Bee stood in front of the store with the rest of the Bargain Hunter’s anticipating the beginning of what she expected would be a long day.  The heels and garters she wore over the short skirt and trenchcoat barely reached her pussy, and wouldn’t cover her in any position besides standing straight up.  Shoulders back which was difficult to maintain under the circumstances as her pussy creamed down both sides of her legs, leaving both sides of her stocking tops moist.   

The jostling of the crowd from time to time didn’t allow her posture to be maintained for long and Bee found herself being crowded at every angle.  Her wet thighs squished together as the Butterfly was turned off and on by Malik who stood a few feet behind her.  And her nipples were so hard!  It was good at least Malik had chosen a halfway decent quality trench, instead of the slut wear he normally ordered off the internet so at least her nipples weren’t porn star obvious!  Just obvious.  He had a sexy way of bringing out her mischievously slutty side and though his tasks were usually physically challenging, the sex had toned and honed her body and senses in a way she would have never imagined!  Her ass had risen at least a quarter inch and Men and women now noticed her for her body, not just her mind.  But the store was almost open.

At least, the sun was coming out so there was some light.  Bee didn’t know it, but Malik’s friend was the Manager of the Superstore and had pre-arranged the exterior light failure out front that left her at the mercy of the crowds lingering hands on line.  Men had been pawing her hardened tits and now sculpted ass for the past half hour, having seen her ensemble as a discount tag advertising cheap thrills.  She stood alone as women hissed at the Doctor and her amorous body display.  Loudly shaming the ‘ white slut’ for being at the wrong store.  Malik had turned the device fully on then to keep her relaxed and smiling.  Relaxed and smiling.

Malik had instructed and warned her against responding.  The same went for men who may decide to go as far as finger her cunny and discover her secret as they pressed against her during the notoriously dangerous day of bargains.  She knew at least 3 sets of hands had anonymously pawed and massaged her pussy and ass in the dark hour before the doors would open, one set that felt quite feminine.  But she kept calm and silent as instructed by her Master Malik  This store was known for its altercations on Black Friday.  The danger level was real.

So the plan was to endure any uninvited advances by the men or woman who chose to test the slut theory of loyalty.  Malik was there in case things got out of hand of course.  But he told her she was allowed to do anything, including slip away and have sex if she found herself excited by the attention she was sure to get!  But she was only looking to please Malik and any pleasure she experienced was for him.  It was a test of wills as Bee managed to keep the men enticed with her body and controlled with her eyes and facial expressions even as her 36C Tits burst against the coat more enthusiastically with each passing moment!  She couldn’t wait till it was over while surprisingly enjoying every second as a Tease! 


His cock had toyed with her throbbing pussy for at least 10 minutes as he assaulted her breasts with deft maneuvers of the tongue, knowing how hot she got whenever he did that!  He made her promise to do this, whispering the details into her ear as he skillfully placed his bulbous head in and out of her opening.  Before he would fill her throbbing pussy to the hilt, she had to agree!   Bee was happy she had.

The doors opened and Bee moved over to the side where Malik was standing and rubbed her hands against his cock brazenly.  No one noticed except the man who was standing directly behind her, and soon he was swept into the store and out of her view.  Bee was ready for Malik to fuck her now and put her out of her sexual misery!  But Malik had other ideas.

Malik walked her to the University work van where her car was parked next to his.  It was equipped with a recliner since it was mostly used by Malik for personal errands.  She sat in the chair as Malik removed the trench coat from her left side and poured the contents of a cold bottle of water into a washcloth.  He then proceeded to remove the device to cool Bee’s hot thighs and ass with the damp cloth.  She had cum all over herself so it took Malik longer than anticipated to his personal delight!  Their morning ended with her arms over the back of the chair while Malik issued a stern ass whupping with his bare hand for her making the mess in the 1st place.   

“Get to your office.  I will see you there.”

Malik roughly pushed her out without even unsheathing his dark cock which she wanted so badly now, she could practically taste it!  But it was a work day and though most of the lab would be out shopping, she was still the Head of the Department and had to set an example. 

“And don’t change.”


Bee had been seeing Malik for two months now and their relationship had started out as Blackmail? But evolved into something else she had believed.  She liked him.  Maybe even was in love for the first time as he made her nipples tingle at the thought, unlike any man she had ever known!  It was a twisted and abnormal relationship but she never was normal was how she reasoned it made sense. 

And Malik was more than a Thug.  During her visits to his home for sex, she had noticed the Books he read as well as his demeanor and intelligence was much more than she had expected.  No man had ever excited her like him with his self-Assurant ways and large hammer sized cock that he wielded expertly inside of her womb.  She was used to dominating men and had found bliss in the unfamiliar place of being dominated!  Because of their dynamic, she was unsure he shared her sentiments.   

“I can’t do that sir.  This outfit will get me fired.”

Malik sat in the chair smiling at Bee after removing his trousers, unleashing his hard black cock knowing the distraction and confusion it would cause within her thoughts.  The fact he wore no underwear didn’t go unnoticed as she forgot momentarily the topic of conversation hoping no other women walked by in the moment and wished to climb inside the van and ride him right now as she wished.  Her face flushed as he spoke again. 

