“But I am a good girl!”

The voice not so assuredly announced in hushed tones into the strange man’s chest.  Burying her reddened face and shameful expression of uncontrollable lust along with the sound of her muffled ecstasy.  Shari’s mind raced as her new lover pumped his way inside her.  Deliberately holding back each time as if to prolong her embarrassment of predicament.  Each stroke accompanied by a word of encouragement for her tightening hole.

“Tell me how much you want me inside of you…” he whispered while biting her ear for emphasis.

Shari did not know if she was capable of responding verbally to the man who controlled every inch of her being.  But her body did.  Her hair.  Tightly wound around one hand limited how she could do position herself and simultaneously creating an image of him fucking her face in the same way.  She hoped that would be next! But Shari knew that she was powerless to resist his wishes either way.  He was, after all, doing this to her in this not quite an empty Bar and Shari knew that wasn’t her choice.  Was it?

Controlling the depth of his strokes inside of her was creating an orgasmic tsunami Shari did not know that she was capable of!  The woman cursed him inside of her head as his cock edged and milked her body flawlessly as her ass slid around the wooden floor.  The predicament allowed her to speak only a one-word answer to the question.


There were no other sounds in the place that was truer than Shari’s moans of delight.  The unending wanting of her lover to be finished exposing her had passed, leaving an uncaring whore in its place! Experiencing her crème flowing in between her thighs in the manner of a faucet was something Shari had read about, but never experienced before that moment!  A reflection of hidden thoughts and desires and their effect on her present day activities.  Shari had lusty wants and dirty desires that needed to be held in check for her own benefit she thought.  The last clear thought that she would remember from the evening.

The need to hide from being discovered slowly slipped away as Shari only wanted him to push his cock deeper into her and relieve the pressure being built up inside by his edging her with his perfectly big dick!  Shari’s thoughts blended becoming action.  And all the woman could discern from the surroundings was her conscious mind was slipping further away into bliss!  Replaced by the compliant whore she needed to be to endure her lover’s precision pounding.  He was at least 8 inches.

Shari didn’t come out frequently to play games.  The excitement and adrenaline she craved for most of her existence usually were placated by her favorite toys, which were smaller than Daniel, and an open window.

She loved getting herself off for sure!  But craved being watched by others while she pleasured herself, as it had always heightened her senses and made her cum quickly.  So to be here, sitting next to a limp dick her friends had set her up with, was just a ruse to get what she really wanted.  And the proof that they didn’t know what she wanted at all!

“This is what a hard ‘no’ sounds like.” She had said.

Her blind date was in sales, so she believed the phrase to be appropriate to end their meeting prematurely.  She gave him as much of a chance as any other man, but he wasn’t her type!  Barely a man she thought while removing the drink down her throat the now unhappily departed man had brought her.  Another night she might have entertained him.  Sucked his small cock in his car and called it a favor for a friend.  But tonight she was looking for something special.

Shari could feel most eyes on her as they entered the bar.  It was darker and seedier than her station, so a woman of her quality stuck out like a sore thumb.  She was outfitted in a sexy black dress with high heels in hopes of meeting what her friend suggested was a Prince.  She knew her friend’s taste in men, so her dress was strictly chosen for Plan B, which included a walk on the wilder side of life and a new outlook on the night.

Her blind date had been too everything.  Too anxious.  Too excited by her overt sexuality while never touching even her arm!  Shari hadn’t come out to not be touched!  What she wanted was a sexual release, not a wordy relationship!

So Shari, in her high heels and short dress.  Wearing a pair of barely there panties that covered the natural outline of her dampening folds and were visible at certain angles past the slit in her dress was alone in the bar.  Left to fend for herself.  Her breasts were accentuated by the push-up bra providing support, while not entirely covering her nipples.  Her areolas were being pinched at the top of the tit cage against the thin fabric of her dress that she enjoyed the feeling of immensely!  It was the closest thing to being naked as the air brushed against her skin.  And now she was alone in a Bar full of strangers, far from home.

Breaking the rules of socially acceptable sexual behavior for her was exciting.  She had thought about attempting a night out like this long and hard on many occasions.  Usually while rubbing her clit to eventual collapse and sleep.  Her thoughts would wander into ‘depraved’ scenarios each time until her thoughts and self-inflicted orgasms escalated into action.  Through imagining different lovers with a similar result would cause her fingers to linger outside her thighs as long as she could before burying themselves inside of her bare, wet, cunt. The thoughts of not being able to resist also grew.

What started with Shari being ashamed that she couldn’t help herself from thinking about such things all of the time, ended with an unknown date with this Internet clown!  Thrilled at the thoughts that alone get her off with barely a touch could become a reality with a man!  That is how Shari started.  But now leaving her disappointed and wondering exactly how long it could be before she would get to act upon her urges.

