Jane sat by her Father’s bedside a tear running down her face.  The first tear she could ever remember over his fate.  Looking into his vacant eyes knowing he was somewhat still inside only made her sadder.  Aware and alert. But unable to communicate was what the Doctors said would be the rest of his life.  Forever inside of a shell.  The same way she had been stuck for the past week with him.  Waiting for a sign of life.

Her senior year of College was supposed to be one of the best years of her life!  There were parties and sex with other girls and maybe this year?  Some men too.  And of course, the chance to repeat as Conference Champions in Lacrosse and this time, with her as the Captain.  But here she was instead watching over her Father’s almost corpse while she should be training.  Or training a Freshman on the proper technique of servitude and occasionally pleasing a woman while being smothered by her snatch.  Jane couldn’t figure out what made her sadder.

Dad’s only sign of life was the tent pole in his shorts that rose and fell without discretion from time to time.  It’s size and girth somewhat explaining to Jane why he had been mostly absentee most of her life.  While still maintaining a loving relationship with her.  Perhaps, too loving.  But as every married woman from the neighborhood had stopped by at least once in his first 3 days of incapacitation.  The stream grew less steady with the news the Great Ron Walker was no more.  He was just a shell. 

Jane sat there confused and angry.  Pissed off that instead of telling him directly how she felt about his philandering and overall shitty parenting?  She could say nothing.  Jane held her tongue and instead, recalled the ways she had become somewhat like him.  A womanizer who never really connected with anyone outside of the bounds of her own sexual pleasure.  A Dominatrix of the weaker sex she was a member of.  In her attempt to get his attention?  Jane had accomplished nothing more than becoming the female version of him!  Manipulating and bullying weaker girls much in the way he had once bullied her.  Sometimes worse.  Jane’s guile, malleable tongue and surprising physical strength she used on girls were equivalent to her Father’s own once mighty dick!  And Jane had become just like him.  Lost.

Seeing him lying there.  So weak and defenseless Jane realized what a waste of time it all had been.  She never got what she wanted!  His love and proper attention still eluded her.  And now?  She never would get the chance to let him know how she really felt about him.  How much she hated and admired him for his deviant ways in Business and Family matters.  All that she could do was… walk away. 

He wanted her to be a Virgin when she married as her Mother had been.  But Jane wasn’t her Mother and couldn’t imagine herself looking the other way as her husband ran around on her.  She physically became ill watching her Mother’s weakness play out in front of Jane’s young, impressionable mind until she had to get as far away as possible!  That was in State College less than an hour away.  Even her escape was tepid and unsure. 

Her mother was such a beautiful woman and honestly, Jane’s first crush!  But Ron humiliated her daily and didn’t care who knew or saw it happen.  Especially Jane who on too many occasions watched her Mother service her drunken Father through their open Bedroom door or any other corridor of their expansive house that suited him.  The details of her submission would run around her young head without explanation beyond his drunken moans about her fulfilling her “wifely duties.”  Spoken at the top of his lungs so most of the servants would hear.  Humiliation was a way of life in their home.

Ron usually approached her after he had entertained another woman first.  Leaving Mom as the recipient of the longest lasting of his impressive erectile demonstrations.  Jane watched as the most savage of sexual treatment was doled out at the hands of a cock that would never cum!   She would be moaning for hours!  Begging him to leave her be and let her sleep!  But Ron would just continue until he got tired or bored and finally, went to sleep.  Most times never coming at all!  It was a sadistic love affair at best with a sexual nihilist they both called Daddy.  And what Daddy wants?  Daddy gets.

 It was because of Ron that Jane decided women were a much better alternative.  Especially with Ron as her probable matchmaker since that’s how things were done in their circle.  Being a Lesbian maybe, she could escape?

