There were always exotic women with sharp curves and strong bodies, coming in and out for no longer than a few hours at a time.  African.  Asian.  Italian.  Irish, Hispanic.  Filipino.  Different shapes sizes, and walks of life down the same path.  Sometimes alone.  And sometimes, together.  All doing a form of “The walk.”   But what does an outsider know about anything that happens inside a home of consenting adults?   


Ron waited as Lorraine walked around the corner of his home towards him from the opposite direction of where he was perched.  He recognized the smile on her bright yellow face from a distance as a nervous one.  But her confident, sexy gait was undeniably confident until her last step.  Which ended directly in front of Ron’s prone lawn chair.  Everything about her portrayed the woman as sure, even if she wasn’t.  But it wouldn’t be long before she believed in herself again.  Because she was there. 


“Are you alone tonight?”  Ron asked smirkingly.


Smiling up at the woman as her breasts blocked the sun from the front of his face he remembered the words of his Uncle lawyer.  “Never ask a question you are not sure of the answer.”  The curves of her tightly-shave cunt already betrayed no shadows between her tight white shorts.  And no fearful intent on her part at all.  Ron read her weight shifting from one foot onto the other as a tell he had seen before.  The sassy Latina hell-bent on taming the Beast within Ron’s shorts, once and for all!  His cock even twitched a bit at the thought of what was anticipated she would try first.  And what Ron would do next. 


“I am more than enough woman.”  Lorraine smiled.


Her pride stuck in the words even if she doubted, they were true.  Knowing her friend was in love with him but knowing herself even better.   This wouldn’t be the 1st time they were together.  Just the first time they would be together alone.  And from their first time together?  Lorraine wasn’t sure what she was saying may actually be the lie.  Because Ron was more than a handful!  Or even two.


Her body ached for him.  She could still feel his warm hardness pulsing inside of her days later.  And had only nervous conversation with his girlfriend Jill since.  Trying to hide how she really felt about their threesome was hard!  And Jill told her she and Ron had been fighting ever since which secretly made Lorraine smile.  Jill said she was leaving to visit her parents for a few days.  To reconsider the entire relationship and whether there was a future for them at all.  While Lorraine listened as a good friend would under the circumstances.  Hoping that Jill wouldn’t catch on to her growing interest in her man!


When Ron called and asked her to stop by the day Jill flew out of town?  All types of thoughts ran across Lorraine’s mind.  One about her own girlfriend who was boring in bed for a girl but, loyal.  She knew nothing about what Lorraine had been up to the previous Thursday night and her evolving thoughts on her own sexuality.  But mostly she thought about Ron and the way his dick felt inside of her body!  She realized she didn’t care if her girlfriend found out and what she wanted was more time with him, alone.  


“What time”?


She could have said no.  Hung up the phone and called Jill immediately and tell her about the invitation and that would be the end of it.  She could fight the temptation to fuck her man AND have Jill back on a regular basis again.  Because she knew if she said anything?  Jill would break it off with him.  But Lorraine didn’t want it to be the end.


 She was hoping they would have invited her back to join both of them.    Their dynamic had been electric!  And she wanted nothing more than to experience Ron again!  His confidence in inviting her over was exciting to her!  Knowing what she knew now about them both.  The right thing was satisfying a thumping emptiness between her legs since last week Lorraine knew Ron could sate.  Jill had just left the door wide open.


Inviting Lorraine into their shared bed was proof of her willingness to evolve and share.  Both Ron and Jill both knew it wasn’t in Jill’s nature to share anything!  Especially Ron.  He knew there had to be more in it for her or it would go on for as long as it could before Jill lost her cool entirely.  Demanding some form of reassurance again of his devotion to her.  The interim was going through their playful motions.


The fruits of the game now stood directly before him.  Close enough for him to reach out and rub his palm against Lorraine’s mound before Ron decided to respond to her boast.


“I’ve heard that before.” He sneered.


Lorraine would have probably would have never imagined a man interacting with her that way last week!  But Ron had opened up a world the young woman had stopped considering long ago.  And she welcomed his forceful yet, gentle touch with an involuntary shiver and not much else.  His palm circulated across her mound in the ways girls usually touched her.  And increased her desire to be not just filled by his cock but more intimately this time!  Ron pulled aside her terry cloth shorts to lick between her legs with the confidence most men only pretend to have.  As the heat and moisture between her legs bunched her shorts even closer together between her thighs.  His perversion matched only by his skill.


