Angelica awoke in a Bathtub full of semi-cool water.  She wasn’t sure how long she had slept that way.  But definitely felt blessed about he God-given floatation devices which possibly had saved her young life.  The events of the past 18 hours had startled and drained her young body to the point of blissful exhaustion.  The nap she had taken could only help her recover part of that, and she was hungry again.

Drying herself off Angelica realized her dilemma.  She had no clothes to leave the hotel in if, she so chose.  The dress she had worn to the encounter had been ripped to shreds and after looking through the closets of Thompson Sr. she remembered how they had met in the 1st place.  The airline lost his luggage!  All she could do was wrap herself inside of the thick, terry cloth robe and wait for someone to come and get her.  Her sore throat ached as the thought crossed her mind, but at least there was TV. 

When Angelica looked towards the door, she noticed an envelope that had been slipped under it with her name on the front in bold letters.  She opened it, finding another key card to a Room on the Top floor and a note that read.

“Go to this suite before 2pm.  You have a massage scheduled you won’t need clothing for.  The table will be ready, and afterward, there are some clothes for you to change into.   Enjoy the afternoon and see you soon.  Sir Sr.”

It was already 1:50!  Mr. Thompson had left her a cum soaked mess at 8:15am!  Angelica slept 3 hours in the tub.  On top of the 8 hours, the night before Mr. Thompson had thoroughly humiliated her.  Rubbing his wet, slimy, but admittedly scrumptious chocolate stick all over her face.  All while having her frig her own pussy so hard?  She sprayed the carpet “like a Dog” he had compared her too!  Calling her “bitch” so much the words ceased to sting, and Angelica had begun to have a sexually symbiotic relationship with the word as the night progressed.  Or at least, her cunny did.

“Like an untrained bitch.  Just spraying all over nice carpet because it pleases her.”

As she rubbed her thumb against her clit and felt her the top of her tits rubbing against his soon to be betrothed brown balls.  All she could do was cum on the carpet!  What girl could resist that!  Afterward, Jr. hadn’t said anything.  His instructions had come during the assault. 

With his thumb stuck up her bum further than anything ever had been.  He told her he couldn’t fuck her this weekend.  It would be “disrespectful” to his wife.  He promised her no pussy this weekend!  And besides…Pops had dibs on her pussy this weekend for fucking!  As she came once more on the carpet Angelica’s mind flashed to Sr. spreading her pink pussy lips and walls as she watched her own expression in the mirror.  Angelica wanted to cum AND pay attention. 

Her tits were swollen with the lack of attention the men had shown them!  Their girth was making her arousal more heightened than usual.  Angelica had come to expect and look forward to mouths, tongues, teeth, and the occasional cock between them.  Her first experiences were boys sucking and licking her overdeveloped breasts sometimes for hours.  That was what the majority of the time spent with them usually!  Her breasts were conditioned for attention.  Angelica was feeling them sensitive to the touch.

Angelica grabbed her purse and headed out the door clutching the keycard in her hand.  The elevator was empty, but she did only stop at the Top floor where there were only two suites opposite one another.  The elevator opened into the Suite, and all she could think about was the room for a weekend was probably more than she made last month!  The Massage table was set in the middle of the suite. 

“Anyone here?” Angelica called out.

“Sure am Sug!  Just take your robe off and lay face down and I will be right in honey.  Just look at the table and lay down accordingly.  Sure you will figure it out.  ”

The woman’s voice sounded so sweet!  The girly part of her perked up at the lightness in it’s touch to Angelica’s earlobes.  It was almost delicate.  And relief from the constant male barking Angelica’s ears endured over the past evening into the early morning.  Not to be confused Angelica hadn’t enjoyed every minute of Sir’s harsh demands reinforced by strong cocksmanship.  But being coddled by a woman was just what she needed before whatever else was going to happen.  Especially since Angelica was content to roll with it.   

Approaching the table, she noticed near the top was a kind of mesh netting that would allow her back relief from her large breasts as she lay on her stomach.  At the bottom lay pouch which she assumed was to center her nipples?  Seemed strange but,  practical to avoid nude nipples through the netting.  Ingenious! 

“This is brilliant!” she spoke into the vast space.  This time getting no response from the Masseuse.  Alicia decided to settle in and relax. 

Her breasts were settled into their sack which allowed them to hang but, offered support as well.  It seemed portable but, the netting was made of a type of metallic substance that felt like a weave of soft chains.  They scratched circles around the young woman’s breasts into her skin.  As her pussy melted slight drips of dew from between her legs.  Just enough to relax her completely.

“Wake up darling.  Someone has been burning the midnight oil.”

The hands on her back were strong but, soft.  Shaping her back by contorting her muscles too and fro.    A small moan came from Angelica’s mouth as her whole body relaxed beneath the woman’s touch! 

“Do you mind if I go a little lower?”


Entirely relaxed by the woman’s touch and soothing voice.  Alicia was ready to play the role of the eager student and experience things usually, she would never.  Opening her legs as an invitation.  As expected and anticipated as the woman’s touch upon her untended garden was.  It didn’t surpass the soothing feeling Angelica felt inside her body!    

“Rich men.  They do love their young things.” 

Angelica couldn’t fully hear what the woman was saying.  When the Maseusse hands cupped her buttocks with oil and worked their way up her back?  She anticipated their silky path back between her pink puffy folds even more.  Legs opening on impulse slightly as the woman’s finger pushed perfectly between them.  Splitting the distance.  Caressing her inner thighs than teasing her tingling bud.  So Angelica opened them a little more.

“I’ve never seen you before.  Have you been working for long?” 

Angelica heard her this time clearly and was mortified by the presumption! 

“What do you mean!” Angelica responded somewhat tartly. 

“Don’t be offended honey.  I know how it is to be young and have the best thing going for me being my body.   I bought a Condo and a Mercedes from ‘giving massages.’  No shame!”

The woman’s hands were on Angelica’s arms now.  Massaging them from shoulder to fingertips as she was now positioned nearly on top of her!  Angelica could feel her breath on her young neck.  Dominating her movements as she pressed her naked tits on top of her!  Angelica froze.  Knowing something was wrong but, open to learning. 

“I’m not a whore.” She said.

The woman pulled back and ran her hands down the length of Angelica’s body.  Stopping at the base of her ass hump. 

“Hands straight ahead.” 

Angelica put her hands forward as the woman walked into her view for the 1st time.  Not wholly, so that Angelica wasn’t able to see the handcuffs before it was too late and look up to see the face of the Bride.  Ms. Joseph sneering up at her! 

“If you are not a whore.  Why did you agree to my husband’s offer to escort his Father this weekend for money?”

The woman’s hair was longer and darker than Angelica remembered.  But there was no mistaking her “about to fuck your world up.” Look she had received the last 10 days of school!  The gym teacher pressed a button on the side of the table that causes the holes in the massage table to start to close!  Angelica found herself trapped by tits being squeezed under the table! 

“What the fuck?”

Ms. Joseph grabbed her left leg and fastened her ankle off of the edge of the table before doing the same with her right leg!   Her attempt to kick the woman made Ms. Joseph laughed.  Clearly, she was the superior woman of the two!  Angelica wouldn’t stand a chance uncuffed!  All she could do was piss off the Bride.

“You signed the personal services contract and agreed to the 1k payment correct?  Consider this the fine print.”

Angelica pressed another button, and the table began to bend beneath her.  Right below Angelica’s pelvic bone.  Dropping her legs, so they hung and barely touched the top of the floor.  She could feel the breeze hit her labia and the wetness of her pussy from her tits being constrained inside their net cage.   It was tough to get enough air in her body for a good scream in this position. 

“Why are you doing this to me!”

Angelica’s voice was mixed with sadness as she felt ashamed at her sudden predicament.  Her 1st thought was she didn’t deserve any of this!  This woman.  These people!  They’re all perverts!  She didn’t ask for any of this. 

“Matt didn’t tell you this morning while you were gobbling his cock like a greedy little cocksucking whore you are?”

The Southern lilt in her voice had charged back in.  This time, with a sweet statement Angelica knew, was partly the truth.  She had eagerly sucked Coach’s cock this morning because she always wanted too!  Circumstance being even sluttier than she had imagined had she still been his student and Angelica had executed her Original plan!  Her nipples hardened at the very thought!  But she knew better than to admit it considering what was happening!

Disrobing in front of Angelica.  She finally laid eyes upon Ms. Joseph’s well-defined body and box for the first time!  Not exactly on her bucket list.  But she had wondered what it looked like as she sucked Coach’s cock.  Her finger speeding in and out of it.  Consider half of her curiosity sated.

 There were marks around the older woman’s hips that looked as if they had come from a lash of some sort.  And a hairless pussy entrance.  Like the ones Angelica saw in the pornos, she watched when Mom didn’t come home from dates.  Always skipping past the girl/girl scenes to get right to the black cock! Angelica sat in a chair directly in front of the younger woman’s mouth before pressing another button which released the younger woman’s tits from their mesh encasement.  They hung free, parallel to the ground and soon to be painfully unsupported! 

“You are going to lick my pussy in exchange for me letting you get away with sucking my future husband’s cock this morning.  Or, I am going to kick your ass and throw you out into the street in the dress you wore here last night.  And because of the personal services contract?  There would be nothing you could do about it.”

Squeezing around Angelica’s nipples and alternating rubbing and pinching them made Angelica moan with pleasure!  As much as the older woman’s sadism scared Angelica shitless.  It played differently to her hardened areola’s.  Which begged to be pinched.  And warm love box.  She momentarily forgot she hadn’t agreed to any of this.  Even as her pussy throbbed beneath her quivering ass at the moment?  All she wanted was for something to relieve the increased throbbing of her clit! 

Angelica didn’t understand it though.  Girls were never anything she had been interested in.  And she had no older woman fantasies.  She never practiced kissing with any girlfriends or found them interesting in any way.  She touched them all of the time to take measurements and never felt anything. 

Angelica felt a sharp pain as her nipples were tied to either side of a string Ms. Joseph tugged at to test her reaction.   Ms. Joseph lay beneath them on the floor.  Beginning with the left nipple.  Then the right.  Before she started to suck the globes, she wanted to touch so many times in the High School shower!  Tugging the rope intermittently until the teacher grabbed her panting mouth and kissed her upside down more passionately than any man ever had! 

“That was for me.  As is this.”

Standing up.  Ms. Joseph grasped her Cat o’Nine-Tails.  Flashing it in front of young Angelica’s face as the woman struggled to stand.  Her tits were loose and if she could manage the handcuffs and overpower Ms. Joseph?  All hope lost as the older woman easily pushed the weakened young whore back into place.  This time.  The circles around her breasts constricted just enough to hold her down. 

“Angelica.  Where do you think you are going?”

Thwack.  Thwack.  Thwack. Thwack.  Thwack.

Her legs beneath her went numb with pain after each stroke.  Her nipples raged to nearly twice their size as the ripples of pain made their way through her body!  After the 5th stroke.  Ms. Joseph stuck two fingers into Angelica’s twat.  Causing her to scream unexpectedly into a mighty Orgasm!  

“Wow.  My husband always said you never really understand a girl until you spank her.  He was right!”

Moving in front of the girl, Ms. Joseph grabbed her hair and smothered young Angelica’s face in her wet pussy.  Dripping in envy having seen her once again teach her student a life lesson.  Grateful Angelica.  Ass sore from the spanking she never knew she needed so much.  Clumsily tried her best to satisfy the older woman!  Putting for enough effort to convince Ms. Joseph to release the girl without a word.

And further, instruct her on the Art of proper cunnilingus on the Suite bed.  Where she could enjoy her Bridal gift from her husband and Father in law.  A partial fair exchange for arranging her sister to entertain the Groomsmen after the rehearsal dinner last week.  Something her sister wanted to do anyway!     

As Ms. Joseph came over the young woman’s mouth for the 3rd time.  Having only had to spank her once with her hand.  And after establishing that from now on if they crossed paths in public.  She could call Ms. Joseph Suge.  All the girls who ate her pussy good like the fast learning Angelica called her Suge, she said. 

“And this way.  Other women like me will know what you are.”

With that.  Suge went down on Angelica’s unsuspecting box better than any boy ever!  Swirling her tongue inside of Angelica’s body in ways she never knew possible!  Leaving her in a contorted twisted mess in what seemed like only minutes.  Legs up.  Squeezing both of her nipples in her hands. 

“You taste like rum..”  Giovanna purred.  “And I needed a shot.”

Walking back over to the bed.  Giovanna kissed the young woman passionately and thanked her on behalf of her husband as well. 

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.  You were such a good learner!” Giovanna began. 

She explained the nature of the two’s relationship.  How they both came from prosperous families with similar ideas towards sex and marriage.  The only differences between the two broods being the race.  It took them a lot of time and planning to get to the wedding stage.  With both families being opposed to one thing or another. 

“So we made arrangements for family members to meet in ways in which they would get along and, it kind of became our thing.”

She explained how what began as family gatherings attended as boyfriend-girlfriend became over the years a chance to hook up friends and family members.  She made it sound as if it just happened naturally.  They became matchmakers/swingers and found sexual roles that allowed the couple to flourish while exploring themselves and, other people.  As long as they weren’t students. 

“You were to be the exception.  We planned on making you our toy right around graduation.  And then you got spooked, and we figured it was for the best.  Strange how you were attracted to my Future father in law.  You came back to us.  Didn’t you?”

Stroking Angelica’s hair as she stared into the wall.  Spent from fucking the 3 of them silly on this sacred weekend!  It was so kinky! 

“There is a Dress Shop in the Lobby.  Go pick an evening dress to escort Mr. Thompson to the Wedding tomorrow.  His wife just died and believe it or not.  You were good for him this weekend.  People know you as a respectable young woman and trust me.  No one will ever say anything different out loud.  Understand?”

“Yes, Suge.”

“Good.  And don’t worry.  You are not the 1st woman they shared.” 

Smiling and thinking about all of the good sex she had experienced.  She figured, why not?  She would do anything any of the three of them asked.  Having lost all sense of time, plan, or responsibility.  She finally felt like a woman.  Free of responsibility of trying to become something or someone she wasn’t sure she wanted to be.  And, it only took being blackmailed and a few good lashes to make things clear!    

Four years later, Angelica walked into the hotel and opened the shop door with her key.  She felt the welt from the lash as it rubbed against the exquisite fabric of her dress.  And the sensation was sending shivers into her groin with each step.  As Manager of the Dress shop, Angelica had to be responsible and get into work.  The raise in pay, along with a generous Boss benefactor allowed her to enjoy more of the finer things life had to offer.  So the silk dress covered her supple body perfectly but gave off a soft silhouette of the sexiest garters and bustiers Angelica had designed herself.  It was very nipple accessible. 

Today, she was training a new employee.  Beth.  A girl Angelica graduated with.  A popular blonde girl with ample curves who went off to study Fashion in NYC.  Her 5’10, 140 lbs being her most significant deterrent to finding work in the Big City fashion industry where healthy asses are discouraged even in the Offices!  After a year of working as a stripper to keep her dreams alive?  Beth had been humbled back home and was looking for work.  A situation Angelica was more than happy to take advantage of.  She smiled as she remembered what she said to her.

“So much experience!”

Snickering under her breath as she knew the internships at numerous Fashion Companies were not going to be as useful as her redacted from resume experiences as a dancer/prostitute in New Jersey.  Pulling tricks to live in Manhattan.  The money spent that night on Beth was about to bear fruit from a flowered tree.  And Angelica wanted Beth to taste every drop!

As she sat in her chair preparing for Beth’s arrival.  She couldn’t help but watch the video of Beth and the two men staying in the Family suite upstairs.  As Beth sucked the white man’s cock.  The black man pounded her white pussy hard from behind!  The drugs on the nightstand and Beth’s howling pleadings for the man to “cum on her face” were the parts Angelica liked best!  It took everything she had not to pull her loose dress up and finger herself!  But would be here any minute and, she didn’t want to spoil the training!   This was the 1st time the family included her in recruiting someone.  And after years of blissful servitude.  She was ready to prove her “value.”  

We had been friends for years. I was a personal trainer at the local gym when she came walking in late sexy as all hell. Obviously, she was mixed Asian, but her 34C’s and well-toned physique made her unapproachable to most. But it was my job to meet and assist the clientele when there were no sessions so, I did.

Her name was May, and like most beautiful women as it turned out, she was very engaging. What most men don’t realize is that these women spend most of their time fending off crude, unwanted advances when a simple “Hello” usually suffices. I showed her some ass tightening exercise, my personal favorites because they allowed my hands to wander in the interest of showing proper form. Which she had plenty of.

I was 6’2, 215, black and well-endowed and cut as it was in my job to stay in shape. Training seemed to play into my masochistic side though, and my clients tended to get off on the dominance which worked to my advantage. But I made it a rule to never fuck my clients until after our sessions were complete. As you can imagine, I had plenty of former clients who kept me busy sucking and taking my cock in numerous ways. The perks. But May wasn’t one of them. She was bi and mostly into girls at the time. We became friends though, and she enjoyed hearing about how I would force my dick into a former client’s now tight ass and have them lick me clean. Although she pretended not to.

May was around 5’6 and extremely troubled. Her sexuality seemed to cause her many personal issues and dilemmas. Despite her attraction to me, she was afraid that her parents would not approve. So over time, we became friends instead of lovers. But I could tell my sex tales became more and more distressing. Admittedly, I knew the effect they had on her. But I loved how she would cross and uncross her legs as I could imagine her lust becoming uncomfortable dampness between her thighs. I wanted her so bad! But I had to be careful and patient until the opportunity arose to give her what she wanted.

One night around 11 the chance came. I heard a knock on my door and as was my custom, answered the way I slept. Completely naked. My boys always call.  So it had to be a hot piece of ass wanting to fuck, so I figured, why waste time? I slept in character. May knew this was what I did as many of my stories began at my door with a woman on her knees licking my balls and ass, as was my rule. Show appreciation for what I am about to give you. I grabbed the dish towel and quickly covered up, but the image was already cast.

The tears in her eyes and on her face were evident as was the size of her large nipples now as she walked in sobbing. Her skirt, a white micro mini left little to the imagination. Even the color of her red thong. Her breasts were covered by a light sheer blouse, and her bra was cut so as to cover just to where her nipples could be released. She looked so fuckable it was evident the dish towel would not suffice to cover my quickly hardening dick. But I wouldn’t need too much longer anyway.

“I caught my girlfriend with her ex-boyfriend fucking, and all she could do was smile and ask me to join them! I hate my life!”

She said this as she walked directly past me and sat down in a kitchen chair blocking my way back into the main room. She continued with incoherent babble about “wasting her life” and “wishing she hadn’t given her heart so easily.”  Her head and face staring directly at the loincloth as her sobs started to dissipate and I could see her wheels spinning. The recognition of the truth of my tales came across her face.  It had been so long since she seen a real dick and in one day, to see two! May’s face became more flushed. And admittedly, her tears did nothing to soften my erection which by now was twitching violently.

