It’s not a competition.

The two women sat on opposite ends of the sectional couch, facing each other.  Both previously aware the other existed though this was the first time they ever formally met.  Sort of.    They each looked at the others naked body curiously.  Equally bound by basic ankle and wrist cuffs with their respective names monogrammed on them.   

They saw each other at the gym often.  One or the other was always in the club trying to get John’s attention.  But as the Head Personal Trainer, he was consistently moving from body to body.  But that never deterred these two very different women, though.

 Chrissy was the more sexually aggressive of the two.  Shamelessly asking for training and personal advice.  Using any excuse to get him alone in a room, including faked injuries.  John finally spotted her on the bench press where Chrissy’s massive tits were massaged against his hardened 9 inches immodestly. The bold move won her over, and the set her on her current deviant path with him.  One she had thoroughly enjoyed too!

Any animosity between them was borne in jealousy.  Chrissy was short, about 5’1 and 22 years young.  Her tits were perfect 36Ds with slightly muscular legs that ran up to a firm, round ass that John loved to spank whenever he fucked her from behind.  Chrissy was prouder of her body before John in some ways.  More confident she could control any man with her assets.  Most of her boyfriend’s barely lasted a minute inside of her tight snatch, leaving her wanting for everything except presents.  But with him it was different.

John had introduced her to a World of Orgasms she had never imagined existed! He gave her the first Orgasm while fucking a man.  Her first orgasm while being eaten out ever.  And many other first she hadn’t even thought of trying before he had spread and taken advantage of her dormant lusts and she couldn’t say no to him.  He just had an extraordinary effect on her will to resist. 

She kept her boyfriends for conveniences but didn’t feel anything for anyone other than John right now.  She knew what she was into with him, polyamory being the biggest issue, but she didn’t care.  Chrissy came whenever he called her over.  She had no will or reason to resist his company since it was always fun.

Maria was different.  A 5’7 married woman of Puerto Rican Descent. Her chest was smaller than Chrissy, but her legs were much more magnificent and reached a sculptured bum.   She was 31 and highly sexual, having hit her chronological sexual peak.  And very aggressive about it, as she was used to having things her way.

Her Anglo husband gave his blessing of her playing begrudgingly.  He was much older than the Maria and had been caught cheating himself years ago, making his fortune vulnerable in the process.  That toppled impregnated Gina at 17 while she was still in High school and a part-time receptionist at his Insurance office!  Maria’s police officer father was nice enough to look the other way at their wedding, after receiving a healthy dowry from his son in law.  Still, he believed he made a good deal.

For Maria, it was a good marriage.  She never liked school as a girl, and there was no prenuptial agreement due to the possible pending statutory charges at the time. He would always be much older than her, but never have any control over Maria’s actions. She was young and wanted to experience other men, married or not and now she had the time and money to do it!  She didn’t need his permission.

Over time, the married couple developed an “understanding” between them with Maria in control.  Her husband would have his unquestioned free time.  When she allowed it. But she was able to come and go as she pleased.  Her father spoiled Maria as a girl so complete control of her husband was the only acceptable way!  She was used to getting her way.   

Her lust for John started in his Dark Brown eyes and ended with her fighting in vain for everything.  His toned physique commanded attention from women seemingly always around him, stoking her competitive fires while causing her temper to run hot!  She was aggressive in her pursuit of him and made his other ‘friends’ uncomfortable.  She was fun to deal with.

John noticed her untamed brat act and saw it for what it was.  A cry for attention and discipline that had always eluded the beautiful Latina Princess.  Their relationship was different than his other fuck toys.  She wanted it to be more than what was possible and wanted to change his life to fit her whims.  That was the part she had wrong.

Being handcuffed and intensely waiting for her Lover’s appearance meant she was wrong.  She would need to earn his full forgiveness before they could move on.  Even if it meant enduring sexual humiliation.  Gina knew as long as she was around, there was a shot her plans could work?


