Gina wondered how she always ended up in these situations. Her rosebud puffed beneath her barely there panties which were definitely see through. They weren’t visible through her skirt, of course. But her pin like nipples poking through her pinstripe suit had most of the men and women in the room uncomfortable to look in her direction without feeling some sort of way. It was apparent to anyone watching the young woman needed to take care of something personal as she stood before them on wobbly stilts holding up all of their days. But they didn’t know what pressure was.

She wanted to shed her clothes, throw her legs apart on the Conference table and stuff Alice face full of wet, brown pussy! First, she saw herself sliding her slit over her pretty little nose and mouth before forcing the little slut to tongue her hole! Maybe she should cut the wire that held the experimental dildo/tickler in place that was the source of the off topic thought. But then again, that would stop the sensation of a pinky finger pressing against her clit too. She wanted to think it through, and by her count, she only had 30 more seconds to pretend before dismissing the meeting and taking a seat. She decided to stick it out.

The design she had dreamed up while thinking of ways to make her long drive home more interesting was working like a charm! But testing it out today might not have been such a good ideal being the morning of the Legal Services weekly meeting Gina was leading. It required her to move more than usual and as a result, stimulated her horniness as well! It was all she could do to not purr instructions as she attempted to be vocally assertive since the design worked so well! But her business was Law. Gina needed to continue to shine in her new environment. Falling back into old habits wasn’t a good idea.

As a new Associate in this firm, Gina’s position was coveted. It always led to bigger things, and for a new Associate to be given the coveted position, many wondered which partner she was fucking! But her no-nonsense style quickly established her dominance over the group of vultures and the feeling out period was over as was her Celibacy pact with herself as of tonight. She was planning to end it with a bang.

Gina had almost slipped up and masturbated the night before. But in her dreams, she had touched herself, so vigorously her lustful, deviant thoughts jumped back into the world with a vengeance! She awoke alone in her Condo and began playing Macgyver with electrical cords and inanimate objects all night before the sun came up and in fastening the tools together tried her invention on before heading off to work with the rising sun. Sitting behind her desk, grinding her ass into it in a circular motion until she came in a furious yet subtle way while to everyone else appears to be making them look bad by showing up early, again. But no one bothered to look between her legs for the truth! Ironic for a Firm that prides itself on truth!

The plan was her reward for being strong. Strong enough to break away from Luke and his wonderful white cock and his deviously imaginative way with her body! Being with him the past year had made her old life better. But was a detriment to her new position and though they never argued or came to an official close, it was understood her accepting the situation was the end of them. Gina never imagined herself as the falling in love type. But then again, she never believed a man like Luke existed either! His thick long, thick dick had stamped her Vagina permanently. Had he asked or even told her not to take the position, she would have listened. But he never did. Best to just move on.

The plan was to meet another guy. One Gina chatted with on a local dating site with an edge. The same one she used to frequent as a curious teen wanting to be the woman she was today. Sexy, strong and Independent. The woman Luke she thought, had fallen in love with! How wrong she was.

Gina had always been healthy and loved being dominated. It reinforced her self-worth knowing the power she held over her own kink. But Gina had surrendered that to Luke. Showing him she was willing to do anything to please her man! Endure any sexually stimulating torture he could devise as his creativity in humiliating and pleasing her desires matched her own creativity in the Masturbatory Arts! She never expected her perfect partner was a swirl! And honestly, she wasn’t entirely comfortable with it unless his teeth were biting down on her tender nipples or her pussy sore from being pushed and prodded by whatever he desired to amuse himself and her wanting holes with! It was hard not to fall for him. Any good slut would!

Gina knew how it looked. Like she had given herself up for sex! But he always treated her tenderly and with respect which was something she hadn’t encountered in other men she’d spent time with. He confused her. And never formally asked or demanded her to submit to him. It was implied she believed and all other lovers fell by the wayside accordingly.

The man online was a ‘Luke’ type. An exotic looking white boy with a decent sized cock and a predisposition for black sluts. The last part she didn’t think was Luke, but she knew she wanted someone to manhandle her like him! It was dangerous to meet strangers this way but, Luke left had her no choice! She needed some attention.

Naughty girls who rubbed their pussies and were pierced at the nipples or at the very least wore nipple clamps beneath their bras and butterflies to go to the grocery store were his described type. She laughed thinking that’s almost every man! But his online directness drew her in. They clicked immediately as she used one of the images of her and Luke to seal the deal. Her legs were tied firmly to a bar in it with a dildo hanging out of her glistening cunt as she licked the underside of his cock. Her face wasn’t visible from the angle of the picture. But her body looked great in it! She captioned the photo “Open for Business.”

The plan was to meet in public and if they clicked, go somewhere more private for fun. Being celibate hadn’t been easy and the first week as Gina found herself regularly cleaning up leaks in the bathroom and sometimes, pushing a finger or two in because hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day! But somewhere between week 2 and 3, Gina had found peace. Peace with the closer job that eliminated her fun train rides home with Luke. Peace with the fact they stopped talking altogether three weeks ago for no reason. And peace with the thought of another cock inside her one day that wasn’t him. Maybe tonight? Her pussy slowly melted as she drove to the Restaurant which was near Luke’s place, considering driving by to see if his car was there When it wasn’t Gina she was really ready for her date!

Gina was trying to cope with knowing she was upset! Where the fuck was he! The thoughts of the little bitches from work sucking his cock right now were driving her crazy! Trying to get him down their throats like her would be impossible! But those whores probably were trying anyway! Lori probably. Or maybe Sue since she was always rubbing against him whenever she could! She circled the street twice before deciding the best revenge was to just move on. The heat coming off her pussy proof she had lost her senses thinking about Luke with someone else! Her anger was making her hotter.

“Fuck him!” she thought.

Parking her car in the parking lot of the Restaurant. Gina reached into the glove box to retrieve a pair of wire clippers. Snipping her panty cable beneath her released her bud’s slow, satisfying torment and replaced it with her furious hand! She wanted to stop because anyone walking by could see her! But she couldn’t! All she imagined was her man with one and both of those whores looking to get pregnant and marry an attorney and Luke falling for it! It was so soon! His big cock roughly fucking one of the Princesses hoping to feel his hot cum the way she had! Only to be disappointed when he pulled out and stuffed their dirty mouths with their own cum soaked pussy juices. Running their tongues then wrapping their lips around it before he shot his thick load their throats. Depositing the rest on their tits! Getting angrier because the thought turned her on! And even more pissed that it wasn’t her!

Gina locked eyes with a couple leaving the bar as they sat in their car watching her masturbate. At first, they laughed. Then they kissed as the man started fingering his date before she dropped her head in his lap, leaving Gina and the strange man to stare at one another. She licked her lips, and it looked like he came as she noticed the struggle between the two begin. Her to remove her face from his lap, him to keep her right there! Gina smiled and pulled down her skirt and walked directly astride their car on her way to the door of the Restaurant.

“Don’t waste it.” She smirked.

Sauntering towards the door of the Restaurant without her panties as her date requested, but also braless so he could see she had not worn the nipple clamps, which was also what he asked for. Her dark brown nipples and breast pressed against the tight shirt in defiance. And a trickle of her on cum ran down the inside of her thigh after her 1st full orgasm in a month! Better she gets it out of the way since anyone touching her was bound to make her cum after so long! She didn’t want it to be a stranger and someone she barely knew from the Internet.

“Where are the nipple clamps.”

The voice behind her was familiar and made her heart skip a beat. It was Luke’s! But how did he know about the nipple clamps?

“What the fuck are you doing here? I am meeting my date in a minute.”

