Sometimes Rose hated everything about herself.

    The reality was she had lost all control of the choices in her life now and never saw it coming.  Plans discarded and replaced by an iron cuff around her left ankle attached to a barely long enough chain, a constant reminder.   As Rose sat on the single bed.  Bound and twirling her vagina too and fro with her remaining fingernails, wondering how it would all stop she wasn’t concerned. Her index finger moved along the apex of her vagina, gently encircling the sensitive nub while barely touching the reddened flesh, keeping her amused.  Rose comforted and teased her flower exactly the way Sampson had and like then; she came fiercely upon her fingers!  The blueprint her body remembered surrendered perfectly to her lusts.  So Rose hated the fact she didn’t care. 


     Running her finger along her waxy hole, down to the bottom of her lips where she patiently collected the wet extracts dribbling down before inserting her index finger to the knuckle.  Rose jumped at the surprise of entry despite her inwardly pulling cunt and having complete control over the action.  All of her subconscious thoughts were playing themselves out as controlled motor movements were impossible!  She was reduced to a ball of reflexive action, waiting to be tapped on the shoulder or pushed to one side or another for service. 

     The door opened, and Sampson walked in the room as he would every morning for the next ten days.  His bare ass and muscular frame leaving no room for the illusion of modesty between them.  Sampson’s cock was always the first thing she noticed and in keeping her ‘head down’ and not looking directly into his eyes, her on gazes in direct line with ‘it.’  The sight that made her wet now.  Samson’s mesmerizing piece of meat that had massaged her insides repeatedly made it so she could not turn away from its majesty.  It was her friend and foe both simultaneously, but she wanted it inside her either way!  Lost and confused as she was.

     Rose was calculating the damage done inside of her once tight, precious pussy and trying to decide if it mattered either way.  The beautiful specimen that caused her to wet her bedspread repeatedly just by her thinking of recent fuck sessions was before her eyes again.  She didn’t want to think about things beyond how Sampson would take her and when.  And what could she do to make it happen faster!  

     Her husband was never going to feel the same inside of her again.  A husband who also hadn’t checked on her since he left town so many days ago.  The cell phone was the only object of hers allowed, in case the boutique needed her and he hadn’t checked in at all, and technically they were still Newlyweds, so he should have!  How was he supposed to know she wasn’t in danger?

     With Rose practically virgin asshole still aching from the activities of her Pre-Graduation ceremony, the two lovers found the perfect scenario to bond.  Rose was quickly ingratiated to her Taskmaster Samson for “fucking her whore mouth” only in their first two days together.  But she was equally frustrated with him consistently “edging” her before cuffing her feet and hands together, leaving her for hours at a time.  And he made sure she thanked him for both verbally.  Her Mistress Candy would never leave her alone, always inserting a vibrator with a remote before leaving which she would use to also drive Rose crazy for hours.  In that way, the two were completely different.

      He also didn’t make her call him Master preferring Samson, but the woman knew her place.  She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as instructed to do when Samson entered her room to be ready.  After being with so many women over the past few months with strict restrictions given to her by Candy about marital sex, to have a huge dick to play with was a treat!

       Her cunt walls shivered when she looked down at his massive balls, too terrified to look into his eyes again.  A lesson she learned on the first day with Samson after Rose throat acquiesced to his length and girth and pride got the best of her momentarily.  It was a talent she would have never discovered she possessed in any other way than sex slavery but still, Rose felt pride in the whorish accomplishment.  Sampson promptly grasped by the hair and nearly choked her by thrusting his cock deep into her breathing canal. 

      “Did you just look at me?” he snarled.  Fucking her throat like an empty hole until she dropped to the floor defeated, unable to kneel. 

     “You are still a novice bitch.”

     Despite the fact she loved the rough treatment, she reasoned not knowing Sampson well enough next time he may not stop.  So from that moment on she resolved to obey without question, she had begun to accept his abuse as silently as her voice would allow.  Receiving the man’s engorged black penis into her mouth down to the shaft, Rose felt herself cum as she tasted his chocolate pre-ejaculate lingering on her lips. She knew he was about to cum and was bracing to take it all when Sampson abruptly pulled out.  Watching as her tongue thrashed forward, waiting for him to cum in her mouth the way Rose wanted!

