One look at her post-graduate life and Jessica knew, there had to be something else.

She arrived at the conclusion quite simply.  Back home.  Back to the “plan” which would see her married off to more of an old acquaintance than boyfriend soon enough.  White dress and all.  Committed to the entire charade.  Lock, stock and Double-Barrel!  Future Mother of the next generation of Whoever’s and more importantly.  Mother of that Clan to cum.  Father would be proud if, he was alive to see them together!  His little Nenya.  A nickname and last relic of his discarded culture.

Her mother was from better stock.  Dad paid his weight in earned gold many times over to be married to her.  While Irene slutted around town with every Tom, Dick and being honest?  They could all be named Dick!  Big ones.  Small ones.  Pairs.  Pussy-eaters.  Women pussy eaters.  Women with pussy to eat.  Mom had them all whenever and wherever she could.  She was just sexual and free in that way.

Dad was a trader and social climber.   So much so he took his wife’s name, Andrews, for the prestige and respect it demanded in money circles.  While Jessica looked like any other Raven-haired temptress.  Dad was full-blooded Puerto Rican and from a solid lower class family in the Bronx.   His mother had worked long hours to get him through Columbia where before graduation?  Jose changed his name to Joseph and slowly began to remove them and especially her, from his storyline completely.  There was still the yearly check.  Delivered by courier mail.   But the deal to marry Jessica’s mother as a young slut that no respectable man in her own circle would was clear.  No ties with your past.  So hardworking Joeseph was reborn as a suitable substitute.  A brilliant trader capable and willing, to reverse Jessica’s grandfather’s mistakes and preserve the family name and trust.  Jessica was the genetic lottery winner and Heiress of immense potential.

Her mother hated him.  Thought he was beneath her and would never have even slept with him to bear her.  But for a time?  He was all that was available thanks to her Grandfather’s intervention and good planning.  Knowing his daughter’s tendencies to all things Taboo.  The betrothed had been 1st introduced through his employment as her Tutor.  Forbidden fruit is the most delicious Grandfather reasoned Joseph would mount his Daughter perhaps within minutes.  And as an added incentive.  There was a ruse which restricted her comings and goings a few days before her lessons began.  Making entertaining Irene’s usual suitors impossible for a few days.  Like his mother.  And her mother before her Irene was a lusty woman.  Incapable of going without for any significant period of time.   A maid altering her birth control made the fertile 20-year-old an even easier target.  A truth her mother never knew. 

Like the audition, Joeseph endured which had included a vigorous fucking session with Grandfather’s own secretary and well-paid sex servant.  It was a different time and long ago.  When women had few options for employment and fewer outlets for any sexual deviancies they might harbor inside of their own hearts.  But a story Jessica had been told by the woman herself who was still in Grandfather’s employ until recently retired by Jessica herself.  Which is another story?    

What was expected from Jessica at a young age was not much.  Father was never around.  Leaving her mother the Freedom to experience a liberal sex life she would never hide from her daughter.  Nymphomaniacs apparently, ran in the family and especially through the women.  And Mrs. Andrews was just behaving much as her own mother had.  It was a part of the marriage pact Joe cut with Jessica’s grandfather.  For his daughter’s protection.  While Jessica grew up watching her Father pretend not to care his wife was sleeping around because if he didn’t?  He would lose everything.  Joseph was given control of everything else.  The money.  The companies.  And his Mistress.  But not her.  And they lived happily ever after?  Until his death about a year ago.

At their small estate and men would come and go or stay at Jessica’s mother’s whim and that hardly changed.  While alive Dad would mostly sleep in the Pool House when he did come home.  Since Jessica’s mother had no set time for entertaining guests, the arrangement was easier to bear that way.  Especially after one began keeping longer hours than the others.

Ron Walker.

The married neighbor whose estate was directly across the street from the Andrews home.  The one man all of the local housewives wanted.  Until Ron preferred the company of her mother Irene, best.  She was, after all, a true redhead with all of the advertised crazy associated with it!  Not the youngest woman but, uninhibited and unafraid.  Sexually adventurous and more than enough woman for any group of men!  One usually didn’t stand a chance until him.  But Jessica knew what his cock looked like almost as well as her mother!  Because he was perverted and shameless in his usage of her around what Jessica considered Father’s house.  And young Jessica hated him for it.

