Brushing her hair backward with her left hand as she sauntered down to store aisle, Randi couldn’t stop thinking about what she Witnessed across the hallway earlier in the morning.  Her panties were soaking through because of it!  And every time a man had talked to her during the day, it had only gotten worse!  Randi never considered herself that “type” of girl!  But as her steps grew even wider due to discomfort, she was definitely having second thoughts.

The day had passed in its otherwise normal, uninteresting way with people coming and going through the Office.  And she had only made one social error.  Allowing her eyes to linger into the crotch of the Delivery guy Sal.  She saw him every day.  But today, the “package” seeming slightly bigger and heavier around the balls area than usual.  Was he single now?  Randi actually thought about grabbing him into the next room and seeing for herself!  Instead, she signed the package and blushed as he winked at her before leaving.  Perhaps another day?

Her neighbor’s naked cock was ruining her focus!  The vision of the man she hardly ever laid eyes upon and never thought of consciously was making her panties squishy as she sat uncomfortably in her moist chair!  He was a pig!  An unrepentant womanizer and a stereotype of the unfaithful and oversexed black male!  At 5 am, ushering out the same two white women, she had seen arguing the night before in the very same hallway together!  The contented satisfaction on their faces cementing what she already knew about them and him.  He was a man whore.  With no respect for anything or anyone else’s feelings, and so were they!  As the women stood in the Hallway blocking Ted from Randi’s full view instantly, she felt disgusted to live so close to such a beast! 

The fact he had stood naked in the doorway as he kissed and pawed at each woman intermittently for what seemed like minutes turned her stomach!  Randi watched through the keyhole from her side of the door, appalled at the lack of respect these women were showing for themselves!  She didn’t like Ted much.  He was arrogant and pretended to be polite.  But Randi knew better.  Beyond the cordial Hi’s and byes, she barely knew her neighbor at all!  And she preferred to keep it that way while she quietly waited for another unit in the complex to become available.  A request she made a week after he moved in, discreetly of course.  4 months later there was no word, and she had almost forgotten she had even made the application until this morning.  He had been the perfect neighbor.

They had talked in another tenant’s apartment once during a party.  Making superficial chatter about nothing.  If he didn’t live directly across from her, she wouldn’t have said anything to him, but since he did, Randi was curious.  But when Ted said something about just graduating from Engineering school and just moving to the area for work, Randi remembered thinking “At least he has a job.” while simultaneously tuning him out.  Bullshit!

Tall.  Muscular.  Probably a college athlete who lucked into a scholarship he didn’t deserve, and boring as hell!  A black nerd.  Really?  Not like she was interested, but the Vodka in her at the time thought what kind of fun could that be?  Until that morning, Randi thought Ted was harmless and her virtue safe locked behind her own door.  But all day today, her panties said otherwise.

Not all black men have huge dicks like the guys on the Internet and in the movies!  Her cousin Gemma had slept with a few black men and even married one.  But she always told Randi she wasn’t missing anything special.  In fact, Gemma specifically had told her that Black Men were not for Randi and she would be happier with a regular, average white guy.  She always wondered about the sneer on her cousin’s face when she had said it, though since  Randi wasn’t sure, Gemma genuinely cared for her like a Cousin should.  And with good reason.

And as she recalled the way her neighbor’s cock stood at attention even as the women were leaving hand in hand, she realized the two Cousins disagreed about everything!  Especially sex.  Randi never really enjoyed it or found time to explore it.  While Gemma had practically done everything and in the process, literally became the Black Sheep of the family.  Marrying black and not caring if they kept in touch with her or not!  Randi had chosen not since it was the path of least resistance.  But for some reason, she thought about calling Gemma for advice all day. 


“Hello.  Who is this?”

“It’s you cousin Randi.  How are you?”


There was a cold silence on the line making Randi more uncomfortable than her cold, day soaked panties!  She placed her weight on either foot as she slowly slid her panties off.  Opening her legs wide in the process and feeling the wind caress her ripe pussy folds!  Gemma had always been tough on her and even borderline inappropriate.  But right now, she needed her advice.  Even if it was going to hurt.

 She recalled the moment when they were both teens, and Gemma called her a frigid cunt and smacked her across the face for telling on her sneaking out the window during a family visit.  Gemma had met some guy from Randi’s High School and fucked him in his car the first night!  A black guy at that!  And Randi for her part had sneakily ratted her out, being a good girl. It was a long time ago when the cousins were forced to spend most of the rest of the week together so Randi could ‘watch’ her.  And watch she did. 

“Why are you calling me Randi?  We haven’t spoken in years.  I thought you would be in a convent or something by now?”