“Are you turned on right now?” She asked the obvious as the decision came to me almost simultaneously to drop the rag.

“What do you think?” Moving towards her slightly parted mouth with purpose.

I had two choices. Put on some clothes, be a friend and listen to her tale of woe. Or say fuck it and make my move. Her nipples were hardening under her shirt and were visible. One thing about May was she loved sex with her girlfriend. She had probably expected to be with her that night and was worked up before her world came crashing down. Seeing her lover getting fucked by what she missed so much and had given up probably made her think of what she was missing. She wasn’t thinking clearly now. She was confused, hurt, and horny. In other words, perfect.

All it took was one kiss. Kneeling down I parted her lips with my own, slipping my tongue between her folds deftly and finding her own hot, wet tongue. My hands instinctively caressed her breasts through her shirt and adeptly unhooked her bra and quickly found her hardened nipples. She said nothing as she sat in my chair partially clothed and fully aroused. Her eyes told everything when I released her kiss. This was going to happen.

Grasping her arm below the wrist, I placed it on my cock and kissed her ears adeptly. She sighed as she realized her fingers barely touched due to my girth. My other hand I ran from her calves to her inner thigh until I found her clitoris and squeezed. She sat up as my hand felt her juices flow onto my fingers and the words “Stop” whispered from her mouth. But she knew better.

Ripping her panties aside the force of the movement startled her. My other hand squeezing her breasts together gripping her at her nipples forcefully May squealed in delight. She wanted the same thing she saw her girlfriend getting earlier, and that was why she came to me. I stood and rubbed my dick on her lips until she pursed them with a flick of her tongue, tasting my salty sweet discharge.

Her mouth soon wrapped around my cockhead with the ease of an old pro. Turns out the reason she dated women was her love of sucking cock which she had neglected to mention but was evident but the hot swirls of sensation that now enveloped my dick! I like a lady, but love a whore more!

Looking down and seeing my dick plunge in and out of her face was more than I had planned or even imagined and the sight of her skirt, now around her ankles and one tit hanging out of her blouse being fondled almost made me cum and that was not what I wanted. Her mouth was voracious! Pulling her ears back I quickly pulled her top off, grabbed her hair and spun her around. Her ankles were still encased by her micro mini which was what and how I wanted her…restrained.

I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit as May moaned like a bitch in heat! She was so fucking hot with her toned thighs and white ass I wanted to take my time. Make her beg. But I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy surround my dick!   I plunged into her slowly. Putting the length of my cock one-quarter of the way inside. Stroking her adeptly to a series of small orgasms while holding her hair tightly, stopping her wet pussy from pushing down to my thighs until May was coming all over my legs. Every time, I would squeeze her left nipple than roll it around, caressing away the pain, she came. And despite my attempts to hold back and enjoy her writing and movements, I knew I would cum soon too.

“John please!” She moaned in a begging tone. “Put it all the way in!”

I continued my torture for another 30 seconds or so until finally pushing my way to the hilt into her tight, drenched hole. Fucking her deep and hard until I couldn’t take it anymore and felt my balls expand and I pulled out. Sticking my head directly into her asshole as I shot my load inside and all over her perfectly round ass. Then sat down on my kitchen floor watching her as she lay motionless, torso hanging over the top of the chair. Wet and dripping down to her skirt floor from as my sperm was spread around her ass, dripped from her hole.

I stood and kissed her deeply. Picking her up and carrying her off to my bed instead of making her crawl as was my custom. A special act for a special night!

Brushing her hair backward with her left hand as she sauntered down to store aisle, Randi couldn’t stop thinking about what she Witnessed across the hallway earlier in the morning.  Her panties were soaking through because of it!  And every time a man had talked to her during the day, it had only gotten worse!  Randi never considered herself that “type” of girl!  But as her steps grew even wider due to discomfort, she was definitely having second thoughts.

The day had passed in its otherwise normal, uninteresting way with people coming and going through the Office.  And she had only made one social error.  Allowing her eyes to linger into the crotch of the Delivery guy Sal.  She saw him every day.  But today, the “package” seeming slightly bigger and heavier around the balls area than usual.  Was he single now?  Randi actually thought about grabbing him into the next room and seeing for herself!  Instead, she signed the package and blushed as he winked at her before leaving.  Perhaps another day?

Her neighbor’s naked cock was ruining her focus!  The vision of the man she hardly ever laid eyes upon and never thought of consciously was making her panties squishy as she sat uncomfortably in her moist chair!  He was a pig!  An unrepentant womanizer and a stereotype of the unfaithful and oversexed black male!  At 5 am, ushering out the same two white women, she had seen arguing the night before in the very same hallway together!  The contented satisfaction on their faces cementing what she already knew about them and him.  He was a man whore.  With no respect for anything or anyone else’s feelings, and so were they!  As the women stood in the Hallway blocking Ted from Randi’s full view instantly, she felt disgusted to live so close to such a beast! 

The fact he had stood naked in the doorway as he kissed and pawed at each woman intermittently for what seemed like minutes turned her stomach!  Randi watched through the keyhole from her side of the door, appalled at the lack of respect these women were showing for themselves!  She didn’t like Ted much.  He was arrogant and pretended to be polite.  But Randi knew better.  Beyond the cordial Hi’s and byes, she barely knew her neighbor at all!  And she preferred to keep it that way while she quietly waited for another unit in the complex to become available.  A request she made a week after he moved in, discreetly of course.  4 months later there was no word, and she had almost forgotten she had even made the application until this morning.  He had been the perfect neighbor.

They had talked in another tenant’s apartment once during a party.  Making superficial chatter about nothing.  If he didn’t live directly across from her, she wouldn’t have said anything to him, but since he did, Randi was curious.  But when Ted said something about just graduating from Engineering school and just moving to the area for work, Randi remembered thinking “At least he has a job.” while simultaneously tuning him out.  Bullshit!

Tall.  Muscular.  Probably a college athlete who lucked into a scholarship he didn’t deserve, and boring as hell!  A black nerd.  Really?  Not like she was interested, but the Vodka in her at the time thought what kind of fun could that be?  Until that morning, Randi thought Ted was harmless and her virtue safe locked behind her own door.  But all day today, her panties said otherwise.

Not all black men have huge dicks like the guys on the Internet and in the movies!  Her cousin Gemma had slept with a few black men and even married one.  But she always told Randi she wasn’t missing anything special.  In fact, Gemma specifically had told her that Black Men were not for Randi and she would be happier with a regular, average white guy.  She always wondered about the sneer on her cousin’s face when she had said it, though since  Randi wasn’t sure, Gemma genuinely cared for her like a Cousin should.  And with good reason.

And as she recalled the way her neighbor’s cock stood at attention even as the women were leaving hand in hand, she realized the two Cousins disagreed about everything!  Especially sex.  Randi never really enjoyed it or found time to explore it.  While Gemma had practically done everything and in the process, literally became the Black Sheep of the family.  Marrying black and not caring if they kept in touch with her or not!  Randi had chosen not since it was the path of least resistance.  But for some reason, she thought about calling Gemma for advice all day. 


“Hello.  Who is this?”

“It’s you cousin Randi.  How are you?”


There was a cold silence on the line making Randi more uncomfortable than her cold, day soaked panties!  She placed her weight on either foot as she slowly slid her panties off.  Opening her legs wide in the process and feeling the wind caress her ripe pussy folds!  Gemma had always been tough on her and even borderline inappropriate.  But right now, she needed her advice.  Even if it was going to hurt.

 She recalled the moment when they were both teens, and Gemma called her a frigid cunt and smacked her across the face for telling on her sneaking out the window during a family visit.  Gemma had met some guy from Randi’s High School and fucked him in his car the first night!  A black guy at that!  And Randi for her part had sneakily ratted her out, being a good girl. It was a long time ago when the cousins were forced to spend most of the rest of the week together so Randi could ‘watch’ her.  And watch she did. 

“Why are you calling me Randi?  We haven’t spoken in years.  I thought you would be in a convent or something by now?”

Gemma’s laugh made Randi twitch a little, but the discomfort was mostly in between her legs.  Her sexiest pair of panties rested around her ankles, where Randi left them as she kneeled forward to relax with her ass in the air as if inviting an invisible lover to come to enter.  Gemma’s voice reminded her of what happened the following night all those years ago.  When Julius and Joseph climbed into her window with Gemma’s help.

They were the two most popular boys in school.  One white.  One black.  And both star athletes know for their bright personalities as well as their sexual conquests!  With Gemma’s help, they were through the window and pounced on Randi in an instant!  She remembered being terrified and aroused as the ball gag went into her mouth and Gemma pulling her blonde hair back so the three deviants could overpower her quietly.  She remembered the sensation of being choked too.  But since her Bedroom was on the other side of her Parent’s very large house, no one outside the room heard a thing after they had tied her up.  Her pussy was melting at the thought of being fucked by either of the two studs!  Especially Joseph, who was in her and most other girls eyes in school, perfect!

Looking at Julius though terrified Randi as he opened his eyes wide as he held her throat in one hand. Only when he laughed and said “Don’t worry.  This dick isn’t for you.” did she relax.

As the boys disrobed, Randi’s eyes were flush with their big dicks while Gemma left the room to explore the house, making sure everyone was otherwise occupied or asleep.  While she was gone, the two boys were more focused on each other, complimenting each other’s cocks as well as admiring each other’s bodies.  Years later, it came out they were at least bi, and the rumor was they still were the best of friends.    

“I guess after what you did to me I should never speak to you.”

Randi’s voice was low but strong as she felt her index finger touch the bottom of her wet snatch.  She placed the tip in slightly to moisten before encircling her anus threateningly.  Remembering Julius touch from long ago.

“And what exactly did I do to you, Randi?”

“You know.”

“No.  I don’t.  Say it.”Gemma was getting off on bullying her frigid cousin and remembered every detail of that night.  She always did.  Especially the look of longing on her cousin’s face as she watched the boys fuck and suck her mouth and pussy for the next 3 hours!  Gemma was a wild child and unafraid to take what she wanted!  She also was extremely sexually aware and knew immediately how much Julius and Joseph wanted to compare cocks, and the fact she was from out of town was a good way for them to keep a secret!  Neither cared much or even thought about Randi, the nerd!  Who would she tell?  Her lab partner? Who would believe her saying anything about anyone?Neverthelessthe town’s two favorite sons!  Randi had been masterfully trapped? Forced into a pervert’s dream.

And Gemma was the pervert.  But it wasn’t all her fault.  She had been watching her parents fuck strangers, as well as their neighbors for as long as she could remember!  She was quite the voyeur as long as she could remember!  Her teen body provided the tools to explore what she knew she wanted to draw out of others.  And in her frigid cousin, Gemma sensed a kindred spirit buried deep inside of her .  Her goody two-shoes act was actually in Gemma’s mind, a cry for help!  The fact Randi was such an uptight, prissy bitch only made her plan more delectable!

“You can’t talk about it because you can’t admit how turned on you were?”

Randi stuck her middle finger deep into her snatch and felt it tighten and convulse around her hand before she could reply to Gemma’s voice!  A moan escaped her mouth as she came felt her cum drip onto the floor in the same way it had that night!  She was leaned over the chair with her tits across the seat.  In the same awkward position, she had been tied up all those years ago, without the rope.  Randi hadn’t realized how possessed she was in the moment as her nipples shook with pleasure to the touch!  And Gemma was still on the other end listening.

“You bitch.” Randi managed to say to unsuccessfully mask her arousal.

“As I recall cousin I didn’t let those boys rape you.  All I did was make sure you couldn’t rat on me like an uptight cunt by taking a picture of what you really liked!  I never exposed your fetish to be dominated or even told anyone about anything that happened.  How wet your cunt was when I fingered you as I made you eat those boys juices out of me.  How you begged me to let them fuck you too.  But that wasn’t for you.  You were a good girl slut Barbie toy.  Not a Princess or the Queen you pretended to be!  So slut.  Why are you calling me again?”

Despite everything that had occurred that night and over the subsequent years of mostly silence, a part of Randi knew that her cousin was telling the truth!  That night of memories was the only thing she ever thought about when she masturbated.  Which was the only way she ever got off since the ‘men’ she dated were less than inspiring in bed.  Randi had a rocking body but, in her attempt to be taken seriously as an Attorney it stayed mostly hidden from public view.  But that wasn’t the only reason.

Randi was also always careful after that night to only have sex one way.  In the missionary position with the lights completely off!  She didn’t want anyone to know how she was inside.  There was no room to become successful and sexually proficient because she knew she was just like Gemma. Even when she told herself differently.

Randi had no tattoos or piercings beyond her ears to speak of.  She wasn’t flirtatious or even friendly to people!  And the few sexual experiences she did have were usually brief.  Remembering Gemma being split from both sides by two well-shaped hunks had been the highlight of her sexual career and whether she admitted it or not, had a profound effect on her sexuality!  She always knew what she wanted!  But was always afraid to pursue it.

“It’s about Julius,” Randi said.

Gemma smiled as she remembered the first long, black cock she’d ever had attached to Julius.  The Defensive End who was 230lbs of chiseled man with a 9-inch cock to match!  There were no black boys where Gemma lived.  So the chance to fuck him was met not one young Gemma was about to let pass!  The threesome the next night was just the cherry on top!  Joseph was white, but the same size as Julius and in order to humiliate her cousin further, she had fucked them both in her cousin’s bed!  She knew her cousin had a crush on Joseph and fucked him for spite.  Sure as she knew after the night in Julius backseat, she knew she would marry a black man.

“Girl if you wanted to fuck him you should have fucked him back then!  He lived in your town!  Just like the cowardly slut.  I am married and do not keep in touch with ex-lovers! Try Facebook!  So what?”

“No.  That’s not it.”

Randi began to tell the story of her neighbor and what she had seen.  How she hadn’t paid attention before but now, was jealous of all of the women she had seen coming back and forth.  Mostly white, like her.  And never for more than a week at a time.  As she rubbed her pussy and recounted more detail about the comings and goings at the Apartment than she thought she knew, realizing her disdain had been infatuation from the start!  His strong, tight ass which he couldn’t disguise in his khakis.  His hair.  Looking wild and kinky to the touch.  And his lips.  Especially his lips!  Which she longed to have eating her out right now!

“Whoa, cuz!  Slow your row a bit!”

Gemma empathized with her cousin for the first time ever!  She even felt sorry for torturing her that night slightly more than a decade ago now even if she had gotten off on it!  Maybe she should have convinced her to join them willingly instead of corrupting the two strangers into her twisted plot?  Maybe, it would have been more fun since Gemma really loved to feel a woman’s mouth on her clit!  But she was a year younger than Gemma at the time and despite her cunning, didn’t want the boys to be at risk.  Randi was immature and quite the uptight little cunt at the time after all.

“First of all,” Gemma continued.  “He sounds like a player and though you have always been a prissy bitch.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

The words and sounds of concern seemed genuine coming from Gemma.  But they only made her body ache more to be pressed against her neighbor!  She didn’t know if she could take such a man inside of her.  But she wanted to find out.

“Second of all.  He lives across the hall!  If it doesn’t work out are you willing to watch him continue to bring bitches home?  Think about it.”

As Randi considered the scenario she could feel the blood swell upwards to her nipples.  Her mind rushed to seeing the women walking away hand in hand and she wondered what that must feel like.  A woman’s touch.

“I don’t know.  I never thought about it.”

“Well, you should.  Dick is a powerful thing and you are very inexperienced.  If he turns you out, you may be unable to say no.  Is that something you would be down for?”

Gemma’s ease with her slang was only turning Randi on more as she grasped her nipples hard in her hands.  Her headset was attached to the phone, limiting her ability to adjust her position from ass up/face down into the chair and she imagined she was watching Ted and his playthings frolic together in her old bedroom in front of her!  Gemma was not deterring her at all!

Knock knock.

No one ever came over unannounced and Randi didn’t have many friends anyway.  She figured it must be a delivery and pulled down her shirt and up her skirt, letting the panties fall to the floor in plain sight of the door.

“Hold on Gemma.  Someone is at my door.”

“Ok.  But I have to leave soon so make it quick.” Gemma answered.

“Who is it?”

“Ted.  Your neighbor!”

Looking through the peephole ,she noticed Ted standing with a bottle of some type of Alcohol Box in a bow.  She opened the door and smiled at him a full-toothed smile.  Something she never did.

“What’s wrong.”

Gemma listened on the phone excited to be witness to her cousin’s dilemma.  The very man they were talking about was there!  What was he up to?

“Listen neighbor.”

Does he not know my name?

“I am sorry about this yesterday.”

“Sorry?” Randi replied.  “About what?”

“About the girls arguing in the hall.  They told me they saw you after I straightened them out and there was no reason for you to be subjected to their petty argument over nothing.  Also, I want you to know, it will never happen again.”

Handing her a bottle of Dom which Randi reached out to accept uneasily.

“A token of apology.  Enjoy your evening.”

Ted turned towards his door when Randi blurted out to him.

“What were they arguing about?”

Without turning back to face her ,Ted replied “Me.”

“But……  Didn’t they both leave this morning?”

Ted turned to face Randi again and this time, look her in the eyes then, down her body.  He could tell she was naked under her clothes and could sense from her curious tone what he suspected was true.  She was watching through the keyhole this morning and had caught a glimpse of his cock!  11 inches of cthe hocolate stick that seemingly, never rested!  The last part she didn’t know.  But his track record was such he knew one of two things would happen.  She would be afraid of it and avoid him completely or…..

“No.” he answered.  Baiting the proverbial hook.

“Why would you lie?  I saw them leave this morning!!”

“You did?”

Ted moved forward towards her and grasped her hair bun in the back, pulling her face closer to his. His free hand grasped her waist, causing her to shudder momentarily and almost drop her cell! With both hands occupied, there was no way to resist his bold advance and her body froze in the moment as he traced his lips across her ear.

“And what else did you see neighbor?”

Pushing his way inside of her Apartment, Randi felt his lips press hard against her own until his tongue sunk into her throat!  He rubbed his growing cock against her leg as his fingers reached under her skirt, feeling her damp pussy, thrust into her tight hole two fingers to the knuckle!

“You are very tight.  Almost virginal.  Tell me you want to see it up close.  All you have to do is ask!”

The phone fell out of her hand and onto the carpeted floor as Randi felt her knees buckle beneath her hips and her entire weight smash onto his large, black hand inside of her!  Her lips matched his intensity as they engaged in a kiss once more!  Her body flushed with orgasm as the thought of her letting this Black Man have his way with her was too much to imagine, nevertheless, try!  But she had found its way to his belt and almost unwittingly, unleashed his cock barely a foot away from her partially open door!

“You never fucked a black guy before.  I can tell.  Your pussy is too tight.”

Randi found herself in the same position as before.  Face into the chair but this time, her skirt was hiked up around her waist.  Ted was not giving her the chance to change her mind at all as she felt the bulb begin to part her vagina into two opposite planes!  Working its way slowly into her in a methodical way that was both gentle and rough simultaneously!  Each inch carefully pushed into her after a teasing rhythm that lubricated her walls, Randi felt all sense of the current reality slipping away!  His teasing had been longer than any of the 4 sexual encounters she had combined since those men were usually intimidated by the body she kept so well hidden as well as quick cummers naturally!  Ted was neither as he took 10 minutes to fill her tight cavern completely before beginning a long, slow fuck!