The truth was the only thing that saved Jane was his current condition, and like most children who don’t understand their parents, Jane would have never understood or forgiven him for what he had planned for her!  His misogyny was without limits and his depravity?  His depravity landed him in a Hospital Bed.  Forever doomed to relive his conquests until he would ultimately pass away 4 years later while dreaming of deflowering his own daughter.  Somewhat proving the existence of God.  Saving Jane the experience of kicking her Father’s ass. 

Jane was no shrinking violet!  In fact she was a bit of an Amazon herself.  Dark blonde hair that was thick and a bit wild.  A 5-foot 10 inch frame that went from spindly to a bit muscular in the past 5 years as she developed her skill as an athlete.  Her legs were longer than anything else on her body and ass was sculpted from running long, fast and hard!  Her bosom wasn’t either large or small and her face was a hidden treasure.  Underdeveloped and a sign of her own personal disinterest in attracting others.  Attention wasn’t on her mind and if she wanted it?  She’d take it!  Jane was more huntress than hunted. 

Especially after she fell in love with Avery.  Avery reminded Jane of her Mother.  Especially her loyalty and willingness to do anything for her boyfriend at the time, Jerrod.  When he left Avery for brighter horizons? Jane was there for her.  Stroking her hair and massaging her desires to sleep in a way she never could for her mother.  Her resolve to emulate her Dad was somewhat borne of that first heartbreak experience.  Well second, after Dad.

“Three strikes and you’re out.” 

Words mumbled beneath her breath that only registered in one set of ears.  Tuned to the language.  Stopping in his stride to turn before she entirely past him stood a familiar face.  One she knew as a passing acquaintance but, familiar still.  Even beneath the hat and sunglasses, there was something unmistakable about that frame and gait that stood apart from others.


Stopping for a minute, they locked eyes.  Halting the passing of two people as strangers amd briefly recognizing the other as a familiar.  They knew one another’s names and what they both shared.  There was no connection between the two. 

“What are you doing here?” Jane continued.

Neither of them could believe their ears!  Especially Jane.  She was neither interested in why or what brought the two of them together!  And had no explanation for blurting out such a thing

And Jerrod?  He was just trying to keep a low profile.  Sneaking in and out for a surprise visit with his ailing Mother.  The last thing he wanted in the passing moment was an audience for his fragile grief.

The Baseball term had locked his paranoid mind into her.  No matter how faint the words. Jerrod had heard them.  The fact looking up he recognized her face was a pure coincidence.  Or was it?  She was older.  More mature and fully built.  As opposed to the skinny, awkward spindly muff diver he remembered!  Her hair was the same as he remembered.  Dark and wavy except free from the weight of Avery’s thighs.  The same as it was in the window.  The one thing he never forgot. 

She was too young for him back then and Jerrod wasn’t interested anyway.  She was so damn skinny!  But the years of competitive collegiate sports and hormones had settled that!  Avery had told him about her the night before he left for College.  A promise he kept before leaving for good to spend his last night before College with Avery.  It was the only time in his life he had been jealous and felt inadequate.  But none of that mattered today. 

“Coming back from seeing my Mom in the Hospital.  She’s not doing too good and…”

The two began walking out of the Hospital together.  Locked in the form of conversation as he spoke.  And Jane listened.  The words came out as if he had known and trusted her forever.  But more likely?  It was an emotional response to seeing his Mother so vulnerable for the first time.  The way he expressed his vulnerability wasn’t something Jane was accustomed to hearing from a man.  And at the moment?  She forgot all about her own troubles and instead, focused upon his.  They were perfect for one another. 

“Where’s your car?”

Jane’s mother had left days ago but, she didn’t want to tell him that. 

“I was calling an Uber.”

“Do you need a ride?” Jerrod asked as his Lamborghini was pulling up to the curb.

“I didn’t realize these came in trucks?” Jane smiled and said.

“Neither did I.”

Smiling back for the first time in a few days. Jerrod felt an uneasy feeling of awkwardness come over him.  Was she flirting with him?  Or him with her.  Did she even like men?  Avery said she was strictly chickly back in High School and, she did look a little rough around the edges.  But still, she was Beautiful.  Strong.  The type of woman you Breed with he thought.  Like his Mother. 

