  Or, I am going to kick your ass and throw you out into the street in the dress you wore here last night.  And because of the personal services contract?  There would be nothing you could do about it.”

Squeezing around Angelica’s nipples and alternating rubbing and pinching them made Angelica moan with pleasure!  As much as the older woman’s sadism scared Angelica shitless.  It played differently to her hardened areola’s.  Which begged to be pinched.  And warm love box.  She momentarily forgot she hadn’t agreed to any of this.  Even as her pussy throbbed beneath her quivering ass at the moment?  All she wanted was for something to relieve the increased throbbing of her clit! 

Angelica didn’t understand it though.  Girls were never anything she had been interested in.  And she had no older woman fantasies.  She never practiced kissing with any girlfriends or found them interesting in any way.  She touched them all of the time to take measurements and never felt anything. 

Angelica felt a sharp pain as her nipples were tied to either side of a string Ms. Joseph tugged at to test her reaction.   Ms. Joseph lay beneath them on the floor.  Beginning with the left nipple.  Then the right.  Before she started to suck the globes, she wanted to touch so many times in the High School shower!  Tugging the rope intermittently until the teacher grabbed her panting mouth and kissed her upside down more passionately than any man ever had! 

“That was for me.  As is this.”

Standing up.  Ms. Joseph grasped her Cat o’Nine-Tails.  Flashing it in front of young Angelica’s face as the woman struggled to stand.  Her tits were loose and if she could manage the handcuffs and overpower Ms. Joseph?  All hope lost as the older woman easily pushed the weakened young whore back into place.  This time.  The circles around her breasts constricted just enough to hold her down. 

“Angelica.  Where do you think you are going?”

Thwack.  Thwack.  Thwack. Thwack.  Thwack.

Her legs beneath her went numb with pain after each stroke.  Her nipples raged to nearly twice their size as the ripples of pain made their way through her body!  After the 5th stroke.  Ms. Joseph stuck two fingers into Angelica’s twat.  Causing her to scream unexpectedly into a mighty Orgasm!  

“Wow.  My husband always said you never really understand a girl until you spank her.  He was right!”

Moving in front of the girl, Ms. Joseph grabbed her hair and smothered young Angelica’s face in her wet pussy.  Dripping in envy having seen her once again teach her student a life lesson.  Grateful Angelica.  Ass sore from the spanking she never knew she needed so much.  Clumsily tried her best to satisfy the older woman!  Putting for enough effort to convince Ms. Joseph to release the girl without a word.

And further, instruct her on the Art of proper cunnilingus on the Suite bed.  Where she could enjoy her Bridal gift from her husband and Father in law.  A partial fair exchange for arranging her sister to entertain the Groomsmen after the rehearsal dinner last week.  Something her sister wanted to do anyway!     

As Ms. Joseph came over the young woman’s mouth for the 3rd time.  Having only had to spank her once with her hand.  And after establishing that from now on if they crossed paths in public.  She could call Ms. Joseph Suge.  All the girls who ate her pussy good like the fast learning Angelica called her Suge, she said. 

“And this way.  Other women like me will know what you are.”

With that.  Suge went down on Angelica’s unsuspecting box better than any boy ever!  Swirling her tongue inside of Angelica’s body in ways she never knew possible!  Leaving her in a contorted twisted mess in what seemed like only minutes.  Legs up.  Squeezing both of her nipples in her hands. 

“You taste like rum..”  Giovanna purred.  “And I needed a shot.”

Walking back over to the bed.  Giovanna kissed the young woman passionately and thanked her on behalf of her husband as well. 

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.  You were such a good learner!” Giovanna began. 

She explained the nature of the two’s relationship.  How they both came from prosperous families with similar ideas towards sex and marriage.  The only differences between the two broods being the race.  It took them a lot of time and planning to get to the wedding stage.  With both families being opposed to one thing or another. 

“So we made arrangements for family members to meet in ways in which they would get along and, it kind of became our thing.”

She explained how what began as family gatherings attended as boyfriend-girlfriend became over the years a chance to hook up friends and family members.  She made it sound as if it just happened naturally.  They became matchmakers/swingers and found sexual roles that allowed the couple to flourish while exploring themselves and, other people.  As long as they weren’t students. 

“You were to be the exception.  We planned on making you our toy right around graduation.  And then you got spooked, and we figured it was for the best.  Strange how you were attracted to my Future father in law.  You came back to us.  Didn’t you?”

Stroking Angelica’s hair as she stared into the wall.  Spent from fucking the 3 of them silly on this sacred weekend!  It was so kinky! 

“There is a Dress Shop in the Lobby.  Go pick an evening dress to escort Mr. Thompson to the Wedding tomorrow.  His wife just died and believe it or not.  You were good for him this weekend.  People know you as a respectable young woman and trust me.  No one will ever say anything different out loud.  Understand?”

“Yes, Suge.”

“Good.  And don’t worry.  You are not the 1st woman they shared.” 

Smiling and thinking about all of the good sex she had experienced.  She figured, why not?  She would do anything any of the three of them asked.  Having lost all sense of time, plan, or responsibility.  She finally felt like a woman.  Free of responsibility of trying to become something or someone she wasn’t sure she wanted to be.  And, it only took being blackmailed and a few good lashes to make things clear!    

Four years later, Angelica walked into the hotel and opened the shop door with her key.  She felt the welt from the lash as it rubbed against the exquisite fabric of her dress.  And the sensation was sending shivers into her groin with each step.  As Manager of the Dress shop, Angelica had to be responsible and get into work.  The raise in pay, along with a generous Boss benefactor allowed her to enjoy more of the finer things life had to offer.  So the silk dress covered her supple body perfectly but gave off a soft silhouette of the sexiest garters and bustiers Angelica had designed herself.  It was very nipple accessible. 

Today, she was training a new employee.  Beth.  A girl Angelica graduated with.  A popular blonde girl with ample curves who went off to study Fashion in NYC.  Her 5’10, 140 lbs being her most significant deterrent to finding work in the Big City fashion industry where healthy asses are discouraged even in the Offices!  After a year of working as a stripper to keep her dreams alive?  Beth had been humbled back home and was looking for work.  A situation Angelica was more than happy to take advantage of.  She smiled as she remembered what she said to her.

“So much experience!”

Snickering under her breath as she knew the internships at numerous Fashion Companies were not going to be as useful as her redacted from resume experiences as a dancer/prostitute in New Jersey.  Pulling tricks to live in Manhattan.  The money spent that night on Beth was about to bear fruit from a flowered tree.  And Angelica wanted Beth to taste every drop!

As she sat in her chair preparing for Beth’s arrival.  She couldn’t help but watch the video of Beth and the two men staying in the Family suite upstairs.  As Beth sucked the white man’s cock.  The black man pounded her white pussy hard from behind!  The drugs on the nightstand and Beth’s howling pleadings for the man to “cum on her face” were the parts Angelica liked best!  It took everything she had not to pull her loose dress up and finger herself!  But would be here any minute and, she didn’t want to spoil the training!   This was the 1st time the family included her in recruiting someone.  And after years of blissful servitude.  She was ready to prove her “value.”  

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