Maddy looked around her empty room and wondered what was next.  It had been 4 days since her breakup with Amber, which was longer than she was accustomed to going without sex!  Her tits swelled and ached beneath her unsexy night shirt while her ass was sensitive to even the sheets that grazed across its nakedness.  And her pussy?  Moist enough to make her wear panties since she spent all the day before wiping her thighs inside of her short skirt, so no one would notice the squishy state of her pussy beneath so readily from her dried moistness on her inner thigh.  Horny wasn’t the word! 

Amber had been fantastic at eating Maddy’s snatch and licking her ass, and Maddy had become accustomed to her tongue!  It had tamed the savage beast that was her sex drive.  The downside was requiring attention at least twice a day!  Amber had been a faithful servant and borderline slave to Maddy’s needs, but Maddy had neglected and ignored Amber’s!  So she was gone. 

It hadn’t started that way.  The first time they were together had been a passionate dance of sex, slow dance and passionate kissing that ended in a pelvis-grinding climax!  Maddy couldn’t remember the last time she had kissed Amber’s mouth as she stood in the mirror watching the water drip from her eyes and between her legs simultaneously.  Her finger entered her tiny pussy hole easily as she ground her pelvis slowly into her knuckle before removing her digit and rubbing her hand across the surface of her pussy.  An attempt to emulate the soft touch of her former lover that fell short of achieving the unspoken goal.  Instead, it heightened her despair that Amber was now a shadow.

They both had boyfriends when they met.  They were all inseparable friends actually, spending the majority of their time together at clubs with their respective other halves.  But over time as the men talked bullshit and wandered away.  The women grew closer together.  It took 1 kiss on a dare to end two relationships and the begin of one red-hot love affair!  Complete with the Orgasms both women were missing out on before. 

Losing the financial support meant little to two girls in love!  For the first month, they ate each other mostly.  Examined all of the curves and shared every secret imaginable.  Amber’s body had been built for sex with hips that arched back perfectly in sequence.  Breasts that stood up with or without the C-cup for support.  And a mouth that always tasted like Candy!  Maddy was used to brash and borderline abusive men with no concern for her sensual needs and Amber was all about Maddy’s sensual needs!  No wonder she grew more aggressive and possessive as time passed!

But now she was gone.  All except the couch and a few other items Amber was supposed to pick up today with her new boyfriend, Doug.  The same fucker who she had been sneaking around with behind her back!  The breakup wasn’t quick and very messy with Maddy throwing her out of their apartment butt naked!  Something she had apologized for while attempting to woo her back.  But Amber barely responded beyond forgiving her in the most superficial of ways.  The love was obviously gone.

Knock, knock.

Maddy almost wished she had used her key instead.  Fuck.  She wished she wouldn’t come at all!  The few things left in the Apartment that still smelled like Amber was all that was keeping her sanity intact!  She walked to the door and opened it wide allowing the two to stride inside. 


Amber’s skin was well tanned and body looked and smelled fabulous!  She wore tight Yoga pants and a half-top that squeezed her beautiful breasts together while heightening the size of the invisible pink areolas Maddy knew were there!  She could imagine their rose color through the fabric and practically drooled over them as Amber brushed past Maddy, inadvertently rubbing against her own hardened globes.  Maddy looked weakened by the whole dilemma and paled in appearance by comparison. But an exotic looker like her would rarely ever be considered ugly!  She was just worn out. 

Behind her though was the shocker.  The infamous Doug.  All 6 feet plus, black and oddly also wearing yoga pants!  Stuffed inside of them was an impressive specimen, from what Maddy remembered about men’s cocks beneath their clothes.  It had been a long time since she had seen or touched one in person.  But when she had, none seemed to be as big as his soft penis inside his pants!  It was the first thing you saw when he walked in the room despite a stellar smile and obviously fit frame! 

“I’m Doug.”