“And here I am. I have reserved a private Dining room for us. It’s my Restaurant technically. Come.”

Luke was full of surprises, and she wasn’t so sure about his choice of words. Was he instructing her it was ok? She wasn’t even sure she shouldn’t turn around and walk away! Far away. But she knew she couldn’t resist the opportunity to find out how far he went to arrange this. Especially since he never seemed to care.

Luke never talked much about himself, but she knew he was rich. Gina assumed it was because he was a Lawyer and a pretty damn good one! But until recently, she never outwardly cared! The secrets were better for the fantasy!

What she loved about him most was when he tied her up or down and played with her body for hours at a time! Her favorite being when he awkwardly had tied her legs flat and bent her over at the waist before proceeded to lick her cunt for hours before flipping her into his lap and fucking her ass before cumming in it! She really missed him!

Gina never resisted and never complained. She knew his sex was the best for her! But she regretted they were always a secret because her feelings had evolved past the lash of his belt of the tip of his cock. Another reason she had left the Firm. Not being able to interact with him during the day was more torture than the remote butterfly’s or butt plugs he controlled inside her body from across the office. And definitely not conducive to advancement. She left because secretly, she wanted more of him if that made sense.

“Since when do you own a Restaurant Luke?”

The question was meant to buy time and build a barrier up. She had just come outside though and the sight of Luke really just made her want more!

“Since when do you care? And part-owner. Since I was called out of the country and didn’t get a chance to call you before I left I can understand your appearance here tonight. Maybe even forgive you. But it was a family thing, and I thought about you every day. Our relationship. Especially how cold you are towards me in public.”

“Me? You are the one too ashamed to date a black girl!”

“And what would make you think that?”

He was standing directly in front of her as the thoughts started going through her mind. Gina realized she had been the one who always shot down his attempts to be more open about their ‘relationship’! Insisting it would cause ‘problems’ while using him for his cock all the while! Years of masturbation had turned her cold to his feelings. So much so she didn’t recognize what she was about to mess up! Gina had been entirely subservient to him in some ways. She loved licking his balls and ass as much as he loved licking hers! And there was nothing intimate about each other they didn’t know! Except for everything.

“Posting our private pics on the internet made me realize how much I need you in my life. But it also pissed me off that you would be looking so soon. So I used my brother’s pictures to message you and draw you out. And at least you didn’t come see me the 1st night! But I want you to be completely honest with me.”

Locking the doors to the private hall meant they were alone. Gina had fantasized about this for weeks, not knowing where or when it would ever happen again! But she was also pissed! Angry he hadn’t just called her to talk. Sure she could be a bitch! But she was his bitch! He should know better.

“Have you fucked anyone else?”

Gina’s pussy got tight at the question! Her walls were stronger and had begun to move back to its natural state, but still craved him inside of her! If she answered yes, it would be a lie but at least would have paid him back for being such a selfish prick! If she said no. He would be forever confident he owned her now, which he had from their first night together! She wanted him to ask her properly!

“Let me out. I’m going home.”

Moving past him she grabbed the doors and attempted to exit to no avail. And Luke was behind her and placed one hand on her breasts, the other around her waist as he lifted her towards the table for two.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?”

Gina feigned as much resistance as she could as her blouse was ripped off and his fingers upon her clit quicker than she could react! His cock was already out as; apparently, Luke had decided to fuck her as soon as she went for the door!

“I asked you a question. Did you leave your panties home because I asked you too or were you planning on fucking your date tonight?” he snarled.

“I planned on sucking your brother’s cock tonight at least. But I wasn’t sure about everything else you suggested.”

His fingers ran up and down her body as she lay across the table for two, stuck in place as her limbs were tied together by rope or tape. She was defenseless against him because Luke knew her slut body well having caressed every inch of it personally. When to bite down on her nipples or plunge a finger directly into her based upon her reactions. She would tell him everything he wanted to know as long as he paid attention to her needs! Everything except the first thing he asked.

Gina was in heaven! She almost wanted someone else to come in and see her naked brown body being manipulated so perfectly by Luke! Her dripping wet cunt water pooling beneath her into the porcelain plate beneath her ass! She wanted the doors to fly open so everyone could find her secret! But instead, all she got was a mouthful of cock as she hung her head down and Luke fucked her throat as she lay there being examined by him.

“You suck dick so well Gina I missed your thick lips around my cock.”

Knowing that sentence always made her cum Gina bucked beneath him as he legs began to flail uncontrollably! She wanted Luke to continue. Keep fucking her face until he creamed down her throat so she could leave! Having received her satisfaction, Gina wanted to keep control. Her mouth wetter with each stroke as she manipulated her throat to milk him dry. Only to be disappointed as he stopped.

“You never answered my question.”

Luke grabbed her hair and flipped her over. Gina’s nipples were so hard she jumped as they touched the table top!

“Why should I tell you anything? You don’t own me?”


The slap of his bare hand was unexpected if not unfamiliar. The small orgasm though was as she had never cum from his bare hand alone spanking her! He was too soft with her. Something she now recognized could be love? But there was no mistaking the anger or force of the blow.

“Have you fucked anyone else?”

Luke’s voice grew tense as she realized the urgency.

“I’m a slut. You can’t get the truth from me while your dick is teasing me! You have to tame a slut like me. Don’t you know that little boy?”

“You are a slut.”

“I am. Fuck me and find out how much!”

Pushing inside of her tight walls, Luke realized the tension inside of her immediately. If she was fucking anyone, his cock had to be half his size as it took a little longer to get himself all of the ways in! Gina started whispering in his ear.

“Would you be mad if there was another man’s cum inside of me? Am I a slut? Or your slut because you make me so wet!”

Luke came inside of her pussy with a force she’d never experienced! She wondered how long it had been since Luke came and was thankful she didn’t have to swallow all of that cum because it seemed to last forever! Luke’s body lay on top of her as he did something they rarely ever did. Kissed deeply and passionately for what seemed like hours but in reality, was only 10 minutes! Neither saying a word.

“I love you, Luke. I am a freak and kind of slutty. I make inventions for my pussy! I have had a fucked up, deviant sexual past but have always been discreet. And I wake up every day wanting to suck your cock and make you happy. And no. I didn’t fuck anyone else and probably wouldn’t have tonight either.”

Luke smiled at her and lifted the back leg his cock rested on, that was now hardening. Sliding the tip into her sensitive pussy, Luke said.

“I believe everything you said except the last part. But hey, nobody’s perfect!”

Stuffing her full again, Gina felt her eyes roll backward into her head as he spoke.

“In public, you are my Lady. And I would love to call you Fiance and soon, wife.”

His cock ran up and down her insides and was amazingly hard and long! His dirty mind combined with what was for his cock, the perfect pussy had him ready to shoot again already! But he resisted knowing Gina had already taken so much leverage from him so quickly! He needed to get it back.

”But it is going to take some time to get over the betrayal of you looking for another.”

Gina smiled though she couldn’t see his face and placed his arm in her hand. Guiding his hand to her throat as she replied.

“Whatever you say, Sir.”

Alice wasn’t like other girls.

She was every father’s nightmare cum true.  Rounded hips and huge tits that made grown men ignore her obviously youthful face they rarely looked at. Alice attracted the attention of Men and boys since her 13th Birthday and showed no signs of slowing down as her 18th Birthday passed.

Being ahead of her time meant the other girls in the School hated Alice for the attention she drew all four years she attended.  A duration that meant all of the straight boys and staff since Junior High School was given a boner by her at least once in their lives.  And most of the girls naming her their lesbian girl crush as well.  No other girl in her class could ever look like her without surgery.  Alice was confident at a young age though with the help of her Mom.  A full Latina and a natural beauty herself.

