The woman had been compromised and now was entrusted with long-term responsibilities.  The overcoat and glasses were appropriate though she hadn’t expected to feel so exposed underneath with her otherwise immodest attire.  There was nothing to it except two rings that cupped each breast!   The same thoughts as always crossed her mind at this time.  Who could she tell she was being taken advantage of that would not only believe her but could help?  She was a beautiful, newly married woman and knew rich men that could but they wanted to fuck her.  She considered if it would help or only make things worse?  Her nipples hardening despite the panic as she continued to drive.

 Any interaction with police would have compromised her too.  Having learned from experience the first week that seeking the help of authorities would only result in being sent on to her dirty destination with a police escort.  The officer had been invited into the home and eventually, into the room and allowed the gratuity of her mouth once they were done with her. She had only made the women at her house angry and increased her own humiliation as the officer now waved to her daily.  Knowing he had used her and now knew her secret.  There was no easy way out.

Rose had taken to her new responsibilities by now well though.  The stockings she wore underneath the overcoat felt quite sexy she believed, and her ass stuck to the leather seat while steadily surveying the road as she drove along.  Rose would turn up the heated cushion and drink from her water bottle while rubbing her bare pussy against it.  Just like the casual but respectable slut, Rose imagined she was becoming.  The thought not bothering her in the least.

Reaching the semi-circular drive, Rose parked in the side space that was hidden from sight. She pulled the mask down over her face as she was instructed before exiting the car and retrieving her rolling luggage from the trunk space. The mask obstructed her vision, but Rose was familiar enough with her surroundings by now to get around.  The fact that no one ever saw her face was a relief because she was an otherwise respectable newlywed. The mask grasped tightly to her skin but could be lifted up over her head while leaving her mouth and ponytail exposed for practical reasons.  

She proceeded towards the side door entrance which was unlocked as usual. Stepping onto the spiral side stairs which led directly into the playroom.  Quietly, she placed the bag in the corner of the room out of the way. Then retrieved two small ropes, a five-inch curved vibrator and, of course, her tasseled whip which was placed astride the bed. The women would be arriving soon, and she knew to be ready for them, or her Mistress would hear about it.  Rose did not want that she believed.    

The Hostess, the Mayor’s wife was always first and always gentle with Rose. She called her Mistress Mayor as instructed, but the interactions with the older woman were mostly tender.  Mistress Mayor would kiss Rose on the mouth unlike her “Mistress” Candy, who now only allowed tongues and modestly sized toys to enter into Rose’s pussy.  And as it was her Mistress Candy’s word was to be obeyed without question to avoid the consequences of disobedience.

That restrictions also included access to Rose’s bud by her newlywed husband’s small dick.  Twice a month only she said and definitely not for the purpose of impregnation!  Rose pretended to love the taste of his semen now as Candy commanded and by swallowing it lustfully had gained a strange control over her husband she never imagined possible!  Having never controlled a man by any other means than fear she was now getting an education, in the ways of seduction.  She would allow her husband to lick her cunny as much as he asked since it wasn’t his penis.  So Rose learned how to control him thanks to the tail end of her Mistress lash!  Something she would have never thought possible when she wasn’t thinking.

Still, the near thirty-year-old woman badly wanted a child with him to secure a better future divorce settlement.  It was the only part of her trap for him that had not yet been set.  And the only part that Rose knew could be a long time coming.

These women’s chamber meetings were always the same, lasting between 3 and 4 hours with the women taking turns dominating her. Rose had been lent to the group for “secretarial purposes.” The “meeting” or socializing took part in another region of the Estate. But one at a time, the Manservant would bring the women up to her to visit. Escorting the previous woman out while she usually was left in one compromising position or another. Sometimes, the woman would instruct him to restrain her before exiting with her arms being roped to her legs. Or they would watch together as the servant would slap her with his big, black hands until her ass or tits were sufficiently reddened, and she was adequately humbled by the experience. Something that would have never happened eight months ago Rose had to admit secretly was always a highlight of her visit. She knew she was responsible for how she was being treated and why. And she had begun to need this domination and penance.

Each session would usually be 30 minutes but if fewer members showed up than the individual times with each woman would be extended.  There was a shower she could clean up in if the woman commanded her to as well.  Rose had been coming here for six months now three times a month under cover of Executive Training and had received a raise as well to allay her husband’s suspicions.  And she always left by 6 pm.  Everything was routine except the sex! 

Rose hadn’t viewed herself as Lesbian or Bi-sexual at first.  She regarded herself as having no choice.  How she got into this situation is one thing.  But now with the passing time, Rose also knew she was willingly complicit in her own ordeal.  Her pussy throbbed and ached more every day as these meetings came closer, and she wondered what she would do with herself if the sessions ever ended more and more!  She would think about her hands being bound and face being pushed into various ladies’ wet, warm pussies!  Her tongue savoring the dew drops as the wandered down a stronger woman’s thighs and onto her prone tongue! The thought of this all ending actually caused a form of panic within her since Rose had realized that perhaps her goals had been misguided from the start? Were her previous hopes and aspirations actually unhealthy ones?  Rose had learned thanks to her Mistress Candy that there were other things in life besides settling. There was the excitement!

