Jessica was about to Orgasm.


She could feel his heat growing inside of her body.  Stretching her open from the inside out even as her mouth opened wide to meet his tongue in space.  She wanted him to cum now!  Jessica could feel him swelling wider inside of her body.  Pushing her even further.  Even as she didn’t believe her body could afford to take any more of an invasion.


She had almost forgotten his wife was in the room until she felt the warm length of her tongue.  Slick against her anus.  And considering their symbiotic relationship?  That was a testament to her newfound lover, Jerrod.  Wanting to focus only on the smooth rhythmic motion of the man between her thighs from the moment he invaded her slit.  Jessica was beginning to quiver deep inside of herself immediately, and perhaps it was because he was the most famous person she had ever fucked.  As far as she knew.  Not knowing where the sensations were emanating from made her feel as if Jessica’s whole body was on fire!  And her constant wetness was an attempt to put it out!


She had spent many years in Europe planning her return and next move.  Transforming the Family’s fortune into terms, she could easily manage from afar.  While spending nights trying to find herself and feel something she never had since that night.  Alive.  Jessica decided to return once she surmised there was only one way to face your demons.  Head on. 


As Jerrod loosed her from her perch on top of him.  Jessica.  Her ample bottom and bosom seemingly slid off of him onto the floor. His wife, lover, and confidant Jane replaced him at her pulsing nexus.  Armed with a warm cloth used to wipe away the younger woman’s shameless display of lust.  While occasionally running her adept tongue between the folds.  Licking and twisting the appendage to seemingly Jessica’s advantage.  Women were never her thing.  But she could get used to this!  As Jane’s crafty tongue eased the joyful but slightly painful sensation of her husband thrusting inside of her.  His big cock still resonated against the new sensation Jane now provided.  As Jerrod sat back in his chair now solo. 


“We are so happy you accepted our invitation.  Do you still feel up to some role play?”


Jerrod spoke as Jane’s hands began to explore Jessica’s body further.  Like her husband.  She really appreciated the female form and enjoyed mapping women’s reactions to her touch.  Almost as much as she enjoyed watching Jerrod fuck them senseless.  Knowing how he made her feel every time they were together as husband and wife.  Only a woman who was with him too could understand and appreciate the real power of Jane.  Especially after she had her way with her.


“Would you mind if we tied you up now like we discussed?”


Jessica had picked up some habits and desires that the brilliant young woman hadn’t figured out how to control yet.  All based upon the excitement she felt when completely out of control.  And the danger of Bondage suited her new nature perfectly.  Unable to make any decision about how her own body could or would be used and sometimes?  Even by who.  A suitable penance for what she had done to Ron.


There was also an affinity for much older men with Big cocks.   Most of whom were very married men she found somewhat reprehensible.   Nasty old fuckers who had no right touching a woman of her quality without paying the enormous sums they eventually would for her time.  Jessica’s habits had become obsessions, and the only way she could break the chain was to finally face her demons. 


“Please do.” She replied.


Jane used the woman’s verbal cue to slap her Jessica’s pussy with her open hand roughly.  Eliciting a shriek from the unexpected blow.  And releasing a calming thought into her head.  She wasn’t afraid of pain.  On the contrary, she welcomed it.  Jessica’s fear was of her weakness of sin.  Feeling that she may still owe a debt to Jane for removing her Father from her life years ago.  And wondering if under the stress of the pleasures or torture she would feel compelled to admit it.   And be in no position to defend herself. 


“You liked that a little too much.  I think we have a winner hun.”


Jane began roughly exploring Jessica’s insides as she spoke to her husband and noted his cock’s appreciation of her work.  It stood tall and mighty like a Mandingo Warrior’s staff.  Ready to fill her when she asked. 


Jane began to attach the spreader bar to the ankle cuffs already fastened around each of Jessica’s legs.  And Jessica started regress immediately into her submissive self.  Where she was both most comfortable and deadly.  Feeling the areolas on her chest pucker up as Jane began to pinch them hard between her fingers and kissing her in the same manner simultaneously.  As she began to fall back onto the floor unable to both keep her balance as well as protect the sensitive nubs.  That was the moment she knew the night’s games had begun.  And decided to use her elbows instead to allow her new Mistress access to her swollen breasts. 


“And she is a quick learner.”  Jerrod chimed in. 


Jerrod then stood and walked to the table behind her.  Opening a draw, she was unable to see in her current state.  Jerrod began to kneel on the floor opposite Jane.  Balls and dick sitting directly in front of her forehead.  Just beyond the reach of her wanting tongue. 


“Eat her pussy again lover.”


Jerrod reached out and dragged the bar with one hand.  Curling the woman up in a semi-ball and lifting her up into the air slightly.  Allowing his wife to dig into the young snack with no limitations!  Jessica’s hands reached out and around Jerrod’s thighs and clutched his ass forward.  Allowing her mouth and tongue access to at least one side of his stick.  Which she flicked her tongue at wildly.  It was a position she couldn’t remember ever being in before and combined with the expert licking she was receiving from Jane?   Jessica felt another Orgasm welling up inside of her body.  This one more powerful than the last!  Jessica felt herself dripping down.  Outside of the folds of her beautiful and recently underused pink pussy.  Between the folds of her ass and spread around liberally by Jane’s tongue occasionally.  Until it felt so good?  Jessica thought that she would erupt all over her face like she had on Jane’s  Father’s long ago.    The thought alone fueling her wanton feelings.


“Fuck her babe.”


Jessica felt the plug being pushed into her tiny ass as Jerrod pulled the Bar closer to him.  Exposing it a bit more.  She hadn’t seen him pass his wife the tool and screamed in pain as she began to work the tool around inside of her.  Jessica’s Orgasm had been thwarted by the thickness of the toy stretching her ass.  But she wasn’t complaining about how she felt at all! 


“I think she likes it.”


Jane began to nibble at her clit whenever she parked the plug inside of Jessica in a way no man ever had tortured her before with his mouth.  Knowing exactly how to play with her hardened, exposed puffy piece.  Alternately licking and biting the pleasure point into a state of euphoria and to the precipice of her pain’s limits.  She felt relieved when the couple flipped her over onto her knees and began to take turns spanking her.  After finally cuffing Jessica’s hands together, behind her. 


This went on for almost an hour until Jessica could feel her ass relax around the plug and a different sensation began to build inside of her.  One that Jane knew all too well.  After being teased and pleasured.  Tortured and taken to the edge.  Nothing short of a good, vigorous fucking by Jerrod’s ten inches would sate her!  She was well past the point of taboo or concern and only wanted one thing.  And when the plug was released from her as, she just knew it would be next!  As long as she begged for it. 


“Can I have some more cock, sir.”


Words that usually got Jessica exactly what she wanted fell on deaf ears.  Until Jane answered. 


“You mean my cock?”


Jessica was so used to dominate men having their way with her.  It never occurred she would have to defer to a woman to sate her appetite.  But in her horny state?  Jessica didn’t hesitate to mirror the request to Jane.


“Mistress Jane.  Can I have some more cock please.”


Jane looked at the woman angrily now.  Her bare pussy pulsing inside of her firm body as she considered the request. 


“You haven’t even tasted my pussy yet.”


Pulling a chair from the corner of the room.  Jane sat down on the edge of it as she grabbed the slightly younger woman’s hair and pulled her face into her snatch. 


“You think I am going to let a bitch like you come in my house and take what’s mine?  And not be properly compensated for it?” 


Jane spread her legs wider as she pulled Jessica in closer.  Jumping as the desperate young woman darted her tongue into Jane as deeply and quickly as possible. 


“Just like a fucking Freshman.” 


Jerrod sat in a chair on the other end of them both.  And as Jessica’s round ass circled and full tits hung down?  He was playing with both as well as occasionally usingJessica’s own juices to keep her asshole moist and ready for his fingers to invade.  Mixed in with the occasional hard smack.  Jessica was beginning to enter into her own happy place.  Where pain and pleasure become one without any risk of thought interfering!  Her penance would be over soon.  And she could leave this all behind her?


“Fuck this murderous bitch like the dog she is baby.”


Jessica hadn’t heard every word clearly that night.  Especially with her ears pinned between or underneath one or the other of her host’s thighs!  But she knew that perhaps she was in real danger as she felt the knob of Jerrod’s bulging dick touch her anus and push right through any resistance.  Even as she screamed for him to stop. 


Jane had wrapped Jessica’s hair in her fist and lifted her head until the two women were face to face. 


“Did you really think I didn’t know who you are or what you did?”


Jerrod began to push harder and deeper into Jessica.  Causing twenty times the pain as the type she had enjoyed earlier in the evening.  When he was tightly inside of another of her orifices.  When he finally slammed himself as far as he could go Jessica began to drool from her mouth.  The pain was so exquisite! 


“It’s going to be a week before anything enters your pussy again. If even then.” Jane continued.


Slapping the woman across the face paled in comparison to the damage Jerrod was inflicting with each stroke!  Her body felt like it was being split in two!  Even if it did feel delicious to be in such exquisite pain!  As Jessica looked into her tormenters eyes, she could see her Jane’s father embedded in them.  Watching her shamelessly get fucked in the ass like the many times he had watched Jessica’s mother endure the same at the hands of a stranger.  And finally, she understood why.


“How did you know?”


As the words left her lips,  she at the same time realized the answer.  Her mother, Irene.  That weak bitch probably confided her feelings about what really happened to Ron to Jane!  And why wouldn’t she?  This was the most exquisite torture Jessica had ever experienced in her short but satisfying exploration of the BDSM world!  Her slut mother would probably say anything exposed to these two!


“Why did you do what you did?” Jane asked.