More times than Jessica could remember she would come home and find Ron fucking Mom.  Sometimes in her pussy.  Most times not in a bed.  Most times in some form of submissive bondage gear with incredibly complex components and constrictions that usually left her unable to move.  There would be marks on her naked body at times.  Hoods that put into question whether it was Irene or not beneath the cloth covers that often didn’t allow cohesive speech.  Truth was.  Whenever Mother entertained Ron, there was usually nothing between the leech and Jessica beyond the wet cock he often was pushing in and out of her mother!  But apparently, it was a line he wasn’t ready to cross.  Yet.

“Still a virgin.”

Jessica didn’t have to ask what Ron meant whenever he asked.  He was taunting her with long deep strokes into her mother.  She had heard him promise her to “treat her girl right.” In whispers and screams of ecstasy as well as any time he felt like torturing Jessica.  She knew how hard she was when he said it!  Knew they were talking about Jessica?  Her body and what must be her growing desire to be fucked by a man.  Reasoned it wouldn’t be long before she would ask Ron to take her. 

Jessica would watch in amazement from the shadows.  Wonder why her mother would shake so when Ron would mention her daughter being deflowered by him.  Until one day, Jessica stepped out of the shadows they all knew she was hiding in.  Looking into both of their eyes as if she knew their secrets.  Panting and sweating against one another Ron felt his meat swell at the young girl’s bravado and immediately came inside of her Mother.  And she turned and left.  Jessica remembered that day every day. 

Visions of Irene moaning like a pleasured beast beneath his long, thick dicked fucking. Seeing her mother ravaged in front of her eyes while the sounds of her depravity echoed through the halls of her Father’s home.  Around the corners.  Hidden inside of the curtains.  Imagining the young girl once intrigued possibly aroused at the sights he afforded her.  That was how Ron thought.  Taking over everything in his sight and dominating it completely until there was nothing left was his nature.  Jessica’s mother was no exception or prize to him without the future promise of Jessica.  Irene was wet and warm and willing to seemingly give him anything.  But Jessica was the prize he wanted.  But she was building up an immunity. 

While her father worked himself to death in the attempt to consistently prove he belonged.  Mother fed her carnal lusts while becoming enslaved to her weakness.   Entertaining multiple men in his home at Ron’s whim while Jessica swore to herself she would never have those problems.  She wasn’t like either of them.  Her weakness was her strength.  And Jessica wasn’t about to be controlled by anyone.

After the confrontation, she decided to move mostly to Manhattan, to her Grandfather’s.  Reaching out to her Father’s family, she began to get to know her “other side” Her culture.  Who she was.  Spending hours in her teens masturbating alone and losing her virginity to a beautiful but strong classmate’s strap-on.  Women taught her to control her growing sensual urges to be sexual with men and playing with her pussy taught her how to understand herself better than any person could!  Free to become a whole woman not attached by a sexual urge, like her Mother. 

Controlling her physiology before it became too great for her to control became Jessica’s intense focus.  Her background became her guide and her parents her examples of what not to do.  Jessica knew what she was becoming by the time she turned 17.  And New York was the perfect playground to experiment in.

Driven by Ron’s inappropriate advances to her at a young age Jessica could now admit had excited and driven her metamorphosis.  But she was repulsed at his actions she deemed to slight her Father.  And what about the other girls?  Ones she didn’t know but was sure he would try to fuck?  Some who couldn’t just move away?  She had just graduated College at the ripe age of 18 years old.  A prodigy and keeper of secrets at a young age who knew what she wanted.  Now she just had to take it!

After the funeral, Jessica was back at her Father’s home.  When everyone finally left was when she would take the rest of what was hers.  It was 7pm, and the stragglers were more considering who would console whom and where!  While Jessica removed her mourning dress.  Panties and bra.  And slipped into another black dress that barely covered her voluptuous tanned bottom.  Everyone exited the mansion floor level, and Ron and Jessica began their ascent into the Master Bedroom.    

The dress fabric clung to her round tits and lifted her nipples with their silky sensation generators.  She never walked around her Mother’s home in this manner before.  Mostly because Ron could see her burgeoning body through a fur coat and it wasn’t necessary to attract him.  Today she wanted control.

The desire to feel him or any other pulsating cock inside of her pulsating womb was growing with every passing moment.  But Jessica wanted more than a fuck!   Needed more.  In the end, Jessica was nothing like her mother.  Jessica was in control of everything around her.  Even her Grandfather.

