Love is not an easy thing to find. Especially when you were built for sin.

Two times in the last 6 months, Kit had found herself feeling that certain way.  Special.  Adored.  Loved.  Being pampered like a Princess while being doted and protected like a valued Gem will do that to a girl!  That feeling of safety that brings a woman to the point she becomes open to her emotions.  That is how Kit confused lust for love again and again.

Sex is better when you’re in love!  It makes you cum harder!  Longer! But it always had Kit vulnerable to doing almost anything to please her men!  Some of it was activities she had enjoyed.  Most of it, not so much!  But when Kit fell in love, she was exactly that girl. Too much that girl probably!

The way her frame was cobbled together, combined with the sex endorphins that flowed freely within her staggering body, Kit had convinced herself to be disappointed in the past year by unworthy men.  Horny womanizers with smooth sentences and tricky tongues that cloud the senses in more ways than one!  She was susceptible to men who offered to taste her fruits since Virgin Kit allowed the Manager at her 1st job to eat her out.  He was a nasty older guy but, the combination of curiosity and opportunity was too good to resist!  Their relationship really changed once Kit threatened to tell the authorities about their activities.  She loved turning the man into her slave!  Making him lick her virgin pussy and ass with no reciprocation, as well as pay her for hours she wasn’t there!  Kit was barely naive.

Women looked at her with hungry mouths as well, and though Kit wasn’t a Lesbian, she loved to be eaten out!  Having little interest in women wasn’t the point.   Tongues made her cum and being in control fit her good looks and bitchy attitude perfectly!  Nothing better than a head between her legs and tongue upon her sensitive pussy.  Licking Kit’s clitoris.

Kit shook violently whenever an experienced cunnilinguist met the mark!  She knew the value of a daily orgasm and became spoiled as a result.  She loved when a man ran his tongue cautiously over her moist folds and thinking about it happening was enough to make Kit quiver and close her legs tightly together.  If she were alone, it usually ended with a finger or two being inserted as well.  If not, her mindset would be given her away by thick, jutting nipples that became as hard as a grown man’s cock whenever she was aroused!  And love only made her naturally cultivated urges stronger!

Kit played with her toys in the Privacy of her own home whenever in between lovers, but hardly ever when she was with anyone.  She used them instead.  Commanding them with disdain to their needs and concern only for their hungry faces!  She wanted to see them all covered in her moist lushness and imagined all of her targets the same way!

John was different.

He was older like many of her preferred targets  And in their conversations online, he expressed her preferred love of eating pussy!  But there was something else with him Kit hadn’t put her finger on until it was too late!  She always asked men to describe in great detail what they would do to her. With their wet mouths, tongues, and lips.  She liked to see it written down and the best descriptions, she would read aloud while playing with her Butterfly.  John he had hit every erotic button in regaling his plans to her!  But differently than the other men Kit eventually met and spent time with.  His language brought out feelings in her she never knew existed!  Desires she didn’t think imaginable! And ever since that night Kit wasn’t exactly her normal self!

She was very much used to intimidating her lovers and controlling every aspect of their interactions, even online.  But with him, she hadn’t cracked the code before they met which, turned out to be a big mistake.  After their first encounter, she doubted that she ever would!  Being adept at pleasing herself had come in handy since for the 1st time ever, she wasn’t entirely in control of her desires!  Kit could not bend him to her will like the others!  As a matter of fact, he had twisted hers!  Her nipples were always erect thinking about him hovering over her with his 9 inches of brown dick.  Wet and salty on the tip.  His voice and boldly spoken words of direction.

“Open your mouth now.”

The first time she ever really wanted too!  Her reflection in the mirror as she remembered his muscular ass stepping forward, placing it on her lips and bathing it over and under her tongue.  As Kit sat now fingering her snatch in the mirror, she imagined him stepping into the glass before her again   Making her pleasure him as she choked on her attempt to remain flawless.  Reliving their first and only encounter as her nectar slipped out of her hole from over and around her fingers!  She wanted him to treat her better!  Like the others always had!  But they never made her cum the way John had!  She couldn’t be in love with him!

Kit remembered his voice n everything she did now.  The dirty things Sir had said to her.  About her desire to be put on a pedestal before she had ever earned it!  That was what he said as he rubbed his index finger up and down her wet slit while grasping her throat from behind!  She remembered how his forearm felt between her globes.  Warm and powerful and wondering how right he must be since Kit’s legs were swiftly losing the ability to hold her own weight with her cunt shaking the way it was!  Pulsing until he let go to caress the flesh of her breasts with his large fingers.  Usually, they were the first thing Men went for, and Kit had no idea what was cumming next!  His palm slipping under them pressing down, revealing sensitivity and sensations she never even knew existed!  All while whispering dirty things she had no choice to answer in any way other than “Yes”!


Breathlessly moaned to the question of do I like my body touched.


To whether what I really loved was caresses is my pussy.


To the question of whether Kit had just orgasmed fully from the one finger, pressed and rubbing her insides now.  And finally


To whether she would let him have his way with her.  That she would agree to wear anything he asked her to.  Do anything he asked her to do.  Yes, because she couldn’t say no to him!

Men had always wanted her and Kit always wanted them, but their mostly disappointing fucking performances turned Kit into the woman she was today.  She considered herself to be lucky.  She didn’t need her Lover’s to last enjoy a fuck.  She only let them enter her when she was ready and after they had their faces covered in her own nectars.   She could cum as quickly as they had. It didn’t matter.

She was so beautiful and sexual most men couldn’t last more than 30 seconds inside of her.  And Kit had a closet full of clothes from shopping sprees meant to keep their poor performances secrets from social media!  Kit’s bank account also benefited from admirers who included her horny old boss, and some happily married men Kit had preyed upon.  Her boss overpaid her just for dressing provocatively and adding an “ambiance” to the office she most definitely wasn’t qualified to work in! And she lived in her Parents home at 23.  Money was not the issue.

Kit controlled men with the bat of an eye, a switch of her ass, and her Columbian accent that made her the most jerked off to a woman in the building!   Even though there was no official statistic to back that up!   Her nickname was “Sophia” amongst her admirers and even dated some of them.  More for convenience and a lonely night substitute but none of them could handle her either.  She was comforted that no one could go before John.

It was as if he had looked into her and saw something she needed.  A desire to be held.  No.  Held down!  Someone to tame her inner sexual desires that even she wasn’t sure of until he asked her.

“Do you like being in control all of the time?”

His voice was deep and steady.  Sure and measured as he looked directly into her eyes as if looking into an open book.

“I am not always in control.”  Kit answered.

Kit wasn’t sure of where he was going, but John just smiled across the table and snickered a bit before he answered. Sipping his wine while noticing her glass was nearly empty.  He placed his glass on the table before picking the bottle back up to refill her glass for her.

“Sure you are,” John responded.

Placing the bottle on the table, Kit remembered shifting down into her seat, as if looking for something to grind her responses against.  Her chest heaved as she watched his large hands and imagined them enveloping her chest.  And then squeezing her nipples so hard she felt the pressure in her tips tighten under her flimsy bra just from the thought alone.

“I would bet you can get any man to do anything for you.  Just by asking.  And sometimes, by not asking.”

Sipping her wine, Kit could feel her inhibitions slipping away at the revelation of uncomfortable truth.

“But I should thank them all.  And maybe we will.” He continued with another, more endearing smile before continuing.

“Had they seen you for what you really are.  You wouldn’t be here with me today.”

Kitty recalled feeling her thighs constricting a bit more from the inside, as she imagined herself alone with him.  He was older but didn’t much look it.  Mostly due to his long limbs and muscular frame.  One that wasn’t thoroughly disguised or distinguished because of his looser-fitting suit.  You had to look closer to notice how well assembled the man might be, under his clothes!  Something Kitty was doing with an unknown to herself intensity!

Kitty was solid, by comparison.  But he could easily manhandle her if, he chose to take her that way.  There was nothing that she could do about it.  All of the self-defense classes she had taken through the years would be ineffective against him.  Looking into her John saw what she wanted more than anything else!  John wouldn’t face any resistance from her.  Kit was already his.

Kit was remembering the Details like it was yesterday now!  Her finger pushed inside her pussy, moving back and forth, attempting to duplicate what John had done to her next that night.  Pulling her chair close to him as he opened her legs and began to massage her pleasure box in semi view of some but, earshot of others.  Kissing her on the nape of her neck once before asking for his permission to take her over for the next few hours, John had been deliberate in his seduction.  His soft lips, making their way across her ears slowly with a hint of his moist tongue’s recent departure from them.  His warm intoxicatingly Red Wine tinged breath complimented his hand’s movements.  Which was removed just before the Waiter returned for a peek? Then the words when the Waiter finally left for the check so John could touch her again!

“Now. you belong to just me.”

Words whispered days ago sent a wave of heat across Kit’s now naked, reminiscent body.  Kit looked at herself in the mirror now.  Three fingers digging deep into a sopping box and nipples too sensitive to touch as she came over and over!  Her legs jutted and bounced from side to side as she remembered what it was like.  Being someone else’s pleasure toy!  Someone who truly appreciated what she needed!

Kit reached for the phone and dialed John’s number.  Would he answer this time?  Most of her recent calls had gone unanswered.  Was he breaking up with her?  How could he?  How dare he!  After all the things she had let him do to her!  After all the things he had made her feel!  Her stomach twisted into knots, thinking about him with someone else and Kit started to rub her clit again as the phone rang.



“Hello, Kit.  What is going on.” John answered. His voice was cold.  Disconnected too.

“I want you to stop ignoring me.” Kit couldn’t believe her words.  She had just met for the first time him 2 days ago!

“I’m not Kit.  We talked this morning, remember?”

His voice was more even this time, and of course, he was right!  She wanted to be corrected and his confident rebuke made Kit melt a little bit.  That was the tone that opened her up and drove her wild with passion!  Kit placed her free hand around her nipples now as she lay on her bed naked in the middle of the day!  It was a big house that she shared with her Parents and younger brother.  But anyone could come walking in at any time, and often did!  But Kit was too far gone to care.  Her free hand squeezed her nipples harder than she ever had before!  Remembering John’s stern touch.

“Yes, you are.” She said.

“No.  I am not.  You are just a spoiled brat and used to getting your way.  I told you that when I was stuffing your cunt, didn’t I.”

Kit moaned in hearing his snarling voice, even if it was over the phone.  She remembered in an instant the rest of that night.

They had left the Restaurant and John had brought her by Uber, to the Hotel that he was staying in.  He made her leave her car because he wanted her full attention.  The fact that she agreed was the 1st Concession.

He had whispered the dirtiest words and actions imaginable into her ear the entire ride.  At first, she was uncomfortable since, after all, she was now at his mercy.  But when he grasped her nipple hard in his hands to get her attention her moist panties made remember why she was there!

John started with his antiquated views upon sex which was mostly about Male Domination,  It was entirely the opposite of his detailed letters about what she assumed was Pussy Worshipers she usually attracted!  Why this made Kit hotter began to be something she stopped thinking about as she realized John wasn’t just feeling her up without purpose.  He repeated movements as if making sure what was reported was true.  And he never became enthralled with any specific part of her body!  His hands were equal opportunity.