Jerrod was beginning to tire of holding back but, he knew he couldn’t let his wife down and cum in her yet.  She needed to be interrogated further.  And his black cock and the texts between them indicating that Jessica was a willing participant meant she couldn’t claim she was forced to do anything.  But once the sex ended?  Whatever else happened between the three of them would probably not be the consensual affairs the two of them customarily engaged in. 


“If you let Jerrod cum in me I will tell you everything.  Please, Mistress!  The pain is too much but, I can’t stop myself from cumming!”


“No.  You are fucking pathetic!  How did my father ever let his guard down with a pain slut like you.”


The feeling of pain had subsided so much Jessica began to push back onto the intruder in an attempt to massage his cum from him less willingly but, to no avail.  All she did accomplish was another Orgasm.  And a laugh from the two of them at her feeble attempt.


“I am my Mother’s daughter,”  Jessica replied. 


The fact Jessica was able to ascertain how she knew what Jane knew only made Jane more determined to coerce a full confession from her.  They both knew it was an admission of guilt and still, both weighed the option of ending this game and charade that consisted of two beautiful, naked white women and one extraordinary BBC was just as important as a dead man neither of the women really liked. 


“I will tell you but, not this way.  It’s too fucked up.”


Jane’s answer was short and to the point. 


“Suck his dick clean after he pulls it out of your dirty asshole.  Or we will have words.”


Jerrod came inside of her with a fury!  His balls.  Having been teased earlier erupted in a first spurt which was steady and thick.  Leaving the damaged orifice to marinate and repair itself immersed in his helpfully warm DNA package. 


Jerrod held off on his second spurt just long enough to shoot most of it into Jessica’s open, waiting mouth with the rest deposited onto her makeup.  And at that moment?  Jessica felt both exhilarated as well as Humiliated.  With streams of his love juice everywhere on her face and streaming down toward her naked tits as Jerrod used the spreader to flick Jane onto her back to admire his handy work before feeding his dick to her orally. 




Licking and tasting herself on him as cum dripped down her otherwise beautiful face was so demeaning and fulfilling simultaneously, she almost came again!  The sensations of relief were flushing over her body as she framed what she was going to tell Jane next carefully in her head to the best of her abilities.  As any girl who experienced such a powerful series of Orgasms knows? Formulating thoughts was nearly an impossible task at the moment.  And only truth was possible.


“I left because Ron tried to take me on my 15th birthday.  He wanted to share me with his friends.  Like my mother”


Reaching her tongue down onto Jerrod’s semi-soaked balls and past them onto her perineum.  Jessica could feel no inhibitions holding her back.  No boundaries or Taboos were too dark to explore.  Her tongue reached his hole and began to lovingly lick him hard again as Jane watched.  Still shocked at what she had said. 


Jerrod sat down and opened his legs wide to allow the young slut’s tongue access to him.   His flaccid cock slowly stiffening on top of her head as his wife watched.  Silent for the first time.  Was it true?  Could it be possible that the man who had given her life and left her so much money she didn’t need her famous husband at all.  Who encouraged and raised her to be tough and strong.   Was a predator?  She had read his journals but thought them to be so much fiction more than fact.  And had come to the position he would never do to her what was in his journal.  Just the depraved musings of a sexual man.  But Jane knew he was capable of what Jessica claimed and much more.  And she knew in her heart if he had planned it?  Ron wouldn’t have stopped until it was finished.  Jane had never considered Jessica had a reason to do what she did.  Survival.

Jane knew the rest.  The way, he treated Irene and disrespected her husband in his own home on many occasions.  The multiple arranged gang bangs and his sadomasochistic tendencies towards Irene as well as other well-heeled women in their community.  They were all consenting adults and willing participants.  She had resolved already in her mind that he was a deviant and to some, a monster.  For as many women and men sought him out?  He had destroyed five times as many by connection.  Looking at Jessica, she realized that her Father had raised her somewhat to be this way.  Like Jane.  And both women just wanted to be free of him forever.


As Jessica completed her thorough cleansing of Jarrod’s hole and began to slide her mouth over his now hardened cock.  Her thoughts of what would happen to her next no longer mattered.  She was free for the first time of the secret.  And if she was never going to leave this room?  Neither would her truth unless Jane decided to carry it with her.  Her childhood had been cut short, and Jessica had lived so much there was nothing she was afraid of in this world or the next.  She only cared for the moment. 


“Mistress Jane I am ready for anything you to exact any punishment you see fit.  Including calling the authorities and admitting what I did.  But I need you to understand what your father made me first.”


Jane walked over to Jessica and pulled her by the hair off of her husband.  The combination of lust and terror inside of Jessica’s eyes made Jane feel powerful.  But the woman’s sickening display of sluttiness somewhat repulsed as much as excited Jane!  She slapped the engorged tits aiming directly for the nipples and watched as Jessica shook and quivered in response.  So she slapped them again.  And again.  And again until the weight of Jessica’s body was being held up strictly by Jane’s own hand and a head of hair.    


“You really don’t care if you live or die do you?  As long as it hurts a little?”  Jane asked.


“No Mistress.  I don’t anymore.”  Jessica sadly replied.


It was the truth.  In all of the ways, Jessica had been molded and sculpted over the years to be something different than what she had circled back to.  A more reserved version of her own Mother.  Despite the men in her Family’s attempts.  First, by her Father.  Then her Grandfather.  She was doomed to never escape from what her mother Irene and Jane’s father, Ron, had made her witness.  It was a reverse Clockwork Orange.  With the images of men with her Mother becoming more appealing to her subconscious mind over time.  She was being primed her to replace her Mother as his plaything.  Or maybe to join her.  Either way?  Jane recognized that her father had painted Jessica into a corner that eventually she wouldn’t escape. 


Eventually, Jessica would have probably ended up being someone’s slut.  Considering her Mother’s hyper-sexual genes the right man would have pulled it out of her like Jerrod had Jane.  But Ron,  Jane’s Father had been psychologically priming her with charms even fully grown women couldn’t resist.  How else could she end up like this?   Tits up in the air and legs spread wide for access.  Wanting to please a stranger as penance is if that was ost of what Jessica had to offer.  It was in Jessica’s panting weakness that Jane felt an emotion she rarely did.  Compassion. 


Jarrod looked directly into his wife’s eyes and knew what she was thinking.  Which only made him love her more.  The anger she had felt was no longer justified.  They both knew what her Father was capable of and surmised that had Jessica not acted?  Eventually, Ron would have controlled and destroyed Jessica’s entire life.  To do Jessica harm out of anger would make her no different than him and that was not what Jane or her marriage was about.  Jane knew to keep Jessica against her will would be an act of contrition that was not justified by the circumstance.  Even if Jessica would enjoy it. 




The word was screamed at the top of Jane’s lungs, and she released the woman from her grip.  Allowing Jessica’s face to hit the carpeted floor with a thud.  As her hands were unable to break her fall due to them being fastened behind her back.  Jarrod stood up and immediately went to hug his now sobbing wife as Jessica felt the flush of pain across the side of her face from the fall.  Jessica’s admission had brought a halt to their session with a reality bomb.  And Jane needed to process her motives for being there. 

“I’m sorry.” 


Jane released her embrace from her husband and leaned in front of her once more.  Looking deep into Jessica’s eyes once more.  What she saw was not an evil, twisted murderer.  But a kindred spirit and fellow survivor.  They were both in many ways, raised by the same man.  And both had somehow, escaped his clutches only to be brought together now.  A part of Ron lived inside of them both, and it was deviant and somewhat sadistic.  But, it wasn’t in control of either of them anymore.  As Jane kissed her newfound sister gently on the lips this time, she knew she had no choice other than to forgive her.  They needed each other now more than ever.      


Jane sat by her Father’s bedside a tear running down her face.  The first tear she could ever remember over his fate.  Looking into his vacant eyes knowing he was somewhat still inside only made her sadder.  Aware and alert. But unable to communicate was what the Doctors said would be the rest of his life.  Forever inside of a shell.  The same way she had been stuck for the past week with him.  Waiting for a sign of life.

Her senior year of College was supposed to be one of the best years of her life!  There were parties and sex with other girls and maybe this year?  Some men too.  And of course, the chance to repeat as Conference Champions in Lacrosse and this time, with her as the Captain.  But here she was instead watching over her Father’s almost corpse while she should be training.  Or training a Freshman on the proper technique of servitude and occasionally pleasing a woman while being smothered by her snatch.  Jane couldn’t figure out what made her sadder.

Dad’s only sign of life was the tent pole in his shorts that rose and fell without discretion from time to time.  It’s size and girth somewhat explaining to Jane why he had been mostly absentee most of her life.  While still maintaining a loving relationship with her.  Perhaps, too loving.  But as every married woman from the neighborhood had stopped by at least once in his first 3 days of incapacitation.  The stream grew less steady with the news the Great Ron Walker was no more.  He was just a shell. 

Jane sat there confused and angry.  Pissed off that instead of telling him directly how she felt about his philandering and overall shitty parenting?  She could say nothing.  Jane held her tongue and instead, recalled the ways she had become somewhat like him.  A womanizer who never really connected with anyone outside of the bounds of her own sexual pleasure.  A Dominatrix of the weaker sex she was a member of.  In her attempt to get his attention?  Jane had accomplished nothing more than becoming the female version of him!  Manipulating and bullying weaker girls much in the way he had once bullied her.  Sometimes worse.  Jane’s guile, malleable tongue and surprising physical strength she used on girls were equivalent to her Father’s own once mighty dick!  And Jane had become just like him.  Lost.

Seeing him lying there.  So weak and defenseless Jane realized what a waste of time it all had been.  She never got what she wanted!  His love and proper attention still eluded her.  And now?  She never would get the chance to let him know how she really felt about him.  How much she hated and admired him for his deviant ways in Business and Family matters.  All that she could do was… walk away. 