“Suck this cock and I’ll explain Dr.”

Bee jumped into the van closing the door in an instant as she was upon his head in a split second!  His hands grasped her hair at the base not allowing her to swallow him just as quickly as he spoke again over her twirling tongue as he had taught her to do.  

“If you want this cock.  You will go to work and check on every experiment with every worker in the lab personally.”

His grip loosened, allowing her saliva further down onto his head about a third of the way before continuing. 

“You will be encouraging and helpful to them all.  At 2 o’clock.  You will tell them all to go home for the weekend and think about you and how they can make you happy because Monday, you will be doing 1-on-1 interviews with each of them as your Grant is being cut and someone may have to find another position.”

Removing his cock Malik stood and moved behind Bee before pressing himself into her dripping snatch completely!  She came in an instant at the intrusion.  The surprise of the instantaneous relief sending her into orgasmic bliss. How could she say no?

“To what purpose?”

The words mingled through her moans as she attempted to discuss personnel decisions with the janitor as she struggled past the feelings of his boner massaging her walls that were pushing her deeper into her emotions. 

“If you trust me.  If you love me.  You will do as I say.”

Malik took his hard dick out completely to watch the fallen women attempt to recover as he told her the rest. 

Bee strode into the hallway smiling broadly as Malik watched her enter the building from down the hall.  There were few administrators but as usual, the lab was full of scientists and hopefuls hoping for a breakthrough with little else on their collective minds than results.  They would hardly notice her and even if they did and complained, she had tenure and no history of erratic behavior.

She did as he said.  Examining all four experiments, asking questions of a most serious nature while dressed as Adult Bookstore slut.  The men’s boners served as obvious detractors from intelligent response while Bee commanded them with a power she had never explored before Malik fully.  Her sexuality.  She was bare underneath her trench lifted the coat to place her bare ass on the lab stools, each time exposing herself momentarily and setting the tone for each discussion being fruitless before she ripped into them individually about what they “lacked”.  Each time she thought of Malik, smiling with his cock in hand waiting for her return before addressing the lab staff in unison.

“None of you are worth a damn.”

It began with a simple phrase as Bee dressed down each scientist individually for their lack of results.  The surge of power she felt as they looked at her puzzled was an aphrodisiac for sure!  Her trenchcoat rose each time she pointed and her tits were hard as they usually were when she yelled at them.  Something she hadn’t noticed about herself till now that Malik had.  He stood in the back of the room with his mop in hand, texting furiously as she continued his words to the end in verbatim until its her voice stopped.

“Take the weekend.  Get some pussy or dick or whatever you do.  And come back Monday ready to fucking rock these experiments!  Now get the hell out of here!”

Malik laughed at her awkward delivery and watched as the men and women bounded out, confused at what they had just witnessed!  Malik waited till five minutes after the last one had left and locked the doors to the laboratory before entering Bee’s office, where she sat at her desk crying and Masturbating furiously.  Who was she? 

“Aren’t you afraid they will tell the Administration what you just did?”

Malik pushed her fingers aside, replacing them with his tongue as he wandered and explored her vagina listening for a response above her moans.  Bee didn’t care to answer though.  She was too worked up thinking about the men online at the store.  They weren’t afraid to touch her like the pussies that worked for her in her lab!  Not like Malik. 

“Fuck them.”

Her words and sentiments clear as she lifted Malik’s face to meet hers in a wet kiss.  Their tongues intertwined like she wished they had so many times she had been afraid to let her passion for him show!  He had been in control.  But until today, she hadn’t realized her own power!  She may get fired if someone complained and tapes of her slutty/bitchy behavior came out today since everything in the lab was recorded.  But she didn’t care! 

“Good.  Because the cameras were off and we haven’t been properly introduced.”

Breaking their kiss Malik stood before Bee who surprised him by diving her face directly into his balls for a tongue massage!  Malik sighed as he spoke. 

“When I invest, I always like to watch my investments up close.  Especially my Project Managers.”

Malik sunk back down to his knees and placed his arms under Bee’s open legs on each side before clasping her nipples between his fingers and standing, lifting her ass off of the chair in the process and pushing his cock inside of her before beginning what was to be a vigorous fuck.    

“I provide your endowment.  You have always worked for me.”

Malik whispered the details she knew well about her funding.  How at one point, she was almost out of money and the University before the Broom Fund had saved her.  Malik was reading her data after hours and assessing the risk/reward.  And how he reasoned she needed a good fuck.  That part made her cum. 

Malik loved fucking her too and for him, that form of love was enough to make him shoot his load deep inside of her.  Her womb jolted slightly as his sperm sank deep inside of her womb, something she had hoped he would do but never had until today.  She couldn’t bring herself to admit what she really wanted.  To have a piece of him forever as she kissed him deeply once more. 

6 months later Bee sat at her desk rubbing her enlarged belly in circular motions wondering if the baby would be blessed with his Father’s big dick.  Malik was mostly gone, off pretending to be a janitor at a Manufacturing company during the week he had taken over partially owned and run by some young, rich bitch in over her head.  She knew he would eventually fuck her too, but it didn’t matter. 

She had the prize. 

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