Sara woke sore as usual.  The inside of her vagina was convulsing as if the tickler was inside her and her she could feel her nipples being manipulated by the pointed tip of her lover’s tongue.  This was exactly why she always avoided him in the 1st place!

“Do you want me to stop?”

His voice was muffled by her soft nipples between his lips and the occasional nip as he took one between his teeth in an attempt to tease her into something she didn’t want.  But did.  It was waking up in a battle that would determine if she would ever make it out of his bedroom.  Down the flight of stairs and safely into an Uber home.  And so far, she was losing. 

“Have you thought about what you are going to say to your boyfriend?”

“The same thing you will tell your wife probably?”

Alex smiled and imagined Sara telling him every detail of what transpired between them last night.  Complete with the extra sensual blowjob she had given him as well as the way she screamed when he teased Sara with his cock mercilessly!  The way she had agreed to let him cuff her ankles to each bed post while he had licked and fucked her pussy to sleep as they had planned.  And how she fell asleep in his arms, despite plans to be home by 12!  Alex wife was used to such tales and even liked to hear them while she licked his long black cock!  But Alex knew that wouldn’t work for Sara!  Her spouse was a horny man.  Not a dick whipped lover. 

“I have a better idea”

The sensuous kiss was tempered by the feeling of his fully blown cock, blasting into her pussy full force before being pulled back to the outer rim of her wet morning cunt.  One more thrust was all that was needed to start Sara’s natural springs to flow and temporarily derail her departure!  By the time Alex wife silently walked in and began licking them both from the edge of the bed, Sara knew she wouldn’t get home for at least another hour or two!  She was always a ‘feelings’ girl who went with what felt good over what she should do.  So it was no surprise she ended up in this situation after all.  Legs spread and her own juices spread over the bedroom floor! 

“Janine will come with you to explain.”

Sara had been friends with Alex for at least a year online.  But this had been the first time the two had ever met, and of course, she had gotten carried away.    Sara wondered if her relationship could bear the weight of her infidelity since she honestly hadn’t intended what had happened to happen.  Her relationship was based on love and mutual trust which she had just betrayed, more than sex!  What else could it be built upon considering how she made their living as a successful but somewhat overworked Cam model.  She came all of the time for a living!  But lying to her boyfriend about where and what she was doing last night was not a part of that at all.   

“Don’t worry honey.  My hubby is a brilliant man, and you are a sweet prize.  Things will work out.”

Janine was stunning!  A beautiful dark-haired Italian woman with a body made for sin!  Her D cups and round ass were fuller than Sara.  Who was taller and held a slender build.  She was actually the type of woman Sara usually hated.  The type her boyfriend salivated over on the Internet instead of watching her!  Big tits and a useful mouth which Sara was also aware of.  Under any other circumstance, there would be no way she would even attempt to bring a strange woman who looked like her home!  But under the circumstance as strange as it all seemed.  It made sense.

“Were you there all night?”  Sara asked.

Wondering how any woman would be so amenable to her husband’s lover under any circumstance!  Sara was not like that at all? 

“No.  I just got in and jumped in.  I had my own hookup last night.”

“Really?” Sara asked.

“Yes.  Really.  Alex told me he was meeting you, so I made my own plans.  Why?  Does that seem strange to you?”


Sara paused a moment before continuing.  Considering she needed her to verify the crazy story they were about to tell about lost wallets, a stolen phone, and a Good Samaritan before continuing. 

“I would never share my man willingly.  Especially one like Alex!”

The older woman smiled at Sara as she continued to drive towards Sara’s home.  She had watched her show online with Alex, and she was just the type of woman they enjoyed together many times.  Bisexual just because she was orgasmic to the touch. 

“Well, sweetie.  I hate to break it to you but, all men cheat.  So you share whether you want to or not!” 

Sara felt her temperature rise a bit as she imagined her Robbie with Janine.  His cock wasn’t as big as Alex and would possibly be smothered by her ample tits, that Sara didn’t have.  But she was sure there would be immediate interest as soon as he laid eyes on this woman in her 30’s!  And strangely, Sara felt jealous despite all she had experienced with Janine’s husband! 

“That’s different, and you know it!”

“Is it?”

Janine smiled as she patted the younger woman on the thigh as she spoke.  Her second pat on the leg was more of a caress that ended with her forcing the younger woman’s skirt up and legs open!  Her clitoris resting on the nub of her finger as Janine somehow gripped the nub tightly. 

“Young bitches always thinking you know everything.”

Janine pulled the car over to the side of the road and began to mount her.  She looked into Sara’s eyes knowing what was next.  She was a fan as well and also wanted time alone with her!  Pressing her boobs into Sara’s face, Janine ground her pussy and weight into Sara’s unsuspecting leg as she watched her moan in delight!  No matter how angry Janine’s words had made her.  She was still a wet slut to the touch!  And now she knew it wasn’t exclusive to men! 

“Hubby and I are mostly monogamous.  But we both have our sweet tooths.”

Sara writhed under the weight of her manicured fingers and it seemed as if the woman controlled her whole body with two fingers!  Sara’s mouth wrapped around the woman’s oversized nipples as both her hands grasped either side of her oversized breasts!  She could feel how strong she was as Janine seemed to carry no fat on her body beyond her globes.  She was being dominated by her much in the same way she had been the night before by her husband!  Both times, she felt helpless to resist her own desires to cum, which she did as quickly as during any broadcast!  But unlike the broadcast, after she came Janine stopped fingering her snatch!  The viewers never did. 