He wanted her to be a Virgin when she married as her Mother had been.  But Jane wasn’t her Mother and couldn’t imagine herself looking the other way as her husband ran around on her.  She physically became ill watching her Mother’s weakness play out in front of Jane’s young, impressionable mind until she had to get as far away as possible!  That was in State College less than an hour away.  Even her escape was tepid and unsure. 

Her mother was such a beautiful woman and honestly, Jane’s first crush!  But Ron humiliated her daily and didn’t care who knew or saw it happen.  Especially Jane who on too many occasions watched her Mother service her drunken Father through their open Bedroom door or any other corridor of their expansive house that suited him.  The details of her submission would run around her young head without explanation beyond his drunken moans about her fulfilling her “wifely duties.”  Spoken at the top of his lungs so most of the servants would hear.  Humiliation was a way of life in their home.

Ron usually approached her after he had entertained another woman first.  Leaving Mom as the recipient of the longest lasting of his impressive erectile demonstrations.  Jane watched as the most savage of sexual treatment was doled out at the hands of a cock that would never cum!   She would be moaning for hours!  Begging him to leave her be and let her sleep!  But Ron would just continue until he got tired or bored and finally, went to sleep.  Most times never coming at all!  It was a sadistic love affair at best with a sexual nihilist they both called Daddy.  And what Daddy wants?  Daddy gets.

 It was because of Ron that Jane decided women were a much better alternative.  Especially with Ron as her probable matchmaker since that’s how things were done in their circle.  Being a Lesbian maybe, she could escape?

The truth was the only thing that saved Jane was his current condition, and like most children who don’t understand their parents, Jane would have never understood or forgiven him for what he had planned for her!  His misogyny was without limits and his depravity?  His depravity landed him in a Hospital Bed.  Forever doomed to relive his conquests until he would ultimately pass away 4 years later while dreaming of deflowering his own daughter.  Somewhat proving the existence of God.  Saving Jane the experience of kicking her Father’s ass. 

Jane was no shrinking violet!  In fact she was a bit of an Amazon herself.  Dark blonde hair that was thick and a bit wild.  A 5-foot 10 inch frame that went from spindly to a bit muscular in the past 5 years as she developed her skill as an athlete.  Her legs were longer than anything else on her body and ass was sculpted from running long, fast and hard!  Her bosom wasn’t either large or small and her face was a hidden treasure.  Underdeveloped and a sign of her own personal disinterest in attracting others.  Attention wasn’t on her mind and if she wanted it?  She’d take it!  Jane was more huntress than hunted. 

Especially after she fell in love with Avery.  Avery reminded Jane of her Mother.  Especially her loyalty and willingness to do anything for her boyfriend at the time, Jerrod.  When he left Avery for brighter horizons? Jane was there for her.  Stroking her hair and massaging her desires to sleep in a way she never could for her mother.  Her resolve to emulate her Dad was somewhat borne of that first heartbreak experience.  Well second, after Dad.

“Three strikes and you’re out.” 

Words mumbled beneath her breath that only registered in one set of ears.  Tuned to the language.  Stopping in his stride to turn before she entirely past him stood a familiar face.  One she knew as a passing acquaintance but, familiar still.  Even beneath the hat and sunglasses, there was something unmistakable about that frame and gait that stood apart from others.


Stopping for a minute, they locked eyes.  Halting the passing of two people as strangers amd briefly recognizing the other as a familiar.  They knew one another’s names and what they both shared.  There was no connection between the two. 

“What are you doing here?” Jane continued.

Neither of them could believe their ears!  Especially Jane.  She was neither interested in why or what brought the two of them together!  And had no explanation for blurting out such a thing

And Jerrod?  He was just trying to keep a low profile.  Sneaking in and out for a surprise visit with his ailing Mother.  The last thing he wanted in the passing moment was an audience for his fragile grief.

The Baseball term had locked his paranoid mind into her.  No matter how faint the words. Jerrod had heard them.  The fact looking up he recognized her face was a pure coincidence.  Or was it?  She was older.  More mature and fully built.  As opposed to the skinny, awkward spindly muff diver he remembered!  Her hair was the same as he remembered.  Dark and wavy except free from the weight of Avery’s thighs.  The same as it was in the window.  The one thing he never forgot. 

She was too young for him back then and Jerrod wasn’t interested anyway.  She was so damn skinny!  But the years of competitive collegiate sports and hormones had settled that!  Avery had told him about her the night before he left for College.  A promise he kept before leaving for good to spend his last night before College with Avery.  It was the only time in his life he had been jealous and felt inadequate.  But none of that mattered today. 

“Coming back from seeing my Mom in the Hospital.  She’s not doing too good and…”

The two began walking out of the Hospital together.  Locked in the form of conversation as he spoke.  And Jane listened.  The words came out as if he had known and trusted her forever.  But more likely?  It was an emotional response to seeing his Mother so vulnerable for the first time.  The way he expressed his vulnerability wasn’t something Jane was accustomed to hearing from a man.  And at the moment?  She forgot all about her own troubles and instead, focused upon his.  They were perfect for one another. 

“Where’s your car?”

Jane’s mother had left days ago but, she didn’t want to tell him that. 

“I was calling an Uber.”

“Do you need a ride?” Jerrod asked as his Lamborghini was pulling up to the curb.

“I didn’t realize these came in trucks?” Jane smiled and said.

“Neither did I.”

Smiling back for the first time in a few days. Jerrod felt an uneasy feeling of awkwardness come over him.  Was she flirting with him?  Or him with her.  Did she even like men?  Avery said she was strictly chickly back in High School and, she did look a little rough around the edges.  But still, she was Beautiful.  Strong.  The type of woman you Breed with he thought.  Like his Mother. 

“I’ll drop you wherever you need to go.” Jerrod followed with. 



Jane could feel herself but knew that it wasn’t her.  It wasn’t Jerrod, the All-Star Baseball player and hometown hero she wanted.  It was a connection.  It was her ex-girlfriend, Avery.  Or her Father.  Or maybe that sweet plebe Dawn that may never crack the lineup at Midfield.  But was learning to suck on her sweet plum and snatch like a regular feminist.  As her Father would have described her evident love of eating pussy.  Jane decided at that moment to lose her Virginity to a man that was familiar to her through stories told by Avery about him.  The things that he did to her that made her howl in ways Jane never could because she “lacked the tool.”  No matter how much she tried, Avery would never relent and give herself to Jane.  And it was all because of him!

It was time to find out why. 

“The Marriott.  On Wolf Blvd.  I’m going to check myself in and stay there before I head back to school Sunday morning.  I don’t want to stay at the house.  And Jerrod.”

Pausing for emphasis to look directly into his dark eyes.

“You know your Mom is gonna be alright.  Right?”

“Sure,”  Jerrod answered before asking.

“Ever drive one of these?  I think I’m too emotional to drive myself anyway.”

“All of the time!”  Jane said.

She was very good at this manipulating thing.  As she drove towards the Marriott and her Hotel Jane wondered to herself.  How would a heterosexual woman close this fuck?  What would a ho do?  And what was going to work in his mentally fragile state?  Jane decided on the path of least resistance.

“You know I’m gay, right Jerrod.”

“I thought so but…wasn’t Sure so…. I shut the fuck up about it.  Something you couldn’t accomplish!”

The two of them laughed together for the first time.  The first time either of them even cracked a smile that day. 

“What do you mean by ‘know’?”  Jane snickered.

“I saw you going down on Ashley Senior year.  Through her cottage window.”

“Peeping perv!”

Jane playfully slapped his muscled bicep and laughed as she said it.  Around him she felt…girly?  The discomfort within her was nothing compared to his.  Not knowing if she was sending him a signal or even due to the circumstance that brought them together.  Should he even be looking? 

“An accident.”  Jerrod continued.

“I was going there for the same reason as you were.”

“And what was that?” Jane asked.

“The pussy.”

They both laughed again and continued laughing at or with one another until they found themselves parked in front of the Marriott.

“Forgot to tell you I am staying here too.  How about you come up and watch some TV with me.  We’ll order Room service or something.  I don’t feel like being alone, and I don’t think you do either.”

Jane thought about it.  Considered she’d never been in a Hotel room alone with a man who wasn’t her Father and never really wanted to.  Before now.  It wasn’t so much sexual as it was a human connection she wanted.  And she sensed Jerrod felt the same way.  Even so.  She hesitated.

“It’s a suite with an adjoining room.  If it gets too late?  You can go into the room and lock the door.  Ok?”

“Sure,” Jane replied.

The Elevator to the Presidential suite was on the side and had a shared Concierge for the top two floors.  When the doors opened?  It was clear Jerrod had been there for a while.  At least a few weeks as the place was comfortably stocked with many personal items.  Baseball gloves.  And pictures of his Mom.

“I have a promotional contract with the Hotel Chain, and this is my personal suite.  When I come home.  It’s easier to live and train here.  No one bothers me here.”

“Not even your girlfriends?” Jane asked.

“I don’t have one.  Safer to use escorts, honestly.  Easier on the mind and safer.  It’s tough to find a girl you can trust.”

Jane was surprised at his answers but honestly felt it made perfect sense.  How many women must have thrown themselves at him in hopes of getting pregnant or worse, starting a scandal?  Jane was beginning to think being Jerrod maybe wasn’t as easy as it appeared to most of the world. 

“At least I don’t have to worry about you.”

Jane though was feeling the familiar twinge she got before a game.  The adrenaline rush previously only experienced from the thrill competition or, before breaking a Freshman girl in as a Lover!  Whatever it was?  It wasn’t normal for her to be excited about being alone with a man.  But after a week of viewing her Father’s mortality up close?  Jane wasn’t quite herself. 

“But you do have to worry about the tabloid journalist.  Groupies finding out where you are.  A Hotel staff that works for tips.  And overall lack of privacy. really don’t like being alone?”