Lorraine loved Jill as a friend and occasional lover too.  And the two women were attracted together for what seemed like forever!  She was the girl Lorraine cheated on her Girlfriends with before Ron.  Not seeing her being the main reason she agreed to join the two of them in the 1st place.  With the caveat, she was not there for him.  How things change in a moment.


All Lorraine could think about in the seven days since their Menage Trois was him!  Watching how attentive Ron was to Jill had made her instantly jealous and understanding of why Jill never called her anymore!  But hearing his voice on the other end of the line was what she wanted now!  Lorraine didn’t need a clumsy excuse to stop by uninvited while Jill was out of town.  All she had to do was stop by and see if the connection she felt was really there.  And now as his finger decisively slid into her moist slit.   She knew she had done the right thing!


“Either way.  I’m glad you came.”



She almost did as Ron removed his hand and walked into the home.  Expecting her to follow closely behind.  He waved at the camera in an odd gesture she thought as they stepped inside together.  The long distance to the Bedroom seemingly steps away as Lorraine felt something she hadn’t felt in many years.  Overwhelmed and unable to say the words no. 


Ron lit a joint sitting on the side of the Bed in an ashtray.  Passing it to her as she sat her down on the Bed before exiting the room.  When Ron reappeared he was as naked and immodest as the day he was born.  Swaying from side to side as he moved towards her.  


“You’re assuming an awful lot.”  


Her mouth moved but her body stayed put.  Because she wore no panties or bra all she could do was pretend there was a chance she would walk away by behaving modestly.  But there was only one reason she would be there! and her hard nipples gave her completely away before Ron stood above her silently.  Grasping the blunt in one hand and her face in the other before pulling her chin up.  Her mouth directly in line with his 9 inches of brown steak.  With her eyes were directed upwards, watching him pull the weed into his mouth.  Ron’s head tilted down to kiss her.  Blowing smoke onto her tongue and down her throat as he kissed her passionately.  Releasing her mouth from his with two words.


“Stop playing.”


Lorraine felt her hand moving up between his legs.  Pulling Ron’s cock towards her opening lips knowing she shouldn’t be doing this!    It was pure lust and instinct taking over.  Watching his eyes roll back into the recesses of his head and making her mouth even wetter!  Her tongue encircled than engulfed, his stiffening cock as Lorraine surprised herself with how deep she could push it into her mouth and almost down her throat!  The enthusiasm that was more about how excited she was to see him this time alone.


What would her girlfriend say if she knew where she was and what she was doing?  And what about Jill?  Would she accept an apology and Lorraine’s skilled tongue swirling between her own tan thighs as a proper apology?  Did Lorraine even care?  As the thoughts ran through Lorraine’s head?  Her hands moved downwards towards her own slick box.  Rubbing her clit like her girlfriend usually did.  As if she was there with them!      


Sleeping with men was expected of her as a young, sexy Latina, so she wasn’t a virgin anywhere.  Her strict Catholic guilt made sure of that!  Lorraine was even engaged to a man before who had taught her about sex as a chore.  Those encounters were more about his pleasure than hers.  Those far from earth-shattering experiences only pushed her further away from men and before long Lorraine had rebranded herself a Lesbian. 


Any attraction to men had been a fleeting thought since.  Until watching Ron and Jill together had made her envious in a way she never experienced.  She WANTED him to make love to her the same way he had Jill.  With kisses and strokes long and deep inside of her body!  The sight of his brown skin sliding inside of Jill’s pink hole as it spread and sweated around his cock.  Lorraine knew what she wanted! 


There were no rules she told herself as she devoured the brown monster inch by inch.  Her body temperature heating up at the thought of Ron entering her like he had Jill.  Kissing and caressing her chest and back lovingly as he tested the depths of her well as Lorraine had watched in anticipation.  Wanting to be next but knowing that wasn’t what the two women had agreed upon.  If Jill was in town?  She wouldn’t be here.  Dressed so provocatively for however long he clothes remained. 

“You are very good at this.” 