His voice spouted ideals about total rejection of Feminism in the Bedroom. What he felt was a “woman’s place.”  All while tweaking and testing her erogenous zones as if mapping her sensuality for future reference.  All with no regard to the driver leering into the rear view mirror.  By the time John had pulled her dress over her shoulders and down to her waist, Kit’s felt momentary discomfort had been replaced by a feeling of complete sexiness!  His warm mouth engulfed her hard nipple, as his palm pushed her hips down over her soaked panties and dress, making it impossible for her to do anything beyond wiggle her pleasure as her other titty dangled freely in the night air!  Kit came as she caught eye contact with the Driver in the mirror and felt her subsequent shame push her to cum once more inadvertently!

“Keep those soaked panties on you attention whore,” he whispered in Kit’s ear.

John squeezed her exposed nipple on her free titty for what seemed like an eternity before letting her go completely!  Her skin had begun to turn red from the pain before he finally let go.

“And pull your dress up.”

10 blocks seemed like an eternity as John kissed her lips for the first time and she felt herself relax completely in his embrace!  She didn’t understand how by being Dominated so, she could feel so free! It must be the wine, she remembered thinking.

The Elevator doors closing began another sensual onslaught of the senses as John’s hands allowed themselves every liberty upon her pulsing hot frame.  The opening of the doors.  Their hands clasped together in assurance as she stepped through the door and into her newfound self.  Things had not been the same since that moment and Kit forgot she was even on the phone!

“Are you finished yet?”

The voice on the other end was John sounding annoyed and probably with good reason!  Kit wasn’t herself lately, and she wanted answers!  Or something.  But how long had she been daydreaming while holding the phone?

“Yes.”  Kit’s answer was half-hearted.

Because the thoughts were too vivid!  She remembered how John had spread her legs and licked her sweet nub for what seemed like hours like he promised.  It was his usage of a Spreader, which eliminated her ability to stop him that caused this!  She was powerless to stop him from accessing her holes and pushed her limits further than anyone had!  Holding her thighs wide in position while extracting one secret after another from her soul with his dextrous tongue!  She was creaming again, remembering how he teased her Virgin asshole while promising to change that status!  He didn’t.  But before she left in the morning Kit found herself wishing that he would!  Who was she?

Kit had been exhausted and frustrated by his patience in eating her!  His naked 9 inches dangled and teased her every next wish that night!  Bigger than any she had ever seen up close!  But John was strong and didn’t allow her to touch it while he had licked her clean and dirty again over and over.  Asserting the dynamic between them as much as making Kit purr.

“What do you want to tell me Kit?”

John smiled as he remembered that night.  His stick hardened in an impulse knowing she would soon be his completely.  Adding her to his world would possibly mean the end of collecting, as she was more woman than even she knew yet.  John wanted the chance to pull it out of her.

Having teased and tortured her sensibilities.  Pushed her values and boundaries in public.  Explored her body and discovered there were only erogenous zones available.  Kit had taken to submission and public humiliation like the eager beaver he always wanted!  She was younger than he usually liked.  But that part was maybe how it was meant to be for them.  Kit was apparently in need of a Mentor and direction.  Who better than him?

And her pussy!  Most women he had taken in before had limits.  But Kit stayed juicy and ready even when taken to the point of exhaustion and beyond!  He had wanted to tease her with his cock more but instead, John had found himself placing full bottom strokes into her womb as it felt so good!  Even though he knew she was open John couldn’t stick to the script!  He barely could contain his excitement at the prospect of seeing her more often, chained to his Bed.  He was even thinking about purchasing a new one, more suited to what he could do with this gem!  And she was about to close the deal for him!.

“I want to see you.” She said.

“You know what I expect from you?”

Kit remembered the feeling of John pushing inside her.  The fullness of his cock pressing into her womb, causing her to shake intensely with each stroke.  Her legs ached from holding them high and being fastened to the metal bar to accommodate her new lover.  She was stretched and prodded as her body shrieked with the sweet pleasure of gratification,  Unable to slow or shorten his strokes.  And she loved it!

 John’s hands squeezing and slapping her nipples in a way no man ever had!  His bare cock rubbing against her skin!  She wouldn’t refuse him in any way.  She was unable to think of a reason why she should either.  Her body had already conceded to him.  He could do what he wanted with her!

He fucked her, and he talked to her.  He said he didn’t like talking so in the future if, she enjoyed what he was doing to her, there would be almost no conversation.  Unless it was initiated by him. 

John had fucked her and talked.  Told her she was beautiful but still, a horny woman who needed to be handled a certain way.  Men didn’t understand that about her and as such, could never fully satisfy her needs!  He could.  She especially moaned deeply as he told her after tonight, would always come back to him.

John had his ways.  Fucking her slowly and deliberately when he wanted her to agree on her own.  Knowing all along how she would react to his big, warm dick’s movements.  Pushing harder when she resisted the truth about what she was feeling.  Blissfully helpless. Knowing what she wanted even if she didn’t.  He was going to prove to Kit that you cannot fight your own nature.

He made her an offer they both knew Kit already agreed to.  Sex toy to a man who offered her no promise of anything beyond sex.  Her parents would be mad when they found out where she was living but, she didn’t care anymore what they thought!  She was an adult and needed to be her own woman.  Even if it meant being his woman. Because there were rules he had explained to her, she started to recite into the phone and relive their moments together.

“When we are together, my body belongs to Sir.  When we are apart, my body belongs to Sir.  She will learn to please him in many ways and improve at licking Sir’s cock.  Sir will explore her in every way possible.  Nothing is off limits.”

 She came,  plunging her finger deep into her ass!  Kit had squirted her pleasure across her bed as she imagined it was his hard, Brown Cock spitting hot semen into the tiny hole as it had into and out of her mouth in her most degrading memory moment of that evening!  Why she had the strongest orgasm of her life at that moment was why she was doing this now!  Fucking her own ass while Kit’s tits pulsated at the sensation!  It was the best!

John listened as he knew what she was doing on the other end of the phone.  He wasn’t smiling though his rod was hard as steel!  He remembered their last moments together.

John had awoken Kit ten minutes after she fell asleep.  Perhaps thinking she would spend the night.  He was wearing an open robe and smelling of hot water and fresh soap.  Kit glimpsed his body and recognized he was more chiseled that most men of her same 23 years!  He had barked at her to get dressed, her Uber back to her car was here.

“And don’t call me unless you are ready to stop playing Princess games and ready to find out who you really are!”

She didn’t see the semen which was partially dried in streaks from her lips to her breasts as he pushed her out the door!  She never had to worry about that before as she never let anyone cum in her mouth or on her naked body before!  By the time she reached the Uber, there was nothing that could be done.

And, It was the same Driver who had seen her Tits 5 hours ago!  He drove her back to the Restaurant and her car.  Shaking his head and smiling in disgust at her downtrodden state the entire way which oddly, made Kit proud!   She looked like a slut!  Her voice in real time remembered that moment as she proudly felt her swollen mound pound against her own weight in the backseat.  Sore but, sad it was all over.  Bringing Kit to the answer, John waited to hear.

 “Yes, Sir.” She said.  “I am ready for you to fuck my ass.  I am ready to be yours.” Kit said cheerily.

John thought it may be a few days or maybe a week until she was ready.  And perhaps he wouldn’t share her right away either.  In the meantime, she showed great promise as a cocksucker, and with a few days alone, maybe she could surprise him?

“1520 Parkhill Lane.  Bring a bag.  You will be staying a couple of days.”

“Thank you, sir.  Be right there.”

Mandy didn’t understand why this was happening!  Hadn’t she done everything he asked?  Sending him pictures of her when he asked her to?  She even had allowed him to share her with his friend, even though she didn’t like the idea at first.  And now he was calling her, telling her they were through and he was going back to his bitch of a wife!  How did this happen?

The tears flowing down the side of her face hadn’t stopped since she had hung up the phone and squeezing her clit between her thumb and forefinger wasn’t doing the trick.  She was cumming all over the floor, sure.  Imagining Keith’s hand was between her legs, and his cock was in her mouth like she always did when he wasn’t around.  Waiting for his return.  But the joy her body felt didn’t stop the tears from flowing because she knew, he wasn’t coming to see her ever again.  The phone wasn’t going to ring, and Keith wouldn’t tell her what to wear or how to touch herself.  She was all alone now.   All because of his bitch wife. 

Mandy knew where he lived with his wife, but she had never gone to his home.  They met in her office as he was filing for divorce and their “relationship” had blossomed from there.  She never had a man like him.  Big and horny all of the time for her.  She was powerless to say no to him, even now.

Most of their rendezvous were in public places like a Department store dressing room or a secluded area of a park.  They both shared a spirit for adventure and exhibitionism, and with a cock like his, she was hardly ever able to say ‘no’ to any of his requests!  She was a simple, healthy, normal 24-year-old paralegal when they had first met, and not nearly the sexual creature she was today.  She never wore panties, granted.  And she always loved the feeling of the wind brushing against her bare pussy, even as a young girl.  But she was not mischievous sexually beyond that.  From their 1st meeting, his piercing eyes and the impressive figure had cast a spell on her, and before she knew it, Mandy was gagging on his dick and letting him use her body in every slutty way imaginable privately and publicly.  And now it was over? 

Mandy had hardly noticed that she was walking towards Keith’s home he shared with his wife as she was not in her right mind.  Her heart raced as she knocked on his door, knowing he couldn’t possibly answer since he was at work.  The thing she promised him she would never do, tell his wife about them, was exactly what was going to happen!  Since Mandy was not in control of her emotions, she had no idea what she was going to say to the bitch when the door opened and Athena, Keith’s wife stood in front of her.  The fat troll. 

“Can I help you?”

 A woman answered the door, annoyed at the veracity of Mandy’s knocking. She was about 5’10 with blonde hair and impressive features.  Her breasts were about 34C and barely covered by her nightgown, which was sheer.  Hardly the frump, her husband, had described!  She was beautiful!  She towered over the ebony seductress and looked down upon her as if she knew why she had come.  They always did cum after all!  In one form or another.

Athena held no false pretense.  Her husband loved to fuck other women, and she knew it.  But they had an “understanding.”  The marriage was solid, and she knew all about this Mandy person.  Knew he had told her he was getting divorced so that he could have her.  It was ok.  They had similar and differing tastes sexually and allowed each other a certain amount of leeway with others.  A man as good in bed as her husband needed to be kept happy.  And she didn’t do the slutty things in public.  Too much risk.  But they were definitely partners in crime.  She had pointed Mandy out to him in her office and gave him the divorce idea in the first place!  She knew what her husband needed.    

“I am looking for Keith.  Are you his wife?” Mandy asked. 

Her clothes were thrown on and in her heightened state, were not many.  Sweats and a tank top. She had not thought this through.  Her own 34C breasts were still hard from the masturbating she couldn’t stop doing, even on the car ride over to fight her rival.  She expected an out of shape frump.  Not a Greek Goddess with a body that looked like it had been trained for combat!  She WAS going to tell his wife everything, whoop her ass, and wait for Keith to come to her home later where she would make her case for his cock once more.  Mandy knew she was the best woman for him and wasn’t going to be discarded so easily.  If that were ever his plan

“Come in.  He should be home soon.  I am his wife, Athena.” She said while opening the door wide enough to allow the young woman entrance. 

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” Mandy replied.

For the 1st time today her instincts began to work for her.  She had hesitated.  This woman was not scared or shocked by her presence which meant she was probably armed or worse, crazy.  Mandy knew Keith was not due off of work for at least another 4 hours and wondered why the woman would say different and never even questioned her relationship to him.  She knew something wasn’t right.  But it was too late.

“No Mandy, I insist,” Athena replied.  “Unless you want me to shoot you on my doorstep and explain your crazy threat to kill me over my husband.”