Jerrod invited her to sit next to him on the couch as they flipped on the TV.  But he was surprised when she decided to sit beneath him.  Turning and looking intently at her.  Lips close enough to feel one another’s exhales.  But before he could speak?  She answered.

“I don’t feel like being a Buddy right now.  My Dad is gone.  Well, his mind is, and I need affection and love right now.  Is that ok?”

Jerrod answered by kissing her deeply in a way he never had kissed any woman.  Not with a mind towards what he was going to do to her next.  How he planned to seduce or overwhelm her with his presence.  But softly.  Like a lover.  The effect on Jane not missed as she immediately melted into his broad chest. 

Jerrod released her lips.  Moving to her ears and working his mouth down to her neck while she unbuttoned her conservative blouse for him.  When his mouth found her breasts, she emitted a bit of a feral sound and arched her back forward.  Pressing her right nipple a bit further between his supple lips and mouth.  It was as if they had been lovers before.  As Jane and Jerrod met each other’s grief with an intense passion neither had ever experienced in their young, but active sex lives! 

“Show me where your shower is?”

Jane stood to her feet and removed the yoga pants she had worn the past two days at the Hospital.  She wanted him!  But knew she was in no condition to have sex!  Had it been one of the Freshman girls she might not have been so considerate.  But Jane wasn’t feeling dominate at the moment.  She was fragile and delicate and wanted to be open to whatever happened between them.  Even if to him she would just be another conquest?  For Jane the moment was so much more.  She was opening herself up to new experiences and new things.  Jerrod was just the tool of the moment.

“I’ll show you.”

Jerrod grabbed the now naked woman by the hands and brought her into the Bathroom suite.  There was a shower on the corner, big enough for four people.  As she turned on the water and stepped in behind her, she imagined Jerrod disrobing. 

It would have been easier to turn towards him and look.  But she didn’t want to.  The warm water cascaded against her body, and it felt completely invigorating against her skin?  She was lost immediately in the rhythmic massage of the bead of water upon her flesh.  It was when as his hand reached around her, landing upon her hip.  And she felt his strong fingers pull her back into and towards her that she remembered she wasn’t alone. 

Jerrod was something he usually didn’t get the chance to be.  Gentle.  His hands admired the softness of her skin over the rigidness of her muscles.  Her tight thighs.  Strong and sturdy that led to an extremely soft ass any woman would die to possess!   Jane’s face was sculpted and unique.  The shape reminded him of a young Bridget Bardot with naturally full lips but her breasts were smaller and more natural.  She was a real woman.  Unlike the ones he usually ordered or courted for the night.  And Jerrod wanted her to give himself the chance to soothe what ailed her.

She was the first woman he truly talked to in years.  The first one he felt comfortable around immediately since Avery in High School.  And even she did whatever he wanted her to do!  He assumed she was bisexual as in his understanding, most women were.  Jerrod had no idea she had never kissed a man.  Or even had anything inside of her pussy beyond a manicured finger or two.  Jane turned and kissed him deeply once more and this time felt the full girth of his manhood pressing against her thigh. 

Her inexperience with men worked to her advantage as she had no fear of his prodigious size.  To her, they could all be this big!  Usually, this would be the portion of the evening Jerrod’s dominance would kick in.  But Jane didn’t know any better and instead?  Grabbed the nine inches in her hand and han her hand up and down it like a curious woman/old pro!  Till Jerrod stopped the water so as not to cum too soon! 

There were no words between them as he began to towel her off and handed er a robe which she promptly threw onto the floor.  Grabbing him by the hand instead and now leading him back into the main suite.  Turning left towards the adjoining suite door.

“The Bedroom is the other way.”

“I know,”  Jane answered.

“But I don’t want you where you have been with other women.”

Opening the door Jane sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open.  Jerrod following suit, kissed her lips once more before dropping to his knees between them.  Wanting to be a good host.  His tongue began on the left side of her thighs.  Licking her lip gently and began a circular journey around her vulva edge.  The first time he stopped by dragging his tongue across her hole and onto her clitoral edge to circle and tease its owner!  His hands began to wander up her body until the rested beneath her modest breasts.  Lifting and cupping them in whole and occasionally grasping the nipples directly.  Jane looked down between them and marveled at his mastery of her erogenous zones as if they were tethered together!  She was completely at ease with Jerrod. 

Jane lifted one leg and placed her foot flat on the bed to allow him full access to her now.  Looking over the side, she noticed his cock.  Throbbing between his thighs as he licked her honey directly from the pot of gold!  Jane began to cum, and Jerrod began to rise and place his cock inside of her at the same time!  While Jane was at her weakest point! 

Jerrod could feel the tight pull of her hole as he forced his way inside of Jane for the first time.  He wanted to make her happy.  So he eased in slowly, using a gentle technique he usually began with but, never finished!  Small strokes.  Then deeper.  Then deeper.  About halfway inside of her Jerrod could see the woman struggling to accommodate his girth.

“Do you need me to stop?”

The fact he even asked surprised them both.  Jerrod because many times he had pushed a small pussy past its limits without asking permission!  And Jane because she had heard the stories Avery told her about him doing the same!  As they looked at one another Jane made a decision.  She dug her fingers into his ass and pulled his dick into her as she screamed in pain! 


Jerrod stared carefully into the woman’s face and noticed the familiarity of deflowering not seen since a road trip to Kansas City two years earlier!  Not wanting to break the moment he began to stroke again more carefully until he felt bottom and Jane reached up grabbing his head, forcing their lips together! 

“Oh my.” 

The words began to flow from between her lips.

“I had no idea dick felt this good!” 

Her orgasm began at that moment as did his!  Jerrod pushed, and Jane pulled them together time and again until his penis became flaccid and grew again inside of her body!  Never stopping for a moment to talk about what just happened between them and its significance!    

An hour later while they were both asleep?  Jane’s father passed away.  Jane woke momentarily saddened without reason before looking over at Jerrod who also opened his eyes.  Pulling her closer to him, they both laid together without words.  Both of them feeling Jane’s loss instinctually.  As only a true partner could.  As if they had known each other forever.

They woke the next day and Jane made up for lost time!  They talked and fucked.  And fucked and talked.  Jane explained she was technically; a virgin having lost her maidenhead doing splits as a teen didn’t count.  And they talked about Avery.  How she would feel about them together.  Jane put off the inevitable for as long as possible before finally calling her Mother and verifying what she already knew.  Her father had died due to stroke complications.  While Jane had been dealing with her grief and anger with his shitty parenting on Jerrod all night.

Returning to school for her final month was more about finishing what she started.  The Lacrosse team lost in the first round but, Jane didn’t care anymore.   The Funeral seemed to directly follow Graduation, and before long, she was gone for the summer.  No one knew where.

When Jerrod came back in October to bury his own mother?   Jane stood beside him as his wife.  Her Mother didn’t even know!  It was her way of having the last word with her now deceased Dad.  Who was powerless to cut her off from a Family fortune that Jerrod wouldn’t surpass until his first Big Free-Agent contract 7 years later.  And still she knew he wouldn’t approve.  He may even have preferred she stick with women over him.  But what could he do having fucked himself to death?    

As Jerrod began to pick up his pace.  Slamming his glistening tool in and out of the pink hole encased in alabaster.  He felt nothing except a familiar feeling of dominance that he was accustomed to in most areas of his life.  And he knew it would take a lot more from this particular fan to make him cum.  He needed his imagination.  Increasing his pace and the power of his thrusts was nothing more than his own sadistic way of killing a Saturday night on the road.  And adding to the family legacy.

Pussy was Easy.  For as long as Jerrod could remember women threw themselves at him.  Young.  Old.  Older.  Black.  White.  Hispanic.  Indian.  Asian.  He loved Asians and their tiny pussies as well as any woman he deemed exotic.  Classics like blonde hair and blue eyes too.  All because on the Baseball Diamond Jerrod was the man.  Pussy came easy.  He was a Pitcher.  But everywhere else?  The Pope’s were known as great Batsman.

His father was like him, a connoisseur of the feminine mystique.  Picking up women seemed effortless for Jerrod Sr.  And he lived to impress his young, suggestible son in hopes he would follow in his footsteps one day.  Adopt his philosophies about women and relationships and, build upon them.  Being a stud meant he was setting a positive example for his boy.  And nothing was more important than that.

 Mom was the Sexually liberated Black Queen.  She traveled a lot on “business trips,” but as much as Jerrod knew, Dad made all of the money.  Their relationship was based on mutual trust, and when he was old enough, his parents sat him down and told Jerrod the truth.  Especially since one day, the truth could possibly come out another way.  She was a Dominatrix.  A well-paid one for rich and powerful mostly white men.  Though it may not have been a conventional marriage or upbringing?  It worked out over the years for the three of them.  Especially considering their white bred surroundings.

The “Fan ass” was white as a sheet of paper and reminded him of a College sweetheart.  Even if considering the bulk of their relations as “sweet” was quite a stretch!  They were more like this.  Gag in mouth.  Ass in the air and legs spread wide by various means ranging from being tied to the posts to held by her own hands!  And the way her tits and especially nipples grazed the bed while she leaned forward on her elbows!  Defying gravity just enough thanks to the miracle of youth!  But too large to resist it’s call entirely.  Jerrod’s imagination was working too well now as he felt a spurt of pre-cum bathe the inside of her pussy as he began to pull out of her slowly again.  Better to think about other things. 

Growing up in the Suburbs did have drawbacks.  Grass fields and quiet streets can be dangerous for a lone black teen to move around safely.  The Private Harbor School though was full of already rich kids and, their sexually curious offspring.  And more importantly, provided door-to-door transportation.  Some of the students and teachers were less familiar with the intimacies of Interracial culture than sex but, they tried to bridge the gap amicably.  Since Jerrod was well-off and going to make millions throwing a Baseball he fit in easily with his well to do classmates.  Fucking his way through his Senior year like a normal kid after breaking up with Jessica.  His first official girlfriend.  