Ron let her know he approved as he watched her head bobbing back and forth over and around his thick monster.  She was barely able to contain it in her mouth, and half wanted/expected Ron to grab the back of her head and force him down onto her.  Causing her to cough and gag as she usually had in her past with much smaller men.  But he didn’t.  He just watched as she did what she could before stepping back and pulling her tight T-shirt over her head.  Revealing her wonderfully shaped C cups and absurdly hard brown nipples.  The darkest part of her body. 


“I need to taste them titties now.”


His mouth circling her areolas in the most frantic yet, seductive way.  Ron had caressed and rubbed her titties beneath her bobbing head and now, pulled them and her upwards towards her mouth. 


“You know you are a natural, don’t you?”  Ron again expressing his approval of her performance so far.


The warmth of his mouth and lips kissing in between her breasts, so close to her own heartbeat made her shake again beneath him.  As he pushed her down onto the bed and began licking down her body until his head was between her thighs.  Kissing either side and teasing her clit with clumsy rolls of the tongue that seemed perfectly timed to her reactions!  Until Ron dug in.  Devouring her pussy with what had to be divine intent!

 Back and forth.  Up and down.   Figure eights until Lorraine’s body betrayed her, and she could feel the Orgasm welling up inside of her body! 


“I’m cumming.”


Ron rolled her legs up further beneath him as she began to shake and in one slow stroke?  Invaded her convulsing pussy just in time to get the desired reaction! 

“I love a wet dick.”


The strokes were long and slow with an extra push at the end that shook Lorraine a bit further than she ever knew possible!  The pain of being stretched enhanced by the pleasure or her own Orgasm beneath him!  His throbbing bare flesh rubbing against her walls that made her wonder does he do this with every girl?  But not wanting to stop it now!  No man had ever entered her unprotected, and she had sworn that no random man ever would!  But at the moment?  All she wanted was to feel his cum inside of her! 

“I know I cheated?” 


Ron began to pull out of her as her Orgasm subsided a bit.  His cock teasing and massing her insides in a short steady stroke.  Keeping the sensors inside of her body on full blast as his hands seemed to be all over her at once!  Under her ass.  Cupping her as he pulled her in but controlled her every stroke. 

On her tits.  Rubbing them and pinching her nipples one at a time in between hugs and kisses that calmed her fiery soul.  His tongue invading her mouth passionately from time to time as she began to Orgasm as many times as she could manage from his artful mastery of her!  As Ron began to push deeper inside of her.  His full shaft pressing against her shaved baldness finally.  Lorraine began to experience what she was looking for! 


“I want you to cum inside me.”


Lorraine’s voice was barely audible as she felt Ron stiffen and shoot his seed deep inside of her womb.  Leaving her there to recover.

“I will be right back.  Have to go check on something.”


Jill had watched the whole thing on the home security in a room upstairs.  Her mouth was gagged, and her hands tied behind her as she watched her man impregnate her friend.  The machine whirred and whipped inside of her a dildo half the size of Ron.  As she squirmed at the delight of watching her dream come true.  She couldn’t have children, and it gave her happiness to know the plan had worked so well.  Hoping that one day, they could all be together again soon. 

 “Best sex ever,” Dee said.

 “What do you mean? “ Jenny asked. 

“Well.  First of all.  He is all man.  When he wants something.  I know because he takes it.”

“I noticed that when we met last time.  His hands seemed to wander all over me.   You don’t mind” Jenny said.

Dee paused before answering.

“Of course I do.  I don’t want any other bitch near my man!  But….  He does what he wants and is pretty much faithful.  Plus, I don’t know if I could live without cumming again.  I am whipped.” Dee answered gleefully.

The women laughed together more because it was the 3rd shot in 20 minutes before referencing Charles equipment.  Dee was already hooked and wouldn’t take kindly to any woman, even her friend staring at Charles and especially, her dick!  But Dee had a surprise for Jenny on her Birthday that didn’t include Charles.   

“It’s big enough to handle the girls,” Dee said.  “You know how much I love to get titty-fucked.”

The men on either side of them at the Bar were listening to the Cougar speak with great intensity now.  But from that conversation,  they knew Dee would never give them the time of day.  They weren’t equipped to handle this Curvaceous, adult woman.  But Jenny sounded attainable. 

