Love is not an easy thing to find. Especially when you were built for sin.

Two times in the last 6 months, Kit had found herself feeling that certain way.  Special.  Adored.  Loved.  Being pampered like a Princess while being doted and protected like a valued Gem will do that to a girl!  That feeling of safety that brings a woman to the point she becomes open to her emotions.  That is how Kit confused lust for love again and again.

Sex is better when you’re in love!  It makes you cum harder!  Longer! But it always had Kit vulnerable to doing almost anything to please her men!  Some of it was activities she had enjoyed.  Most of it, not so much!  But when Kit fell in love, she was exactly that girl. Too much that girl probably!

The way her frame was cobbled together, combined with the sex endorphins that flowed freely within her staggering body, Kit had convinced herself to be disappointed in the past year by unworthy men.  Horny womanizers with smooth sentences and tricky tongues that cloud the senses in more ways than one!  She was susceptible to men who offered to taste her fruits since Virgin Kit allowed the Manager at her 1st job to eat her out.  He was a nasty older guy but, the combination of curiosity and opportunity was too good to resist!  Their relationship really changed once Kit threatened to tell the authorities about their activities.  She loved turning the man into her slave!  Making him lick her virgin pussy and ass with no reciprocation, as well as pay her for hours she wasn’t there!  Kit was barely naive.

Women looked at her with hungry mouths as well, and though Kit wasn’t a Lesbian, she loved to be eaten out!  Having little interest in women wasn’t the point.   Tongues made her cum and being in control fit her good looks and bitchy attitude perfectly!  Nothing better than a head between her legs and tongue upon her sensitive pussy.  Licking Kit’s clitoris.

Kit shook violently whenever an experienced cunnilinguist met the mark!  She knew the value of a daily orgasm and became spoiled as a result.  She loved when a man ran his tongue cautiously over her moist folds and thinking about it happening was enough to make Kit quiver and close her legs tightly together.  If she were alone, it usually ended with a finger or two being inserted as well.  If not, her mindset would be given her away by thick, jutting nipples that became as hard as a grown man’s cock whenever she was aroused!  And love only made her naturally cultivated urges stronger!

Kit played with her toys in the Privacy of her own home whenever in between lovers, but hardly ever when she was with anyone.  She used them instead.  Commanding them with disdain to their needs and concern only for their hungry faces!  She wanted to see them all covered in her moist lushness and imagined all of her targets the same way!

John was different.

He was older like many of her preferred targets  And in their conversations online, he expressed her preferred love of eating pussy!  But there was something else with him Kit hadn’t put her finger on until it was too late!  She always asked men to describe in great detail what they would do to her. With their wet mouths, tongues, and lips.  She liked to see it written down and the best descriptions, she would read aloud while playing with her Butterfly.  John he had hit every erotic button in regaling his plans to her!  But differently than the other men Kit eventually met and spent time with.  His language brought out feelings in her she never knew existed!  Desires she didn’t think imaginable! And ever since that night Kit wasn’t exactly her normal self!

She was very much used to intimidating her lovers and controlling every aspect of their interactions, even online.  But with him, she hadn’t cracked the code before they met which, turned out to be a big mistake.  After their first encounter, she doubted that she ever would!  Being adept at pleasing herself had come in handy since for the 1st time ever, she wasn’t entirely in control of her desires!  Kit could not bend him to her will like the others!  As a matter of fact, he had twisted hers!  Her nipples were always erect thinking about him hovering over her with his 9 inches of brown dick.  Wet and salty on the tip.  His voice and boldly spoken words of direction.

“Open your mouth now.”

The first time she ever really wanted too!  Her reflection in the mirror as she remembered his muscular ass stepping forward, placing it on her lips and bathing it over and under her tongue.  As Kit sat now fingering her snatch in the mirror, she imagined him stepping into the glass before her again   Making her pleasure him as she choked on her attempt to remain flawless.  Reliving their first and only encounter as her nectar slipped out of her hole from over and around her fingers!  She wanted him to treat her better!  Like the others always had!  But they never made her cum the way John had!  She couldn’t be in love with him!

Kit remembered his voice n everything she did now.  The dirty things Sir had said to her.  About her desire to be put on a pedestal before she had ever earned it!  That was what he said as he rubbed his index finger up and down her wet slit while grasping her throat from behind!  She remembered how his forearm felt between her globes.  Warm and powerful and wondering how right he must be since Kit’s legs were swiftly losing the ability to hold her own weight with her cunt shaking the way it was!  Pulsing until he let go to caress the flesh of her breasts with his large fingers.  Usually, they were the first thing Men went for, and Kit had no idea what was cumming next!  His palm slipping under them pressing down, revealing sensitivity and sensations she never even knew existed!  All while whispering dirty things she had no choice to answer in any way other than “Yes”!