“Damn girl.  You almost made me cum!  Where have you been hiding this body?”

“I’m fat.”

“No.  You are perfect!”

Slamming his dick length into her Randi felt what was to be the most intense orgasm of her life continue for at least 3 minutes!  As her entire body became flushed red, it was all Ted could do to hold onto her hips and continue to stroke her into oblivion!  He watched as his cock grew wetter and wetter and his arms bristled in the attempt to keep her properly impaled on his stick until Randi regained control of herself and pushed back into his hips, meeting his strokes perfectly.

“Damn this pussy good.”

Randi heard the words and pushed back into him harder at an almost frenzied pace!  It hurt so good when Ted began spanking her ass on each down stroke!  Her little orgasms coursing through her veins and fingers!. A simple fuck was transforming her  into a sexual being and when Randi felt Ted’s thumb push into her ass Multiple orgasms took over!  Her arms became weak as Randi’s face pressed into the seat cushion.  Pushing deeper while draining her of ever sexual block!  All she wanted now was the one feeling Randi never had.

“Cum inside of me.”

Ted’s cock unleashed a torrent of jism that dotted her walls and fled straight for her ovaries.  Randi didn’t fuck enough to be on birth control and she knew as her womb filled what she was doing was dangerous!  But Ted’s dick was so far in her as she felt touched reached her womanhood ans softly, slip away.

She didn’t care.  This had been so far, the best moment of her life!  One Randi in her current state,  never wanted to end!  Pulling his half flaccid meat from her body was easy, as it slipped right out.  Sucking it into her mouth was an act of contrition.  The first man she had ever allowed into her mouth as she licked away like a puppy does a meaty bone!  It seemed natural as  Ted’s eyes fixated on the borderline racist woman’s joy.  Smiling at his handiwork in successfully converting her into a believer!  Ted had seen that look before in other women.  She could and would do anything for him now.  And Gemma, still listening to it all on the other end of the phone, knew it too.

As the months went by Ted and Randi became more than lovers. They were parents!  Other women still came by his apartment at different times.  Randi even came to enjoy threesomes with other women as well as 1 on 1.   Randi understood she couldn’t handle Ted’s sex drive and big black cock by herself and didn’t make an issue of having to share.  And when she did, it was usually because she knew it would make him fuck her good!  She would fuck other men with his permission but make no mistake, there was no another man for her!

Their son was born and they continued to maintain Ted’s apartment across the Hallway and became quite popular in certain circles!  They spent most of their time in her Apartment being parents.  And used his place mostly for trysts and exploring Randi’s desire to be tied up, dominated and watched.  Even though most of her family disavowed her for the relationship, she still had Gemma and most of her Trust fund, which she collected before she ever became the property of Ted.

But that is another story. 

She wore Red High heels and a tight, conservative skirt.  Her eyes were green and a bit glazed from the lack of sleep and the hit from the Vape before she got there.  Not high.  Just enough to make it through the first hour when she would decide whether or not the Evening was a complete waste of time or, to have a second drink.  All depended on him.

His wife would be there, but she was with her Husband anyway.  A man she loved but, no longer lusted for.  It wasn’t either of their faults that sex had become Vanilla and mundane.  That was what marriage was about, her mother had told her years ago.  But that didn’t mean she had accepted entirely her fate of a sexless life!

They had made a connection and even though they both resisted it.  Contact was inevitable.  From the first handshake, she had been drawn to him and sensed the same with him!  Her nipples tingled like the first time, and her voice hardly could utter the required “Hello.” Before their hands broke apart.  And like that, she was hooked! 

Brushing against him that evening to leave almost sent her into a mini-orgasm.  But she knew that was a lie she had to tell herself as she slipped off her panties minutes later and felt the dampness that engulfed the silk set.  To admit her affection.  To admit she desired to be touched by those same fingers that were seemingly the same as all the rest?  Would be to admit she wanted someone other than her Husband!  She was too good to admit that.  But still, here she was.  Hoping for more. 

The neighbors got together every couple of months, and Rob was smiling and mixing alone when June entered behind her husband.  The years had eroded part of his chivalrous nature, but tonight, it worked to her benefit as she could scan the room over his shoulder.  Placing both her prey and rival in an instant.  She instinctively knew what to do and instead of the usual handshake, opted to hug this month’s host to set a precedent.  The men, all of whom had wanked off to the thought of her naked body pressed against theirs many times, couldn’t help but perk up at the prospect of her ample bosom and seemingly soft ass pressed against their mostly out of shape bodies!  And Rob was the 3rd closest! 

He seemed engaged with another Housewife and seemingly, never noticed her unsteady approach.  But within a moment, his arms were open as his hands brushed lightly against her breasts on their way to her back, barely above her waist!  Smoothly done she thought.  As his top two fingers squeezed the top of her ass strongly but, subtly as he whispered in her ear.

“As sensual as the last time.”

Before releasing her and greeting her by name, for all to see!  The only one who noticed there might have been something between them was the woman who witnessed the exchange.  But she was somewhat scandalous herself and enjoyed the moment. 

June continued to the last two men and women at the party.  Extending a hand to the first but unable to do the same with the last!  He had witnessed the other men and didn’t want to be shortchanged!  But Rob was still on her mind.  His hands had found her two most sensual places that were long since forgotten in a sexless marriage!  And it was confirmed.  He felt it too. 

The Evening passed with the usual banter about politics and the world in general.  June’s husband once again gravitated to Bill.  The man he spent the most time with on Earth.  Their affection for one another bordering on sexual as she noticed their body language for what seemed like the 1st time.  Maybe she noticed because she was thinking about her own chemistry with Rob?  He who was attached at the hip to his own wife.  June had been attempting to size her up all evening but was out of practice and as a result, couldn’t get a read on her.  What was she thinking anyway?  She was married! 

She walked down the Hallway towards the Bathroom to get a grip on her emotions as much as anything else!  Her dark sandy hair was a bit out of place, and her competitive fire was out of control!  A quick trip would help her gather her emotions and hopefully, give her the strength to call it a night.  She didn’t care what her Husband did, and as usual, he would probably linger at the Party.  But June needed to go!  If only to calm these sensations she was experiencing! 

The vodka in her hand went down smoothly as she fixed her makeup and started to open the door to the Bathroom.  She was momentarily startled at the sight of the couple pushing their way in!  It was Rob and his faithful wife!  Half a disappointment she thought as both seemed a bit tipsy.

“Excuse us.”

His wife continued forward towards the loo as Rob stepped in behind her and closed the door! 

“Excuse me.  I was just leaving.” June said.

In reaching for the doorknob, her breasts pushed against Rob’s own chest which felt so good!  Rob used the chance to pull her closer, with his arm around her waist and smell her perfume? 

“Flowerbomb.” Rob paused.

“One of my favorites.”

June didn’t know how to respond.  Here she was in an intimate embrace with the one man she has been fantasizing about the Last 5 weeks.  And his wife was watching them!  Her face reddened with either embarrassment or excitement.  She couldn’t tell which as her Ass twitched beneath his firm grip!  His skin was dark.  Mediterranean almost and the bulge in his pants was immense!  Much bigger than anything she’d had in years!  June’s impulses froze as his hand cupped her ass and one finger explored the crack between her underused cheeks!  She almost melted!  

“Rob loves perfume on a woman.”

Amanda was standing directly behind her now as her husband fondled June’s ass. 

“Rob loves many things about women.”

Kissing her neck, Rob let his one hand wandered towards the front of her skirt.  As the other explored the rest of her body!  Amanda never touched her.  But June could feel her hot breath close and when looking back to see how she was allowing this to happen, noticed her panties were down around her ankles and her hand was rubbing circles around her clit!  June didn’t know what to think!  She wasn’t attracted to women at all!  But the site of Amanda watching as her Husband Rob took liberties with her body made her legs weak!  Luckily, Rob still had a firm grasp on her bottom and held her weight in his hands!  This continued for another minute until Rob spoke over her shoulder. 

“Get dressed hun.  We’re leaving.”  He said.

Immediately Amanda pulled up her panties and smiled at her husband. 

“Don’t smile.  You know what you did was wrong!”

What the fuck!  Rob was the inappropriate one!  Or was he?  They were both?  June’s confusion continued as Rob moved her against the sink and grabbed her left wrist.  Amanda circled behind him silently.  Watching as he used his control to rub her hand against his big dick! 

“We are leaving soon.  But I think you and Amanda made a connection in here.  Maybe you guys should become friends.  We are always looking for new friends.”

With that, Rob pressed his face and mouth against June’s!  They shared a deep, long kiss that she had never even shared with her Husband of 15 years!  His lips were warm and soft!  And his tongue was commanding!  In breaking the kiss, Rob looked into the love-starved woman’s eyes and knew.  She was his! 

“You should stop by the house sometime.  I think you two would get along.” He whispered. 

Amanda opened the door and grasped her Husband’s hand.  They were gone as soon as they had come!  I mean they had cum?  Or just June!  It had been so long since June had even felt the sensation of arousal, she couldn’t tell if she had or hadn’t!  All she knew was she didn’t understand anything about what had just happened! 

After cleaning herself up a bit which wasn’t easy in her sensitive state.  June exited the Bathroom.  Walking past her other neighbor who had been talking to Rob in the large room when she first entered and into the small gathering of 10.  She could hear the couple saying their goodbyes and noticed her husband, attached to Bill as usual!  She gave him the nod.  Letting him know she was leaving to take the short walk 3 houses down and into her bed, alone.  Saying goodbye to the neighbors as she went for the door on unsteady legs. 


Amanda’s voice rang out across the room. 

“We will walk you home since we are tired from all the activity!”

The crowd laughed as if they knew something which, they didn’t.  Amanda was so pretty and sweet!  They just wanted her favor already!  But they didn’t know her.  No one there did!  That was their advantage. 

June almost bolted, but for some reason, she was stuck in place.  She wanted Rob for herself but, would have never acted upon it!  At least that was what she told herself.  But there was more to the couple that piqued her curiosity.  And it only made sense she wait since they lived two doors down from her. 

Rob smiled at his wife, and they walked towards her hand in hand.  His eyes never left her as if they were truly in love!  It was hard to miss.  June knew she should probably avoid them both but, she couldn’t.  She wouldn’t deny herself a chance to feel Rob’s hands across her body again!  Tantalizing her senses as they were and igniting fires inside her she had forgotten even existed!  She wanted to know more! 

The door closed behind them, and the 3 hit the sidewalk towards home silently.  Amanda stepped back.  Allowing Rob and June to walk side by side while he explained as much as he was going to in the street.  They were one house away from June’s when Rob broke the silence.

“I liked you from the first time I laid eyes on you.” He said.

June turned around and asked Amanda.

“Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

Amanda’s head faced down as Rob continued to speak.

“She won’t answer you unless I tell her to.  That is the basis of our marriage.”

“What do you mean?”

The distance between the homes seemed woefully short as they reached her driveway. 

“Come to think of it.  We aren’t so tired, and we have never seen your home.  Would you like to invite us in for a Nightcap?”

Pausing to consider her husband probably wouldn’t be home for another two hours.  June decided to sate her intellectual curiosity and said yes.  Ignoring her throbbing parts pleas for immediate gratification by her own loving touch.   She wanted to rub her wet clit to sleep!  But she didn’t want to seem intimidated by the bohemian customs of her neighbors!  And since she wasn’t moving anytime soon.  She figured best to get over it now! 

What June took her marriage vows very seriously.  And despite her suspicions about her Husband’s proclivities towards men.  She had no proof and didn’t want any!  She had convinced herself that she was his.  Even if he wasn’t interested.  And the lack of sex had helped her rise in her Legal practice.  She had almost forgotten what attraction was like until Rob!  But there was something about him that was different!  She knew it from the start.  But now, she was learning what. 

“Do you mind if we make ourselves at home?” Rob asked. 

Not knowing what that meant.  June considered saying NO!  But again.  She was off balance yet, excited to learn.

“Of course not,” June replied.

With that.  Amanda removed her panties from beneath her dress and placed them in her purse while simultaneously pulling out what appeared to be a sex toy!  She pushed a button which started a slow vibration, then sat directly against the door on the floor with her legs spread in a way that showed great flexibility.  No one could enter unless they pushed her over! 

Rob walked directly to June and circled around her as she stood, watching in amazement at the silent wife’s grinding against the floor! 

“She knows her place June.”

The words entered her ears and heightened her senses. 

“I love my wife.  As all men should.  But she can’t handle all of my urges.”

His hands circled her waist now as if measuring her responses to his touch.  June stood transfixed.  Almost unaware of his explorations until one hand reached beneath her skirt and 3 fingers plunged deeply into her wet pussy!  June moaned and looked at Amanda directly in the eyes for something.  Anything that would show objection to her husband touching her in front of him while her pussy dripped down her legs in waves she never knew she was capable of!  That was when it happened! 

Rob ripped her panties off and would have lifted her off her feet!  But his hand against her back stopped her from falling onto her face!  Her skirt was up and his Dick inside of her faster than she knew possible!  The pain!  It was much bigger than anything she’d ever experienced, and Rob was as rough inside of her as he had been gentle before!  Fucking her from behind as they watched Amanda writhe on the floor in front of them!  Rob whispered into her ear once more.

“35.  You don’t have the body of a 35-year-old woman.  Your pussy is as tight as 18.”

June was appalled at his language but at the same time.  Wanted to hear more!  No man ever talked to her that way!  Especially not her queer hubby!  Did she just think that?  Rob lifted her off her feet as her heels dangled in the air.  But he wasn’t pushing into her.  June was sliding up and down his cock like a Rodeo rider and didn’t even know it!  Cumming all over the front of his expensive suit and barely able to look Amanda, his wife in the eyes as she watched them both! 

“Amanda.  Tell her now.” 

Amanda began to speak and explain that though they were married.  Rob fucked any woman he wanted with her blessing.  She said she had been a young slut.  Cunt even. Destined to be nothing.  Do nothing with her life when Rob saved her.  Showed her the way of discipline and focus.  And she was never as happy as when he was pleased!

“As you can feel.  My husband has quite a large cock, and in case you can’t tell, he can and will fuck you for a long time.  Much longer than most woman can take.  That was how he got me!  I challenged him in a Bar one night.  He said he could make me come 10 times before he came once!  I said if he did, I would be his slave for a week!  After the week was over, I was a different woman!”

“Enough talk.”

Rob barked as he dropped June down from his cock, and onto the floor!  Walking over to his wife, his cock dripping with June’s juices.  Amanda opened her mouth to take as much as she could of it over her tongue!  June watched the spectacle, unable to move forward or retreat as her pussy hole still gaped from the blissful assault!   How many times had she orgasmed?  Was she still cumming watching her neighbor get faced fucked roughly on her floor!  Something June had thought would never appeal to her now, she wished it was being done to her!   

“She is not just my wife June.  Amanda is my property.  But as you can see by her gagging.  She still can’t suck my dick properly, and she definitely can’t handle my needs alone!” 

Pushing Amanda back onto the floor, Rob reached between her legs and seemingly, turned it up while pushing her onto her side.  Reaching into her purse are removing a pair of handcuffs to place behind her back!  His cock dripped Amanda’s saliva as all June could do was watch.  Paralyzed by the sight and the hard fucking she had endured at the end of his member.  She wanted it back!   And she wouldn’t have to wait long! 

Rob rose and considered June’s hungry eyes, knowing what she wanted!  Getting on his knees to meet her at eye level, Rob kissed her deeply like before, and June melted!  Moving behind her, Rob lifted her skirt and mounted her as he stood behind and over her.  Each push going deeper and deeper into her soul! 

“I am going to ask you a series of yes or no questions and the moment you lie to me is the moment I stop.  Do you understand?”

“The neighbor’s say you need this more than anything.  Are they right?”


” June answered.

“They also say you are a first-class bitch.  Are they correct.”

The word that usually made June lash out in anger now made her cum intensely beneath him!  The pause made him double his entry into her harder and deeper. 

“Answer me, Bitch!”

“Yes.  Yes, I am!”

Reaching down, Rob caressed her jutting nipple so hard she wanted to scream!  But she couldn’t as June felt another wave of orgasm pass through her!

“I said Yes or No!  Do you want me to stop fucking you on your Living Room floor now!”

“No.”  He answered so quick June surprised herself.  

She couldn’t see Rob’s smirk but, he knew she had given up.  Given in to his power as his rod swoll to greater lengths inside her!  He loved when they broke!  And he couldn’t wait to cum inside of her.  Rob knew it wouldn’t be long now!

“Is your Husband Gay?”

June paused before answering, and Rob knew he had her where he wanted.  If she said no.  He would leave her where she lies.  Make her beg to see him again since he knew she was never going to be the same. 

And if she said yes?  He would have defeated her.  Made her admit the one thing she never could admit to herself after 15 years of Marriage.  Her marriage was a lie. 


Rob came deep inside of her at the admission what seemed like at least a quart of cum but due to her lack of sex, how could she tell!  Pulling out he walked over to his wife Amanda, who dutifully licked and sucked him dry! 

Amanda was pulled towards June as she lay on the floor, ass still in the air. 

“Don’t worry.  Amanda will clean up this mess.  Won’t you dear?”

With that, the younger woman delved her tongue deep between her neighbor’s folds.  Expertly cleaning her crème filled hole and licking their collective juices off of the floor until there was nothing left!  At some point, her hands were freed as June felt them on her ass, steadying June as she experienced shock after shock until she fell asleep on the floor.

June was awakened by the sound of the door opening and her husband walking in 2 hours later.  As expected.  She was on the couch and wondered if it was all a dream!  But her sore pussy let her know it wasn’t though there was no sign of the neighbors left.  The house was cleaner than she had left it and there was a note pressed in her palm written by a woman, was her guess.  

Meet me at the Mall tomorrow to go shopping.  It was great talking with you.


Love is not an easy thing to find. Especially when you were built for sin.

Two times in the last 6 months, Kit had found herself feeling that certain way.  Special.  Adored.  Loved.  Being pampered like a Princess while being doted and protected like a valued Gem will do that to a girl!  That feeling of safety that brings a woman to the point she becomes open to her emotions.  That is how Kit confused lust for love again and again.

Sex is better when you’re in love!  It makes you cum harder!  Longer! But it always had Kit vulnerable to doing almost anything to please her men!  Some of it was activities she had enjoyed.  Most of it, not so much!  But when Kit fell in love, she was exactly that girl. Too much that girl probably!