The coldest bastard in the world who seemingly loved Jessica more than money.  Teaching her the lessons of life he never could teach his own daughter became late in life joy.  He saw himself as influencing her in his own image, as much as he could.  And protected her interests as if they were his own.  Giving her latitude over matters he would never grant her mother so when Jessica’s Father passed?  Jessica was the Lord of the manor and given control of the estates.  The stocks.  The cash.  The property and overseas portfolio.  And most importantly, her Grandfather.  The Love he shunned all of his life from his flesh and blood made him break his own Father’s rule and trust a woman.  He sat in his Apartment in Manhattan cut off from the world except for the occasional visit from a well-paid escort.  His one joy in life knowing that his Jessica was ready to make things right.    

Jessica had graduated High School at 15.  Columbia at 18.  And Ron only knew her from the shape of her thighs and his desire to have her riding him!  Spending most of her time in her Grandfather’s Manhattan residence broke his heart more than Irene’s.  And he hoped the older girl would not put up a fight once he was done with her mother.  As he tied Irene to the wall restraints attached over the Bed he knew he needed to use as many toys on her as possible to wear Irene down so that he could approach his goal.  Jessica. 

The funeral was the 1st time he saw her as an adult woman, and Jessica was gorgeous!  Long legs and a perfect, plump bottom.  Breasts full and like the Latina women from her Father’s side she had sought out.  Thicker hips than the usual 120 lb woman!  And her eyes.  Deep pools of emerald that made her look almost catlike.  It hardly mattered he imagined some young punk had gotten to her 1st!  He wanted to make his mark the last she would ever want! 

He placed a mask over Irene’s head and placed the 7in vibrator into her already wet vagina under her nightgown.  There was a line at the base which allowed him to slip enough fabric into the base to keep it fastened inside of her.  And a remote control that allowed him to control it from across the room. 

“Are you ready to give yourself to me now Irene.”

“I have always been yours.”

Turning up the vibrator to full speed.  Ron never allowed Irene a chance to adjust. 

“You have always been a terrible liar.”


The lash flashed across her ass with a slight tinge of pain.  Just the way Irene liked it!  She had gained some weight over the years, but all of the sex had kept her body young and firm in most places!  She loved nothing more than to be punished for her ways!  And Ron was the best at being bad to her Irene had ever met! 

After a few moments, Ron returned to her wet pussy to twist the vibrator back and forth before removing it completely!  Irene could feel the air around her puffed pussy lips as her body pulsated from the sensations,  But only for a moment.  Until the tip was pushed into her open ass.

“This is where I am going to cum.”


Her weak reply an admission as much as anything of her desire to be fucked in what she felt was her weakest spot of her body!  Ron knew she would cum and pass out under the girth of his 9 inches!  But she was powerless to resist. 

“Please, Ron.  Fuck my pussy 1st!”

Ron smiled as he considered momentarily her request before reaching around her body and rolling her nipples between his fingers.  Pushing the vibrator back in between her wet lips and aiming his dick directly into her dirty hole instead.

“How about both?”

Ron began to furiously fuck the defenseless widow for the next 5 minutes.  Straining himself not to cum at the thought of subduing a hopefully sleeping young Jessica next much in the same way.  Some punk may have ruined her honey pot by having the 1st taste.  But her ass was probably unexplored, and Ron wanted her virginity any way he could get it!  Unaware she was watching them from the door all along. 

As Jessica approached quietly behind them, Irene began to fade into submission.  As Ron came in her ass  deeply.  Coating and covering the pain inside her with his own warm ointment.  Jessica felt her consciousness fading deeper and deeper.  She was accustomed to sleeping this way.  Head covered, and arms extended above the bed.  Usually, Ron would fill her dripping wet pussy with his man juice and push the vibrator into on low.  She could feel his juice dripping around it slowly as he would let her rest.  Coming back when he felt the urge to further dominate her will.  And sometimes, she would fall asleep that way.   

As Jessica watched from the door.  Drink in hand she wondered to herself.  How many times had she come home to see a mask over her mother’s head and three or four men waiting their turn with their cocks out in the Living Room as a pre-teen?  All of that started after she met Ron.  When Ron took control.  Ron was mostly responsible for Mom’s depravity.  At least that was how Jessica saw things.  She wondered what it was like to be her mother.  So consumed with lust and desire that nothing else matters.  For the 1st time in her young life, Jessica felt something she never had for Irene.  Envy.