She got louder with each drink.  Her husband hasn’t fucked her in years and she has no idea why she still goes to the gym to keep her own figure intact.  Her still nearly perfectly round boobs were a waste of a modern marvel since she hadn’t seen a big cock sliding between them in years!  Horny no longer registered with Jenny.  And if she didn’t touch herself twice a week, she wouldn’t have been touched in years!  It was sad but to the men in the Bar, sounded promising.

The women giggled like High school Juniors at the mention of Dee’s huge tits.  They both liked their breasts a lot and they were probably the four things that brought the woman together in the first place.  They were young and beautiful women once.  Unburdened by the burdens of responsibility.  But life happens.

As usual, Hubby planned to be out of town for her Birthday but this time, bought her a car before leaving.  But what she really wanted was attention!  Even if it was only being fondled by Dee’s longtime Boyfriend she figured, at least she would get touched!  But Dee had other plans for her friend and was anxiously awaiting her Lover’s arrival so Jenny could open her REAL gift! 

“Here they come!” Dee announced.

They?  She never mentioned he was bringing a friend!

Before she knew it, she was being hugged by Charles tightly!  His left hand cupping her ass fully and she felt his pinky finger tickle her flower bud!  His hands were hidden from the crowd but, his intentions were hardly subtle!  Looking into his eyes she wondered how her friend dealt with such a scoundrel!  But when she felt his stick growing against her belly, she kind of understood.  Her knees were a bit weakened, even in her semi-disgusted state and she knew if he wanted her, she couldn’t say know.  But Jenny pushed the thought out of her mind and decided to go with the flow.

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

Charles moved away and pushed her ass forward to meet his friend, Keith.  Who was standing in an embrace with Dee.  Closer than any protective man would allow his woman to be held in the arms of another man.  Were they swingers Jenny thought?  Before she could imagine any deeper the tall, dark, well-shaped compliment to Charles stepped forward to meet her and Jenny knew what were they up to.  Even if she didn’t know whether or not she approved she was already drunk and not driving so,,, why fight it?  

“Hello Jenny.  I have heard a lot about you.” Keith said.

You have?  She thought to herself for a moment about what was happening.  Her husband was out of town.  Kids at sleepovers.  And her pussy was warm from her ass being fondled by her Best friend’s Man!  Already four drinks in, she was feeling the way she used to when fucking men in Bars was a normal Friday night!  Jenny looked past Keith’s outstretched hand.  Playfully and instinctively pressing her jutting boobs against his chest in a familiar way.  And Keith in response slightly cupped her ass

An hour and two drinks later.  Dee told Jenny they were about to leave. 

“I’m sorry Jenny but we have to go.  Emergency.  But Keith will give you a ride.”

The last word accompanied by a wink.  There was no other way out of this since Dee had picked her up at home which was 35 minutes away from anyone who might know her. 

“But, I hardly know him?” Jenny meekly protested.

“That won’t be a problem.  Charles is very good at this and Kevin is a sweet guy who has dated many women like you.  Just let it happen and you guys will get along famously. Happy Birthday!”

“But he could be a criminal or something!”

Dee frowned at her friend.

“Look Jenny.  He’s safe and comes from a better family than both of us.  Do you think I would set you up with someone who would hurt you?  Well, it may hurt a little.  If we knew white guys with Kevin’s pedigree.  I’d have hooked you up with them!  But I am sorry.  You are just going to have to settle for Kevin.”

“Does he expect me to fuck him?” Jenny asked.

“Why wouldn’t you?  He’s fucking hot!  But no.  Keith expects nothing from you and understands your situation.  And before you ask.  Yes, he knows you are married.  You don’t have to DO anything.  But I will tell you from what I have heard.  It would be a wasted opportunity! Live a little!  It’s your Birthday!”

Dee smiled at her softly inebriated friend and kissed her on the cheek before leading her back to where the men stood.  And not a second too soon since the women were beginning to form a circle around them. 

“Ready?” Charles asked.

“Yes.  Ready.”

Charles leaned over and hugged Jenny tight.  Her hardened nipples pressed into his stomach as he leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“I wish I could fuck you myself because you are super hot to me with those beautiful titties.”

Her husband used to tell her that.  Her pussy had been overheating most of the night but she was so unfamiliar with being aroused, Jenny hardly noticed!  Charles was circling her ass with his hand as he whispered in her ear and Jenny came to the realization, she liked it!  The way he moved his hand so brazenly as if he owned her body was naughty and Taboo and outside of her normal box.  And Keith had been good company.  Strangely, the goodbye was very relaxing in the moment.