“I’ll drop you wherever you need to go.” Jerrod followed with. 



Jane could feel herself but knew that it wasn’t her.  It wasn’t Jerrod, the All-Star Baseball player and hometown hero she wanted.  It was a connection.  It was her ex-girlfriend, Avery.  Or her Father.  Or maybe that sweet plebe Dawn that may never crack the lineup at Midfield.  But was learning to suck on her sweet plum and snatch like a regular feminist.  As her Father would have described her evident love of eating pussy.  Jane decided at that moment to lose her Virginity to a man that was familiar to her through stories told by Avery about him.  The things that he did to her that made her howl in ways Jane never could because she “lacked the tool.”  No matter how much she tried, Avery would never relent and give herself to Jane.  And it was all because of him!

It was time to find out why. 

“The Marriott.  On Wolf Blvd.  I’m going to check myself in and stay there before I head back to school Sunday morning.  I don’t want to stay at the house.  And Jerrod.”

Pausing for emphasis to look directly into his dark eyes.

“You know your Mom is gonna be alright.  Right?”

“Sure,”  Jerrod answered before asking.

“Ever drive one of these?  I think I’m too emotional to drive myself anyway.”

“All of the time!”  Jane said.

She was very good at this manipulating thing.  As she drove towards the Marriott and her Hotel Jane wondered to herself.  How would a heterosexual woman close this fuck?  What would a ho do?  And what was going to work in his mentally fragile state?  Jane decided on the path of least resistance.

“You know I’m gay, right Jerrod.”

“I thought so but…wasn’t Sure so…. I shut the fuck up about it.  Something you couldn’t accomplish!”

The two of them laughed together for the first time.  The first time either of them even cracked a smile that day. 

“What do you mean by ‘know’?”  Jane snickered.

“I saw you going down on Ashley Senior year.  Through her cottage window.”

“Peeping perv!”

Jane playfully slapped his muscled bicep and laughed as she said it.  Around him she felt…girly?  The discomfort within her was nothing compared to his.  Not knowing if she was sending him a signal or even due to the circumstance that brought them together.  Should he even be looking? 

“An accident.”  Jerrod continued.

“I was going there for the same reason as you were.”

“And what was that?” Jane asked.

“The pussy.”

They both laughed again and continued laughing at or with one another until they found themselves parked in front of the Marriott.

“Forgot to tell you I am staying here too.  How about you come up and watch some TV with me.  We’ll order Room service or something.  I don’t feel like being alone, and I don’t think you do either.”

Jane thought about it.  Considered she’d never been in a Hotel room alone with a man who wasn’t her Father and never really wanted to.  Before now.  It wasn’t so much sexual as it was a human connection she wanted.  And she sensed Jerrod felt the same way.  Even so.  She hesitated.

“It’s a suite with an adjoining room.  If it gets too late?  You can go into the room and lock the door.  Ok?”

“Sure,” Jane replied.

The Elevator to the Presidential suite was on the side and had a shared Concierge for the top two floors.  When the doors opened?  It was clear Jerrod had been there for a while.  At least a few weeks as the place was comfortably stocked with many personal items.  Baseball gloves.  And pictures of his Mom.

“I have a promotional contract with the Hotel Chain, and this is my personal suite.  When I come home.  It’s easier to live and train here.  No one bothers me here.”

“Not even your girlfriends?” Jane asked.

“I don’t have one.  Safer to use escorts, honestly.  Easier on the mind and safer.  It’s tough to find a girl you can trust.”

Jane was surprised at his answers but honestly felt it made perfect sense.  How many women must have thrown themselves at him in hopes of getting pregnant or worse, starting a scandal?  Jane was beginning to think being Jerrod maybe wasn’t as easy as it appeared to most of the world. 