Pulling out the small caliber pistol from behind her back, Athena smiled wistfully at the most recent young bitch who had been riding her husband.  She had followed him to the bar with a camera to videotape her fuck in the alley for him.  And what a show it was!  Mandy’s pierced nipples shining against the spotlight as her husband and his BF took her from both sides.  One holding her suspended by her waist.  The other with 1 hand across her torso, as he force-fed Mandy his big black dick.   All of Keith’s friends had big dicks, and she knew them all personally as well as intimately.  Even if Keith was clueless to that much. 

 She had been watching the tape when she heard the knock on the door.  Pleasantly surprised to see the young whore Mandy on her doorstep, she knew what she wanted to do as her own pussy throbbed at her good fortune.  Christmas had come early!  She wanted to see Mandy and her dark head between her thighs for two weeks, so she told her husband to break it off until Mandy could be convinced to be hers too.  Knowing all along it would bring the woman to her doorstep since she had been pulling strings to their attachment all along!  A proper introduction was soon at hand as she picked up the 25. Caliber pistol she had purchased for such an occasion placed the handcuffs on the table and answered the door.  Keith would not be home anytime soon, so this was a chance for her to question the young woman alone.  And make sure Keith was honoring the sanctity of their marriage.  For lack of a better term. 

Stepping through the door, Mandy heard the door slam behind her and the locks being set.  Athena was enjoying the power trip and instructed Mandy to move towards the table where the handcuffs sat waiting for her.  The younger woman pleaded for leniency but to no avail.  Athena’s pussy was already pulsating, and for her, that meant no turning back! 

“Did you really think you were coming to MY HOUSE to start some shit?  Sit down bitch!”  Athena tossed the handcuffs towards Mandy and instructed her sternly.    

“Put them on.”

“Bitch are you cray…”  Whack! 

An open hand smashed across the heartbroken young woman’s face without warning, halting her speech mid-sentence.  Crazy.  No.

“Now!  Next time it’s the butt of my gun, and I am calling the cops.  You can explain to them how you ended up in my living room.  Our neighbor is on duty right now.  I can call his cell, strip you naked and turn you over.  He loves black girls too.  The whole night shift will get a crack before dawn.  You are far away from home Missy.”

She smiled at the thought of her considering this. She would make light work of Mandy in or out of handcuffs, and she hoped she would get the chance to prove it to her.  It would only make the conquest more sweet.  She continued.

“If you work hard enough with your mouth, you may not be arrested by the tiny dicks.  These police are well known for forgiving tickets with the help of a flexible tongue like yours.  At least from what I have seen.  But I am sure your attire would call for something more.  Are you willing to take that chance? Now put em on!” she screamed. 

Mandy had never worn handcuffs before since she had always been so willing to please her boyfriends, they had never been necessary.  Her mind was ablaze as she locked them tighter than they should be and the thought about what this crazy bitch would do next!  Mandy was still moist from seeing Athena standing in the doorway, totally comfortable with her sexiness while standing before her.  She had never been with a woman and didn’t plan too either.  But she also knew she was trapped.  She wished she had thought it through instead of coming here. 

Athena smiled as she placed the gun on top of a shelf the smaller woman would not be able to reach.  Mandy stared at her, wondering why Keith ever would need her in the 1st place!  She was an Amazon!  Her body was one toned canvas accentuated by a plump bottom not usually found on white women, or so Mandy believed!  And Keith had married her, so she knew, she had to be good in bed.  What a fool she had been to believe him!  All married men lie.

 “Don’t worry dear.  I won’t hurt you as long as the conversation goes my way.  And that means I talk, you listen.  Before you answer any of my questions, though.  We need to figure out how you will address me.  You I will just call slut.  Or whore.  Or both.”  Pausing for emphasis.

“Look, Athena is it?” Mandy said.

“I realize you have no reason to forgive me, but I am sooo sorry for fucking your husband.”

“Are you now?”


“Well, that is the first lie.  Never met a woman who claimed that!” 

 Athena said while walking towards the smaller woman and ripping her tank top down, causing the woman’s hands to lurch forward in modesty and fall off of the couch she had been sitting on onto the floor!  Her hands were cuffed in front as Athena straddled her from behind in a hold reminiscent of a wrestler as she straddled Mandy between her legs and reached around to squeeze Mandy’s hard nipple in her left hand. 

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be horny right now would you?”

Pulling the woman’s sweatpants beneath her knees limiting Mandy’s ability to move.  Athena plunged her right middle finger between the woman’s thighs, feeling no resistance beyond Mandy’s wetness.  As scared as she was, she was every bit the slut from the video, which she now resumed. 

Mandy’s eyes opened wide at the sight of her secret affairs playing on her ex-boyfriend’s wife’s TV as the screen filled with the views of her dirty deed. 

“You interrupted my favorite part.”

Athena spoke as Cliff came onscreen and grabbed the young woman’s head.  Pulling her mouth off of his saliva soaked cock and coating her face, tits, and a portion of her dress with his semen.  Mandy had forgotten Athena’s fingers inside of her and captured by what was happening onscreen came her all over Athena’s hand violently! 

“Looks like someone enjoys amateur porn!”

Athena laughed as she pushed the woman forward with her foot onto her hot, tingling nipples releasing her hand from inside of her.  Mandy was spent and hardly noticed the cuffs being placed on her ankles attached to a bar.  She couldn’t run away if the wanted too.

Athena pulled her to her feet by her hair and released her hands from the cuffs, only to pull them back behind her and refasten the cuffs. 

“The name is Mistress Athena.  And its time you learned how to please me.  And if you do a good job, I will forgive you for trying to fuck my husband away from me.  If you don’t…”

Athena sat back down on the couch and spread her legs, revealing a well maintained, pink pussy.

“Eat.  While I tell you how things will go from now on.”

Mandy had never been so close to a woman’s pussy and began to tentatively lick up and down Athena’s slit like she would like to be licked herself until she found a rhythm.   Athena gave her an hour to get her off twice, or else.  She came 3 times but of course, said it was only once!   Athena thought then how much she loved breaking in new girls as Mandy feverishly worked the dominant woman’s clit with her tired, but now willing tongue.   

Hours later.   Beep.

Checking his phone the image came through from his wife as he opened the door.  His wife being pleasured by his girlfriend!  Walking into the living room after and taking his clothes off at the door, Keith walked over to where his wife laid.  Her legs spread wide to accommodate the head bobbing in between them. Keith bent over and kissed her deeply, causing Mandy to lift her eyes to watch.

Snap!  The whip flashed against her skin and backside and she quickly resumed her task, Keith’s most desired cock inches from her face!  Athena had not told her she could watch!  She felt a twinge of jealousy at the intimacy between them until finally, the married couple stopped and Keith moved behind her.  The head of his cock relieving all tension as he fucked her harder than he ever had!

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all?


Mrs. Johnson fixed her face and applied her lipstick last, as she gathered her manuals and adjusted her panties beneath her knee-length skirt.  She had been fingering herself so fervently as she sucked the young Receiver’s cock down her throat that they had become frayed on one side.  Leaving her left vagina lip encased between thread and fabric.  The taste of his young cum dotted her taste buds as she walked down the hallway towards her car confident she was doing her best to help team morale by giving another player his earned A.  The fourth ‘A’ this semester.  A simple way to keep track of things.

The Football Team was Undefeated!  A source of school and town pride in a District that hadn’t had success in team sports for almost 10 years!  For this Upper-class liberal enclave benefitting from the number of Professional Athletes children that now walked the halls.  Sons of privilege.  Their Fathers were either NBA, NFL, or MLB retiree’s, gifted with an unfair genetic advantage.  Even the Caucasian boys were genetically superior to the other, surrounding area’s students District’s kids physically.  Mrs. Johnson always had a thing for athletic boys!  In College, she frequented the Men’s Dorm hallways sometimes more than her own place!  Never very particular about where or with how many men she encountered.

Freshman year of College Shay was quite the slut and especially for the Black athletes!  They made her cum and used her in ways that sometimes reminded her of home and Daddy’s playthings.  The ones used for sex by both he and Aunty before having doors slammed in her face!  But they always came back for more!

 “The sex or the money or both always brought them back!”  he’d say.

For Shay, it was always the sex!  That and keeping Daddy happy and respected by his Booster friends who were to the man a bunch of lecherous, dirty old rich men.  Sometimes, Shay left their dorm with all her clothes but, almost always without her panties.  Those were usually useless afterward anyway.

Daddy said sex with Black men was ok but, she would never be allowed to marry one.  But he understood the thrill of fucking those studs.  Alluding to the fact he may have even watched mother during Alumni/recruiting weekends on occasion convince the Boys to sign with State.  Her solid Trust fund meant she didn’t have to marry rich of course but that would not be allowed and Shay found the most convenient husband available.  Someone who worshipped but, never questioned her spending a lot of time away from home on Business trying to impress Father.  How little he understood about the Family he had married into!  Like her Mother, Shay was pure cock slut when it came down to it, and needed her freedom!

Shay’s Father well….  He was a philanderer and sexual deviant once she once walked in on Fucking his secretary while eating out Shay’s Aunt, her Mother’s sister in his home office!  Shay remembered screaming as she saw Dad’s cock sliding out of his Secretary’s dripping wet pussy and into her beloved Auntie’s mouth!  Still slick with the help’s juicy cum.  Or maybe it was a purr?  Shay also recalled her Father turning his head towards her while still pumping Auntie’s face until he came between her cum oozing lips as if it got him off, her watching!.  He smiled at her when he noticed Shay’s fingers squeezing her nipples at the sight roo though Shay had blocked that part out of the Memory!

“Like mother.  Like daughter!”

The blonde secretary purred.  Right before Auntie pushed her crotch over the woman’s mouth.  Where the “less” part of her panties left her labia exposed to the frosty air.  Shay suspected Daddy kept it cold to see women’s nipples poking through their sheer summer dresses.  Since the other parts of the home were usually overheated making the transition of rooms tenable to the least sensitive areolas.  But why she even took the time to figure it out before knowing the truth about anything else said more about herself than Shay’s well-hung father! 

“Shut up slut.  You’re a shitty secretary!  Use your tongue for what it was intended, slave!”

The horror this light-skinned black woman would have to endure these two for a living!  Even if the way her legs were shaking and her fingers manipulating her tanned snatch indicated the chore wasn’t so bad?  

“We will talk about this later cupcake.  Now close the door behind you and go do your homework.”

Her Father acted and talked as if nothing unusual was happening.  Even as his cock protruded towards his daughter’s direction.  Dripping saliva and pussy juice onto Grandfather’s antique rug!   So since 15.  Shay was indoctrinated into the Family way and never was ashamed of anything sexual behind closed doors. 

Daddy was a Good father and Shay was, after all, her Daddy’s girl!  They were extremely close and though they never crossed that line.  It wasn’t unusual for them to see one or the other in the act.  There were no secrets they could not tell the other.  And, it wasn’t required to share.

When young Mrs. Johnson lost her Virginity, her parents were in the next room for her 17th Birthday Celebration in Barcelona.  Surprising her with a pair of the ethnic boys she seemed to like the best!  They spoke Spanish but, their ethnicity was impossible to distinguish beyond Beautiful!  Shay Johnson was already an enthusiastic Cocksucker thanks to Boyfriends and one Black Teacher, making the threesome experience even more enjoyable!  As the 1st Boy’s cock severed as a Comfort animal for her wet, warm mouth.  Shay’s Maidenhead was displaced under the Penthouse clear ceiling and the Black Stars of the night!  Her parents were always very attentive to her needs.