The way her frame was cobbled together, combined with the sex endorphins that flowed freely within her staggering body, Kit had convinced herself to be disappointed in the past year by unworthy men.  Horny womanizers with smooth sentences and tricky tongues that cloud the senses in more ways than one!  She was susceptible to men who offered to taste her fruits since Virgin Kit allowed the Manager at her 1st job to eat her out.  He was a nasty older guy but, the combination of curiosity and opportunity was too good to resist!  Their relationship really changed once Kit threatened to tell the authorities about their activities.  She loved turning the man into her slave!  Making him lick her virgin pussy and ass with no reciprocation, as well as pay her for hours she wasn’t there!  Kit was barely naive.

Women looked at her with hungry mouths as well, and though Kit wasn’t a Lesbian, she loved to be eaten out!  Having little interest in women wasn’t the point.   Tongues made her cum and being in control fit her good looks and bitchy attitude perfectly!  Nothing better than a head between her legs and tongue upon her sensitive pussy.  Licking Kit’s clitoris.

Kit shook violently whenever an experienced cunnilinguist met the mark!  She knew the value of a daily orgasm and became spoiled as a result.  She loved when a man ran his tongue cautiously over her moist folds and thinking about it happening was enough to make Kit quiver and close her legs tightly together.  If she were alone, it usually ended with a finger or two being inserted as well.  If not, her mindset would be given her away by thick, jutting nipples that became as hard as a grown man’s cock whenever she was aroused!  And love only made her naturally cultivated urges stronger!

Kit played with her toys in the Privacy of her own home whenever in between lovers, but hardly ever when she was with anyone.  She used them instead.  Commanding them with disdain to their needs and concern only for their hungry faces!  She wanted to see them all covered in her moist lushness and imagined all of her targets the same way!

John was different.

He was older like many of her preferred targets  And in their conversations online, he expressed her preferred love of eating pussy!  But there was something else with him Kit hadn’t put her finger on until it was too late!  She always asked men to describe in great detail what they would do to her. With their wet mouths, tongues, and lips.  She liked to see it written down and the best descriptions, she would read aloud while playing with her Butterfly.  John he had hit every erotic button in regaling his plans to her!  But differently than the other men Kit eventually met and spent time with.  His language brought out feelings in her she never knew existed!  Desires she didn’t think imaginable! And ever since that night Kit wasn’t exactly her normal self!

She was very much used to intimidating her lovers and controlling every aspect of their interactions, even online.  But with him, she hadn’t cracked the code before they met which, turned out to be a big mistake.  After their first encounter, she doubted that she ever would!  Being adept at pleasing herself had come in handy since for the 1st time ever, she wasn’t entirely in control of her desires!  Kit could not bend him to her will like the others!  As a matter of fact, he had twisted hers!  Her nipples were always erect thinking about him hovering over her with his 9 inches of brown dick.  Wet and salty on the tip.  His voice and boldly spoken words of direction.

“Open your mouth now.”

The first time she ever really wanted too!  Her reflection in the mirror as she remembered his muscular ass stepping forward, placing it on her lips and bathing it over and under her tongue.  As Kit sat now fingering her snatch in the mirror, she imagined him stepping into the glass before her again   Making her pleasure him as she choked on her attempt to remain flawless.  Reliving their first and only encounter as her nectar slipped out of her hole from over and around her fingers!  She wanted him to treat her better!  Like the others always had!  But they never made her cum the way John had!  She couldn’t be in love with him!

Kit remembered his voice n everything she did now.  The dirty things Sir had said to her.  About her desire to be put on a pedestal before she had ever earned it!  That was what he said as he rubbed his index finger up and down her wet slit while grasping her throat from behind!  She remembered how his forearm felt between her globes.  Warm and powerful and wondering how right he must be since Kit’s legs were swiftly losing the ability to hold her own weight with her cunt shaking the way it was!  Pulsing until he let go to caress the flesh of her breasts with his large fingers.  Usually, they were the first thing Men went for, and Kit had no idea what was cumming next!  His palm slipping under them pressing down, revealing sensitivity and sensations she never even knew existed!  All while whispering dirty things she had no choice to answer in any way other than “Yes”!


Breathlessly moaned to the question of do I like my body touched.


To whether what I really loved was caresses is my pussy.


To the question of whether Kit had just orgasmed fully from the one finger, pressed and rubbing her insides now.  And finally


To whether she would let him have his way with her.  That she would agree to wear anything he asked her to.  Do anything he asked her to do.  Yes, because she couldn’t say no to him!

Men had always wanted her and Kit always wanted them, but their mostly disappointing fucking performances turned Kit into the woman she was today.  She considered herself to be lucky.  She didn’t need her Lover’s to last enjoy a fuck.  She only let them enter her when she was ready and after they had their faces covered in her own nectars.   She could cum as quickly as they had. It didn’t matter.

She was so beautiful and sexual most men couldn’t last more than 30 seconds inside of her.  And Kit had a closet full of clothes from shopping sprees meant to keep their poor performances secrets from social media!  Kit’s bank account also benefited from admirers who included her horny old boss, and some happily married men Kit had preyed upon.  Her boss overpaid her just for dressing provocatively and adding an “ambiance” to the office she most definitely wasn’t qualified to work in! And she lived in her Parents home at 23.  Money was not the issue.

Kit controlled men with the bat of an eye, a switch of her ass, and her Columbian accent that made her the most jerked off to a woman in the building!   Even though there was no official statistic to back that up!   Her nickname was “Sophia” amongst her admirers and even dated some of them.  More for convenience and a lonely night substitute but none of them could handle her either.  She was comforted that no one could go before John.

It was as if he had looked into her and saw something she needed.  A desire to be held.  No.  Held down!  Someone to tame her inner sexual desires that even she wasn’t sure of until he asked her.

“Do you like being in control all of the time?”

His voice was deep and steady.  Sure and measured as he looked directly into her eyes as if looking into an open book.

“I am not always in control.”  Kit answered.

Kit wasn’t sure of where he was going, but John just smiled across the table and snickered a bit before he answered. Sipping his wine while noticing her glass was nearly empty.  He placed his glass on the table before picking the bottle back up to refill her glass for her.

“Sure you are,” John responded.

Placing the bottle on the table, Kit remembered shifting down into her seat, as if looking for something to grind her responses against.  Her chest heaved as she watched his large hands and imagined them enveloping her chest.  And then squeezing her nipples so hard she felt the pressure in her tips tighten under her flimsy bra just from the thought alone.

“I would bet you can get any man to do anything for you.  Just by asking.  And sometimes, by not asking.”

Sipping her wine, Kit could feel her inhibitions slipping away at the revelation of uncomfortable truth.

“But I should thank them all.  And maybe we will.” He continued with another, more endearing smile before continuing.

“Had they seen you for what you really are.  You wouldn’t be here with me today.”

Kitty recalled feeling her thighs constricting a bit more from the inside, as she imagined herself alone with him.  He was older but didn’t much look it.  Mostly due to his long limbs and muscular frame.  One that wasn’t thoroughly disguised or distinguished because of his looser-fitting suit.  You had to look closer to notice how well assembled the man might be, under his clothes!  Something Kitty was doing with an unknown to herself intensity!

Kitty was solid, by comparison.  But he could easily manhandle her if, he chose to take her that way.  There was nothing that she could do about it.  All of the self-defense classes she had taken through the years would be ineffective against him.  Looking into her John saw what she wanted more than anything else!  John wouldn’t face any resistance from her.  Kit was already his.

Kit was remembering the Details like it was yesterday now!  Her finger pushed inside her pussy, moving back and forth, attempting to duplicate what John had done to her next that night.  Pulling her chair close to him as he opened her legs and began to massage her pleasure box in semi view of some but, earshot of others.  Kissing her on the nape of her neck once before asking for his permission to take her over for the next few hours, John had been deliberate in his seduction.  His soft lips, making their way across her ears slowly with a hint of his moist tongue’s recent departure from them.  His warm intoxicatingly Red Wine tinged breath complimented his hand’s movements.  Which was removed just before the Waiter returned for a peek? Then the words when the Waiter finally left for the check so John could touch her again!

“Now. you belong to just me.”

Words whispered days ago sent a wave of heat across Kit’s now naked, reminiscent body.  Kit looked at herself in the mirror now.  Three fingers digging deep into a sopping box and nipples too sensitive to touch as she came over and over!  Her legs jutted and bounced from side to side as she remembered what it was like.  Being someone else’s pleasure toy!  Someone who truly appreciated what she needed!

Kit reached for the phone and dialed John’s number.  Would he answer this time?  Most of her recent calls had gone unanswered.  Was he breaking up with her?  How could he?  How dare he!  After all the things she had let him do to her!  After all the things he had made her feel!  Her stomach twisted into knots, thinking about him with someone else and Kit started to rub her clit again as the phone rang.



“Hello, Kit.  What is going on.” John answered. His voice was cold.  Disconnected too.

“I want you to stop ignoring me.” Kit couldn’t believe her words.  She had just met for the first time him 2 days ago!

“I’m not Kit.  We talked this morning, remember?”

His voice was more even this time, and of course, he was right!  She wanted to be corrected and his confident rebuke made Kit melt a little bit.  That was the tone that opened her up and drove her wild with passion!  Kit placed her free hand around her nipples now as she lay on her bed naked in the middle of the day!  It was a big house that she shared with her Parents and younger brother.  But anyone could come walking in at any time, and often did!  But Kit was too far gone to care.  Her free hand squeezed her nipples harder than she ever had before!  Remembering John’s stern touch.

“Yes, you are.” She said.

“No.  I am not.  You are just a spoiled brat and used to getting your way.  I told you that when I was stuffing your cunt, didn’t I.”

Kit moaned in hearing his snarling voice, even if it was over the phone.  She remembered in an instant the rest of that night.

They had left the Restaurant and John had brought her by Uber, to the Hotel that he was staying in.  He made her leave her car because he wanted her full attention.  The fact that she agreed was the 1st Concession.

He had whispered the dirtiest words and actions imaginable into her ear the entire ride.  At first, she was uncomfortable since, after all, she was now at his mercy.  But when he grasped her nipple hard in his hands to get her attention her moist panties made remember why she was there!

John started with his antiquated views upon sex which was mostly about Male Domination,  It was entirely the opposite of his detailed letters about what she assumed was Pussy Worshipers she usually attracted!  Why this made Kit hotter began to be something she stopped thinking about as she realized John wasn’t just feeling her up without purpose.  He repeated movements as if making sure what was reported was true.  And he never became enthralled with any specific part of her body!  His hands were equal opportunity.

His voice spouted ideals about total rejection of Feminism in the Bedroom. What he felt was a “woman’s place.”  All while tweaking and testing her erogenous zones as if mapping her sensuality for future reference.  All with no regard to the driver leering into the rear view mirror.  By the time John had pulled her dress over her shoulders and down to her waist, Kit’s felt momentary discomfort had been replaced by a feeling of complete sexiness!  His warm mouth engulfed her hard nipple, as his palm pushed her hips down over her soaked panties and dress, making it impossible for her to do anything beyond wiggle her pleasure as her other titty dangled freely in the night air!  Kit came as she caught eye contact with the Driver in the mirror and felt her subsequent shame push her to cum once more inadvertently!

“Keep those soaked panties on you attention whore,” he whispered in Kit’s ear.

John squeezed her exposed nipple on her free titty for what seemed like an eternity before letting her go completely!  Her skin had begun to turn red from the pain before he finally let go.

“And pull your dress up.”

10 blocks seemed like an eternity as John kissed her lips for the first time and she felt herself relax completely in his embrace!  She didn’t understand how by being Dominated so, she could feel so free! It must be the wine, she remembered thinking.

The Elevator doors closing began another sensual onslaught of the senses as John’s hands allowed themselves every liberty upon her pulsing hot frame.  The opening of the doors.  Their hands clasped together in assurance as she stepped through the door and into her newfound self.  Things had not been the same since that moment and Kit forgot she was even on the phone!

“Are you finished yet?”

The voice on the other end was John sounding annoyed and probably with good reason!  Kit wasn’t herself lately, and she wanted answers!  Or something.  But how long had she been daydreaming while holding the phone?

“Yes.”  Kit’s answer was half-hearted.

Because the thoughts were too vivid!  She remembered how John had spread her legs and licked her sweet nub for what seemed like hours like he promised.  It was his usage of a Spreader, which eliminated her ability to stop him that caused this!  She was powerless to stop him from accessing her holes and pushed her limits further than anyone had!  Holding her thighs wide in position while extracting one secret after another from her soul with his dextrous tongue!  She was creaming again, remembering how he teased her Virgin asshole while promising to change that status!  He didn’t.  But before she left in the morning Kit found herself wishing that he would!  Who was she?

Kit had been exhausted and frustrated by his patience in eating her!  His naked 9 inches dangled and teased her every next wish that night!  Bigger than any she had ever seen up close!  But John was strong and didn’t allow her to touch it while he had licked her clean and dirty again over and over.  Asserting the dynamic between them as much as making Kit purr.

“What do you want to tell me Kit?”

John smiled as he remembered that night.  His stick hardened in an impulse knowing she would soon be his completely.  Adding her to his world would possibly mean the end of collecting, as she was more woman than even she knew yet.  John wanted the chance to pull it out of her.

Having teased and tortured her sensibilities.  Pushed her values and boundaries in public.  Explored her body and discovered there were only erogenous zones available.  Kit had taken to submission and public humiliation like the eager beaver he always wanted!  She was younger than he usually liked.  But that part was maybe how it was meant to be for them.  Kit was apparently in need of a Mentor and direction.  Who better than him?

And her pussy!  Most women he had taken in before had limits.  But Kit stayed juicy and ready even when taken to the point of exhaustion and beyond!  He had wanted to tease her with his cock more but instead, John had found himself placing full bottom strokes into her womb as it felt so good!  Even though he knew she was open John couldn’t stick to the script!  He barely could contain his excitement at the prospect of seeing her more often, chained to his Bed.  He was even thinking about purchasing a new one, more suited to what he could do with this gem!  And she was about to close the deal for him!.

“I want to see you.” She said.

“You know what I expect from you?”

Kit remembered the feeling of John pushing inside her.  The fullness of his cock pressing into her womb, causing her to shake intensely with each stroke.  Her legs ached from holding them high and being fastened to the metal bar to accommodate her new lover.  She was stretched and prodded as her body shrieked with the sweet pleasure of gratification,  Unable to slow or shorten his strokes.  And she loved it!

 John’s hands squeezing and slapping her nipples in a way no man ever had!  His bare cock rubbing against her skin!  She wouldn’t refuse him in any way.  She was unable to think of a reason why she should either.  Her body had already conceded to him.  He could do what he wanted with her!

He fucked her, and he talked to her.  He said he didn’t like talking so in the future if, she enjoyed what he was doing to her, there would be almost no conversation.  Unless it was initiated by him. 

John had fucked her and talked.  Told her she was beautiful but still, a horny woman who needed to be handled a certain way.  Men didn’t understand that about her and as such, could never fully satisfy her needs!  He could.  She especially moaned deeply as he told her after tonight, would always come back to him.

John had his ways.  Fucking her slowly and deliberately when he wanted her to agree on her own.  Knowing all along how she would react to his big, warm dick’s movements.  Pushing harder when she resisted the truth about what she was feeling.  Blissfully helpless. Knowing what she wanted even if she didn’t.  He was going to prove to Kit that you cannot fight your own nature.

He made her an offer they both knew Kit already agreed to.  Sex toy to a man who offered her no promise of anything beyond sex.  Her parents would be mad when they found out where she was living but, she didn’t care anymore what they thought!  She was an adult and needed to be her own woman.  Even if it meant being his woman. Because there were rules he had explained to her, she started to recite into the phone and relive their moments together.

“When we are together, my body belongs to Sir.  When we are apart, my body belongs to Sir.  She will learn to please him in many ways and improve at licking Sir’s cock.  Sir will explore her in every way possible.  Nothing is off limits.”

 She came,  plunging her finger deep into her ass!  Kit had squirted her pleasure across her bed as she imagined it was his hard, Brown Cock spitting hot semen into the tiny hole as it had into and out of her mouth in her most degrading memory moment of that evening!  Why she had the strongest orgasm of her life at that moment was why she was doing this now!  Fucking her own ass while Kit’s tits pulsated at the sensation!  It was the best!

John listened as he knew what she was doing on the other end of the phone.  He wasn’t smiling though his rod was hard as steel!  He remembered their last moments together.

John had awoken Kit ten minutes after she fell asleep.  Perhaps thinking she would spend the night.  He was wearing an open robe and smelling of hot water and fresh soap.  Kit glimpsed his body and recognized he was more chiseled that most men of her same 23 years!  He had barked at her to get dressed, her Uber back to her car was here.

“And don’t call me unless you are ready to stop playing Princess games and ready to find out who you really are!”

She didn’t see the semen which was partially dried in streaks from her lips to her breasts as he pushed her out the door!  She never had to worry about that before as she never let anyone cum in her mouth or on her naked body before!  By the time she reached the Uber, there was nothing that could be done.

And, It was the same Driver who had seen her Tits 5 hours ago!  He drove her back to the Restaurant and her car.  Shaking his head and smiling in disgust at her downtrodden state the entire way which oddly, made Kit proud!   She looked like a slut!  Her voice in real time remembered that moment as she proudly felt her swollen mound pound against her own weight in the backseat.  Sore but, sad it was all over.  Bringing Kit to the answer, John waited to hear.

 “Yes, Sir.” She said.  “I am ready for you to fuck my ass.  I am ready to be yours.” Kit said cheerily.

John thought it may be a few days or maybe a week until she was ready.  And perhaps he wouldn’t share her right away either.  In the meantime, she showed great promise as a cocksucker, and with a few days alone, maybe she could surprise him?

“1520 Parkhill Lane.  Bring a bag.  You will be staying a couple of days.”

“Thank you, sir.  Be right there.”

He reminded her of her Gym Teacher.  Tall, muscled, and brown all over!  Angelica used to give him a hard time about getting dressed for class.  Taking her best shot at him one day while he berated her for it.  In her most courageous voice, she had said.

“If it were about getting undressed.  I would have no problem with it, Mr. Thompson.”

Pushing her 36E breasts up towards her face as she boldly leaned into him.  It was quite a laudable attempt for such an awkward, young non-slutty girl to take!  The former College Basketball star adeptly sidestepped before calling his colleague.  Ms. Joeseph over to join their conversation.  For legal reasons…

The after-school detentions and reps up and down the Football Stadium stairs had a dual effect.  Unlocking a previously undiscovered love of exercise.  And temporarily curing her of her crush on Mr. Thompson!  Ms. Joseph was, after all, overly protective of her “co-worker” which was part of his attraction to Angelica in the 1st place!  She was just young and awkward with her attempts.  She never stood a chance.

Angelica’s last mandated run was cut short because Ms. Joseph disappeared!  Where Angelica found her?  With the teacher’s own smaller breasts attempting to surround what was undoubtedly the biggest dick Angelica had ever seen attached to Mr.  Thompson!