Jerrod was a combination of both parents.  The metal stirrups the Fan Ass had agreed to wear locked her thighs a certain width apart.  It was the way that Mother treated most of her sexual subjects who liked to be used or punished for their evil deeds.  Jerrod used them as a promise.  Any woman who wanted a night with the All-Star stood no chance to back out once they were affixed to her body.  She was to be a vessel in which his oversized cock would play until he was tired of them.  There was no such thing as quitting Jerrod.

There was a pre-sexual consent form they had to sign before entering the hotel room.  Agreeing to sexual servitude for the evening from the women so he could have his way.  The one safeguarding indemnity from pregnancy and subsequent responsibility.  As well as the Morning after pill, he provided each woman before she would leave in the morning after “properly” thanking him with her mouth.  All in black and white to protect the Pope Brand.  And that thinking definitely came from his Father.

Jerrod began to assault the Fan’s ass with his thumb.  Lubricating the digit with the woman’s own juices before pushing it slowly and ever deeper into her body until she gushed her pleasure all over his pumping dick!  If the convulsions of her twat massaging his pole didn’t make enough of an impression?  His cock would be next!  He might allow her the chance to beg him to spare her usually tiny hole while reminding his victims of the release they had signed by promising to suck him to completion first.  Which Jerrod loved even more since degradation was a large part of what turned him on!  He MADE women get in touch with their inner whore.  And then he made love to her in the way she now wanted.  Sensual Lovemaking was reserved for his wife only.  She was his only equal in his mind. 

As the woman came, Jerrod could feel her walls convulsing around him in a vain attempt to move his juices into her impaled womb.  He smiled proudly into the mirrored reflection as the woman’s head shook in defiance while her legs attempted to swing their way free from their metal bonds, to no avail!  Had she been free?  She may have closed her legs and tried to push him out of her warmth to recover.  But unable to find the superhuman strength required?  All she could do was squeal in ecstasy while the players next door clapped their applause at another successful “piping.”  Wondering where he got the energy after pitching a complete game shutout!  But Jerrod was in a zone and reminiscing on his College days and the woman she resembled most.

The pretty brunette named Janice.  A social-climbing.  Money hungry white girl from the deep South with large tits and firm and hard, round ass that was a bit small for Jerrod’s taste.   She had come to one of the Baseball team’s parties wearing an attitude and a cutoff rebel flag T-shirt and was pinned by the shortstop Shorty.  His roommate and someone Jerrod didn’t entirely trust as much as he tolerated.  

It was the shortstop’s idea to flaunt the young racist in front of his Roomie.  After seeing all the girls.  White, black, and others come in and out of their dorm room.  Shorty wanted to send Jerrod a message!  He didn’t mind him fornicating with his own kind.  But mixing the way he was taught was against the will of God.  There are some white girls you can’t touch!  Janice was the perfect example of Southern belle.

Her background and the County in Tennessee she hailed from was rumored to lynch race mixers.  And she expressed in passing conversation her disdain for minorities readily.  Even going so far as to express she would NEVER have sex with an n-word!  And as a matter of fact?  Any other white man to her was better than Jerrod!  Even if he was going to be rich.  She made sure Shorty knew in her eyes?  He was nothing compared to him.  And she would be more than willing to let him know IF, he ever tried anything.   

One night Janice waited in the Baseball dorm room for Shorty to get out of a late tutoring session, having been let in by one of the other players.  Jerrod walked out of the shower and into the room.  Removing his towel to wipe his eyes as soon as the door closed behind him and never noticing the young racist sitting in the corner speechless.     

Jerrod had grown as a 19-year-old Freshman from a lanky. 6’1 185 lbs to a 6’3. 210 lb man as a Sophomore who now threw close to 100 mph!  His dick was an almost obscene 10 inches and nearly as thick as a bottle of beer!  Janice sat in the desk chair near the window mesmerized by his body!  The thick, rippling abdominals with an extra set shorty didn’t have.  The way his dick lay limp against his leg like a club soft but, more significant than Shorty at full salute!  She wanted to speak or run out of the room but, her legs didn’t quite work at the moment.  All she could do was stare intently at the biggest cock she had ever seen and wished she was invisible.    


Jerrod jumped back once he realized he wasn’t alone.  Noticing the big-titted visitor sitting there transfixed.  Nipples are poking out through her usual rebel garb with a flushed face accompanying her open mouth.  Jerrod had seen that look before. 

“You fucking groupie ass white girls need to cut this shit out.  Get the fuck out!”

“What?” she barely voiced.

Janice registered the fact not only had she never been alone with Jerrod until now being a Good Southern girl that she was.  But in looking at his body, she began to wonder why!  She was turned on, and men didn’t usually give her this reaction!  The heightened moistness between her legs.  Increased body temperature.  Was she having a hot flash?  She never felt this way when Shorty clumsily thumbed his way across her body!  And she wondered when he would walk in?

“I don’t fuck racist bitches so, get the fuck out before I call security.  You can sit on the floor in the Hallway and wait for him.”

As Jerrod stared at her speechlessness.  He never attempted to cover himself once!  Shorty bragged about her pretty face and voluptuous white body Jerrod could never have because she “Doesn’t do Brothers.”  And he noticed her eyes never once looked up at his face.  Instead, she sat there staring directly into his dick!  His cock began to stir a bit at the thought of her stuttering mouth wrapped around his black cock and how nice it would be to teach Shorty a lesson.  There is no such thing as an untouchable pussy for Jerrod Pope!  And her state of indecision gave him confidence that perhaps Janice was reconsidering herself! 

Reaching for his cell on the bed, Jerrod decided to see how far he could take it.  Quickly, he took her picture and began to dial.

“You trying to get me in trouble?  Sneaking in here like a fucking groupie so you can claim I raped you or something?”

“No,” Janice replied.

“I don’t know.  You look like a groupie to me.  Titties all hard and shit!  I took your picture to show you can describe my dick because you were staring at it so hard!  And I’m calling campus security sort this out, just in case”.

“In case of what?”

“You the most racist chick I know.  I don’t trust you and me alone for a second isn’t some plot to ruin my life!  I need this shit documented.”

The thought of a report being written about what was happening snapped Janice back to her sensibilities.  He was, after all, the pride of State U!  Black or not.  They would believe him over her any day, and she would have to forever explain what she was doing in his room while he was naked.  A black man.  She could never live home again if it ever got out.  Jerrod was right.  She was a danger to him.  

But as he stepped closer to her?  His voice had become a whisper and his cock?  Was even closer to her wet mouth than she ever imagined she would be to any black man’s penis.  She could feel her arms moving up to touch it involuntarily.  Stroke it as if in a dream!  One in which they were the only ones left alive in the world, and it was her duty to repopulate the earth!  Her reasoning becoming more strange by the moment as her mouth opened and licked the crown head on the brown monster.  Tasting his pre-cum salty-sweet on her tongue.  As his large black hand grasped both her nipples across the Stars and Bars.  Before she knew it?  Her mouth was bobbing hard around the thickest, longest dick she ever invited onto her tongue!  And her cunt was dripping wet! 

Jerrod stood over her for a moment.  Camera in hand asking her what she was doing?  Telling her weakly to STOP as her head became more animated in its task.  Putting the phone down Jerrod pulled the woman’s shirt above her head.  Squeezing her pink areolas in each hand before rubbing his cock across her breasts for emphasis!  The drool came from the corner of Janice’s mouth as she barely caught her breath before Jerrod grabbed her Ponytail and pulled her head back before pressing his tongue into her mouth!  His soft, black man lips melting her inhibitions in a way never yet experienced in her young life! 

“Shorty says you don’t like black guys.  Looks like Shorty was wrong again.”

Kissing her deeper before removing his lips from hers.  Jerrod gave Janice her 1st of many commands to come.

“Take off those cutoffs and panties and beg me for it.”

With that.  Jerrod stood again and pushed his cock back into the depths of her throat.  This time, fucking her mouth with half of his total length.  While watching Janice struggle to remove her lower garments from her body! 

“You want this black dick in you?  Don’t you?”

Janice couldn’t respond except to nod with his stiffness, tickling her throat.  She had deep throated Shorty but felt Jerrod would choke her to death!  And besides?  Her pussy ached in anticipation for him!  Thinking had been replaced by a pure animal lust she had never known herself capable of!  Slurping her lips down to the tip she was able to murmur a barely audible.

“I do.”

With that, Jerrod lifted the woman out of her chair by the hair.  His mouth once more covering hers while her tongue lustfully explored his mouth like a horny Southern housewife begging for the attention her husband never gave her!  Janice was used to controlling men and their advances.  Putting their tiny cocks into her mouth and being rewarded almost immediately with a spurt of white gold on her tongue.  The time she had spent attempting to maneuver her tongue around his engorged rod was longer than any of her Boyfriends had ever lasted!  Janice was vulnerable.  Insecure about her own sexual ability to please a man like Jerrod.  But her body was willing to try!

“Get on Shorty’s bed and spread those white thighs.”

Her sensibilities seared at the suggestion but, her body just filed suit and Janice did as she was told.

“Damn.  You’re wet as fuck!  You want this?”

Embarrassed at the situation and wanting it to be over as quickly as possible.  Janice answered the increasingly demeaning tone of Jerrod accordingly.


“Please what you racist bitch!  Tell me what you want.  I want you to say it out loud!”

“Please.  Fuck me!”


“Please fuck me you black bastard!  Stop making me beg!”