Gemma’s laugh made Randi twitch a little, but the discomfort was mostly in between her legs.  Her sexiest pair of panties rested around her ankles, where Randi left them as she kneeled forward to relax with her ass in the air as if inviting an invisible lover to come to enter.  Gemma’s voice reminded her of what happened the following night all those years ago.  When Julius and Joseph climbed into her window with Gemma’s help.

They were the two most popular boys in school.  One white.  One black.  And both star athletes know for their bright personalities as well as their sexual conquests!  With Gemma’s help, they were through the window and pounced on Randi in an instant!  She remembered being terrified and aroused as the ball gag went into her mouth and Gemma pulling her blonde hair back so the three deviants could overpower her quietly.  She remembered the sensation of being choked too.  But since her Bedroom was on the other side of her Parent’s very large house, no one outside the room heard a thing after they had tied her up.  Her pussy was melting at the thought of being fucked by either of the two studs!  Especially Joseph, who was in her and most other girls eyes in school, perfect!

Looking at Julius though terrified Randi as he opened his eyes wide as he held her throat in one hand. Only when he laughed and said “Don’t worry.  This dick isn’t for you.” did she relax.

As the boys disrobed, Randi’s eyes were flush with their big dicks while Gemma left the room to explore the house, making sure everyone was otherwise occupied or asleep.  While she was gone, the two boys were more focused on each other, complimenting each other’s cocks as well as admiring each other’s bodies.  Years later, it came out they were at least bi, and the rumor was they still were the best of friends.    

“I guess after what you did to me I should never speak to you.”

Randi’s voice was low but strong as she felt her index finger touch the bottom of her wet snatch.  She placed the tip in slightly to moisten before encircling her anus threateningly.  Remembering Julius touch from long ago.

“And what exactly did I do to you, Randi?”

“You know.”

“No.  I don’t.  Say it.”Gemma was getting off on bullying her frigid cousin and remembered every detail of that night.  She always did.  Especially the look of longing on her cousin’s face as she watched the boys fuck and suck her mouth and pussy for the next 3 hours!  Gemma was a wild child and unafraid to take what she wanted!  She also was extremely sexually aware and knew immediately how much Julius and Joseph wanted to compare cocks, and the fact she was from out of town was a good way for them to keep a secret!  Neither cared much or even thought about Randi, the nerd!  Who would she tell?  Her lab partner? Who would believe her saying anything about anyone?Neverthelessthe town’s two favorite sons!  Randi had been masterfully trapped? Forced into a pervert’s dream.

And Gemma was the pervert.  But it wasn’t all her fault.  She had been watching her parents fuck strangers, as well as their neighbors for as long as she could remember!  She was quite the voyeur as long as she could remember!  Her teen body provided the tools to explore what she knew she wanted to draw out of others.  And in her frigid cousin, Gemma sensed a kindred spirit buried deep inside of her .  Her goody two-shoes act was actually in Gemma’s mind, a cry for help!  The fact Randi was such an uptight, prissy bitch only made her plan more delectable!

“You can’t talk about it because you can’t admit how turned on you were?”

Randi stuck her middle finger deep into her snatch and felt it tighten and convulse around her hand before she could reply to Gemma’s voice!  A moan escaped her mouth as she came felt her cum drip onto the floor in the same way it had that night!  She was leaned over the chair with her tits across the seat.  In the same awkward position, she had been tied up all those years ago, without the rope.  Randi hadn’t realized how possessed she was in the moment as her nipples shook with pleasure to the touch!  And Gemma was still on the other end listening.

“You bitch.” Randi managed to say to unsuccessfully mask her arousal.

“As I recall cousin I didn’t let those boys rape you.  All I did was make sure you couldn’t rat on me like an uptight cunt by taking a picture of what you really liked!  I never exposed your fetish to be dominated or even told anyone about anything that happened.  How wet your cunt was when I fingered you as I made you eat those boys juices out of me.  How you begged me to let them fuck you too.  But that wasn’t for you.  You were a good girl slut Barbie toy.  Not a Princess or the Queen you pretended to be!  So slut.  Why are you calling me again?”

Despite everything that had occurred that night and over the subsequent years of mostly silence, a part of Randi knew that her cousin was telling the truth!  That night of memories was the only thing she ever thought about when she masturbated.  Which was the only way she ever got off since the ‘men’ she dated were less than inspiring in bed.  Randi had a rocking body but, in her attempt to be taken seriously as an Attorney it stayed mostly hidden from public view.  But that wasn’t the only reason.

Randi was also always careful after that night to only have sex one way.  In the missionary position with the lights completely off!  She didn’t want anyone to know how she was inside.  There was no room to become successful and sexually proficient because she knew she was just like Gemma. Even when she told herself differently.

Randi had no tattoos or piercings beyond her ears to speak of.  She wasn’t flirtatious or even friendly to people!  And the few sexual experiences she did have were usually brief.  Remembering Gemma being split from both sides by two well-shaped hunks had been the highlight of her sexual career and whether she admitted it or not, had a profound effect on her sexuality!  She always knew what she wanted!  But was always afraid to pursue it.