“At least I don’t have to worry about you.”

Jane though was feeling the familiar twinge she got before a game.  The adrenaline rush previously only experienced from the thrill competition or, before breaking a Freshman girl in as a Lover!  Whatever it was?  It wasn’t normal for her to be excited about being alone with a man.  But after a week of viewing her Father’s mortality up close?  Jane wasn’t quite herself. 

“But you do have to worry about the tabloid journalist.  Groupies finding out where you are.  A Hotel staff that works for tips.  And overall lack of privacy.  Unless..you really don’t like being alone?”

Jerrod invited her to sit next to him on the couch as they flipped on the TV.  But he was surprised when she decided to sit beneath him.  Turning and looking intently at her.  Lips close enough to feel one another’s exhales.  But before he could speak?  She answered.

“I don’t feel like being a Buddy right now.  My Dad is gone.  Well, his mind is, and I need affection and love right now.  Is that ok?”

Jerrod answered by kissing her deeply in a way he never had kissed any woman.  Not with a mind towards what he was going to do to her next.  How he planned to seduce or overwhelm her with his presence.  But softly.  Like a lover.  The effect on Jane not missed as she immediately melted into his broad chest. 

Jerrod released her lips.  Moving to her ears and working his mouth down to her neck while she unbuttoned her conservative blouse for him.  When his mouth found her breasts, she emitted a bit of a feral sound and arched her back forward.  Pressing her right nipple a bit further between his supple lips and mouth.  It was as if they had been lovers before.  As Jane and Jerrod met each other’s grief with an intense passion neither had ever experienced in their young, but active sex lives! 

“Show me where your shower is?”

Jane stood to her feet and removed the yoga pants she had worn the past two days at the Hospital.  She wanted him!  But knew she was in no condition to have sex!  Had it been one of the Freshman girls she might not have been so considerate.  But Jane wasn’t feeling dominate at the moment.  She was fragile and delicate and wanted to be open to whatever happened between them.  Even if to him she would just be another conquest?  For Jane the moment was so much more.  She was opening herself up to new experiences and new things.  Jerrod was just the tool of the moment.

“I’ll show you.”

Jerrod grabbed the now naked woman by the hands and brought her into the Bathroom suite.  There was a shower on the corner, big enough for four people.  As she turned on the water and stepped in behind her, she imagined Jerrod disrobing. 

It would have been easier to turn towards him and look.  But she didn’t want to.  The warm water cascaded against her body, and it felt completely invigorating against her skin?  She was lost immediately in the rhythmic massage of the bead of water upon her flesh.  It was when as his hand reached around her, landing upon her hip.  And she felt his strong fingers pull her back into and towards her that she remembered she wasn’t alone. 

Jerrod was something he usually didn’t get the chance to be.  Gentle.  His hands admired the softness of her skin over the rigidness of her muscles.  Her tight thighs.  Strong and sturdy that led to an extremely soft ass any woman would die to possess!   Jane’s face was sculpted and unique.  The shape reminded him of a young Bridget Bardot with naturally full lips but her breasts were smaller and more natural.  She was a real woman.  Unlike the ones he usually ordered or courted for the night.  And Jerrod wanted her to give himself the chance to soothe what ailed her.

She was the first woman he truly talked to in years.  The first one he felt comfortable around immediately since Avery in High School.  And even she did whatever he wanted her to do!  He assumed she was bisexual as in his understanding, most women were.  Jerrod had no idea she had never kissed a man.  Or even had anything inside of her pussy beyond a manicured finger or two.  Jane turned and kissed him deeply once more and this time felt the full girth of his manhood pressing against her thigh. 

Her inexperience with men worked to her advantage as she had no fear of his prodigious size.  To her, they could all be this big!  Usually, this would be the portion of the evening Jerrod’s dominance would kick in.  But Jane didn’t know any better and instead?  Grabbed the nine inches in her hand and han her hand up and down it like a curious woman/old pro!  Till Jerrod stopped the water so as not to cum too soon! 

