We had been friends for years. I was a personal trainer at the local gym when she came walking in late sexy as all hell. Obviously, she was mixed Asian, but her 34C’s and well-toned physique made her unapproachable to most. But it was my job to meet and assist the clientele when there were no sessions so, I did.

Her name was May, and like most beautiful women as it turned out, she was very engaging. What most men don’t realize is that these women spend most of their time fending off crude, unwanted advances when a simple “Hello” usually suffices. I showed her some ass tightening exercise, my personal favorites because they allowed my hands to wander in the interest of showing proper form. Which she had plenty of.

I was 6’2, 215, black and well-endowed and cut as it was in my job to stay in shape. Training seemed to play into my masochistic side though, and my clients tended to get off on the dominance which worked to my advantage. But I made it a rule to never fuck my clients until after our sessions were complete. As you can imagine, I had plenty of former clients who kept me busy sucking and taking my cock in numerous ways. The perks. But May wasn’t one of them. She was bi and mostly into girls at the time. We became friends though, and she enjoyed hearing about how I would force my dick into a former client’s now tight ass and have them lick me clean. Although she pretended not to.

May was around 5’6 and extremely troubled. Her sexuality seemed to cause her many personal issues and dilemmas. Despite her attraction to me, she was afraid that her parents would not approve. So over time, we became friends instead of lovers. But I could tell my sex tales became more and more distressing. Admittedly, I knew the effect they had on her. But I loved how she would cross and uncross her legs as I could imagine her lust becoming uncomfortable dampness between her thighs. I wanted her so bad! But I had to be careful and patient until the opportunity arose to give her what she wanted.

One night around 11 the chance came. I heard a knock on my door and as was my custom, answered the way I slept. Completely naked. My boys always call.  So it had to be a hot piece of ass wanting to fuck, so I figured, why waste time? I slept in character. May knew this was what I did as many of my stories began at my door with a woman on her knees licking my balls and ass, as was my rule. Show appreciation for what I am about to give you. I grabbed the dish towel and quickly covered up, but the image was already cast.

The tears in her eyes and on her face were evident as was the size of her large nipples now as she walked in sobbing. Her skirt, a white micro mini left little to the imagination. Even the color of her red thong. Her breasts were covered by a light sheer blouse, and her bra was cut so as to cover just to where her nipples could be released. She looked so fuckable it was evident the dish towel would not suffice to cover my quickly hardening dick. But I wouldn’t need too much longer anyway.

“I caught my girlfriend with her ex-boyfriend fucking, and all she could do was smile and ask me to join them! I hate my life!”

She said this as she walked directly past me and sat down in a kitchen chair blocking my way back into the main room. She continued with incoherent babble about “wasting her life” and “wishing she hadn’t given her heart so easily.”  Her head and face staring directly at the loincloth as her sobs started to dissipate and I could see her wheels spinning. The recognition of the truth of my tales came across her face.  It had been so long since she seen a real dick and in one day, to see two! May’s face became more flushed. And admittedly, her tears did nothing to soften my erection which by now was twitching violently.

“Are you turned on right now?” She asked the obvious as the decision came to me almost simultaneously to drop the rag.

“What do you think?” Moving towards her slightly parted mouth with purpose.

I had two choices. Put on some clothes, be a friend and listen to her tale of woe. Or say fuck it and make my move. Her nipples were hardening under her shirt and were visible. One thing about May was she loved sex with her girlfriend. She had probably expected to be with her that night and was worked up before her world came crashing down. Seeing her lover getting fucked by what she missed so much and had given up probably made her think of what she was missing. She wasn’t thinking clearly now. She was confused, hurt, and horny. In other words, perfect.

All it took was one kiss. Kneeling down I parted her lips with my own, slipping my tongue between her folds deftly and finding her own hot, wet tongue. My hands instinctively caressed her breasts through her shirt and adeptly unhooked her bra and quickly found her hardened nipples. She said nothing as she sat in my chair partially clothed and fully aroused. Her eyes told everything when I released her kiss. This was going to happen.

Grasping her arm below the wrist, I placed it on my cock and kissed her ears adeptly. She sighed as she realized her fingers barely touched due to my girth. My other hand I ran from her calves to her inner thigh until I found her clitoris and squeezed. She sat up as my hand felt her juices flow onto my fingers and the words “Stop” whispered from her mouth. But she knew better.

Ripping her panties aside the force of the movement startled her. My other hand squeezing her breasts together gripping her at her nipples forcefully May squealed in delight. She wanted the same thing she saw her girlfriend getting earlier, and that was why she came to me. I stood and rubbed my dick on her lips until she pursed them with a flick of her tongue, tasting my salty sweet discharge.

Her mouth soon wrapped around my cockhead with the ease of an old pro. Turns out the reason she dated women was her love of sucking cock which she had neglected to mention but was evident but the hot swirls of sensation that now enveloped my dick! I like a lady, but love a whore more!

Looking down and seeing my dick plunge in and out of her face was more than I had planned or even imagined and the sight of her skirt, now around her ankles and one tit hanging out of her blouse being fondled almost made me cum and that was not what I wanted. Her mouth was voracious! Pulling her ears back I quickly pulled her top off, grabbed her hair and spun her around. Her ankles were still encased by her micro mini which was what and how I wanted her…restrained.

I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit as May moaned like a bitch in heat! She was so fucking hot with her toned thighs and white ass I wanted to take my time. Make her beg. But I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy surround my dick!   I plunged into her slowly. Putting the length of my cock one-quarter of the way inside. Stroking her adeptly to a series of small orgasms while holding her hair tightly, stopping her wet pussy from pushing down to my thighs until May was coming all over my legs. Every time, I would squeeze her left nipple than roll it around, caressing away the pain, she came. And despite my attempts to hold back and enjoy her writing and movements, I knew I would cum soon too.

“John please!” She moaned in a begging tone. “Put it all the way in!”

I continued my torture for another 30 seconds or so until finally pushing my way to the hilt into her tight, drenched hole. Fucking her deep and hard until I couldn’t take it anymore and felt my balls expand and I pulled out. Sticking my head directly into her asshole as I shot my load inside and all over her perfectly round ass. Then sat down on my kitchen floor watching her as she lay motionless, torso hanging over the top of the chair. Wet and dripping down to her skirt floor from as my sperm was spread around her ass, dripped from her hole.

I stood and kissed her deeply. Picking her up and carrying her off to my bed instead of making her crawl as was my custom. A special act for a special night!

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