Alice wasn’t like other girls.

She was every father’s nightmare cum true.  Rounded hips and huge tits that made grown men ignore her obviously youthful face they rarely looked at. Alice attracted the attention of Men and boys since her 13th Birthday and showed no signs of slowing down as her 18th Birthday passed.

Being ahead of her time meant the other girls in the School hated Alice for the attention she drew all four years she attended.  A duration that meant all of the straight boys and staff since Junior High School was given a boner by her at least once in their lives.  And most of the girls naming her their lesbian girl crush as well.  No other girl in her class could ever look like her without surgery.  Alice was confident at a young age though with the help of her Mom.  A full Latina and a natural beauty herself.

The mother possessed round full tits that were not as large as her daughter’s.  And they shared the same strong, round ass that caused grown men to stumble as long as Alice could remember.  Alice’s huge tits for some men was a sign Alice had surpassed her mother, but it really was a matter of preference and a debate that couldn’t be won.

Alice learned the Art of male manipulation from watching her mother operate and maneuver her curves around them, but they rarely discussed sex.  The invaluable lessons about flirtation would come in handy when it was time for Alice to safely satisfy some of her deeper curiosities about sex. The younger woman milked circumstance to her advantage on everyone except Rob.  Her older neighbor and one of the only black guys in her school.  He watched over her like a ‘little sister.’  Even if it wasn’t the type of attention, she wanted from him.

They knew each other forever.  Even before Alice physical changes which seemingly had no outward effect on his approach towards her ever.  Probably because he was too busy fucking most of the girls in the High School his own age or being the school’s sports stud to notice.  Instead, he protected her to the point that even after his departure for school 2 hours away, all she had to do was mention him and the boys would leave her be!  Alice didn’t know if it was fear or respect that kept them away, but she did know it always made her feel special.

Rob was also was rumored to have the biggest dick in the school, but that was impossible for Alice to prove.  She would stare at his trunks whenever he got out of the pool but they were always so baggy, and she didn’t want to get caught staring at her Big brother’s dick.  But the stories about his English teacher sending his girlfriend to detention for a week, for example, were the type of rumors the older girls gossiped about.  The teacher jealous teacher Rob had stopped their illicit relationship after one fuck for being too “clingy.”  Rob had a future and wasn’t interested in being involved in a Teacher scandal.  But the rumors didn’t hurt his reputation with horny girls either.

The one about the three friends that started fighting because he was fucking with all 3 of them and refusing to choose between them was an actual incident!  They continued to fuck him of course.  But decided to stop talking to each other or about anything!  Maybe they didn’t want to be labeled as whores for sharing a man?  Either way, their arrangement spoke for itself since neither woman dated anyone else in school that year.  And somehow, no one blamed Rob.  He was slippery, if not smooth.

All because Rob had all of the privacy in the world, living in a converted pool house his Father had turned into a gym and private residence for his son.  During High School, it was a team hangout unless he was having sex.  That was when Alice would watch, keeping tabs on the comings and goings.

All through High School, Alice observed the women cumming and going through the side gate.  She knew most of them as older classmates.  More than a few as teachers.  And even a couple of the local single and married Moms knocked on the pool house door, only to re-emerge and hour or so later on wobbly legs.  In two years of counting 22 different women, she knew they couldn’t all think they were his girlfriend!  They were whores looking for a good time at Rob’s expense.  But even she knew she had to bide her youthful time and hope Rob continued to fuck them and use them like the useless pieces of meat they were to her.  Placeholders.

 Alice was jealous but mostly wanted to be them.  Her dream was to not just fuck Robert but to keep him!  And she needed more than her beautiful body to keep him happy.  He had too many options.

All Alice could do was hone her skills and wait. She saw a Porn movie, well lots of them.  But one in particular where the lead character was saving herself for marriage while trying everything else!    Oral, anal, handjobs, even using her feet to jack off a guy!  The premise was ludicrous she thought but was so turned on by it, she has rubbed her clit raw thinking about being that girl.  A ‘pure’ slut.  She wanted Rob to be her first.  But felt it would take more than a gift of the pussy to show her love to him.  Alice needed practice.