In the US, Shay turned 18 and was off to College!  Her parents made sure Shay had her own place.  A close drive to Campus used to entertain College Recruits for their shared Alma Mater during recruiting season.  And just be herself the rest of the time.  They were Legacies and Shay personally delivered 2 All-America’s to the School herself!  Daddy was proud of her and teaching seemed to be a natural choice of Profession as Shay knew how to build a report with young men!  Her parents couldn’t be prouder! 

“Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson, I’d like a word with you”! 

A Mercedes of course.  The man behind the wheel had parked his car between her and her own and obviously had to have been waiting for her. 

“I’m DJ’s dad.  Artis.  It is so nice to meet you!”

She couldn’t tell how big he was exactly in his car.  But considering DJ was a 6’5 chiseled young man with a cock to match, she imagined Dad was similarly built.  Even if he wasn’t her type. 

“Sure.  How can I help you?”

“Well.  I’d like to thank you for working with DJ.  That A was completely unexpected as we both know.  DJ is not A type.” Artis said.

“Well.  I disagree.”  Mrs. Johnson followed with

“He’s been working very hard all year and the results are showing.”

Artis was talking to the young white woman’s soft tits as he responded.

“That is exactly what he said.”

Something about his voice.  The innuendo that wasn’t.  Or maybe it was the flash of remembering DJ holding her ass as he dipped his tanned stick into her honey pot the day before!  Either way.  Mrs. Johnson felt satisfied with her work with the young man and knew his recruiting trip would go well.  Thanks to her.  He was a Borderline prospect but, her Alma Mater did want him and Shay used whatever influence she had to support the University!  Just like her mother once had.

“Well, the proof is in the pudding!”

She smiled as she started to walk around the front of his car.  Shay was 5’6 with Reddish Brown curls and long legs.  Her ass-swaying a little extra as she moved towards her car door.  Her full C-cup tits bouncing in the wind.  Sucking cock always made her feel sexy and powerful!  And the tingle in her taste buds was enough to get her through her scheduled Skype session with hubby in an hour.  Marriage is work.   

“Well if you are not busy tonight.  We ‘d like you to come by the house.  It’s an unofficial PTA thing we do here and this year, you made the list.  The Misses would love to discuss your success with DJ.  Some of the other parents will be there but, it is a mostly social thing.  We won’t keep you long.”

Shay thought to herself a moment that there was no way she was going to a student’s house she was fucking!  Sounded like a complete setup!  I mean, if she was going to fuck DJ she would consider it but, still never go!  She liked what she did and besides, had her eye on the Junior class!  The last thing she needed was some Catch a Predator moment with an angry Mom!    

“Sorry.  I can’t.  We have plans my husband and I.”

Artis put his car in park and got out, walking around to meet her standing at her door.  He was about 6’8 and judging from the bulge beneath his pants, at least 2 inches larger than his son!  He didn’t try to hide his erection at all!  And despite him not being her “type”, how could you miss that! 

“Let me rephrase that.  We expect you around 9.  Principal Barnes will be there too and a few of the other Faculty.  It’s a good time for all and great for your career since there are forces at work in the District even a woman of your Background can’t navigate.  Please don’t make me beg?” 

Shay was still staring at his cock which she figured had to be wider than any she had ever seen and, Shay had seen plenty!  She was displaced momentarily.  Imagining what it would take to accept something that big into your body!  Too bad he wasn’t a student.

“You gave out 3 other A’s this semester to players?  Their parents will be there too and want to thank you.    And honestly, there are going to be some changes in the School Board this year.  Only those invited will know what is going on and, you want to know.  Besides.  With those teaching techniques of yours, you should never say no to me again!”

Shay’s silence spoke volumes even if her eyes were fixated to the hammer attached to Artis himself! 

“Budget cuts always are fatal for Public schools.  Many of us though like our school the way it is and instead of sending our kids to Private ones, are talking about Donations to support the District in its time of need.  A Teacher/student sex scandal would destroy that goodwill.  Amongst other things and cause a scandal that could expose the Teacher’s life and family.  Who wants that?”

The bulge in his pants jerked noticeably as Shay’s eyes followed the path of the monster across the open window shelf.  She reflexively jumped and almost reached out to grab it but at the last moment, kept her hands down and hoped Artis hadn’t noticed.  But Artis free hand reached between her seat, rubbing her Ass while smiling down at her. 

“See you at 8.”  

Shay smiled at him, doing the only thing she could think of in the moment as she watched Artis walk away.  Be still.  Was all this just Bullshit?  Was DJ setting her up all along?   Did Dad just want to fuck her and when she arrived it would be just the two of them?  What would she do?  What if he wanted Anal?  His voice is kind of sadistic!  Shay squirmed at the endless possibilities and found herself grasping her crotch hard.  Like she always did when she was horniest!  She was looking at a no-win scenario and possible jail time.  But it was all she could do to not plunge her fingers back into her throbbing crotch and push as hard and as deep into her tunnel as humanly possible!  Shay knew that she had no choice other than to play along.  And driving home was not going to be easy.    

Turning on her computer and opening her legs wide for her Hubby.  Who was half awake as well as across the globe to fully enjoy her lust meant little to Shay.  She skipped the seduction part of their conversation and went directly into fucking her wet, pink pussy with a short, powerful vibrator until she passed out from exhaustion or emotion as much as sexual satisfaction!  Because she wasn’t satisfied?  How could she be? 

Her dreams were littered with numerous men.  Mostly black but, all well hung.  Which her husband was not.  Shay chose him but in the moment of sleep accompanied by the memories of other lovers who fucked her like a dirty, dirty slut.  She couldn’t remember why?  Why wouldn’t she at least TRY to find a man she could be faithful too?  Or at least honest with about who she is!    A 26-year-old teacher who got into the Profession to mostly watch young boy’s crotches and let her Principal fuck her in the ass once a month as a part of her Mentorship!  And more importantly, if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else!  Maybe even the janitor!  Shay remembered when slept with her Best friend and her husband.  Cumming on her friend’s face while she licked Shay’s pussy clean of her own Husband’s cum!   The same friend who she used to treat almost exactly the way her Dad treated his Secretaries?  Was she like her Father.  Or just like him?

“If there weren’t cameras in this lot Mrs.  Johnson.  I would be yelling in your face so loudly, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything for the next two days.  Are you such a whore you would have sucked my dick where the cameras would catch everything?  Maybe I should just bring the video to the Police and let them handle it?” 

In her dream, Shay started to cry immediately at the thought!  But always after her hands and mouth dove towards Artis larger than life showpiece!  Of course, she would if given the chance to put his manhood into her warm, wet throat!  Her darkest dreams had her choking near to death on a huge cock like Artis and she always awoke to soaked panties afterward!  Shay had always used sex to get her out of just about everything and her reaction in her dreams was just Shay being true to her nature!

Though Shay was truly confused by the prospect of not being in control of her choices when she woke.  She also realized for the 1st time in her life, she was excited by it!  She had finally been caught in the Web she had woven for herself over years of being a selfish whore.  Knowing Artis loved every second of taking her control! Just like when she walked in on her Dad, Shay didn’t know what was to come next.  All whores eventually, get caught.

An hour had passed since her conjugal Skype session ended and she knew her Hubby was in a deep sleep from the amount of cum she witnessed during the session.  He seemed to get extra excited whenever she just got into it and his devotion to her sexual sensibilities made him perfectly ready to be cucked one day soon.  Even if she didn’t know that was her own plan.  Shay decided to make the best of the situation and prepare for a Party. 

Shay ran a bath and cleaned herself meticulously.  She had been dripping a lot since Friday’s were usually sex packed during the Daytime since she usually planned her Blowjobs for Fridays.  She especially savored the thoughts of the prude HS girls missing out on these horny HS studs because she had drained them hours earlier!  Those little bitches didn’t deserve it anyway!   Doing her Kegel exercises in the tub as was her practice, Shay wondered if they would matter anymore if Artis decided to have his way with her hole!  But she kept it out of her mind as she dried and got dressed. 

She didn’t want to wear panties but, decided to anyway.  What if this is a legitimate gathering?  Maybe Artis and DJ kept it to themselves and were just fucking with her?  She needed to be careful and decided on a modest dress with a button that showed sociable but, not a graphic amount of cleavage.  Her heels were modest as well.  But underneath there were Garters and a sexy, sheer lingerie ensemble that matched the color of her purple dress.  Just in case. 

When she arrived, Shay noticed there were only 7 cars total and two she recognized were of fellow faculty members.  Teachers who had started at the District around the same time as her.  One Black and the other Latino since diversity hiring was a part of the District’s core value.  She noticed the stickers on their cars from Big time sports Universities like herself.  And she also noticed the Superintendent’s Tesla which was parked in the Drive.  There were about 20 to 30 people in the Living Room, milling around and she figured most of them were within walking distance in the neighborhood and in the moment, she relaxed.  There was no way this was a setup with this many people! 

Artis’ wife and DJ’s mom opened the door and greeted her warmly introducing herself as Artis wife  Anita.  All while removing Shay’s coat and offering a drink which, Shay attempted to refuse. 

“Don’t worry honey.  We are taking your keys and have 2 Drivers on call tonight to ferry the guests.  Relax!  We know how to treat our Educators in the Hills.” As she smiled into Shay’s cleavage before adding.

“Even lovelier in person aren’t you?”

Grabbing her hand, Anita walked Shay around the room.  Introducing her to most of the people in attendance as “another of our Educators!”   She seemed to know a lot about Shay which, caught the younger woman by surprise.  She was smaller than Shay by about 2 inches.  She even weighed less which was something Shay had been interested in if, the meeting turned bad!  Shay was confident she could take her until Anita let it slip she was once an Olympic competitor in Jiu-jitsu herself but, she came in 4th, right outside of a Medal. 

“Ironically.  The woman who defeated me for the Bronze looks a little like you Shay.”

Anita smiled at Shay and in the moment, she knew Anita knew her and DJ!  Call it intuition among the women.  As the color fled from her face Anita grabbed her hand tighter, toying with the young teacher in what was an awkward gesture, to begin with by holding a grown woman’s hand.  Shay had been relaxed by the four drinks but now realized her mistake.  Too drunk to flee.

Thinking with her pussy instead of her head in hoping Artis would have found some way to save, blackmail and force her to suck his monster cock at some time during the night was why she came!  Instead, she was left awkwardly holding the hand of an expertly trained Mother of a student she had technically, been fucking and sucking for personal gratification!  The relief came with the Superintendent clinking his glass for a short speech to the seemingly worked up crowd.

“I’d like to thank the relatively new Faculty members for joining us tonight for our Bi-Annual Parent/Teachers mixer.”  Followed by a wink and polite applause, before he continued.

“Mrs. Shay Johnson is our newest Invitee.  She is a Physics and Biology teacher at Hills and one of our Most Popular Young Teachers!  Especially I hear with some of the students!”

Laughter and giggles commenced as Shay stood blushing in the middle of the room!  Was he talking about her having sex with students?  What the fuck were they all laughing at!  Shay’s instinct to flee became a freeze as the older man continued…

“You all have such dirty minds!  No wonder why we can’t have these events Officially sanctioned!” 

More laughter.

“Now if everyone has signed their waivers would like to head down we can get this Party started!” 

And with that, the room began to empty into the yet unexplored by Shay lower levels of the home.  Shay, however, felt her hand being tugged in a separate direction. 

