It was going to be a 3-hour drive, and Judy was going, to be honest with her daughter about everything! Judy knew her daughter was sexually active having helped her get birth control.  And having spied her web history knew the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree!  Little Constance’s body had blossomed, and like most good mothers, Judy knew what was best for her to do.  Get it out of her system already!  The long drive meant for bonding Judy had reserved for storytelling.  A tame version of the truth.  She started with “It was supposed to be a girls night out.”

It was 19 years ago, and Judy remembered thinking she would be back in her Basement bedroom rubbing her clit alone soon.  She recalled frustration and hardened nipples thinking about waiting for the kids she nannied to wake up for another day of screaming after not getting laid!  The honey drips a reminder her body knew what she needed, and Ben’s growing impatience only added to her slutty her frustrations!  Her attempt to make herself irreplaceable was not going well.

Ben sometimes liked to tease women he’d been with about fucking them.  He was masterful at finding out what they wanted and exploiting his prey’s sexuality to control them. Some had a weakness for sucking cock and fell in love with his oversized meat.  Being 10 inches when fully hard, and just thick enough to almost hurt was what other women found to be Ben’s best attribute!  But he also would eat pussy as well as most women, having learned the Art from his ex-girlfriends Sylvie and Ashley who were married now.  Something about Ben made everyone want him.

Sex wasn’t how they had started out, but by that night Judy was in the center of the web!  And Ben had a habit of dumping women who didn’t follow through.  In that way, he was a complete asshole!  But as Judy’s clit rubbed against her moist, silky panties, she knew she could never accept that!  The feeling begged her not to leave before the thorough pounding planning this double date had promised!  But as it was going, this wasn’t an ideal Friday night, and her friend was a no-show.  Leaving her alone with two men who were unfortunately, one too many!

 It had only been a couple of weeks since Judy had lost her virginity to a guy her age from the club.  Someone Ben had suggested from the who had just lost his girlfriend.  It was fun as Judy she fucked and sucked him whenever and wherever she could,  But the ex soon became jealous,  wooing him back with a promise of more frequent blowjobs!  Which was ok with her since the experience had run its course.  She was ready for something new!

Judy was 19 and soon would be back home, under her mother’s watchful eye soon enough.  And Utah is nothing like NY!  There were no opportunities to have sex without being caught, outed and labeled a whore or worse!  Impure.  You are expected to tell on yourself!   Which was one of her favorite fantasies to masturbate herself to sleep with.  Imagining admitting her lustful secrets like a good little whore and promising not to do it again!  Repression caused by the irony of living in a polygamous state gone straight!

Being in NY had been an adventure!  She traveled to tourist sites on weekends with friends and family and spent her first two weeks soaking in the atmosphere.  The people who never said hello unless they had lewd intentions jumped out at her.  Even in her conservative midwestern outfits, there was no hiding her voluptuous assets.  Judy especially noticed how their looks made her crave more attention like it!  It wasn’t long before she began testing her non-existent barriers and gave into temptation.  And Ben had been her guide.

Her tits ached for action as her date stood patiently across the bedroom knowing his big, black cock was captured under his jeans!  She had been leaning on it all week so by now, knew it’s every twist and bend!  It was bigger than the guy who took her virginity a month earlier.  And much more satisfying.  The truth was it didn’t last as Judy quickly discovered her sexual needs were more “evolved,” and her mentor became her target.

Ben was a much more experienced lover, and the women in the gym gushed about him.  How much of a “gentleman” which some knew was a public farce intended to lure them to feed his voracious sexual appetites.  The different stories that all ended the same way.  A broken barrier wall and inability to resist his calls to action.  The dangerous excitement these women craved became their addiction.  But Ben knew Judy was only around for a short time making their relationship dynamic unique.

She was curious and shared his dirty secrets.  As a religious woman and Virgin, there was no harm in her questioning him about sex?  Once those two things were established AND Ben made it clear he had no interest in deflowering her, there was an ease in their interactions.  Plus, Judy knew the woman he slept with and believed when he told her he didn’t need her too.  They understood one another.

For his part, Ben never told secrets.  He was a strict believer in keeping his private life private and as a bachelor didn’t believe in drama.  One way he maintained his lifestyle was silence.  Sometimes at the end of his cock!  But Judy was different.  Curious, but definitely in NY to explore her sexuality, even if she couldn’t admit it to herself!  Ben recognized things in her she hadn’t yet discovered about herself.  Why wouldn’t he become her friend?

Ben had tested her curiosity, and to his delight, every time Judy needed more details!  He’d smile and tell her more.  But that was usually after talking about 50 other things neither was interested in more than each other.  It was always the end.  When Ben would provide so much detail, it gave Judy ideals about how she should be massaging her own pussy at night!  Always while trying to remember what he said he had done to another girl.  What he was probably doing to one as she slept and kept her virtue a little before screaming her orgasm into the pillow and falling asleep with a sated smile.  Judy trusted Ben. But that was a month ago, and the relationship was different now.  Judy was the one who found herself wanting him all of the time and competing for his attention in her last days since she was leaving soon.  She didn’t want to waste the opportunity before she recommitted herself.  The flesh is weak.

“Too bad.  She doesn’t know what she’s missing!”