“It’s about Julius,” Randi said.

Gemma smiled as she remembered the first long, black cock she’d ever had attached to Julius.  The Defensive End who was 230lbs of chiseled man with a 9-inch cock to match!  There were no black boys where Gemma lived.  So the chance to fuck him was met not one young Gemma was about to let pass!  The threesome the next night was just the cherry on top!  Joseph was white, but the same size as Julius and in order to humiliate her cousin further, she had fucked them both in her cousin’s bed!  She knew her cousin had a crush on Joseph and fucked him for spite.  Sure as she knew after the night in Julius backseat, she knew she would marry a black man.

“Girl if you wanted to fuck him you should have fucked him back then!  He lived in your town!  Just like the cowardly slut.  I am married and do not keep in touch with ex-lovers! Try Facebook!  So what?”

“No.  That’s not it.”

Randi began to tell the story of her neighbor and what she had seen.  How she hadn’t paid attention before but now, was jealous of all of the women she had seen coming back and forth.  Mostly white, like her.  And never for more than a week at a time.  As she rubbed her pussy and recounted more detail about the comings and goings at the Apartment than she thought she knew, realizing her disdain had been infatuation from the start!  His strong, tight ass which he couldn’t disguise in his khakis.  His hair.  Looking wild and kinky to the touch.  And his lips.  Especially his lips!  Which she longed to have eating her out right now!

“Whoa, cuz!  Slow your row a bit!”

Gemma empathized with her cousin for the first time ever!  She even felt sorry for torturing her that night slightly more than a decade ago now even if she had gotten off on it!  Maybe she should have convinced her to join them willingly instead of corrupting the two strangers into her twisted plot?  Maybe, it would have been more fun since Gemma really loved to feel a woman’s mouth on her clit!  But she was a year younger than Gemma at the time and despite her cunning, didn’t want the boys to be at risk.  Randi was immature and quite the uptight little cunt at the time after all.

“First of all,” Gemma continued.  “He sounds like a player and though you have always been a prissy bitch.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

The words and sounds of concern seemed genuine coming from Gemma.  But they only made her body ache more to be pressed against her neighbor!  She didn’t know if she could take such a man inside of her.  But she wanted to find out.

“Second of all.  He lives across the hall!  If it doesn’t work out are you willing to watch him continue to bring bitches home?  Think about it.”

As Randi considered the scenario she could feel the blood swell upwards to her nipples.  Her mind rushed to seeing the women walking away hand in hand and she wondered what that must feel like.  A woman’s touch.

“I don’t know.  I never thought about it.”

“Well, you should.  Dick is a powerful thing and you are very inexperienced.  If he turns you out, you may be unable to say no.  Is that something you would be down for?”

Gemma’s ease with her slang was only turning Randi on more as she grasped her nipples hard in her hands.  Her headset was attached to the phone, limiting her ability to adjust her position from ass up/face down into the chair and she imagined she was watching Ted and his playthings frolic together in her old bedroom in front of her!  Gemma was not deterring her at all!

Knock knock.

No one ever came over unannounced and Randi didn’t have many friends anyway.  She figured it must be a delivery and pulled down her shirt and up her skirt, letting the panties fall to the floor in plain sight of the door.

“Hold on Gemma.  Someone is at my door.”

“Ok.  But I have to leave soon so make it quick.” Gemma answered.

“Who is it?”

“Ted.  Your neighbor!”

Looking through the peephole ,she noticed Ted standing with a bottle of some type of Alcohol Box in a bow.  She opened the door and smiled at him a full-toothed smile.  Something she never did.

“What’s wrong.”

Gemma listened on the phone excited to be witness to her cousin’s dilemma.  The very man they were talking about was there!  What was he up to?

“Listen neighbor.”

Does he not know my name?

“I am sorry about this yesterday.”

“Sorry?” Randi replied.  “About what?”

“About the girls arguing in the hall.  They told me they saw you after I straightened them out and there was no reason for you to be subjected to their petty argument over nothing.  Also, I want you to know, it will never happen again.”

Handing her a bottle of Dom which Randi reached out to accept uneasily.

“A token of apology.  Enjoy your evening.”

Ted turned towards his door when Randi blurted out to him.

“What were they arguing about?”

Without turning back to face her ,Ted replied “Me.”

“But……  Didn’t they both leave this morning?”

Ted turned to face Randi again and this time, look her in the eyes then, down her body.  He could tell she was naked under her clothes and could sense from her curious tone what he suspected was true.  She was watching through the keyhole this morning and had caught a glimpse of his cock!  11 inches of cthe hocolate stick that seemingly, never rested!  The last part she didn’t know.  But his track record was such he knew one of two things would happen.  She would be afraid of it and avoid him completely or…..