Neither woman had ever been with a woman though both always came to the gym in street clothes and changed in the locker room to secretly check out the sexy ones.  Comparing their personal progress against each other despite their own bodies never really changing.  They two women were physically as perfect as they would ever be.     

Looking at their dripping wet labia’s was a curiosity for both.  They weren’t fantasizing about shared Sapphic kisses as they both preferred the fantasy of being buried between another woman’s thighs, barely able to breathe.  Or smothering another between her own thighs as she licked her to completion. Staring across the room from each other they both knew John wanted them this way, wondering about the other woman’s intentions.  But he would never tell them what he wanted or expected of them before a date.  Chrissy knew it well already,  but Maria was just learning her way through. 

“I can’t trust you anymore.  Once you break one rule, the others no longer matter and there are no more boundaries.  I can’t see you anymore.”

Maria was thinking about that night sitting in her car.  Watching as Chrissy walked down the Drive at 2 am on wobbly legs after arriving at ten the previous night.  She was walking towards her now, so enraged she didn’t see John come out of the same door and stop her attack.  Chrissy never stopped or acknowledged the oncoming woman despite being called Puta by her many times.  She just kept her head down and entered her car, driving away. 

John for his part brought her inside and ripped off her soaking wet panties.  Wet from imagining what John was inside doing to the young bitch.  He fucked the anger out of her in a way he never had.  Smacking her bottom with his bare hands until she was sore to the touch.  He was strong!  She wanted to break free from him wondering what her husband would ask when he saw her sure to be bruised bottom but she needn’t worry.  She wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

John didn’t tolerate jealous women and had a way of dealing with them.  He told Maria about it and explained as a bachelor with many responsibilities; he needed rules.  Structure.  Her high-strung personality was the opposite of everything he did, and if she wanted to continue to see him, she would have to adapt.  But she was on a short leash as he knew she was going to test him.  It was her nature.

She listened, and half believed him.  Because no man had ever done or even suggested the acts, he described to her and been serious.  They were just a fling!  She was surprised at herself, sitting across the street from his home so long, unable to think about anything past what he was doing to that poor, unsuspecting girl! 

It wasn’t fair!  He surely would have her under his thumb in a heartbeat!  And by her, she meant her clitoris.  Maria figured a girl like that would be receptive to treatment like that from a man like John.  Maria’s fingers clamped around her crotch in an unsuccessful attempt to get a hold of her emotions and lust.  She felt the girl was luckier than her right now.

Their lovemaking together was soft with just the right amount of aggressiveness.  John always would present his beautiful rod first for her to kiss and admire.  Never asking beforehand if it were something she would like to do.  It was expected of her, and she liked following his lead.  Especially knowing where it always ended!

His confidence made her tremble and wet each time he commanded her to do something.  And Maria also had complied each time, never hesitant while also not mentioning her usual rule against sucking dick.  Instead, Maria found herself looking into his face for satisfaction as he told her to squeeze her tits.  Or rub and finger her cunt to exhaustion. He was an unpredictable lover. 

Their first time together John explored her thighs and pussy with his tongue like a good soldier and Maria experienced the most uncontrollable orgasms due to his expertise until falling asleep on his floor like a delicate, sensitive flower.  She awoke to his dick entering her, seemingly fitting into her pussy perfectly!  He would adeptly work his shaft into her, twisting his hardened cock in different directions that made her feel deeply connected to him. Attached to her walls until Maria began to convulse uncontrollably around his thickness and the image of him behind her in the mirror became entrenched in her waking thoughts.  There was little to pretend about her wanting to see more of him.  And no doubt about his answer being firm.

“When you are ready.”

There it was.  That sexy, superior smirk that he knew was driving Maria crazy and let her know how well she had been fucked in an instant!  After all, he had cum what seemed like forever inside of her that time and when she realized he never put on a condom, she hadn’t cared!  She wanted to feel his hot cum spreading inside of her.  Wanted him to be with her forever.

“Clean it up.”

 She had devoured his juices and hers off of him every time as he wanted her too.  Maria had never done that for anyone and told herself she enjoyed it all because she did it for him.  Their flavors mixing on her tongue made them closer she believed.  But she was no slut, except for with him.  