Angelica stood behind the stone wall and watched as the older woman attempted to service the slightly younger, black stud teacher!  Alternating engulfing portions of him into her mouth and between her breasts until finally, Mr. Thompson deposited his spunk into her open mouth before shooting his second shot onto her pinkish breasts and face.  When Mr. Thompson looked up directly into Angelica’s eyes and smiled.  She knew the gig was up!  She ran out as quickly as humanly possible.  Leaving her clothes and bag in the Locker room and running the mile to her back door! 

Angelica remembered the panic of that day as if it were yesterday.  She stripped all of her clothes off.  Sweaty and panicked as much as embarrassed by what she had just seen!  Oh My God!  Her panties were soaked!  She wasn’t sure if it was from the exercise?  Or the thoughts that were running through her head!  All she knew was a sensation shot up her spine as she removed her panties to get into the shower.  Brushing her hand accidentally against her pussy became a revelation when Angelica’s left leg jumped off of the wooden floor in what felt like the famous Orgasm she never experienced with any boy to date.  She steadied her foot but placed her finger between her legs once more. 

The finger on her wet pussy only made the yearning grow stronger.  One finger slipped inside.  Then two.  She hadn’t even locked her Bedroom door as she proceeded to finger fuck her pussy like an angry ex-convict!  Like the guy in the porn, she had watched pound that poor lucky actress into a screaming wet waterfall of an Orgasm!  Thinking about Mr. Thompson cumming on her larger, brown tits made Angelica come harder than she ever had in her short life!  She was lucky her mother wasn’t home yet.

High school was a long time ago now.  A little over a year and Angelica was working as an Apprentice at a Men’s and Women’s Clothing Shop.  She couldn’t afford College anyway and was more interested in getting into Fashion Design.  Maybe even designing lingerie for girls with Big Boobs, like her.  Angelica was at the register when the older man came in and for the 1st time since that day in the school?  Angelica felt a connection.  

Since the day in the High School Gym Locker Room Angelica felt uncomfortable around men.  Though she hid it well. So many thoughts crossed her mind on a daily basis about what she had seen!  The way Mr. Thompson’s dick. More significant than any of the boy’s she had experimented with in school.  Glimmered in the Office lights.  Particularly when wet with Ms. Joseph’s spit and being kissed by her pinkish lips.  Angelica remembered details in Technicolor every time she rubbed one out!  That day had changed her.

She would remember the Gym teacher’s whistle.  The one, the woman, had used to startle her when she first began to climb the stairs before recognizing Angelica was no longer bothered by the task.  Wrapped inside Mr. Thompson’s fist.  Her faculty shirt stretched over her head in an almost demeaning but definitely restrictive fashion.  And though her back was to Angelica.  It was unmistakable the way she had to be fingering herself but, there was a wall that didn’t allow Angelica to see if her bottom was bare or not.  That part always made her wonder. 

 And every evening since? Angelica repeated the same masturbatory ritual.  Running at night until near exhaustion which was easily 5 miles a day now.  And upon opening her Bedroom door?  Fingering her sweet, pink pussy until she almost screamed!  Angelica’s mother was usually out running around since Angelica was 18 and working.  So, it wasn’t much of a problem for Angelica to get comfortably slutty in her self-gratification activities.  

Panties on.  Panties off.  Sometimes half and half and sometimes when Angelica felt especially sexy?  She would just sit on her bed with her leg up because she hadn’t worn any panties all day.  Afterward?  A quick shower and drifting off to sleep.  The boys she used to occasionally fuck? Angelica showed no interest in them anymore.  None of them were as hung as Mr. Thompson.  The goal.  Sex with someone else rarely crossed her mind anymore as she was a very adept crotch watcher/guesser when it came to dick size.  A side benefit of her job.  The ability to understand lines.  A job she was already making a name for herself in without the mess of sex with others.  Things were working out just fine.    

The man at the counter though was old!  Too old for her she thought!  The late thirties?  Maybe forties?  Well built.  His arms looked like perfectly sculpted limbs, and his legs made her mouth water!  Her mouth was stuck wide open as he approached her.  Standing behind the counter planted in place.  Unable to move as he approached the young employee alone as they were alone due to an unusual circumstance.  She was about to go home.  

“I understand you can get me set up in a suit in an hour?” 

His voice was steady but, confident.  Angelica wanted to respond “Not today,” but her voice wasn’t there!  He was handsome but, not so much so she should be creaming down her leg!  

“Are you ok?” he spoke again.  

This time close enough to smell her breath over the counter and peer directly down her high blouse breast encasement.  In wanting to be respected.  Angelica had become entirely chaste in her Dress and appearance to somewhat offset her youth.  But her body worked against her, and his boldness sent a flame to her breast points as he quickly moved back from her personal space.  Smiling as Sir slightly grazed her fingertips to keep them connected.  Was he seducing her?  

“And aren’t you a Beautiful thing.  Relax darling.  I don’t bite.”  He continued.  

As if he would really tell her she thought!  Loosening her tongue to him the 1st time she Professionally responded. 

“And what type of event?” 

“A Wedding.  My son.  He’s getting married in three days, and my luggage got lost in Transit.  So… I need a new suit and shoes.” 

“Not a problem.  Just need to take your measurements.” 

Normally.  Angelica would ask him to wait the half hour until someone else came in.  But Angelica instead locked the door and proceeded to lower the blind on the front door.  Already formulating a plan to get him down to his shorts.  

“Do you mind removing your Cargo Shorts?  Our tailors prefer as precise a number as possible.  And I am not as experienced as the other seamstress.”  

“Is precision that important to you Ms……” 

“Angelica.  Angelica Watson.  Apprentice.  Arms wide.”

Her hands traced the tape measure across his muscular back.  Seems like someone works out!  The words partially escaping her lips as her breasts began to push into the elder man’s back somewhat.  

“Well, Angelica Apprentice.  You will get better at it with the right teacher.” 

Angelica felt her nipples begin to swell into the air.  Longing to be pressed against the stranger’s flesh once again before resisting.  His voice was stern and steady which only turned the young girl on even more.  His stature.  The way he held himself reminded her of someone?  She wanted to touch him. 

His underwear was athletic gear and held a firm ass up like a flag.  Bending down, Angelica pretended to be clumsily and forcefully grabbed the strange man’s leg.  Pressing her breasts against his thigh on her way down “accidentally.”  The man stood firm.  

His cock outline was large and thick beneath his athletic shorts and staring the young temptress directly in the eye as she looked up from her knees.  It looked to be 9 inches and thicker than Mr. Thompson’s but inside of his shorts.  How could she be sure?  

Reaching up to grab it Angelica had forgotten completely where she was.  Never even looking up to see the man attached to the object of her desires reaction as she wiped her tiny hand against it.  Her mouth opening.  Hands pulling the thick knob through its hole into her opened her mouth like a woman being possessed by dick lust!  But she should have looked up.  

“Angelica.  Smile.  I am not comfortable and have not consented to your sexual advances, and you are being recorded.” 

Looking up.  Angelica could clearly see the phone in the man’s hand which he had now turned to face her so that she could see herself about to kiss his throbbing black dick laying in her hand.  Even she didn’t know what to do.  How she ended up after over a year of celibacy.  On her knees at her job.  Mouth open.  About to go to town on the 1st Black Man she ever had been alone within her short life.  Angelica was hoping to see the tape herself! 

Leaning forward.  Angelica gently sucked the man’s cock past her lips before releasing it and swirling her tongue around it for the cinematic license. 

“Fuck it.  If I go viral.  At least it won’t be fake.”  

Placing the warm, long, brown dick further into her wet mouth.  The man put his hand onto the back of her head and pressed it down deeper into her throat than she ever thought possible!  Her mouth filled with saliva that her nose spit out.  Angelica struggled to catch her breath!  For a moment?  She thought these could be her last gasps!  Her mouth was hanging on his dick for dear life as her Brown eyes rolled back some inside of her skull!  The might of her Orgasm, as the strange man pulled her off his cock, was incredible!

Angelica sprawled on the floor fully dressed.  Panties soaked from the powerful orgasm and the thought of her doing something so sexually risky on every level!  A strange man standing there.  Recording her be more concerned with rubbing her crotch than gasping for air!  As he put his Bermuda shorts back on laughing, Angelica thought it wasn’t the first time he had done something like that to a girl!  Humiliated her and laughed!  Angelica found the strength to get to her feet as the man began to pass her by and move towards the door.  

“You.  Young lady.  Can not be trusted alone with a man.  Please let me out.  The door is locked, and I need you to open it.” 

What had just happened?  Why would he or for that matter?  Any man walk away from a blowjob?  He was apparently up for it, so age wasn’t the issue.  And wore no wedding ring on his finger!  Angelica’s pussy wrenched as she saw him staring at her disapprovingly on the floor like a desperate teen slut!  Which was precisely how she felt in the moment and worse!  How humiliating! 

Gathering her weight beneath herself.  Angelica found the strength to stand and walk towards the door.  Her head was down.  Ashamed to think about the consequences of her actions!  Supposed he came back and told her bosses what happened?  They would fire her immediately!  Still, she couldn’t find the proper words to ‘fix’ what had just happened and move on.  As if nothing happened.  In unlocking the door and stepping aside, the man gave her two cards.  

“These are my measurements.”  

Grinning like a Cat that had just fucked the canary.  

“And this is the spare key to my suite.  Deliver my suit at 9pm and don’t be late a minute.  Or I will show your employer this tape slut.”

His last words cut like a knife.  Even if it was true.  She didn’t like being called that word one bit!  Her nipples hardened like her resolve to speak up for herself, but she knew it was useless.  The same thing that had attracted her to him was still there.  Sitting between them like an unspoken truth they immediately understood.  Amplified by the older man’s firm grasp of her right nipple over her shirt. 

“My son told me the area was full of pussy.  Especially young, slutty white girls like yourself. 

“I’m Puerto Rican and Irish.” 

Her interjection had the strange man close the door once more and grasp the other nipple in his free hand even harder!  So hard, in fact, Angelica began to cum again!  Trying to not show herself entirely as she stood looking directly into the man’s face at close range for the 1st time.  He looked and seemed so familiar!  But her eyes closed as her body succumbed to the sensations of pain mixed with the feeling of being completely at his whim!  He could tear off her practical slacks.  Rip off her panties and drive himself into her on the spot and all she would be able to muster would be a ….


“Tits like this?  I believe you.  The hotel Concierge will call later to verify the payment.  I want you to pick out my suit and shoes.  And do a good job because when you deliver it later.  You will be graded.” 

“I can’t.  I have a Boyfriend.” 

Letting go of her titties sent a wave of relief and disappointment through Angelica.  She knew what he had recorded and had a few moments, in between Orgasms to ascertain if the tape got out?  She would be finished. The boyfriend lie was all she could think of.  There wasn’t another opportunity to learn from the ground up without paying significant tuition which, she didn’t have.  And even though her loins ached to have all that meat inside of her young pussy, it was, after all, a small town.  What if someone saw her?  

“How is your Boyfriend going to feel about seeing you suck a strange black cock at work?  You really didn’t think this through.  Did you?” 

The smile on his face.  So fucking familiar!  What was it? 

“Listen.  Bring my suit up to my room at 9 and stay with me for a few hours afterward and I will make this tape disappear.  But I have a few conditions….”

Nine o’clock came and went as Angelica sat in the chair in the strange man’s suite as he requested.  Her hair was in a ponytail.  She wore pink lipstick and a Dress she “borrowed” from the shop.  That was what she was most worried about.  The 450 dollar frock she couldn’t afford to replace that was currently soaking up her sweet pussy syrup as she wore no panties at his request?  Hot from the anticipation of what was going to happen next.  She wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the door opened and in walked the man from earlier with a big grin on his face.  

“You made it!” 

Angelica had agreed because, she fucked up!   But the more she thought about it after reading his information?  The strange man was old enough to be her Grandfather!  But the thought of her sitting in his lap like her own Grandfather only set her back further.  As she imagined herself bouncing on his Big cock and once again, fingered herself to her own pleasure as she was accustomed to.  She took a bath as he ‘requested’ and, was wearing no undergarments beneath the Dress he told her to steal to wear for him.  Well, not exactly.  Before closing the shop door to leave though.  He did say she would look delicious in it!  

The strange man walked directly up to Angelica and gave her the sweetest kiss on the cheek!  Just like her boyfriend’s used to when they wanted to get a fuck or suck.  But what made it sweet was unlike them, the stranger knew she would do anything he asked of her and didn’t have to.  This was all a game.  

“Do you drink?” 

The answer was no, but the nod was yes since she was very nervous about being alone with him and no one else.  It wasn’t as exciting as the morning but, she knew what he was packing!  And through all of the mixed feelings and thoughts the truth was, she wanted that cock!  Putting the scotch on the table in front of her.  The man smiled and asked her 2 questions. 

“Lift up your dress so I can see what you are wearing?” he said calmly. 

Immediately Angelica stood and grabbed the hem of her frock and lifted it above her waist.  Her pussy was almost shaved.  Except for a landing strip, as per his earlier instructions.  Walking towards her the man snatched the dress and roughly pulled the hem past her shoulders.  Covering her face but uncovering her naked glory!  His hand cupped her pussy, causing her to open her legs.  Sir immediately stuffed it with 3 fingers!  Angelica was so wet.  Thinking about what could possibly happen between them they slid right in!  

After pulling them out.  Sir licked the nectar off his fingers which though she couldn’t see with her face covered?  She heard as clear as anything!

“You aren’t here because you were forced.  Are you?” 


“Call me Sir.  Respect your elders!” 

“No, sir.” 

“Your pussy is tight.  I know young, white sluts like yourself usually fuck anything that moves.  But your cunt is tight as a drum.” 

“I told you.  I am only half white.” She responded. 

“That much is obvious with you talking back so much.  I don’t think this is going to work out.”

Walking towards the desk.  He pulled out a 100 dollar Bill and hands it to her.  

“Your tip for delivering and your time. Goodnight.” 

“But…What about the tape?” 

“Gone the moment I left the store.  I only take on the willing, and there was a woman I met that I believe will be a better use of my time while I am in town.  Best of luck and leave the keycard….” 

The next few moments were a blur.  The man removed his trousers and placed his belongings on the opposite side of the Bed.  Away from the door.  Angelica quickly downed the drink.  Not knowing or caring what it was and stared at the 100 dollars on the table.  Was he turning her away again? 

“Do you think I am a prostitute.” 

The smile on his face was concealed by his back being turned to her as he removed his briefs.  His ass was nothing like what she imagined a man of his years would look like!  It was proud and strong and sent another wave through her.  He was utterly unashamed to show her once more what she couldn’t have!  His actions behind her shielded but, so were hers as she approached him in a rage. 

“Fuck you.” 

Her attempt to strike while his back was turned thwarted by his ability to turn and stop the blow!  Her arm in his hand his face turned dark. 

“Bitch.  Who do you think you are?”

At 6’3.  The man towered over her 5’4 frame and as he lifted her off the ground while simultaneously sitting on the bed and dropping her stomach directly onto his knees which temporarily knocked the wind out of the young girl’s body.  Her dress lifted as she felt his large hands land firmly across both of her buttocks!  

Thwap. Thwap.  Thwap.

“You are Latina after all.”  

Prodding her along by pulling her ponytail, Angelica found herself on her knees being forced down onto the man’s Beautiful Black dick once again!  This time, unwillingly so she believed.  Until the tip of his cock on her tongue sent a sensation through her young body that caused Angelica to push its whole length into her still sore throat.  Angelica came a second time that day from sucking this magical cock!  This time though her breathing was steady and sure.  And after a minute.  Her head was free to move up and down his popsicle like an old Pro. 

“That’s better.  All you needed was some act right.” 

 As he peered down on her bobbing head.  He grasped it once more.  Impaling her tonsils and stuffing her throat like the bird she was to him.  Angelica’s eyes rolled back into her head once more as she felt the familiar feeling of overwhelming orgasmic bliss shoot through her body.  She hardly noticed the man ripping her dress from her body before he removed his throbbing meat from her drooling mouth!  Slapping it between the crevasse between her breasts.  Which were harder than ever!  The man fucked her breastbone as she coughed and wheezed.  Unable to breathe a full breath due to the oxygen-depriving throat fuck that just ended and the incredibly intense spasms that were shooting what felt like thick streams of her own Lady cum down her legs!   But he wasn’t done. 

He used what was left of her dress to quickly bind her left leg to her right arm somehow before running his tongue up and down the length of her overly delicate shell.  Pushing his index finger into her ass after one wet revolution around it that could hardly be considered a warning!  Oh my God, she thought!  The sensations were incredible!  The way he caressed her cunt with his tongue while probing her ass with his fingers had the young woman writhing in ecstasy!

Being unable to lower her leg and hide her modesty helped Angelica justify her actions since she was no longer in control.  So, when the older man pierced her overly wet fortress.  Spreading her walls and sending her into the longest and strongest orgasm she had since the day of the Locker Room incident!

When she regained consciousness about 50 seconds later.  Her hips were moving instinctively in the rhythm of the man’s deep fuck stick motion.  She jumped as she felt him pulse inside her and struggled desperately to break free!  Being no longer able to resist all she could do was think fast.  Knowing she had to say what she wanted in the right way or else…

“Daddy, please.  Sir.  I know you are about to cum in me but please.  Cum on my mouth!” 

Angelica’s whole body was a delicate bundle of nerves.  Every touch of his hands, tongue, or cock was making her jump.  As the older man placed his wet dick into her mouth once more, she pushed her head down to its base!  Leaving the 1 inch, she needed him to push her head down only before slowly pulling up and feeling the splash of his seed into her mouth!   Just in time she thought!  Though she wouldn’t mind him cumming down her throat or anywhere!  

As the man withdrew his big, brown dick from between her pink lipstick.  He unleashed another massive spurt onto her tits and dress which she now knew was ruined!  But Angelica was beyond caring about such trivial things!  As she licked the rest of his sweet cum from the head of his cock fingering herself.  Cum dripping towards her neatly trimmed pussy and thoroughly exhausted.  All she could think about was….. 

The next morning she didn’t remember falling asleep but, Angelica found herself alone in the man’s room with a mouth that tasted of mouthwash.  She must have willed herself into the bathroom at some point, she reasoned as there was a knock on the suite door.  Thinking it was him.  She bounced up and opened the door without looking and found herself face to face with the past.

“Mr. Thompson?”  

He walked in smiling and closed the door behind him.  Walking towards Angelica’s barely covered body.  

“ Hi, Angelica.  It’s nice to see most of you!” 

Pulling the sheet from in front of her.  A feeble attempt at modesty.  Angelica struggled to rationalize this turn of events.   

“Dad and I were downstairs having Breakfast, and he told me about his freaky escapade last night with a young, trainable slut named Angelica, and I’m thinking?  What are the chances!  Said he had video too.  Imagine my surprise when I saw you!” 

“Your Dad.  You are getting married?” 

“Yes, tomorrow.  To Ms. Joseph.  But you Angelica.  You were the one who got away.” 

Angelica knew one thing for sure.  If Ms. Joseph knew she was alone with Mr. Thompson?  She would probably kill her!  And…no wonder the Old Man seemed so familiar!   She had hardly recovered from the night before when Mr.  Thompson continued.  