Breathlessly moaned to the question of do I like my body touched.


To whether what I really loved was caresses is my pussy.


To the question of whether Kit had just orgasmed fully from the one finger, pressed and rubbing her insides now.  And finally


To whether she would let him have his way with her.  That she would agree to wear anything he asked her to.  Do anything he asked her to do.  Yes, because she couldn’t say no to him!

Men had always wanted her and Kit always wanted them, but their mostly disappointing fucking performances turned Kit into the woman she was today.  She considered herself to be lucky.  She didn’t need her Lover’s to last enjoy a fuck.  She only let them enter her when she was ready and after they had their faces covered in her own nectars.   She could cum as quickly as they had. It didn’t matter.

She was so beautiful and sexual most men couldn’t last more than 30 seconds inside of her.  And Kit had a closet full of clothes from shopping sprees meant to keep their poor performances secrets from social media!  Kit’s bank account also benefited from admirers who included her horny old boss, and some happily married men Kit had preyed upon.  Her boss overpaid her just for dressing provocatively and adding an “ambiance” to the office she most definitely wasn’t qualified to work in! And she lived in her Parents home at 23.  Money was not the issue.

Kit controlled men with the bat of an eye, a switch of her ass, and her Columbian accent that made her the most jerked off to a woman in the building!   Even though there was no official statistic to back that up!   Her nickname was “Sophia” amongst her admirers and even dated some of them.  More for convenience and a lonely night substitute but none of them could handle her either.  She was comforted that no one could go before John.

It was as if he had looked into her and saw something she needed.  A desire to be held.  No.  Held down!  Someone to tame her inner sexual desires that even she wasn’t sure of until he asked her.

“Do you like being in control all of the time?”

His voice was deep and steady.  Sure and measured as he looked directly into her eyes as if looking into an open book.

“I am not always in control.”  Kit answered.

Kit wasn’t sure of where he was going, but John just smiled across the table and snickered a bit before he answered. Sipping his wine while noticing her glass was nearly empty.  He placed his glass on the table before picking the bottle back up to refill her glass for her.

“Sure you are,” John responded.

Placing the bottle on the table, Kit remembered shifting down into her seat, as if looking for something to grind her responses against.  Her chest heaved as she watched his large hands and imagined them enveloping her chest.  And then squeezing her nipples so hard she felt the pressure in her tips tighten under her flimsy bra just from the thought alone.

“I would bet you can get any man to do anything for you.  Just by asking.  And sometimes, by not asking.”

Sipping her wine, Kit could feel her inhibitions slipping away at the revelation of uncomfortable truth.

“But I should thank them all.  And maybe we will.” He continued with another, more endearing smile before continuing.

“Had they seen you for what you really are.  You wouldn’t be here with me today.”

Kitty recalled feeling her thighs constricting a bit more from the inside, as she imagined herself alone with him.  He was older but didn’t much look it.  Mostly due to his long limbs and muscular frame.  One that wasn’t thoroughly disguised or distinguished because of his looser-fitting suit.  You had to look closer to notice how well assembled the man might be, under his clothes!  Something Kitty was doing with an unknown to herself intensity!

Kitty was solid, by comparison.  But he could easily manhandle her if, he chose to take her that way.  There was nothing that she could do about it.  All of the self-defense classes she had taken through the years would be ineffective against him.  Looking into her John saw what she wanted more than anything else!  John wouldn’t face any resistance from her.  Kit was already his.

Kit was remembering the Details like it was yesterday now!  Her finger pushed inside her pussy, moving back and forth, attempting to duplicate what John had done to her next that night.  Pulling her chair close to him as he opened her legs and began to massage her pleasure box in semi view of some but, earshot of others.  Kissing her on the nape of her neck once before asking for his permission to take her over for the next few hours, John had been deliberate in his seduction.  His soft lips, making their way across her ears slowly with a hint of his moist tongue’s recent departure from them.  His warm intoxicatingly Red Wine tinged breath complimented his hand’s movements.  Which was removed just before the Waiter returned for a peek? Then the words when the Waiter finally left for the check so John could touch her again!

“Now. you belong to just me.”

Words whispered days ago sent a wave of heat across Kit’s now naked, reminiscent body.  Kit looked at herself in the mirror now.  Three fingers digging deep into a sopping box and nipples too sensitive to touch as she came over and over!  Her legs jutted and bounced from side to side as she remembered what it was like.  Being someone else’s pleasure toy!  Someone who truly appreciated what she needed!

Kit reached for the phone and dialed John’s number.  Would he answer this time?  Most of her recent calls had gone unanswered.  Was he breaking up with her?  How could he?  How dare he!  After all the things she had let him do to her!  After all the things he had made her feel!  Her stomach twisted into knots, thinking about him with someone else and Kit started to rub her clit again as the phone rang.