The words hung in the air as Jerrod sat in his chair, holding his dick in his hand.  He and Shorty had a routine.  If one was otherwise engaged?  There was a code to send to stay away from the room.  Picking up the phone, Jerrod text the code to his roomie, triggering the extra time Jerrod would need to break Shorty’s girlfriend. 

“No thanks.  Get dressed and get the fuck out instead.  You don’t deserve this dick.”

Janice slipped her middle finger into her wet snatch as deeply as she could while leaning her mouth forward to try to make up for her mistake.  Her tongue reached out for Jerrod’s manhood when he reached behind her and snatched control of her head and her own free will.

“I said no.  You talk too fucking much, and you think I am here for you.  You need to learn your place.”

Pulling her head back away from his cock, Jerrod pulled Janice onto her white back and began to finger her pussy mercilessly!  Stopping only to smack her tits and face with her own juices before resuming the degrading treatment at his black hands!  Her body ached to be wrapped around him!  Her legs shook, looking for the rest of the invisible lover to cling too!  But his cock just out of reach of her mouth and her face smacked each time she tried to grasp it into her palm!  She wished she hadn’t said it!  Wanted nothing more than to make it right and change Jerrod’s mind about her!  But all she could think of to do was let him have his way, and maybe, he would forgive her.

“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry”.

The words repeated over and over as Jerrod’s Black hands took over her will.

“I will never say anything like that again”!

Jerrod’s thumb entered her well-lubed ass at that moment.  Releasing a wave of pleasure throughout her body that she never thought possible!  She had been ass fucked before and loved it!  But never had anyone taken her like Jerrod! 

“I bet you won’t.”

With that, Jerrod climbed between her well-oiled legs and plunged himself as deep and hard as he could into her!  She felt a momentary pain as her hymen stretched to accommodate Jerrod.  And dug her nails deep into his shoulders as she became accustomed to the pleasure of the pain she felt before cumming again this time, loudly!”


The Southern Belle’s screams of ecstasy could be heard across the hall before Jerrod covered her mouth with his open, bare-hand.  Which she bit, kissed, sucked and kissed until her Orgasms subsided minutes later.  Jerrod stroked the woman’s love canal more rhythmically now.  Beginning a masterpiece assault of maneuvers that had Janice incrementally losing the will to do what she had been taught was right.  Resist.  Stop doing the very thing she was shown to never do in the 1st place!  Janice struggled to count how many times she shuddered beneath the weight of Jerrod’s heavy, black bat.  To focus on something else and embrace the strength of her home teachings and stop immediately.  But it really just felt too good!

No man had ever made Janice feel what she was feeling at that moment.   Janice believed no man ever could either.  As she looked up into what she was beginning to perceive as a beautiful beast of a man’s eyes in Jarrod.  Her walls were constricting and convulsing in waves and patterns Janice had never experienced before. Mainly when she masturbated, which was the only way she had ever orgasmed with a man.

A nice, fat cock in her mouth pulsating under the control of her tongue and throat.  Her fingers.  Between her legs exploring the heart of Dixie between them.  Diddling herself to her heart’s content while her mouth commanded the full power of a man until bang!  He came and soon, so did she.  Janice joy of the Oral delights convinced her she was one type of girl.  The kind of girl who all she needed to be happy was a good ole boy cumming on her sugar tits.  And his credit card!  But as her mind attempted to process the feelings, she was experiencing.  Janice began to question how she could ever not feel this way again.  And again.  And again.  

She imagined Shorty in the window peeking in.  It wouldn’t be the first time he peeked in on Jerrod’s exploits.  Seemingly, it was all he ever talked about when they were alone.   She suspected it turned him on thinking about the two of them together.  But wondered how he would feel actually seeing it!  She would be ashamed to have him walk in but thought.   Would she stop?  Would she?

Janice knew it was lust making her think this way.  That and the man’s chest hovering over her rhythmically pushing past her sensual limits!  Her body was being altered.  Changed with each passing moment.  And she knew from all of the talks of the white women in her hometown she was ruined forever!  She had heard the rumblings of the women in her quiet, Southern town.  The one’s about how some of them preferred sex with black men.  How some had left their families and positions for ones that were more like what she was experiencing each time Jarrod’s dick pressed her a bit deeper than ever before!  She couldn’t be one of “those girls” that everyone knew about.  But she also couldn’t pretend this wasn’t happening!

As Jerrod became more aggressive inside of her body, Janice could feel him growing!  She twisted about as her canal became so tight?  She strained against each ensuing swing of Jarrod’s bat!  Harder.  Faster.  Deeper.  And finally?  His warm juices released inside of her!  Janice mind wandered as she joined him in releasing herself further into a place she wouldn’t quickly leave, if ever.  The tension between the two of them released onto their bodies and for the 1st time ever.  Janice smiled at a black man.    

Jerrod stood and looked into Janice’s eyes as if she knew what was expected. 

“Not a drop of cum better hit this floor.” He halfway joked.

Janice looked at the wet, dripping dick and lunged forward beneath him.  Catching the drops on the sides of her face before placing the slippery, black cock comfortably into her mouth.  The taste of her own pussy and his seed intermingling in a way that made it seem like a gourmet treat!  Sitting in a pool of wet cum beneath her own bare, white ass on her boyfriend’s bed.  Janice felt ashamed at her actions.  But knew what had happened?  Was completely beyond her control.  She had no free will.  And she definitely didn’t hate black men anymore! 

Shorty found out a week later and moved out of their room.  He wanted to hit Jerrod but, knew physically he didn’t stand a chance against him, so he moved out of their shared space.  And Janice he called names she no longer cared about being called.  Even if he did jerk off for a week after thinking about it and spent the week after that?  Trying to get her back to no avail.

Janice decided she needed to repent for her former racist beliefs and came up with the idea of being a sex slave.  And for what she lacked in originality?  She made up for in effort!  But as she grew deeper and deeper into the fantasy.  There became less time for other things.  They mutually decided to go their separate ways and Janice moved on to a Basketball player who she eventually married and left the South with when he was Drafted into the NBA.  They rarely see each other now. 

As Jerrod admired the gift Janice sent him locked around the fans thighs he thought about the Southern Belle!  He almost came thinking about how lucky he truly was to have met her and cum on her tits.  His wife understood his desire to dominate women from time to time.  Even participating, setting most of his conquests up for him.  It was almost time for his 10-year reunion where he would get another crack at his delicious ex to show her what he had learned, and he couldn’t wait!  Cumming on a beautiful set of tits that brought back pleasant memories was all he needed this Saturday night.

What a Life.     

One look at her post-graduate life and Jessica knew, there had to be something else.

She arrived at the conclusion quite simply.  Back home.  Back to the “plan” which would see her married off to more of an old acquaintance than boyfriend soon enough.  White dress and all.  Committed to the entire charade.  Lock, stock and Double-Barrel!  Future Mother of the next generation of Whoever’s and more importantly.  Mother of that Clan to cum.  Father would be proud if, he was alive to see them together!  His little Nenya.  A nickname and last relic of his discarded culture.

Her mother was from better stock.  Dad paid his weight in earned gold many times over to be married to her.  While Irene slutted around town with every Tom, Dick and being honest?  They could all be named Dick!  Big ones.  Small ones.  Pairs.  Pussy-eaters.  Women pussy eaters.  Women with pussy to eat.  Mom had them all whenever and wherever she could.  She was just sexual and free in that way.

Dad was a trader and social climber.   So much so he took his wife’s name, Andrews, for the prestige and respect it demanded in money circles.  While Jessica looked like any other Raven-haired temptress.  Dad was full-blooded Puerto Rican and from a solid lower class family in the Bronx.   His mother had worked long hours to get him through Columbia where before graduation?  Jose changed his name to Joseph and slowly began to remove them and especially her, from his storyline completely.  There was still the yearly check.  Delivered by courier mail.   But the deal to marry Jessica’s mother as a young slut that no respectable man in her own circle would was clear.  No ties with your past.  So hardworking Joeseph was reborn as a suitable substitute.  A brilliant trader capable and willing, to reverse Jessica’s grandfather’s mistakes and preserve the family name and trust.  Jessica was the genetic lottery winner and Heiress of immense potential.

Her mother hated him.  Thought he was beneath her and would never have even slept with him to bear her.  But for a time?  He was all that was available thanks to her Grandfather’s intervention and good planning.  Knowing his daughter’s tendencies to all things Taboo.  The betrothed had been 1st introduced through his employment as her Tutor.  Forbidden fruit is the most delicious Grandfather reasoned Joseph would mount his Daughter perhaps within minutes.  And as an added incentive.  There was a ruse which restricted her comings and goings a few days before her lessons began.  Making entertaining Irene’s usual suitors impossible for a few days.  Like his mother.  And her mother before her Irene was a lusty woman.  Incapable of going without for any significant period of time.   A maid altering her birth control made the fertile 20-year-old an even easier target.  A truth her mother never knew. 

Like the audition, Joeseph endured which had included a vigorous fucking session with Grandfather’s own secretary and well-paid sex servant.  It was a different time and long ago.  When women had few options for employment and fewer outlets for any sexual deviancies they might harbor inside of their own hearts.  But a story Jessica had been told by the woman herself who was still in Grandfather’s employ until recently retired by Jessica herself.  Which is another story?    

What was expected from Jessica at a young age was not much.  Father was never around.  Leaving her mother the Freedom to experience a liberal sex life she would never hide from her daughter.  Nymphomaniacs apparently, ran in the family and especially through the women.  And Mrs. Andrews was just behaving much as her own mother had.  It was a part of the marriage pact Joe cut with Jessica’s grandfather.  For his daughter’s protection.  While Jessica grew up watching her Father pretend not to care his wife was sleeping around because if he didn’t?  He would lose everything.  Joseph was given control of everything else.  The money.  The companies.  And his Mistress.  But not her.  And they lived happily ever after?  Until his death about a year ago.

