Gina felt like the sexual equivalent of MacGyver.  Her daily trip to the ladies room to rub one out had birthed a new invention!  A metal clip fastened around her most sensitive part, causing her immeasurable pleasure!  The thoughts and sensations were building in anticipation of her crowded train trip home even if it was to an empty apartment/study chamber.  She wondered how many times she would get off until then?  Counting once as she took her first step back towards her cubicle to collect her things before leaving.  Who needs a man anyway?

Gina was the sensitive type physically who like her mother, was easily aroused when touched by men or women.  But unlike her mother, she had so far escaped the traps that often befall most sluts.  Sexual dependence.  Sure she had her share of lovers!  But her horniness was the obstacle she had to overcome if she was to pass the Bar Examination and become a full-fledged attorney.  After this trip home, Gina was going to be alone all weekend.  So making the most of the commute home was paramount to her weekend starting off as a success.

Her eyes fixated straight ahead on the spinning glass doors.  Her ears tuned to the clicking of her high arched heels across the floor.  Tick, tick. tick.  Trying not to focus upon the former paper clip, mangled and distorted and now affixed around Gina’s throbbing clitoris.  Just heading for the door and towards the Metro like everyone else.  What lay underneath her well-stuffed blouse and pumped up bottom  between her legs was a secret and nobody’s business but own. At least until her barely audible moans and focused breathing a caught a familiar fellow traveler’s attention.  There was always one.  

Her sensitive nub pumped unnaturally beneath the cover of cloth.  Her “paper pussy clamp” invention was working even better than she had intended!  She had no clue about what she was about to experience as she mindlessly formed the restraint in the privacy of the bathroom stall where her fingers had failed to get her off.  She knew it was wrong, but felt a strong belief overcome her that it was God’s Will she be pleasured this way.  A few steps later her arousal combined with the entrepreneurial spirit as Gina considered filing for a patent!

Gina was finally finished with what was the last hour of the last day of the week when the stress of her man less weekend and legal books ahead struck.  Her normal medicine hadn’t worked as she was angry at herself for what she had done to end up this way when she first entered the bathroom stall.  Young, horny, beautiful, and fucking herself while tightly twisting the pin into a knotted metal restraint.  It was something to spice up what was normally a long, boring commute. Her once gentle nub throbbed wide as Gina walked and the metal brushed up against her thigh.  It matched her puffed nipples and involuntarily twitching flesh after just a few steps!  Her Catholic teachings flashing in front of her eyes as she ran over a list of Taboos she wouldn’t be experiencing again this weekend.  She had to take care of herself.

All 3 points of action for Gina throbbed and tingled beneath her clothes with her nipples becoming less conspicuous with each step.  Each step making her wonder why she had never altered office supplies before to such purpose as her own punishment for her many sinful desires!  She hadn’t even left the building completely before shame and guilt overtook her and she came!  Barely making it onto the escalator before she grasp the handrail and hold herself up! Her admirer unknowingly hot on her heels.

The professional length skirt could shield her device but her blouse was constructed of the most sensual fabric she could afford to accommodate Gina’s delicate tastes.  Silk caressed and teased the points of her large areolas as they grew and expanded over the top of her preferred, low-cut push-up bras.  They seemed to strain and touch the sun as Gina stepped forward into the light before descending underground.  An easily readable sign of arousal any voyeur would pick up.  It took a  more experienced, trained eye to see that Gina was getting off.  But most people were usually happy leaving work and unconcerned with others.  Especially when the faces are familiar.  This was the dirty girls advantage and Gina had thought about her commute many nights and knew no one would notice her or her mission to make commuting more fun!  And if they did, so what?  It’s not a crime to have slutty thoughts though?  Is it?

Whenever Gina did wear panties, they were crotchless.  Easily accessed by her fingers during the day was a necessity.  It eased the tension and tedium of the piles of words she was paid to digest.  The occasional diddling of her lips or a finger thrust inside provided the jolt most others got from Coffee during the day.  Gina had a  need for stress relief, and a stress ball was never comfortable, even when stuffed inside her dripping snatch.  But that only happened once.