The women were all different sexually, but the Mayor’s wife was the only woman who was gentle with her. The generous lady of the Manor treated Rose like an old lover.   Caressing her body in a way no man ever had and kissing her in places that Rose would never have considered.  Always ending by grinding their pussies together until Rose would capitulate like a conquered woman and beg her to stop!  Always kissing her before exiting the room.  Always telling her to shower and get ready to serve.  Beyond the directions, Rose wondered to herself what such a loving woman could have in common with her Mistress besides both of them being dark complected.    

The women were all prominent and married for all Rose knew.  Some of their Husbands even knew what went on at these “Chamber” meetings.  Others had no clue!  Rose didn’t know the group’s name, but they were chartered, and respectable Charitable organization for all anyone else knew.  Responsible for various good deeds and deemed legitimate women.  But the outside world didn’t understand what this group was all about like she did!  If she ever wanted control over her life again, she would satisfy their desires and obey without hesitation.

When the first woman that day bound her hands the pole in the middle of the room and picked up the tasseled whip to flog her for being a whore all she could say was “Thank You.”  And when the same woman would make her bend at her knees while still bound so that Rose could lick her ass while she came on Rose’s chin, she also had to comply.  That was how she resolved her actions in her mind as being acceptable for a long time.  She noticed how much she wanted to but couldn’t admit it out of fear this was who she was.

     She would be beaten and instructed to fellate their pussies with equal veracity by the next four women!  Her anonymity was irrelevant as they most assuredly knew that she was compromised and not a paid whore.  She was accepting her abuse by choice and enjoyed when they pushed her to do with as they pleased.  Rose had learned them as well.  Becoming accustomed to the sounds of their voices, she knew what they wanted instinctively from her. The order would change, but the woman would rarely use up their allotted time now. She didn’t want them to become bored with her, but Rose knew their pussies so well that she enjoyed getting them off with her slit sucking mouth, looking forward to seeing them 3 times a month!  The routine was a source of relief for her to not have to control everything.  To be out of control.  

   Rose sat patiently on her knees, having showered as instructed by her last lover with her hands separated in a placated position before her.  Having only experience orgasm once today, under the watchful weight of Mistress Mayor and her wonderfully soft labia when the door flung open and all of the women filed in at once she was startled and excited!  The manservant grabbed her ponytail and tossed her towards the bed!  Meanwhile, the women continued to file in one at a time, placing their chairs into a full circle which she was situated in the center of roughly by their goon.  

Her hands were bound together, and as always, she didn’t resist.  Seeing them altogether her heartbeat quickened and her mound pounded between her legs at the thought of them all having their way with her until Mistress Mayor spoke. 

“You have been a good servant to us all slave and have made it to graduation.  This will be your last Sunday with this group as a slave!  Candy is allowing me to set you free from this particular chore, so we wanted to say goodbye!”

The feelings of relief and disappointment flashed through the woman as she realized the end of her journey had come.  Her Mistress had told her she would be free one-day if…. she did what was asked of her.  Rose had done that and more but was confused by the words “this group.” 

“You do realize these Latina women you have been eating out during all of these meetings have one thing in common?  Speak slave!”  she barked in the woman’s direction. 

“You are all Spanish?”

She hadn’t recognized the importance of the statement.  Rose felt her mask being ripped from her head as her identity was now on display for all to see.  These wealthy women all had been in the boutique she managed at one time or another in the past, and she had moved them along.  Even accusing two of them of shoplifting!

“We don’t all have heavy accents!”

The Mistress now showing her teeth towards the woman she had so lovingly comforted and held throughout the months-long ordeal,  Rose recoiled.  Noting the circumstances of her enslavement to them was procured through similar circumstance she was no longer comfortable being bound in front of them!  Struggling momentarily before being told to stay still. 

Her back had been facing the door and she did not notice the various men who had filed into the room.  They stood 3 side by side with their naked blackness and enlarged penises ranging from 9 to 12 inches!  The older woman continued to speak. 

“When Candy told me about you we knew you were perfect.  You are betrothed, now husband’s fortune, as well as his Day to Day activities, is controlled by one of us already.  Which you would have known were you not such a racist slut!”