The words came out of context but brought a smile to the increasingly disappointed 3rd wheel.  Ben’s friend had been cool, and she knew he found her attractive.  After a couple of shots of Tequilla, the sentence spoken with a certain envy.  Under different circumstances, she thought as Ben spoke.

“Wayne.  Before you go home could you go to the store and bring me back a mixer?”

Wayne was even a good sport about that.  He just smiled his big smile and winked at her which surprisingly surged through her body like a pulse!  Did she want him to leave?  The man smiled and left the room, but Judy hardly noticed with Ben’s lips fastened onto her nipples just as quickly.  Licking and sucking in between long, wet kisses and firm grasps of her breasts and pinches of her desperately needing attention areolas!  She came as his fingers pushed inside of her as he asked the unbelievable question.

“So you want to fuck us both?”

The tequila heated Judy’s groin as his fingers touched her swollen bud as she tried to pretend she wasn’t cumming on Ben’s twisting fingers as he looked into her eyes.  Was he in her head now orchestrating her dirty thoughts?

“You’re joking right?”

Ben removed what was left of the top and unzipped the skirt from the back as it fell to the floor.  His hands seemed to be everywhere she liked them to be at the same time!  On her ass.  On her wet kitten since she wasn’t a full-grown pussy as of yet.  Ben licked her legs open before standing between them while slowly pressing his cock into her pre-lubricated walls!  Her heels were on, and she was sitting between Ben’s legs as he sat on the edge of the bed when Wayne opened the bedroom door.

“Ask Wayne if you can make up for your friend with your mouth.”

Ben had never talked to her this way or even intimated he was slightly interested in sharing her but Judy knew she was the happiest bouncing into his lap where she was.  Wayne removed his shorts and out sprang another beautiful big dick!   Judy’s eyes popped as she realized her friend was never coming and Ben had been planning this sexual improvisation from the beginning!

Turning herself as she ground down on his engorged rod.  Their eyes meet as Judy kisses Ben deeply before whispering into his ear.

“You’re the best. Thank you.”

He knew what she meant.  Her pussy clamped down around him shivering around him.  Her wet hole tightened and massaged his muscle, and her skin was flush from head to toe.  He was happy she was enjoying their time together, however short it had been.  It would be over before they both wanted it to be.

Turning around Judy focused on the new task at hand.  She clasped her nipples in either hand before pressing them together as an invitation to Wayne to come closer, which he barely hesitated to do!  Rubbing his extended cock over the young woman’s face and periodically allowing her to taste it!   She was still riding Ben while licking the head of his tasty friend!

Momentarily she wondered what her parents would say if they saw her.  Pussy full of big, black cock while a second man willingly fucked her tits and mouth!  Would her mother be ashamed of her for cumming so soon as well as hearing her ask for more whenever her mouth became unoccupied by the ebony dick between her lips as it traveled the cavern between her white tits! Judy’s used the back of her tongue in hopes of making him cum as her hands grasped his legs and ass against her body and sometimes, down her throat!  She couldn’t believe she was able to swallow him so easily.  But Ben had been fucking her mouth so much, it was easier to take Wayne in!

Judy sat on Ben a moment noticing he felt even bigger than usual inside her!  It was a good thing as he was about to cum deep inside her and she was afraid of getting pregnant.  But as Ben grasped her nipples hard between his fingers alternating his angle between each thrust, there was no stopping it!

She wanted to experience it all!

“My pussy.”

It was true.  Even as Judy sucked and licked on Wayne, her body began to convulse and contract because of him! Feeling herself within herself as she came over and over as Ken twisted his hips to counter her attempts to avoid her most sensitive spots to no avail!  It took everything she had to maintain focus upon Wayne’s hard cock when he came without warning into the back of her throat! Judy removed the tool from between her lips, running her hands up and down to spread the remainder on her overheated tits and nipples with the intention to cool them down.

“Wow.  Apology accepted, and I gotta bounce.”

Picking up his shorts Wayne left as Judy ground hard against Ben’s lap.  She would have laughed at his hasty exit, were it not for the smashing her cavern was enduring at the hands of her lover.  Judy stood and lifted her feet off of the ground, so he was pounding her face down into the wooden floor!  She needed to make him cum which always seemed to take forever!  Something she would learn to miss as she recalled in future years.   Ben whispered things then too.  Dirty things.  Words she has never forgotten and about what she really wanted out of life!  To be in his bed and his toy as long as she could.  It By the time he came inside her she wanted him to cum deep inside of her and never remove it.  She was willing to do whatever it took as long as they could always be together!  And he promised her he would make sure they could.

Judy’s 40-year-old body was still in good shape as she drove into the Hotel parking lot.  Her breasts began to perk up as she recognized the Hotel.  Her daughter now knew the truth and was being afforded a chance to experience it herself!  She would even just watch if she wanted too.  Judy liked being watched and had no shame about who she was and her ongoing relationship with Ben and his circle of friends.

“So Daddy knows?”

Judy smiled as her daughter smiled back at her.  Their arms wrapped together as they have their final word before entering the hotel and the night began.

“Ben introduced us.  Who do you think arranges the suites?  But that’s another story for another time.  Do I look ok sweetie?”

She thought for a moment it was a silly question knowing her makeup would be ruined within the hour.

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