“No.” he answered.  Baiting the proverbial hook.

“Why would you lie?  I saw them leave this morning!!”

“You did?”

Ted moved forward towards her and grasped her hair bun in the back, pulling her face closer to his. His free hand grasped her waist, causing her to shudder momentarily and almost drop her cell! With both hands occupied, there was no way to resist his bold advance and her body froze in the moment as he traced his lips across her ear.

“And what else did you see neighbor?”

Pushing his way inside of her Apartment, Randi felt his lips press hard against her own until his tongue sunk into her throat!  He rubbed his growing cock against her leg as his fingers reached under her skirt, feeling her damp pussy, thrust into her tight hole two fingers to the knuckle!

“You are very tight.  Almost virginal.  Tell me you want to see it up close.  All you have to do is ask!”

The phone fell out of her hand and onto the carpeted floor as Randi felt her knees buckle beneath her hips and her entire weight smash onto his large, black hand inside of her!  Her lips matched his intensity as they engaged in a kiss once more!  Her body flushed with orgasm as the thought of her letting this Black Man have his way with her was too much to imagine, nevertheless, try!  But she had found its way to his belt and almost unwittingly, unleashed his cock barely a foot away from her partially open door!

“You never fucked a black guy before.  I can tell.  Your pussy is too tight.”

Randi found herself in the same position as before.  Face into the chair but this time, her skirt was hiked up around her waist.  Ted was not giving her the chance to change her mind at all as she felt the bulb begin to part her vagina into two opposite planes!  Working its way slowly into her in a methodical way that was both gentle and rough simultaneously!  Each inch carefully pushed into her after a teasing rhythm that lubricated her walls, Randi felt all sense of the current reality slipping away!  His teasing had been longer than any of the 4 sexual encounters she had combined since those men were usually intimidated by the body she kept so well hidden as well as quick cummers naturally!  Ted was neither as he took 10 minutes to fill her tight cavern completely before beginning a long, slow fuck!

“Damn girl.  You almost made me cum!  Where have you been hiding this body?”

“I’m fat.”

“No.  You are perfect!”

Slamming his dick length into her Randi felt what was to be the most intense orgasm of her life continue for at least 3 minutes!  As her entire body became flushed red, it was all Ted could do to hold onto her hips and continue to stroke her into oblivion!  He watched as his cock grew wetter and wetter and his arms bristled in the attempt to keep her properly impaled on his stick until Randi regained control of herself and pushed back into his hips, meeting his strokes perfectly.

“Damn this pussy good.”

Randi heard the words and pushed back into him harder at an almost frenzied pace!  It hurt so good when Ted began spanking her ass on each down stroke!  Her little orgasms coursing through her veins and fingers!. A simple fuck was transforming her  into a sexual being and when Randi felt Ted’s thumb push into her ass Multiple orgasms took over!  Her arms became weak as Randi’s face pressed into the seat cushion.  Pushing deeper while draining her of ever sexual block!  All she wanted now was the one feeling Randi never had.

“Cum inside of me.”

Ted’s cock unleashed a torrent of jism that dotted her walls and fled straight for her ovaries.  Randi didn’t fuck enough to be on birth control and she knew as her womb filled what she was doing was dangerous!  But Ted’s dick was so far in her as she felt touched reached her womanhood ans softly, slip away.

She didn’t care.  This had been so far, the best moment of her life!  One Randi in her current state,  never wanted to end!  Pulling his half flaccid meat from her body was easy, as it slipped right out.  Sucking it into her mouth was an act of contrition.  The first man she had ever allowed into her mouth as she licked away like a puppy does a meaty bone!  It seemed natural as  Ted’s eyes fixated on the borderline racist woman’s joy.  Smiling at his handiwork in successfully converting her into a believer!  Ted had seen that look before in other women.  She could and would do anything for him now.  And Gemma, still listening to it all on the other end of the phone, knew it too.

As the months went by Ted and Randi became more than lovers. They were parents!  Other women still came by his apartment at different times.  Randi even came to enjoy threesomes with other women as well as 1 on 1.   Randi understood she couldn’t handle Ted’s sex drive and big black cock by herself and didn’t make an issue of having to share.  And when she did, it was usually because she knew it would make him fuck her good!  She would fuck other men with his permission but make no mistake, there was no another man for her!

Their son was born and they continued to maintain Ted’s apartment across the Hallway and became quite popular in certain circles!  They spent most of their time in her Apartment being parents.  And used his place mostly for trysts and exploring Randi’s desire to be tied up, dominated and watched.  Even though most of her family disavowed her for the relationship, she still had Gemma and most of her Trust fund, which she collected before she ever became the property of Ted.

But that is another story. 

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