“Come with me, Shay.  We need to discuss the waiver.” Anita said.

Sensing this would probably be the best time to leave.  Shay attempted to pull her hand away from Anita’s grip but, to no avail. 

The Superintendent turned and faced the women.  Noticing the slight tussle from his teacher he decided to Shay’s relief, to come towards him.  This would be her chance.  He smiled as he approached and began to pull out his phone.  Stopping in front of her as he turned up the volume of the Video playing. 

It was Shay’s car.  Parked outside of the home they were now in but it was obviously shot by security cameras.  She remembered that Friday night.  DJ said his Parents were on vacation and she had broken her rules to give him a ride home.  The problem was what happened once she stopped the car in front of the Dark home. 

The Superintendent slid behind Shay and rubbed her dress covered ass in a circular motion, causing her to jump.  She was so fixated on the film of her leaning over the trunk of her BMW.  Her pink dress hiked over her head as DJ pumped her pussy full of young cum!  She didn’t notice him circling behind her and aside Anita. She was too shocked to be watching herself be exposed and worse, she never knew it before now!  The dew dripped between her uncomfortable thighs as the Superintendent fondled her ass.  Feigning surprise at finding panties between her garters! 

“I wouldn’t take you for a woman that ever wore panties.”  He whispered as if Anita wasn’t close enough to hear and chuckle at. 

The part in the video when she turns around to suck the last drop of his sweet, young cum while savoring the taste of her own honeypot that covered his almost 9-inch cock was accompanied by a strange twist of fate.  Anita faced the woman as the Superintendent dropped the phone to watch Anita force her tongue into Shay’s mouth!  Shay wasn’t sure how good to feel about it, considering the circumstances.  She had let a woman eat her before, of course, but, Shay had always been the aggressor and always. The beneficiary!  Shay, she stood firmly planted while Anita released her hand.

“Your case has been mediated by the Board and the parents of the aggrieved students are all here tonight.”

The Superintendent was stern yet, businesslike as he barely looked at Shay now.  His hair thin but. his otherwise average looking body seemed strong and was connected to as a healthy, hardened cock beneath his trousers he never attempted to hide!  It was like Shay had entered one of her many sex driven fantasies except, the danger was real!   The Superintendent reminded Shay of her father in the way she could sense he didn’t want to fuck her but,  was turned on at the prospect of what she would do next!  And judging from Shay’s nipples, so was she! 

“We are a very tight-knit community with as you know, a very unique demographic.  The best teachers in the Country are applying to our District and, for good reason.  It is a gateway to success in Education.  We only hire the best.”

The Superintendent paused briefly before Shay spoke.

“Thank you.  I”

“From now on do not interrupt me.  If you understand then please nod.  I am trying to offer you a way out of the Lawsuits these families are planning to file against you.  They are consenting age but, you are still their teacher.  The Laws are very clear in these cases.  Do you understand me bitch?”

Turning to face her as he said the last word.  Shay nodded her consent before he began to speak again.

“Because we hired you.  We know you are NOT a dumb bitch.  But, you have been known to be reckless and we can’t have asterisks walking the halls of our Community so we have decided to reign you in.  Your choice is sign this waiver consenting to be the Party Slave and all will be forgotten.  You will service the Men and women in attendance and not say a word as to why to any of them beyond you are a Horny slut and made to be used by all.”

Shay decided to bolt!  She made it one step before being corralled by Anita and held in an Arm-lock!  She didn’t have to exert much pressure for one of Shay’s titties to fall out of her dress and expose a super hardened nipple!  As the Superintendent touched it, Shay jumped and almost came!  The pleasure of being defenseless was so intense! 

“Shay, you really don’t have much of a choice!  We have you on tape and the Internet loves teacher fucking student tapes!  You will be arrested because the Sheriff is downstairs!  And, though I know you come from an affluent family.  I am pretty sure Judge Raines will make sure you do time since he was promised your Asshole 1st!  Don’t make this difficult!”

He handed her a binder before placing his mouth on the exposed nipple and reaching under Shay’s dress to thrust two fingers inside her convulsing wet hole.  Her shivering body flexed against his fingers as Anita manipulated her arm, forcing her to bend her knees onto them widened digits involuntarily until pressure was no longer needed!  Shay came in the Living room as it emptied out and was so caught up in her own pleasure, didn’t give a second thought a few people were still in the room.  But they never flinched at the sight of her grinding down onto her Superior’s hand.  Shay managed to sign the waiver in the binder before allowing it to drop onto the floor in slutty ecstasy!   What choice did she have?

Smiling at the young woman as they ascended the stairs to the Bedroom, Anita fitted a chain and two nipple clamps Shay’s protruding points.  Anita promised to make sure Shay wasn’t damaged by any guests or Parents and assured her she would only be used by some of the Partygoers.  As long as Shay licked her pussy and ass like a good little white slut should.  Obeyed her commands and those she allowed to have control over her tonight.  And didn’t try to escape the consequences of her actions by claiming she couldn’t do what was asked of her.  She told Shay it would be good for a slut like her to learn some discipline since she was getting older after all!  And her first lesson was going to be a good old-fashioned paddling and pussy eating tutorial.  With her and the rest of the Mothers of the Boys, she had violated. 

As the night went on, Shay made amends with all of the Families as well as paying off the Sheriff with her mouth and the Judge, who deposited a load deep into her Ass as he yelled: “All fines satisfied!”  Her mouth and pussy were sore for days as the Party was well organized.   

First, she ate the Mother’s pussies and each had a dirty, verbal message about being an Old slut with the punchline being sprayed on her face!  Only 1 was extremely rough with Shay.  Sitting on her face for so long each time Shay felt she would pass out!  Only to be awakened by the woman’s finger being thrust up Shay’s own cum soaked Asshole!  When the woman ended with the sweetest kiss and most gentle words about how good Shay was with her mouth Shay returned the gesture in earnest!  Shay was a quick study and the truth was by the time Anita had stopped paddling her ass earlier in the evening, Shay was loving the taste of the woman and wanted more!  Eating pussy wasn’t just easy, it was natural to her!  Her nipples throbbed from the two tight clamps but, her body felt great! 

When the men came in to spend time with her Shay knew this was no normal gathering.  The smallest cock was 1st.  But each subsequent man was a bit larger and some fucked her longer than the last!  They all wore condoms which was a relief.  until some of the men removed them to spill their seed wherever they wanted!  Her face and tits were the most popular choices!  She was a sweaty, soaking mess by the 3rd hour and not being given much time if any to recover from Cock to cock!   And the fucking seemed to go on forever!  That was until the gangbang culminated in Shay being nearly split in half by Artis 12-inch Monster which was not covered by rubber and after a few unconfortable strokes felt so good!  It was quite a relief when he came inside of her in such volume it almost served as an Ointment to her throbbing walls!  And she got a ten-minute break to clean her face but, not her hole which was rich in Artis thick cum and strangely made Shay feel comforted.  She loved feeling cum inside of her.

The other 2 Teachers were soon brought upstairs to close the evening and told to get into a Daisy chain with each one cleaning out the cum-soaked pussy of the next!  Later she learned the women had been similarly invited and duped into being sex slaves though one was lying.  She had volunteered.  Anyway,  Shay came 1st and her reward was to be fucked by the remaining horny guests since she was obviously still horny!  By the time the last man had cum on her face the home was empty and Shay was exhausted!  She passed out on the Bedroom floor. 

Shay woke the next afternoon in a cast iron bed in a room she wasn’t familiar with from the previous evening.  Her laptop was next to her somehow and, she smelled of sex!  There was a sound of running water and Shay walked towards it where there was a woman in a Maid’s outfit running a Bath.  She was older but, seemed familiar to Shay somehow?   The woman’s frame was a little fuller though but very shapely for an Older woman. Shay couldn’t see her face but immediately recognized her voice. 

“Like mother.  Like Daughter.”

It was her Father’s former secretary!  They were in the Basement and she explained to Shay she was locked in the Basement till DJ left the house in about an hour.  He didn’t know anything about the Swinging PTA parties or the room they were now in was built strictly for Mom and Dad’s personal guests.  Soundproof.  Well-equipped.  And private enough for her to exact her revenge on Shay.  

“Clean yourself up and get ready for your 1st meal of the day, You have 10 minutes,”  she said.  

“I know your family was never big on names so you can just call me Mistress.  Same as my sister Anita.  You have much to learn before you Skype that hubby of yours.”

 And I can’t wait to become reacquainted with your Aunty she thought as Shay dug her tongue into her hairy folds of pussy flesh telling her.

“You are going to love it here.”

While Shay thought to herself.  I already do.    

“I consider myself to be a Feminist.”

The words shot out of his mouth with the smooth sincerity of the man himself.  Immaculately well-groomed from the tips of his shoes to the last strand of black hair on the top of his well-coiffed head.  And that body.  Lithe and toned like a machine and attached to a cock that was like, a machine.  Without a brain, he wouldn’t have to think to get women to do as he wanted.  His twisted intellect only making him even more difficult on Michelle.

His lips were pinkish red with a tint of moisture on each one.  Just enough to imagine what they looked like when in between Michelle’s well-toned legs.  A feeling she was quite familiar with by now and quite frankly, longing for at the moment.  The fact he had the audacity even to say those words.  A Feminist.  Itmade Michelle’s blood boil a little hot!  But, the word also made her panties drip a bit which was an odd combination considering what he was doing to her.  Testing her boundaries and acceptable beliefs with each new meeting of their minds and bodies.  Only parts of Michelle felt stronger. 

His fingers were again underneath the fabric of her sheer white dress.  White so that there were no surprises to anyone looking into Michelle’s direction.  She might as well had been naked as every contour and bump of her alabaster skin could clearly be seen under lights.  This assault on her pubes was the 3rd since they had left the Apartment.  A short walk from the nearby Restaurant.  But for the first time, she was beginning to get nervous enough to match the excitement that someone might notice!  The feeling that everyone was watching Michelle’s face turn different shades as he adroitly teased her puffed out cunt lips beneath the thin fabric sent her over the edge! She was just trying to keep herself composed enough to get through the Appetizers!

She believed him suggesting she no longer wear undergarments around him was going to be a Private Matter.  Between the two of them.  But as the light in this well-lit restaurant hit her at certain angles, Michelle was sure everyone else was in on their dirty little secret!  The sensation of belief was enough alone!  Did he have to manipulate her overly sensitive folds too?  He knew she was overly sensitive their from their previous encounters which had steadily broken down her will to resist.  To utilize their agreed upon “safe” word.  Even at points when Michelle was resistant to play along, she had remained silent.  The words “no” never escaping from between her lips.  Don’t maybe but, that was always followed by


Michelle’s orgasm had her synched under his spell and thinking about how she became what she was!  Here she was.  All Hardened nipples and pursed lips about to cum once again in front of strangers!  Her girlfriends would never believe or understand how their girl power leader was spending her spare time as a man’s slutty toy.  How could she explain to them how these were becoming her happiest moments?  How what she had discovered dangling over the foot post of this man’s bed had liberated Michelle in ways she never knew possible?  The revelation was new to Michelle as well.  She hadn’t had a chance to even think that far ahead.  And maybe, she wouldn’t have too.

“Scoot forward slut.” He asked nicely. 

“I want to see if you will squeal like you do when we are alone.  In front of all of these people pretending not to be watching.  I am going to grab your clit so tight and rub it between my fingers until you call me Master or squeal for the other Diners.  Are you ready?”    

