Lynne walked into the office like any other day, late.  Her hair and makeup were of course, flawless.  Her outfit was as usual, sexy on her yet professional.  It showed a little cleavage of her 38 Ds and matching skirt just tight enough to show her curves.  But not as tight as they once were.  She was beautiful and very much engaged now, making here weary of all of the attention the opposite sex gave her at work.

 It was quite a reversal from previous times.  It was something she needed to adjust to as well.  A new wardrobe consisting of skirts precisely 3 inches longer at the hem and blouses much looser than she had worn her previous 27 years felt like bags!  The wardrobe was an engagement gift from her Fiancé.  And Lynne was trying to adapt to the change, shifting from a single woman into the respectable future trophy wife.  Albeit one that had been polished by many men.

Being engaged didn’t stop men from ogling and enticing her though and in a way, it was her own fault.  She had spanked her pussy as she drove to work, something one of her co-workers liked to do whenever they hooked up that Lynne had enjoyed and adopted as a part of the normal masturbation process.  The woman felt guilty mostly because, at one time or another, she had slept with or blown most of the men in her sales office.  And even she remembered the incidents as good times now past.  The last day was going to be hard emotionally as the change was inevitable.

Selling financial products in a bad economy can be depressing, and sex was sometimes necessary to close a client or keep up morale.  Lynne had always been a team player, giving the guys confidence by letting them have their way with her, given good reason.  What started out as mostly a slut’s curiosity  helped turn a lagging sales staff into the Number 1 producer on the East Coast!  Her relationships had helped her climb to VP, and she had earned her position combining brains and well-timed “pep talks” to keep production up.  The entire office was sad to see her go. 

But Lynne was going.  She had met her future husband, a wealthy, successful attorney insistent upon keeping her to himself.  His selfish and dominant personality appealed to her in some ways, even if he didn’t carry it into the Bedroom.  There he was putty in her hands and as timid as a mouse.  Not her style at all.  But eight figures and no prenup combined with the security that brings was hard to pass up, and as a Financial Manager, she knew a good deal when she came across one.

Lynne knew she wasn’t getting any younger and at 28 had enough sex to last a lifetime, whatever that meant.  Sure the sex with her beau wasn’t great, but with frequent masturbation and the occasional affair, Lynne figured she would survive.

She had placed her butterfly under her panties in the morning after Dan; her Fiancé had left her unsatisfied once more, having no idea how to lick or fuck a woman properly!  She had almost screamed in anger but remembered their flight to the Virgin Islands and upcoming wedding and held her tongue.  Ironic since she felt he did the same.

 All the way to work she had buzzed herself into a better mood until seeing her boss Craig, Lynne felt that familiar work feeling spread from her nipples into her rapidly swelling breasts.  She envisioned his cock splitting her them perfectly as he fingered her wildly on his desk, balls rubbing across her face and chin.   How wet she had gotten whenever he smacked her ass and told her “Good job.” whenever she or anyone else under her closed a new account.  His hands-on style was always a little rough with her but, she had always looked forward to their relations.  Thinking about giving all that big dick up had Lynne both upset and horny!  Under Craig, she had amassed her own, more modest six-figure fortune.  But his cock was still the best perk the office still had to offer!

Lynne felt her eyes tearing up as she walked down the hall for one of the last times ever.  She passed Jim, her favorite office pussy licker on the way to the woman’s bathroom and wished she could invite him in for an Afternoon snack like she used to!  His dick wasn’t as big as Craig’s, but he worked it inside her masterfully!  Especially after caressing her walls with his long, dexterous tongue!  Being one of only two women in the Office was an advantage when it came to sex!  Especially since the Receptionist was gone immediately at four every afternoon and herself was bisexual with a fetish for stronger women like Lynne!  As she stroked her pussy behind the closed doors, Lynne almost wished someone had ignored her stated wishes to end all office affairs weeks ago and just came to ravish her one last time!  But Lynne came on herself all alone and left the ladies room feeling better, but still sad.

Brad, Joseph, Melvin.  Greg, Wayne. Todd.  She had made them all cum one way or another and in one place or another.  In her home.  In their homes.  At office parties.  In cars.  All the memories!  Most of the men had been grateful to have spent any time with such a beautiful and understanding woman such as Lynne!  And despite her almost non-stop office promiscuity Lynne was well respected for being such a team player!  Men had been fired for disparaging her with the full support of the staff as Lynne was seen as an office treasure!  Women like her don’t grow on trees. 

The office was nearly empty when she reemerged which wasn’t completely unusual for a Friday.  But they all knew it was her last day and the thought that no one cared hit her hard!  It was only 11 AM for Christ’s sake!  Lynne walked towards her office disappointed she didn’t mean as much to them as they meant to her!  No sign of Ted, who she had a threesome with to help save his marriage once.  Lynne walked into her office feeling as if her time had been wasted and it was probably best she just go.  She didn’t owe them anything anymore!

“Lynne.  Can I see you in my office before you check out for good?”

“Sure Craig.”

His tone was business as usual, and because of her position with the company, they did have to go over stock transfers and stuff and better to just get it over with!  He had been more respectful of her departure than anticipated but considering the lack of bodies in the office today maybe it was because she had been too easy.  They didn’t appreciate her!  Lynne walked the few feet and sat in the chair directly facing him.  Her eyes still red from crying.  

“Sorry to see you go.  And it seems you aren’t taking it so well either sweetie.  Here.”