“You won’t be the 1st woman we shared Angelica.  But since I know you.  I won’t mince words.  When I leave, I want you to get in the shower and wash our cum off of you like a good girl.  Understand?” 

“Yes, but.” 

“Then.  Then take a Bath.  Order some room service.  Call your Mom.  Job.  Whoever.  Get a massage.  And enjoy your day with Dad.  He is a very wealthy man who raised me all alone after mother died.  She was the only woman he ever fully respected and that was mostly because of me.  A boy.” 

As he spoke, He had moved closer to her.  Tweaking and pulling at her quarter sized areolas and nipples while unzipping his pants.  Once removed, his cock to spring forward and the object of so many dirty desires was right before her eyes.  It was 8 inches, a bit shorter than Dad’s but, thick!  He motioned her forward and instinctively she knew what to do.  Finally, she would get what she wanted!  As Angelica’s mouth closed over the head and looked into his eyes as he continued to speak as if nothing was happening?  She finally felt at peace for the first time since that day. 

“Don’t forget to play with your pussy.  I love when white girls suck my cock while they play with their pussies!” he said. 

“I am half Latina?” she responded. 

When Mr. Thompson grabbed her head and nearly choked her on his cock, it wasn’t totally unexpected.  As he came on her tits before leaving the room?  She felt reasonably confident her weekend would be great with Mr. Thompson Sr!  She agreed to accept the offer to stay the weekend as Mr. Thompson’s Sr.’s plus 1.  But this?  This was just the Beginning.

“But I am a good girl!”

The voice not so assuredly announced in hushed tones into the strange man’s chest.  Burying her reddened face and shameful expression of uncontrollable lust along with the sound of her muffled ecstasy.  Shari’s mind raced as her new lover pumped his way inside her.  Deliberately holding back each time as if to prolong her embarrassment of predicament.  Each stroke accompanied by a word of encouragement for her tightening hole.

“Tell me how much you want me inside of you…” he whispered while biting her ear for emphasis.

Shari did not know if she was capable of responding verbally to the man who controlled every inch of her being.  But her body did.  Her hair.  Tightly wound around one hand limited how she could do position herself and simultaneously creating an image of him fucking her face in the same way.  She hoped that would be next! But Shari knew that she was powerless to resist his wishes either way.  He was, after all, doing this to her in this not quite an empty Bar and Shari knew that wasn’t her choice.  Was it?

Controlling the depth of his strokes inside of her was creating an orgasmic tsunami Shari did not know that she was capable of!  The woman cursed him inside of her head as his cock edged and milked her body flawlessly as her ass slid around the wooden floor.  The predicament allowed her to speak only a one-word answer to the question.


There were no other sounds in the place that was truer than Shari’s moans of delight.  The unending wanting of her lover to be finished exposing her had passed, leaving an uncaring whore in its place! Experiencing her crème flowing in between her thighs in the manner of a faucet was something Shari had read about, but never experienced before that moment!  A reflection of hidden thoughts and desires and their effect on her present day activities.  Shari had lusty wants and dirty desires that needed to be held in check for her own benefit she thought.  The last clear thought that she would remember from the evening.

The need to hide from being discovered slowly slipped away as Shari only wanted him to push his cock deeper into her and relieve the pressure being built up inside by his edging her with his perfectly big dick!  Shari’s thoughts blended becoming action.  And all the woman could discern from the surroundings was her conscious mind was slipping further away into bliss!  Replaced by the compliant whore she needed to be to endure her lover’s precision pounding.  He was at least 8 inches.

Shari didn’t come out frequently to play games.  The excitement and adrenaline she craved for most of her existence usually were placated by her favorite toys, which were smaller than Daniel, and an open window.

She loved getting herself off for sure!  But craved being watched by others while she pleasured herself, as it had always heightened her senses and made her cum quickly.  So to be here, sitting next to a limp dick her friends had set her up with, was just a ruse to get what she really wanted.  And the proof that they didn’t know what she wanted at all!

“This is what a hard ‘no’ sounds like.” She had said.

Her blind date was in sales, so she believed the phrase to be appropriate to end their meeting prematurely.  She gave him as much of a chance as any other man, but he wasn’t her type!  Barely a man she thought while removing the drink down her throat the now unhappily departed man had brought her.  Another night she might have entertained him.  Sucked his small cock in his car and called it a favor for a friend.  But tonight she was looking for something special.

Shari could feel most eyes on her as they entered the bar.  It was darker and seedier than her station, so a woman of her quality stuck out like a sore thumb.  She was outfitted in a sexy black dress with high heels in hopes of meeting what her friend suggested was a Prince.  She knew her friend’s taste in men, so her dress was strictly chosen for Plan B, which included a walk on the wilder side of life and a new outlook on the night.

Her blind date had been too everything.  Too anxious.  Too excited by her overt sexuality while never touching even her arm!  Shari hadn’t come out to not be touched!  What she wanted was a sexual release, not a wordy relationship!

So Shari, in her high heels and short dress.  Wearing a pair of barely there panties that covered the natural outline of her dampening folds and were visible at certain angles past the slit in her dress was alone in the bar.  Left to fend for herself.  Her breasts were accentuated by the push-up bra providing support, while not entirely covering her nipples.  Her areolas were being pinched at the top of the tit cage against the thin fabric of her dress that she enjoyed the feeling of immensely!  It was the closest thing to being naked as the air brushed against her skin.  And now she was alone in a Bar full of strangers, far from home.

Breaking the rules of socially acceptable sexual behavior for her was exciting.  She had thought about attempting a night out like this long and hard on many occasions.  Usually while rubbing her clit to eventual collapse and sleep.  Her thoughts would wander into ‘depraved’ scenarios each time until her thoughts and self-inflicted orgasms escalated into action.  Through imagining different lovers with a similar result would cause her fingers to linger outside her thighs as long as she could before burying themselves inside of her bare, wet, cunt. The thoughts of not being able to resist also grew.

What started with Shari being ashamed that she couldn’t help herself from thinking about such things all of the time, ended with an unknown date with this Internet clown!  Thrilled at the thoughts that alone get her off with barely a touch could become a reality with a man!  That is how Shari started.  But now leaving her disappointed and wondering exactly how long it could be before she would get to act upon her urges.

Her mound would throb, and breasts harden when looking at men and measuring the creases in their slacks elsewhere.  Their knowing leers usually had her wondering if they understood what she imagined about them, or were just regular horny men.  Either way, if they knew how easy it could be to ravish and control her with their dicks, they would do more than smile in her direction!  Each day, knowing it would take less as her defenses wore themselves down.  Sex is all that she thought about these days.  Being ridden and used like the fuckdoll, she always felt she would be happiest being anywhere but work!  And this time in context.  Not like her College memory and the night, she pretended to be drugged so the frat boys could have their way with her while she maintained her “innocence.”  Shari loved being their helpless toy and craved to feel that way again!

The man stood at the end of the bar waiting for her to come closer as she swatted away other suitors with great dexterity.  The sense of urgency built inside of her breasts as she admired his size and strength and wondered if his cock would match!  He could easily take her by force at any time, but would he?  Shari’s thoughts of pleasuring this stranger built up with each step forward, sapping her confidence until stood astride him practically naked while speaking her attraction, using carefully chosen words.

“Excuse me.”

All she could imagine while pressing next to him was taking him home and fucking his brains out! Placing one hand on his waist while pushing her hard nipples against his arm Shari decided to forgo any form of subtlety and opt for the direct approach.  Her hands lithely brushed his back in a feigned attempt to pretend to gain some form of balance, all while brushing his firm behind. Shari’s hand lingering a moment too long, but catching his attention immediately.

The stranger reflexively grabbed her forearm and tugged slightly down, causing her knees to buckle slightly under the pressure.  The pain shot through her arm, sending a jolt and a flash through her body instantly which brought Shari back to the present from her fantasy walk.  He was more dangerous than she thought and more!  Catching a glimpse of the dark face while his well-manicured hair and lowered gaze disguised any semblance of form as pain shot up her arm before he let her go.

“Sorry about that.”

He spoke deliberately before pausing to grab her by her waist and pull her close to him.  Her body now crushed against his in an excitingly comfortable, but scary way.  Her breasts pushed forward and released themselves from their semi-caged state underneath her dress.  The sight of her dark pink, seemingly brown nipples available to both of their eyes still restrained by the thinnest layer of fabric was not as startling to Shari as their mutual reaction.

Daniel lifted her upright while his free hand pushed her breast back into their respective cages politely.  It was if they had been lovers forever as he encircled Shari’s right nipple before holding it tightly between his fingers and kissing her firmly on the mouth in front of everyone before letting her go.

“That should make up for it.” he sneered.

Transfixed, Shari rooted to the point as the strange man named Daniel ordered her a drink.  Comforted by this beautiful stranger whose eyes were boring into her soul.  She felt as if she dare not leave his side without permission which kept her riveted to the spot.  The stranger was now talking and thinking for them both and she had no desire to disagree!

In his mind, Daniel knew instinctively what she wanted from him and was in no mood to be evasive or coy.  Seeing her deliberately vulnerable along with the way she responded to his fingers, which he used to gently massage her clit, Daniel knew all he needed to know.  He finally grabbed her forcefully and said the only thing she could remember.

“I know what you want.”  With a smile and a wink.

Grasping her hand Daniel took her away from the other Men and women who had been watching them interact together before she could utter a verbal rebuttal.  Settling into a corner that was partially dimmed, Daniel placed two fingers between her legs before stiffly ripping her panties aside.  Hoping for another glimpse at her unencumbered treats, his other hand forced her tits not only above her bra but outside of her dress!  A full view only blocked by his thick body.  The thought of public exposure sending a tingling sensation throughout her body!

All the while he handled her so roughly the woman blushed with excitement, even as her heart pounded with fear of being discovered in this communal setting. She need not worry about such things as all eyes in the establishment had never left!  They watched it all as Daniel was inside of her as quickly as she wanted him to be in her fantasy!  Even if she was unsure of the setting. Daniel had turned her inhibitions against her so skillfully, working her womanhood like a true cocksmith!  She felt him finally pressed against her flesh Shari realized how defenseless she was and in a thought, screamed in the agony and ecstasy of the moment the most powerful orgasm of her young life!  Her inner walls trembled uncontrollably and the rest of the Bar’s patrons watched the stranger remove his fleshy rod and spew his sperm upon Shari’s partially open mouth and lips before dribbling down her chest!  She felt ashamed at her display while simultaneously cumming looking at the men beginning to encircle her.

She would lay there unable to move for what seemed like an eternity while other patrons moved ever closer, discussing what to do with such a spent slut.  The reference making her pussy twitch as she knew what they were saying was true!  Her head nodded in their direction, Five men in total including her dispatched date waved their cocks in her direction as she noticed how big he was! Had he mentioned that earlier, none of this would have probably happened!  Dumb luck.

Fingers and hands touched and prodded her available body until Shari was once again impaled by a strange cock, but this time from her knees.  And another.  And another.  Her mouth quickly filled with the sweet taste of her dirtiest dreams.  While her body still shook in a feeble attempt to recover from her encounter with Daniel, who was now, nowhere to be seen.  Any attempt to follow him now would be impossible now. So Shari did the only thing she could do.

Apologize to her initial date in the best way she knew how since didn’t want her friends to hear about their date.

And smile.

It was going to be a 3-hour drive, and Judy was going, to be honest with her daughter about everything! Judy knew her daughter was sexually active having helped her get birth control.  And having spied her web history knew the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree!  Little Constance’s body had blossomed, and like most good mothers, Judy knew what was best for her to do.  Get it out of her system already!  The long drive meant for bonding Judy had reserved for storytelling.  A tame version of the truth.  She started with “It was supposed to be a girls night out.”

It was 19 years ago, and Judy remembered thinking she would be back in her Basement bedroom rubbing her clit alone soon.  She recalled frustration and hardened nipples thinking about waiting for the kids she nannied to wake up for another day of screaming after not getting laid!  The honey drips a reminder her body knew what she needed, and Ben’s growing impatience only added to her slutty her frustrations!  Her attempt to make herself irreplaceable was not going well.

Ben sometimes liked to tease women he’d been with about fucking them.  He was masterful at finding out what they wanted and exploiting his prey’s sexuality to control them. Some had a weakness for sucking cock and fell in love with his oversized meat.  Being 10 inches when fully hard, and just thick enough to almost hurt was what other women found to be Ben’s best attribute!  But he also would eat pussy as well as most women, having learned the Art from his ex-girlfriends Sylvie and Ashley who were married now.  Something about Ben made everyone want him.

Sex wasn’t how they had started out, but by that night Judy was in the center of the web!  And Ben had a habit of dumping women who didn’t follow through.  In that way, he was a complete asshole!  But as Judy’s clit rubbed against her moist, silky panties, she knew she could never accept that!  The feeling begged her not to leave before the thorough pounding planning this double date had promised!  But as it was going, this wasn’t an ideal Friday night, and her friend was a no-show.  Leaving her alone with two men who were unfortunately, one too many!

 It had only been a couple of weeks since Judy had lost her virginity to a guy her age from the club.  Someone Ben had suggested from the who had just lost his girlfriend.  It was fun as Judy she fucked and sucked him whenever and wherever she could,  But the ex soon became jealous,  wooing him back with a promise of more frequent blowjobs!  Which was ok with her since the experience had run its course.  She was ready for something new!

Judy was 19 and soon would be back home, under her mother’s watchful eye soon enough.  And Utah is nothing like NY!  There were no opportunities to have sex without being caught, outed and labeled a whore or worse!  Impure.  You are expected to tell on yourself!   Which was one of her favorite fantasies to masturbate herself to sleep with.  Imagining admitting her lustful secrets like a good little whore and promising not to do it again!  Repression caused by the irony of living in a polygamous state gone straight!

Being in NY had been an adventure!  She traveled to tourist sites on weekends with friends and family and spent her first two weeks soaking in the atmosphere.  The people who never said hello unless they had lewd intentions jumped out at her.  Even in her conservative midwestern outfits, there was no hiding her voluptuous assets.  Judy especially noticed how their looks made her crave more attention like it!  It wasn’t long before she began testing her non-existent barriers and gave into temptation.  And Ben had been her guide.

Her tits ached for action as her date stood patiently across the bedroom knowing his big, black cock was captured under his jeans!  She had been leaning on it all week so by now, knew it’s every twist and bend!  It was bigger than the guy who took her virginity a month earlier.  And much more satisfying.  The truth was it didn’t last as Judy quickly discovered her sexual needs were more “evolved,” and her mentor became her target.

Ben was a much more experienced lover, and the women in the gym gushed about him.  How much of a “gentleman” which some knew was a public farce intended to lure them to feed his voracious sexual appetites.  The different stories that all ended the same way.  A broken barrier wall and inability to resist his calls to action.  The dangerous excitement these women craved became their addiction.  But Ben knew Judy was only around for a short time making their relationship dynamic unique.

She was curious and shared his dirty secrets.  As a religious woman and Virgin, there was no harm in her questioning him about sex?  Once those two things were established AND Ben made it clear he had no interest in deflowering her, there was an ease in their interactions.  Plus, Judy knew the woman he slept with and believed when he told her he didn’t need her too.  They understood one another.

For his part, Ben never told secrets.  He was a strict believer in keeping his private life private and as a bachelor didn’t believe in drama.  One way he maintained his lifestyle was silence.  Sometimes at the end of his cock!  But Judy was different.  Curious, but definitely in NY to explore her sexuality, even if she couldn’t admit it to herself!  Ben recognized things in her she hadn’t yet discovered about herself.  Why wouldn’t he become her friend?

Ben had tested her curiosity, and to his delight, every time Judy needed more details!  He’d smile and tell her more.  But that was usually after talking about 50 other things neither was interested in more than each other.  It was always the end.  When Ben would provide so much detail, it gave Judy ideals about how she should be massaging her own pussy at night!  Always while trying to remember what he said he had done to another girl.  What he was probably doing to one as she slept and kept her virtue a little before screaming her orgasm into the pillow and falling asleep with a sated smile.  Judy trusted Ben. But that was a month ago, and the relationship was different now.  Judy was the one who found herself wanting him all of the time and competing for his attention in her last days since she was leaving soon.  She didn’t want to waste the opportunity before she recommitted herself.  The flesh is weak.

“Too bad.  She doesn’t know what she’s missing!”

The words came out of context but brought a smile to the increasingly disappointed 3rd wheel.  Ben’s friend had been cool, and she knew he found her attractive.  After a couple of shots of Tequilla, the sentence spoken with a certain envy.  Under different circumstances, she thought as Ben spoke.

“Wayne.  Before you go home could you go to the store and bring me back a mixer?”

Wayne was even a good sport about that.  He just smiled his big smile and winked at her which surprisingly surged through her body like a pulse!  Did she want him to leave?  The man smiled and left the room, but Judy hardly noticed with Ben’s lips fastened onto her nipples just as quickly.  Licking and sucking in between long, wet kisses and firm grasps of her breasts and pinches of her desperately needing attention areolas!  She came as his fingers pushed inside of her as he asked the unbelievable question.

“So you want to fuck us both?”

The tequila heated Judy’s groin as his fingers touched her swollen bud as she tried to pretend she wasn’t cumming on Ben’s twisting fingers as he looked into her eyes.  Was he in her head now orchestrating her dirty thoughts?

“You’re joking right?”

Ben removed what was left of the top and unzipped the skirt from the back as it fell to the floor.  His hands seemed to be everywhere she liked them to be at the same time!  On her ass.  On her wet kitten since she wasn’t a full-grown pussy as of yet.  Ben licked her legs open before standing between them while slowly pressing his cock into her pre-lubricated walls!  Her heels were on, and she was sitting between Ben’s legs as he sat on the edge of the bed when Wayne opened the bedroom door.

“Ask Wayne if you can make up for your friend with your mouth.”

Ben had never talked to her this way or even intimated he was slightly interested in sharing her but Judy knew she was the happiest bouncing into his lap where she was.  Wayne removed his shorts and out sprang another beautiful big dick!   Judy’s eyes popped as she realized her friend was never coming and Ben had been planning this sexual improvisation from the beginning!

Turning herself as she ground down on his engorged rod.  Their eyes meet as Judy kisses Ben deeply before whispering into his ear.

“You’re the best. Thank you.”

He knew what she meant.  Her pussy clamped down around him shivering around him.  Her wet hole tightened and massaged his muscle, and her skin was flush from head to toe.  He was happy she was enjoying their time together, however short it had been.  It would be over before they both wanted it to be.

Turning around Judy focused on the new task at hand.  She clasped her nipples in either hand before pressing them together as an invitation to Wayne to come closer, which he barely hesitated to do!  Rubbing his extended cock over the young woman’s face and periodically allowing her to taste it!   She was still riding Ben while licking the head of his tasty friend!