     She had taken a bath earlier and was checked off by Samson as clean.   Even during baths, her hands were cuffed behind her back while Samson would wash her body, taking extra time to squeeze her clit or abuse her in other ways.  The soothing water would caress her ivory skin and knead Rose spanked and tortured muscles.  That was usually at night, and after being whipped or paddled or both, she would be allowed to sleep, which she was doing less of with her passions keeping her awake most of the time.

     Rose own slutty masturbation thinking about how Sampson pumped her pussy sore was the only sex today, making it the slowest since the first one.  Her ass was completely healed now thanks to Samson’s spankings that included anal massage, and begging to be plugged as well.  She wanted to please him.  Samson smiled as her tongue continued to waver behind the rounded cage between her teeth and began to kneel.    


     Reaching down Samson unlocked the link encapsulating her ankle.  For the first time in days, she was free.  Standing Rose up now he also loosed her hands, allowing them freedom of motion. Not being in control for so long meant Rose’s arms didn’t know how to react to the feeling of independence.  She continued to rub her throbbing cunny instead of reaching for her gag, which Sampson also released. 

     Was this it?  Was she free to go?  She looked at Sampson’s hard cock and wondered why he hadn’t cum first before releasing her bonds.  She wanted to speak but was afraid of what would happen if she did, even as her pussy throbbed for attention.  Reflexively, she reached for his dick only to be the recipient of the very thing she feared? 

     Sampson’s dark hand grasped her neck and held her head up to his own.  She hadn’t looked at his face for any significant point of time to realize how attractive he was!  His lips were red and thicker than her husbands were.  And his eyes.  They were dark pools in which she swears she saw her reflection!  Rose felt her heart skip a beat a moment as the man’s face pressed against hers!  She hadn’t been kissed in weeks and never this passionately!  Rose felt her legs weaken and her passions inflame as she felt her Master’s tongue intermingle with her own as Rose thoughts went blank. 

     Sampson gently lay her on the bed and kneeling between her legs, expertly kissed and teased her inner thighs.  His lips felt like small pillows as his tongue began to probe her pussy lips carefully at first, then with more urgency once discovering her weak spots and exploiting and manipulating them deftly.  Her eyes rolled back as she envisioned herself, one of the women she had served same as Sampson did for her now, pushing her buttons!  Her hands ran across the skin and scalp of her lover.  His brown skin mixing within her thighs making her tingle all over!  There were many thoughts and images crossing her mind, but none involved a scenario in which Rose left.  She rubbed her nipples and felt the euphoria of his long tongue entering and exiting in a circular motion as her orgasms began and Sampson, her Master placed his cock directly inside her waiting slit. 

     “Please fuck me, Samson.  I want that black dick to own me.” The words came from her mouth though Rose had no idea who said them!

     Sampson drove his cock into her slowly, teasing with just enough of it to stop her talking.  He praised the woman’s lithe frame and marveled at the serendipity of her reddened nipples as they gravitated towards his fingertips.  The way they pointed outward, begging to be gripped and thrashed but grateful for his expert caresses instead.  Samson noticed how her body twitched each time he slowly drifted into slit now.  A broken stallion still jumps he thought, pressing his cock into her inch by inch. Even deeper as the woman’s body gratification for it grew each time.   

     “You belong to me now Rose.  You are my gift, and I am your new husband.”

     “Yes.  I am yours, Master.”

      Rose felt her pussy opened once more to accommodate Samson’s wish to have her body, just like her throat had acquiesced days before.  The shivers she felt continued to course through her skin as Samson rode her like a gentle, but firm lover.  Her body held tight to this man who had held her captive for days, even if not completely against her wanting to be there!  Rose didn’t recognize the woman she had become, but she did know that there was no going back!  As she returned the unfamiliar, gentle kisses that lingered more than any others Rose ever experienced she knew, there was no “back” to go to.  Her body relaxed and accepted Samson’s full length and as they erupted together, nothing else seemed to matter. 

       Samson continued to stroke and slowly teased Rose, methodically pushing her back so as not to allow her to engulf his rod with her begging snatch while continuing to arouse her gentle sensitivities.  He was behind her now partially, stroking her on an angle that massaged Rose in a way no man ever had before.  Her body responded slowly as his liquid warmth continued to fill and massage her still pulsating vagina, moved by his still mostly hard cock.      

     “Tell me how much you have loved me turning you out Rose.”

     That was the first time she had heard her name in weeks.  She looked him in the eyes before grinding her pelvis down onto his rod as she began to speak.

     “I’d hope you weren’t done with me yet.”  

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