At their small estate and men would come and go or stay at Jessica’s mother’s whim and that hardly changed.  While alive Dad would mostly sleep in the Pool House when he did come home.  Since Jessica’s mother had no set time for entertaining guests, the arrangement was easier to bear that way.  Especially after one began keeping longer hours than the others.

Ron Walker.

The married neighbor whose estate was directly across the street from the Andrews home.  The one man all of the local housewives wanted.  Until Ron preferred the company of her mother Irene, best.  She was, after all, a true redhead with all of the advertised crazy associated with it!  Not the youngest woman but, uninhibited and unafraid.  Sexually adventurous and more than enough woman for any group of men!  One usually didn’t stand a chance until him.  But Jessica knew what his cock looked like almost as well as her mother!  Because he was perverted and shameless in his usage of her around what Jessica considered Father’s house.  And young Jessica hated him for it.

More times than Jessica could remember she would come home and find Ron fucking Mom.  Sometimes in her pussy.  Most times not in a bed.  Most times in some form of submissive bondage gear with incredibly complex components and constrictions that usually left her unable to move.  There would be marks on her naked body at times.  Hoods that put into question whether it was Irene or not beneath the cloth covers that often didn’t allow cohesive speech.  Truth was.  Whenever Mother entertained Ron, there was usually nothing between the leech and Jessica beyond the wet cock he often was pushing in and out of her mother!  But apparently, it was a line he wasn’t ready to cross.  Yet.

“Still a virgin.”

Jessica didn’t have to ask what Ron meant whenever he asked.  He was taunting her with long deep strokes into her mother.  She had heard him promise her to “treat her girl right.” In whispers and screams of ecstasy as well as any time he felt like torturing Jessica.  She knew how hard she was when he said it!  Knew they were talking about Jessica?  Her body and what must be her growing desire to be fucked by a man.  Reasoned it wouldn’t be long before she would ask Ron to take her. 

Jessica would watch in amazement from the shadows.  Wonder why her mother would shake so when Ron would mention her daughter being deflowered by him.  Until one day, Jessica stepped out of the shadows they all knew she was hiding in.  Looking into both of their eyes as if she knew their secrets.  Panting and sweating against one another Ron felt his meat swell at the young girl’s bravado and immediately came inside of her Mother.  And she turned and left.  Jessica remembered that day every day. 

Visions of Irene moaning like a pleasured beast beneath his long, thick dicked fucking. Seeing her mother ravaged in front of her eyes while the sounds of her depravity echoed through the halls of her Father’s home.  Around the corners.  Hidden inside of the curtains.  Imagining the young girl once intrigued possibly aroused at the sights he afforded her.  That was how Ron thought.  Taking over everything in his sight and dominating it completely until there was nothing left was his nature.  Jessica’s mother was no exception or prize to him without the future promise of Jessica.  Irene was wet and warm and willing to seemingly give him anything.  But Jessica was the prize he wanted.  But she was building up an immunity. 

While her father worked himself to death in the attempt to consistently prove he belonged.  Mother fed her carnal lusts while becoming enslaved to her weakness.   Entertaining multiple men in his home at Ron’s whim while Jessica swore to herself she would never have those problems.  She wasn’t like either of them.  Her weakness was her strength.  And Jessica wasn’t about to be controlled by anyone.

After the confrontation, she decided to move mostly to Manhattan, to her Grandfather’s.  Reaching out to her Father’s family, she began to get to know her “other side” Her culture.  Who she was.  Spending hours in her teens masturbating alone and losing her virginity to a beautiful but strong classmate’s strap-on.  Women taught her to control her growing sensual urges to be sexual with men and playing with her pussy taught her how to understand herself better than any person could!  Free to become a whole woman not attached by a sexual urge, like her Mother. 

Controlling her physiology before it became too great for her to control became Jessica’s intense focus.  Her background became her guide and her parents her examples of what not to do.  Jessica knew what she was becoming by the time she turned 17.  And New York was the perfect playground to experiment in.

Driven by Ron’s inappropriate advances to her at a young age Jessica could now admit had excited and driven her metamorphosis.  But she was repulsed at his actions she deemed to slight her Father.  And what about the other girls?  Ones she didn’t know but was sure he would try to fuck?  Some who couldn’t just move away?  She had just graduated College at the ripe age of 18 years old.  A prodigy and keeper of secrets at a young age who knew what she wanted.  Now she just had to take it!

After the funeral, Jessica was back at her Father’s home.  When everyone finally left was when she would take the rest of what was hers.  It was 7pm, and the stragglers were more considering who would console whom and where!  While Jessica removed her mourning dress.  Panties and bra.  And slipped into another black dress that barely covered her voluptuous tanned bottom.  Everyone exited the mansion floor level, and Ron and Jessica began their ascent into the Master Bedroom.    

The dress fabric clung to her round tits and lifted her nipples with their silky sensation generators.  She never walked around her Mother’s home in this manner before.  Mostly because Ron could see her burgeoning body through a fur coat and it wasn’t necessary to attract him.  Today she wanted control.

The desire to feel him or any other pulsating cock inside of her pulsating womb was growing with every passing moment.  But Jessica wanted more than a fuck!   Needed more.  In the end, Jessica was nothing like her mother.  Jessica was in control of everything around her.  Even her Grandfather.

The coldest bastard in the world who seemingly loved Jessica more than money.  Teaching her the lessons of life he never could teach his own daughter became late in life joy.  He saw himself as influencing her in his own image, as much as he could.  And protected her interests as if they were his own.  Giving her latitude over matters he would never grant her mother so when Jessica’s Father passed?  Jessica was the Lord of the manor and given control of the estates.  The stocks.  The cash.  The property and overseas portfolio.  And most importantly, her Grandfather.  The Love he shunned all of his life from his flesh and blood made him break his own Father’s rule and trust a woman.  He sat in his Apartment in Manhattan cut off from the world except for the occasional visit from a well-paid escort.  His one joy in life knowing that his Jessica was ready to make things right.    

Jessica had graduated High School at 15.  Columbia at 18.  And Ron only knew her from the shape of her thighs and his desire to have her riding him!  Spending most of her time in her Grandfather’s Manhattan residence broke his heart more than Irene’s.  And he hoped the older girl would not put up a fight once he was done with her mother.  As he tied Irene to the wall restraints attached over the Bed he knew he needed to use as many toys on her as possible to wear Irene down so that he could approach his goal.  Jessica. 

The funeral was the 1st time he saw her as an adult woman, and Jessica was gorgeous!  Long legs and a perfect, plump bottom.  Breasts full and like the Latina women from her Father’s side she had sought out.  Thicker hips than the usual 120 lb woman!  And her eyes.  Deep pools of emerald that made her look almost catlike.  It hardly mattered he imagined some young punk had gotten to her 1st!  He wanted to make his mark the last she would ever want! 

He placed a mask over Irene’s head and placed the 7in vibrator into her already wet vagina under her nightgown.  There was a line at the base which allowed him to slip enough fabric into the base to keep it fastened inside of her.  And a remote control that allowed him to control it from across the room. 

“Are you ready to give yourself to me now Irene.”

“I have always been yours.”

Turning up the vibrator to full speed.  Ron never allowed Irene a chance to adjust. 

“You have always been a terrible liar.”


The lash flashed across her ass with a slight tinge of pain.  Just the way Irene liked it!  She had gained some weight over the years, but all of the sex had kept her body young and firm in most places!  She loved nothing more than to be punished for her ways!  And Ron was the best at being bad to her Irene had ever met! 

After a few moments, Ron returned to her wet pussy to twist the vibrator back and forth before removing it completely!  Irene could feel the air around her puffed pussy lips as her body pulsated from the sensations,  But only for a moment.  Until the tip was pushed into her open ass.

“This is where I am going to cum.”


Her weak reply an admission as much as anything of her desire to be fucked in what she felt was her weakest spot of her body!  Ron knew she would cum and pass out under the girth of his 9 inches!  But she was powerless to resist. 

“Please, Ron.  Fuck my pussy 1st!”

Ron smiled as he considered momentarily her request before reaching around her body and rolling her nipples between his fingers.  Pushing the vibrator back in between her wet lips and aiming his dick directly into her dirty hole instead.

“How about both?”

Ron began to furiously fuck the defenseless widow for the next 5 minutes.  Straining himself not to cum at the thought of subduing a hopefully sleeping young Jessica next much in the same way.  Some punk may have ruined her honey pot by having the 1st taste.  But her ass was probably unexplored, and Ron wanted her virginity any way he could get it!  Unaware she was watching them from the door all along. 

As Jessica approached quietly behind them, Irene began to fade into submission.  As Ron came in her ass  deeply.  Coating and covering the pain inside her with his own warm ointment.  Jessica felt her consciousness fading deeper and deeper.  She was accustomed to sleeping this way.  Head covered, and arms extended above the bed.  Usually, Ron would fill her dripping wet pussy with his man juice and push the vibrator into on low.  She could feel his juice dripping around it slowly as he would let her rest.  Coming back when he felt the urge to further dominate her will.  And sometimes, she would fall asleep that way.   

As Jessica watched from the door.  Drink in hand she wondered to herself.  How many times had she come home to see a mask over her mother’s head and three or four men waiting their turn with their cocks out in the Living Room as a pre-teen?  All of that started after she met Ron.  When Ron took control.  Ron was mostly responsible for Mom’s depravity.  At least that was how Jessica saw things.  She wondered what it was like to be her mother.  So consumed with lust and desire that nothing else matters.  For the 1st time in her young life, Jessica felt something she never had for Irene.  Envy.