As Irene began to relax and fell into what Jessica imagined was an uncomfortable sleep.  Jessica began to make her move.  She slipped the heels she carried in her hands onto her feet and turned to leave the room.  Knowing Ron would hear her steps and reason it could only be her.  There were at least 30 steps between her Mother’s bedroom and her own.  And by step 15, she could feel his eyes upon her legs and ass.  By step 25?  She sensed Ron’s close proximity to her frame.  And by 35?  She had grasped his hand blindly, turned and locked the door behind them.  Excited the moment had arrived.

Turning to kiss Ron.  Jessica could feel the heat welling up inside of her body.  She knew from watching him with her mother he didn’t like to kiss.  He would grab his Mother’s throat whenever she tried.  The wet feeling of his tongue as it hungrily slid inside of her young mouth was enough to stir his manhood and excite her to the point of Orgasm!  She knew she had him.  Jessica wrapped her fingers around his cock as their lips became unlocked before bending over to slowly lick and kiss the tip of his stick.

“Mmmmm.” She purred.

“I need to wet my whistle a bit more before I can really dive in.”

Walking towards the table in her room where she slowly poured two drinks into separate glasses.  Jessica turned to face him and seductively walk back to where Ron stood in place.  Handing him the drink, she turned her back to him.  Inviting him to remove the dress from her body. 

“First finish the Scotch.  Then?  You can finish me.  K?”

Ron swigged the glass as if it were water!  Barely stopping to swallow as he pulled the dress off of her body.  Not concerned with ripping the thousand-dollar frock from her frame.

“You think you can tell me what to do little girl?”

Smiling with her back turned to him.  Jessica pretended to be taken off guard but, she knew the routine better than most!  Turning to face him.  Jessica dropped to her knees and engulfed his prick into her mouth in one smooth effort. Down to the hilt momentarily as she smiled inside at her well-practiced oral skills did their work on the dirty old man. She felt it stiffen and grow and she knew it wouldn’t be long now. 

“Tell me how long you have wanted this.  Wanted me.” She asked in a childlike voice.

“And I’ll tell you.”


“How long I have waited for this moment.”

The wetness surrounding his cock was increasing in waves with each downward stroke of her tongue.  It was the 1st time she ever sucked a real cock.  But she had practiced this moment many times watching porn while sucking on a lifelike dildo she purchased that reminded her of him.  She was a practiced professional of sorts.  Who gripped Ron’s ass tight in her hands like it was a life preserver.  Pulling his balls against her chin and sticking her tongue between them periodically.  Ron looked down and caught her eyes looking back up at him and immediately began to cum!  It was as quick a second explosion as he had experienced in years!  And as he looked down at the inexperienced unbeknownst to him cocksucker who had just drained him with awe.  How could this be! 

Standing up, Jessica smiled at Ron and began to walk away from him.  Swaying her supple ass even more confidently than usual.  It was her 1st time ever sucking the real thing, and she hadn’t expected him to cum inside of her mouth.  But for Jessica, it had been a pleasant surprise.   Ron 1st noticed her hair had been dyed darker now.  And it made him wonder about her young, tight pussy and if it was fire red, like her mother’s who was tied up in the next room still, sleeping it all off.   But Ron was spent and had nothing to offer the young woman.  Or did he.

“I saw you with Mother earlier. Scotch, right?”

Pouring two drinks, Jessica slipped the liquid Viagara she had purchased into Ron’s drink.  Before turning to face him once more.  Her bountiful bosom is tempting the older man to touch.  Handing him the drink while lifting her own glass to her lip.  Emerald eyes focused on him the entire time. 

“You may need some recovery time. You aren’t a young buck anymore now, are you Ron?”

Jessica knew Ron’s ego better than he knew himself.  Knew he wouldn’t let a woman, no, a girl, have the upper hand!  Ron pounded the drink down and walked over to the edge of the bed where Jessica sat.  Legs open.  Taunting him with bright red panties and supple thighs. 

“Like mother like daughter.”

Ron wrapped her hair in his hand and in so, lifted Jessica off of the bed and startling her!  Her young heart raced at how powerful this seemingly soft man was!  With his free hand, Ron smacked the young girls tits so hard across the nipples her pussy shook!  Almost making Jessica loose consciousness as she came!  Is this what he meant? 

“I bet you like it rough like her too.”

