As a young woman, Charlotte had been well schooled.  Taught the best path towards Marriage and prosperity.  The road to wealth and a guaranteed form of happiness.  Shopping!  Most of the women in Charlotte’s family were similar, if not the same woman in a different shell.  Different types of Dolls and Princesses with Varying Degrees of influence over their husbands.

The men went on to marry women like their mothers.   Beautiful girls with Alabaster skin and various shades of hair.  All interested in the Basic creature comforts of life.  Non-controversial types with little need of opinions of their own.  Beth was one of those women.  Charlotte’s Sister in law married her handsome Brother William.   

Though most of the women in the family avoided work.  Beth was a High-school teacher and head of the local District’s English/Drama Department.  Working with young, urban youth mostly.  Pushing the “benefits of an education” for societal progress.  Beth was quite successful mentoring and cultivating young men through tutoring programs William’s Law Firm underwrote.  The Established scholarship program helped many get through College. 

Good for them but at 38, Charlotte felt the world had passed her by.  A marriage with no children but, the credit cards still worked!  Sure her husband was having an affair but wondering about his small dick satisfying the Beautiful, curvy Black secretary she was sure was his Mistress.  The woman barely respected Charlotte and, Beth’s request to have her husband fire her fell upon deaf ears.  Charlotte was becoming a bitter shell of a woman who was questioning her own life decisions.  And watching porn. 

Charlotte spent most of her time at home online, watching various types of sex which was how her story began.  With Beth, her sister in law stopping by unexpectedly.

“Hello!  Anyone home?”

Charlotte was in her Office chair.  Legs wide open with her fingers rolling up and down her wet pussy.  Watching what even she hadn’t realized what had become her favorite viewing material.  Interracial porn.  This one was the usual improbable scenario.  A woman her age, answering a door in her bathrobe still wet from her shower.  Signing for a package and ending up giving the well endowed black delivery man a Blowjob in her doorway before opening her legs and taking the improbable member deep into her hot, wet pink cunt!  The cock was at least 11 inches and almost as thick as her wrist and Charlotte wondered if she were a ‘real woman’, would she even be able to take such a large cock.  Her own pussy had never been challenged in such a way and none of her friends or family had ever intimated they ever had either.  But Charlotte was fingering herself so feverishly, she couldn’t hear her front door or even Beth approaching her office in high heels which clicked across the hardwood floors.  By the time she realized Beth was in the doorway to her office, she was cumming all over her chair!  And Beth had caught the last 2 minutes on video before speaking. 

“That was hot. Guess I understand now how you survive your marriage!”

Charlotte nearly fell off of her chair as she struggled to gather her clothes in a vain attempt to cover her shame. 

“Interracial porn is the best, isn’t it.  Almost as good as the real thing!” Beth continued.

“What are you doing here Beth?”

Beth stepped forward, cornering Charlotte in the back end of the room with her clothes in her hand. 

“I could ask you the same thing?”  She slyly replied.  “But it is time for your Donation and when I realize you hadn’t sent the check I figured it was a good excuse to stop by.  See how my Sister in law was holding up in this big house all by herself while her workaholic husband serves his secretary/Mistress.”

“What?  What are you talking about?” Charlotte asked. 

She wanted space to get away!  At least enough to put her dress or at least, her panties back on!  But she remembered she never put panties on this morning.  Heading straight to the Computer from the shower.  Barely pausing long enough to grab her robe off the back of her door.  A direct result of having washed her nipples in the warm water for what was probably 10 minutes alone!  Squeezing them roughly like the men in the videos often did to willing sluts.  Smacking them with her bare hands while being compelled to delve 3 fingers deeply into her wanting snatch repeatedly!  She had been imagining a lot of unladylike thoughts recently.  Wanted to Feel so many different sensationsrecently.  She knew her body was changing and had heard of women becoming hypersexual at a certain age.  But she didn’t believe her behavior was anything more than a phase. 

The fact it had been going on for 2 years notwithstanding.

“You have a beautiful body Charlotte.”

Her sister in law was pulling on the small hand towel Charlotte had mistaken for clothing and in looking down.  She realized she was barely covered at all.  Her wetness was visible on the inside of Charlotte’s thighs in dried streaks.  But were quickly disappearing with the glistening sweat that was the result of her embarrassment! A small struggle ensued that Charlotte lost.  Leaving her as naked as the pure joy of the previous moments before Beth’s untimely arrival! 