The decision to seduce her Math teacher was easy because he made it so with a bulge in his trousers every time she went near him.  It looked big and was about 8′ she learned while studying to become an expert cocksucker.  Alice got her A in his class not because she was proficient in math, which she was.  But because the older man came on her tits and she had the sweetest, most lickable pussy he had seen in his 20 years of teaching!  Which he was not allowed to touch with anything but his tongue.  Her mother taught her well as she controlled the older man completely.  He was putty in her hands, and he mostly didn’t mind.  Especially when he came on her beautiful Taboo tits!

Alice was confident Rob would appreciate her virgin sacrifice but still, wanted to hedge her bets. Taking care to only use her fingers to stimulate her ‘wet cunny.’  Another dirty word she learned watching her parents “code locked” porn.  Alice studied how the starlets made men cum religiously. Especially the Big breasted girls like herself who helped Alice learn to use them to their advantage.

The teacher’s cock was big enough for her to flick his head when it would emerge which never failed to make him shoot his load between them.  Alice would smother his hot liquid before it got into her hair or on her face, no matter how much he begged her to let him.  Circling her lips and clit with her fingers she came each time, imagining it was Rob’s Dick slipping between them and into her warm, wet body!  The first inside of her!  It always made her cum.

Her asshole was next to be thoroughly examined with her fingers probing it deep.  There were no internal restrictions there since it felt so good!  Alice began to feel her hole pucker and sweat in classes whenever she thought about her tiny fingers caught in her anal vice as she came.  Usually with her face pushed into her pink pillow.  She didn’t see that in porn.  It was her own imagination and creativity inspired by an overly sensitive ass that created this form of self-fuck.  And her personal exploration.

Alice wanted the  Math teacher to lick it too.  But only after threatening him with a video she took of him sucking her wet sugar pot in the corner of the High School classroom did he acquiesce.  Alice had to stop him almost immediately when Alice came quickly on his subservient face, and her next urge was to invite him to fuck her too!  A man’s dick was too big to fit, so she decided to abandon that part of experimentation.  She knew Rob wasn’t into it from Giselle and getting sidetracked into a world of sex and that was not a part of the plan.  It felt that good.

Alice had befriended an ex-girlfriend of Rob’s who came around the most during his Senior year of HS.  Her name was Giselle, and she was quite exotic looking as well as the Assistant Manager at the local lingerie store and family business.  She was easier to seduce than her teacher and much more submissive!  Before long, Alice knew everything about what Rob liked to do sexually and as a bonus, learned the pleasure of having her body licked and nursed by a woman’s touch.  She broke it off before the dual graduation party her parents were throwing with Rob’s parents, not wanting the presence of an ex-lover to distract Rob from Alice herself.

Rob was also brilliant and decided to give up Football right after High School to focus on his studies after realizing how little time to study there was after Football responsibilities were fulfilled.  The Coaches were crushed, but his parents supported the decision with a tuition check, and he had received an Academic scholarship as well, making the cost negligible.  Rob was a rare combination of Brawn and Brains and graduated in 3 years, returning home just in time to share a  graduation party with his little sister before  Law school.

The party was his parents ideal. The wives were best friends, and Rob’s Father had even bailed Alice parents out of a sticky financial jam back in 09.  The significant business loan not only saved the business, but it also grew it.  Robert Sr. had made a fortune in stocks that year and had more money than anyone knew.  But he was comfortable in the neighborhood and with his wife had more reasons than money to stay put.  Besides, how big of a house does one need?

Rob arrived on time in the early evening with all of his belongings packed into the back of a rented Van. His car was parked in the Driveway, his Father having driven it home the previous week since he hadn’t decided whether to live at home or get a place closer to Campus for Graduate School, which was a 30-minute drive from the house.  Alice knew everything that was going to happen since the parents had been making the Party plans for at least two months now and it was going to be in her parents home.  Volunteering to drive Rob to drop off the rental and bring him home was easy.  It was the least that she could do to be helpful.

Her tits swelled as she left the house and drove around the corner to remove her T-shirt, revealing her huge healthy melons beneath, snuggly held in place by her tank top.  The outfit she didn’t want her parents to see her in.  Lest they suspect this was something more than helping out her ‘big brother.’ As she shimmied off her panties down beneath her skirt obscured from the prying eyes of any passerby’s Alice felt naughty.  Slipping them over her feet, Alice placed them in the glovebox for hopefully much later.  Her pointed nipples drove through the fabric while being clung to by the elastic bands of material the top consisted of.  Placing the black heels on her feet before picking up the phone to call Rob.