Momentarily she wondered what her parents would say if they saw her.  Pussy full of big, black cock while a second man willingly fucked her tits and mouth!  Would her mother be ashamed of her for cumming so soon as well as hearing her ask for more whenever her mouth became unoccupied by the ebony dick between her lips as it traveled the cavern between her white tits! Judy’s used the back of her tongue in hopes of making him cum as her hands grasped his legs and ass against her body and sometimes, down her throat!  She couldn’t believe she was able to swallow him so easily.  But Ben had been fucking her mouth so much, it was easier to take Wayne in!

Judy sat on Ben a moment noticing he felt even bigger than usual inside her!  It was a good thing as he was about to cum deep inside her and she was afraid of getting pregnant.  But as Ben grasped her nipples hard between his fingers alternating his angle between each thrust, there was no stopping it!

She wanted to experience it all!

“My pussy.”

It was true.  Even as Judy sucked and licked on Wayne, her body began to convulse and contract because of him! Feeling herself within herself as she came over and over as Ken twisted his hips to counter her attempts to avoid her most sensitive spots to no avail!  It took everything she had to maintain focus upon Wayne’s hard cock when he came without warning into the back of her throat! Judy removed the tool from between her lips, running her hands up and down to spread the remainder on her overheated tits and nipples with the intention to cool them down.

“Wow.  Apology accepted, and I gotta bounce.”

Picking up his shorts Wayne left as Judy ground hard against Ben’s lap.  She would have laughed at his hasty exit, were it not for the smashing her cavern was enduring at the hands of her lover.  Judy stood and lifted her feet off of the ground, so he was pounding her face down into the wooden floor!  She needed to make him cum which always seemed to take forever!  Something she would learn to miss as she recalled in future years.   Ben whispered things then too.  Dirty things.  Words she has never forgotten and about what she really wanted out of life!  To be in his bed and his toy as long as she could.  It By the time he came inside her she wanted him to cum deep inside of her and never remove it.  She was willing to do whatever it took as long as they could always be together!  And he promised her he would make sure they could.

Judy’s 40-year-old body was still in good shape as she drove into the Hotel parking lot.  Her breasts began to perk up as she recognized the Hotel.  Her daughter now knew the truth and was being afforded a chance to experience it herself!  She would even just watch if she wanted too.  Judy liked being watched and had no shame about who she was and her ongoing relationship with Ben and his circle of friends.

“So Daddy knows?”

Judy smiled as her daughter smiled back at her.  Their arms wrapped together as they have their final word before entering the hotel and the night began.

“Ben introduced us.  Who do you think arranges the suites?  But that’s another story for another time.  Do I look ok sweetie?”

She thought for a moment it was a silly question knowing her makeup would be ruined within the hour.

Mandy didn’t understand why this was happening!  Hadn’t she done everything he asked?  Sending him pictures of her when he asked her to?  She even had allowed him to share her with his friend, even though she didn’t like the idea at first.  And now he was calling her, telling her they were through and he was going back to his bitch of a wife!  How did this happen?

The tears flowing down the side of her face hadn’t stopped since she had hung up the phone and squeezing her clit between her thumb and forefinger wasn’t doing the trick.  She was cumming all over the floor, sure.  Imagining Keith’s hand was between her legs, and his cock was in her mouth like she always did when he wasn’t around.  Waiting for his return.  But the joy her body felt didn’t stop the tears from flowing because she knew, he wasn’t coming to see her ever again.  The phone wasn’t going to ring, and Keith wouldn’t tell her what to wear or how to touch herself.  She was all alone now.   All because of his bitch wife. 

Mandy knew where he lived with his wife, but she had never gone to his home.  They met in her office as he was filing for divorce and their “relationship” had blossomed from there.  She never had a man like him.  Big and horny all of the time for her.  She was powerless to say no to him, even now.

Most of their rendezvous were in public places like a Department store dressing room or a secluded area of a park.  They both shared a spirit for adventure and exhibitionism, and with a cock like his, she was hardly ever able to say ‘no’ to any of his requests!  She was a simple, healthy, normal 24-year-old paralegal when they had first met, and not nearly the sexual creature she was today.  She never wore panties, granted.  And she always loved the feeling of the wind brushing against her bare pussy, even as a young girl.  But she was not mischievous sexually beyond that.  From their 1st meeting, his piercing eyes and the impressive figure had cast a spell on her, and before she knew it, Mandy was gagging on his dick and letting him use her body in every slutty way imaginable privately and publicly.  And now it was over? 

Mandy had hardly noticed that she was walking towards Keith’s home he shared with his wife as she was not in her right mind.  Her heart raced as she knocked on his door, knowing he couldn’t possibly answer since he was at work.  The thing she promised him she would never do, tell his wife about them, was exactly what was going to happen!  Since Mandy was not in control of her emotions, she had no idea what she was going to say to the bitch when the door opened and Athena, Keith’s wife stood in front of her.  The fat troll. 

“Can I help you?”

 A woman answered the door, annoyed at the veracity of Mandy’s knocking. She was about 5’10 with blonde hair and impressive features.  Her breasts were about 34C and barely covered by her nightgown, which was sheer.  Hardly the frump, her husband, had described!  She was beautiful!  She towered over the ebony seductress and looked down upon her as if she knew why she had come.  They always did cum after all!  In one form or another.

Athena held no false pretense.  Her husband loved to fuck other women, and she knew it.  But they had an “understanding.”  The marriage was solid, and she knew all about this Mandy person.  Knew he had told her he was getting divorced so that he could have her.  It was ok.  They had similar and differing tastes sexually and allowed each other a certain amount of leeway with others.  A man as good in bed as her husband needed to be kept happy.  And she didn’t do the slutty things in public.  Too much risk.  But they were definitely partners in crime.  She had pointed Mandy out to him in her office and gave him the divorce idea in the first place!  She knew what her husband needed.    

“I am looking for Keith.  Are you his wife?” Mandy asked. 

Her clothes were thrown on and in her heightened state, were not many.  Sweats and a tank top. She had not thought this through.  Her own 34C breasts were still hard from the masturbating she couldn’t stop doing, even on the car ride over to fight her rival.  She expected an out of shape frump.  Not a Greek Goddess with a body that looked like it had been trained for combat!  She WAS going to tell his wife everything, whoop her ass, and wait for Keith to come to her home later where she would make her case for his cock once more.  Mandy knew she was the best woman for him and wasn’t going to be discarded so easily.  If that were ever his plan

“Come in.  He should be home soon.  I am his wife, Athena.” She said while opening the door wide enough to allow the young woman entrance. 

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” Mandy replied.

For the 1st time today her instincts began to work for her.  She had hesitated.  This woman was not scared or shocked by her presence which meant she was probably armed or worse, crazy.  Mandy knew Keith was not due off of work for at least another 4 hours and wondered why the woman would say different and never even questioned her relationship to him.  She knew something wasn’t right.  But it was too late.

“No Mandy, I insist,” Athena replied.  “Unless you want me to shoot you on my doorstep and explain your crazy threat to kill me over my husband.”

Pulling out the small caliber pistol from behind her back, Athena smiled wistfully at the most recent young bitch who had been riding her husband.  She had followed him to the bar with a camera to videotape her fuck in the alley for him.  And what a show it was!  Mandy’s pierced nipples shining against the spotlight as her husband and his BF took her from both sides.  One holding her suspended by her waist.  The other with 1 hand across her torso, as he force-fed Mandy his big black dick.   All of Keith’s friends had big dicks, and she knew them all personally as well as intimately.  Even if Keith was clueless to that much. 

 She had been watching the tape when she heard the knock on the door.  Pleasantly surprised to see the young whore Mandy on her doorstep, she knew what she wanted to do as her own pussy throbbed at her good fortune.  Christmas had come early!  She wanted to see Mandy and her dark head between her thighs for two weeks, so she told her husband to break it off until Mandy could be convinced to be hers too.  Knowing all along it would bring the woman to her doorstep since she had been pulling strings to their attachment all along!  A proper introduction was soon at hand as she picked up the 25. Caliber pistol she had purchased for such an occasion placed the handcuffs on the table and answered the door.  Keith would not be home anytime soon, so this was a chance for her to question the young woman alone.  And make sure Keith was honoring the sanctity of their marriage.  For lack of a better term. 

Stepping through the door, Mandy heard the door slam behind her and the locks being set.  Athena was enjoying the power trip and instructed Mandy to move towards the table where the handcuffs sat waiting for her.  The younger woman pleaded for leniency but to no avail.  Athena’s pussy was already pulsating, and for her, that meant no turning back! 

“Did you really think you were coming to MY HOUSE to start some shit?  Sit down bitch!”  Athena tossed the handcuffs towards Mandy and instructed her sternly.    

“Put them on.”

“Bitch are you cray…”  Whack! 

An open hand smashed across the heartbroken young woman’s face without warning, halting her speech mid-sentence.  Crazy.  No.

“Now!  Next time it’s the butt of my gun, and I am calling the cops.  You can explain to them how you ended up in my living room.  Our neighbor is on duty right now.  I can call his cell, strip you naked and turn you over.  He loves black girls too.  The whole night shift will get a crack before dawn.  You are far away from home Missy.”

She smiled at the thought of her considering this. She would make light work of Mandy in or out of handcuffs, and she hoped she would get the chance to prove it to her.  It would only make the conquest more sweet.  She continued.

“If you work hard enough with your mouth, you may not be arrested by the tiny dicks.  These police are well known for forgiving tickets with the help of a flexible tongue like yours.  At least from what I have seen.  But I am sure your attire would call for something more.  Are you willing to take that chance? Now put em on!” she screamed. 

Mandy had never worn handcuffs before since she had always been so willing to please her boyfriends, they had never been necessary.  Her mind was ablaze as she locked them tighter than they should be and the thought about what this crazy bitch would do next!  Mandy was still moist from seeing Athena standing in the doorway, totally comfortable with her sexiness while standing before her.  She had never been with a woman and didn’t plan too either.  But she also knew she was trapped.  She wished she had thought it through instead of coming here. 

Athena smiled as she placed the gun on top of a shelf the smaller woman would not be able to reach.  Mandy stared at her, wondering why Keith ever would need her in the 1st place!  She was an Amazon!  Her body was one toned canvas accentuated by a plump bottom not usually found on white women, or so Mandy believed!  And Keith had married her, so she knew, she had to be good in bed.  What a fool she had been to believe him!  All married men lie.

 “Don’t worry dear.  I won’t hurt you as long as the conversation goes my way.  And that means I talk, you listen.  Before you answer any of my questions, though.  We need to figure out how you will address me.  You I will just call slut.  Or whore.  Or both.”  Pausing for emphasis.

“Look, Athena is it?” Mandy said.

“I realize you have no reason to forgive me, but I am sooo sorry for fucking your husband.”

“Are you now?”


“Well, that is the first lie.  Never met a woman who claimed that!” 

 Athena said while walking towards the smaller woman and ripping her tank top down, causing the woman’s hands to lurch forward in modesty and fall off of the couch she had been sitting on onto the floor!  Her hands were cuffed in front as Athena straddled her from behind in a hold reminiscent of a wrestler as she straddled Mandy between her legs and reached around to squeeze Mandy’s hard nipple in her left hand. 

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be horny right now would you?”

Pulling the woman’s sweatpants beneath her knees limiting Mandy’s ability to move.  Athena plunged her right middle finger between the woman’s thighs, feeling no resistance beyond Mandy’s wetness.  As scared as she was, she was every bit the slut from the video, which she now resumed. 

Mandy’s eyes opened wide at the sight of her secret affairs playing on her ex-boyfriend’s wife’s TV as the screen filled with the views of her dirty deed. 

“You interrupted my favorite part.”

Athena spoke as Cliff came onscreen and grabbed the young woman’s head.  Pulling her mouth off of his saliva soaked cock and coating her face, tits, and a portion of her dress with his semen.  Mandy had forgotten Athena’s fingers inside of her and captured by what was happening onscreen came her all over Athena’s hand violently! 

“Looks like someone enjoys amateur porn!”

Athena laughed as she pushed the woman forward with her foot onto her hot, tingling nipples releasing her hand from inside of her.  Mandy was spent and hardly noticed the cuffs being placed on her ankles attached to a bar.  She couldn’t run away if the wanted too.

Athena pulled her to her feet by her hair and released her hands from the cuffs, only to pull them back behind her and refasten the cuffs. 

“The name is Mistress Athena.  And its time you learned how to please me.  And if you do a good job, I will forgive you for trying to fuck my husband away from me.  If you don’t…”

Athena sat back down on the couch and spread her legs, revealing a well maintained, pink pussy.

“Eat.  While I tell you how things will go from now on.”

Mandy had never been so close to a woman’s pussy and began to tentatively lick up and down Athena’s slit like she would like to be licked herself until she found a rhythm.   Athena gave her an hour to get her off twice, or else.  She came 3 times but of course, said it was only once!   Athena thought then how much she loved breaking in new girls as Mandy feverishly worked the dominant woman’s clit with her tired, but now willing tongue.   

Hours later.   Beep.

Checking his phone the image came through from his wife as he opened the door.  His wife being pleasured by his girlfriend!  Walking into the living room after and taking his clothes off at the door, Keith walked over to where his wife laid.  Her legs spread wide to accommodate the head bobbing in between them. Keith bent over and kissed her deeply, causing Mandy to lift her eyes to watch.

Snap!  The whip flashed against her skin and backside and she quickly resumed her task, Keith’s most desired cock inches from her face!  Athena had not told her she could watch!  She felt a twinge of jealousy at the intimacy between them until finally, the married couple stopped and Keith moved behind her.  The head of his cock relieving all tension as he fucked her harder than he ever had!

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all?


Mrs. Johnson fixed her face and applied her lipstick last, as she gathered her manuals and adjusted her panties beneath her knee-length skirt.  She had been fingering herself so fervently as she sucked the young Receiver’s cock down her throat that they had become frayed on one side.  Leaving her left vagina lip encased between thread and fabric.  The taste of his young cum dotted her taste buds as she walked down the hallway towards her car confident she was doing her best to help team morale by giving another player his earned A.  The fourth ‘A’ this semester.  A simple way to keep track of things.

The Football Team was Undefeated!  A source of school and town pride in a District that hadn’t had success in team sports for almost 10 years!  For this Upper-class liberal enclave benefitting from the number of Professional Athletes children that now walked the halls.  Sons of privilege.  Their Fathers were either NBA, NFL, or MLB retiree’s, gifted with an unfair genetic advantage.  Even the Caucasian boys were genetically superior to the other, surrounding area’s students District’s kids physically.  Mrs. Johnson always had a thing for athletic boys!  In College, she frequented the Men’s Dorm hallways sometimes more than her own place!  Never very particular about where or with how many men she encountered.

Freshman year of College Shay was quite the slut and especially for the Black athletes!  They made her cum and used her in ways that sometimes reminded her of home and Daddy’s playthings.  The ones used for sex by both he and Aunty before having doors slammed in her face!  But they always came back for more!

 “The sex or the money or both always brought them back!”  he’d say.

For Shay, it was always the sex!  That and keeping Daddy happy and respected by his Booster friends who were to the man a bunch of lecherous, dirty old rich men.  Sometimes, Shay left their dorm with all her clothes but, almost always without her panties.  Those were usually useless afterward anyway.

Daddy said sex with Black men was ok but, she would never be allowed to marry one.  But he understood the thrill of fucking those studs.  Alluding to the fact he may have even watched mother during Alumni/recruiting weekends on occasion convince the Boys to sign with State.  Her solid Trust fund meant she didn’t have to marry rich of course but that would not be allowed and Shay found the most convenient husband available.  Someone who worshipped but, never questioned her spending a lot of time away from home on Business trying to impress Father.  How little he understood about the Family he had married into!  Like her Mother, Shay was pure cock slut when it came down to it, and needed her freedom!

Shay’s Father well….  He was a philanderer and sexual deviant once she once walked in on Fucking his secretary while eating out Shay’s Aunt, her Mother’s sister in his home office!  Shay remembered screaming as she saw Dad’s cock sliding out of his Secretary’s dripping wet pussy and into her beloved Auntie’s mouth!  Still slick with the help’s juicy cum.  Or maybe it was a purr?  Shay also recalled her Father turning his head towards her while still pumping Auntie’s face until he came between her cum oozing lips as if it got him off, her watching!.  He smiled at her when he noticed Shay’s fingers squeezing her nipples at the sight roo though Shay had blocked that part out of the Memory!

“Like mother.  Like daughter!”

The blonde secretary purred.  Right before Auntie pushed her crotch over the woman’s mouth.  Where the “less” part of her panties left her labia exposed to the frosty air.  Shay suspected Daddy kept it cold to see women’s nipples poking through their sheer summer dresses.  Since the other parts of the home were usually overheated making the transition of rooms tenable to the least sensitive areolas.  But why she even took the time to figure it out before knowing the truth about anything else said more about herself than Shay’s well-hung father! 

“Shut up slut.  You’re a shitty secretary!  Use your tongue for what it was intended, slave!”

The horror this light-skinned black woman would have to endure these two for a living!  Even if the way her legs were shaking and her fingers manipulating her tanned snatch indicated the chore wasn’t so bad?  

“We will talk about this later cupcake.  Now close the door behind you and go do your homework.”

Her Father acted and talked as if nothing unusual was happening.  Even as his cock protruded towards his daughter’s direction.  Dripping saliva and pussy juice onto Grandfather’s antique rug!   So since 15.  Shay was indoctrinated into the Family way and never was ashamed of anything sexual behind closed doors. 

Daddy was a Good father and Shay was, after all, her Daddy’s girl!  They were extremely close and though they never crossed that line.  It wasn’t unusual for them to see one or the other in the act.  There were no secrets they could not tell the other.  And, it wasn’t required to share.

When young Mrs. Johnson lost her Virginity, her parents were in the next room for her 17th Birthday Celebration in Barcelona.  Surprising her with a pair of the ethnic boys she seemed to like the best!  They spoke Spanish but, their ethnicity was impossible to distinguish beyond Beautiful!  Shay Johnson was already an enthusiastic Cocksucker thanks to Boyfriends and one Black Teacher, making the threesome experience even more enjoyable!  As the 1st Boy’s cock severed as a Comfort animal for her wet, warm mouth.  Shay’s Maidenhead was displaced under the Penthouse clear ceiling and the Black Stars of the night!  Her parents were always very attentive to her needs.

In the US, Shay turned 18 and was off to College!  Her parents made sure Shay had her own place.  A close drive to Campus used to entertain College Recruits for their shared Alma Mater during recruiting season.  And just be herself the rest of the time.  They were Legacies and Shay personally delivered 2 All-America’s to the School herself!  Daddy was proud of her and teaching seemed to be a natural choice of Profession as Shay knew how to build a report with young men!  Her parents couldn’t be prouder! 

“Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson, I’d like a word with you”! 

A Mercedes of course.  The man behind the wheel had parked his car between her and her own and obviously had to have been waiting for her. 

“I’m DJ’s dad.  Artis.  It is so nice to meet you!”

She couldn’t tell how big he was exactly in his car.  But considering DJ was a 6’5 chiseled young man with a cock to match, she imagined Dad was similarly built.  Even if he wasn’t her type. 