“I think you should share it more.”Beth continued

Beth grabbed her sister-in-laws hair and the motion of her head pulling back and the subsequent gasp left just enough space for Beth to slip her tongue into Charlotte’s unsuspecting mouth!  Beth was smaller in stature but, more powerfully built than Charlotte had ever recognized.  Her conservative dress around the family was conceived to conceal her dominant stature.  And in grasping Charlotte’s bare ass with a precision that allowed Beth to tease her love box while establishing a warm grip.  Beth recognized she was about to take another task off her Bucket List.  Help my sister-in-law! 

Charlotte had no idea what was going on but surprisingly, stopped objecting.  She went to Vassar and had had relations with women secretly throughout her pre-married life.  Her breasts swelled with the sensation of Beth’s soft tongue probing her wet mouth forcefully as it broke her resistance within moments.  She was transformed back to her rainy Sunday afternoon dorm room almost 20 years ago when her roommate confessed her desire to be naked with her.  Dominate her.  And she acquiesced.  But this was to be nothing like that. 

Beth thumbed at Charlotte’s areolas.  Testing her reactions as she considered the best way to get what she wanted from Charlotte.  She considered the woman’s overall sadness and lack of life whenever they met.  And her basic, if unformed kindness.  Charlotte was also friends with her husband’s secretary.  Having referred the young woman to him as a former student.  Which was true twice.  They were now equaled in many ways.  With Charlotte’s husband firmly underfoot as her slave.  A fact no one in their stuck-up family could ever conceive and if they could, would ever discuss together.  Especially the men.

The video Beth had just taken was enough to Blackmail her into submission.  Knowing an accidental text of Charlotte spasmodically touching herself to Double team Interracial porn could result in scandal and complete humiliation for her and her family.  But it wasn’t the only video.  There were hours of Charlotte masturbating all over her house, taped by her husband without her knowledge.  His Secretary/Mistress ideal to install Cameras so she could watch her.  Study her so that she could eventually take her place.  Making him watch it before making him lick her own pink pussy was a stroke of deviant genius, as his tiny penis pushed against his cock cage unable to enter her pink, Nubian fortress without proper permission.    

“You want me because your tiny dick can’t satisfy your white wife.  Say it.”

“My tiny dick can’t satisfy my white wife.” He’d repeat.

“And you are lucky if any woman cums on your face.”

“And I’m lucky if any woman cums on me.”

His failure to repeat her word for word meant his ass would be whipped or worse as he leaned over his Executive chair.  And he always misspoke.  After which he would lick his Mistress till she decided he could go home to Charlotte.  Often very late at night.   Beth knew everything about his affair and more about Charlotte’s marriage than Charlotte ever would!  But it took until today for her to decide to help. 

Charlotte began to untie the belt attached to Beth’s Dress and undo the 3 buttons in the front.  Her lips kissing her Sister’s inner thighs as she worked her way up to her panty-less crotch.  As Beth found her way into the reclining chair.  Charlotte’s mouth began to munch on the woman’s well-manicured box like a lost traveler returning home.  How much she missed the musk of a woman’s snatch and the feeling of a strong, feminine pair of hands on the back of her head!  She was in her quiet dorm room again.  Completely in love with being ‘forced’ to do things she never would on her own!  Cumming in small waves against her will as another Video played on her screen behind them. 

Beth marveled at her Sister in laws skillfully textured tongue and its good work!  She expected her to be awkward and even, non-receptive to her Sapphic, carnal advances!  Despite her Vassar experience.  Beth almost wished she hadn’t told Ty to come in the house to join them!   He was a former student and every day over Spring Break, a different one would accompany Beth on her fundraising tour.  It gave them a chance to catch up and reminisce as well as recruit new Donors.  By bringing an example of what the program means to the Community while allowing Beth to catch up with him simultaneously.  It was a tradition for the Scholarship winner to receive a special Teacher’s Award Night before embarking on Freshman year.  And Ty’s had been one to remember!   It also encouraged the young men to continue supporting the program post-graduation which had been running for 14 years now.  Beth believed in incentives for them, and herself. 