“Hi, big brother!  I had to make a stop and am halfway to the rental spot.  I can meet you there if you want instead?”

“Ok sis.  I saw you leave and thought you had forgotten all about me!  I know how popular your sexy ass must be !”

Did he call her sexy?  And she loved it when he flirted with her since it was so infrequent. Her pussy started to melt as she thought about him sitting next to her saying the same thing.  Her hand was slipping between her legs to let her bare pussy catch a momentary breeze, helping Alice to regain her senses.   It had been three years of planning to get him to notice her as more than a little buddy and time away from home when they were alone was rare.  Pressing her thighs together now, Alice almost forgot to respond to his compliment!

“Oh.  Um no. I will meet you there.”

“Ok. I’m leaving now then.”

By the time Alice had reached the lot, Rob was standing outside the Van on the street waiting.  She parked in front of him and got out of the Car, careful not to spill out of her outfit, but determined to look more sophisticated than she was!  Rob smiled and seemed unaffected by her, completely ignoring her sensual charms and only shaking her hand!  He was either completely immune to her well shaped huge tits.  Or he didn’t find her attractive!  She looked at the bulge in his pants that hung as it always did.  It looked big but still soft.  Her confidence waned, but she continued the conversation having been rebuffed from even a ‘brotherly’ hug.

“Look at you!  Do you have a date or something after this?”

Yes, with you asshole!  Her lightly hued brown face began to redden with anger as she heard the familiar sounds of dismissal. She was made up for him and would never dress this way for anyone but him!  His smile was one of envy, but not possession like her Math teacher or that slut Giselle who they both used to fuck!  Alice didn’t understand how he could resist her when no one else could!

“Sort of.”

“C’mon, hop in.  I forgot to fill the tank and don’t want to hear Dad’s mouth about gas charges.  Lock up your car and ride shotgun!”

Another buddy term.  But this might be the last time they would be alone, and she had to wait for him anyway.  She walked to the passenger side and silently climbed in,  locking her car on the busy street.

“I have to pull in to make a U-Turn.”

Rob steered the Van into the parking lot around the other rentals as if making a U-Turn before pulling directly into an open spot instead of circling back towards the entrance before the gate closed behind them, pretending he forgot what they were doing.

“Oh shit.  Hope we aren’t stuck!  You don’t have anywhere to do you?”

Alice didn’t, but she was pissed!  Her blood had been boiling ever since he said the words shotgun and she never noticed the gas gauge which was stuck on F.  Rob smiled at her as he used to when she was a little girl, which only pissed her off more!  She wished she was somewhere, anywhere but with him!

“Well if I did you wouldn’t care anyway.”

“I have the code.  Don’t worry.”

Moving the armrest to the upwards position Rob turned his body to face her while she still stared forward, waiting for the Van to move.  Rob placed his hands on her neck and pulled her face towards his, interlocking his lips with her own in a hard kiss on his soft lips until she melted into it with him!

His left hand pressed against her massive tits and were big enough to settle upon her nipples, making her clit throb at the unexpected attention before his mouth replaced his fingers one at a time.  Sucking her globes as softly adeptly as their ex-girlfriend but with an occasionally added nibble that her body followed each time directly with a mini orgasm.  She knew the feeling.  It was the same one she felt every time her ass was licked.

Alice was startled by the turn of events as she had intended for the seduction to go another way completely, assuming she would have to be the aggressor and planning to surprise Rob with the best blowjob of his life as a mutual graduation present.  Hee was so good at making her feel good!  Rob’s finger was inside of her tight pussy before she could even react or resist! And she had been so angry with his perceived disinterest, she never glanced into the back of the Van and noticed the mattress which lay across the floor until now.

“Did you plan this?” she asked.

“No.  You did.” was his response.

Alice was used to men following her lead and keeping their distance, and in no small way, it was due to Rob warning them off.  She didn’t know he kept tabs on her while he was gone, making special trips to discourage certain aggressive guys from pursuing her. Even encouraging Giselle to keep her busy in return for weekends at his College apartment.  There was a side to him she didn’t know that was mostly focused on her.

Rob’s placed a placard in the front window and removed Alice Tank top, freeing her beautiful tan tits.  His sweats unsnapped at the side, revealing a ten plus inch bare cock that was as wide as her wrist!  Bigger than the teachers she had practiced on after school she sucked it down in a heartbeat!  Her head bobbing as her greatest wish was going to cum true!