Her mound would throb, and breasts harden when looking at men and measuring the creases in their slacks elsewhere.  Their knowing leers usually had her wondering if they understood what she imagined about them, or were just regular horny men.  Either way, if they knew how easy it could be to ravish and control her with their dicks, they would do more than smile in her direction!  Each day, knowing it would take less as her defenses wore themselves down.  Sex is all that she thought about these days.  Being ridden and used like the fuckdoll, she always felt she would be happiest being anywhere but work!  And this time in context.  Not like her College memory and the night, she pretended to be drugged so the frat boys could have their way with her while she maintained her “innocence.”  Shari loved being their helpless toy and craved to feel that way again!

The man stood at the end of the bar waiting for her to come closer as she swatted away other suitors with great dexterity.  The sense of urgency built inside of her breasts as she admired his size and strength and wondered if his cock would match!  He could easily take her by force at any time, but would he?  Shari’s thoughts of pleasuring this stranger built up with each step forward, sapping her confidence until stood astride him practically naked while speaking her attraction, using carefully chosen words.

“Excuse me.”

All she could imagine while pressing next to him was taking him home and fucking his brains out! Placing one hand on his waist while pushing her hard nipples against his arm Shari decided to forgo any form of subtlety and opt for the direct approach.  Her hands lithely brushed his back in a feigned attempt to pretend to gain some form of balance, all while brushing his firm behind. Shari’s hand lingering a moment too long, but catching his attention immediately.

The stranger reflexively grabbed her forearm and tugged slightly down, causing her knees to buckle slightly under the pressure.  The pain shot through her arm, sending a jolt and a flash through her body instantly which brought Shari back to the present from her fantasy walk.  He was more dangerous than she thought and more!  Catching a glimpse of the dark face while his well-manicured hair and lowered gaze disguised any semblance of form as pain shot up her arm before he let her go.

“Sorry about that.”

He spoke deliberately before pausing to grab her by her waist and pull her close to him.  Her body now crushed against his in an excitingly comfortable, but scary way.  Her breasts pushed forward and released themselves from their semi-caged state underneath her dress.  The sight of her dark pink, seemingly brown nipples available to both of their eyes still restrained by the thinnest layer of fabric was not as startling to Shari as their mutual reaction.

Daniel lifted her upright while his free hand pushed her breast back into their respective cages politely.  It was if they had been lovers forever as he encircled Shari’s right nipple before holding it tightly between his fingers and kissing her firmly on the mouth in front of everyone before letting her go.

“That should make up for it.” he sneered.

Transfixed, Shari rooted to the point as the strange man named Daniel ordered her a drink.  Comforted by this beautiful stranger whose eyes were boring into her soul.  She felt as if she dare not leave his side without permission which kept her riveted to the spot.  The stranger was now talking and thinking for them both and she had no desire to disagree!

In his mind, Daniel knew instinctively what she wanted from him and was in no mood to be evasive or coy.  Seeing her deliberately vulnerable along with the way she responded to his fingers, which he used to gently massage her clit, Daniel knew all he needed to know.  He finally grabbed her forcefully and said the only thing she could remember.

“I know what you want.”  With a smile and a wink.

Grasping her hand Daniel took her away from the other Men and women who had been watching them interact together before she could utter a verbal rebuttal.  Settling into a corner that was partially dimmed, Daniel placed two fingers between her legs before stiffly ripping her panties aside.  Hoping for another glimpse at her unencumbered treats, his other hand forced her tits not only above her bra but outside of her dress!  A full view only blocked by his thick body.  The thought of public exposure sending a tingling sensation throughout her body!

All the while he handled her so roughly the woman blushed with excitement, even as her heart pounded with fear of being discovered in this communal setting. She need not worry about such things as all eyes in the establishment had never left!  They watched it all as Daniel was inside of her as quickly as she wanted him to be in her fantasy!  Even if she was unsure of the setting. Daniel had turned her inhibitions against her so skillfully, working her womanhood like a true cocksmith!  She felt him finally pressed against her flesh Shari realized how defenseless she was and in a thought, screamed in the agony and ecstasy of the moment the most powerful orgasm of her young life!  Her inner walls trembled uncontrollably and the rest of the Bar’s patrons watched the stranger remove his fleshy rod and spew his sperm upon Shari’s partially open mouth and lips before dribbling down her chest!  She felt ashamed at her display while simultaneously cumming looking at the men beginning to encircle her.

She would lay there unable to move for what seemed like an eternity while other patrons moved ever closer, discussing what to do with such a spent slut.  The reference making her pussy twitch as she knew what they were saying was true!  Her head nodded in their direction, Five men in total including her dispatched date waved their cocks in her direction as she noticed how big he was! Had he mentioned that earlier, none of this would have probably happened!  Dumb luck.

Fingers and hands touched and prodded her available body until Shari was once again impaled by a strange cock, but this time from her knees.  And another.  And another.  Her mouth quickly filled with the sweet taste of her dirtiest dreams.  While her body still shook in a feeble attempt to recover from her encounter with Daniel, who was now, nowhere to be seen.  Any attempt to follow him now would be impossible now. So Shari did the only thing she could do.

Apologize to her initial date in the best way she knew how since didn’t want her friends to hear about their date.

And smile.

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