“Sure.  How can I help you?”

“Well.  I’d like to thank you for working with DJ.  That A was completely unexpected as we both know.  DJ is not A type.” Artis said.

“Well.  I disagree.”  Mrs. Johnson followed with

“He’s been working very hard all year and the results are showing.”

Artis was talking to the young white woman’s soft tits as he responded.

“That is exactly what he said.”

Something about his voice.  The innuendo that wasn’t.  Or maybe it was the flash of remembering DJ holding her ass as he dipped his tanned stick into her honey pot the day before!  Either way.  Mrs. Johnson felt satisfied with her work with the young man and knew his recruiting trip would go well.  Thanks to her.  He was a Borderline prospect but, her Alma Mater did want him and Shay used whatever influence she had to support the University!  Just like her mother once had.

“Well, the proof is in the pudding!”

She smiled as she started to walk around the front of his car.  Shay was 5’6 with Reddish Brown curls and long legs.  Her ass-swaying a little extra as she moved towards her car door.  Her full C-cup tits bouncing in the wind.  Sucking cock always made her feel sexy and powerful!  And the tingle in her taste buds was enough to get her through her scheduled Skype session with hubby in an hour.  Marriage is work.   

“Well if you are not busy tonight.  We ‘d like you to come by the house.  It’s an unofficial PTA thing we do here and this year, you made the list.  The Misses would love to discuss your success with DJ.  Some of the other parents will be there but, it is a mostly social thing.  We won’t keep you long.”

Shay thought to herself a moment that there was no way she was going to a student’s house she was fucking!  Sounded like a complete setup!  I mean, if she was going to fuck DJ she would consider it but, still never go!  She liked what she did and besides, had her eye on the Junior class!  The last thing she needed was some Catch a Predator moment with an angry Mom!    

“Sorry.  I can’t.  We have plans my husband and I.”

Artis put his car in park and got out, walking around to meet her standing at her door.  He was about 6’8 and judging from the bulge beneath his pants, at least 2 inches larger than his son!  He didn’t try to hide his erection at all!  And despite him not being her “type”, how could you miss that! 

“Let me rephrase that.  We expect you around 9.  Principal Barnes will be there too and a few of the other Faculty.  It’s a good time for all and great for your career since there are forces at work in the District even a woman of your Background can’t navigate.  Please don’t make me beg?” 

Shay was still staring at his cock which she figured had to be wider than any she had ever seen and, Shay had seen plenty!  She was displaced momentarily.  Imagining what it would take to accept something that big into your body!  Too bad he wasn’t a student.

“You gave out 3 other A’s this semester to players?  Their parents will be there too and want to thank you.    And honestly, there are going to be some changes in the School Board this year.  Only those invited will know what is going on and, you want to know.  Besides.  With those teaching techniques of yours, you should never say no to me again!”

Shay’s silence spoke volumes even if her eyes were fixated to the hammer attached to Artis himself! 

“Budget cuts always are fatal for Public schools.  Many of us though like our school the way it is and instead of sending our kids to Private ones, are talking about Donations to support the District in its time of need.  A Teacher/student sex scandal would destroy that goodwill.  Amongst other things and cause a scandal that could expose the Teacher’s life and family.  Who wants that?”

The bulge in his pants jerked noticeably as Shay’s eyes followed the path of the monster across the open window shelf.  She reflexively jumped and almost reached out to grab it but at the last moment, kept her hands down and hoped Artis hadn’t noticed.  But Artis free hand reached between her seat, rubbing her Ass while smiling down at her. 

“See you at 8.”  

Shay smiled at him, doing the only thing she could think of in the moment as she watched Artis walk away.  Be still.  Was all this just Bullshit?  Was DJ setting her up all along?   Did Dad just want to fuck her and when she arrived it would be just the two of them?  What would she do?  What if he wanted Anal?  His voice is kind of sadistic!  Shay squirmed at the endless possibilities and found herself grasping her crotch hard.  Like she always did when she was horniest!  She was looking at a no-win scenario and possible jail time.  But it was all she could do to not plunge her fingers back into her throbbing crotch and push as hard and as deep into her tunnel as humanly possible!  Shay knew that she had no choice other than to play along.  And driving home was not going to be easy.    

Turning on her computer and opening her legs wide for her Hubby.  Who was half awake as well as across the globe to fully enjoy her lust meant little to Shay.  She skipped the seduction part of their conversation and went directly into fucking her wet, pink pussy with a short, powerful vibrator until she passed out from exhaustion or emotion as much as sexual satisfaction!  Because she wasn’t satisfied?  How could she be? 

Her dreams were littered with numerous men.  Mostly black but, all well hung.  Which her husband was not.  Shay chose him but in the moment of sleep accompanied by the memories of other lovers who fucked her like a dirty, dirty slut.  She couldn’t remember why?  Why wouldn’t she at least TRY to find a man she could be faithful too?  Or at least honest with about who she is!    A 26-year-old teacher who got into the Profession to mostly watch young boy’s crotches and let her Principal fuck her in the ass once a month as a part of her Mentorship!  And more importantly, if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else!  Maybe even the janitor!  Shay remembered when slept with her Best friend and her husband.  Cumming on her friend’s face while she licked Shay’s pussy clean of her own Husband’s cum!   The same friend who she used to treat almost exactly the way her Dad treated his Secretaries?  Was she like her Father.  Or just like him?

“If there weren’t cameras in this lot Mrs.  Johnson.  I would be yelling in your face so loudly, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything for the next two days.  Are you such a whore you would have sucked my dick where the cameras would catch everything?  Maybe I should just bring the video to the Police and let them handle it?” 

In her dream, Shay started to cry immediately at the thought!  But always after her hands and mouth dove towards Artis larger than life showpiece!  Of course, she would if given the chance to put his manhood into her warm, wet throat!  Her darkest dreams had her choking near to death on a huge cock like Artis and she always awoke to soaked panties afterward!  Shay had always used sex to get her out of just about everything and her reaction in her dreams was just Shay being true to her nature!

Though Shay was truly confused by the prospect of not being in control of her choices when she woke.  She also realized for the 1st time in her life, she was excited by it!  She had finally been caught in the Web she had woven for herself over years of being a selfish whore.  Knowing Artis loved every second of taking her control! Just like when she walked in on her Dad, Shay didn’t know what was to come next.  All whores eventually, get caught.

An hour had passed since her conjugal Skype session ended and she knew her Hubby was in a deep sleep from the amount of cum she witnessed during the session.  He seemed to get extra excited whenever she just got into it and his devotion to her sexual sensibilities made him perfectly ready to be cucked one day soon.  Even if she didn’t know that was her own plan.  Shay decided to make the best of the situation and prepare for a Party. 

Shay ran a bath and cleaned herself meticulously.  She had been dripping a lot since Friday’s were usually sex packed during the Daytime since she usually planned her Blowjobs for Fridays.  She especially savored the thoughts of the prude HS girls missing out on these horny HS studs because she had drained them hours earlier!  Those little bitches didn’t deserve it anyway!   Doing her Kegel exercises in the tub as was her practice, Shay wondered if they would matter anymore if Artis decided to have his way with her hole!  But she kept it out of her mind as she dried and got dressed. 

She didn’t want to wear panties but, decided to anyway.  What if this is a legitimate gathering?  Maybe Artis and DJ kept it to themselves and were just fucking with her?  She needed to be careful and decided on a modest dress with a button that showed sociable but, not a graphic amount of cleavage.  Her heels were modest as well.  But underneath there were Garters and a sexy, sheer lingerie ensemble that matched the color of her purple dress.  Just in case. 

When she arrived, Shay noticed there were only 7 cars total and two she recognized were of fellow faculty members.  Teachers who had started at the District around the same time as her.  One Black and the other Latino since diversity hiring was a part of the District’s core value.  She noticed the stickers on their cars from Big time sports Universities like herself.  And she also noticed the Superintendent’s Tesla which was parked in the Drive.  There were about 20 to 30 people in the Living Room, milling around and she figured most of them were within walking distance in the neighborhood and in the moment, she relaxed.  There was no way this was a setup with this many people! 

Artis’ wife and DJ’s mom opened the door and greeted her warmly introducing herself as Artis wife  Anita.  All while removing Shay’s coat and offering a drink which, Shay attempted to refuse. 

“Don’t worry honey.  We are taking your keys and have 2 Drivers on call tonight to ferry the guests.  Relax!  We know how to treat our Educators in the Hills.” As she smiled into Shay’s cleavage before adding.

“Even lovelier in person aren’t you?”

Grabbing her hand, Anita walked Shay around the room.  Introducing her to most of the people in attendance as “another of our Educators!”   She seemed to know a lot about Shay which, caught the younger woman by surprise.  She was smaller than Shay by about 2 inches.  She even weighed less which was something Shay had been interested in if, the meeting turned bad!  Shay was confident she could take her until Anita let it slip she was once an Olympic competitor in Jiu-jitsu herself but, she came in 4th, right outside of a Medal. 

“Ironically.  The woman who defeated me for the Bronze looks a little like you Shay.”

Anita smiled at Shay and in the moment, she knew Anita knew her and DJ!  Call it intuition among the women.  As the color fled from her face Anita grabbed her hand tighter, toying with the young teacher in what was an awkward gesture, to begin with by holding a grown woman’s hand.  Shay had been relaxed by the four drinks but now realized her mistake.  Too drunk to flee.

Thinking with her pussy instead of her head in hoping Artis would have found some way to save, blackmail and force her to suck his monster cock at some time during the night was why she came!  Instead, she was left awkwardly holding the hand of an expertly trained Mother of a student she had technically, been fucking and sucking for personal gratification!  The relief came with the Superintendent clinking his glass for a short speech to the seemingly worked up crowd.

“I’d like to thank the relatively new Faculty members for joining us tonight for our Bi-Annual Parent/Teachers mixer.”  Followed by a wink and polite applause, before he continued.

“Mrs. Shay Johnson is our newest Invitee.  She is a Physics and Biology teacher at Hills and one of our Most Popular Young Teachers!  Especially I hear with some of the students!”

Laughter and giggles commenced as Shay stood blushing in the middle of the room!  Was he talking about her having sex with students?  What the fuck were they all laughing at!  Shay’s instinct to flee became a freeze as the older man continued…

“You all have such dirty minds!  No wonder why we can’t have these events Officially sanctioned!” 

More laughter.

“Now if everyone has signed their waivers would like to head down we can get this Party started!” 

And with that, the room began to empty into the yet unexplored by Shay lower levels of the home.  Shay, however, felt her hand being tugged in a separate direction. 

“Come with me, Shay.  We need to discuss the waiver.” Anita said.

Sensing this would probably be the best time to leave.  Shay attempted to pull her hand away from Anita’s grip but, to no avail. 

The Superintendent turned and faced the women.  Noticing the slight tussle from his teacher he decided to Shay’s relief, to come towards him.  This would be her chance.  He smiled as he approached and began to pull out his phone.  Stopping in front of her as he turned up the volume of the Video playing. 

It was Shay’s car.  Parked outside of the home they were now in but it was obviously shot by security cameras.  She remembered that Friday night.  DJ said his Parents were on vacation and she had broken her rules to give him a ride home.  The problem was what happened once she stopped the car in front of the Dark home. 

The Superintendent slid behind Shay and rubbed her dress covered ass in a circular motion, causing her to jump.  She was so fixated on the film of her leaning over the trunk of her BMW.  Her pink dress hiked over her head as DJ pumped her pussy full of young cum!  She didn’t notice him circling behind her and aside Anita. She was too shocked to be watching herself be exposed and worse, she never knew it before now!  The dew dripped between her uncomfortable thighs as the Superintendent fondled her ass.  Feigning surprise at finding panties between her garters! 

“I wouldn’t take you for a woman that ever wore panties.”  He whispered as if Anita wasn’t close enough to hear and chuckle at. 

The part in the video when she turns around to suck the last drop of his sweet, young cum while savoring the taste of her own honeypot that covered his almost 9-inch cock was accompanied by a strange twist of fate.  Anita faced the woman as the Superintendent dropped the phone to watch Anita force her tongue into Shay’s mouth!  Shay wasn’t sure how good to feel about it, considering the circumstances.  She had let a woman eat her before, of course, but, Shay had always been the aggressor and always. The beneficiary!  Shay, she stood firmly planted while Anita released her hand.

“Your case has been mediated by the Board and the parents of the aggrieved students are all here tonight.”

The Superintendent was stern yet, businesslike as he barely looked at Shay now.  His hair thin but. his otherwise average looking body seemed strong and was connected to as a healthy, hardened cock beneath his trousers he never attempted to hide!  It was like Shay had entered one of her many sex driven fantasies except, the danger was real!   The Superintendent reminded Shay of her father in the way she could sense he didn’t want to fuck her but,  was turned on at the prospect of what she would do next!  And judging from Shay’s nipples, so was she! 

“We are a very tight-knit community with as you know, a very unique demographic.  The best teachers in the Country are applying to our District and, for good reason.  It is a gateway to success in Education.  We only hire the best.”

The Superintendent paused briefly before Shay spoke.

“Thank you.  I”

“From now on do not interrupt me.  If you understand then please nod.  I am trying to offer you a way out of the Lawsuits these families are planning to file against you.  They are consenting age but, you are still their teacher.  The Laws are very clear in these cases.  Do you understand me bitch?”

Turning to face her as he said the last word.  Shay nodded her consent before he began to speak again.

“Because we hired you.  We know you are NOT a dumb bitch.  But, you have been known to be reckless and we can’t have asterisks walking the halls of our Community so we have decided to reign you in.  Your choice is sign this waiver consenting to be the Party Slave and all will be forgotten.  You will service the Men and women in attendance and not say a word as to why to any of them beyond you are a Horny slut and made to be used by all.”

Shay decided to bolt!  She made it one step before being corralled by Anita and held in an Arm-lock!  She didn’t have to exert much pressure for one of Shay’s titties to fall out of her dress and expose a super hardened nipple!  As the Superintendent touched it, Shay jumped and almost came!  The pleasure of being defenseless was so intense! 

“Shay, you really don’t have much of a choice!  We have you on tape and the Internet loves teacher fucking student tapes!  You will be arrested because the Sheriff is downstairs!  And, though I know you come from an affluent family.  I am pretty sure Judge Raines will make sure you do time since he was promised your Asshole 1st!  Don’t make this difficult!”

He handed her a binder before placing his mouth on the exposed nipple and reaching under Shay’s dress to thrust two fingers inside her convulsing wet hole.  Her shivering body flexed against his fingers as Anita manipulated her arm, forcing her to bend her knees onto them widened digits involuntarily until pressure was no longer needed!  Shay came in the Living room as it emptied out and was so caught up in her own pleasure, didn’t give a second thought a few people were still in the room.  But they never flinched at the sight of her grinding down onto her Superior’s hand.  Shay managed to sign the waiver in the binder before allowing it to drop onto the floor in slutty ecstasy!   What choice did she have?

Smiling at the young woman as they ascended the stairs to the Bedroom, Anita fitted a chain and two nipple clamps Shay’s protruding points.  Anita promised to make sure Shay wasn’t damaged by any guests or Parents and assured her she would only be used by some of the Partygoers.  As long as Shay licked her pussy and ass like a good little white slut should.  Obeyed her commands and those she allowed to have control over her tonight.  And didn’t try to escape the consequences of her actions by claiming she couldn’t do what was asked of her.  She told Shay it would be good for a slut like her to learn some discipline since she was getting older after all!  And her first lesson was going to be a good old-fashioned paddling and pussy eating tutorial.  With her and the rest of the Mothers of the Boys, she had violated. 

As the night went on, Shay made amends with all of the Families as well as paying off the Sheriff with her mouth and the Judge, who deposited a load deep into her Ass as he yelled: “All fines satisfied!”  Her mouth and pussy were sore for days as the Party was well organized.   

First, she ate the Mother’s pussies and each had a dirty, verbal message about being an Old slut with the punchline being sprayed on her face!  Only 1 was extremely rough with Shay.  Sitting on her face for so long each time Shay felt she would pass out!  Only to be awakened by the woman’s finger being thrust up Shay’s own cum soaked Asshole!  When the woman ended with the sweetest kiss and most gentle words about how good Shay was with her mouth Shay returned the gesture in earnest!  Shay was a quick study and the truth was by the time Anita had stopped paddling her ass earlier in the evening, Shay was loving the taste of the woman and wanted more!  Eating pussy wasn’t just easy, it was natural to her!  Her nipples throbbed from the two tight clamps but, her body felt great! 

When the men came in to spend time with her Shay knew this was no normal gathering.  The smallest cock was 1st.  But each subsequent man was a bit larger and some fucked her longer than the last!  They all wore condoms which was a relief.  until some of the men removed them to spill their seed wherever they wanted!  Her face and tits were the most popular choices!  She was a sweaty, soaking mess by the 3rd hour and not being given much time if any to recover from Cock to cock!   And the fucking seemed to go on forever!  That was until the gangbang culminated in Shay being nearly split in half by Artis 12-inch Monster which was not covered by rubber and after a few unconfortable strokes felt so good!  It was quite a relief when he came inside of her in such volume it almost served as an Ointment to her throbbing walls!  And she got a ten-minute break to clean her face but, not her hole which was rich in Artis thick cum and strangely made Shay feel comforted.  She loved feeling cum inside of her.

The other 2 Teachers were soon brought upstairs to close the evening and told to get into a Daisy chain with each one cleaning out the cum-soaked pussy of the next!  Later she learned the women had been similarly invited and duped into being sex slaves though one was lying.  She had volunteered.  Anyway,  Shay came 1st and her reward was to be fucked by the remaining horny guests since she was obviously still horny!  By the time the last man had cum on her face the home was empty and Shay was exhausted!  She passed out on the Bedroom floor. 

Shay woke the next afternoon in a cast iron bed in a room she wasn’t familiar with from the previous evening.  Her laptop was next to her somehow and, she smelled of sex!  There was a sound of running water and Shay walked towards it where there was a woman in a Maid’s outfit running a Bath.  She was older but, seemed familiar to Shay somehow?   The woman’s frame was a little fuller though but very shapely for an Older woman. Shay couldn’t see her face but immediately recognized her voice. 

“Like mother.  Like Daughter.”

It was her Father’s former secretary!  They were in the Basement and she explained to Shay she was locked in the Basement till DJ left the house in about an hour.  He didn’t know anything about the Swinging PTA parties or the room they were now in was built strictly for Mom and Dad’s personal guests.  Soundproof.  Well-equipped.  And private enough for her to exact her revenge on Shay.  

“Clean yourself up and get ready for your 1st meal of the day, You have 10 minutes,”  she said.  

“I know your family was never big on names so you can just call me Mistress.  Same as my sister Anita.  You have much to learn before you Skype that hubby of yours.”

 And I can’t wait to become reacquainted with your Aunty she thought as Shay dug her tongue into her hairy folds of pussy flesh telling her.

“You are going to love it here.”

While Shay thought to herself.  I already do.