“Hello, Kit.  What is going on.” John answered. His voice was cold.  Disconnected too.

“I want you to stop ignoring me.” Kit couldn’t believe her words.  She had just met for the first time him 2 days ago!

“I’m not Kit.  We talked this morning, remember?”

His voice was more even this time, and of course, he was right!  She wanted to be corrected and his confident rebuke made Kit melt a little bit.  That was the tone that opened her up and drove her wild with passion!  Kit placed her free hand around her nipples now as she lay on her bed naked in the middle of the day!  It was a big house that she shared with her Parents and younger brother.  But anyone could come walking in at any time, and often did!  But Kit was too far gone to care.  Her free hand squeezed her nipples harder than she ever had before!  Remembering John’s stern touch.

“Yes, you are.” She said.

“No.  I am not.  You are just a spoiled brat and used to getting your way.  I told you that when I was stuffing your cunt, didn’t I.”

Kit moaned in hearing his snarling voice, even if it was over the phone.  She remembered in an instant the rest of that night.

They had left the Restaurant and John had brought her by Uber, to the Hotel that he was staying in.  He made her leave her car because he wanted her full attention.  The fact that she agreed was the 1st Concession.

He had whispered the dirtiest words and actions imaginable into her ear the entire ride.  At first, she was uncomfortable since, after all, she was now at his mercy.  But when he grasped her nipple hard in his hands to get her attention her moist panties made remember why she was there!

John started with his antiquated views upon sex which was mostly about Male Domination,  It was entirely the opposite of his detailed letters about what she assumed was Pussy Worshipers she usually attracted!  Why this made Kit hotter began to be something she stopped thinking about as she realized John wasn’t just feeling her up without purpose.  He repeated movements as if making sure what was reported was true.  And he never became enthralled with any specific part of her body!  His hands were equal opportunity.

His voice spouted ideals about total rejection of Feminism in the Bedroom. What he felt was a “woman’s place.”  All while tweaking and testing her erogenous zones as if mapping her sensuality for future reference.  All with no regard to the driver leering into the rear view mirror.  By the time John had pulled her dress over her shoulders and down to her waist, Kit’s felt momentary discomfort had been replaced by a feeling of complete sexiness!  His warm mouth engulfed her hard nipple, as his palm pushed her hips down over her soaked panties and dress, making it impossible for her to do anything beyond wiggle her pleasure as her other titty dangled freely in the night air!  Kit came as she caught eye contact with the Driver in the mirror and felt her subsequent shame push her to cum once more inadvertently!

“Keep those soaked panties on you attention whore,” he whispered in Kit’s ear.

John squeezed her exposed nipple on her free titty for what seemed like an eternity before letting her go completely!  Her skin had begun to turn red from the pain before he finally let go.

“And pull your dress up.”

10 blocks seemed like an eternity as John kissed her lips for the first time and she felt herself relax completely in his embrace!  She didn’t understand how by being Dominated so, she could feel so free! It must be the wine, she remembered thinking.

The Elevator doors closing began another sensual onslaught of the senses as John’s hands allowed themselves every liberty upon her pulsing hot frame.  The opening of the doors.  Their hands clasped together in assurance as she stepped through the door and into her newfound self.  Things had not been the same since that moment and Kit forgot she was even on the phone!

“Are you finished yet?”

The voice on the other end was John sounding annoyed and probably with good reason!  Kit wasn’t herself lately, and she wanted answers!  Or something.  But how long had she been daydreaming while holding the phone?

“Yes.”  Kit’s answer was half-hearted.

Because the thoughts were too vivid!  She remembered how John had spread her legs and licked her sweet nub for what seemed like hours like he promised.  It was his usage of a Spreader, which eliminated her ability to stop him that caused this!  She was powerless to stop him from accessing her holes and pushed her limits further than anyone had!  Holding her thighs wide in position while extracting one secret after another from her soul with his dextrous tongue!  She was creaming again, remembering how he teased her Virgin asshole while promising to change that status!  He didn’t.  But before she left in the morning Kit found herself wishing that he would!  Who was she?

Kit had been exhausted and frustrated by his patience in eating her!  His naked 9 inches dangled and teased her every next wish that night!  Bigger than any she had ever seen up close!  But John was strong and didn’t allow her to touch it while he had licked her clean and dirty again over and over.  Asserting the dynamic between them as much as making Kit purr.

“What do you want to tell me Kit?”

John smiled as he remembered that night.  His stick hardened in an impulse knowing she would soon be his completely.  Adding her to his world would possibly mean the end of collecting, as she was more woman than even she knew yet.  John wanted the chance to pull it out of her.