That was the way it went with them.  John would spread her legs and devour her oversensitive cunt with his lips and tongue.  Teasing her tender pussy with the backside of his tongue as she came violently over and over, unable to resist his experience and will. 

Maria for her part was like a child with him, unable to say no.  But not without pouting first so he would take her in an awkward, humiliating way.  Her legs, back and soon mouth would all leave his residence somewhat worse for wear, but only temporarily.  She always had time to heal which made her wonder, why didn’t he want to see her more?

 Convincing her to fasten the spreader bar to her own legs was the next change.  Then he introduced her to handcuffs since she was always using her hands to push him out of her body to stop her orgasms from continuing.  That incident was the first time he spanked her for resisting.  The vibrator he watched her use was the cherry.  A discipline she needed to Master, but all she ever did was cum wherever it touched any part of her pussy.  He understood her body and mind in a way no one else ever had taken the time to learn.  And in return, she thought about him all of the time.

He fucked her hard that night , nd for so long, she knew he had to have spotted her from across the street!  Knew she was far past the point of rational thought and was feeling more than a ‘fling’ with him.  She was hooked on him and he had warned her to never fall for him.  She would never again gain control.  He was right.

Chrissy knew the truth about what happened during that night, though.  It was her first night at John’s house, even though she only called him that in mixed company now.  A shared secret was the evening’s they had spent elsewhere, alone.   She had agreed to let him do whatever he wanted to her before she even crossed the door she was so enamored of him.  He was exactly what she liked.

Chrissy couldn’t remember how it happened the first time exactly.  She knew he was consulting her about her diet in his office, a bullshit request she had made to be alone with him even if she had no plan beyond that. His leg was on the table as he spoke quite seriously about her diet, while the outline of his cock curved and strained against his shorts.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of it and the way he was so suggestively baiting her while at least 30 people milled around outside the door before closing time made her hot!  She felt he was hypnotizing her, using it’s pulsing motion like a hypnotist swings a watch.  In sync,

Before she knew it, he was knuckles deep inside of her and instructing her to squeeze her nipples, which he pulled from underneath her sports bra.  Asking her things about her body and her reactions to his wandering hands as his learning caress never wavered in boldness.  Things about herself.  He let her wrap her hands around his cock every day since as long as he would play with her cunt from various angles.  But she had never sucked him before that night when she saw Maria in the driveway and technically, only she had had sex.  He said he was grooming her.  

But 1st he would let her see that big cock that had nestled so well upon her tits if she agreed to be his sex toy for the night.  He hadn’t even been subtle about it which made her even more hot when she said yes without even thinking!  He had been toying with her every time she came into the gym for the past two weeks like a slut.  Rubbing her pussy over and over but never letting his cock enter any part of her body.  Just thinking about the way he looked at her.  Looked through her.  A night at under his thumb was exactly what she wanted to experience!

Presenting his bare cock to her for the 1st time she knew how to touch him.  He had told her repeatedly while he masturbated her in his office.

“Use your mouth and tits only when you make me cum.  You are made for it.”

Chrissy discarded her shirt and dropped to her knees, cradling his cock between them.  John grabbed her hair immediately.

“You don’t even know what you are do you?”

Her eyes met his gaze and noticed his smile which relaxed her until his hands grabbed her nipples violently, squeezing until they were red and Chrissy had cum once more.  

John had treated her differently than Maria because they were different women who both wanted the same things.  Chrissy was a young girl with a body built for sin.  She could be a Dom or a sub at this point.  He knew her potential was greater than any female he’d come across in a while!  But she was uneducated about her slutty self, choosing caution and reputation over reckless indoctrination and acceptance of what she would be the happiest being.  Free.