Placing his hand out to greet Maddy directly in front of his crotch, Doug broke the woman’s unintentional gaze momentarily which was fixated on his dick.  Was it 8 or 9 inches and if it was any longer.  And how could it fit into her baby Amber’s sweet pussy because it seemed very thick baffled her?  As she shook Doug’s hand, something she hadn’t intended to do considering the circumstance of them meeting Maddy understood her situation.  She preferred a woman.  Amber exactly.  But with the visions of her imagination.  Specifically, Doug and Amber flashing through her mind it was obvious she was curious about that cock! 

“Maddy.  You stole my girlfriend.”

Amber was already in their shared closet in the bedroom by this time, collecting her things as quickly as she walked in the door.  If the plan didn’t work, she didn’t want to be there longer than necessary.  Truthfully, a part of her was still in love with Maddy.  There were things between them only they could share and she missed her touch.  But Doug!  Once she let him fuck her tight hole she was his!

Maddy was such a control freak at the time Amber knew there was no other way.  She looked at their bed and smiled, remembering the soft moments the two women shared together.  The long kisses and legs intertwined as their pussies and clits rubbed together!  But that was long ago. 

“Listen Maddy.  I am sorry you feel that way.” Doug responded in the hallway.

“Sorry, I feel that way?”

“Yes.  Sorry.  Because I know how special Amber is.  Which is why I hope we can be friends.  For her sake.”

“Fuck you, Doug!  Who the hell do you think you are stealing the love of my life and expecting us to be friends!  I don’t even know you!  But you have some balls!”

Doug closed the door behind him and moved past the angry woman into the Living Room area.  He could barely contain his smile since she reacted perfectly based upon everything Amber had told him.  Soon he knew he would fuck her too!  There was no doubt Maddy was angry.  And horny based upon the fact that even as she yelled at him, she couldn’t stop looking at his crotch which was now growing at the thought of Maddy’s sweet, mixed pussy creaming all over his dick!  It was the least that she deserved for making him Amber! 

Maddy for her part could not decipher his calm manner.  He was at least 10 years older than Amber’s 24 years and not like most of the black men she had come into contact with.  He was in fucking Yoga pants!  And his voice and vernacular were polished, with not a hint of slang.  He may have been well built and probably dangerous.  But everything about him was off.  Except for that dick!    

“I understand.  I wouldn’t want to be my friend at first either if roles were reversed.  But the truth is Amber misses you and truth is, I want her to be happy.  So I am here to negotiate.” 

Sitting back on the couch, Doug smiled at the smaller woman standing above him a few feet away disgustedly as she contemplated his existence.  Did he know what Amber had put her through?  What she had promised?  How dare he expect her to ‘negotiate’!  What an arrogant prick! 

Amber walked out of the bedroom and sat down next to Doug on the couch between the two of them.  Maddy’s face of disgust changed slightly as she looked into Amber’s deep Emerald eyes and remembered what she had been crying over the last few days.  She knew that any part of Amber was worth more than none and in an instant, decided to listen. 

“Maddy, don’t be like that!  I want to be honest with you! It’s your fault I am with Doug.”

Maddy began to slap the bitch reflexively, but Doug jumped up and held her tight before she could lunge into it!  It was then she felt Doug’s cock pressing against her stomach and grazing her tits beneath her night shirt as they ‘struggled’ against his strong body!  That was also when she felt the familiar stirring of arousal between her own legs!  She hadn’t been touched in weeks, and as a result, the bodily contact was making her weak.  But Amber kept taking.

“You and your fucking strap-ons made me miss the real thing.  It’s your fault.”

“Fuck you, Amber, you slut!  You will fuck anything!”


The sass was something Maddy wasn’t accustomed to and the words cut through her soul.  She stopped fighting Doug’s embrace and stood in his arms shocked instead as Amber continued to speak.

“You used to be soft and loving.  That was why I was with you to begin with.  But once you had me, you became possessive like every other guy!  If I wanted that….I  would just be with any other guy! 

Fuck you Maddy for becoming an abusive cunt!”

Maddy’s mid-sized tits danced against Doug’s hard chest and rubbed the tip of his cock consistently but she struggled no more. It was involuntary arousal causing her to push into him closer as she stood stunned by her ex lover’s words!  They were silent as Amber took off her top and moved towards them until her tits were similarly pressed against Doug’s back on the other side.  That was when Doug whispered in Maddy’s ear.