Holding Charlotte’s head firmly in place with her hands over her ears and under her skirt, Charlotte never heard nor saw Ty enter the room.  Only when his tongue scraped over her labia did she realize they were not alone and she attempted to turn behind her to see who it was.  But Beth held her firmly in place as she lowered her hands to her neck. 

“It’s just one of my students here to collect your donation.  Don’t worry.  It’s our secret.” 

Grinding her pelvic bone down towards her sister’s tongue as Ty positioned himself between the woman’s open legs.  Charlotte was in too much ecstasy to resist!   She had no idea who or what was coming next, but she reasoned it might be her as she felt the large knob of the uninvited guest rub the inside of her increasingly sticky honeypot.  Lubing her anticipation. 

“Is that real?” Charlotte mumbled. 

“Don’t be scared,” Ty said.

The blackness of his voice shook her being as Charlotte felt the flesh of his hard cock push into her tiny hole by comparison.  Her womb had never been stretched by anything so thick and if it weren’t for the tiny hands wrapped around her throat through her sister in laws skirt, she certainly would have fell face first to the floor! 

“Oh my God is this really happening?”

Charlotte didn’t expect an answer as her beaver flapped tightly against the weight of Ty’s prodigious cock movements deeper into her body than before.  Unable to lick her sister, Charlotte’s breathing became heavy and hot between Beth’s slippery thighs!   Her eyes wide open in the comforting darkness of Beth’s powerful legs but providing only faint light of her wet pussy against the light.

Pulling back the sides of the dress, Beth looked into her sister’s wide eyes to see her face as Charlotte became filled with cock for the first time ever.  If Charlotte forgot, Beth never would!  The face of pure ecstasy and pain being pushing beyond.  Only to succumb to the sensation of a well-hung black stud pounding her pussy to an unending Orgasm because of Beth!.  You want to experience something like this, Beth thought!   Grinding Charlotte’s face around her own sprite like vagina.  Bathing Charlotte’s face and Tits in the process, before pulling Charlotte up by the nipples to allow her Student to make a donation of his own!  Beth wanted to kiss her deeply but, not now. 

Ty for his part was showing some of his best work.  Symbiotically directing his cock inside of Charlotte the same way he had the horny white girls from College.  He could direct her body to do whatever he wanted by changing the way he pushed into her.  How quickly.  How deep.  It was all a new experience for Charlotte.  Ty could tell from the way she jumped each time Ty pumped inside of her differently.  In many ways he thought, as he fucked her over and over, she was less experienced than the young white girls at school.  Though her mature body was much more sensitive and susceptible to his strokes and motions. 

Looking at his former school Teacher Beth.  Legs shaking with that familiar, satisfied smile across her face.  Remembering her telling him in school how much she LOVED Donation time.  To be old enough to understand what that really meant!  Charlotte was settled into a comfortable place with a group of long, fast, deep, strokes that reached into her sexual soul.  Carefully Charlotte was discovering what each inch of him meant inside of her and Ty was proud to show his former teacher what else he had learned in College!  Their eyes locked in an approving gesture as Beth acknowledged she herself would be looking forward to a more proper reunion between just them.  Today was about a check!

Charlotte could feel Ty’s cock swelling up against her walls and she wanted him to cum deep inside of her!  She previously felt his cock jerking.  The small spurts of fluid as big as any she ever felt from her husband making her womb wetter each time but, he never stopped! Could it have been her since she had no idea what most of what she was feeling was!  Charlotte wanted Ty to cum inside her or wherever he chose!  After all of that good fucking, who could resist?

Ty’s final spurts hit the back of her walls in places Charlotte never thought possible.  Feeling alive as Ty continued to pump his seed deep inside of her, before falling back onto the floor.    

“I don’t know your name Ms.  But not a drop of that good sperm better hit the carpet.  Bring that mouth over here.” Ty barked. 

Charlotte immediately turned over, sucking the string off of the end of the once unimaginable big, chocolate dick. 

“There’s some on my balls too.” Ty continued. 

Beth stood and kissed her student.  Getting dressed and leaving Charlotte and Ty alone to get better acquainted.  Charlotte had forgotten all about her as she wrapped her mouth around the long, half flaccid young dick until he fucked her a few more hours before Beth returned to retrieve him and, the yearly donation.  Ty even went to work for the family business because after all.  Parents need jobs.  

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