She knew better than to answer by now with anything beyond a nod but her thoughts were “You promise.” Which was a complete departure from the young woman Michelle believed that she was?  The emotions once again mixed with the thought of Michelle’s naughty behavior with him.  She scooted forward to do what she was told.  Submitted to him while refusing to say a word because she didn’t want to refer to him as Master.  They had discussed this last barrier as a vestige of who she was before accepting his invitation to Tea and the dripping slut who wanted nothing more than to submit to his twisted desires being at odds.  The solution was silent compliance and, a promise to see where they ended up.  That Michelle thought it would be a momentary fling and never imagined the naked sexpot she had become existed inside of her.  But somehow.  Derek did!

She was the type of girl she looked down upon weak women and men.  With Amazonian good looks and overdeveloped mental ability.  Michelle had indoctrinated all of the girls into her HS Lacrosse team’s Sapphic circle with a combination of sour and sweet treatment.  Even the “straight” ones.  The sweet being the nectar between her thighs dribbling onto their weak, submissive tongues like ceremonial honey.  It was what was going to happen if you wanted to be on the team.   And if Captain Michelle wanted their boyfriends?  Michelle would take them too.  Sometimes on her own.  Others as a threesome with strict rules.  It all depended on how Michelle wanted it to be.   She was the DOM all of her life.  Always in control.  That part of her wasn’t going to give up without a struggle!

Michelle wanted to avoid the sensation building between her thighs from erupting immediately.  But mostly because she wanted to erupt with his hand inside of her warm body!  So her walls would have something to hold onto as she waited for the Appetizers and shook into a deep Orgasmic storm.  He always made her cum so long and hard!  His cock, distended and bulging beneath his slacks.  Prone down his right pant leg furthest away from her so that she had to lean over to catch a glimpse of what the woman at the next table was staring at intently, instead of Michelle like the other patrons.  It was a reminder of things to cum!  And the power of a perfect cock.    

Wishing he would tell her to unleash it into her hand, mouth, even his lap so she could grind on top of him to feel him fill her completely as only he did!  She was willing to do it right here!  Wanting to look into the horny bitch’s eyes as she rode and marked him as Hers!  Let her know that she knew what she wanted intimately but, couldn’t have it.  Michelle knew that if he asked her to fuck him anywhere, anyway, and anytime he asked.  She wouldn’t refuse!  These thoughts were crazy and irrational but, she wanted them to happen anyway! Going too far even didn’t worry or stop Michelle from wanting this reality to happen anyway!  Even if the thought embarrassed her into looking down as she scooted forward to heed his command.  Wondering how far he was planning to take her into his Dominant man act Bullshit! 

A glimpse of her own erect nipples only made her cream as much as she could without shuttering into a complete sexual seizure!  Her thoughts were as short as his finger-strokes into and out of her wet hole.  And once more, her resistance was broken.  Michelle panted her way through his slow knuckle banging and utterly disrespectful dirty talk.  All while looking into the envois woman’s eyes whose date by now was asking for a check.  Michelle halfway hoped he would avoid her pink nub and spare her the indignity of a public Orgasm she couldn’t hide so easily.  While wanting him to touch her there more with each stroke of his hand.  The truth was, she wasn’t hiding anything from anyone. 

The fact she couldn’t stop cumming back for more abuse had set in, as Michelle understood the depths of her own secret desire to be dominated herself.  The fact that she wanted him to treat her this way.  Was enjoying being a whore for the Blue-plate Dinner sect was something she knew her father would never approve of!  He could have colleagues in the room, but as his fingers slipped from between her legs and near her lipstick laden mouth, instinctively she licked them dry then, wet again.  Opening her mouth wide to suck them clean like a mini-dick.  Who was watching didn’t matter at all.

Michelle was only hoping he would use the slippery saliva and nectar dripping from between her pussy lips to finger fuck her newly opened ass.  She missed the companionship of her training tools and as her vagina pulsated and her ass seemingly pulsed in rhythm.  Michelle would immediately Orgasm  again if the tight, dirty hole were similarly penetrated by anything at the moment.  Too bad it was nearly physically impossible to reach from this position, and she knew he wouldn’t!  Instead, his fingers were rhythmically worked up their own song inside of her body.  Teasing her bud as her nipples hardened to the breeze.  He was merciless in prolonging either her agony or Orgasm depending on his mood!  And Michelle found herself increasingly interested in how he felt!   What he wanted.  It seemed as if he was making her the star of a show in which she was powerless to resist his will.  When Michelle scooted up and felt his finger encircle her puckered tiny anus with her own slickness, even momentarily.  Michelle had no other choice than to drop her head and bite into her napkin, in hopes to muffle and control the sound of her own voice! 

“Do you not feel liberated woman?”

Derek was sneering down as he enjoyed his conquests enhanced breathing.  There wasn’t much more to their relationship than moments like this, so far.  Each escapade he savored as much as the last because good things never last long.  Derek could feel Michelle’s hand rub over his hard dick.  Pressing his flesh as it pushed against the tight fabric of his suit pants.  She lost again.  Thinking this is a good thing.  A very good thing.  One extra hour of play. 

The woman across the aisle was leaving but staring with strange envy.  Michelle was delighted to see her longing and winked at her seductively which, her date saw and frowned upon.  She was demure and cute but, you could see the Tigress beneath the woman would eat this angry man alive one day as the ring on her finger suggested they were married.  She was no threat and off into the night.  Where the two of them would be soon. 

“I am going to fuck your ass with this finger and if you cum?”

As Michelle moaned a guttural groan, the entire room turned in her direction!  The thought alone was enough to send her over the edge, and John quickly got up from the table.  Leaving her alone to squeal and moan for the entire room!  Her legs couldn’t follow him if she wanted as they were as weak as cotton.  All she could do was reach for her glass of water and hope she could follow him as quickly as possible! 

“You are such a slut.”

The waiter politely whispered in her ear as he roughly grabbed her by the arm and escorted Michelle towards the door.  Another man joined him in her removal.  Groping her ass accidentally but, indiscriminately as they removed her roughly from the Main Dining Hall and towards the door.  In the Lobby, she saw Derek giving his card to the woman who sat across from them at Dinner but, couldn’t see her husband anywhere.  That was until she was outside and noticed him pull up in a Mercedes to the front door looking for her.  It was too late. 

Derek walked outside and grabbed Michelle by the hand.  Intertwining their fingers together like a pair of old lovers as he strode next to her.  A dinner to go bag in his hand had her believing this was all planned, and he never intended on Dining out.  They would eat in as usual.  Talking and getting to know one another even more before he would command her roughly to suck his cock and the fun would begin anew.      

“Of course, sir.” 

Michelle was still hungry, but honestly, Derek had pushed food far away from her focus.  She was relieved this test was over!  And had to admit that her sluttiest self-was looking forward to whatever came next!  She didn’t understand how the power he had gained over her with their “enhanced sexual experiments.”  And though a part of her was angry and jealous at what had just transpired inside.  The way he left her to be gazed upon and humiliated while he chatted up his next conquest in the Lobby right in front of her.  Testing their agreed upon free relationship status right in front of her after what she had done for him made her blood boil hot!  She wanted to kick his ass and call him names, but she was afraid of what she might say.  His next words made it easy. 

“I don’t think this is working out.  You can come to my place to collect your things but, I can’t be with a total slut.”  Derek said coldly.

His words were so nonchalant that she believed he was halfway joking!  He was halfway up the block, headed towards his apartment before Michelle even knew he had left!  What the fuck!  She had given him everything!  Did everything he asked!  And now he was dumping her!  Michelle didn’t even notice her tit was hanging outside of her dress and was only brought back to consciousness by a man exiting the Restaurant propositioning her. 

“How much?” 

By the time he recovered from the knockout blows, Michelle was up the block at Derek’s apartment door!  Her mascara slick from crying but for what reason?  He was essentially, a pervert!  A creep who preyed upon women!  A man without morals or boundaries!  Why did she care? 

She knocked on the door gently and was greeted by a naked John standing before her.  She was shocked at his appearance but, a familiar feeling stirred in her groin as she noticed his tan cock flaccid beside his thigh.  Even soft, it was as big as the largest she had ever fucked before him.  But he was such an arrogant tool!  He stepped aside and allowed her to come in.

“You can get your things.  It has been nice knowing you.  But as you know, we agreed to stop whenever the other felt it was time.  No explanations necessary.”

Michelle wanted to scream!  How could she have been such a fool?  Such a slut!  Thinking about everything that had happened made her so angry she wanted to kill him!  But she didn’t have the strength.  All she could do was drop to her knees and run her tongue across his beautiful cock.  Like she wanted to do all night! 

Her lips encircled and enveloped his head in a sheath of saliva as Derek looked down at her like a lost dog in heat.  His cock grew inside of her mouth as she sucked and licked his balls and attempted to reach his ass with her tongue but, he stood with his legs too close together to allow her contact with anything beyond his balls. 

“Is this supposed to be your apology for embarrassing me tonight?”  he said.

Her mind raced as she tasted his sweet pre-cum on her tongue.  She wanted to let his cock from her mouth and kick his ass like the man down the street moments ago.  But all she could muster was deeper access to her throat.  Gagging and coughing as she attempted to do for him the one thing she never had for anyone else.  Taking a man down her throat was to Michelle, an ultimate act of submission.  More than giving up her anal virginity which was last week’s lesson.  She knew the games were over now as she cried with his cock stuffed down her throat.  Releasing a stream of saliva onto his floor as she let him out to breathe.

“Please.  Don’t break up with me Derek!  I love you.”

Derek grabbed the woman by her ears off of the floor and pulled her into what was normally off-limits.  His office.  The horse was set up as he roughly pushed her tall legs towards the apparatus and bent her over.  Michelle’s eyes faced her ankles as she felt his cock press into her pussy fully with one stroke!  Tears flowed from Michelle’s face as finally, she was being fucked!  Her cream covered his cock, and as he pushed into her ass-bud, Michelle’s tears became real!  It felt soooo much bigger than the plugs she had been training with and as the third stroke completely filled her ass.  Michelle felt a sensation of pain and pleasure she had never experienced in her young life to date!  She passed out for what seemed to be 30 seconds before waking to the sensation of a widening cock splitting her nearly in half. 

“Take it all slut.   If you want to be my slave and not call my name?  You know what you have to do now.”

Pulling his cock out Michelle quickly fell to one side of the horse to do what must be done!  Her legs were uncontrollable but, her mind and body were willing to submit to anything to keep her new boyfriend happy.  Michelle quickly struggled to her knees to swallow his cock into her throat just in time to collect his entire load.  She coughed but knew better than to remove him and seriously felt death by choking today would be a better option than life without a visit to him tomorrow before collapsing on the floor. 

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Michelle.  Is there anything u would like to say to me before leaving?”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“That all depends.  What did you think about Josephine?  The woman from the restaurant?”

Michelle could feel her pussy pulsate at the thought of the competition of another woman so close to what she wanted only for herself!  These feelings were foreign to her and yet, as the cum streaked down from her lips and grew sticky upon her breasts.  She realized there was no way that bitch could compete with her or strange as it seemed.  What they had together.  She was never going to give him up.

“The married slut?  I’d like a crack at her.” She said sadistically.

With that, Derek picked Michelle up bringing her into the bathroom for a shower together.  Washing her hair and holes until they were squeaky clean.  Leading her by the hand into the Bedroom where he kissed her deeply. 