The mother possessed round full tits that were not as large as her daughter’s.  And they shared the same strong, round ass that caused grown men to stumble as long as Alice could remember.  Alice’s huge tits for some men was a sign Alice had surpassed her mother, but it really was a matter of preference and a debate that couldn’t be won.

Alice learned the Art of male manipulation from watching her mother operate and maneuver her curves around them, but they rarely discussed sex.  The invaluable lessons about flirtation would come in handy when it was time for Alice to safely satisfy some of her deeper curiosities about sex. The younger woman milked circumstance to her advantage on everyone except Rob.  Her older neighbor and one of the only black guys in her school.  He watched over her like a ‘little sister.’  Even if it wasn’t the type of attention, she wanted from him.

They knew each other forever.  Even before Alice physical changes which seemingly had no outward effect on his approach towards her ever.  Probably because he was too busy fucking most of the girls in the High School his own age or being the school’s sports stud to notice.  Instead, he protected her to the point that even after his departure for school 2 hours away, all she had to do was mention him and the boys would leave her be!  Alice didn’t know if it was fear or respect that kept them away, but she did know it always made her feel special.

Rob was also was rumored to have the biggest dick in the school, but that was impossible for Alice to prove.  She would stare at his trunks whenever he got out of the pool but they were always so baggy, and she didn’t want to get caught staring at her Big brother’s dick.  But the stories about his English teacher sending his girlfriend to detention for a week, for example, were the type of rumors the older girls gossiped about.  The teacher jealous teacher Rob had stopped their illicit relationship after one fuck for being too “clingy.”  Rob had a future and wasn’t interested in being involved in a Teacher scandal.  But the rumors didn’t hurt his reputation with horny girls either.

The one about the three friends that started fighting because he was fucking with all 3 of them and refusing to choose between them was an actual incident!  They continued to fuck him of course.  But decided to stop talking to each other or about anything!  Maybe they didn’t want to be labeled as whores for sharing a man?  Either way, their arrangement spoke for itself since neither woman dated anyone else in school that year.  And somehow, no one blamed Rob.  He was slippery, if not smooth.

All because Rob had all of the privacy in the world, living in a converted pool house his Father had turned into a gym and private residence for his son.  During High School, it was a team hangout unless he was having sex.  That was when Alice would watch, keeping tabs on the comings and goings.

All through High School, Alice observed the women cumming and going through the side gate.  She knew most of them as older classmates.  More than a few as teachers.  And even a couple of the local single and married Moms knocked on the pool house door, only to re-emerge and hour or so later on wobbly legs.  In two years of counting 22 different women, she knew they couldn’t all think they were his girlfriend!  They were whores looking for a good time at Rob’s expense.  But even she knew she had to bide her youthful time and hope Rob continued to fuck them and use them like the useless pieces of meat they were to her.  Placeholders.

 Alice was jealous but mostly wanted to be them.  Her dream was to not just fuck Robert but to keep him!  And she needed more than her beautiful body to keep him happy.  He had too many options.

All Alice could do was hone her skills and wait. She saw a Porn movie, well lots of them.  But one in particular where the lead character was saving herself for marriage while trying everything else!    Oral, anal, handjobs, even using her feet to jack off a guy!  The premise was ludicrous she thought but was so turned on by it, she has rubbed her clit raw thinking about being that girl.  A ‘pure’ slut.  She wanted Rob to be her first.  But felt it would take more than a gift of the pussy to show her love to him.  Alice needed practice.

The decision to seduce her Math teacher was easy because he made it so with a bulge in his trousers every time she went near him.  It looked big and was about 8′ she learned while studying to become an expert cocksucker.  Alice got her A in his class not because she was proficient in math, which she was.  But because the older man came on her tits and she had the sweetest, most lickable pussy he had seen in his 20 years of teaching!  Which he was not allowed to touch with anything but his tongue.  Her mother taught her well as she controlled the older man completely.  He was putty in her hands, and he mostly didn’t mind.  Especially when he came on her beautiful Taboo tits!

Alice was confident Rob would appreciate her virgin sacrifice but still, wanted to hedge her bets. Taking care to only use her fingers to stimulate her ‘wet cunny.’  Another dirty word she learned watching her parents “code locked” porn.  Alice studied how the starlets made men cum religiously. Especially the Big breasted girls like herself who helped Alice learn to use them to their advantage.

The teacher’s cock was big enough for her to flick his head when it would emerge which never failed to make him shoot his load between them.  Alice would smother his hot liquid before it got into her hair or on her face, no matter how much he begged her to let him.  Circling her lips and clit with her fingers she came each time, imagining it was Rob’s Dick slipping between them and into her warm, wet body!  The first inside of her!  It always made her cum.

Her asshole was next to be thoroughly examined with her fingers probing it deep.  There were no internal restrictions there since it felt so good!  Alice began to feel her hole pucker and sweat in classes whenever she thought about her tiny fingers caught in her anal vice as she came.  Usually with her face pushed into her pink pillow.  She didn’t see that in porn.  It was her own imagination and creativity inspired by an overly sensitive ass that created this form of self-fuck.  And her personal exploration.

Alice wanted the  Math teacher to lick it too.  But only after threatening him with a video she took of him sucking her wet sugar pot in the corner of the High School classroom did he acquiesce.  Alice had to stop him almost immediately when Alice came quickly on his subservient face, and her next urge was to invite him to fuck her too!  A man’s dick was too big to fit, so she decided to abandon that part of experimentation.  She knew Rob wasn’t into it from Giselle and getting sidetracked into a world of sex and that was not a part of the plan.  It felt that good.

Alice had befriended an ex-girlfriend of Rob’s who came around the most during his Senior year of HS.  Her name was Giselle, and she was quite exotic looking as well as the Assistant Manager at the local lingerie store and family business.  She was easier to seduce than her teacher and much more submissive!  Before long, Alice knew everything about what Rob liked to do sexually and as a bonus, learned the pleasure of having her body licked and nursed by a woman’s touch.  She broke it off before the dual graduation party her parents were throwing with Rob’s parents, not wanting the presence of an ex-lover to distract Rob from Alice herself.

Rob was also brilliant and decided to give up Football right after High School to focus on his studies after realizing how little time to study there was after Football responsibilities were fulfilled.  The Coaches were crushed, but his parents supported the decision with a tuition check, and he had received an Academic scholarship as well, making the cost negligible.  Rob was a rare combination of Brawn and Brains and graduated in 3 years, returning home just in time to share a  graduation party with his little sister before  Law school.

The party was his parents ideal. The wives were best friends, and Rob’s Father had even bailed Alice parents out of a sticky financial jam back in 09.  The significant business loan not only saved the business, but it also grew it.  Robert Sr. had made a fortune in stocks that year and had more money than anyone knew.  But he was comfortable in the neighborhood and with his wife had more reasons than money to stay put.  Besides, how big of a house does one need?

Rob arrived on time in the early evening with all of his belongings packed into the back of a rented Van. His car was parked in the Driveway, his Father having driven it home the previous week since he hadn’t decided whether to live at home or get a place closer to Campus for Graduate School, which was a 30-minute drive from the house.  Alice knew everything that was going to happen since the parents had been making the Party plans for at least two months now and it was going to be in her parents home.  Volunteering to drive Rob to drop off the rental and bring him home was easy.  It was the least that she could do to be helpful.