 This job was an important step in supporting herself while she attempted to pass the Bar.  Again. Gina needed the money and had blown her first and best shot at passing it the year before, spending too much time servicing her domineering Ex’s sexual needs.  She still thought about them all of the time.  The people he shared her with included.  But once Gina determined relationships were no good for her future, she broke them all off.

Yes, her body still yearned to be touched and sometimes “used” but over the past year, she had learned to compromise and masturbate whenever she could.  Something her last lover wouldn’t allow her to do.  Even going as far to use numerous restraints to stop her.  He had introduced her to pleasures she never knew she could enjoy and was very supportive financially.  Control was his thing and acts she had participated in resonated still.  Her feelings of masturbation often intensifying when she considered each stroke of her wet cunny an act of disobedience, even now.  It was how Gina drew strength to be was her own woman today!  Not a playtoy to take whenever and however he or anyone he deemed fit wanted!  Masturbation made everything ok, even if she hadn’t been exactly happy with her single circumstance.

Her fingers were the practical substitution for her preferred, but impractical for the office vibrator.  The exact same 8″ size as her ex-cock which Gina convinced herself she was better off without.  No sticky cum clinging to her body or rubbed into her skin as he came where he pleased. No more dropping her briefcase at the door and spreading for his “after work inspection”.  There was always grounds to go further as the thought of turning her doorknob at home made her wet!  She knowing he would be waiting.

A tongue licking test to make sure she hadn’t fucked another man was just the beginning!  Usually followed by whatever unspeakable punishment he could devise that would leave Gina sore and aching on the floor having been pushed to orgasmic limits she didn’t know existed!  She never did or would cheat, but he always claimed “evidence”, in order torture her body in the most exquisite of ways!  He demanded access to all of her body and she had acquiesced willingly, guilt be damned!  Now she was paying the price of her decision as she was slowly wanting to become the whore she once was again.  Hence her new jewelry.

There was no going back to him except in her masturbatory dreams because in the real world, she held on to her pride.  The infrequent rub of her bare slit here or knuckle deep finger there were mostly the dirty things he would say to her while being the best lover she ever had!  He had drawn out and tamed Gina’s inner slut, enabling her to reason she was obsessed and in need of self-control.    Even if her mind was stuck on sex all day Gina was convinced she was headed in the right direction.


Being in a legal setting, her manner of dress was important.  It wasn’t easy to be attractive and not slutty by choice AND on a budget!  Her mind was constantly at odds with her body, which was seemingly built for men’s pleasure and had gotten her in plenty of trouble in her younger years.  Gina had come a long way from being the focal point of a human train to riding one to work!  But that was before she knew who she was.  Reinventing herself had required a lot of discipline and batteries.  And she was almost at her goal!  It wasn’t her fault she was a born slut with a mind that drifted towards fucking and sucking. God had just built her that way.

The attorney’s bulges she worked for were the impetus for some of her masturbatory work practices.  She could ignore the urges to rub and examine their cocks closely and lovingly as instinct dictated and instead, remain cold.  But that wouldn’t stop her labia from getting moist!  Her ample brown tits and perfectly contoured ass made powerful men unable or unwilling to control their desire around her.  There were many men to fantasize about.  But abstinence was her greatest power over them and one she was not about to relinquish for free!

Even if she had fantasized about them more than she would let on, the closest she ever came to sex with a white man was a Latino professor from her undergrad days.  In her experience, few white men were brave enough to even engage her and the voluptuous curves her 5’6 frame carried.  It had been no different in her place of work. Gina felt completely safe there convinced the men would never try anything physical with her.  And that her secrets were safe there.

 Leaning over her chair to spy her immaculately hidden breasts was as brave as these men ever got.  A glimpse of brown nipples and a trip to the Men’s room followed for some of her most ardent admirers!  She loved the thought of them thinking of her while fucking their stiff wives, or the secretaries in the office who did put out.  Knowing they wanted her, something exotic creamed her thighs and pantyhose a little more each day.  The High school Gina would have taught them all something they could take home to tame their wives with.  But consequences had her settle for a bathroom break and quick finger fuck before anyone noticed she was gone.  She had to find her thrills elsewhere.