 “You deserve to be fucked well and Keith will do that if, you want him too.  He understands you may be nervous and won’t force himself on you.  But my advice is to enjoy yourself and one day, maybe you can tell me all about it?”

Patting her pussy with his index finger, Charles let go and looked into Jenny’s eyes and for the first time, saw her smile back at him.  He was a Dirty Black perv for sure.  But with a good heart? 

“Maybe I will.”

Jenny’s answer brought a smile to Charles’ face as he turned to the Bartender to settle the group tab before leaving thinking, she will. 

As Jenny settled into the Passenger seat of Kevin’s BMW minutes later, Jenny was becoming more comfortable with the idea of hooking up.  And Kevin was beautiful!  The thought crossed her mind that Dee had asked her every relevant question over the past few months and knew she was ready to burst!  She had masturbated to the thought of Charles slashing his Big black cock between her titties and filling her mouth and tits with liquid gold.  How sweet it must be since through girl talk she knew, Dee always like men with sweet cum.   Her nipples were harder than she could ever remember as thoughts of the slim but muscular Kevin and his impressive trouser bulge entering her mouth!  She used to love to suck cock and her husband’s modest dick was once a frequent traveler down her throat.  And she was what she thought to be an expert cocksucker!  It was no longer a matter of if, but when! 

“Would you like to go to a Motel?” Keith asked.

“No, just take me home.  Thanks.”

Her reply was a disappointment though Keith never showed it.  He made nice conversation the entire drive and followed directions better than her Husband ever did!  She felt completely in control and liked that he had passed her test. 

“Pull in the Driveway,” Jenny said. 

As Kevin pulled up the Garage door opened where her new Truck, a gift from her Husband sat on the left side. 

“Park on the right.  I don’t need the neighbors in my business.”

Keith did as he was told and as the door fell shut.  Leaned in to kiss her seductively.  His hands slightly brushing her 36 D cup nipples before turning off the vehicle. 

“Follow me.”

Jenny opened the garage door and walked seductively upstairs to her Bedroom.  The one she slept in adjacent to her Husband’s room.  Her top was off by the time she reached the door and her skirt was pulled to the floor shortly afterward.  Keith was still fully dressed but, not for long!  As soon as he reached the entrance, she was on him! 

Keith unbuttoned his shirt while Jenny went straight for his slacks, unleashing her Present.  It fell down towards the floor and was already much bigger than her Husband’s and wasn’t fully hard! 

“Oh my God.”

The words came out of her mouth as she bent forward, pushing her tongue onto the tip if his chocolate stick. 

“Oh my God.”

It was still growing.  Ebbing and stretching his skin casement.  Jenny’s tongue flipped over and back like a child licking on an Ice cream cone.  Forced to lick every part in fear of losing a drop of sweet cream.  Her mouth opened and attempted to lap his long, thick cock into the recess of her throat but she gagged and barely had time to recover when Kevin pushed his way back in which, she loved!

“You will get used to it better if, you keep sucking it.”

This was his first sign of aggression towards her all night and it just so happened, her mouth was full of his cock at the time!  Her tits arched up, in familiar anticipation of the fuck they were longing to have!  Her boyfriend before her husband had a nice 7 inches but, Keith was in a different league altogether!  She had no idea how big it was because she had nothing to compare it to!  And though she wanted to get a ruler or measuring stick, her mouth was working it over so furiously she never got around to moving from her perch on her knees!  Sucking the sweet clear liquid from his dick slit as her throat was getting sore from the fucking and occasional gagging which the Gentleman Keith ignored!  He continued to fuck her mouth furiously until Jenny strangely felt herself cumming with his dick in her mouth! 

“Oh my God.”

Falling back onto the floor, Keith stood over her, wet shiny black cock bobbing in the air as he finally, was able to remove his leg from his trousers!  She was anxious he thought.  And exactly what Charles had said she was.  A neglected, horny, housewife.  Just the way he liked them! 

Jenny was embarrassed at both how easily she had cum and how!  She always liked the Power involved in putting a dick in her mouth and making a man squirm and cum like a docile infant.  But it never made her cum!  And his Cock towered over her, casting a shadow with what was at least 11 inches of hard dick!  Could she even handle it all? 