“I want you to lick my dick, balls, and especially my ass until I tell you to stop.  Then, I want you to ride this dick until you fall asleep and as you do, I will tell you what I would normally do to a married slut like her.”

Michelle laid in the Bed she previously had never been allowed on before today.  Usually, he fucked her on the carpet or the floor.  On his wooden horse or the Alley downstairs between the buildings.  Always with some form of clothing on!  A skirt.  A top.  Stockings or leg-warmers.  In case anyone who happened upon them would know she was just another slut in heat.  He often ordered food and never let her answer the door fully dressed to meet the Delivery guys.  Who for their part, knew his Apartment well and never hesitated to ask him if they could touch her!   But he would never let them fuck her or even asked for her to share herself with another man.  Before tonight Michelle felt that was too far.  Now?  She had no idea what “too far” meant! 

“Than.  I am going to tell you what I would normally do if a married slut showed up at my place.  Because I know you like stories.” 

Michelle paused and looked into his eyes.  Wanted to see what HE wanted her to say. 

“Skip the dick suck and climb on bitch.  Show me what you got.”

His dick inched inside of her womb as Michelle gyrated around his bulbous head.  For the first time, it was what SHE wanted, and her body had longed for the chance to be in charge of his strokes.  She moved back in forth like a grateful convict.    Appreciative of the freedom of choice in how her pussy was being massaged inside of her womb!  It was as natural as breathing itself as she put herself down upon him and felt the flush inside of her body as it spent it’s last over his hardened pole.  Her ass still stung a little and Michelle was completely spent, but she knew she was home.  As she collapsed onto Derek’s tanned skin, she thought?  What could she say?  How could she express what she was feeling after everything they had done?  Michelle decided she had to try.    

“I love you already you perverted freak.” She sighed.

“But I can’t call you Master or play these games because you know who my family is.  But I will do whatever you want me to do anyway.  I have no control or power over you.  So even if you plan on fucking her while I watch.  I will.”  

“And that my dear.  Is how I got your Father.”  

Michelle paused and smiled at her daughter.  Noticing how agape her mouth was along with how hard her Breasts had become.  Was she thinking about her Father in a sexual way?  It was only natural as still, she found him to be the Sexiest Man Alive!  Their Daughter wasn’t blind and wanted to know why her mother took so much shit from him.  Hearing it as a choice couldn’t have been easy but at 17.  She needed to hear the truth.    

Remembering and regaling the tales to her daughter Michelle understood her Feminist feelings better than anyone.  She was her once!  Confused and not understanding of the dichotomy between Power and sex completely.  How to be who she was and, what she wanted to be simultaneously.  Her daughter was like her at her age.  A beautiful slut in training!  Bi-sexual and super smart like her Brother was athletic and bold, like his Father.  And as she had seen in the shower recently, built like Derek too!.  She envied them both their future endeavors.  But had to catch a flight in an hour with her Husband which was to be both Business and pleasure.

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place than it was in the 80’s.    

“You would be surprised at what I think about.”

James’s eyebrows rose at the sly tone in Crystal’s voice.  The mere though her thoughts were anything close to his was enough to stir his black snake to awareness.  The same thoughts James confided to her Husband that brought him into the Ministry in the 1st place were always in his mind.

Even if he had learned to lie about it pretty well.  Restraining the feelings of flesh that had run his life before the present good work James was doing for Religion.  The house presided over by Crystal’s husband, James’s spiritual mentor.  The momentary thought of the Pastor’s wife spread eagled before him would soon pass.  Leaving his heavily weighted black cock as his personal Burden to Bear.  Such was his new life.

Crystal smiled over her shoulder outside of James’s studied gaze.  She knew all about his weakness of the flesh because her Husband had mentioned in innocent conversation a few times.  Never in detail.  And never with the intention to embarrass one of his loyal flock!  Crystal sensed a bit of envy and excitement in her Husband’s voice in mentioning James ‘weakness’ for women.  The Pastor tried to be careful about how much he envied and admired James former life!  Especially in front of his pure and polished wife.  She never experienced such things.  

But still. Crystal knew his attraction to James was more and, unrequited.  This man was far from interested in Men and if the Pastor had a secret attraction to him, he kept it from her the best that he could. James was not that man anymore and it was obvious a stud like James had different tastes.  Much more of a man in comparison to her husband!  But still, the Pastor liked to keep him close.

The job of being a Pastor’s wife was part Confidant.  Part homemaker.  Part Breeder and full-time beard.  The Pastor barely bred her and their only Daughter was now 18 and off to College soon.  The marriage was more two girlfriends than husband and wife!  Even if they never talked about their lack of sex.  In between his various trips out of town, The Pastor enjoyed telling other people’s secrets which worked because Crystal secretly loved to hear them, it was a great way of avoiding dealing with the lack of intimacy in their own marriage. The Pastor though didn’t dare go into detail about James though.  And it only made Crystal more curious about him. 

As a couple, they had drifted apart long ago.  Her hard body was simply for aesthetics it seemed. as Crystal easily went months in between her Husband’s conjugal activities.  Time has a way of uncovering hidden truths and the Good Book couldn’t hide The Pastor’s growing feminine tendencies either.  His travel schedule increased over the years while she had found comfort as a companion and leader of the women of the Church.  Diving headfirst into the responsibility of setting a good example and forgetting all about sex. She married him and left College after her Freshman year to start a Family and have Babies!  And hoped their sex life would be better.  At least she had Rebecca.

The Pastor had been amorous and engaged in holding her attention when they courted.  It made up for a lot of ‘shortcomings’ that he had been so sweet to Crystal before their marriage.  Taking the time to caress her body lovingly before church.  He would add to it with a future broken promise of more affection.  Going as far to smack her ass playfully before leaving early to prepare for service.  These days?  A shrill goodbye from across their expansive home.  The Congregation was generous.  But creature comforts did not calm her most Basic needs and desires!  And Crystal was beginning to let her mind wander.

As a young mother, Crystal would never keep late hours at the Church.  Rebecca needed her attention all of the time and her husband insisted his daughter be doted upon.  But Rebecca was older now.  A beautiful and sneakily rebellious free Spirit that barely accepted any parenting beyond the basics.  For the last two years?  All the girl thought about was Boys and Crystal suspected she was well past thinking!   Young Rebecca’s Web Browser reflected how much of a pervert her once innocent Daughter was becoming!

Crystal made a Daily practice of spying her Internet activities.  Which was having an effect on Mom’s  own thoughts as well!  She could never tell the Pastor what she had found out of fear of losing her Daughter’s trust.  He would find a way to restrict Rebecca’s access which would mean, Crystal would have to search the sites herself!  How would she explain her daughter’s affinity for such Hardcore pornography?  Or satisfy her own growing craving to see watch it too!  She couldn’t tell without outing herself. 

The Visuals of her daughter’s favorite sites kept her awake at night.  Tossing and turning to things she would never imagine on her own!  Set into her every waking thought!  Crystal’s limited exposure to worldly things worked against her now.  She was married to a husband who hardly touched her.  And most of her time being spent at the Church with James after watching pornography off of her Delicate teen daughter’s Computer.  The routine was beginning to have an effect!   

“Crystal.  Are you ok?”

James had moved behind her so close, Crystal could feel the heat of his breath on her neck!  Wanting to touch the woman and kiss her hard on the lips.  James first instinct was to reach for her head and grab a handful of her hair to strut his Dominance.  His reluctance was more out of respect for their surroundings more than fear or apprehension of dicking her deep!  His former Carnal self would have read her signs and fucked her ass many times by now!  But James turned away from sins of the flesh and with it, white pussy.  One more eager than the next to gobble his 10 inches just to feel him inside of their throbbing pussy walls!  But the change couldn’t stop him from reminiscing!

James once loved tying the objects of his deviant affections hands behind their backs.  Especially after his first, gentle fuck that he knew too well how to administer.  The second time was never that way.  Tying their hands allowed him to better control their reactions to his deep, wide strokes.  And when he eventually got to that point?  James especially enjoyed humiliating the sluts for their willingness to please him.  Calling them by their names and making them admit how much they enjoyed how his cock felt inside their strained but pleasured holes.  Better than their boyfriends or husbands because that is what kept most of them coming back!

James especially enjoyed having them call out their spouses names for help before cumming.  Telling the woman to scream his name in a sentence that went…

“James.  Thank you for making me cum sir.  (Insert name) could never please me like you!”

And they almost always came back for more!  The type of women James fucked for kicks were exactly like the Pastor’s wife!  He could smell her lust whenever they were alone now and his Dick was almost always hard as Granite around her!  She was a Beautiful woman.  A trophy wife.  With a mouth that was being completely wasted by never sucking his black stick.  His resistance was faltering as was his faith.  Why would he be tested this way?

The tension between the trusted Deacon and the sexually unattended to Pastor’s wife was growing with each interaction.  His resolve to resist was weakening.  He usually just thought of his beautiful brown skinned wife to resist but not being able to imagine what she even looked like was a problem with no solution at the moment!  As Crystal turned instinctively, brushing her taut breasts against what felt like a well-developed chest!  Her well-curved ass felt a rush of energy shoot through her pulsing pussy.  Tightening her Tits and moistening the space between her thighs as it contracted between them.  A pulse so strong it moved through her fingertips.  The temptation of the was upon them.

“Excuse me.  I should go home.  Rebecca is waiting for me.”

Her head was tilted downward, so as not to look directly into his eyes, and give herself away.  Crystal had let her mind had wandered and she knew in another minute, her fidelity would follow! 

Recalling a scene from her Daughter’s online browser that seemed to always be on her mind lately.  The woman resembled Crystal in every way.  They could easily be Sisters!  Her tits were forced against the window glass of the Office.  Her Black lover, who didn’t look like James at all beyond what she imagined was a large stick of Black Dynamite.  The actor pushing his black pole into and out of the woman’s self-lubricating pussy and by now, Crystal could recall each elongated stroke!  She had never seen a woman squirt before and reasoned the rough way in which the man handles her doppelganger must have been the reason why!  Twisting her arm behind her back before shooting his white cum into and out of her pussy before the woman knelt on her knees, sucking the rest out of the eye of the storm!  The image of his last spurt landing on her face when she was sure he had nothing left was etched into Crystal’s brain!   She wondered if given the chance, would James do her the same way? 

Crystal imagined the contractions the woman must have been experiencing before she came.  His dark hands, pulling her hips across his Beautiful stick!  Powerful thrusts, pounding her face against the glass the woman she was powerless to resist.  All she could do was wait as he reached around the helpless white woman, squeezing her jutting tits and pink nipples mercilessly!  The contrast of their skin was Beautiful!  His hands left reddened marks on her body as he slapped her ass sometimes before pulling her onto its girth over and over!  It wasn’t quite Bondage.  But it was a level of sexual domination Crystal had never experienced with her Husband!  The only man she had ever been with. 

The Actress screams were a mixture of Pain and pleasure!  Though Crystal doubted she was acting much.  His face though grinned with each expression of pained sexual lust and anguish from the helplessly pleasured woman’s face!  These scenes were NOT something a Pastor’s wife or Daughter should be thinking about or watching!  And definitely not something she wanted to try!  And as she left the Church building, Crystal resolved to never watch such filth again!  Knowing it almost made her act unfaithfully.  James dick did look pretty big though.    

Driving away, Crystal recalled the large bulge in James slacks brushing against her midsection as she moved past him.  And there was a wetness between her legs which didn’t make for a comfortable drive home!  If her Husband were home, she would probably rape him!  But then again, she would probably have to!  He was away though.  Leaving her and Rebecca to their own devices. 