Her tits swelled as she left the house and drove around the corner to remove her T-shirt, revealing her huge healthy melons beneath, snuggly held in place by her tank top.  The outfit she didn’t want her parents to see her in.  Lest they suspect this was something more than helping out her ‘big brother.’ As she shimmied off her panties down beneath her skirt obscured from the prying eyes of any passerby’s Alice felt naughty.  Slipping them over her feet, Alice placed them in the glovebox for hopefully much later.  Her pointed nipples drove through the fabric while being clung to by the elastic bands of material the top consisted of.  Placing the black heels on her feet before picking up the phone to call Rob.


“Hi, big brother!  I had to make a stop and am halfway to the rental spot.  I can meet you there if you want instead?”

“Ok sis.  I saw you leave and thought you had forgotten all about me!  I know how popular your sexy ass must be !”

Did he call her sexy?  And she loved it when he flirted with her since it was so infrequent. Her pussy started to melt as she thought about him sitting next to her saying the same thing.  Her hand was slipping between her legs to let her bare pussy catch a momentary breeze, helping Alice to regain her senses.   It had been three years of planning to get him to notice her as more than a little buddy and time away from home when they were alone was rare.  Pressing her thighs together now, Alice almost forgot to respond to his compliment!

“Oh.  Um no. I will meet you there.”

“Ok. I’m leaving now then.”

By the time Alice had reached the lot, Rob was standing outside the Van on the street waiting.  She parked in front of him and got out of the Car, careful not to spill out of her outfit, but determined to look more sophisticated than she was!  Rob smiled and seemed unaffected by her, completely ignoring her sensual charms and only shaking her hand!  He was either completely immune to her well shaped huge tits.  Or he didn’t find her attractive!  She looked at the bulge in his pants that hung as it always did.  It looked big but still soft.  Her confidence waned, but she continued the conversation having been rebuffed from even a ‘brotherly’ hug.

“Look at you!  Do you have a date or something after this?”

Yes, with you asshole!  Her lightly hued brown face began to redden with anger as she heard the familiar sounds of dismissal. She was made up for him and would never dress this way for anyone but him!  His smile was one of envy, but not possession like her Math teacher or that slut Giselle who they both used to fuck!  Alice didn’t understand how he could resist her when no one else could!

“Sort of.”

“C’mon, hop in.  I forgot to fill the tank and don’t want to hear Dad’s mouth about gas charges.  Lock up your car and ride shotgun!”

Another buddy term.  But this might be the last time they would be alone, and she had to wait for him anyway.  She walked to the passenger side and silently climbed in,  locking her car on the busy street.

“I have to pull in to make a U-Turn.”

Rob steered the Van into the parking lot around the other rentals as if making a U-Turn before pulling directly into an open spot instead of circling back towards the entrance before the gate closed behind them, pretending he forgot what they were doing.

“Oh shit.  Hope we aren’t stuck!  You don’t have anywhere to do you?”

Alice didn’t, but she was pissed!  Her blood had been boiling ever since he said the words shotgun and she never noticed the gas gauge which was stuck on F.  Rob smiled at her as he used to when she was a little girl, which only pissed her off more!  She wished she was somewhere, anywhere but with him!

“Well if I did you wouldn’t care anyway.”

“I have the code.  Don’t worry.”

Moving the armrest to the upwards position Rob turned his body to face her while she still stared forward, waiting for the Van to move.  Rob placed his hands on her neck and pulled her face towards his, interlocking his lips with her own in a hard kiss on his soft lips until she melted into it with him!

His left hand pressed against her massive tits and were big enough to settle upon her nipples, making her clit throb at the unexpected attention before his mouth replaced his fingers one at a time.  Sucking her globes as softly adeptly as their ex-girlfriend but with an occasionally added nibble that her body followed each time directly with a mini orgasm.  She knew the feeling.  It was the same one she felt every time her ass was licked.

Alice was startled by the turn of events as she had intended for the seduction to go another way completely, assuming she would have to be the aggressor and planning to surprise Rob with the best blowjob of his life as a mutual graduation present.  Hee was so good at making her feel good!  Rob’s finger was inside of her tight pussy before she could even react or resist! And she had been so angry with his perceived disinterest, she never glanced into the back of the Van and noticed the mattress which lay across the floor until now.

“Did you plan this?” she asked.

“No.  You did.” was his response.

Alice was used to men following her lead and keeping their distance, and in no small way, it was due to Rob warning them off.  She didn’t know he kept tabs on her while he was gone, making special trips to discourage certain aggressive guys from pursuing her. Even encouraging Giselle to keep her busy in return for weekends at his College apartment.  There was a side to him she didn’t know that was mostly focused on her.

Rob’s placed a placard in the front window and removed Alice Tank top, freeing her beautiful tan tits.  His sweats unsnapped at the side, revealing a ten plus inch bare cock that was as wide as her wrist!  Bigger than the teachers she had practiced on after school she sucked it down in a heartbeat!  Her head bobbing as her greatest wish was going to cum true!

She didn’t know how much it took for him to look at her and focus on something, anything other than her incredibly grown body and sexy lips for all these years!  Rob made sure he could graduate in time to have her for himself before she left for school and the sexual playgrounds that were College.  Imagine his happiness when she decided to stay close to home and attend the Undergraduate school where both their parents had attended.  His Graduate school.  Looking down at his swollen wet cock he knew she would matriculate just fine.

Lifting her head and grabbing her hand, Rob pulled her to the Mattress in the back and positioned himself over her as she wrapped her hand around his monster and continued to rub his length up and down,  The teacher would have cum by now.  But Rob seemed just to grow and get harder!

Gently grasping her wrists, he lifted them above her head beneath him as he lay on top of her with his crushing weight!  Her tits pressed against his chest as his right hand grasped at her wrists and bound them together with his interlocking fingers.  She had never experienced being submissive, but the role felt natural with him.  His cock grew beneath her, and she could feel his long shaft against the underside of her thighs, but was unable to see it!  The way he had taken control of the situation after toying with her emotions had her pussy dripping with dew.  Alice felt the head of his cock enter her virgin hole, stretching her insides as she begun to descend upon his cock.

“Oh wait.”

The words sounding more like moans paused, then changed as his cock moved forward slowly inside of her.  Alice felt a fury building she never before knew.  It hurt a little, but Alice had no control over the man above her. Her arms were being stretched by his longer, more powerful limbs, so her body moved, however, he wanted her to.  Her hips were stuck in a circular motion, begging for more of him but not yet reaching her womanhood.  Alice tits were being licked and bitten as Rob’s cock probed in different directions inside of Alice swelling womb.  She almost forgot her thought.  She wanted to make it special.

“I’m a virgin.  I saved myself for you.”

Rob grabbed her face with both hands now and kissed her lips deeply before burying his length inside of her hard!  Alice felt her eyes roll back in pain as she felt his full weight crush her maidenhead and the sensation of her first painful orgasm pulse through her arms and legs, curling her fingers and toes in the process!  Rob continued to stroke her as he whispered into her ear.

“I know.  Giselle told me.”

Alice wanted to push him off of her, but it felt so good!  Her mind barely processed what he had just said as her pussy shook and convulsed under his weight, never allowing her the chance to recover from one orgasm to the next for the next 20 minutes until she felt a calm overcome her body.  Alice felt the sensation of his bare cock, and though she knew she shouldn’t have let him fuck her raw, she loved that Rob did.  She didn’t care what happened as long as he was with her now!

“Cum inside of me please.”

His thrust increased, and she felt his cock grow even bigger inside of her, hitting another previously untouched spot in her walls that set her off again!  The clear liquid shot out of her cunt as she squirted all over Rob!  She was as surprised as he was as he pulled his cock out quickly and mounted her breasts which were swollen and more sensitive than ever!  His knees were on her arms, pinning her down as his black cock ripped between her globes.  His cock was big enough to rest on her lips each time as she tried to stifle her moans.  She wasn’t going to get that wish today, though.