“Like I said.  Amber wants you to be our friend.  But she is still mad at you.”

Looking into his eyes and realizing her position, Maddy attempted to pull away from his grip to no avail!  Amber slid around them to the other side and pinned the woman between them both before similarly whispering in her ear.    

“You weren’t all bad.  I did love the way you would tie me down and fuck my pussy.”

Amber’s hands reached between the two of them under Maddy’s shirt and caressed the weakened Maddy’s breasts as only she knew how!  Maddy almost forgot about the now fully erect cock between them, and partially melted at the awkward situation as her nipples hardened and ached for attention.

“And some of the torture which, I think you would like too.”

Amber’s hands slipped beneath the woman’s sweatpants and caressed the nub of her naked clit.  Amber was slightly taller so as she bit on Maddy’s ear too, caused her to push up onto her tippy toes even as she felt her body relax to the familiar touch!  Maddy’s senses went into overdrive at the thought of her plunging her fingers into her and fucking her to sleep!  But all she did was rub her the way Maddy used to squeeze Amber whenever she tied her legs to the foot post!  Such exquisite torture! 

“Amber doesn’t want you to suffer.  She doesn’t want you to struggle either, mostly.  You have barely left your house, and the rent is due which we are sure you don’t have.  So we have a proposition.”

Doug had smoothly moved Maddy’s hand onto his swollen cock, and it did not fit in her hand as she rubbed it up and down instinctively.  Amber’s breasts slid down her back at the exact moment her sweats were being pulled down from behind Maddy, and her tongue was on her pussy in an instant!  The only reason she still stood was Doug’s strong arms propping her up.  And the feeling was electric!

“So the negotiations have begun.”

Doug began to kiss Maddy’s neck in a surprisingly soft way and his lips felt like pillows.  His hands engulfed her breasts in a way Amber’s smaller hands never could, creating another new sensation.  His firm body felt strange and unfamiliar, but good!  And of course, Amber’s expert tongue had her near the brink if ecstasy!  As Doug sat on the arm of the sofa he positioned his big cock between her pussy lips as she slid over at least 6 inches of cock while Amber alternated between sucking the tip and licking Maddy’s honey pot when Doug lifted her into the air for what seemed like minutes but was actually closer to 50 seconds at a time as Amber spoke.

“Did it feel good embarrassing and humiliating me?  Throwing me into the street half-naked over some good dick?”  

Her voice sounded threatening, but Maddy was too far into the experience to care!  The exact words she had used that night had resurfaced in the form of a sexual promise!  The women had always shared various dildos and toys in bed!  But none were the size of this real life, throbbing black cock between her legs!  Without seeing it she could tell by the way her lips were sliding around its girth it was wide.  But she was nervous to look down or disengage before he entered her dripping hole for fear of panic!  As much as she felt pressured, she didn’t want to jeopardize not feeling that cock inside of her!

Maddy had slept alone the last few weeks and both of their kisses were soft and firm.  Amber was the best lover she’d ever had!  But Doug was different.  A man.  And on that scale, she knew he was going to be on the top of her list!  His body was sexy as hell!  And somehow, he had maneuvered her into this position with a little help and barely a word!

“No.  It didn’t.  I was just…”

Amber’s tongue invaded her hole in a swirling motion knowing it would stop Maddy’s mea culpa which, she didn’t care to hear!  She had done everything for her!  Becoming her submissive when Maddy had become overly possessive of her.  Hoping she would change and trying to talk to her before finally deciding if she was going to be with a man, she would find one of her own!  Maddy had no idea how many men Amber had fucked before finally finding Doug!  She wasn’t going to talk her way out of this! 

“Fuck her Doug.”


Maddy protested as she grabbed the head of his cock and rubbed it against her snatch almost subliminally.  It was like one of her toys.  But she felt helpless to resist his entrance and opened wide, ready for entry.

“Ok, Doug.  Don’t fuck her.  Let’s go.”