Pulling into the garage Crystal entered the Kitchen where Rebecca greeted her near the door in a Nightshirt.  It was obvious she wore nothing beneath it, as her rounded breasts and nipples poked into each number.

“Hi, Mom.  You are back early.  Why didn’t you call?  I would have warmed up Dinner for you.”

She was a good daughter Crystal knew loved her very much.  Once an excellent student of the Bible who her Father believed would make a great wife one day.  But then again, he hadn’t seen her web browser!  Crystal smiled and ran the back of her hand across her face, where dried streaks of sweat illuminated in the light cumming through the window.  The rough and sticky strains of sweat seemed barely familiar while over her Daughter’s shoulder, Crystal noticed two boys sneaking out from the Bushes.  They made their way down the Drive, towards the street.   Another secret she should keep from her Pastor husband?  And from their looks, Crystal hoped they weren’t planning on walking far.  They would surely be picked up and have to explain where they were coming from! And if they told the truth.  Two Black boys coming from the Preacher’s home at that hour?  They would surely face the wrath of the local Officers.  Making a scene or calling the police was not an option Crystal considered.  And neither was asking Rebecca for an explanation, but the fear of what she might actually ask Rebecca held her tongue-tied!  Saying nothing and avoiding scandal seemed the smartest thing to do at the moment.  That and make believe one of the Boys hadn’t smiled directly at her before turning to run away.

Crystal could barely sleep that night!  She knew she was being tested by temptation and lust, imagining all types of things whenever her eyes would close.  Wanting to touch herself but knowing it could only lead to a weaker constitution for fidelity.  But the thoughts running through her head couldn’t be removed!  It was a difficult night, to say the least. 

Crystal overslept and by the time she hit the kitchen, Rebecca was long gone for school.  Just a few more weeks left and the 18-year-old would be finished with High School and off to College.  Where no doubt she would experiment with more Boys like the ones in the Bushes.  Crystal felt jealous of her Daughter but also wished they could trade places!   Even if only for a day!  Or a moment.    The phone rang snapping Crystal out of her haze, if not out of her fantasy as James was on the other end of the line. 

“Hope I didn’t wake you but the Pastor called saying he was trying to reach you and you didn’t answer your phone.  Is everything ok?”

Crystal paused momentarily before answering. 

“Yes.  Just slept in this morning.  Why did he feel it necessary to call you?”

Her tone was one of annoyance which only made James slack rise a bit.  He loved the defiant ones.  The ones with spirit sometimes tried to fuck him back.

“I really don’t know Crystal.  But he said his flight was delayed and he won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon and he was worried because you always answer him like a faithful wife.  Reception at the retreat is terrible.  Maybe you should check your messages?”

Crystal reached for her phone.  Noticing the group of messages from her husband.  Confirming exactly what James just told her.  He was going to have to catch a flight in the morning and she should prepare for another night without him.  Frustrated at the texts.  Crystal couldn’t help but curse.


“I’m sorry?”  

James had never imagined anything dirty coming out of her sweet mouth except for his cock.  And that was more of a dream. 

“I’m sorry James.  Please forgive me.  I just miss my Husband’s company and slipped.  Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Your secret is safe with me Crystal.” James continued.  “Besides, who would believe me?”

They both laughed at the thought of a shared secret and the possibility of anyone actually believing the secret, should he ever decide to tell! 

“I am going to get in the shower and come to the Church early.  Will you be there?” she asked.

“I am in my car now.  Are you getting in right away?” James asked.

That was a strange question.  Crystal wondered why he would ask that and hesitated to respond to the personal question long enough for James to continue.

“I was going to get Coffee and want to make sure its fresh and hot for you so, I am trying to gauge your ETA.”

Of course!  James was always bringing in treats for their long days going over the books and preparing the Church’s agenda.  He was always thoughtful in that way.  The family home was very close to the Church and, over time he had become very good at gauging her arrival based upon the most basic information.   His request was completely innocent. 

“I am getting in the shower in 10 minutes and will meet you at the Church in 40.  Caramel Macchiato please.” Smiling at the phone in a way she never could in person. 

“Whatever you’d like.”

20 minutes later, Crystal was drying herself off and opened the door to her Bathroom with her robe tied around her waist.  Her hair was wet and covering parts of her face, which didn’t allow for her to see James, sitting in the edge of her bed as she exited.

“The lady asked for Caramel.”

She nearly jumped out of her robe! 

“What are you doing here, in my house?  In my bedroom?” 

“Calm down.  I was just driving by and realized.  By the time you get to the church.  Your Expresso will be cold and the cream melted.  So I decided to bring it by first and keep going.  The front door was open.”

Even if this was true, there was no good reason for James to be in her Bedroom!  She was a married woman and, the Pastor’s wife!  James must have known how inappropriate this was and still, here he was!  His white teeth smiling as if nothing at all was wrong with her covered naked body being an inch from his grasp!  Even with the extended coffee cup in hand, Crystal was confronted with the very real possibility of being alone with James.  Should she scream?

“Here.  Before it gets cold.”

His calm was both unnerving and comforting simultaneously.  Crystal reached out to grasp the cup which allowed one of her breasts to become exposed in the process.  In pulling the soft robe over the tip of her areola, she felt the tingle of arousal.  She was excited and seemingly, in danger.  As James made no effort to turn away or remove himself from the room after she took the cup from his hand. 

“Drink up Crystal.  We have a long morning ahead of us.”

With that, James smiled and turned brushed past her into the Bathroom.  He acted as if it was his own home!  Crystal sipped the delicious Expresso anyway.  Still, a bit confused from the warm shower after a night of broken sleep.  She could hear him using the Bathroom behind her and the echo that was deeper than what she usually heard from her husband.  It would have been the perfect time to get dressed quickly.  Or look for a weapon.  Or even call the Police!  But instead, she sipped the Coffee patiently and waited in her robe for him to finish. 

“Crystal.  There is a problem with your fancy toilet.  Could you help me?” James yelled.

“I don’t think I can James and I think you should leave immediately and meet me at the Church?”  she replied. 

“Ok.  But I still need your help.” He said.

Crystal knew she shouldn’t.  Knew everything about this interaction was completely wrong.  But her feet moved forward into the Bathroom towards where James’ voice had emanated from.  A room she had designed herself with a walk-in tub, big enough for two but rarely ever used for one.  And a shower large enough to fit 4 people comfortably.  She tightened the knot on her robe as she walked in a last-ditch attempt to protect her body until she reached James.  Sitting on the edge of the tub in nothing but his briefs. 

“And you need mine.”

James walked towards her, reaching into her robe and taking her bare flesh into his hands while planting a firm kiss on her lips!  Crystal shook her head back and forth, finding his open mouth on her own repeatedly as he did so.  And silently succumbing to his will. 

“I am tired of pretending to be good.” He whispered.  “So I know you are exhausted from actually being good!” 

The know on her robe was pulled off and James lifted her off of the ground.  Her naked pussy rubbing against the second cock ever Crystal felt a heat unlike any she had ever experienced!  It could have been the moment or all of the rules she was breaking!  But she couldn’t resist the feeling of lust that overtook her!  James handled her like a Man.  He decided what he wanted and was there to take it for the both of them!  There was no way of stopping him, even if she wanted to which, she didn’t! 

James sat her down on the white tile and lifted her right leg above her shoulder.  Her rosebud was completely exposed and the warm air from the Bathroom vents made her a bit hot.  But James tongue touched the bottom of her hole and moved its way up to her clit.  Encircling it in a gentle way that sent shivers into her womb and pussy juice streaming out of her hole.  She had never been eaten before since the Pastor considered the act “dirty” and in the moment, she understood what that really meant! 

James continued to examine her pussy with both sides of his tongue until Crystal had cum at least a dozen times!  For a woman who could honestly only recall one Orgasm in her life.  The multiple experiences had her senses reeling!  She no longer considered the circumstance or consequence.  Only what James would do to her next! 

She still hadn’t seen his naked cock.  He had taken the time to please her, but so far, asked for nothing in return!  James stood from between her soaked thighs.  Her juice dripping from his soft beard and grabbed her by the hair, forcing his snatch soaked tongue down her throat! 

“I have wanted to kiss you for so long Crystal.”

James spoke before once more, pushing her mouth open with his!  Her first taste of pussy was her own! 

“Grab my dick.”

He whispered in a commanding voice but, didn’t have to speak twice!  Crystal awkwardly fumbled for his monster cock and ran her hand up and down it awkwardly.  She didn’t know what to do next.  But was sure James would tell her! 

“I want you to kiss my cock before I fuck you silly.  Take off my Briefs Crystal.”

Reaching out with both hands, Crystal felt her face rub against the hard, black dick as she pushed off his drawers.  Upon reaching the top afterward, she opened her mouth wide and licked the knob in the same way she saw the woman do on her daughter’s porn!  Tasting the slick, clear ooze and pushing it in between her tongue and cheeks!  She felt a sensation of control never experienced, as James’ head moved backward at the moist feeling of her mouth!  She was no longer an unwilling accomplice.  She was a participant! 


Her voice echoed as she tasted the pre-cum that oozed forward through the Black Dynamite stick on her lips.  Crystal had never sucked cock before.  But what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm!  It wasn’t long before James was ready to cum.  Marveling at the blonde haired, blue eyed woman’s efforts to get more of his long cock down her throat each time!   He knew he couldn’t last if she mastered the technique so soon so, he pulled out of her mouth and guided her into the shower. 

“Follow me.”

Turning the water on, James caressed the Pastor’s wife with care and caution before turning her around to face the stream of water.  His fingers plunged into her pussy first, ass second before he lined his dick up with her pink hole. 

“This is going to change you..” he said as he slid the tip of his cock in partially.

Crystal’s hands pressed against the shower walls as she moaned with the pleasure of the Foreign cock inside of her.  His second stroke place James halfway inside of her, about as deep as the Pastor had ever been inside of her!  Her vagina moved outward though in a way her Husband’s cock could never make it do.  And the 3rd stroke sent her eyes rolling back through her head! 

“Oh, My Lord.  Thank you!” she screamed!

  As James pushed her forward so her eyes faced the floor.  His thumb pressed into her tiny asshole at the same time, causing the sexually inexperienced Pastor’s wife to shoot a stream of cum all over James cock and thighs! 


James followed that by shooting a thick stream of baby batter into her stomach at the same time!  Causing Crystal’s knees to give way and James cock to slip out! 

“Suck the rest out.” He commanded.

And she did.  Without hesitation!  She wasn’t thinking about her husband now.  Though she did think about her Daughter and how grateful she was to her for putting these thoughts into her mind!   Planting the seeds for her happiness and giving her the strength to at her age, truly learn about the Joys of Sex!  And when she awoke hours later.  Still lying on the shower floor.  James nowhere to be seen but, Rebecca standing over her with a sly smile.  Crystal, she knew she had to do.  Fess up to her Daughter about everything she knew and what had happened today.  And end her marriage.

When the Pastor arrived home the next day, Crystal fucked him for one last time.  She had to.  She hadn’t used birth control for years and knew she couldn’t explain what was going to happen next.  They agreed to split with Pastor keeping the house and buying Crystal a new one for her and Rebecca in another state.  James after all knew all about the Pastor’s “business trips”.  And they were just as salacious as the Pastor’s wife and Daughter having children by the same married black Deacon. 

But that.  Is another story.