She didn’t know how much it took for him to look at her and focus on something, anything other than her incredibly grown body and sexy lips for all these years!  Rob made sure he could graduate in time to have her for himself before she left for school and the sexual playgrounds that were College.  Imagine his happiness when she decided to stay close to home and attend the Undergraduate school where both their parents had attended.  His Graduate school.  Looking down at his swollen wet cock he knew she would matriculate just fine.

Lifting her head and grabbing her hand, Rob pulled her to the Mattress in the back and positioned himself over her as she wrapped her hand around his monster and continued to rub his length up and down,  The teacher would have cum by now.  But Rob seemed just to grow and get harder!

Gently grasping her wrists, he lifted them above her head beneath him as he lay on top of her with his crushing weight!  Her tits pressed against his chest as his right hand grasped at her wrists and bound them together with his interlocking fingers.  She had never experienced being submissive, but the role felt natural with him.  His cock grew beneath her, and she could feel his long shaft against the underside of her thighs, but was unable to see it!  The way he had taken control of the situation after toying with her emotions had her pussy dripping with dew.  Alice felt the head of his cock enter her virgin hole, stretching her insides as she begun to descend upon his cock.

“Oh wait.”

The words sounding more like moans paused, then changed as his cock moved forward slowly inside of her.  Alice felt a fury building she never before knew.  It hurt a little, but Alice had no control over the man above her. Her arms were being stretched by his longer, more powerful limbs, so her body moved, however, he wanted her to.  Her hips were stuck in a circular motion, begging for more of him but not yet reaching her womanhood.  Alice tits were being licked and bitten as Rob’s cock probed in different directions inside of Alice swelling womb.  She almost forgot her thought.  She wanted to make it special.

“I’m a virgin.  I saved myself for you.”

Rob grabbed her face with both hands now and kissed her lips deeply before burying his length inside of her hard!  Alice felt her eyes roll back in pain as she felt his full weight crush her maidenhead and the sensation of her first painful orgasm pulse through her arms and legs, curling her fingers and toes in the process!  Rob continued to stroke her as he whispered into her ear.

“I know.  Giselle told me.”

Alice wanted to push him off of her, but it felt so good!  Her mind barely processed what he had just said as her pussy shook and convulsed under his weight, never allowing her the chance to recover from one orgasm to the next for the next 20 minutes until she felt a calm overcome her body.  Alice felt the sensation of his bare cock, and though she knew she shouldn’t have let him fuck her raw, she loved that Rob did.  She didn’t care what happened as long as he was with her now!

“Cum inside of me please.”

His thrust increased, and she felt his cock grow even bigger inside of her, hitting another previously untouched spot in her walls that set her off again!  The clear liquid shot out of her cunt as she squirted all over Rob!  She was as surprised as he was as he pulled his cock out quickly and mounted her breasts which were swollen and more sensitive than ever!  His knees were on her arms, pinning her down as his black cock ripped between her globes.  His cock was big enough to rest on her lips each time as she tried to stifle her moans.  She wasn’t going to get that wish today, though.

“Open your mouth.”

His cock thrust one last time into her open mouth as Rob seed flew from his shaft and into her waiting mouth!  Her desire wouldn’t allow her to resist as Rob shot most of his next shot onto her tits and handed her a towel.

“Damn girl!  I wanted to do that for so long.”

Rob pushed back the woman’s legs and flicked his tongue across her clit.  The strip of blood was barely noticeable as proof, but Rob knew Alice was telling the truth.  She had always told him the truth.  Listening to her coo as his mouth soothed her discomfort, Rob told her everything.  How Giselle came to visit him at College, extracted a weekend of fucking in exchange for information about her!  How she knew what Alice wanted all along and decided to benefit from the process rather than fight what was probably inevitable.  What a slut!  But she couldn’t help but laugh because she got what she wanted anyway!

Hours later, Alice found herself picking up the phone which went to voice mail.  Everything was taken care of now.  The Van return and cleanup complete.  Only one thing left to do.  Handle Giselle. Leaving a message and sending a text behind it to make sure it was understood!

“Giselle. The graduation party starts at six tomorrow.  But Rob and I would prefer you still didn’t come and met us in the Pool House at midnight instead.”

There was a pause before the next sentence.

“And thanks.”

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