The train car filled up right before the doors closed, leaving her pressed against the pole and squeezed between fellow passengers.  Gina wrapped one leg around it, rubbing her homemade clit cage against the cylindrical safety net once before bracing for the ride home. The metal rubbed her clit’s homemade cage infrequently when she felt a hand press against her leg and immediately rise to her round ass.  Rush hour just as she had planned it!  Her breathing adjusting to the sensation as the train began to pull forward at the same time she felt the innocuous fingers caress her like a lover.  Not at all desperate like the pervs she had encountered previously who were mostly shocked at her willing participation.  She wanted to see him.  Turning her head and preparing a sexy smile only to see the familiar face of an Associate from her firm, Luke Vincent!

With no room to move on this Express train, and an orgasm building inside of her as a result of the vibrating metal affixed to her throbbing clit, all Gina could do was smile in his direction and grind against the metal pole one time.  Damn he was fine!  He looked exotic like a mixture of everything good to her as she felt his admiration for her press against her back as well.  Perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea after all. Planning to get off on a crowded train where any man could easily take advantage of her heightened sexuality!  What were the odds someone she knew would be the lucky passenger?

“I like your style Gina.” He whispered into her ear as he moved his left hand and index finger onto her inner thigh.

“But I hear you don’t date Attorneys from the office.”

 She could tell he was smiling as he said it but was barely able to focus due to her what was happening as the train moved forward.  Being caught by one of the attorney’s she worked for was something she expected to happen inside the office, knowing the odds were eventually stacked against her.  Being exposed on the train was unexpected and as a result, Gina was unexpectedly turned on more!  Softly moaning her response she reached down and guided his hand towards her uncovered pussy while gazing into the lucky man’s eyes intently and whispering softly.

“You caught me.  So now what?”

 The ride would be about 10 minutes as it was an Express that dropped her near the main station, where her car was parked.  Gina felt his fingers wide across her thigh as they moved back and forth over her bare backside and left thigh slowly and intently.  His hands were large and soft.  Firm to the flesh and strong to the touch,  Luke’s cloth covered hardened dick felt like heaven, rubbing perfectly between her ass cheeks over their cloth cage as she came, wondering how many of the other passengers noticed what was happening since it was so tightly compacted in the car there was barely room to turn a head or body in any direction!

 The fact he was no stranger and still a mystery to her quickly crossed her mind before his voice broke the spell. His hand brushing over her labia and tapping the metal constriction attached to her clit, sending the woman into the silent throes of orgasm!

“Come home with me.  I live a block away from the station.  Or I will have you fired for stealing office supplies.”

 Gina laughed at his flippant joke under the circumstance.  Perhaps she had underestimated the men that she worked with?  At the same time, Gina also noticed an old woman standing behind them frowning in their direction, providing her the feeling of intense shame she always sought. Exhaling deeply to catch her breath, Gina smiled  knowing the old woman’s regret.  She was alone and envious of her lust filled commute! There was no one for the old woman to follow off of the train herself.    Without knowing it, the woman was intensifying the experience of public degradation she sought!  The affirmation of the thought that ruled Gina’s mind.  No matter how well she did in life, she would never stop being a complete slut!  Gina knew the older woman instinctively missed what Gina was feeling in the moment. Wanted and to be touched by a beautiful man. Maybe even fucked by the train full of strangers like Gina often fantasized?  Gina’s smile towards her helped the young woman decide she wanted more!

It didn’t matter anymore that he worked with her or any other extraneous circumstance. This was about now and the way she wanted her body to feel.  And he was tall and cute, for a white boy! It wasn’t as if she had never been attracted to one and Luke was controlling her bliss through his digits like a true Master! She was going to follow this wherever it may lead!  And maybe a little further.