Having teased and tortured her sensibilities.  Pushed her values and boundaries in public.  Explored her body and discovered there were only erogenous zones available.  Kit had taken to submission and public humiliation like the eager beaver he always wanted!  She was younger than he usually liked.  But that part was maybe how it was meant to be for them.  Kit was apparently in need of a Mentor and direction.  Who better than him?

And her pussy!  Most women he had taken in before had limits.  But Kit stayed juicy and ready even when taken to the point of exhaustion and beyond!  He had wanted to tease her with his cock more but instead, John had found himself placing full bottom strokes into her womb as it felt so good!  Even though he knew she was open John couldn’t stick to the script!  He barely could contain his excitement at the prospect of seeing her more often, chained to his Bed.  He was even thinking about purchasing a new one, more suited to what he could do with this gem!  And she was about to close the deal for him!.

“I want to see you.” She said.

“You know what I expect from you?”

Kit remembered the feeling of John pushing inside her.  The fullness of his cock pressing into her womb, causing her to shake intensely with each stroke.  Her legs ached from holding them high and being fastened to the metal bar to accommodate her new lover.  She was stretched and prodded as her body shrieked with the sweet pleasure of gratification,  Unable to slow or shorten his strokes.  And she loved it!

 John’s hands squeezing and slapping her nipples in a way no man ever had!  His bare cock rubbing against her skin!  She wouldn’t refuse him in any way.  She was unable to think of a reason why she should either.  Her body had already conceded to him.  He could do what he wanted with her!

He fucked her, and he talked to her.  He said he didn’t like talking so in the future if, she enjoyed what he was doing to her, there would be almost no conversation.  Unless it was initiated by him. 

John had fucked her and talked.  Told her she was beautiful but still, a horny woman who needed to be handled a certain way.  Men didn’t understand that about her and as such, could never fully satisfy her needs!  He could.  She especially moaned deeply as he told her after tonight, would always come back to him.

John had his ways.  Fucking her slowly and deliberately when he wanted her to agree on her own.  Knowing all along how she would react to his big, warm dick’s movements.  Pushing harder when she resisted the truth about what she was feeling.  Blissfully helpless. Knowing what she wanted even if she didn’t.  He was going to prove to Kit that you cannot fight your own nature.

He made her an offer they both knew Kit already agreed to.  Sex toy to a man who offered her no promise of anything beyond sex.  Her parents would be mad when they found out where she was living but, she didn’t care anymore what they thought!  She was an adult and needed to be her own woman.  Even if it meant being his woman. Because there were rules he had explained to her, she started to recite into the phone and relive their moments together.

“When we are together, my body belongs to Sir.  When we are apart, my body belongs to Sir.  She will learn to please him in many ways and improve at licking Sir’s cock.  Sir will explore her in every way possible.  Nothing is off limits.”

 She came,  plunging her finger deep into her ass!  Kit had squirted her pleasure across her bed as she imagined it was his hard, Brown Cock spitting hot semen into the tiny hole as it had into and out of her mouth in her most degrading memory moment of that evening!  Why she had the strongest orgasm of her life at that moment was why she was doing this now!  Fucking her own ass while Kit’s tits pulsated at the sensation!  It was the best!

John listened as he knew what she was doing on the other end of the phone.  He wasn’t smiling though his rod was hard as steel!  He remembered their last moments together.

John had awoken Kit ten minutes after she fell asleep.  Perhaps thinking she would spend the night.  He was wearing an open robe and smelling of hot water and fresh soap.  Kit glimpsed his body and recognized he was more chiseled that most men of her same 23 years!  He had barked at her to get dressed, her Uber back to her car was here.

“And don’t call me unless you are ready to stop playing Princess games and ready to find out who you really are!”

She didn’t see the semen which was partially dried in streaks from her lips to her breasts as he pushed her out the door!  She never had to worry about that before as she never let anyone cum in her mouth or on her naked body before!  By the time she reached the Uber, there was nothing that could be done.

And, It was the same Driver who had seen her Tits 5 hours ago!  He drove her back to the Restaurant and her car.  Shaking his head and smiling in disgust at her downtrodden state the entire way which oddly, made Kit proud!   She looked like a slut!  Her voice in real time remembered that moment as she proudly felt her swollen mound pound against her own weight in the backseat.  Sore but, sad it was all over.  Bringing Kit to the answer, John waited to hear.

 “Yes, Sir.” She said.  “I am ready for you to fuck my ass.  I am ready to be yours.” Kit said cheerily.

John thought it may be a few days or maybe a week until she was ready.  And perhaps he wouldn’t share her right away either.  In the meantime, she showed great promise as a cocksucker, and with a few days alone, maybe she could surprise him?

“1520 Parkhill Lane.  Bring a bag.  You will be staying a couple of days.”

“Thank you, sir.  Be right there.”

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