Maddy sat bewildered as Doug stood up, his cock covered in her juices as Amber smiled down at her.  Amber bent over and licked it clean before stuffing it back into his yoga pants as Maddy watched, unsatisfied. 

“You were such a bitch as a girlfriend, you deserve this.  I was going to just let it go.  But seeing you just brought it all back!”

Maddy’s pussy throbbed and ached as she watched Amber put her top on, feigning to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Oh.  So you want to negotiate?” 

Doug’s voice was accentuated by Amber’s smile as they moved towards her broken frame.  The sweat poured down her partially dressed body as she watched her ex-girlfriend standing in front of her, rubbing the object of her desire!  A month ago, the mere thought would have sent her into a rage!  But faced with the choice of being left like this built her desperation!  She was ready to acquiesce to anything!

Doug’s cock was pressed against Maddy’s lips as he sneered down at her.  Her tongue circled the top like old friend’s being reintroduced, and Doug knew instantly he was in for a treat!  He watched intently as Amber went into the Hallway and returned with a pair of ankle cuffs, which she affixed to each leg as Maddy attempted to navigate the four inches of black cock Doug carefully fed her eager mouth.

Next came the spreader bar, which Amber affixed between them before diving her own face in between Maddy’s thighs to taste the Cookie Amber missed so much!  She tickled her ass with her tongue as well and watched it pucker defensively, even as her reddened pussy released its contents all over the Couch! Amber’s head rising from between them, glistening from her happy shower as she kissed her ex-girlfriend forcefully like Maddy had kissed Amber the first time they had roleplayed and the last time for months until now!  Amber had turned their roles inside out and Doug was about to complete the circle!

“Time to pay the rent.”

The stars crossed her consciousness and lights blended into one another as Doug sternly plunged his 10 plus hardened inches into her wet hole without mercy!  The scream had neighbors knocking on the door!

“Do you need help.”

The voice came through the door as Doug more carefully worked his dark wood inside of her!  Amber stroked her hair and alternately, pushed her wet snatch onto her ex-lovers’ mouth and covered her nose to stifle her moans further!  In between, she gave her instructions. 

“Tell them you are ok.  Just getting fucked by a man for the first time.”

“No!”  Maddy replied.  Mortified by the request! 

Doug crushed into her hip bone once more and she screamed once again in a primal way, but this time the pain slightly less and challenged by the sensation of her pussy convulsing and spraying Doug’s belly with clear liquid. 

“Tell them.”

This time, Maddy didn’t hesitate to scream the words. 

“I’m cumming.  I’m being fucked and…I’m cumming!”

Amber smiled and rubbed her pussy across Maddy’s face.  Sitting to smother her the way Maddy used to smother Amber in her wet cum.  Her box stifling her air and feeding her at the same time. 

“Does that mean you are ok?”.

The voice came through the door once more.  A little closer and much shakier.  Maybe it was the kid from across the hall who always looked at the two women lustfully like a young boy should.  How many times had he fantasized being a part of what was going on behind those closed doors! 

Doug pushed his thick dick back and forth inside of Maddy as her pussy contracted around him irrationally.  Not being in control was a sensation she had never been able to enjoy but beneath the crushing weight of her two lovers, she realized she just hadn’t been doing it right!  Her moans of ecstasy began to raise once again as assurance she was in no immediate danger other than cumming too much!  And the smile on her face she had forgotten ever existed had returned!  Amber asked her if she was sorry for having thrown her out and of course, Maddy said yes.  She also asked if they could be “friends”.

As Doug began his full strokes into her stretched hole, Maddy could feel her hymen being pushed to its limits.  The pain Doug’s cock now held a calming effect.  And Amber’s tongue was now affixed to her nipples.  Tugging and biting them in between questions that Maddy answered ‘Yes” to in succession. 

An hour later, Maddy was being led out of the apartment in her sexiest black panty and bra set!  The one that pushed her nipples over the top.  Doug placed the suitcase with the things she would need for the next week into his Escalade and instructed her to knock on the Superintendent’s door with the rent check he provided her.

The first of the month was coming.  And Maddy would be otherwise incapacitated.      

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