“Open your mouth.”

His cock thrust one last time into her open mouth as Rob seed flew from his shaft and into her waiting mouth!  Her desire wouldn’t allow her to resist as Rob shot most of his next shot onto her tits and handed her a towel.

“Damn girl!  I wanted to do that for so long.”

Rob pushed back the woman’s legs and flicked his tongue across her clit.  The strip of blood was barely noticeable as proof, but Rob knew Alice was telling the truth.  She had always told him the truth.  Listening to her coo as his mouth soothed her discomfort, Rob told her everything.  How Giselle came to visit him at College, extracted a weekend of fucking in exchange for information about her!  How she knew what Alice wanted all along and decided to benefit from the process rather than fight what was probably inevitable.  What a slut!  But she couldn’t help but laugh because she got what she wanted anyway!

Hours later, Alice found herself picking up the phone which went to voice mail.  Everything was taken care of now.  The Van return and cleanup complete.  Only one thing left to do.  Handle Giselle. Leaving a message and sending a text behind it to make sure it was understood!

“Giselle. The graduation party starts at six tomorrow.  But Rob and I would prefer you still didn’t come and met us in the Pool House at midnight instead.”

There was a pause before the next sentence.

“And thanks.”


     The hair was big, and the drugs were bigger, and Adele had found herself adrift in the world of sex.  She was living the life and enjoying the excesses of the era with no desire to answer to parents!  Their frequent requests that she commits to something beyond being young and beautiful fell upon deaf ears as long as money afforded her access to influential circles and beautiful, horny people.  At 21, the parents’ influence on their omnipotent redheaded daughter was waning, and soon, she would be out of their sphere of influence completely. 

     Her father was an internationally known attorney who had made a fortune in Corporate Law.  Many of his clients were Drug dealers and white-collar criminals whom he had helped to legitimize their ill-gotten profits by forming various entities to hide their doings.  He was so good at what he did that often when the client was killed or sent to jail; Van Sicklen would be the only one who knew where the money was. 

     Eventually, Van Sicklen found himself standing alone as an extremely cash-rich last man standing.  He couldn’t be prosecuted for his crimes due to the dubious distinction of being both confident and attorney. As the old regimes in South America imploded, Van Sicklen’s wealth grew, and his involvement became more obscured until all that was left was legitimate corporate business and a pile of hidden money.   

      Having worked his way through the Wharton School of Business and Princeton Law by any means necessary and holding various jobs he was not your average blue blood.  That title came from his wife when he took her last name.  Now an upstanding citizen his past and present life obscured by title and position of Attorney he had all but forgotten the bravado that got him where he was.  Until he would read the reports on Adele.

     He loved his daughter and spoiled her thusly.  Providing her enough money to finance any whim she desired!  She liked cocaine like everyone else but preferred to “earn it” by licking the expensive flakes off strange cocks or using some frat boy instead.  Adele graduated from Princeton without a problem is a highly intelligent girl.  But she was a wild spirit like her parents had been and like her mother, had little use for the men in her circle.  They were bores.  Adele preferred black men and rogues who she could pamper and would share her body for hours at a time.  Or real men like her father.  She had no desire to do anything past explore the life of sex and instant gratification until she met the right one. 


     But sexual acts in public and picture evidence reported by the security her father hired to watch over her at all times was beyond disturbing to him.  It was dangerous.  Adele had been frequenting sex clubs on a regular basis since moving to NY and had changed her focus completely from blowing off steam to being the best full blown slut she could be.  She imagined herself as a friend of Emmanuelle types.  Exploring all of the sexual things the world had to offer.  Her father admired her spirit but was a reasonable man.  Believing it was only a matter of time before something terrible would happen, and the family would be left without an heiress and a continued voice in the world of influence. 

     Adele was beyond out of control, having purchased an apartment in Manhattan where men and women would cum and go at all hours of the day and night.  Her parents set out to protect her fortune by limiting her access so that eventually, she had to contact them.  Which is when they told her she would be married or cut off, setting up her marriage to Paul and his subsequent control of her Trust?

     Her father laid things out quite practically for the young couple.  Paul was an attorney at the firm and a rising star. More importantly to Adele’s father, he was easily controlled.  Paul was good looking, but not in the way of Adele who was gorgeous!  Any man who didn’t know her would have jumped at having Adele as a wife!  She made men fall in love with her at a glance and understood her power over them.  She just wasn’t interested in exercising it past the point of getting them to fuck her in the dirtiest ways!  The pursuit and interest of Paul were just about appeasing her parents until they changed their minds and let her go back home.  But two years later and almost one year after the ultimate appeasement, marriage their daughter Raven was born.  It was 1983 and for the first time since the 1950’s in the Van Sicklen home, there were shades of respectability all around. 

     But Adele was unhappy.  Her husband was more interested in staying in the office next to her father than lying next to her and fucking her twat.  Her days were spent with her mother shopping or going on one excursion or another.  Lunch at the club was the only thing interesting she found because of the ethnic busboys and their tight, black slacks.  She knew some of the older women were secretly availing themselves of these boys and Adele was jealous!  She would imagine one or more of them standing her up in the hallway and fucking her ass and twat together!  But her mother seemingly never let her out of her sight!  Adele remembered and missed the smell of sex more than anything.  Wanting to breathe in the aroma deep and long.  Her fingers and therapy would never keep her happy!

     Paul tried to make her love him, but it was a lost cause since he didn’t know how!  Soon after the birth of their daughter, he gave up completely.  Becoming cold and unwavering, especially when her father took ill and was unable to run the firm any longer.  When he passed, Paul began to exert his influence in other ways by starting an affair with his secretary that was a poorly kept secret.  A 19-year old girl with huge tits and no typing skills to be found.  It was a message that no one would stop him from taking it all.  He fired his competition and any of Adele’s father’s former confidantes, expanding his office to reflect his tastes.  Especially by adding a secret chamber to his office in which he could express his individuality.

     Adele’s mother, unhappy with not having her husband beside her passed away in her sleep shortly thereafter.  Adele was the sole heir and despite missing her parents, was relieved by the thought of her impending freedom.  Having experienced too much of the world before Paul, he never evolved in her mind past being the tool her father used against her.  But she wanted nothing to do with the business wanted Paul to stay on and run the firm.  He was, after all, her Father’s choice of a successor and the father of their child.  But she was consistent in wanting a divorce and her trust to move back to NY with their daughter.  But Paul wanted something else. 

     Paul set up a meeting with the firm’s lawyer’s about the estate with Adele.  They were both relatively young, he in his mid-thirties now, and she her mid-twenties.   Why should they both be miserable?  He agreed they were not a good fit and was delightfully surprised by her generous divorce proposal despite him knowing she never wanted him.  It was reasonable except for the bulk of the money belonged to her.  And with no one between him and everything, why would he share? 

     “Adele I have a counterproposal.”  

     Adele awoke to the voice of her soon to be ex-husband sitting at the foot of her bed.  The clock on the stand said 8 am.  The morning of the finalization had come, and the two attorneys closest to him were waiting downstairs for them to sign.  Paul had walked into her room undressed except for the towel around his waist and a grin.

     “I want you to consider remaining my wife.  Not moving away so quickly with Raven and trying to make things work.  I know we are better together than apart, and your father would have wanted us to try.” He said half-heartedly. 

     Placing his hand on her thigh for the first time in months, Paul attempted to kiss his wife on the lips, only to be rebuffed.