There were no words between them as he began to towel her off and handed er a robe which she promptly threw onto the floor.  Grabbing him by the hand instead and now leading him back into the main suite.  Turning left towards the adjoining suite door.

“The Bedroom is the other way.”

“I know,”  Jane answered.

“But I don’t want you where you have been with other women.”

Opening the door Jane sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open.  Jerrod following suit, kissed her lips once more before dropping to his knees between them.  Wanting to be a good host.  His tongue began on the left side of her thighs.  Licking her lip gently and began a circular journey around her vulva edge.  The first time he stopped by dragging his tongue across her hole and onto her clitoral edge to circle and tease its owner!  His hands began to wander up her body until the rested beneath her modest breasts.  Lifting and cupping them in whole and occasionally grasping the nipples directly.  Jane looked down between them and marveled at his mastery of her erogenous zones as if they were tethered together!  She was completely at ease with Jerrod. 

Jane lifted one leg and placed her foot flat on the bed to allow him full access to her now.  Looking over the side, she noticed his cock.  Throbbing between his thighs as he licked her honey directly from the pot of gold!  Jane began to cum, and Jerrod began to rise and place his cock inside of her at the same time!  While Jane was at her weakest point! 

Jerrod could feel the tight pull of her hole as he forced his way inside of Jane for the first time.  He wanted to make her happy.  So he eased in slowly, using a gentle technique he usually began with but, never finished!  Small strokes.  Then deeper.  Then deeper.  About halfway inside of her Jerrod could see the woman struggling to accommodate his girth.

“Do you need me to stop?”

The fact he even asked surprised them both.  Jerrod because many times he had pushed a small pussy past its limits without asking permission!  And Jane because she had heard the stories Avery told her about him doing the same!  As they looked at one another Jane made a decision.  She dug her fingers into his ass and pulled his dick into her as she screamed in pain! 


Jerrod stared carefully into the woman’s face and noticed the familiarity of deflowering not seen since a road trip to Kansas City two years earlier!  Not wanting to break the moment he began to stroke again more carefully until he felt bottom and Jane reached up grabbing his head, forcing their lips together! 

“Oh my.” 

The words began to flow from between her lips.

“I had no idea dick felt this good!” 

Her orgasm began at that moment as did his!  Jerrod pushed, and Jane pulled them together time and again until his penis became flaccid and grew again inside of her body!  Never stopping for a moment to talk about what just happened between them and its significance!    

An hour later while they were both asleep?  Jane’s father passed away.  Jane woke momentarily saddened without reason before looking over at Jerrod who also opened his eyes.  Pulling her closer to him, they both laid together without words.  Both of them feeling Jane’s loss instinctually.  As only a true partner could.  As if they had known each other forever.

They woke the next day and Jane made up for lost time!  They talked and fucked.  And fucked and talked.  Jane explained she was technically; a virgin having lost her maidenhead doing splits as a teen didn’t count.  And they talked about Avery.  How she would feel about them together.  Jane put off the inevitable for as long as possible before finally calling her Mother and verifying what she already knew.  Her father had died due to stroke complications.  While Jane had been dealing with her grief and anger with his shitty parenting on Jerrod all night.

Returning to school for her final month was more about finishing what she started.  The Lacrosse team lost in the first round but, Jane didn’t care anymore.   The Funeral seemed to directly follow Graduation, and before long, she was gone for the summer.  No one knew where.

When Jerrod came back in October to bury his own mother?   Jane stood beside him as his wife.  Her Mother didn’t even know!  It was her way of having the last word with her now deceased Dad.  Who was powerless to cut her off from a Family fortune that Jerrod wouldn’t surpass until his first Big Free-Agent contract 7 years later.  And still she knew he wouldn’t approve.  He may even have preferred she stick with women over him.  But what could he do having fucked himself to death?    

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