He continued to paw at her nipples roughly, and Jessica began to recognize her dilemma.  She wanted to finish him off, but…it felt so good, and she found herself powerless to resist!  It wasn’t going according to her plan now but, as his fingers now reached into her panties and seemingly immediately found her wet clit to squeeze so hard, she screamed Jessica recognized her plan was flawed.  She knew Ron wanted her.  But she had underestimated her lusts for him as well!  All it would take would be a few more moments under his control, and she would change her mind!  And then he spoke again.

“Your Daddy would be proud.”

The sneer on his face was exactly the same sneer she had seen whenever he saw the lights from her Father’s car enter the roundabout.  It always made him pound mother harder.  Hard enough for her Father to hear her moans outside.  Jessica found herself in that moment and looked down to see Ron’s tool engorged with blood.  Harder and longer than she had ever seen it from the shadows and wider than when it was in her mouth what seemed like just moments ago!  She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

The words were soft so she said it again.  This time, much louder.

“Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck me hard anywhere you want!”

Ron thought for a moment about his impressive burst of stamina!  His heart was racing at the thought of finally fucking his prize!  Not wanting to ruin the moment, he raised his arm attached to Jessica’s hair and with his free hand, removed her panties after smacking her ass and flinging her onto the bed in impressive fashion!   His heart beating as her ass rose instinctively to welcome him in. 

Ron could see the nipples on her 36 C’s pointing downward between the triangle that her legs created.  His 10 inches swelled above his empty balls in anticipation.  He knew she was nervous and probably, a bit scared of it!  And it excited him more!  His heart was beating fast.  Faster than the 1st time he had ever had sex!  Faster than the 1st time he had fucked his best friend’s wife!  He wanted to sit and catch his breath but, couldn’t find a good enough reason why!  Ron climbed between her legs and positioned himself behind her.  Pointing the tip of his manhood directly at her seemingly tiny pussy!  He couldn’t wait any longer!

“Be gentle.  I’m a virgin.” She cooed.

And technically Jessica was telling the truth.  She had experiences with women but, beyond the vibrators, she frequently enjoyed but, had not used in the two weeks since her Father had been hospitalized with his stroke.  Jessica never let a male enter her precious pussy!  Ron was to be her 1st

“Stop lying bitch.”

Pushing into her tight snatch, Jessica couldn’t help but cum again!  Ron pushed deeper.  Still deeper.  Till Jessica felt his light balls slap against her thighs!  Ron was breathing hard.  Harder than she had ever heard him from the shadows and she could feel his sweat every time their hips slapped together!  She knew it wouldn’t be long now and Jessica began backing up to meet his strokes enthusiastically.

“You like my pussy?”

He couldn’t answer.  His throat was tight, and his heart was beating, and Ron probably should have stopped to catch his breath.  But he couldn’t.  He needed to tame Jessica.  She was too feisty beneath his massive cock and Ron wasn’t one to acquiesce to any woman and definitely not a slut’s daughter.  He could feel his hard cock separated from the rest of his body.  And soon looked down upon himself as he pounded Jessica from one Orgasm to the next until it happened.  Ron felt himself swell inside of her and shoot what was left of his cream deep inside of her! 

Jessica looked back and saw Ron laying on the edge of the bed.  Mouth open with a stupid smile!  His cock was still hard and wet as she cleaned it with a moist towelette.  Collected the items and threw them in the burning fire downstairs.  Upon walking upstairs, she could see the Drug had done its job.  Ron was gone.  Mentally. 

As Jessica dragged the man down the marble hallway on the sheet mixed with their juices to her Mother’s suite.  She felt sexier than she ever had!  Rolling him off of the fabric and onto the floor.  She could see her mother stirring from her slumber on the bed.  This time in sneakers, Jessica quietly exited the Bedroom.  Confident that whatever consequence that would come would not come to bear on her.  As she locked her Bedroom door behind her after changing her sheets and placing them in the laundry. 

Mother would eventually get help, and it was pretty clear.  Ron had a stroke during one of their more vigorous sessions, and no one would want this investigated.  Especially not Ron’s wife.  Who most assuredly would take control of all he had amassed immediately, if not sooner.  As Jessica drove away all she could think about was her Father.  Would he be proud or at least, satisfied Ron would live out the rest of his years as a vegetable?  Was there more to do?  Or would he even care?   

As Jessica drove away, she remembered his daughter, Jane.  Wondered how she would feel about losing her philandering father?  Would she even miss him like she missed her own all of these years?  Or had she done Jane a favor by fucking her father to death? 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?   

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