As Irene began to relax and fell into what Jessica imagined was an uncomfortable sleep.  Jessica began to make her move.  She slipped the heels she carried in her hands onto her feet and turned to leave the room.  Knowing Ron would hear her steps and reason it could only be her.  There were at least 30 steps between her Mother’s bedroom and her own.  And by step 15, she could feel his eyes upon her legs and ass.  By step 25?  She sensed Ron’s close proximity to her frame.  And by 35?  She had grasped his hand blindly, turned and locked the door behind them.  Excited the moment had arrived.

Turning to kiss Ron.  Jessica could feel the heat welling up inside of her body.  She knew from watching him with her mother he didn’t like to kiss.  He would grab his Mother’s throat whenever she tried.  The wet feeling of his tongue as it hungrily slid inside of her young mouth was enough to stir his manhood and excite her to the point of Orgasm!  She knew she had him.  Jessica wrapped her fingers around his cock as their lips became unlocked before bending over to slowly lick and kiss the tip of his stick.

“Mmmmm.” She purred.

“I need to wet my whistle a bit more before I can really dive in.”

Walking towards the table in her room where she slowly poured two drinks into separate glasses.  Jessica turned to face him and seductively walk back to where Ron stood in place.  Handing him the drink, she turned her back to him.  Inviting him to remove the dress from her body. 

“First finish the Scotch.  Then?  You can finish me.  K?”

Ron swigged the glass as if it were water!  Barely stopping to swallow as he pulled the dress off of her body.  Not concerned with ripping the thousand-dollar frock from her frame.

“You think you can tell me what to do little girl?”

Smiling with her back turned to him.  Jessica pretended to be taken off guard but, she knew the routine better than most!  Turning to face him.  Jessica dropped to her knees and engulfed his prick into her mouth in one smooth effort. Down to the hilt momentarily as she smiled inside at her well-practiced oral skills did their work on the dirty old man. She felt it stiffen and grow and she knew it wouldn’t be long now. 

“Tell me how long you have wanted this.  Wanted me.” She asked in a childlike voice.

“And I’ll tell you.”


“How long I have waited for this moment.”

The wetness surrounding his cock was increasing in waves with each downward stroke of her tongue.  It was the 1st time she ever sucked a real cock.  But she had practiced this moment many times watching porn while sucking on a lifelike dildo she purchased that reminded her of him.  She was a practiced professional of sorts.  Who gripped Ron’s ass tight in her hands like it was a life preserver.  Pulling his balls against her chin and sticking her tongue between them periodically.  Ron looked down and caught her eyes looking back up at him and immediately began to cum!  It was as quick a second explosion as he had experienced in years!  And as he looked down at the inexperienced unbeknownst to him cocksucker who had just drained him with awe.  How could this be! 

Standing up, Jessica smiled at Ron and began to walk away from him.  Swaying her supple ass even more confidently than usual.  It was her 1st time ever sucking the real thing, and she hadn’t expected him to cum inside of her mouth.  But for Jessica, it had been a pleasant surprise.   Ron 1st noticed her hair had been dyed darker now.  And it made him wonder about her young, tight pussy and if it was fire red, like her mother’s who was tied up in the next room still, sleeping it all off.   But Ron was spent and had nothing to offer the young woman.  Or did he.

“I saw you with Mother earlier. Scotch, right?”

Pouring two drinks, Jessica slipped the liquid Viagara she had purchased into Ron’s drink.  Before turning to face him once more.  Her bountiful bosom is tempting the older man to touch.  Handing him the drink while lifting her own glass to her lip.  Emerald eyes focused on him the entire time. 

“You may need some recovery time. You aren’t a young buck anymore now, are you Ron?”

Jessica knew Ron’s ego better than he knew himself.  Knew he wouldn’t let a woman, no, a girl, have the upper hand!  Ron pounded the drink down and walked over to the edge of the bed where Jessica sat.  Legs open.  Taunting him with bright red panties and supple thighs. 

“Like mother like daughter.”

Ron wrapped her hair in his hand and in so, lifted Jessica off of the bed and startling her!  Her young heart raced at how powerful this seemingly soft man was!  With his free hand, Ron smacked the young girls tits so hard across the nipples her pussy shook!  Almost making Jessica loose consciousness as she came!  Is this what he meant? 

“I bet you like it rough like her too.”

He continued to paw at her nipples roughly, and Jessica began to recognize her dilemma.  She wanted to finish him off, but…it felt so good, and she found herself powerless to resist!  It wasn’t going according to her plan now but, as his fingers now reached into her panties and seemingly immediately found her wet clit to squeeze so hard, she screamed Jessica recognized her plan was flawed.  She knew Ron wanted her.  But she had underestimated her lusts for him as well!  All it would take would be a few more moments under his control, and she would change her mind!  And then he spoke again.

“Your Daddy would be proud.”

The sneer on his face was exactly the same sneer she had seen whenever he saw the lights from her Father’s car enter the roundabout.  It always made him pound mother harder.  Hard enough for her Father to hear her moans outside.  Jessica found herself in that moment and looked down to see Ron’s tool engorged with blood.  Harder and longer than she had ever seen it from the shadows and wider than when it was in her mouth what seemed like just moments ago!  She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

The words were soft so she said it again.  This time, much louder.

“Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck me hard anywhere you want!”

Ron thought for a moment about his impressive burst of stamina!  His heart was racing at the thought of finally fucking his prize!  Not wanting to ruin the moment, he raised his arm attached to Jessica’s hair and with his free hand, removed her panties after smacking her ass and flinging her onto the bed in impressive fashion!   His heart beating as her ass rose instinctively to welcome him in. 

Ron could see the nipples on her 36 C’s pointing downward between the triangle that her legs created.  His 10 inches swelled above his empty balls in anticipation.  He knew she was nervous and probably, a bit scared of it!  And it excited him more!  His heart was beating fast.  Faster than the 1st time he had ever had sex!  Faster than the 1st time he had fucked his best friend’s wife!  He wanted to sit and catch his breath but, couldn’t find a good enough reason why!  Ron climbed between her legs and positioned himself behind her.  Pointing the tip of his manhood directly at her seemingly tiny pussy!  He couldn’t wait any longer!

“Be gentle.  I’m a virgin.” She cooed.

And technically Jessica was telling the truth.  She had experiences with women but, beyond the vibrators, she frequently enjoyed but, had not used in the two weeks since her Father had been hospitalized with his stroke.  Jessica never let a male enter her precious pussy!  Ron was to be her 1st

“Stop lying bitch.”

Pushing into her tight snatch, Jessica couldn’t help but cum again!  Ron pushed deeper.  Still deeper.  Till Jessica felt his light balls slap against her thighs!  Ron was breathing hard.  Harder than she had ever heard him from the shadows and she could feel his sweat every time their hips slapped together!  She knew it wouldn’t be long now and Jessica began backing up to meet his strokes enthusiastically.

“You like my pussy?”

He couldn’t answer.  His throat was tight, and his heart was beating, and Ron probably should have stopped to catch his breath.  But he couldn’t.  He needed to tame Jessica.  She was too feisty beneath his massive cock and Ron wasn’t one to acquiesce to any woman and definitely not a slut’s daughter.  He could feel his hard cock separated from the rest of his body.  And soon looked down upon himself as he pounded Jessica from one Orgasm to the next until it happened.  Ron felt himself swell inside of her and shoot what was left of his cream deep inside of her! 

Jessica looked back and saw Ron laying on the edge of the bed.  Mouth open with a stupid smile!  His cock was still hard and wet as she cleaned it with a moist towelette.  Collected the items and threw them in the burning fire downstairs.  Upon walking upstairs, she could see the Drug had done its job.  Ron was gone.  Mentally. 

As Jessica dragged the man down the marble hallway on the sheet mixed with their juices to her Mother’s suite.  She felt sexier than she ever had!  Rolling him off of the fabric and onto the floor.  She could see her mother stirring from her slumber on the bed.  This time in sneakers, Jessica quietly exited the Bedroom.  Confident that whatever consequence that would come would not come to bear on her.  As she locked her Bedroom door behind her after changing her sheets and placing them in the laundry. 

Mother would eventually get help, and it was pretty clear.  Ron had a stroke during one of their more vigorous sessions, and no one would want this investigated.  Especially not Ron’s wife.  Who most assuredly would take control of all he had amassed immediately, if not sooner.  As Jessica drove away all she could think about was her Father.  Would he be proud or at least, satisfied Ron would live out the rest of his years as a vegetable?  Was there more to do?  Or would he even care?   

As Jessica drove away, she remembered his daughter, Jane.  Wondered how she would feel about losing her philandering father?  Would she even miss him like she missed her own all of these years?  Or had she done Jane a favor by fucking her father to death? 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?   

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If you’re new to WordPress you may be wondering what’s the big deal behind Pages and Posts. At first glance they appear to be one and the same: if you were to create either a new page or a new post you’d be presented with nearly identical interfaces and in many cases the public appearance of pages and posts will look the same.

Don’t let this fool you. There’s a very fundamental difference between the two and that difference is what makes CMSs, like WordPress, great platforms for integrating blogs with traditional websites.


Think about the kind of pages that make up a typical website. Most often you’ll see pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. Within WordPress these are often treated as Pages; documents that have no particular regard for the time they were posted.

For example, when you visit the “About Us” page of your favorite company’s website you don’t expect the content to be very different from what was available there a week ago.

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If you’re considering adding a blog to your site, you’ll want to have a plan beforehand. Planning your blog will help your subject matter remain consistent over time. It’ll also help you determine whether or not there’s enough material to maintain a steady stream of posts.

One pitfall many new bloggers run into is starting a blog that isn’t posted to frequently enough. A shortage of recent posts can give your visitors a bad impression of your business. One may think “I wonder if they’re still in business” or “they may want to hire a writer.”

A blog, like any other customer facing aspect of your business, communicates your brand. If it isn’t maintained and given proper attention, people will notice. Post regularly and keep your content fresh. Give your audience a reason to visit often.

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