John looked into her small, wet mouth knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle his big stick!  With her opened to its fullest and slicked by her saliva it still barely fit.   But Chrissy could barely control her enthusiasm when horny and was constantly fidgeting in his presence before he even touched the girl!  And her effort was unsurpassed, always trying her hardest.  But like a true slut when ignored, she looked for attention from the other gym members and teased them mercilessly with her body!  She might as well have begged him to finger fuck and humiliate her for being such a tease,

They had fooled around non-stop before she had left that night, or was kicked out exhausted and defeated depending upon perspectives.  John had promised Chrissy she couldn’t make him cum when fucking her throat and never stopped telling her so.  He promised to buy her things if she could make him cum. That made Chrissy feel slightly like a whore as she attempted to ride his dick to completion in ways that always worked on her boyfriends, but didn’t on John.  All she had accomplished was to bathe his thighs and her ass in her own juices and wear herself out!  Just the way he wanted her.

The condom came off while John wiped his wet balls on her tits and settled his cock in the front of her mouth.  His balls were covered in her juices and saliva and she jumped when they rested on her nipples momentarily as she pushed them in place for him.  Chrissy cleaned them with her eager mouth as he told her they were hardly finished.

“Has anyone ever fucked your ass?”

With that, he plunged two fingers inside of her asshole as her legs flailed forward.  His weight was over her chest as he started to take her anal virginity with his fingers and control her with them as if he were masturbating her pink hole. 

“Keep those tits tight for Daddy.”

The condoms had desensitized him to the point of sadistic indifference.  Seeing her young tits mashed over his thick cock invigorated him.  She was Cumming from the visual of his dark head continually emerging from between her chest canal.  What she was letting him do to her was wrong and Taboo.  She imagined how she looked now.  The attempts to lick his juice free from his member only increasing her embarrassment while producing only a small taste of his pre-cum, which was smeared across her lips now like gloss.

Her pink nipples and oversized areolas were so taut they looked ready to burst and he knew what he wanted.   To fuck her for hours unaffected by her own attempts to juice his swollen pole was redundant.  Plenty of time to feel her wet, tight, inexperienced pussy another time.  He could say the same about her drooling mouth.  The reaction to his ass finger fucking made him sure she wanted to be fucked in the ass if only to prove to him she wasn’t afraid of anything!  He knew soon Chrissy would beg for him to fuck her that way whenever possible.  She enjoyed the humiliation.

Maria sat looking at Chrissy.  Jealous at her tits and poise despite her obvious youth.  She knew the young woman was resolved to see anything through for him, like her.  But in a different way.  Maria noticed how hard her nipples were in anticipation of his imminent arrival and how she sat in perfect form, looking directly through Maria like John does.  He had imprinted on her and left just enough of himself with Chrissy that Maria could sense his presence.  It made Maria uncomfortably hot in an unaccustomed way.  For a woman.

“It’s not a competition.”

Maria heard John’s voice.  He had told her it would be either herself or Chrissy in a twisted game of sexual Bachelor, the loser being banished forever.  But nothing he had said was true. 

“It’s a boundaries test.”

Chrissy’s ankle bracelets came off as she walked towards the still bound woman.  Her tits glistened in the lights as she got closer to Maria and her heart beating fast as the young woman grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear. 

“You were going to beat me over my Master’s dick but all I want to do is play with you.  Why don’t you like me?” 

Chrissy began to force Maria’s legs open and pushed her tongue onto her labia before she could resist.  She was physically stronger than Maria, something the Latina didn’t expect and a wet tongue always paralyzed her.  That was how she ended up pregnant in the first place.  

“I’ve never tasted any pussy that wasn’t my own!”

John smiled as he entered the room and watched his protégé take control of the problematic woman.  He knew Maria was probably angry at him, but powerless to do anything about it.  She loved being licked too much to deny the girls advances and secretly, she wanted it to happen and more!

Walking towards the women John casually stepped over Maria, now slumped against the sectional while the young girl lapped at her hole.  She saw John and as usual, wanted to curse him!  But the words couldn’t form from her open mouth before his cock had forced it’s way inside, stifling her words but satisfying her lust to lose control. 

“So far you are doing just fine Mami.”

To be Continued.

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