Smacking the woman for emphasis the Mayor’s wife stood directly over the stunned woman’s face before dropping her full weight directly down onto it!  Rose hadn’t believed she could be surprised any longer.  Having gained control over these women’s urges with her tongue and compliance over time she had become confident in her own way.  But she was wrong! Slurping at the older woman’s folds unable to speak her case and unfamiliar with her Mistress Mayor’s smothering pink holes idiosyncrasies left her confused and profusely wet!  The fact that Rose was not that woman anymore didn’t matter as Mistress Mayor ground her pussy hard onto her entire face.  Spilling it’s lubricants from her forehead to her chin and verbally assaulting the woman as she did!

At that moment Rose realized how much she had grown to love licking her black master’s pussy until she was satisfied.  How much she longed to make her happy.  She would not be able to speak her case as long as her tongue was engaged in drinking in the other woman’s sweet aroma so she did the best that she could with her tongue.  Settling the woman upon it even as Rose’s own orgasmic humiliation had her dripping upon the Hardwood floor.  The other women all commented that Rose must have been enjoying herself while flicking their fingers across her clitoris and laughing.  It made her orgasms more intense and there was no way or place to hide the fact she loved the treatment and attention she was receiving!

     She felt the hands parting her legs and she opened them wide like her Mistress Candy had conditioned her to do.  In anticipation of one of the women smacking, fingering, or maybe licking it for her past transgressions against them.  When the strange cock filled Rose’s now tightly clasped wet womb she was unable to yell so she thrust her tongue deep into her lover!  The Mayor’s wife 2nd orgasm now speeding down the throat as Rose shook inside of her own body from the pain and pleasure of her pussy being stretched far, wide, and good!  It was good to feel dick again!  Especially one so much larger than her husbands!    

When the Mayor’s wife stood up allowing Rose to see the black intruder as well as the camera recording the moment she smiled nervously.  Another man lifted her shoulders off the floor as the man inside of her began to rise from his knees, keeping himself inside of her!  She felt herself being pulled by gravity and her hungry pussy downward onto him by the gravitational switch.  Stretching her insides with his massive cock delved into her further than any man before!  The other man standing behind her pressed his huge cock towards her tiny hole until her panic became plausible and her legs, now wrapped around this chocolate man who was plugging her underused pussy became tense. 

“Relax whore.”  One of the seated women said to her.  “It is going inside of you either way.”

Which was exactly when it did, Rose screamed as she felt both cocks inside of her, rubbing together separated only by her!   Her arms were still bound as she was bounced between the two black men like a rag doll glued between their legs.  Her ass was split wide from this unforgiving black cock.  It was twice the size of the toys her Mistress Candy used on her.  She knew she would barely be able to stand later but didn’t care for the moment as she was experiencing the greatest orgasm of her lifetime!  

“Mistress I’m sorry.” She said deviously enjoying her ride.

“I changed.  I was a miserable fucking whore.  Oh….” Her voice trailed off as the man slammed her hard and deep. 

“But I love eating your Latina pussy and I love big black dick”.

She repeated the phrase over and over into the camera.  Hoping her Mistress would see the tape and understand how much she loved her now!  She was a different woman than the bitch who mistreated them all!  Over and over as the black men pressed her ass and vagina to the limit Rose thought of how the tape must look.  Hoped her Mistress Candy would use it against her and use her for her own satisfaction!.  She didn’t want it to stop.  The long spankings and lashings.  The pounding her pussy was taking now.  The training.  None of it!         

Looking towards the camera, she egged the two studs on verbally until the man in her ass came with full force!  His semen slightly easing her pain.  One of the women immediately dropped to her knees, licking the sweet crème from between her cheeks and sending Rose into another mind-bending release!  Another used a handy wipe followed by her mouth to suck the remaining cum from the man’s rapidly softening cock, reversing the trend before jumping on top of him herself!  And the first black man ever inside of her pink pussy was coming inside of her!  That was the last thing she remembered before passing out. 

She awoke to her cell phone ringing.  Her husband asked her was she on her way home as he had to fly out of town on last-minute business.  She lied and said yes, but he told her not to rush as he was leaving immediately and would be back in two weeks.  She had cum dripping out her cunt and some dried around her mouth.  She didn’t hear where he was going but felt as if her sore ass may need that long to recover!  She said she loved him and hung up the phone.  

After hanging up the room door opened.  The Manservant handed her a glass of water and a Morning After Pill.  After swallowing the pill and emptying the glass he handed her a note that read.


     Congratulations!  You are Halfway through!

You enjoyed your graduation ceremony so much I didn’t get to say goodbye.  What a slut!  Candy has loaned you to me to complete your training.  You will stay here the next two days while until your anus recovers since we are not monsters!   Sampson will provide everything you need including applying a creme to it for you that will help you heal.  You will not talk to him, just obey.  Your husband will be gone for two weeks and so will I.  Don’t worry about your outside life, it will be waiting for you when you are finished here.  It has all been arranged and accounted for.      


As Sampson lowered his pants she realized her predicament was the same as it ever was.

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