Keith moved forward and picked Jenny off of the floor and placed her on the Bed.  His mouth kissed her neck more lovingly than her Husband ever had, working its way down to her Breasts which he took turns licking, biting, and sucking into one small Orgasm after the other!  It took a half an hour before he pulled his body up, placing the tip of his dick in her mouth as his balls sat beneath her Reddened Breasts!  Slapping them before pinching them both hard.

“Open your mouth.”

She did as Keith slid into her wet talker.  Pulling it out once she had coated it with ample saliva to run between her Tits. 

“Again,” he commanded

Keith was emboldened and more demanding now in what he wanted.  Jenny was a bit fearful as she lay back, peering into his Domineering face while being nearly suffocated by his enormous black snake.  Her hips twisting beneath her, begging for attention but not knowing if she would be able to accommodate his manhood but, wanting to try! 

“Have you ever been fucked by black cock?”

The words rattled across her head as she remembered the crude question being asked by a Boy at her job years ago.  He was crude and not at all good with women and she had shot him a look like it will never happen!  But here she was.  Mouthful of Black licorice unable to do anything other than suck for her next breath as her pussy quivered beneath her!  The words caused her pussy to gush a little as she thought, context really is everything! 

Before she could answer, Keith had pinned her to the bed with his left hand firmly on her neck.  Something no man had ever been bold enough to try when she was an expert cocksucker who took men’s wills down her waiting throat!   In that moment, Jenny realized she had never felt dominated by a man, ever until now!  Even the ones who had “fucked her face” became as docile as a puppy after she had finished them off!  Keith hadn’t even cum yet!  Jenny realized as her leg was being lifted how unfamiliar the territory she was entering was! 

“Please.  Go slow.” Jenny begged.

Keith grinned down, noticing the flashes of red throughout her body and watching her squirm in joy.  Her body was perfectly imperfect.  Healthy as the workouts kept it firm and ready.  But he could tell it had never been used properly.  Keith eased his tip to her entrance as he slowly dipped down to kiss her deeply, sliding himself in as he did and feeling the neglected woman’s walls contract around him. 

“It’s your Birthday.”

Keith pulled back, focusing on stroking her pussy in a way in which he’s imagined she was accustomed to.  About 4 inches deep in a steady, rhythmic pattern until Jenny began to breathe again from all of the Orgasms.  He was stretching her wide but, wasn’t nearly as deep as he would be in her soon!  His mouth began kissing and sucking her nipples.  Alternating between the two as he began his ascent deeper into her. 

6 inches.  Moans.

7 inches. Moans.

8 inches.  Squirms and moans.  Orgasm.  Squirms. 

One last kiss……..


Her eyes rolled back into her head as Jenny realized what getting fucked was finally all about!  Keith began thrusting into her with a Fury and depth that had her seeing visions!  Jenny never felt so full as her clit jumped each time the two lovers’ pelvises smashed together!  This must be what heaven feels like!  Kevin fucked her for a good 10 minutes deep as Jenny felt her consciousness go somewhere else before being brought back to life by his voice.

“It’s your Birthday.  Where would you like me to cum?”

He knew he could cum anywhere he wanted after the way he was making her feel!   But he was nice enough to ask!  She smiled and thought of Dee standing beside her.  Holding her hand in encouragement as she said. 

“I want to taste you.”

Keith ripped his cock from between her legs and within seconds, shot a load of hot, sweet cum into her mouth the way she liked it!  His cock was soaked with her juices as she licked around it.  Tasting her pussy flavored cock and savoring the moment as Kevin shot another load that fell on her breasts, which she instinctively licked off of her fingers like Birthday Cake as Keith smiled at her effort. Immediately after the task was complete, she sucked his large, flaccid cock in, draining the remaining fluids from within while bringing him back to life! 

“That usually takes a few minutes.” Keith smiled down as Jenny stopped and smiled back at him.  Her pussy sore but wanting more she said.

“Can I ride you now?  It is, after all, my Birthday.”

The next morning she awoke and sent her friend Dee a Thank You text from her Bed.  Her husband returned the next afternoon asking repeatedly of her.

“Are you ok?”

“Sure.” Was her reply.

She was asking yesterday what she is getting for Christmas.