The doors opened as Gina closely followed Luke off the platform and attempted to keep her body brushed against him as they moved.  She was supported by wobbly legs in high heels but determined to experience all Luke had to offer first. Having felt his swollen member pressed against her back she had an idea it was a lot!  And that memory kept Gina moving forward towards their destination until half a block later, they finally arrived.

Gina found herself walking into a 1 story home with an open carpeted floor and sparse furniture. A modestly decorated bachelor pad with the bare minimum fixtures for entertaining company. ” No girlfriend “was the 1st thought that crossed her mind.  That and a subliminal ease with knowing Luke was normal.  After all, it was risky even for a reformed slut like Gina who knew her way around to just go to a stranger’s house!  After their amorous PDA on the commuter train she could hardly accuse him of forcing himself upon her now!  There were witnesses!  Once she entered the home, she was going to have to fuck him at the very least.  Knowing all along she would have to let him have his way!  The thought of being powerless always excited Gina and once more, she felt the familiar moistness build in between her thighs as she remembered all of the dirty things she had done in homes just like this over the years.  Her activities may have tapered off from when she was a bad girl. But the reformed and redeemed woman she was today was still Gina Jones.

The vanilla nature of the home began to give her pause.  Luke seemed like a nice, normal guy whose fingers had been in the right place, at the right time.  But he was also exactly the boring type she wasn’t interested in!  Gina’s thoughts questioned why she had followed him in the first place. Her interest fast becoming apathy in her thoughts.  But her body continued to desire his strong touch and direction!  Gina was inexplicably in her mind wet when Luke reappeared before her in the hallway.

“This way Gina.  It’s only a little further.  You have come this far already.”

His smile made her heart beat faster and words caused her pussy to throb so intensely, she had to take off her invention before she took another step!  The fact it had to be done quickly in one pulling motion caused her to wince slightly before recovering.  He turned around and clasped her hand and as their fingers intermingled, lead Gina through a doorway and into the center of room before stopping to face her.

“From here.  I am taking control.”

 His eyes sure and stern.  They never let her consider another option convinced he knew what she wanted.

Swinging her around to face him by grasping her ass forcefully he pressed his face into hers! Gina was being held up by his surprisingly strong grip as he kissed her full on the mouth!  Stealing her breath and removing her clothes, Gina felt her will slip away.  He never gave her a chance to lie to herself and tell him no.  She had no choice.

His hands caressing her body and tempting her pussy and clit so completely meant Gina was soon humming his name under her breath softly.  Luke performed the masterpiece on her well-tuned body as they stood in the center of his Bedroom.  Him twisting and moving her too and fro as he exerted his growing control over their new relationship.  She was so disoriented she hadn’t noticed the moment he went from fully clothed to completely naked before her!  His almost white skin contrasting her own brown hue while his big white cock stood pointing towards her stomach.  Gina reach down, startled at his girth as she leaned over and tasted his clear dew before circumventing his nob in one delicously wet tongue revolution while looking into his widening eyes.

“Let’s say we flip for it?”

Grasping her hips, Luke flipped her onto her knees immediately and pushed his burgening cock forward onto her bare vagina.  Brushing her overly sensitive lips and clit with his 9 in’ monster before settling between widened legs.  He circled her vagina and teased her wet thighs with his manhood before settling halfway into her reddened hole!  Pulling out once before beginning the rhythmic assault of her insides.  She came again.  This time having no way to stop the sensations as his hard cock fixated Gina to the spot while Luke’s hands held her inner thighs steadily.  As she shook through orgasm after orgasm until she had passed out on the floor.  Exhausted from the last two hours of seemingly continuous cumming!

Gina’s ass stuck in the air while semen dribbled between her ass cheeks onto both side of her legs. Her stomach convulsed even as she slept.  Unable to stop the involuntary contractions from the Day’s commute.  She awoke to the feeling of a damp cloth carefully cleaning her with her legs spread wide and felt her attempt to close them reflexively stunted by restraints!

“I’ve decided to let you stay the weekend and help you study for the bar.”

The voice stopped as soon as she felt the tongue graze against the bottom half of her vagina, starting her juices flowing once more. She couldn’t wait to see what he had planned to use for study aids!

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