     “What do you think you are doing?” she asked.      Attempting to hide her body immodestly as he sat before her. 

     “Well then let me put it this way.  I am not divorcing you so easily and want you to consider an alternative.  I know why your father wanted me to marry you.  Do you?”

     In an attempt to stall his advances, Adele shook her head from side to side.  Of course, she knew!  Still groggy from the sweet dream of freedom, this unwelcome surprise flustered her. 

     “Because he knew no one else would have a slut like you.”

     The words slapped her as strongly as an open hand as Adele knew it was the truth.  Not that was ashamed of her sex life!  She just never knew that Paul had been privy to stories of her former escapades. He continued.

     “But I married you anyway.  I sometimes wonder what you were like back then and want to offer you a compromise.  Something we all can live with.”

     She couldn’t see past him behind her as the door to her bedroom closed suddenly, and two men, one black and one Hispanic appeared on either side of her bed!  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head!  They were slightly unshaven in the face, just the way she liked them.  Chiseled from head to toe like the men she had encountered in nightclubs who would fuck her silly and completely naked.  She became wet but was still insistent in her head to leave. 

     “I am giving you an option.  Stay a few months and try something new.”

     He ripped her bed sheet from over her body, revealing her beautiful breasts and closed pussy.  Each man now on either side of her.  Their dicks both significantly larger than average seemingly inches from her while in reality, just within arm’s reach!  She knew she would be free to have all the men she wanted soon.  But what she desired was before her, and she couldn’t resist reflexively reaching out to them both!   

     The men began touching her as if it were allowed and ran their fingers up and down her naked body!  They could have easily removed her gown as there was not much to it.  But instead the black man grasped the top and ripped it off her!  She was attempting to resist, but they exerted force of the men combined with Adele’s sexual depravity worked against her.  Before long the Hispanic man was between her legs licking her button into a frenzy and converting her objections to a series of moans!  Paul’s cue to stand and excuse himself from the room. 

     “Let me know by 10.” 

     Was this a dream?  The black man licked and bit her nipples as if he knew her body’s blueprint well!  The combination of the two tongues, one devouring her hole and assaulting her clit with unimaginable precision and skill!  The other, teasing her flesh and roughly caressing her throat caused her to lose control of herself as she came for the first time since returning from NY 3 years ago!  She never gave a second thought to where or why.  Only concerning herself with now! 

     The men switched positions with the black man lining up his pole with her shivering hole from behind.  His thrust into her slow as the Hispanic man stood astride the bed, inviting her to lick the pre-cum off of his flexing brown dick.  Her tongue reaching its destination at the same time the strange man behind her plunged into her well-oiled slit! 

     Being fucked and used like the whore she was before motherhood was all she had wanted since returning to the Philadelphia suburbs!  She was rocking back and forth as her pussy stretched to its former familiar dimensions under the weight of the hefty black cock!  The Hispanic man’s dick in her mouth oozed his appreciation into her waiting mouth as she screamed at the assault of her sore to the stroke pussy!  But he wouldn’t cum.  Adele thought to herself there was no way she was not leaving but as far as parting gifts, this one was perfect.  The Hispanic man leaned down, looking her in her eyes as his friend punched her pussy mercilessly.  Making her ashamed to be such a whore while happy to be such a lucky whore! 

     “Shut up slut and listen.” He whispered in her ear.

      “Your father sent us because he knew you were in trouble.  He wants you to fulfill your potential and be more than just the slut you are.  Understand?  Say yes.  Loudly.”

     “Yes,” she yelled.  Partially to follow his instructions.  Mostly because she missed being fucked and treated so harshly by these type of men. 

     “Your husband has certain proclivities towards violence against women.  When your father found out about his past, it was too late.  He wants you to forgive him but to go along with everything, or Paul will have you killed.  But then we would have to kill Paul, and he is necessary for the future.”

     Her father had always known her better than most.  Knew that a child would make her a different person and to his credit, she was.  Raven was all she considered since her birth, and although she planned to end her marriage, she hadn’t planned on doing things the same way that she had before.  Reckless was no longer a part of the plan.  She noticed the Brown man had begun to grow hard again as he watched her getting devoured by his friend’s cock who began to growl at her.

     “Give me your mouth bitch.” He black man snarled while climbing towards it.

     He stood on her bed as she complied.  Licking her own sweet juices from his balls while the Hispanic man crawled behind her and entered her shrinking pussy hole, opening it once more.  The black man started to cum in her mouth but pulled out, spraying her face for what seemed like an eternity!  Her hands spread his semen over her face and onto her 34C tits as she loved the feeling of the fast drying, sticky substance.  His face now next to hers he whispered into her ear now.

     “Your father was more than an attorney and we work for you now.  Your husband thinks it was an accident or chance that he found us.  But there are no accidents.  No matter what you will experience in the next year understand you are still protected.  Stay married to him for now.  Your real Trust is in a bank in NY.  100 million cash.  And Paul cannot find out about it.  We are being recorded.  Understand?” 


     She screamed.  Partially in appreciation for her Latin Lover’s expert lovemaking.  A series of well-placed strokes soothing her out of shape pussy!  She knew they were telling the truth as her father was great at burying secrets.  She knew about his past dealings in South America and more importantly, that Paul didn’t!  It strangely made sense to her that he would attempt to steal from her everything her father had built since Paul was that type of man.  Controlling, unyielding and unscrupulous.  But he was also unimaginative and could have never come up with these studs on his own! 

     “Adios Mio!”

     With that the man came inside of her and smacked her ass one last time.  The men stood almost on cue and left the room.  Leaving Adele and he palpitating pussy to recover by herself! 

     At 2 pm, there was a knock on the door followed by a young woman in a maid’s outfit and a tray.  It was Paul’s secretary whose 38 D breasts were connected by the nipples with a sterling silver chain!  She had slept past the meeting!  In an attempt to jump out of bed, she realized her legs were attached at the ankle by a spreader bar that she only knew from her days in NY nightclubs.  A tool men and women used on their slaves to guarantee compliance!  She was stuck with her legs wide open while this husband fucker came towards her, smiling. 

     “Master Paul instructed me to bring you this.  He wants me to lick you clean and prepare you for the guests later.  But first I have to make sure you don’t starve!”

     Adele attempted to get up but was pushed back onto the bed when the woman bumped her chest against Adele’s own!  She was never really into women and wanted no parts of this one, in particular, knowing who she was.

     “Resisting won’t help!” The younger woman laughed at her futile attempt to move.

     Pulling her legs into the air using the bar the 19-year old woman dug her tongue into Adele’s snatch immediately, causing it to hum with pleasure. 

     “And if you are good.  You will get an hour with your baby daughter.  Tomorrow.” 


Maddy looked around her empty room and wondered what was next.  It had been 4 days since her breakup with Amber, which was longer than she was accustomed to going without sex!  Her tits swelled and ached beneath her unsexy night shirt while her ass was sensitive to even the sheets that grazed across its nakedness.  And her pussy?  Moist enough to make her wear panties since she spent all the day before wiping her thighs inside of her short skirt, so no one would notice the squishy state of her pussy beneath so readily from her dried moistness on her inner thigh.  Horny wasn’t the word! 

Amber had been fantastic at eating Maddy’s snatch and licking her ass, and Maddy had become accustomed to her tongue!  It had tamed the savage beast that was her sex drive.  The downside was requiring attention at least twice a day!  Amber had been a faithful servant and borderline slave to Maddy’s needs, but Maddy had neglected and ignored Amber’s!  So she was gone. 