Walking around the desk Craig sat on the edge in front of her, handing her a tissue. 

“Well, you must be the only one who misses me.”

Cue the waterworks.  Lynne started crying forward; her head pushed unexpectedly directly into Craig’s lap as she sobbed uncontrollably and incoherently about all she put into the company.  Building the sales force up giving them her wisdom and “encouragement.”  And no one showed up to see her off!  Fuck them! 

“It’s not like that at all Lynne,”  Craig smiled as he spoke.  Making the words sound more condescending than comforting!  They had used her, and now they had no more use for her she thought.  She felt cheap.

“Than what is it like?”

Craig pressed the button on his phone and spoke to Anne, the receptionist.

“You know what to do.”

Hanging up the phone, Craig turned to Lynne and lifted her up into a comforting embrace.  It was so out of character for him to be nice!  But Lynne she was so distraught she barely noticed his 10 inches rubbing against her belly between them.  But even in distress?  Sex was on her mind as she felt herself getting wet between his arms as her cries became louder. 

“It’s okay.  I asked them to come in at 3, and we have a big sendoff planned.  No one could ever forget you, Lynne.”

With that Craig pressed his lips hard against hers, stealing the breath from her sobbing mouth and replacing it with his determined tongue!  He had never kissed her before, and the shock of the circumstance startled Lynne a bit.  Enough to distract her from hearing Anne enter behind her before the woman’s hands came across her ass, jolting her forward. 

Lynne turned momentarily shocked as the woman smiled up at her.  The choker around her neck, a reminder of the hours she had spent pulling her mouth onto her wet bush for her pleasure and amusement.  Her hands had been cuffed in front of her before she even had a chance to react as Craig was now working for his big hands back up her torso, ripping off her blouse in the process!  Even if she had the will to resist which she did not, she couldn’t leave the office undressed!

Lynne had closed the door behind her and began removing her soon to be ex-boss panties just as quickly as she buried her face between her thighs.

“Boss you were right!”  Anne squealed.  “She has a Butterfly on!”

Lynne was embarrassed at being discovered in this way but knew she was helpless.  She was always the type that once touched, needed more attention.  Many handshakes over the years escalated into wet, dirty sexual encounters which were one of the reasons she wanted to change and become a housewife. As her body was being manipulated against her stated free will, Lynne started to miss the office again!  Especially when the Butterfly that had been keeping her focused for weeks was being held in the air for her soon to be ex-boss to see while the secretary began rimming her ass to perfection.  

“I told you so.  Lynne is as much of a pervert as the rest of us!  She can’t leave.”

Flipping her over onto her stomach Lynne knew what came next.  Craig entered her roughly from behind, thrusting into her as if it were the last time while Anne went to the front of the desk and began kissing her deeply while fingering her wet snatch.  Lynne was cumming within seconds and Craig, being so turned on wasn’t far behind her in shooting his load deep into her!  Soon they switched positions.  With the receptionist cleaning her out while Craig put his still semi-hard cock into Lynne’s mouth the way she always liked it.  Drooling and needing motivation!

She hardly noticed the cuffs being placed around her ankles as she kissed the cock between her lips like an old friend!  Her senses were in a frenzy from having someone, no two someones to share her bliss!  She had been faithful for two months now and hoped to get pregnant on her Honeymoon, but that didn’t seem so important now as she trembled, splayed across Craig’s desk with his cock in her mouth and a tongue up her vagina!  If they had done this before she would have never left! 

Craig’s desk was clear which should have been a clue, but Lynne had been so hurt she never noticed, and now she was handcuffed and nude in his office.  When flipped onto her back Anne could see it was noon!  Craig mounted her chest and began the slow tit fuck, complete with dick slaps to the face that always made he feel appreciated by her boss!  She especially loved when Anne placed her wet pussy on her mouth taking turns licking her nipples and Craig’s cock intermittently.  Keeping them both coated in saliva as her pussy convulsed beneath them, waiting for an intruder to make it all better!  She wouldn’t have to wait long. 

Lynne felt her legs being lifted into the air by the chain attached to each ankle as she felt the familiar pulse of a hot cock between them!  Had more people come in?  Her orgasm began, and before long, it seemed as if she had lost track of the cummings and goings!  She was helpless to defend her most precious parts that she had been saving for her Fiancé as much as keeping from her staff. 

One after the other Lynne was sent off by her loving staff.  By the time Craig had unleashed a second load over her nipples and face, and Lynne was greeted hello with a deep kiss from Ted’s wife Janine, who licked the cum off dutifully.  Anne had concluded most of her staff had given her a proper goodbye! 

 Brad, Joseph, Melvin.  Greg, Wayne. Todd.  They all came!  Twice so it seemed.  By the time Lynne recovered hours later all that was left were presents and Ted’s wife in a 69 with Anne in the corner of the room!  Ted was with Lynne, fucking her with his biggest Dick in the company by 2 inches at least until settling his head between her thighs and licked her back to reality!  Why did she have to leave?

The next night Lynne was married but sore.  She was also pleasantly surprised when most of the staff made it down to the wedding as an unexpected surprise!  After the reception, Lynne asked her new husband if it was ok to forgo sex and just cuddle and talk since she was tired from the tight schedule which he agreed to.  It was a beautiful night and the wind off of the Atlantic Ocean in St.Croix was perfect, and though she was horny as usual, she knew Hubby would never do under the circumstance! There was a lot to discuss.  Such as how she had changed her mind about quitting just yet. 


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