“Maybe you should just leave the panties in the car and clean yourself up.  They are a dead giveaway now.” She smirked as she spoke. 

Janine laughed and rolled back behind the wheel and sped to the address Sara had given.  Barely listening to the GPS as she sped onto her block.  Sara for her part, looked at her intently wondering where she had learned that!  She had always been with guys!  And her boyfriend was actually only her 3rd in her 20 years!  The sensations and eroticism of Janine’s hard kisses lingered on the tip of her tongue like licorice!  Red licorice!  She wanted to ask her to turn the car around. 

“Can we go back to your house?”

The words came out of her mouth reflexively.  Sara usually felt this way when she masturbated.  Fuck!  Truth was Sara Masturbated because no person could make her feel this way!  Sure, the boys helped her cum!  But they couldn’t do so for hours at a time like her collection of Dildo’s and Vibrators!  Sara was always looking for another Orgasm and her instincts told her they were behind her.  Not in front of her at home!  Her body was on fire and knew where the biggest available hose was!  Sara was in no mood to argue. 

“Sorry.  Can’t sweetie.  You need to check-in, and we can’t ruin your relationship.  No.  We won’t be responsible!  Buckle up!”

As much as Sara hated Janine right now, she knew that she was right!  Her mother had told her to be responsible when she moved in with Robbie.  She was at a delicate age when hormones can explode, and adult choices can lead a girl to make mistakes.  And she would know having been married 3 times and currently living with two younger men in her family home.  Sara sat back and decided to lose the panties as suggested and prepared to suck Robbie off to help verify her story.  Or make him care less. 

Robbie was sitting on the front step when the pulled up in the Late Model Corvette, and his eyes opened wide as Sara stepped out of the passenger side of the car.  He didn’t look angry at all.  More petrified at the sight of the two woman’s arrival!  Frozen to the spot as they approached and Sara spoke. 

“I had the worst night Robbie!”

Janine smiled and winked at him over her shoulder as the young couple embraced on the front step.

“Where were you?”

Sara retold the story nearly flawlessly!  She had never lied to Robbie before about anything, ever.  Not how she felt about him when she was just a schoolgirl crushing on him.  Not about her feelings for her ex which was now, ancient history.  And especially not about her job as an Internet performer.  The last being what allowed them to live together so young while Robbie completed his studies.  But then again, there had never been a reason.  She ended it with.

“I have been up all night.  I need a shower.  I’ll call you Janine!”

With that, Sara ran into the house and jumped into the shower, hoping Robbie hadn’t smelled the sex on her!  Her pussy was still fluffed up from the car ride home!  And feeling naughty, she wanted to get in front of the camera to pay some bills!  If Robbie took lies so quickly she wondered why wasn’t she doing it more often?  As she soaped her clit and felt her small, swollen nipples, her job took on a different perspective.  It was now her 3rd favorite activity.  Behind being fucked by Alex and dominated by his wife, Janine!    

“And that is what happened!”

Janine reaffirmed the story with Robbie as Sara ran into the house and towards the bathroom.  A tale accepted grudgingly knowing Janine had him under her thumb! Janine grabbed the young man’s crotch and pressed her Double D’s across his extended cock through his shorts and felt the short spurt as it convulsed against their heft.  A feeling Robbie was also familiar with.

 To disclose what he knew about the tale to be untrue would mean telling on himself!  Knowing he had spent most of the night with Janine at a local Motel doing exactly what she liked in exchange for the best tit-fuck Robbie never could have with Sara’s smaller B-cups.  Sara also paid the rent.  Which allowed Robbie to amass his toys.  There was no advantage to pressing the issue since he had been eating his Boss Janine out for the past year!  It took six months to get his dick between her tits, and though Sara’s ass was perfect, Robbie had a thing for MILF’s with big tits!

It all worked because Alex had a thing for sluts with unlimited sex drives!  And a wife who promised to let him have his hearts desires!  Janine was an older, more experienced seductress and cocksucker who had the beautiful breasts Robbie always wanted!  So love be damned, Robbie had no good choices! 

Janine glanced around the neighborhood briefly before pulling his shorts to the side and working the tip of his dick into her mouth!  Anyone could have seen them as she briefly worked his young cock in the middle of the afternoon. The home was best defined as an extended Cottage with 4 rooms total and neighbors extremely close-by.  But Janine lived across town and didn’t care who saw her gobbling his 7 inches on the step!  In fact, she hoped someone did before he coated her mouth with his white nectar!  It took less than a minute for it to happen too. 

“In case you decide to give her a hard time.”  Laughing in her head at the unintentional pun. 

“Sara planned on blowing you, so I figured.  Why not make it interesting?  You decide whether to make her beg.  I get the feeling she’s not the type to take a soft penis on her boyfriend well.”

Sara tucked the wet dick pack in his jeans and jumped at the jolt of energy it had provided!  She knew Alex would fuck her good while she told this story!  Maybe even go back in time and paddle her ass!  And if he did, Sara would be next! 

“So where was she?  Really?”

The Corvette backed out of the Driveway and Janine yelled her response. 

“The same place I expect you to be at 7 tomorrow night.”

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