It hadn’t started that way.  The first time they were together had been a passionate dance of sex, slow dance and passionate kissing that ended in a pelvis-grinding climax!  Maddy couldn’t remember the last time she had kissed Amber’s mouth as she stood in the mirror watching the water drip from her eyes and between her legs simultaneously.  Her finger entered her tiny pussy hole easily as she ground her pelvis slowly into her knuckle before removing her digit and rubbing her hand across the surface of her pussy.  An attempt to emulate the soft touch of her former lover that fell short of achieving the unspoken goal.  Instead, it heightened her despair that Amber was now a shadow.

They both had boyfriends when they met.  They were all inseparable friends actually, spending the majority of their time together at clubs with their respective other halves.  But over time as the men talked bullshit and wandered away.  The women grew closer together.  It took 1 kiss on a dare to end two relationships and the begin of one red-hot love affair!  Complete with the Orgasms both women were missing out on before. 

Losing the financial support meant little to two girls in love!  For the first month, they ate each other mostly.  Examined all of the curves and shared every secret imaginable.  Amber’s body had been built for sex with hips that arched back perfectly in sequence.  Breasts that stood up with or without the C-cup for support.  And a mouth that always tasted like Candy!  Maddy was used to brash and borderline abusive men with no concern for her sensual needs and Amber was all about Maddy’s sensual needs!  No wonder she grew more aggressive and possessive as time passed!

But now she was gone.  All except the couch and a few other items Amber was supposed to pick up today with her new boyfriend, Doug.  The same fucker who she had been sneaking around with behind her back!  The breakup wasn’t quick and very messy with Maddy throwing her out of their apartment butt naked!  Something she had apologized for while attempting to woo her back.  But Amber barely responded beyond forgiving her in the most superficial of ways.  The love was obviously gone.

Knock, knock.

Maddy almost wished she had used her key instead.  Fuck.  She wished she wouldn’t come at all!  The few things left in the Apartment that still smelled like Amber was all that was keeping her sanity intact!  She walked to the door and opened it wide allowing the two to stride inside. 


Amber’s skin was well tanned and body looked and smelled fabulous!  She wore tight Yoga pants and a half-top that squeezed her beautiful breasts together while heightening the size of the invisible pink areolas Maddy knew were there!  She could imagine their rose color through the fabric and practically drooled over them as Amber brushed past Maddy, inadvertently rubbing against her own hardened globes.  Maddy looked weakened by the whole dilemma and paled in appearance by comparison. But an exotic looker like her would rarely ever be considered ugly!  She was just worn out. 

Behind her though was the shocker.  The infamous Doug.  All 6 feet plus, black and oddly also wearing yoga pants!  Stuffed inside of them was an impressive specimen, from what Maddy remembered about men’s cocks beneath their clothes.  It had been a long time since she had seen or touched one in person.  But when she had, none seemed to be as big as his soft penis inside his pants!  It was the first thing you saw when he walked in the room despite a stellar smile and obviously fit frame! 

“I’m Doug.”

Placing his hand out to greet Maddy directly in front of his crotch, Doug broke the woman’s unintentional gaze momentarily which was fixated on his dick.  Was it 8 or 9 inches and if it was any longer.  And how could it fit into her baby Amber’s sweet pussy because it seemed very thick baffled her?  As she shook Doug’s hand, something she hadn’t intended to do considering the circumstance of them meeting Maddy understood her situation.  She preferred a woman.  Amber exactly.  But with the visions of her imagination.  Specifically, Doug and Amber flashing through her mind it was obvious she was curious about that cock! 

“Maddy.  You stole my girlfriend.”

Amber was already in their shared closet in the bedroom by this time, collecting her things as quickly as she walked in the door.  If the plan didn’t work, she didn’t want to be there longer than necessary.  Truthfully, a part of her was still in love with Maddy.  There were things between them only they could share and she missed her touch.  But Doug!  Once she let him fuck her tight hole she was his!

Maddy was such a control freak at the time Amber knew there was no other way.  She looked at their bed and smiled, remembering the soft moments the two women shared together.  The long kisses and legs intertwined as their pussies and clits rubbed together!  But that was long ago. 

“Listen Maddy.  I am sorry you feel that way.” Doug responded in the hallway.

“Sorry, I feel that way?”

“Yes.  Sorry.  Because I know how special Amber is.  Which is why I hope we can be friends.  For her sake.”

“Fuck you, Doug!  Who the hell do you think you are stealing the love of my life and expecting us to be friends!  I don’t even know you!  But you have some balls!”

Doug closed the door behind him and moved past the angry woman into the Living Room area.  He could barely contain his smile since she reacted perfectly based upon everything Amber had told him.  Soon he knew he would fuck her too!  There was no doubt Maddy was angry.  And horny based upon the fact that even as she yelled at him, she couldn’t stop looking at his crotch which was now growing at the thought of Maddy’s sweet, mixed pussy creaming all over his dick!  It was the least that she deserved for making him Amber! 

Maddy for her part could not decipher his calm manner.  He was at least 10 years older than Amber’s 24 years and not like most of the black men she had come into contact with.  He was in fucking Yoga pants!  And his voice and vernacular were polished, with not a hint of slang.  He may have been well built and probably dangerous.  But everything about him was off.  Except for that dick!    

“I understand.  I wouldn’t want to be my friend at first either if roles were reversed.  But the truth is Amber misses you and truth is, I want her to be happy.  So I am here to negotiate.” 

Sitting back on the couch, Doug smiled at the smaller woman standing above him a few feet away disgustedly as she contemplated his existence.  Did he know what Amber had put her through?  What she had promised?  How dare he expect her to ‘negotiate’!  What an arrogant prick! 

Amber walked out of the bedroom and sat down next to Doug on the couch between the two of them.  Maddy’s face of disgust changed slightly as she looked into Amber’s deep Emerald eyes and remembered what she had been crying over the last few days.  She knew that any part of Amber was worth more than none and in an instant, decided to listen. 

“Maddy, don’t be like that!  I want to be honest with you! It’s your fault I am with Doug.”

Maddy began to slap the bitch reflexively, but Doug jumped up and held her tight before she could lunge into it!  It was then she felt Doug’s cock pressing against her stomach and grazing her tits beneath her night shirt as they ‘struggled’ against his strong body!  That was also when she felt the familiar stirring of arousal between her own legs!  She hadn’t been touched in weeks, and as a result, the bodily contact was making her weak.  But Amber kept taking.

“You and your fucking strap-ons made me miss the real thing.  It’s your fault.”

“Fuck you, Amber, you slut!  You will fuck anything!”


The sass was something Maddy wasn’t accustomed to and the words cut through her soul.  She stopped fighting Doug’s embrace and stood in his arms shocked instead as Amber continued to speak.

“You used to be soft and loving.  That was why I was with you to begin with.  But once you had me, you became possessive like every other guy!  If I wanted that….I  would just be with any other guy! 

Fuck you Maddy for becoming an abusive cunt!”

Maddy’s mid-sized tits danced against Doug’s hard chest and rubbed the tip of his cock consistently but she struggled no more. It was involuntary arousal causing her to push into him closer as she stood stunned by her ex lover’s words!  They were silent as Amber took off her top and moved towards them until her tits were similarly pressed against Doug’s back on the other side.  That was when Doug whispered in Maddy’s ear.

“Like I said.  Amber wants you to be our friend.  But she is still mad at you.”

Looking into his eyes and realizing her position, Maddy attempted to pull away from his grip to no avail!  Amber slid around them to the other side and pinned the woman between them both before similarly whispering in her ear.    

“You weren’t all bad.  I did love the way you would tie me down and fuck my pussy.”

Amber’s hands reached between the two of them under Maddy’s shirt and caressed the weakened Maddy’s breasts as only she knew how!  Maddy almost forgot about the now fully erect cock between them, and partially melted at the awkward situation as her nipples hardened and ached for attention.

“And some of the torture which, I think you would like too.”

Amber’s hands slipped beneath the woman’s sweatpants and caressed the nub of her naked clit.  Amber was slightly taller so as she bit on Maddy’s ear too, caused her to push up onto her tippy toes even as she felt her body relax to the familiar touch!  Maddy’s senses went into overdrive at the thought of her plunging her fingers into her and fucking her to sleep!  But all she did was rub her the way Maddy used to squeeze Amber whenever she tied her legs to the foot post!  Such exquisite torture! 

“Amber doesn’t want you to suffer.  She doesn’t want you to struggle either, mostly.  You have barely left your house, and the rent is due which we are sure you don’t have.  So we have a proposition.”

Doug had smoothly moved Maddy’s hand onto his swollen cock, and it did not fit in her hand as she rubbed it up and down instinctively.  Amber’s breasts slid down her back at the exact moment her sweats were being pulled down from behind Maddy, and her tongue was on her pussy in an instant!  The only reason she still stood was Doug’s strong arms propping her up.  And the feeling was electric!

“So the negotiations have begun.”

Doug began to kiss Maddy’s neck in a surprisingly soft way and his lips felt like pillows.  His hands engulfed her breasts in a way Amber’s smaller hands never could, creating another new sensation.  His firm body felt strange and unfamiliar, but good!  And of course, Amber’s expert tongue had her near the brink if ecstasy!  As Doug sat on the arm of the sofa he positioned his big cock between her pussy lips as she slid over at least 6 inches of cock while Amber alternated between sucking the tip and licking Maddy’s honey pot when Doug lifted her into the air for what seemed like minutes but was actually closer to 50 seconds at a time as Amber spoke.

“Did it feel good embarrassing and humiliating me?  Throwing me into the street half-naked over some good dick?”  

Her voice sounded threatening, but Maddy was too far into the experience to care!  The exact words she had used that night had resurfaced in the form of a sexual promise!  The women had always shared various dildos and toys in bed!  But none were the size of this real life, throbbing black cock between her legs!  Without seeing it she could tell by the way her lips were sliding around its girth it was wide.  But she was nervous to look down or disengage before he entered her dripping hole for fear of panic!  As much as she felt pressured, she didn’t want to jeopardize not feeling that cock inside of her!

Maddy had slept alone the last few weeks and both of their kisses were soft and firm.  Amber was the best lover she’d ever had!  But Doug was different.  A man.  And on that scale, she knew he was going to be on the top of her list!  His body was sexy as hell!  And somehow, he had maneuvered her into this position with a little help and barely a word!

“No.  It didn’t.  I was just…”

Amber’s tongue invaded her hole in a swirling motion knowing it would stop Maddy’s mea culpa which, she didn’t care to hear!  She had done everything for her!  Becoming her submissive when Maddy had become overly possessive of her.  Hoping she would change and trying to talk to her before finally deciding if she was going to be with a man, she would find one of her own!  Maddy had no idea how many men Amber had fucked before finally finding Doug!  She wasn’t going to talk her way out of this! 

“Fuck her Doug.”


Maddy protested as she grabbed the head of his cock and rubbed it against her snatch almost subliminally.  It was like one of her toys.  But she felt helpless to resist his entrance and opened wide, ready for entry.

“Ok, Doug.  Don’t fuck her.  Let’s go.”

Maddy sat bewildered as Doug stood up, his cock covered in her juices as Amber smiled down at her.  Amber bent over and licked it clean before stuffing it back into his yoga pants as Maddy watched, unsatisfied. 

“You were such a bitch as a girlfriend, you deserve this.  I was going to just let it go.  But seeing you just brought it all back!”

Maddy’s pussy throbbed and ached as she watched Amber put her top on, feigning to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Oh.  So you want to negotiate?” 

Doug’s voice was accentuated by Amber’s smile as they moved towards her broken frame.  The sweat poured down her partially dressed body as she watched her ex-girlfriend standing in front of her, rubbing the object of her desire!  A month ago, the mere thought would have sent her into a rage!  But faced with the choice of being left like this built her desperation!  She was ready to acquiesce to anything!

Doug’s cock was pressed against Maddy’s lips as he sneered down at her.  Her tongue circled the top like old friend’s being reintroduced, and Doug knew instantly he was in for a treat!  He watched intently as Amber went into the Hallway and returned with a pair of ankle cuffs, which she affixed to each leg as Maddy attempted to navigate the four inches of black cock Doug carefully fed her eager mouth.

Next came the spreader bar, which Amber affixed between them before diving her own face in between Maddy’s thighs to taste the Cookie Amber missed so much!  She tickled her ass with her tongue as well and watched it pucker defensively, even as her reddened pussy released its contents all over the Couch! Amber’s head rising from between them, glistening from her happy shower as she kissed her ex-girlfriend forcefully like Maddy had kissed Amber the first time they had roleplayed and the last time for months until now!  Amber had turned their roles inside out and Doug was about to complete the circle!

“Time to pay the rent.”

The stars crossed her consciousness and lights blended into one another as Doug sternly plunged his 10 plus hardened inches into her wet hole without mercy!  The scream had neighbors knocking on the door!

“Do you need help.”

The voice came through the door as Doug more carefully worked his dark wood inside of her!  Amber stroked her hair and alternately, pushed her wet snatch onto her ex-lovers’ mouth and covered her nose to stifle her moans further!  In between, she gave her instructions. 

“Tell them you are ok.  Just getting fucked by a man for the first time.”

“No!”  Maddy replied.  Mortified by the request! 

Doug crushed into her hip bone once more and she screamed once again in a primal way, but this time the pain slightly less and challenged by the sensation of her pussy convulsing and spraying Doug’s belly with clear liquid. 

“Tell them.”

This time, Maddy didn’t hesitate to scream the words. 

“I’m cumming.  I’m being fucked and…I’m cumming!”

Amber smiled and rubbed her pussy across Maddy’s face.  Sitting to smother her the way Maddy used to smother Amber in her wet cum.  Her box stifling her air and feeding her at the same time. 

“Does that mean you are ok?”.

The voice came through the door once more.  A little closer and much shakier.  Maybe it was the kid from across the hall who always looked at the two women lustfully like a young boy should.  How many times had he fantasized being a part of what was going on behind those closed doors! 

Doug pushed his thick dick back and forth inside of Maddy as her pussy contracted around him irrationally.  Not being in control was a sensation she had never been able to enjoy but beneath the crushing weight of her two lovers, she realized she just hadn’t been doing it right!  Her moans of ecstasy began to raise once again as assurance she was in no immediate danger other than cumming too much!  And the smile on her face she had forgotten ever existed had returned!  Amber asked her if she was sorry for having thrown her out and of course, Maddy said yes.  She also asked if they could be “friends”.

As Doug began his full strokes into her stretched hole, Maddy could feel her hymen being pushed to its limits.  The pain Doug’s cock now held a calming effect.  And Amber’s tongue was now affixed to her nipples.  Tugging and biting them in between questions that Maddy answered ‘Yes” to in succession. 

An hour later, Maddy was being led out of the apartment in her sexiest black panty and bra set!  The one that pushed her nipples over the top.  Doug placed the suitcase with the things she would need for the next week into his Escalade and instructed her to knock on the Superintendent’s door with the rent check he provided her.

The first of the month was coming.  And Maddy would be otherwise incapacitated.